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i dunno if this is supposed to be in here or in g&s so im gonna put it here and feel free to move it! so ne1 have any poetry?
i got some!

must i be tormented about my looks?
or have my nose forever in the books?
must people be more crewl than kind?
or do they only have torture in their mind?
people as a whole need to clean up their act.
and make up for those who lack.
people whom ive never met,
ive found not one that has liked me yet.
look inside of me. what is my flaw?
did i do something wrong? did i break a law?
as the days go by no one tells me what i did wrong
so my life continueally sings this song
i have no puprose in life
if i do it is to always strive
people always hate
but if they took the time to relate...
they would see my true colors
and see that im a gift from above.
-Jamvis- thank you for listining

good enuff?
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Guest Twisted Face
he crys to no one ,what for
he sits a corner no one knows
he sits in a place know one goes
he walks around were you cant see him
but he sees all of you
falling slowly down the steps
tattered and torn without repent
little is left of this mangled creature
but he keeps living, is charged by his soul
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by piccolo [/i]
[B]Great poem.

it sound like you're bored of life or something and people ignoring you. You're a talented writer, keep up the good work. Have you ever send your poem anywhere for publishing? [/B][/QUOTE] nah im not sure i could do anything like that... um nice twisted ok um i will post another poem later...
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Guest Twisted Face
im shure you all have already heard this one of mine,but i will post it again:

"time seized"

as he lay there in the chair
hair brushed, pants creased
head nearly bare
blood so far from rushed
time seized

he looks down at his wrinkled hands
scars faded from his pains
and a tear falls from his eye
he misses the brands from his life
memories so faint from such long times ago
wish for just one last look before he died

he has forgotten who he was
who he is
who he knew
who he loved
who he ever wanted to be

did he succeed?
was he still not finished
did he ever start

who is this man
did anybody know
did anybody ever even care

and sadly
all he could do was stare

his face not describable
not quite a face at all
no qualities
no uniqueness there at all

such a plain man
that lived in a plain house
no designs
pure original
just a square
plain and tall
all he needed
roof and walls

he has long since forgotten his name
where he came from, where he will be
did he have a life
did he know it was time
so he decided it was right
that he wanted to die

he would die because he missed his wife
die because he had no life
he wouldn't eat
he wouldn't drink
he had no mind, he couldn't think

all those times when he was a kid
when he got in trouble as everyone did
every time he closed his eyes
it all ways seems he would just cry
but he never quite knew why

at that moment time seized
his life flashed by
he knew it was his time

he remembered every moment
every laugh, every tear
then suddenly he remembered everything that he held dear

he remembered his first teddy bear
remembered his first kiss
he remembered his first wife long gone
all eternal bliss

he'd seen so many lives go by
day by day
a different child
faces he rememorized
then he smiled and closed his eyes
he walked with his wife
finally gone
and he cried from heaven
cause in two young men he lived on

and the world ended
and drifted away
with a snap god took us away
but the two young men mysteriously stayed
and he remembered he passed away
the world ended for him but it was ok
cause crying from heaven he remained

"time seized"

a lot of times we do not realize
every little thing that doesn't catch our eye
but when you know that you don't want to live
then you realize
and the memories are the happiest times
and from heaven you must cry
-twisted face -
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[FONT=arial]I guss I could post it[/FONT] [SIZE=4]Water[/SIZE] [COLOR=deeppink]Water is blue and sparkels in the sun water is pretty all day long we couldnt live with out water is graet all dy long[/COLOR] [COLOR=skyblue]I wrote it 2 years ago when I was 8 I cant belive I wrote it down![/COLOR] :wigout:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Gohans_girl [/i]
[B][COLOR=royalblue]You must have [SIZE=4]ALOT[/SIZE] of time on your hands[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

What a dumba** remark. Poetry is a way of self expression, and it doesn't mean you have too much time on your hands you idiot, it means you're more talented than [SIZE=4]SOME[/SIZE] other people that sit around and criticize your work!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by piccolo [/i]

Depend on where you sending to. Someplace they pay you cash for it. [/B][/QUOTE]

If you go to [URL]http://www.poetry.com[/URL] you can get your poems copyrighted online and get them put on the poetry.com site and plus every poem you send get's entered into a contest for the best poem of the month and you can win up to 10,000 dollars.

Plus professional poets make good money. Like if you have your poems copyrighted and someone wants to use your poem, in a movie, or a book, or a commercial, or a product they're going to make they have to pay you for it.
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An Epiphany

Have you ever thought?
Your mind been caught,
In a web of fierce melee?

Ever pondered through,
With a pacifist view,
The hatred of the day?

My conscious strewn,
Across the room.
Wounded where it lay.

Now with it healed,
A truth revealed.
That view is here to stay.

This is my poem, I wrote it in creative writing class at school. I wrote it for the Sept. 11 tragedy. I've never been that much into poetry, but it is a very relaxing art form sometimes.
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[b]All mines are weird and oh-so freak-ey,..although some are serious..anyways,..there's one in my sig, and here are a few:

[u]Dem serious ones[/u]

(Been published in school mag. Got an award too :p It was the winner out of 117 schools, a contest, for Refugee Week)
Imagine having to move to another country
Because of a war
That other people started.
It?s not your fault.
In fact, it has nothing
To do with you.

You leave your friends and relations behind.
You arrive and you don?t know anyone,
And nobody knows you.
You?re alone and scared.
You have to make new friends,
And get used to the place.

You have to learn a totally new language.
You go to school
And everyone stares at you like
You?re different.
You feel that you are.
But inside you?re the same
As everyone else.

I?m glad I wasn?t
Put in that situation.
Aren?t you?

I get bullied everyday,
It hurts inside, and I feel upset.
When I go home, I?m still angry,
So I shout at my little sister.
What?s wrong with that?
That?s not bullying? is it?

[u]The Teacher[/u] (Been Published in newspaper, and school mag)
People used to think that I wasn?t good at anything.
They were right, I wasn?t.
They used to say all sorts of things ?bout me.
I kept it all locked up inside me.
So now, when someone has a lot of trouble with something,
I help them.
Because I know what it feels like.
People don?t call me dumb anymore,
They call me Sir.[/b]
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