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[color=firebrick][I] The year is 1583....a vampire by the name of Kain rules supreme above all humans.Kain and his army of vampire rampage through the human world slaughtering many humans and taking the ones they don't kill as slaves and food.The humans thought of Kain as a symbol of death and destructuion.

Kain continued his campaign of destruction for 15 years and no one tried to stop him.They couldn't stop him..no one could stop him.But soon the people began to plan a revolt.The leader of this revolt was named Damien Strongheart.Damien was from a village of respected warriors.When Kain came he destroyed the village and shot down the people's last hope of survival.But what Kain did not know was that Damien survived the onslaught.To get back to the revolt Damien planned for 2 years.He gathered people and weapons secretly.The war that was brewing between the humans and vampires would be called the "Blood War".

This war would last for at least 14 years befroe the worst of it was over.During the first few years of the war it was a stand still.Somehow the humans had become formidable warriors.But the vampires weren't going to let the hunted become the hunters.They planned an all out assault on the humans.This was the last few months of the war.

Kain and Damien both came with their vast armies.They locked in a bloody battle that lasted for days.But when it was over Damien was the one who came out on top.Kain was banished to the underworld.

After the Blood war there was finally peace.The peace lasted 150 years....until now.A small band of vampires has revived Kain.With Kain now back on the scene the humans must find some way to kill or else it will be their demise....

To sign up post the following.

Race: (vampire or human only)
Weapon(s): 2 max.No guns.

Name: Kain

Age: 289

Race: Vampire

Appearance: Long grey hair,red eyes with black pupils,sharp claws,pale skin,worn out armor,boots,and a black cloak.

Bio: The intro explains Kain's history.

Weapon: Soulreaver-Kain's special sword

I want at least 5 humans and 5 vampires.Oh yeah here are a few rules to follow.

1.)When posting in the start thread it must be at least two paragraphs.

2.)No god like chars

these are the only rules i can think of.So sign up people!!

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(sigh) I wrote this once but my comp screwed up before I could post it.

Name:Semper In Angaria, but calls himself Azreal
Age: 17
Race: human
Appearance: short brown hair, parted on the right and combed diagonally back. Yellow circular sunglasses (like vash's in trigun.) Black suit jacket and pants with rasberry shirt. black mens dress shoes and holy cross embeded fingerless gloves.
Bio: Cathlic holy man. Known as the wandering Archangel to those who have heard of him (hence Azreal) Thrown out of the church for his obsessive sword training. He then almost completely abandoned religion, but can't help but to cling on to it. He has been a nomad ever since.

"I fight in the name of god, and yet I wonder if I am only spilling blood on the lord's title."
Weapon(s): Light dark blue sword with red hilt. White cross on blade.
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[COLOR=blue][I](I was going to pick the humans, but then I thought otherwise, I'm rarely ever evil.)

Name: Naz'gazel

Race: Vampire

Age: 362

Appearance: Typical vampirish features. Pale skin, bloodshot, black eyes, sharp claws, and an emaciating figure. However, Naz'gazel keeps his clothes incredibly immaculate, covered from head to toe in black (who doesn't love black clothing) suiting. Overshadowing his face and bald scalp is a black robe that covers his entire body, reaching to the ground while trailing slightly behind him.

Bio: Living (or is it unliving for the undead?) and fighting throughout the Blood Wars, Naz'gazel became a skillfully adept and particularly vicious warrior. However, with growing power and bloodlust with every fell victim came arrogance. As he became increasily egotistic, his own awareness of his danger in situations became naught. One day during a particulary gruesome battle, Naz'gazel thought himself able to fend off an entire battalion of humans. However, Naz'gazel was fiercely beaten and speedily retreated within a nearby building, which was then set alight and collapsed. Naz'gazel barely managed to survive his wounds and the crushing building, but became trapped within his burial for nearly 120 years, surving purely out of his own hatred and madness. Eventually, a group of farmers cultivating the land came across the buried ruins, and foolishly excavated it, unknowingly providing Naz'gazel with his impending return, and a late snack. Now, after his seemingly eternal imprisonment, Naz'gazel wishes to seek his tormented revenge, by planning the return of Kain, and the end of humanity. This time however, he will not forget his original downfall that had trapped him for so long.

Weapons: Naz'gazel still keeps his stained and somewhat dulled self-forged, runed longsword that has been with him since the Blood Wars, waiting ever so long to resharpen and put it to use once more. Also, fastened to his back is a medium sized, steel crossbow that he 'aquired' from the corpse of a victim of his long ago.[/COLOR][/I]
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Name: Astral
Age: 167
Race: Vampire
Appearance: Short gray hair, pale skin, blue eyes with hints of silver, black vest, pants and boots.
Bio: A vampire that had fought in Kain's army when he was young and fled into hiding after Kain's death. He had remained in a metamorphisis-like state for about 100 years to become more stronger. Now he had just met Naz'gazel and helped find other vampires to help in the revival of Kain.
Weapon: A large blood and crimson red sword called Bloodlust.
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Why is there something familiar about this rpg....lol.

Name: Kattarin Alekseyevich
Age: 27
Race: Human
Appearance: Check the attachment. She's about five foot ten, and very slender.
Bio: Kattarin was born long enough after the Blood War to disdain the fear of some, but soon enough after it to be aware that vampyres are still a threat. She knows they exist, and has encountered no small number of them, but Kattarin does not believe they can ever rival the threat they posed under Kain, simply because the humans know about them now, and are ready and willing to eradicate them.

Kattarin herself was born to a family of vampyre slayers, people who had codified the art of slaughtering blood drinkers, and acting as bounty hunters in the off-seasons. Human or vampyre, it doesn't matter to Kattarin. She grew up with a knife in her hand, and a family on the run. They eventually succumbed to the beasts they hunted, everyone does, one day. Kattarin isn't bitter, or driven for revenge. Kattarin simply gets payed well, by a variety of people, for delivering elongated fangs.
Weapon(s): Glaive, entitled [i]Sinistrus Aetherus[/i], or Darkly Omened Spirit. The blade is crescent shaped, about a foot along its major axis, and two inches at the maximum point of its minor axis. The haft is about four feet long.[/font][/color]
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Name: Marcus
Age: 419
Race: Vampire
Appearance: 5,8 Shoulder-length white blonde hair, lithe, long black coat, white, ruffled shirt, light grey pants with black leather riding boots and silver rings on each of his index fingers and thumbs.
Bio: Shying away from the first war, Marcus watched the carnage wreaked by the battling soldiers. Unlike his kin he chooses not to prey on the weak and slaughter those who oppose. Prefering to live as a true immortal, witness to the passage of time.

Now that Kain has been revived he is forced to emerge from his shelter and take a side in the war to come. He chose the side of life. And so he fights with the humans, in an attempt to preserve the passage of time he so adores.

Weapon(s): Solid Rapier and companion stiletto dagger.
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Name: Maharet
Age: 526
Race: vampyre
Appearance: see attachment
Bio: Maharet watched the first war from the sidelines, not wanting to become too involved with anyone, especially a human. She fell in love anyway, only to receive a broken heart once he learned she was a vampyre. Since then, her heart has hardened and she fights to try and escape the anguish enternity has left her to.
Personality: quiet, brooding, and sometimes violent
Weapon(s): longsword and dagger
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Name:Sage White
Race: human
Appearance:wears long black leather pants,a black leather crop top with black boots,she has percing blue eyes and jet black hair

Bio:She has been in a long line of vampier hunters and has been training sence the age of 9.She is also part wiccan. A vampier killed her father and now that she has heard that the vampiers are reserecting Kain she wants to avenge he fathers death by killing every last one.

Weapon(s):she has poisonous throwing daggers,and a leather wip
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Name: Alistair Van Laugerhoff

Age: 135

Race: Vampire

Height/Weight: 6'4"/200 ibs

Description: A pale face with slicked back hair and reddish eyes. he wears a suit of black and a white under shirt. A top hat with red ligning. A black cloak with crimson inside. He carries a sheethed sword with him.

Bio: Known as "Crimson" Alistair for his bloody eyes and his weapon. Alistari was a born vampire and fought in the Vampire Wars along side Kain. He now goes to revive him to place vampires atop the food chain once again.

Weapon: The Crimson Saber. A saber running in his amily blood line. the saber was handcrafted for hi sblood line alone. It will attack any other who trys to use it and it has a telekinetic wave lenght with its owner. It has also a deadly magic embbedded in it and can unleash its powers when ever its master wants.

i can change human if it need be. jsut tell me.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Zharra Hanani

Age: 24

Race: Human

Appearance: See attatchment. Wears form fitting jeans, long sleeved dark shirts, and flexible armour underneath.

Bio: The daughter of a Lycan-friend and a Tristae witch, Zharra knows what is out there. She will kill to defend herself, but generally watches. She is more comfortable waiting patiently for the enemy to come to her.

Weapon(s): A sword fashioned after the line of the Tristae's, slim, light, yet very powerful. Silver blade, gift from a woman named Elizabeth Dominae.[/COLOR]
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