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Sign Up Vampire the Masquerade. (M-rated, LONG)

Drix D'Zanth

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Vampire the Masquerade : Ivory Tower?s and Halls of Eldrich.

First off, I?m not trying to dissuade anyone who just want?s a good role-playing so I?m going to need you to agree with a few simple rules before even thinking of signing up.

1) You accept there may be mature content, gratuitous violence, and possibly sexual situations in this game. (no X-rated stuff though)
2) You are willing to work with the obvious change of mechanics that I am now about to provide to you. That you trust your character to me and are willing to let me roll for him in order to prevent problems.
3) You have read and agreed with the Harlequin?s sticky "Reminders". If you cannot comply with what he has written then you will be asked to leave after a few infractions. I'm looking for quality here please.
4) You understand that your character may die as a direct result of stupidity and/or luck. I'll do my best to prevent this however, and I'm not out to get you... it's more your decision.
5) You will dedicate yourself to mature, organized, role-playing, attempting to post at least once a day. If not, please notify me through PM or an ooc within your post.

The mechanics of the game: Firstly, I am going to be challenging you with a complete change of mechanics for the most part. I am going to be running this game on a Storyteller-Player system. This means you may only post what actions your character WISHES to perform, what your character says, or what your character does/thinks. You may not post completing a particularly difficult task in a single post , or what NPC?s/fellow players say/do/think. This will require extreme detail/dedication to your character?s person and thoughts. This is a game of PERSONAL HORROR. Your dead, your humanity is seeping from you every time you feed/kill, you see the degradation of society around you, you have to commit a taboo act to survive.

If you have the Vampire: The Masquerade core book, this will be a whole lot easier.

Character creation:
1) Think of a concept, think of a background and write it, what was your character?s mortal life like? What were your character?s aspirations? His dreams? What does he look like before the embrace? How about after the Embrace? What about his family? His job? What clothes does he wear? This is ESSENTIAL, so I'll be expecting a nice long schpeel.

Note: you will all be starting the game as the last night of your mortal existence.

2) Select a Nature and Demeanor. Your nature is how you regain willpower, and what?s really inside you under the layer. It?s the "real you". Your Demeanor is how you choose to appear towards everyone, and how they probably view you. People?s natures are RARELY the same as their demeanor.

Here?s the list (with an explanation of an outlook using each nature/demeanor)
Architect- You build a better future
Autocrat- You NEED control.
Bon Vivant- Unlife is for pleasure
Bravo- Strength is all that matters
Caregiver- Everyone needs nurturing.
Celebrant- You exist for passion.
Child- Won?t somebody be there for you?
Competitor- You must be the best.
Conformist- You follow and assist
Conniver- Others exist for your benefit.
Curmudgeon- Nothing is worthwhile.
Deviant- You exist for no one?s pleasure but your own.
Director- You oversee what must be done.
Fanatic- Whatever your cause may be is all that matters.
Gallant- You?re not the show stopper, you?re the show!
Judge- The truth is out there.
Loner- You make your own way.
Martyr- You suffer for the greater good.
Masochist- You test your limits every night.
Monster- Your dammed, so act like it!
Pedagogue- you save others through knowledge.
Penitent- Unlife is a curse to atone for.
Perfectionist- Nothing is good enough
Rebel- You follow no one?s rules.
Rogue- Those who can, win. Those who cant, lose. You can.
Survivor- Nothing can keep you down.
Thrill-seeker- the rush is all that matters.
Traditionalist- It has always been, so shall it be.
Trickster- Laughter dim?s the pain.
Visionary- There is something beyond all this.

3) Pick your clan. I will only be letting you all pick from the Camarilla?s 6 clans (The Gangrel left)
List of clans, and their flaws.
Brujah- As the brujah tell the take, they were once philosopher kings of Mesopotamia, Persia, and Babylon. They controlled an empire that spanned from the cradle of civilization to northern Africa, and collected lore from around the world. In their pursuit for enlightenment, however they killed their founder. For this , Caine cast them from the First City. Since then the Brujah have suffered a decline. Now they are perceived as little more than spoiled childer with no sense of pride or history. The brujah make up most of the Anarchs, luckily the Camarilla took these powerful warriors to heel.
Flaw: Brujah are FAR more likely to fall into frenzy, difficulties of frenzy +2 (don?t worry, I?ll do the rolling for you).
Diciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence

Malkavian- This clan has suffered throughout history, and continues to suffer to this very night. Every member of the clan is afflicted with madness, and are slaves to their debilitating lunacy. Caine cursed their founder with true enlightenment, which apparently sent their clan founder mad. Throughout Cainite history they have been feared for their bizarre behavior, and sought for their Bizarre insight.
Flaw: Every malkavian must choose a real derangement that they will always visibly display. (This must be role-played.) It can be anything, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Multiple Personalities, Schizophrenia, Paranoia, Megalomania, Bulimia, Hysteria, Manic-Depression, Fugue, Sanguinary Animism, etc.
Disciplines: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate

Nosferatu- The members of clan Nosferatu suffer the most visible curse of all. The embrace hideously deforms them, twisting them into literal monsters. They must shelter themselves away from the eyes of humanity or risk breaking the masquerade. Most nosferatu communities are confined to the sewers.
Flaw: They cannot raise or improve their appearance. Their appearance starts at 0.
Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence

Toreador- Prodigals of the kindred, Clan Toreador indulges in excess and degeneracy , all while claiming to maintain patronage of the arts. To a great degree, this patronage is true, as the clan claims many talented artists, musicians, writers, poets, and other gifted creators. On the other hand, the clan possesses just as many "poseurs", those who would fancy themselves great aesthetes but lack the ability to create at all.
Flaw: whenever a toreador sees something beautiful, he/she becomes enraptured and hypnotized by the object. I will roll on your behalf to find out how long before you can willfully pry yourself from the beauty.
Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence

Tremere- No other clan is so shrouded in mystery as the tremere. They are warlocks, practitioners of Thamuturgy? Frightening blood magic. They have a tightly knit political structure, forcibly making their subversaries and lessors of the clan blood-bond to those who are of higher position. Legend has it, they never possessed one of the 13 original clan founders. Tremere himself apparently diablerized (sucked another vampires blood, and eventually soul) of another ancient clan resulting in the creation of this elusive clan.
Flaw: They are bound to the clan?s elders upon creation. Blood bound. This means they are almost always the pawns of elder Tremere?s schemes, easily dominated by their masters.
Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thamaturgy

Ventrue- These are the Blue Bloods, leaders of the Camarilla. Forever seen as the corrupt yet rightful rulers of vampiric society. They are the foundation of the Camarilla, and the crown upon it?s head. They tend to embrace from genteel society. Preferring those who can carry on a lineage of royalty.
Flaw: Ventrue are fickle and picky eaters. They can only feed from a certain type of mortal blood. This can be anything from the homeless, to children, to only mortals with blue eyes. Attempting to feed from other mortal types results in profuse vomiting.
Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

4) Assigning the Points. Attributes and abilities are the first parts of your vampire that you must flesh out. Just how charismatic or powerful is he? Every attribute starts with one point, and you are given a number of points to distribute as you please amonst the attributes.

Your attributes are divided into the Physical, Social, and Mental categories.
Physical- Strength , Dexterity, Stamina.
Social- Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance
Mental- Perception, Intelligence, Wits.
You are given 7/5/3 points to distribute amongst each category. For example Jill wants to be a smart, fairly powerful fighter, but doesn?t like talking too much. So Jill decides to distribute 7 points amongst the Mental category, 5 points amongst the Physical category, and 3 on the social category. Each attribute (ie. Strength, appearance) starts with 1 point. (except for the nosferatu, their appearance remains 0 no matter what).

Next you are given your abilities. Once again these are divided into categories: Talents , Skills, and Knowledges. NONE of these start with any points in them! And you most likely will want to specialize in a few of each depending on what your character can perform. You are given 13/9/5 points to prioritize amongst these three categories.

Talents- Alertness, Athletics, Brawl, Dodge, Empathy, Expression, Intimidation, Leadership, Streetwise, Subterfuge.
Skills- Animal Ken, Crafts, Drive, Etiquette, Firearms, Melee, Performance, Security, Stealth, Survival.
Knowledges- Academics, Computer, Finance, Investigation, Law, Linguistics, Medicine, occult, Politicos, and Science.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All attributes are on a scale from 1-5, 1 being weak, 5 being human apex-inhumanly powerful. Abilities are rated from 0-5. Those with 5 in an ability are MASTERS of their fields.

5) Disciplines: You will notice with each clan is listed 3 disciplines. Disciplines are what give a vampire his true power over a simple mortal. These are the gifts Caine has bestowed upon your lineage. You may distribute 3 points across any of the disciplines. These are like magical powers evoked through spending blood. I?ll provide a brief explanation of what the diciplines are like. Once you choose your Diciplines, I?ll show you what each level of the discipline grants you.

Annimalism- Supernatural affinity with and control of animals.
Auspex- Extrasensory perception, awareness and premonitions.
Celerity- Supernatural quickness/speed
Dementation- the ability to make a victim mad.
Dominate- Mind control through a gaze.
Fortitude- Unearthly toughness, the only way to resist sunlight and fire.
Obfuscate- The ability to remain obscure and unseen, even in crowds.
Potence- Unearthly physical strength.
Presence- The ability to attract, sway and control crowds.
Thaumaturgy- The study and Practice of Blood magic.

6) Backgrounds- Was your character rich? Did a vampire of greater power than the norm embrace you? Is she famous in the mortal world? Does she have contacts ? Allies? Distribute 5 points amongst these backgrounds as you see fit. These backgrounds have an influence on what your character can do and what power your character may have outside personal influence.
The list:
Allies- Human confederates, usually family or friends.
Contacts- the number of information sources the character posesses.
Fame- How well-known the character is among mortals.
Generation- How far removed from Cain through blood the character is. Each point lowers the generation by 1 (characters start at 13th)
Influence- The character?s political power within mortal society.
Mentor- Special: Every character in this game will take this background at 3? they do not need to spend any points in this background, it will be explained in game.
Resources- Wealth, belongings and monthly income.
Retainers- Followers, guards, servants, ghouls, butlers, etc.

7) Virtues- These represent what is at the core of your heart and being.. these will be associated a lot in rolls that I?ll be doing for you. But consider your virtues wisely. Every virtue start off with one point, you are given seven more to distribute amongst the virtues as you will. Virtues are on a scale from 1-5.

Conscience- governs how much your character can deal with what is right and wrong. Associated predominately with the loss of humanity.
Self-Control- this virtue determines how readily she maintains her composure when dealing with extreme Hunger, or the "Beast".
Courage- This is the vampire?s ability to withstand Rotschreck , or the absolute fear-induced frenzy from a vampire?s fear of fire, sunlight, or other things that even undead dread.

8) Determine willpower. Willpower is equal to your courage rating. That means it starts out from 1-5. I would GREATLY encourage you to increase your permanent willpower through freebie points (This will be explained later). What is willpower used for?
-Spend a willpower point to gain an automatic success on a single action. Only one point per turn may be spent in this matter.
-Spend a willpower to resist an action that may occur due to instinct, such as leaping through a patch of sunlight, or stepping back from a chasm.
-Spend a willpower to prevent a derangement (ie. Schizophrenia ) from surfacing. This will be used at my discretion, malkavians are out of luck in this situation.
-Spending a willpower point allows a vampire to ignore his injuries and fight at his full potential even while heavily damaged.
How do you regain willpower? Adhering to your basic nature gives you a willpower point. And every sundown , when you rise you gain a willpower point.
Willpower can be increased from 1 (spinless) all the way up to 10 (Unshakable) Willpower is also important for resisting some vampiric disciplines.

9) Humanity! This is at the core of the game. Humanity is your character?s grasp on his moral?s from the mortal life. Kill a victim with high humanity? You may face a decrease in the humanity , representing your acceptance as an inevitability and becoming more callused to the perverse lifestyle of the undead. If your humanity drops to 0, you are no longer fit to continue play, your vampire has fallen to the beast within, and will probably be exterminated for fear of Masquerade breach. Humanity is on a scale of 0-10. 10 being angelic. Most humans are around 7, most criminals around 5-6, most psychopaths around 3. Your starting humanity equals Conscience + Self- Control traits. You can get a score between 5-10 usually. Players may increase this score with freebie points.

10) Blood pool. I?ll tell each of you how much blood you start out as a vampire (I?ll roll myself). Your generation determines how much blood in total you can have in your body, and how many points of blood you can spend. Blood is essential for vampire?s survival.
The uses of Blood:
-Blood can create a blood bond. In essence, taking three drinks of a vampires blood puts you into an almost mindless slave to his any whim.
-Blood can create Ghouls. Ghouls are mortals fed vampire blood without being first drained of their own. Ghouls usually take upon characteristics of vampires , such as unholy strength, they are fatally addicted to this blood. Ghouls can live substantially longer than most humans as long as they are fed every day. Ghouls can live in the daytime, so vampires use them as their primary connection to the mortal world.
-A Blood point can heal one point of lethal damage per turn.
-Blood is required to activate a discipline.
-Blood can add one point to ANY attribute for an entire scene (i.e. increasing strength from 4-5) . Every additional blood point can power up the character for 3 full turns AFTER the character stops spending blood. This means Joe, with stamina 5, can spend a point to increase it to 6 for a scene , and spend a point every turn until he wants to stop (to a maximum of 10). So Joe spends a blood point every turn for 3 turns. At the end of that, he?s strength NINE! (samson would be proud). This lasts for 3 turns before dropping back down to 6.

Edit: I FORGOT FREEBIES! You get 15 freebie points to improve any statistic. Some things cost more freebies than others.
Freebie point costs:
Attribute- 5 per attribute point
Ability- 2 per ability point
Discipline - 7 per discipline point
Background - 1 per background point
Virtue - 2 per point in any virtue
Humanity - 1 per point of humanity
Willpower - one per point of PERMANENT willpower (every character starts out with temporary willpower =permanent, eventually spending temporary willpower is like taking from the pool of permanent, ie. 3/6 willpower points left.)

That?s about it for character creation. I?ll be posting a sample Character sheet too. I?m going to be screening based on the dedication and quality of your post. This will require A lot of dedication and imagination. Please remember the rules. Remember I?ll be rolling for you. I?ll help answer any questions you have. I will only be taking a few players as this game will become a very deep role-playing experience. Please, experienced roleplayers only.

[I] When I think of New York I have a very different feeling. New York makes even a rich man feel his unimportance. New York is cold, glittering, malign. The buildings dominate. There is a sort of atomic frenzy to the activity going on; the more furious the pace, the more diminished the spirit. A constant ferment, but it might just as well be going on in a test tube. Nobody knows what it?s all about. Nobody directs the energy. Stupendous. Bizarre. Baffling. A tremendous reactive urge, but absolutely uncoordinated.

When I think of this city where I was born and raised, this Manhattan that Whitman sang of, a blind, white rage licks my guts. New York! The white prisons, the sidewalks swarming with maggots, the breadlines, the opium joints that are built like palaces, the kikes that are there, the lepers, the thugs, and above all, the ennui, the monotony of faces, streets, legs, houses, skyscrapers, meals , posters , jobs, crimes, loves? A whole city erected over a hollow pit of nothingness. Meaningless. Absolutely meaningless. And Forty-Second Street! The top of the world, they call it. Where?s the bottom then? You cal walk along with your hands out and they?ll put cinders in your cap. Rich or poor, they walk around with heads thrown back and they almost break their necks looking up at their beautiful white prisons. They walk along like blind geese and the searchlights spray their empty faces with flecks of ecstasy.
-Caelbros, Prince pro Temporis , New York City. [/I]

Welcome to a world of Darkness. This is where the corrupt reign and the weak sustain them. This is a world where the undead and supernatural lurk behind every corner and event of human history. The vampires today are evoked in an immortal duel with themselves, forever combating the loss of what they once had. You are in a system where government unchanging, the CEO?s of your vampiric life will never die off, and never retire. You are stuck at the bottom of this immortal existence.

Want to know the worst of it? Or best, depending at how you look at it. The worst is, the mortals can never know. Considering there may be a grand total of 40,000 vampires on the entire face of the world, organized mortal resistance to a vampiric threat would result in their destruction. Therefore every vampire in the fold known as the Camarilla must obey their princes in their ivory towers. They must sustain the [B] Masquerade [/B] and keep their existence hidden, pulling the strings through unearthly intrigue.

New York is different. The other major group of vampires, the Sabbat, a ravenous counterpart to the Camarilla, fighting over cities for their brutal reign. The Sabbat believes in a different philosophy, Vampires are not the cursed spawn meant to heel to mortal society. Vampires are the masters of their destiny, meant to throw off their immortal bound shackles. What you believe is irrelevant, you have an eternity to think about it if you play your cards right. The Sabbat has lost it?s grip on New York city and the Camarilla is now the dominant power, after two decades of Sabbat rule. The wars were fought from mortal eyes, secret wars in abandoned warehouses and penthouses, their immortal lives were locked in deadly combat. But the beautiful coup of the camarilla has secured New York for now. A temporary prince was established, no primogen was called to being. Only a few nights past, Caelbros, the Nosferatu temporary prince stepped down. He has witnessed the Camarilla victory and seceded his position. Was this move made too presumptuously? Too early? Who will rise to a position to power? The city is now a gold mine of opportunity.

So young mortal, tonight is your last night, you know nothing of the society I?ve explained to you yet. You know nothing of the events that have occurred. There has been no news broadcast of vampires fighting in the streets, they were too careful of that. Tonight is your last night of beautiful humanity, you will descend into a new world of personal horror. So I implore you , my fellow roleplayers, What do you do?

*note.. don?t actually answer that question.. just create your character.. PM me for questions, I?ll be screening and decide who plays once I found it suitable. Combat rules coming soon so you can get a feel for the system, and how I'll be handling your combat.

Edit: :bow: whoohoo! 100th post :2women:
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Alright, Here is the character creation example I'm going to give to you, step by step. Sorry about the double post :nervous: !

[B]Step One: Concept. [/B]

Lynn want's to join the vampire the masquerade chronicle with her friends! Lynn's first responsibility is to come up with the concept/background of her character. She loves the intrigue and high-society aspect of the Camarilla, and decides that she wants to play a female vampire who rubs elbows and curries favor with the influential Kindred (vamps) and kine (human's , a derogatory term) of the city. Having a flair for the tragic, Lynn decides that her character is the last scion of a once-prominent family that has slowly but inexorably slid into decline. Envisioning a modern twist on the '20s flapper socialite archetype, Lynn also decides that her character is quite keen at business and finance. Clan Ventrue is the obvious choice, but Lynn decides that her character is a Toreador, to add another twist.

Only a real crackpot would name his character after himself ( except for maybe Raiha :p ), so Lynn decides that her character goes by the moniker of Veronica Abbey-Roth.

Lynn considers Veronica's Nature and Demeanor. She decides that her character is outgoing, amiable, and superficial - all of which hide the cunning deep beneath the surface. Her Demeanor- the face she presents to the world - is Gallant, to reflect an unlife spent largely in Camarilla salons and parties. Lynn decides that Veronica's business acumen necessitates an inner drive to take-charge manner of handling affairs; she chooses Director for the character's Nature. She also sees the opportunity for some excellent role-playing in choosing a headstrong Archetype - imagine how all those influential Kindred with whom she hobnobs will respond to a brash young industry queen!

As a Camarilla vampire, Lynn's character defaults to the moral code of Humanity.

[B]Step two: Attributes. [/B]

Lynn must now prioritize and assign Veronica's Attributes. Social Attributes make the most sense for a primary category, Lynn reasons, as much of her contact with people will be in diplomatic and civil conversation. As Veronica's secondary category, Lynn chooses Mental, reflecting her knowledge and wisdom with matters financial. This leaves Physical Attributes as tertiary, which suits Veronica's concept just fine -she's a lover, not a fighter.

Lynn has seven dots to divide among Veronica's Social Attributes. Deciding veronica's quite a looker, Lynn puts three points in Appearance for a trait rating of 4 (remember every category starts with one free point in it). Veronica has quite a gift for getting others to do what she wants -two points go toward her Manipulation Attribute, giving her a score of 3. Veronica's also likable for the most part; Lynn puts the remaining two points into Charisma, giving her a 3 in that Trait.

With 5 points to assign to Mental Attributes, Lynn decides Veronica is a savvy, shrewd businesswoman. Putting two points each into Intelligence and Wits gives Veronica scores of 3 in both these Traits. The remaining point goes into Perception, yielding a score of 2.

Determining Physical Traits is all that's left to finish Veronica's Attributes. Lynn sees veronica as slim, willowy, and lithe, so she adds nothing to the character's strength, leaving it at 1, and assigns two points to veronica's Dexterity, resulting in a score of 3. Finally, Lynn places the remaining Physical points into Stamina, for a score of 2.

[B]Step Three: Abilities[/B]

Like Attributes, Abilities must also be prioritized. Lynn decides that veronica is well-versed in talents, nominally familiar with Knowledges, and the least accomplished in Skills. This reflects Veronica's ease with social situations and an aptitude in the cutthroat world of business while still leaving room to refine her graces.

With 13 points to spend in Talents, Lynn jumps right in and sinks three points into subterfuge -Veronica's no stranger to smooth-talking underhandedness. Three more points go toward Leadership, as Veronica's guidance keeps her family's company afloat. Two points each go into Expression and Empathy, signifying Veronica's eloquence and feel for people. Lynn assigns one point each to Alertness (the obvious don't make it amid the Darwinian society of the Kindred), Dodge (nor do those who can't get out of the way) and Streetwise (because everyone should know someone who can get things done on the streets).

Lynn has nine points to allocate among Veronica's Knowledges, and assigns three points to Finance immediately. Likewise, Veronica receives three points in her Politics Trait, because one must know who's back to scratch. Lynn puts two points in Veronica's Academics score, to represent her general knowledge of the world. The last point Lynn places in Computer, to give Veronica a modern edge over some older, more traditional vampires.

Only five points may be assigned to Veronica's Skills at this point, but Lynn sees no immediate need for any more (although she may later choose to improve some traits with her freebies). Not wanting Veronica to be a boor, Lynn assigns two points to the Etiquette Trait - apparently, finishing school paid off. One point goes towards the Drive skill, and the last two points go into Firearms (a woman's got to protect herself) and Stealth (sometimes it's better not to be seen), resulting in scores of one each.

[B]Step Four: Advantages [/B]

Lynn has now arrived at the part of her character creation that truly makes her character a vampire. She must now figure out Veronica's Advantages, the Traits that distinguish her from the rest of the crowd.

First come Veronica's Disciplines, the mystical powers that vampires possess through their unnatural state of existence. Lynn has three points to allocate among Veronica's Disciplines, and , as the character is a Toreador, Lynn may distribute those dots among Auspex, Celerity, and Presence. Veronica is not a very physically inclined character, so Lynn chooses to pass on Celerity. She is, however, more likely to sway the emotions of those around her, so Lynn places two points into Veronica's Presence Discipline. The remaining point goes towards Auspex, granting her preternaturally heightened senses.
[note: as discussed before, just assign your points and I'll tell you what your powers do :) ]

Veronica's Backgrounds, which she receives five points to purchase, would be best be spent building a power base, according to Lynn's concept. Lynn passes up Mentor entirely (you get this background at 3 points for free, you lucky dogs ;) ), as she sees a bit of a falling out with her sire as part of Veronica's character history (though a mentor need not be a vampire's sire [the vampires progenitor]). she knows that Resources fit veronica's concept nicely, so she allocates four points into that Background. Her last point goes into Retainers: Veronica employs a chauffeur, whom she plans to turn into a ghoul one of these nights, "when she gets around to it."

As the last part of defining Veronica?s Advantages, Lynn must assign dots to the character?s Virtues. As Veronica?s moral code is Humanity (everyone?s will be), she has the Virtues of Conscience, Self-Control, and Courage. Veronica is cool and levelheaded; Lynn allocates three points to Self-Control, for a score of 4. Lynn also assigns one point to Conscience, giving the character a rating of 2; Veronica?s not totally heartless, but doesn?t mind doing what?s necessary in order to achieve a goal. The remaining three points go towards Courage, bringing the trait to 4; Veronica is quite sure of herself.

[B] Step Five: Finishing Touches [/B]

Now Lynn gets to round out her character and add a spark of "unlife." First and foremost, she must figure Veronica?s Humanity and Willpower scores (this is done before any freebie points are added to Virtues). Adding Veronica?s Conscience of 2 and Self Control of 4, Lynn sees that the character?s Humanity score is 6 - she?s no saint. That?s a little more monstrous than Lynn is comfortable with (she wants to role-play Veronica?s damnation, not start out in the hole.. ), so she makes a mental note to dope it up with freebies. Willpower is equal to a character?s courage, so Lynn fills in four points for her Willpower score. Finally, I?ll tell you how much blood you start out with (I?ll roll a d10). (Vampires expend a blood point each night, to wake up).

All that remains to do is spend the 15 freebie points that may be used to increase any of the character?s traits. Lynn spends two points to increase Veronica?s Humanity to 7, making her less bestial (at least for now..). Spending another two points Lynn raises Veronica?s Finance ability to 4. Knowing that Veronica will need to network in the financial world, Lynn spends two points on Contacts (old family acquaintances who admire Veronica?s ambition). Two more points go toward raising Veronica?s Willpower to 6 ( she?s determined, but has yet to face any true trials). Lynn would like to purchase an additional Discipline with Veronica?s last Seven points, she asks the Storyteller (me) if her character can have a Tremere lover who taught her rudiments of Thaumaturgy. The storyteller (me) says that Veronica can have a lover if she wants, but rules that no Tremere is likely to teach their secrets of Blood Magic to Veronica at this stage of her unlife. (I?m such a bastard :devil: ) Lynn agrees, and instead purchases a point of Dominate ( a more common discipline.)

Because Veronica has 0 points in the Generation background, she notes that Veronica is 13th generation, listing that under the appropriate heading. Although her blood is not so potent as many Kindred?s , Veronica is also less likely to be seen as a threat - or a meal- by power hungry vampires.

[B] Character sheet example [/B]

Name: Veronica Abbey-Roth

Background: Growing up in genteel poverty, in the nadir of her family?s prominence, Veronica determined early on to do everything in her power to build it back up. In the process she met a few of the wrong people, one of whome took a shine to Veronica and Embraced her. Though she knows many people, she hasn?t yet accumulated enough influence over them to be a true power player like the surviving elders of the city. Her ambition is enough to turn a profit, but it seems that attempts to rejuvenate her family name are being stifled by mysterious forces. Precisely who or what is causing these events is a mater of mystery and consternation to Veronica, and she wonders if perhaps her sire or one of his acquaintances is behind them.

Veronica maintians her haven (the place where she sleeps) in a converted carriage house at her family?s estate. Her parents, very advanced in age now, never leave the house and have no knowledge of Veronica?s vampiric nature or her nocturnal comings and goings. Her faithful chauffeur Marcus is a skilled driver and knows how to usea pistle and a tire jack with equal precision. Veronica?s money is largely tied up in the estate and the business, but if she liquidated her assets she?d be quite well-off. Not that she?s ever short on cash or credit?

Image: Veronica wears a stylish wardrobe of designer sport-s and eveningwear, and always draws looks wherever she goes. Her auburn hair crowns magnificent features, her skin is always soft and glows a bit in the moonlight. The embrace captured the sparkle in her eyes, and veronica?s beautiful vermillion gaze can make any man swallow his words. She carries herself with the poise of a true lady, and never lets her guard down. Her crimson lips hold a perpetual smirk when she finds a moment of solitude. Her bust, while smaller than average, is always perked through her dresses and she casually displays cleaveage at a whim; depending on how hungry she is that night. Her features are of a porcelin doll, pure as the first snowfall , and her grace shines through a Charismatic voice that drips like honey.

Inventory: She carries a snub nosed revolver in her handbag, thoughshe?s never yet had occasion to use it. She owns a vintage german sedan that runs quite well.

Sire: Demetrius Banks
Nature: Director
Demeanor: Gallant
Clan: Toreador
Generation: 13th
Apparent age: mid 20?s
Embrace (the time which she became a vampire): 1995 (all the players in my chronicle must be from the year 1999, embraced AROUND the same time)

Pysical: Strength 1, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 4
Mental: Perception 2, Wits 3, Intelligence 3

Talents: Alertness 1, Dodge 1, Empathy 2, Expression 2, Leadership 3, Subterfuge 3, Streetwise 1
Skills: Drive 1, Etiquette 2, Firearms 1, Stealth 1
Knowledges: Academics 2, Computer 1, Finance 4, Politics 3

Disciplines : Auspex 1, Dominate 1, Presence 2 (remember I?ll PM what abilities are granted to you)

Backgrounds: (don?t forget to take mentor at 3 for free!) Contacts 2, Resources 4, Retainers 1: chauffeur
Virtues: Conscience 2, Self Control 4, Courage 4
Humanity: 7 (this can increase and decrease depending on how far you slip into damnation.. how easily you lose your grasp on the morality).
Willpower : 6 (she can spend 6 temporary willpower points as explained earlier.. maximum of six points, this can be helped with experience.)

[B] Final notes [/B]
Considering the fact you cannot post for the NPCs, or other characters, you are going to be reliant on me. Don?t worry I?ll be posting FERVERENTLY to keep the chronicle moving. For difficult actions that might require a goal (leaping, firing a gun, trying to work out a stock ploy) just put your action in BRACKETS, i.e. [I] Veronica looks at the disgruntled elder before her, deciding she must face him, she draws her pistol and fires a shot, aiming for the head [/I] Or you could post . [I] Veronica looks at the elder, his blood drenched collar from a messy feeding. ?He must be pumping himself up for a fight?, she thinks letting her hand reach calmly to her purse. ? I suppose we shouldn?t let all that blood go to waste?, she smirks. [I?m going to fire my pistol at him once , aiming for the head] [/I]

I?ll work out the rolling and post the results, keep in mind the elder vampire may be able to attack earlier than you and hurt you. Just keep in minds you cannot [I] complete [/I] the actions. I?ll make fights as cinematic as I can, and I think leaving the rolling to myself will add a bit of suspense to the action.

Let?s say you want to perform some ambitious task? Like an extended financial deal, where you work the markets for a few days, play them, then draw out your investments at the prime opportunity. In this case, just PM me and I?ll arrange some rolls, I?ll PM you the results and we can discuss how to bring it into the chronicle.

Lastly, design your vampire as neonates (recently embraced). Most of you will probably be facing some challenges like where to live, or what the traditions of this vampiric society are. I will be starting this game with a PRELUDE phase, where you will come under the wing of your mentor. The prelude will begin at SUNSET of your last night as a human, how you are embraced is for you to decide. Oh, and you?ll find out why your sire?s aren?t exactly there for you ;) .

[url]http://www.white-wolf.com/vampire.html[/url] check this out.. it's the actual rpg i'm borrowing from. You can find alot of info here. Just check out the stuff.

Any questions? PM me.
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[b]Name:[/b] Alanna Murrdock
[b]Background:[/b] Alanna led the typical life of a teenager. She shopped, stared at boys, played basketball, stared at boys, and maintained above average grades, amoung other things. Her family belonged to the middle class and she got everything she needed, even if she didn't always get what she wanted. She attended a private school on a partial scholarship and worked after school at a local restaurant to help pay for her tuition, amoung other things (^_~). She had a small group of very close friends, but was still an all-around nice person to everyone.
Alanna always dreamed of becoming a lawyer, not only to help the 'little guy', but to help her family and make sure they had anything they could every want. She had the grades and scholarship options, yet she still hesitated. If she followed this path, her dreams of becoming a recording artist would be dashed. To try and keep this hope alive, she decided to major in music as well, not matter what the costs. On the night of her embrace, she was on her way from a particularly disastrous audition. Her voice had cracked and she couldn't even remember the words, though she had written them herself. She had trudged down the dark streets, wishing she had her motorcycle and half wishing for something more, something she couldn't articulate. Obviously, someone else could. As she walked, singing quietly to herself and performing her audition almost flawlessly, a stranger stepped out of the shadows and introduced himself as a little known producer searching new blood. She eagerly accepted his offer, hoping that it would be her wildest dream come true. Afterward, she still in a bit of shock. She felt that every dream and every pure thought had been drained from her, leaving her hollow and empty.
[b]Image:[/b] Alanna doesn't care much for her outward appearance and can usually be seen in black denim flare jeans and a charater tee of some kind with her hair in cornrows. When she wishes to look her best, as she did on the night of her embrace, she will braid her air into long, thin individual braids with whatever is flattering and fits her mood. Her embrace captured her in a moment of sheer joy. Her eyes look as though they're forever smiling, even when she feeds. Her skin is a perfect bronze colour and her lips have just a tinge of red, attracting her attention when she wants it. Her vocal range reflects her mood perfectly, though it usually has a rich, soulful, Alto tone.
[b]Inventory:[/b] Alanna owns a Kawasaki motorcycle and carries a can of mace, but never uses it. She's too much of a nice person.

[b]Sire:[/b] Marion Lewes
[b]Nature:[/b] Architect
[b]Demeanour:[/b] Competitor
[b]Clan:[/b] Toreador
[b]Generation:[/b] 13th
[b]Apparent Age:[/b] around 15 or 16
[b]Embrace:[/b] November 20, 1999 (I can change this if I need to, but it's a very special

date to me)

[b]Physical:[/b] Strength-2, Dexterity-1, Stamina-1
[b]Social:[/b] Charisma-4, Manipulation-2, Appearance-2
[b]Mental:[/b] Perecption-2, Wits-1, Intelligence-2

[b]Talents:[/b] Alertness-3, Empathy-3, Expression-4, Streetwise-3
[b]Skills:[/b] Crafts-2, Drive-2, Performance-3
[b]Knowledges:[/b] Academics-4, Computer-3, Law-2

[b]Disciplines:[/b] Auspex-1, Presence-2

[b]Backgrounds:[/b] Mentor-3, Fame-2, Resources-2 (still has job) [I know I still have a point left, but I'm not sure what to do with it.]
[b]Virtues:[/b] Conscience-4, Self Control-3, Courage-3
[b]Humanity:[/b] 7
[b]Willpower:[/b] 6

[b]Blood Pool:[/b] 6/10
How's this? If anything is wrong, PM me.
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]I'll edit the true character stuff later, don't have time.

Name: Kattarin Alekseyevich

Sire: Lacroix s'Xalerian
Nature: Loner
Demeanour: Monster
Clan: Malkavian (Derangement: Schizophrenia)
Generation: 10th
Apparent Age:17
Embrace: September 29th, 1999

Physical: Strength-2, Dexterity-3, Stamina-2
Social: Charisma-1, Manipulation-1, Appearance-1
Mental: Perception-1, Wits-2, Intelligence-2

Talents- Alertness-3 Brawl-3 Dodge-1
Skills- Melee-5, Stealth-3, Survival-1.
Knowledges- Academics-4 Computer-4 occult-4 Science-5

Disciplines: Auspex -2, Obfuscate-1

Backgrounds: Mentor-3, Contacts - 2, Generations - 3
Virtues: Conscience-1, Self Control-5, Courage-4
Humanity: 6
Willpower: 5

Blood Pool: 8

Yes, some of the stats don't seem to add up, but there are Freebies. Despite that, I still have no idea if this is right or not.[/font][/color]
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Name: Alan Batim
Background: If you want it, steal it. That was his motto then and well it is his motto now. A thieve till the very end is what he told them all, but he did not know then how prophetic those words would turn out to be. He grew up the same way many of the children grew up in the slums of New York, in an endless poverty. He also as many of the others did also and quit school at an early age only to turn to a life of crime. He was a good thief, not the best, but good nonetheless. By day he lived as the homeless do and by night he made his income, working only for himself and his now single mother. He tried hard to steal nice things for her, but she only wanted for her son to settle down and get married. That was an idea, him married, he laughed at himself for even thinking such a thing. He couldn't stop now, he was to far in, and many people wanted to see him dead, he would just endanger anyone he got close to. Thus we come to the night of his embrace, he had just pulled a job on one of the biggest mob bosses in New York and was running for his life from the men the man had sent to kill him. He thought he could hide in an upcoming alleyway, but instead ran into the thing he would see with mortal eyes.
Image: A tall lanky man with a slightly pale complexion and long parted brown hair. He often wears a tight gray t-shirt on top of baggy black jeans with whatever shoes he can find. Above those he has a large gray overcoat and a black bowler on his head.
Inventory: The only items he owns a switch blade, his trusting lock pick set, and a .22 beretta he stole off a security guard he passed one day.

Sire:Count Ars Tremolian
Nature: Rebel
Demeanor: Loner
Clan: Tremere
Generation: 12th
Apparent Age: 18
Embrace: October 4th, 1999

Physical: Strength 2 Dexterity 4 Stamina 2
Mental: Perception 3 Intelligence 3 Wits 4
Social: Charisma 2 Manipulation 2 Appearance 2

Talents: Dodge 3 Streetwise 3 Subterfuge 3
Skills: Firearms 2 Melee 3 Stealth 5 Survival 3
Knowledges: Investigation 3 Occult 2

Disciplines: Auspex 1 Dominate 2 Thamaturgy 1
Background: Mentor 3 Resources 2 Contacts 2 Generation 1
Virtues: Conscience 3 Self-Control 3 Courage 3

Willpower 7
Humanity 8
Blood Pool

That is my character, if any thing wrong or missing please PM me, and I already added my freebies just to let you know.
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[color=royalblue]I already joined this via PMs, but I feel the need to boost it back up and therefore promote an RPG that deserves more coverage than just two or three people signing up.

That, and I also feel a great longing to promote Tristae witch pride and the lack of humanity that follows shortly thereafter. Yeah. I'm sad.

Be quiet.[/color]
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Name: Jerith Arkum
1) Growing up in a small village in southern England, Jerith had what could be called a happy childhood. caught by the beauty of the surrounding nature at a young age he decided early one what he wanted to be. An artist. That is what he was before all this madness decended upon him. He always had artistic aspirations, far beyond those he could put into words. Schooled in the fine arts as a young man he studied the great painters and sculptors of the past in an attempt to capture the pure essence of his being in art. This, obsession, some might called it, consumed him for most of his young life, separating him from his family who strove to understand him but couldn't. His father was a simple craftsman, intent on teaching his son his own job in the hopes that he would one day continue on his lifes work. This was not to be. An only child, Jerith's mother cherished him and spoiled hi to the point where Jerith had everything he could possibly want, but still it was not enough. Striving to capture the beauty he saw around him, Jerith left the small villiage of his home and made his way to America and the bright lights of New York, the Big Apple, in a desperate attempt to find himself.

Dressed in simple clothing Jerith owned very little in the way of commodities. Dressed neatly in brown leather pants and black boots, a loose black shirt with a white vest worn underneith and a long black coat. The coat worn and the boots scuffed he at the very least tried to make himself presentable. His long dark brown hair was tied at the back and no presence of stubble marred his neatly shaven face. The only ornaments that adorn him were a silver cross around his neck (I don't know if that legend applies here so he has one unless stated otherwise), two silver rings, one on his left hand and one on his right, and a silver thumb right on his left hand. After the embrace he would look mostly the same, although the pink lustre of his face would be lost to the ivory complexion of death his eyes, now a tumultuos grey, reflecting his inner turmoil.

Inventory: Owns a Triumph Cruiser motorcycle, though it needs a bit of servecing.

Sire: Marcus Belial
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Celebrant
Clan: Toreador
Generation: 11th
Apparent age: 26
Embrace: 1997
Pysical: Strength 1, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4
Mental: Perception 3, Wits 3, Intelligence 4
Talents: Alertness 2, Empathy 3, Expression 4,
Skills: Etiquette 2, Crafts 1, Melee 2, Survival 1
Knowledges: Academics 4, Linguistics 4, Occult 2
Disciplines : Auspex 1, Dominate 2, Presence 2
Backgrounds: Mentor 3
Virtues: Conscience 2, Self Control 4, Courage 4
Humanity: 6
Willpower : 4
Blood Pool:
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