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RPG Kuriyama{Part One} Finding the chival Five


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OOC: ok people here we go. this RPG will be long so I'm breaking it down into two to three parts. Have fun with it!

Emporess Sealenea looked worriedly out her window as the cloud in the distance grew dark and creeped closer. There hadn't been a storm in Kuriyama for thousands of years. Not since the first evil that had been wiped out by the Chival five. She winced as dark silver lightning shot from the ominous cloud and at random spots on the ground. She put her hand to her forehead and used her other one to steady her self against the window. Strong evil vibes surged from the cloud and she senced ever one of them.

After all this time...has he come back?

A gaurd pounded urgently at the door of her room requesting entrance.

"enter" she choked out.

"My Lady Sealenea, a messanger has sent news that..that Lord Obsidian has been sighted in the far east!" She almost shouted in a hurry.

Sealenea frowned as she looked back at the cloud. so he is back....

"Ren" she said adressing the gaurd by name. "I have a quest for you. But you must go alone. I do not want the castle alerted or alarmed."

Ren nodded "My wish is your command."

"I want you to search the land for the decendants of the Chival Five."

"But-my lady, How would I-"

"With this..." Sealenea pulled from the palm of her hand a Medalion with four points on each side. It was attached to a long chain made of a heavey metal. "Visit the four sectors. If you are near them it will glow. Only the needle that points you in thier direction will not. It will stay as dull as it is now."

She handed her the needle and sighed. "Please hurry. Hurry before he grows too strong..."

Ren bowed and hurried away. Sealenea fell to the floor and began to sob. "not again"
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Gene had been walking through the forest for days. He herd that there was a kingdom near by and figured he would look to see if there was any thing worth stealing. As he walked he herd the sound of lighting.

"Bad sign. Most would dissmiss it as just the weather but a experienced thief like my self would know better" gene thought looking into the sky.

It was becomeing dark and lighting bolts flashed. He started heading back as he herd some one comeing up behind him. He jumped into a tree for cover. As he looked around he saw a girl come by and start looking around for some thing.

"Can I help you miss" gene asked as he jumped down.

"Yes. I was sent here to find you. I'm here to ask for your help" the girl said.

"Sure why not. I'm gene" gene said sticking his hand out.

"I'm ren" ren said shaking hands with gene.

"So what am I needed for" gene asked.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Ren looked at Gene and then looked to the Medallion. The South, West, and East points glowed as Gene and Ren spoke. She looked back to Gene and bowed to him.[/i]

"Sir Gene, you are needed at the Empress' castle. But before you go, you and I will need to find the remaining four of the Chival Five."[/color]
"What?! I thought that that was a legend. You mean to tell me that the Chival Five is still alive? I thought that I was the only one living that had this power, but I guess not. OK, I will help you."
[color=ff66cc]"Good. What is your power anyways?"[/color]
"My power is that of the storm. I know when such things happen and I control that of the storm and the things it contains."

[color=ff66cc][i]Ren nodded and held her hand out to Gene. He took it and she helped him up onto the horse. As they rode off, they set out for the North. A little ways away, the three points started to glow once again.[/i]

"We are nearing one of the four others. Wait a minute, that horse! That horse's name is Hurricane. It's named that because it's as powerful and fast as a hurricane."

[i]As they neared the horse, Gene jumped off of Pegasus and walked towards Hurricane. Hurricane saw Gene and walked towards him too. As they did, the wind blew harder and nearly both were blown together. But somehow, once they both touched, the wind died down. Once it was safe, Ren and Pegasus went over to Hurricane and Gene.[/i]

"Sir Gene, I believe that Hurricane is the horse that belonged to your relative of the Chival Five. The remaining four are WildFire, the fiery horse, Tsunami, the serene horse, JadeGales, the fierce horse, and AmberRose, the quaking horse. As we near the others, each horse will appear and help us find the remaining four of the Chival Five."[/size][/color]
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OOC: Horses eh? mmm...Sounds good to me!!^.^


Obsidian's eyes were colder then the north Sectors Winter. He was gorgeous though. His coal black hair almost had a bit of shine to it as it flowed down his back and over his shoulder. Ironicly he was dressed in all white. He sipped at the wine in his goblet and smirked.

"She knows" he said to himself. "I can feel her fear. She still remembers me."

A new slave, one of the poor commoners of west section, looked up at him from her curled spot on the floor.

"Yes, I see you, little one." he said coldly. "Crawl to me."

the pale little girl crawled slowly over to him. he raked his fingers through her hair as if she were naught but a dog. When he calmed her shuddering he smaked her sending her sprawling. He chuckled at this then took another sip of his wine. He then threw his cup and spit at the girl.

"Go fetch my minions. I need them. I have a little mission to intersep."
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Elyssa was finishing tidying the small house when she caught sight of a dark stormcloud forming in the east. For some reason, it gave her the chills. She sent a blast of wind to finish sweeping the porch and went inside.
''There's a storm brewing in the east.'' Elyssa told her guardians. ''Uncle Som, is dinner ready yet?''
''Well, you'd have to ask that one to your Aunt Maea. Now, if there's a storm, I should check on the horses. Say, where's that tough old horse that's been hanging around?''
''I don't know. It's been days since I've seen him, and I'm worried.''
'Well, I'm sure he'll turn up. Now, go help your auntie with dinner.''
''Alright!'' she replied, but she was really worried about the horse. He had just shown up suddenly about one moon ago. ''He didn't get along with the other horses,'' she thought, ''but he was very sweet to me. And I had just thought of a name for him too.''
Elyssa shivered, sensing a forboding energy in the wind. ''I hope I'm wrong,'' she thought, ''but when it comes to the wind, I rarely am.''
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In the training room four sets of blades clashed as Calis Crydee, a skilled mercenary who was currently in the service of Lord Obsidian, clashed with some new recruits to teach them how to fight as a group. Calis? swords moved in quick defensive movements to keep away the two long swords and the axe that attempted to catch him. In a sudden movement Calis rushed in, his rapier taking a swordsman in the throat while his scimitar ran across the axe wielder?s stomach. The remaining man through down his sword and raised his hands in surrender, as Calis went to kick away the sword a dagger came from the man's sleeve and slammed into the mercenary?s gut.

Calis took a step back and told the trainees ?Well done, you are improving.? Even though in his head he was thinking of how much he would like to fight these three without safety covers on their blades. These servants of Obsidian had no honor, much like their master. Calis was beginning to regret his rash decision in pledging himself to this man, but n matter what he thought he couldn?t stop now that the promise was made.

They were just about to start another round when a slave entered the room and told him to report to Obsidian. He took off the covers on his blades and slipped them into their sheaths on his back, and then he grabbed his staff and walked to his master?s chambers. He entered and gave a swift bow from the waist. ?Greetings Lord. What do you wish of me??
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as mizu was bathing in the river he saw a horse of a very serene posture and he looked at its eyes and the memory of the ocean waves in the place where he grew up as a child came back to him. then he said "why do keep on following me?" then with that said the horse that was as calm as the sea became like the tsunami or tidal wave that was unstoppable and that strikes with haste. mizu thought that the horse how fast it may be that the water will sloww it down so he had threw away his worries but still kept his awareness.the horse chrged even faster as it drew nearer into the river. but to mizu's amzement the water had no effect on the horse but it seemed that the water was letting the horse pass. with all mizu's might he jumped up and he saw that the horse was walking on top of the water.
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Aoen was in her own private chambers when the pale little slave knocked, a timid sound against the thick wood of the door. The raven haired woman just frowned, still focused on her current task - cleaning her dagger, as she called out, "Come in."

Slowly the door was pushed open and the little thing appeared meekly behind it, bowing very quickly before relaying Obsidian's wish. Aoen nodded absentmindedly along with her before shooing her away, her eyes trailing along the blade of the dagger, checking for any last little smudges. Once she was sure the thing looked just as immaculate as herself, she twirled it once before sliding it in its place in her chains, her feet already taking her down the dark corridors to where her Master would undoubtedly be waiting. She entered soon enough to hear Calis' words, and she stood by him as he finished, imitating the bow he himself had just given. "My lord," she murmured respectfully, glancing up at the beautiful man briefly, "What is it you wish of us?"
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Obsidian smirked as they entered and stood up. the fire light danced about the room and cast shadows where ever it wished. obsidians steel like eyes glinted with each flicker of the light. He alowed a bit of his hair to fall in his face as he adressed his Minions with thier quest.

"My faithful minions." He began. His voice although cold and blood thirsty had a certain pleasure to it. almost like the thrill of facing death. "I have a...quest for you."

Aoen and Calis both bowed and awaited for the rest.

"Lady Sealena, a good old freind of mine, is having a reunion. Sadly I wasn't invited." he said with Mock hurt. "I wish for you two to, Shall i say... crash her party. " He grin grew. "kill the Chival five before they can get back together again." He wasn't going to make the same mistake again.
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A large slab of beef hung off of a tree in the forest. With a loud thump, a man continuesly started punching it. His hair had a look that it had not been combed in ages but messily cut with a knife. His white shirt was torn and wet with cow blood. He had jeans and combat boots, which were also old and breaking.

With one last punch the beef launched off of the tree and rolled into the brush. The man craned his neck to look behind him. The brush rustled as a grin fell on his face. "Not to sound like I don't like company, which god knows I don't, but You best quit stalking me."
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Lady Sealena grabbed her head as she grew dizzy. [i] he knows i know and now he's playing with me. [/i]

Sealena looked at herself in the mirror. She still looked young but she had lived way past a normal human life span. It was almost like a curse to the rulers of Kuriyama. but now she had lived her alotted time and was begining to feel her age.

"why did he have to show up now. Of all times?"

Sealena knew that even if they did defeat obsidian before he could take over the throne there was no hope for the kingdom. sealena being barren she bore no son's to take over the kingdom. If she even had a daughter it would be fine, but alas she didn't.

Sealena sat down on her bed. she looked out the window. how was Ren doing with the quest?
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[I]A good old friend, huh?[/I], Aoen thought, eyeing her Master's rather satanic grin with a subtle smirk of her own, [I]Yeah, I've had a few of those myself.[/I] Her crimson eyes darkened a glimmer at that thought, and the smirk faultered - anger began to boil to the surface again. This litte quest of Obsidians had come none too soon - she'd had a little too much time to remember these last few months. Or had they only been weeks? Did it matter that much, either way? It had still been an agonizingly long time since she'd last used her beloved dagger.

Bowing her head as she spoke, her eyes closed though her lips were pulled up in wry amusement once again, "Of course, my Lord. It would be my pleasure, to be sure." She stood straight then, brushing a fallen strand of ebony out of her eyes. "I haven't been to a party in [B]such[/B] a long time."
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Ren and Gene were nearing a river and saw that a horse was walking on the water and someone was watching it. Ren looked to the medallion and saw that the east point wasn't glowing.

She stopped Gene and she jumped off Pegasus and walked towards the guy and the horse. The horse looked up and saw Ren. It whinnied and ran toward her. It stopped right in her face.[/i]

"Hello again friend. How are you Tsunami? Well, I see you found one of the Chival Five. Now, we have two of the Chival Five. Three remains. Oh, right. Uhm, I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing. By the way, my name is Ren, Lady Sealena sent me on a quest to find the Chival Five. This horse here belonged to the Water element of the Chival Five. You are her relative am I correct?"[/size][/color]
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Calis was forced to hide a smile, Obsidian was obviously worried by this if he was sending out his two best and the thought of his ?master? worried was a pleasant one for the mercenary. ? You can forget they were ever alive to begin with My Lord. But may I ask you how we are to find them? I doubt you want us to ride all around the continant asking every person we see if they are of the Chival five.? Calis did not fear his masters anger at this slight taunt, for he still had to kill the Chival five, afterwards was when he needed to watch his back so a dagger doesn?t make a home there.
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Obsidian smirked inwardly at the taunt but made no sign of it twards his two minions. Surely these two were smart ones. He had chosen the best out of the best and no one could convince him otherwords. Sure he could go after the chival five on his own, but he had [i] other [/i] buisness to do.

"Surely I have already thought of that. My freind has a device simular to this one. though she has failed to disguise it so it was easy to duplicate it." A medalion just like that one of Ren's apeared in his hand. "take this and hunt them down."
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[COLOR=chocolate]Aoen glanced to the side, towards the allegid minion next to her, arching an eyebrow at his little taunt. Who was he to question Obsidian? True, the man had been hired; he was a merc, if nothing else, but even then he should still show his employer the proper respect. And yet she sensed nothing of the sort from him. Anything close to that seemed feigned, or mocking, and Aoen found that the more she was around this Calis, she less she liked him. She [I]really[/I] wanted Obsidian to dismiss him, or even better, squash him like a little bug - but she knew that he was here for a reason. Even if she couldn't see it (which, of course, didn't seem likely to her, but even she had things to learn). Obsidian was a big boy - he knew what he was doing.

Brushing her hair back again, her crimson eyes turning towards her Master as he began to speak again, she pursed her lips. [I]The Chival Five, huh?[/I] she pondered, thinking briefly of the legend every child under the sun had heard since birth. [I]Such a strange turn of events.[/I]

The medallion slowly materialized on Obsidian's hand then, and Aoen narrowed her eyes slightly at it. So that little thing would give them the power to hunt down the five would-be heros and destroy them. A fascinating little necklace, to be sure. Her eyes raised from the medallion to Obsidian's for a moment, her own blood-red orbs lost in thought. This mission of his was quite unlike most of the others. There seemed to be a great many people involved in this, whereas before she'd been sent to kill only a limited number of people. Usually one or two, and any one who became a little too curious and got in the way. But now there were at least five... and assuming that this enemy of theirs would like to keep them alive, there would most likely be guards about, looking for anything suspicious. And then there was this other person he kept referring to.. the enemy herself. Someone of importance, probably. Would they end up having to kill her as well? Aoen's eyes wandered to the side, a sort of languid, laid back expression to them, despite the chaos in her mind. She wanted to know more. A lot more. But this would just have to do for the moment.

She stepped forward then, bowing her head briefly before gently recieving the precious little medallion from him. It was heavier than it looked, but not unpleasantly so. After stepping back, the chains about her form jingling quietly with every movement and especially so when she bowed, Aoen quietly, "Thank you, my Lord. You will not be disappointed."[/COLOR]


[SIZE=1]OOC: I didn't realize mods did that here. :shifty: I feel like I'm being watched. So is this better, then?[/SIZE]
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feeling quite embarassed by the sight of many people while bathing mizu jumped up to a thick tree and began dressing, after that he climbed down and talked to the people.

mizu:geez can't anyone take a decent bath around here?

ren:now i would'nt call it decent, but i apologizefor my intrusion.


ren:oh, ive seen that you already made aquantance with tsunami-the serene one.

mizu:(still mumbling and wispering to the horse) feh. serene, practically charged at me like a bull.

tsunami:(neighing and snorting at mizu)
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[size=1][color=ff66cc]"Actually, Tsunami is named that for a reason. One is that it is your ascendant's horse. 2) It is as serene as the ocean, but once motivated, its anger will release. That charge was a mere test. Now, I ask you. Since this horse believe you are the true Water Element Descendant of the Chival Five, I ask you if you would come with me to find the others."

[i]Mizu thought about it and then looked to the horse. He looked to Ren who stood there nervously. He then looked again to the horse and answered.[/i][/color]

"I do not know what it is that you want from me. But...I am a descendant of the Chival Five and it is an important legend, so I will follow. So, Tsunami is my horse?"
[color=ff66cc]"Yes. He is. I would like you to meet another Chival Five. Gene, this is Mizu. Mizu is the element of water and Gene is the element of the storm. His horse's name is Hurricane as yours is Tsunami. Your ascendants were great partners in combat. The storm and the sea created massive chaos to those who dared to oppose them or anger them. Now, shall we get a move on so that we may find the Earth, Fire, and Wind descendants?"[/color][/size]
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The man's expression dropped, when he found that his so called 'stalker' was just a horse. "I hate horses. Shoo! Get outta here!" The horse whinnied in response, refusing to move. The man bent over and picked up some rocks. He started throwing them at the horse's feet, but the horse refused to move. "Would you get the hell outta here!" He yelled. The horse finally trotted away. The man grinned and sat down at a make-do fire pit. He lit the fire, and got the big piece of beef to coock.
The smell was eye watering, the raw blood mixing boiling inside the rotting carcus.
After about an hour, The man picked at a rib and ripped it apart with his teeth. He looked over to see the horse back again. He paused for a moment, and then threw him a rib. "Don't get used to it, after this you're gone." He said between mouthfills.
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Elyssa was out gathering apples from tree near her house, when the horse that had visited caught her eye. He was standing near the edge of the clearing the house was in. Elyssa ran to him and hugged him. "Where were you?" she asked. The horse started to walk away. "Wait, don't leave!" she cried. The horse turned back, looking impatient. "Oh... you want me to go with you? Wait one moment." She ran into the house and left her aunt and uncle a note. Then, gathering her long, spiraled staff, she started to follow her new friend.
Wow! Is anyone gonna post in this? Or has it been completely abandoned? Pleez post!
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(OOC. Sorry this took me so long to post. A combination of comp trouble and other distractions kept me from going on till now.)

Calis noticed Aoen?s glance at him, it always annoyed her when he treated Obsidian with less respect than she did. She obviously didn?t realize that Obsidian had the mercenary?s respect but had quickly lost it because of his slave keeping habits and lack of mercy. But still there was no turning back now.

He turned to Aoen ?I?ll meet you in the stables when you wish to leave on our mission.? Calis gave Obsidian one last bow before backing out of the room. He headed for his quarters and grabbed his pack, which he always had packed with all the travel supplies he needed not counting rations, he headed to the kitchen to get those next, he walked right in ignoring the head cook that was telling him to get out, and gathered up enough supplies for a week on the road.

His last stop was the stables. He greeted the man in charge of the horses, who also happened to be one of the few at Obsidian?s stronghold that had Calis?s trust, ? Hi Crooks how?s Symphony doing?? The little man turned and gave Calis a grin that was much too large for his face.
? Still won?t let anyone near ?er.?
?So she?s fine then I take it.?
?See for yourself.?
?I will thanks.? Calis said then he called over his shoulder? You know who is coming so you probably should get her horse ready.? Calis walked over to where his horse, Symphony, was stalled and took her out, she was a jet-black mare, she wasn?t the fastest horse around but she could run almost all day and could bully other horses around, which was a great help in mounted battles. He checked her hooves and fed her a bit he then loaded he up with a saddle and supplies going at a pace so he should finish at about the time he guessed Aoen to get there.
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[size=1][color=sienna][b]As Calis left, Aoen gave her final bow to Obsidian, before tucking the medallion safely in her chains as she headed back to her chambers. Finally, the monotone she'd known would be replaced by another mission. She thought it would be appropriate to [i]skip[/i] back to her room in delight, but the only change in her purposeful stride was the tiny smirk that flitted across her face.

Swinging open the doors to her room in a flourish of movement, Aoen quickly went about gathering the few things she would need for their little journey. The thought of traveling with Calis made her wrinkle her nose, but only out of irritation. She wasn't stupid enough to dismiss him entirely; his combat skills were exceptional and he had a good head on his shoulders, even though his loyalty to Obsidian was for very different reasons than her own. She wondered briefly what might happen to him when that loyalty disappeared entirely - what would he do then? What would Obsidian do?

She shrugged the thought off as she began throwing a number of odds and ends over her shoulder carelessly, looking for appropriate traveling clothes and other little articles. Once she was sure she had all that she needed (and had subsequently made her room a hell-hole), she slung the bag over her shoulder and grabbed her cloak off the back of a chair before heading out the door. There were a few more stops along the way as she gave instructions to servants and grabbed some food for herself before she went out to the stables to meet Calis and begin the trek.

He was already there, as he said he would be, and was nearly finished saddling up his horse. She noticed that her own mare Rache had been prepared for her arrival, though Aoen was pleased to see that the head stable man seemed to have a rough time with her. The raven-haired woman let out a low whistle and Rache responded immediatly, ears twitching as she trotted to her master. As Aoen cooed at her pretty horse, the stable man grumbled something about women before going back to his previous work.

Chuckling, Aoen gave Rache's charcoal coat a quick rub before strapping her bag on to the saddle. She checked the rest of the equippment, just to be safe, before glancing back to Calis, who looked rather bored now. Arching an eyebrow, she said with only the slightest hint of sarcasm, "I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long."[/b][/color][/size]
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?No not at all. I was just finishing.? Calis said waving his hand in a dismissing gesture before swinging himself into Symphony?s saddle in one fluid motion. Leaning over his horse he whispered into its ear ?We weren?t waiting for her anyway girl. Were we? It was that medallion and her dagger that we were waiting for.? He then turned to Crooks and said his goodbyes ? Well this is goodbye for now you old coot.?
?Yep, guess it is. Just don?t go n? get yerself killed all right.?
?If I do you?ll be the first person I haunt.?
Then the mercenary turned his horse towards the entrance and moved out, not looking to see if Aoen was following trusting that she was and would soon pull ahead of him.
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Obsidian smirked as soon as he knew his "minions" were on their way. Obsidian checked himself in the mirror. "Hmmm, What to wear..."

Obsidian changed into a full black out fit and a cloack. He flashed his fang like teeth in the mirror then ran his fingers through his hair. he let his bangs fall back into his eyes then with one swish of his cloak made his way to the stables.


Sealena had that feeling in the pit of her stomache again. She hated having to wait but she couldn't leave the castle. Not knowing Obsidian was out there somewhere. She felt safer in the castle.

Sealena walked down the huge stone staircase to her favorite room. When she entered she automaticly picked up a stone cat off a stand. It was her ritual. The whole room was full of stone carvings. Some out of Dimonds and other jewls. She felt calm whenever she was in this room. For some reason it was the one Obsidian had never entered. She shudderd at the thought of him.
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