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Long ago....

The god's and goddess's lived on earth. Everything was peaceful, and it seemed as if nothing could go wrong. But there was one god...the god of Fire, Matsudaira. Matsudaira hated all the other gods...he hated peace..
One day, the gods and goddesses continued to play when the sky turned dark black. They wondered what caused it. Suddenly, demons began to sporut out from the ground, and they began to attack the gods and goddessed.

This was the war we now know as the Matsudaira War.

At the end of this bloody, brutal, war the gods and goddesses, sealed away all of Matsudaira evil into a glove. They trusted the kings of the generations to come to protect the glove. If someone to possess that glove...they would possess the ultimate evil.
Now, in 1400 AD, there wasa foolish king. The king was entrusted the glove and keep it safe. But he knew it was just a simple myth. He sold the glove to someone for 10 thousand shillings.
Four days after, the kingdom was attacked by a terrible force. Thousands of demons sprouted out of the floor and attacked the people...It wasnt a myth....the glove that the king sold, was actually able to possess a thousand demons...the legends were true...and the evil has come back again...but THIS time, there are no gods or goddess's to stop it. Who will? Who knows....
Okay now use my character as an example for yours.
Name: Fujio Fukuzawa

Age: 16

Weapons: Simpile Katana

Description: [img]http://www.themarksite.com/anime/pictures/misc_pics/misc31.jpg[/img]

Bio: Fujio is the oldest of four siblings. He is a nice role-model. He is honest, and kind. He has always beleived in the legend of Matsudaira War. His master, Ichisake, has trained Fujio since he was 7. Fujio is now a skilled fighter, and will do everything in his power to protect his village from the demons.

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Name: Ryoga Watanabe

Age: 19

Height/Weight: 6'1"/187 ibs

Description: Has long, mahogany hair over his yellow eyes. He has a medium tan and a thin, but muscualry cut body. He wears a long, red with white trim coat unbuttoned. No shirt under, but has a tattoo of a White and Red Yin Yang with a dragon surrounding it on his chest. He wears a pair of White Pants and Red sandals. He usaully wears a sadistic smile on his face. This gives off a false description of his true self. A very honorable and heroic soul, just a tad arrogant.

Weapon: He is the soul inheriter of his families brand of martial arts, The Way of the Burning Fist, or Ho no Kobushi Jutsu. This is a blend between powerful and speedy techniques with the body and a type of fire magic.

Bio: Growing up with his freind, Fujio, Ryoga and Fujio lived a good life acting as the protector of there village. One day when the demons came from the ground and attacked the village, they were forced to defear them. But the demons kept on coming, so they decided to go to the sorce of the problem...
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Name: Akumatsu Shinomori
Age: 22
Weapon: Ninja sword
Appearance: [img]http://www.activewin.com/xbox/pr/2002/images/kunai_11.jpg[/img]
Bio: As a child Akumatsu was raised only by his father for his mother was killed by a virus. Not only being raised by his father but trained by the way of the ninja. But on his first day of training his father was attacked by evil demons. The attack killed his father and blinded Akumatsu, managing to escape, Akumatsu tought his own way of ninjutsu. After mastering ninjutsu at the age of 21, Akumatsu set out on a journey to avenge his father's death and kill the evil force. On his journey Akumatsu met a blind old man. After caring for the old man for quite some time the old man gave Akumatsu a gift, a special ninja ability, for the old man was once a ninja also. After learning the ability the old man ordered Akumatsu to leave and make use of the ability, so after saying his goodbyes Akumatsu left and continued his journey to fight the evil power that killed his father.
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Name: Makiru Toyama

Age: 37

Weapons: Staff

Bio: Makiru was orphaned at a very early age, and was taken in and raised by a monk in a temple. His teacher at the temple told him the ancient legend of the Matsudaria War, and from that time on, he trained to fight, just in case the legend was true. After 30 years of training, the evil re-surfaced, and Makiru went to help send it back to where it had come.

Description: A simple monk, Makiru is clad in a simple yellow monks robe. His sash supporting his robe is orange, the color which his bald head is. Carrying the staff as a weapon of battle and a insturment of healing, he banishes the demons and heals the living.
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Name: Rijan Kirihara

Age: 15

Weapons: Duel Broad Swords

Description: Black HAir thats usally slicked back. His two broad swords in black sheaths cossing across his back. A black shirt with one shoulder peice of an acient samurai armor. Blue Cargo Jeans boots. Arrogant, walks with a cocky swagger.

Bio: Rijan grew never knowing his parents, and ran away from several orfenages(sp?). He spent most of his childhood fending for himself and at the age of 6 he tought himself how to use his broad swords. He set out to kill all the demons because they burnt down the one town that had taken him in.
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Edit: sorry about the post. I had a huge rant planned but upon further examination of my actions I feel this action is not necissary. Plus my planned rant-test-dummy, Naota is only 13. I don't want to newbie bash (heck, I'm a newbie , I guess). So please Ignore this post if you haven't already. My bad.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Hikomi Fukuzawa

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Height/Weight:[/B] 5'/95 lbs.

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment

[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://www.mwart.com/images/p/Samurai_3000_Collection_Samurai_300_UC1258_489.jpg]Twin Samurai 3000 Katanas[/URL]
[URL=http://store2.yimg.com/I/tigerstrike-martial-arts_1749_4080265]Chrome Octagon Sais[/URL]
[URL=http://www.karatedepot.com/catalog/images/items/thumbs/wp-ni-003.jpg]Moon Pro. Throwing Stars[/URL]

[B]Bio:[/B] Hikomi is the youngest of Fukuzawa family. She is a great ninja who uses magic. She is also known as the Sorceress according to the elders and a witch to the children who do not like her, mainly the girls. But some girls like her for her personality and know that she will do anything to help her village.

Hikomi is a girl that lets nothing get in her way. She will get up and fight for her village no matter what. Her family means everything and that includes Fujio. Although he is older than her, she will do anything to protect him from harm.

[B]OOC:[/B] Uhm, Shippo is it ok if i am your oldest sister? of course younger than you.[/size][/color]
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name: Fang (is only known as that because he is a orphan)

Age: apears uhh 16

Weapon: he uses two old brocken katanas

Bio: He is yet another chara who is a orphan raised by wolves. he managed to learn to speak before being orphaned so he knows japanese. Though not much or well. he is a deep thinker and very loyal. he fights to protect his pack. He doesn't even know he is nick named Fang. That actualy comes from a urban legend about a kid who's parents died in a fire and disapeared. Funny enough he is afraid of fire and does not know anything before the pack (serius amnesai. His parents actualy died 15 years ago acording to the legend.) The one thing he is sure about is strange things are hapening and the pack wont last like this.

aperance: Blue eyes. White hair. He starts the story with old frayed clothes. He has long black hair down past his shoulders and slouches alittle when fighting.
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Name:Nisha Toki


Weapons:A Shiny Silver Blade,a staff made of polished oak with metal caps covering both ends and a bow made of young willow with a quiver full of different types of arrows.All of her weapons have mystical words in another language engraved into them.

Description:Ki has Chocolate brown hair and emerald eyes.She wears regular clothes with protection spells cast through them.She wears a blue jacket open with a white t-shirt that has a baby blue chinese coiled up dragon on the front,navy blue pants and blue and white nike joggers.She also wears a blue metal gauntlet on each hand.But they stop at her wrist and are made of stretchy material like normal gloves.There are 2 slots cut out in the back of her clothes where her wings petrude.They area a misty blue colour.Like fushia but more blue than pink.

Bio:Nisha has been outcasted by people for a long time because she is a crossbred of a human and a fairy.Her father left her mother when Nisha was born so she's been living with her mother and doesn't remember her father.Both of them were outcasted because it seemed that her ex-husband and Nisha's father hasd told everyone.They only had one choice.Return to her mother's origin.The forest.Nisha's mother fled from the village with the baby Nisha wrapped up in her arms and ran straight into the forest.From there the lone woman brought them into her old house that looked as good as if it had just been made.Nisha has lived in the forests with her mother since she can remember but whenever they must travel to the village to buy items the people always look at them.Nisha loves her fairy side.With it she flys,does acrobatics and many other things that makes her happy.But the main thing is she has magic.She has been training since young and she's almost completed her master training.

The weapons she have have origins.The blade belonged to her mother's father,the staff was her mother's and she made bow with the quiver and arrows coming from her mother's older brother.
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Ok, I like Shippo's RPG's. I'll join ^_^.

Name: Ryu Kenshie (I use that name for all the RPG's)

Age: 13

Gender: MALE

Height/Weight: 4'7"/75 lbs.

Weapon: Magic Katana (ninja sword), and knows a bit of magic.

Description: He has blond hair down to the bottom of his ears. His hair is spit in the middle of his forehead. A red cloth band on his head. Blue eyes. Thin, but fairly strong. Yes, very short.

Bio: Ryu's mother was a mage. And his father was a specialized ninja. Long ago, their ansestors had created a new kind of martial arts style, called Karmowie. His family have been studying Karmowie for generations. All the way back to the Matsudaira War. Ever since Ryu was a child, he has been taught Karmowie. It takes 21 years to learn everything about Karmowie. Still learning, Ryu is clumsy at times and can get a bit hyper. He is a fairly skilled Katana user and knows only basic spells. One thing very strange about Ryu is that he has learned a mysterious and extreamly powerful spell that can wipe out an entire city if used right, and only he can do it, but he can never tell when will be released.
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[b]Name:[/b] gene tusung
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Weapons:[/b]sword, glaive, whip
[b]Description:[/b] blue eyes, brown hair, red head band, gloves, black pants, green shirt, brown cloak
[b]Bio:[/b] Gene is a experenced thief. He only takes what he needs and he treats any one he meets the same as he would with others. He is willing to make firends no matter who or what they are. He doesn't care if some one says any thing bad about him or others. If he sees any one who needs help he will help them. Because of his travels he knows many typs of medicens and some spells.
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Arika, if I [i]ever[/i] see you publicly post the question "When is this going to start" again, I assure you there will be hell to pay. Use PMs, and DarkWolf, don't add to the problem by replying to such things, especially when you don't even have a factual answer.[/font][/color]
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Eek, sorry, I was working on my website for a while now, and i totally forgot about this RP. Anywhoo, everybody's signup's look great^_^ and Arika, it would be cool for my character to have a little sister, so go on right ahead^^

Okay, with that said, ill TRY to start this tonight{Pacific Time}
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