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RPG [ Maverick Hunters: The Third Succession ]


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[font=trebuchet ms][i][u]May 1, 2511[/u]

Dear Mother,

Thank you for your last letter. It was of great comfort to me. I only wish that my words could provide such comfort to you.

I know that I should not be writing to you, but I can't help it. It just feels like the right thing to do. Although I may not be a human being, I still have feelings. And I think I have some kind of intangible link to you as many humans do to their own mothers.

I just wish that you could be here now. I don't know what it is precisely, but I'm missing something. When I wake up in the morning, I feel almost completely hollow, as though I'm nothing but a mere shell. Where is my spirit? Do I even have a spirit?

In any case, I read your last letter with great interest. I'm not sure that I understand you though, mother. And that bothers me. Sometimes you say things that I find confusing or illogical. But at least I feel satisfied and happy after reading one of your letters. Your words comfort me, even though I do not always understand them. You're very smart, mother; far smarter than I will ever be.[/font][/i]

[color=#707875]The silence was broken by the soft patter of footsteps on a cool wooden floor. Origin to these footsteps was a young Reploid man, who stood with the unmistakable poise of an artificial lifeform. He stood still, legs slightly apart, hands clasped behind his back. His legs were spaced evenly and his feet stood parallel to one another. Everything about him was a demonstration of unparalelled symmetry; a demonstration of exquisite artistry. Every line that traced his shape was undoubtedly sublime. Could God Himself pen a better creation? Arguably doubtful.

The silence was again disturbed, but not by the Reploid. A Combat Drone was the purpetrator this time. And by comparison, it was as simplistic and obsolete as one could ever imagine. Its skin was harsh and metallic -- devoid of colour and sublime surfaces. But this impression was deceptive. A series of soft clicks and humming sounds signalled the beginning of the confrontation. The Drone rose slightly from its rubber treads, on a series of thin hydraulic pistons. Its arms, a web of complex wiring and hydraulic parts, unfurled to produce two very sizeable automatic weapons.

The Reploid responded by unsheathing a thin katana from a leather pouch attached to his shorts. He wore minimal clothing purely for the purpose of movement -- the Drone he had chosen to face was notoriously challenging. It had severely injured several other Reploids in recent months.

As moonlight filtered in through the enormous rectangular windows, the Reploid stood before the Drone and bowed. The Drone also knelt down on its piston-filled mid-section. And within a mere fraction of a second, bursts of explosive gunfire filled the room. Flares of orange and yellow darted from the smoking barrels of the guns as thousands of projectiles snaked through the air all at once. Pieces of plaster, wood and synthetics crumbled from the ceiling and walls, pounding all over the wooden floor like giant raindrops. Whisps of dark smoke filled the air as round after round of titanium-capped bullets sped between columns and furniture.

But the target was elusive. The Reploid darted between objects, leapt between verticle surfaces and deflected unavoidable projectiles with swift movements of the katana.

Finally, the Drone paused. Its gun barrels cooled ever so slightly as smoke poured out of them. A single painting on the far wall collapsed in a heap on the floor, sending its shattered glass facade in all directions. The Drone began to roll over the floor slowly, while simultaneously rotating its torso and head independently. No matter where the target was, the Drone would find it.

Suddenly, a gentle patter of feet became audible once more. The Drone pivoted around immediately but it was too late; the long, thin katana was already deeply lodged in the machine's torso.

The Drone, gathering the last of its energy, raised a single gun and placed its barrel against the Reploid's right temple. The Reploid could hear the internal chambers initiate their rapid spinning motion with high-pitched whirring noises. At any moment, a flurry of projectiles would erupt from the barrel and escape through the opposite side of the Reploid's skull.

But the barrels stopped spinning. The katana had been dragged from the lower torso to the upper torso, through the top of the head. One entire side of the Drone's body spluttered a couple of blue sparks and collapsed awkwardly onto the floor.

The lights in the great room flickered momentarily before erupting in a brilliant white glow. The Reploid didn't squint, as his eyes did not require light to receive visual information. His lenses merely refocused automatically in response. He stood and resheathed the katana.

"Nice redecoration," said a deep voice from behind him. It was Dr. Inoue. The Reploid turned to him and offered a restrained smile.

Dr. Inoue looked around the room and finally, his eyes paused on the damaged painting. He shook his head slowly and glanced back at the Reploid.

"Oh dear, Cyan. That's no good...you ruined my lovely painting. It's a famous piece, you know," he said, not without a hint of fun in his tone.

Cyan cocked his head inquisitively as Dr. Inoue approached the painting and carefully pulled it from the shards of glass. He raised it and held it up to the light.

"This is a painting of Mt. Fuji. It's very old...painted long before the disaster. It is one of mankind's most famous paintings," said Dr. Inoue.

"Why did you keep it housed in glass?" asked Cyan after a moment's silence. "You almost cut your hand when you picked it up..."

Dr. Inoue smiled warmly. "I have a certain affinity for these things, my boy. Force fields are nice, but they would hardly match the decor of this room, would they?"

Cyan shrugged. He didn't know the answer to the question. But nonetheless, he was fascinated by Dr. Inoue's interest in antiquities. It was both impractical and nonsensical to him, but he understood that human beings had a greater attachment to time long past than Reploids.

Dr. Inoue carefully lay the painting on a dresser nearby and walked over to Cyan. He put his arm around the Reploid and began to escort him from the room. Whenever Dr. Inoue did this, Cyan knew that he was pleased.

"You did such a fine job in there, Cyan. I'm very impressed. You continue to define the benchmarks by which your peers judge themselves," he said happily.

Dr. Inoue escorted Cyan through a large hall and out onto a terrace. The terrace overlooked a beautiful xen garden, with a small creek weaving through the trees beyond. It was a warm, moonlit night. Both Cyan and Inoue-san were feeling quite pleased with themselves.

For his part, Dr. Inoue was the Head of R&D at the New Hokkaido branch of the Robotics Engineering Administration (or, REA). REA was a large organization, established by the United Nations several years earlier. Dr. Inoue had been chosen to head the Research & Development department as a reward for his many years of service to the Scientific Research Council, which was centered in New Hokkaido.

Cyan had found his way to New Hokkaido through his career in the military. He'd always seen himself as an army man, although he never particularly enjoyed military service. The world was at peace for the most part and military service seemed almost completely redundant to him. When the opportunity to work for the REA came along, Cyan gladly accepted. He was excited by the REA's work and he felt convinced that a career in the organization would be only natural for him. For the past several months, he'd been working almost exclusively for the weapons testing staff. Although he wondered why they had taken such interest in him, he didn't question the scientists' motives.

Dr. Inoue had become one of Cyan's greatest friends. He was a kind old man who had a genuine love for art and history. Cyan found him to be fascinating. He could sit for hours and listen to Inoue-san talk about 20th century history. Dr. Inoue's passion for history was almost tangible when they were in the same room. It was the strongest connection that Cyan had ever felt for a human being.[/color]


[size=1]"I found him...he was lying there so still. The blood was covering his kimono..."

"How could Sabine have done this to him? How? I spoke to her yesterday and nothing was wrong...nothing. She was so calm and her voice was so clear..."

"Oh god. I wish I could go back to that day...please...just take me back. I can't stand it! I can't deal with this...not today..."

"...not my dear Inoue-san..."[/size]


[font=trebuchet ms][i][u]July 28, 2513[/u]

Dear Mother,

Today was a very quiet day. It hasn't been so quiet here in such a long time.

Even though it will be much noisier around here from now on, I'm really looking forward to meeting the new recruits! So far, Sygnosis X only has a couple of members. But more are arriving today. I can't wait to see them fight the Drones. I'm assured that these guys are the best of the best.

I hope that they can do their jobs. Poor Inoue-san. I will never forget him.

Mother? Don't say that about Inoue-san. He was a great man. And that's all there is about it.[/font][/i]


(There you go. Sygnosis X has only just been formed. If you are accepted into this RPG [check the sign-up to see if you are], you can introduce your character to the organization.

You will start in the Defence Facility in Novus Concordia...unless you don't plan to join SX right away. My character will meet all of you there and everyone will fly back to New Hokkaido, where the meat of the story will start. I hope that isn't too confusing. ^_^)
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[size=1][u][b][i]January 13, 2509[/i][/b][/u]

Themos is sitting in the middle of a dark room of an abandoned building. He starts meditating and training with his 4 orbs gathered from Lab 43. The orbs swiftly fly by each other as Themos tries to come up with something to do. Themos is calmed by the distant sounds of the orbs flying by. The peacefulness and silence of the room is disturbed when the door slowly opens and the morning light shines through. The orbs immediately stop in their tracks as Themos slowly open his eyes to look at the stranger standing within the threshold. The stranger was wearing military clothes, but he is without weapons and boots. Themos took a quick study of this stranger and assumes he is human. The orbs shrink and float into Themos? hands as the stranger moves away from the threshold and head towards Themos? side. They both sit side by side while looking through the door to the rising sun and the stranger starts.

?Hello there, it?s a beautiful view isn?t?? Themos doesn?t say anything, but remains looking at the sunrise.

?I see you too are left here alone.? The stranger said. Themos remains silent.

?Heh, you?re a reploid aren?t you? I can tell by the way you are sitting so still. I swore you opened your eyes when I entered. Are you still operating? Hello?? The stranger said with a small bit of anger.

?My name is Themos. Thanks for asking, what?s yours?? Themos said with a sad but calm tone to his voice.

The stranger was surprised and takes a look at Themos and gives a small smile then looks back at the sunrise. ?My name is Mike. Mike Carbon. I worked as a soldier for the military up north, but they decided to make me a doctor. I was sent here because there were reports of a man or reploid here. So they thought a soldier and doctor all in one, why not send him??

Themos looks at Mike and notices that a peace of flesh behind Mike?s ear is missing, exposing a metal materia, then returns to the sunrise. ?So are you happy because to see I?m still operating or are you happy to see that I hold the new plasma gun I hold here around my waist? Is that what you are really seeking. By the way, I?m human.? Mike starts twitching and looks as if he was holding something back, like a smile or an emotion.

The sun is now just reaching the top of the threshold. Mike and Themos get up on their feet and starts walking towards the door.

?Before something bad happens I must tell you something. I noticed the walls around this area and found out that it?s impossible for information to pass through without being infected or corrupted. I don?t know if you know yet there is a rumor of a virus infecting reploids across the world. Its called Sygnosis 40?

The two walks into the middle of the street, then Mike takes a long look at the sun and says "Welcome to our new world. Paint the streets with their blood and you will live in eternal peace as one of us."

Themos braces himself as a rain of punches is thrown upon him. Themos finally realizing Mike was infected with the virus that was talked about takes out his knife and manages to break away from Mike. As Mike come back for another round of attacks, Themos throws his knife at him and manages to damage Mikes left arm. The knife lands on the ground and Mike didn?t even flinch. Themos was able to bring out two of his orbs before Mike reached him but it was too late. Mike had a set off a small explosion that had sent the two flying. A stop sign had broke Themos? fall, giving him just a flash wound in his left arm. Mike landed no too far from where he originally was.

Both where temporarily paralyzed from the explosion. Themos lies still on the ground besides the bent stop sign while Mike gets up as if nothing had happened to him. Themos takes out his gun and makes sure its on setting 1 while Mike stands motionless staring into the sun again. Then Themos takes aim at Mike?s tempo and fires. The gun sends out a ball of plasma that disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The plasma had left a trail behind it that beautifully reflected the suns light. The hit was successful and exploded on contact. It unfortunately only knocks Mike to his knees.

Then Themos sees the reflection of the missing flesh behind Mike?s ear through his knife that was left on the ground. Themos quickly changes the setting of the gun to setting 2 and tries to take aim at the knife. Themos? arm locks and his whole arm stiffens. The only thing he can move is his fingers. He desperately looks around an sees that his orbs are scattered floating around Mike. Themos tries to move them but can only move one of them because the rest was too far. He positions the one orb in front of the gun. Mike slowly get back up on his feet and takes a look around and finds Themos on the ground. Mike turns around and takes Themos? knife. He then starts running towards Themos. Then Themos just waited. When Mike was about 20 feet away, he leaps into the air and positions himself for an areole attack with the knife. He lowered his right arm, the arm carrying the knife, about the same level as his belly. It looked as Mike was about to stab Themos. Without hesitation, Themos fires the gun when Mike starts to thrust the knife towards Themos. The plasma material had reflected off the first orb positioned in front of the gun, then reflected off the second orb positioned about 100 feet to the left of Themos, which was aimed towards the knife that was held in Mike?s hand. The plasma material reflected of the knife, knocking the knife out of Mike?s hand, and hits Mike into his lower jaw. The plasma material manages to break through Mike?s jaw and out of the missing flesh behind the ear.

Mike just goes into a free fall landing right on top of Themos. Themos rolls Mike over and stands up. Mikes last words were ?Heh?. You have what?. it takes? the base? is located?. in the Defense Facility in Novus Concordia.?

Themos then gathers his things and gives Mike a proper burial after sunet.

[color=#777777][i].//Internal Journal/

January 13, 2509.
New friend: Mike Carbon.
Watch the sunrise with a friend for the first time ever. Mike Carbon died. Did some research on this Defense Facility in Novus Concordia. [/i][/color]

[u][b][i]August 12 - 13, 2513[/i][/b][/u]

Themos did more research on the Sygnosis 40 virus. He later found that Mike had attacked him because Themos lied and said that he was human. It took Themos 4 years to make up his mind. During that time, Themos took care of life in and around Lab 43. He had reviewed over group Blue?s research, records, and took a last look at the hologram of Blue before he left.

The next day Themos reached the Defense Facility. He was amazed by the talents and power of the other reploids that are currently fighting drones.

[color=#777777][i].//Internal Journal/

August 13, 2513
It seems like there is more to this Sygnosis 40 virus than I had thought. There?s a lot to learn then. Time to take notes ^_^[/i][/color][/size]
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[center][spoiler][color=white]Zero hours, fourty-four minutes, twenty-seven seconds before arriving at Sygnosis X designated meeting position.[/color][/spoiler][/center]

[i]Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

The never-ending muting and umuting of static inbetween lapses in radio blackouts. A half of a second of white noise, half a second of open airspace. Refreshing the frequency of the band. Making sure no scramblers or interceptors were active.

Arano sat, slightly frowning, in the plane. Hoverplane, actually. Flying above the clouds now. Not like before, at take-off. Away from New Hokkaido. To only return as an official member of Sygnosis X? Why not just wait for the others to return? Would not that be more effecient? Did these humans, these barbarians, who insisted on making sure the training was on time and never a millisecond behind, only to waste three hours flying across an ocean?

And for what?

The same thing as what he could have done without going through all the troubles of getting clearance, not being registered and all, to fly; wait?

Arano played out his thoughts, over and over and over again. The simple need to do things "by the book" was the redundant episode of moronic circuses and playgrounds of the apes.

'The ones we are supposed to save.'

Over. And over. And over.



Memories, now. Training. Testing. Preparing. Repairing. Practicing. Perfecting.

And repeat process all over again, seven days in a row.

Files. Combat references. Fighting styles. Infiltration methods. Maps. Schematics. Statistics. Libraries of endless facts and bottomless wells of information. Quotes and scriptures and bibles of ways to do this. Encyclopedias and tablets and journals on how to do that.



'Open file "TITA-79.EXE".'

Shrill. Endless. Monotonous, ceaseless, piercing, constant shriek. A faint and yet shockingly close wail of unimaginible frequency and decible. A tinny and yet booming drone of stabbing pain.

Not physically, but interiorly, the sound grew louder, Arano going into a state of shock. His pupils shrunk to mere dots, as his mouth clenched tight. Before his eyes, screens and screens and screens passed. Images. Thousands of frames in a split second. Binary codes. Recorded data. Test results. Weapon information. Experiences. Emotions. Memories.

Pain. Loss. Rage. Sadness. Pride. Arrogance. Hatred. Longing. Resent. Fear. Content.

And apathy.


Black flashes.
Blue flashes.
Brown streaks.
White lines.



It stopped. All of it. The images were gone. The shrill noise was gone. The insanity and horror and confusion and fear and rage and fury.

All gone.

Arano looked down, feeling the cold, fearful sweat rolling down his face. He saw his hands clutching tight against the handles of his seat, the synthetic fiber and stiff plastic innards began to peel and crack and crush.

His hands were constricting the armrests.

Arano relaxed at once, not quite wondering why he was stressing his joints. Everything was tense. He caught his reflection on his neighbor's empty plate, to the left. He was pale, flushed white.

In his own interior computer, he searched.

"Search >> All files and drives >> Containing >> 'TITA-79.EXE'"

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ...
... ...

"-File Found-"

"-Do you wish to open?-"


"-Would you like to scan for viruses first?-"



... ... ...

"-Scanning complete. No viruses detected. Opening file...-"

... ... ...

"/Current Format Not Compatible With File 'TITA-79.EXE'/"


The plane had landed sharply, Arano not even knowing final decent had begun. By the time he seatbelted himself, the plane was already taxiing.

Now it was time to leave, just as he was ready to land.

How time travels so fast when you try to uncover destiny.[/i][/size]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i][SIZE=1]A private plane was landing at Novus Concordia's defense facility's airstrip. Inside the plane was a young man with full length black hair and dark brown eyes that seemed to speak of tales of sorrow and joy. But this young man wasn't human, he may have looked like a human but he wasn't, he was a Reploid. As the plane came to a slow on the landing strip he stood and his hair fell down his back and his gi drooped down over his large black boots and slender legs.

In the seat next to him was a mid-length black sword that had an elegant handle and on the very end of the handle was a single string attached that had two what appeared to be throwing daggers but they were for decoration only. His top was accompionied by a large fancy designed cross and he had a large gauntlet on his left hand that was hollow on the top because it housed a beam saber which allowed for a quick draw.

As soon as the plane came to a halt the hatch opened and a stairwell appeared and the man stepped off, slowly but surely he stepped off the last step and stood looking at the impressive facility. A light breeze blew past him and he breathed in deeply and he remembered back to that day he was abandoned and he felt a tear welling up in his eyes but he shook it off and headed for the main office.

In the simple office there were several other reploids and behind a desk sat a rather stately woman who seemed to be attempting to multitask three things and she was having zero success and him coming in obviously added to more of her stress which led to her snippy attitude.[/i]

"Yes, what is it?"

"I'm here for the Sygnosis X briefing. I'm Ryan" [i]The secretary then started to sift through some papers and then spun 180 degrees to her computer and pulled up Ryan's profile and nodded.[/i]

"Okay he should be here in a minute please take a seat." [i]With that Ryan took a seat nearest to the door after a few hours of waiting the door finally opened and out stepped who appeared to be the leader.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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(Note: Nobody is heading to Sygnosis X yet. Take a look at the end of my original post. This post should help to define things more clearly. ~_^)

[color=#707875]An sleek transport vessel touched down on the Defense Department's VIP tarmac. Its engines were virtually silent, a result of its high-density fusion-powered engine. The side door folded open and several men emerged onto the tarmac.

One of them, General Bertone, was a gruff and impatient man. The ring of hair around his head was a sign of his humanity -- Reploids aren't prone to baldness, afterall. The two men behind him were senior military officials, as they liked to be called. In reality, they were little more than paper-pushers. They'd been brought along for the ride due only to protocol. There was really no need for them to be present.

The final man to exit the vessel was Cyan. He was wearing his usual clothing and his usual facial expression; quietly reserved. Cyan didn't know what to expect from the day's test. It was unknown territory in many ways. But he did know that some of the individuals he'd meet today would be instrumental in his future -- and possibly the future of mankind itself.

[center]| | |[/center]

The double doors opened and several recruits stepped into an expansive white room. In the center of the room stood Cyan, grasping the handle of his katana. He smiled at the recruits and gestured for them to stand closer.

"Welcome," he said, "It seems that not everyone has arrived yet. But no matter. Those of you who are here now can be briefed on what you face."

Cyan examined the Reploids who stood before him. None of them seemed to be particularly special upon first glance. A total of twelve were standing in the room on that day, but Cyan knew that only a small handful would succeed.

"The rooms behind me contain several challenges. These challenges primarily consist of Drone-based opposition. But even if you succeed with the Drones, you'll come across one final challenge...a group challenge," said Cyan.

Cyan then produced a thin file from him pocket. He opened it and handed around several very thin microfiber cards.

The Reploids in the room promptly held the tiny cards up to their eyes and scanned them via an infra-red connection. The cards contained slightly more detailed information on the Drones that they'd be fighting, including various weak points.

Cyan unsheathed his katana and began swinging it through the air gracefully. He spoke as he sparred. "I recommend that you prepare yourselves as best you can. The test will begin soon."

And on those words, the various Reploids produced their hand-weapons and commenced a limited practice session. Some Reploids were more aggressive than others. And some Reploids were more interested in sitting in the corner quietly, contemplating what was about to come.

Meanwhile, the entrance to the testing chamber began to light up. Cyan hoped that all of the recruits would be there before the test commenced.[/color]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo][I]Kattarin chose to lean against the wall, out of the way, unobtrusive as possible. For several reasons. For one, she was fully confident, as only a non-human being could be confident, in her physical status, and she was quite certain that whatever was ahead, Drones or otherwise, would require far more mental preparation than physical. The Drones's weaknesses had been instantly analysed of course, and multiple potential attacks patterns developed. But that was truly not the real problem. Kattarin was more ...interested, though the term had to be used rather lightly, in the upcoming "Group activity". The question was how much independence to maintain, anonymity perhaps, while still showing the ability to mesh together with other Reploids as a cohesive team.

Kattarin dismissed the idea, willing to deal with it either subconsciously, or later. For now, she examined the other potentials in the room, a rather disparate bunch, in both behaviour and psyche, if she was any judge of character. She had only seen one of them before, the young appearing male who had apparently preceded them into the room, who now had a katana flowing through air as if through water, all controlled floating grace. Earlier, the first time she'd come to this complex, she'd spied him from a distance, and hadn't taken particular note of him. Of course, had she seen any of the others in this room, she wouldn't have taken note of them either.

The lights in the testing chamber were starting to brighten, though from the number of people here, not everyone was present. Perhaps punctuality was some kind of prerequisite. Ironically fitting.

Suddenly bored with stillness, Kattarin stepped forward, her three foot, thin, waved blade flicking into her fingers and activated without her having to think about it. Cross slash, backhand, drifted into a reverse oblique strike upwards. Kattarin spun the blade through her fingers until the hilt was in a backhand grip, and stabbed it forward, to where an opponent's head would approximately stand. Twirling it through her fingers again, she followed the path cut by the previous diagonal slash, though from top to bottom this time. Once her elbow was at the zenith of its movement backwards, she stabbed forward, a midsection rending move. Her left foot slid smoothly forward, and she spun towards it, a backhand horizontal slash leading out of the motion.

Kattarin stopped the blade instantaneously in the air, and stepped back, disabling it and returning it to the baldric. Sword technique was secondary to physical extension of her body, but for now that would do. She countermanded that a second later with a triple sidekick, starting from kneecaps, rechambering only to extend to a solar plexus blow, then to the head, an upwards more than forwards motion that would no doubt snap an opponent's jaw, or at least leave them staring at the ceiling. Kattarin stepped forward onto that leg, and threw herself into a quick spinning heel kick with her other leg. She followed that with a reverse ridge hand with her left arm, a right upper midsection that folded back into a backfist, then a left palm strike. Upper and lower body limber as ever, she noted clinically.

She returned to her repose against the wall, eyeing the now relatively bright chamber with what was basically apathy, but still more interest than the rest of her surroundings.[/font][/color][/I]
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[i]Twenty minutes prior[/i]

Fiona stood in front of the general's desk as he glanced through her file for the sixth time. "All right, Kahoku," he said at last, looking up from it to meet her gaze, which was straight and unwavering.

"The other officials have approved of your application request to Sygnosis X, and so do I."

"Thank you, sir," she said, and waited for his dismissal.

It was slow in coming. "We'll miss you around here, Kahoku," he said, looking at her harder, as if trying to discern something, some expression or some emotion perhaps, which Fiona doubted he would be able to see in her face. She'd learned that her emotions generally didn't reach her eyes, and it appeared to bother most people, even most Reploids she spoke to. "You've been a good addition to my brigade, and I'm sure you'll be valuable to Sygnosis X, if you get in."

"Thank you, sir."

"You should always remember the values and experiences that have gotten you this far in the army."

Fiona involuntarily flicked back through her memory to just what had gotten her into the army in the first place. [i]A rough hand on her shoulder ... Dirty fingernails pulling at her clothes ... The shocked look on the man's face when she threw him into the brick wall and he finally realized she was not, after all, human ... The dull copper smell of his blood soaking his clothes ...[/i]

"Yes, sir," she said.

"Well," the general said, standing up and holding out his hand, "I guess you'd better leave, Kahoku. Don't want to be late for your test. Good luck, Archer."

[i]"Good luck," Glenn Archer said at her dismissal, but he was shrinking away from her, refusing to meet her eyes, afraid to hold out his hand or even look at her as if she might rise up at that moment and kill him. For the first time since activation, she wished to cry.[/i]

"Thank you, sir," Fiona said to the general, shaking his hand. She saluted her goodbye, turned, and exited.

She walked purposefully down the hallways, turning efficiently towards her destination. She slipped into the room to hear the Reploid saying, "The rooms behind me contain several challenges. These challenges primarily consist of Drone-based opposition. But even if you succeed with the Drones, you'll come across one final challenge...a group challenge."

He invited them to prepare themselves, and Fiona stood motionless among the flashing weapons. Though she looked immobile, she was in fact testing the targeting mechanism in her eyes, focusing it on first one Reploid, then another. She accidentally caught the eye of the Reploid standing in the middle, who appeared to be evaluating her. She took the moment to focus her eyes on his and target him silently, then looked away.
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Sariyah had caught a train in the North side of his town because he missed his flight to the Defense Facility in Novus Concordia. He tended to be late or clumsy or foolish or retarded or whatever that made up his personality. Sariyah, or ?Pyret?, was a young Reploid who signed up on the Defense Facility in Novus Concordia to help fight the disease Sygnosis 40 which was infecting Reploids all around.

The train led straight into the center of Novus Concordia so Sariyah had it made, pretty much. He had been on it for a two day length, living off his music that was programmed into his head. Mostly rock or hard rock; Sariyah?s favorites. He tapped his boot on the wooden planks of the train cart floor to the beat of the lucid music that he so fondly listened to constantly. His right arm was lying across his arched knees, his chest nudged up to them. His back laid back against the car doorway, allowing Sariyah to have a pleasant view of the outside. It was mostly nice and grassy until he hit the city limits. Then it just turned to muck.

Though he was closing in on his stopping point, Sariyah kept on listening to his music while admiring his surroundings. A pile of hay collapsed on his head when the train stopped short. Sariyah panicked to get out of the straw and he leapt to his feet in an instant, legs spread out to keep balance while his heads readied fists. He soon noticed what was going on and muted his music program. Suddenly, he was grabbed by his trench coat and pulled out of the train car and onto the ground. He spat at the dirt and dusted himself off. Upon looking up at the jerks who did this, he beeped at two muscled men and who were not in the best of moods, Sariyah examined. Hair covered all over their arms and chins and chests and anywhere else you could imagine, probably. The thought caused Sariyah to shudder.

?What do ye think yer doin?, punk?? the shortest of the two scolded in an uproar. Spit flew from his mouth and landed on Sariyah. He wiped it away.


?Riding? RIDING?!? The short man jumped up and down in a fit of anger. ?Does our train look like a city bus or taxi to you? Huh?? The man spat again and Sariyah felt he was taking a shower in his clothes.

?I missed my flight. I can explain! Really!?

?Oh, you can explain it? after I kick your caboose!? The man rolled up his sleeve, but the taller of the two held him back. He nodded at Sariyah?s Sever Sword latched to his side. Sariyah preferred to put it on your back, but ever lay back and have your back sit against a sword before? It doesn?t feel all too nice.

The man backed off and grunted, spat one last time on Sariyah?s face and walked back to the front of the train. It started off again and Sariyah watched it leave while dust covered the spot he sat. He flopped his arms down between his legs and stared around at the buildings. He wasn?t exactly close, he presumed, but he?d have to make it soon if he wanted to get into the training session to be accepted. But how?

Just then, a truck pulled in and was loading cartons and barrels into the back. A small smile crept over Sariyah?s face and his dusty long hair whisked as he made his way in between some boxes of dead fish and ?Bob?s Greasy Goo Jelly?. Sariyah made a face for the combination of the two was most likely disgusting, even to a Reploid. And who knows what Bob put in that stuff.

The door to the back of the truck finally shut and Sariyah felt the movement of the vehicle going. He wasn?t sure if this was going to work, but why not? He?ll keep checking where he was at every stop. That should work.

[I]Two Hours Later?[/I]

Tired, lonely, and quite frustrated, Sariyah found himself in from of the Defense Facility. He beamed a bit, but paced slowly towards the door. He gradually latched a hand on the doorknob and opened, whimpering at the feel of finally being there and safe. It was about a half an hour after when he was suppose to be there, but as said before, he was always late, even when he tries not to be.

A woman was chewing gum behind a desk, running a file over her nails. She looked up through mascara-covered eyes at Sariyah and made a smile that faded just as quick. He could already tell she wasn?t the most cheeriest of people. ?And you are? ??

?Daskar. Sariyah Daskar.? Sariyah beamed even though he knew he wouldn?t receive one in return.

?Alright, Daskar Sariyah Daskar. What?s your business??

?Umm? it?s just Sariyah Daskar? and my business is to be apart of the SX program. Ya know, Sygnosis X or whatnot.?

?Yes, yes, I know what it is.? Without looking away from her precious nails, she handed him a paper and pointed at a pair of doors. ?There. That?s where you shall begin your test. Good luck, Daskar Sariyah Daskar.? She didn?t really mean it. He knew. But he carefully made his way through the doors, down some halls, and finally, into the room where he?d start his test.

?Aww crud,? he mumbled.
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[size=1]........Process startup. Auto-timer 0:00
....Primary Slave-100864-Engaged
.....Secondary Slave-100865-Engaged
....SeaPearl.WeapSys Check-....1000%
...Complete: 100000%[/size]

Deep opened his eyes and looked at the others in the room around him. Practising Reploids. Focusing Reploids.

He could see who wasn't going to make it. Then again, who knows, they may surpirse him. Deep re-focused. His arrogance had on occasions overrun his commonsense. He re-focused, and returned to a confident state, rather than aroogant. He saw a Defence Department chip on the table next to him, and browsed it's contents.

[size=1]Scanning DefDepTestBot-Info.
Syg X. Compet-Verified

Accessing File...
File Downloaded.[/size]

Deep smiled.

Then he glanced up, as into the room rushed a....Reploid. Late.
His mouth moved as he mutterd a curse...

[size=1]ProbableLipSynch Activ.
...'Awww Crud'...[/size]

Deep stood up and began to flex himself, as were many other Reploids in the room. From a small pouch under his jacket he drew a canister. He depressed a stud on the top, and the canister elongated into a quarterstaff (sorry, but I wanted a blunt object as well. Hope this is OK). Kevlar/Carbonised Alloy. Heavy, but not too heavy as to become unweildy, more as to become solid. He whirled it expertly, facing into a corner of the room, where he projected a holographic drone, which he systematically destroyed.

Whirl, thrust, block, reverse.
Jump, overhead assault, crouch, sweep.


Deep settled into a crouch and ran another Systems Check.
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[size=1][i]Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick.

The human kicked. Over and over. Against what? What did he hope to accomplish?



[b]Guard 2:[/b] "Sir, please put him down [i]now!![/i]"

[b]Arano:[/b] "...But... I am confused. I am to be commencing my trial for Sygnosis X. And you are supposed to know that."

[i]Arano frowned, and looked back up to the first guard at the terminal.

Kick, kick, kick.

Hand over his lower jaw, squeezing. Hard, but not enough to do harm. His face was growing redder and redder. Blood pressure was going up.


Arano simply sighed, seeing his doctors rushing off the plane to...what? What could be done? They--[/i]

[b]Guard 2:[/b] "Sir, please! Put him down before I call for back-up!"

[b]Arano:[/b] "...You were supposed to know that..."

[b]Guard 2:[/b] "Sir, please. Now."

[i]Kick. Kick. Kick.

Running footsteps.


Arano lowered the first guard down, having been holding him up in the air to dangle. He relaxed his grip, and watched the human slide to his knees, weeping.

Why was he scared? He was not going to die.

Arano turned away, heading for his shuttle to the Defence Facility. He was muttering in a confused tone, his voice breaking, like an upset child.[/i]

[b]Arano:[/b] "Supposed to know... ...Then why did you try to take my knife?"

[i]Arano stepped aboard the shuttle, and the scientists, in their mid-fifties, finally caught up. They began the lecture again.

Arano was still shaken.

Why did he try to take his knife?

"This is your captain speaking, please either find a seat or a handrail to hold on to, as we are about to leave. We shall arrive at the Novus Concordia Defence Facility in five minutes and fourty-seven seconds."[/i][/size]
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[color=#707875]The doors closed behind the group of Reploids. Some chose to stand near Cyan and eagerly shift their weight from leg to leg, in anticipation of what was to come. And others preferred to stay in the background -- to lean against the wall, or to simply stand still and wait.

Finally, Cyan stepped forward to speak. "I'm only going to offer you one last piece of information," he said as he gestured toward the entrance door on the other side of the room, "the challenges you face ahead will be like nothing you have ever encountered before. And I'm not going to lie to you -- some of you may not come out of this test alive. But for those who do, I can ensure you that your efforts will be rewarded. Those who are late may drop into the challenge at any time."

And with that, Cyan said nothing further. The lights in the room faded away and everything became dark.

The wall behind Cyan silently folded open to reveal what looked like a giant construction site behind it. It looked as though the wall had been cut away and the construction site was actually outside the building. But of course, the Reploids were all aware that the site was nothing more than a very large testing ground.

Several large buildings stood there, with enormous pieces missing (no doubt from the heavy weapons that had been used there before). There were cars sitting on a fabricated street. Street lights, flickering on and off. It was all there.

The site was dimly lit by a synthetic moon, which hung overhead. The moonlight cast a soft glow on the faces of the Reploids in the room. None of them spoke. But most of them unsheathed or unholstered their weapons.

Cyan was the first to step into the site. His shoes crunched against gravel and broken glass as he began walking along the street, which seperated the two hollowed-out buildings on either side. His katana was still sitting in its sheath, but Cyan's hand was resting firmly on it.

The other Reploids followed behind, hesitantly at first.

It wasn't long before the sounds of their shoes scraping over glass and broken concrete was drowned out by the sound of heavy machinery. The Reploids all paused in the middle of the street and scanned the nearby area. They could hear several machines closing in from various locations -- their weight was audible and the sharp hiss of their piston-based limbs echoed through the area.

"There," said a female Reploid quietly. The entire group turned to look at her. The reploid was a female with relatively pale skin and long, dark eyelashes. Her gaze was unflinching as she pointed to a position in one of the buildings. The other Reploids stared into the building's dark interior and finally, they saw it; a large Drone, rolling over the concrete flooring with enormous steel treads. The Drone had four arms attached to a single torso. Each arm was equipped with some sort of weapon. A mini-gun, machine gun, grenade launcher and retractable blade.

And then, the sound of crumbling concrete was heard to their left, as another Drone emerged from the dark confines of the western building. And then another, trundling down the street from the northern end of the site.

Some of the Reploids looked at each other briefly, as a slight appearance of shock covered their faces. But others were more focused on the approaching Drones.

Cyan carefully unsheathed his katana. Just as he did so, the northern Drone began to unleash a volley of fire on the group of Reploids. They immediately scattered in all directions, some taking cover behind large pieces of concrete, others climbing up the sides of the nearby buildings to gain a better vantage point. And others still decided to attack the Drones head-on.

But the Reploids who responded to the first Drone's fire without considering the other Drones had already demonstrated a fatal mistake.

A young male Reploid was so focused on avoiding the first Drone's fire, that he ran straight past the Drone who sat in the western building. With surprising agility for such a heavy machine, the Drone's torso pivoted on its base and extended several meters outward on a series of coils. It rapidly extended its retractable blade and swung forcefully at the male Reploid. Almost instantly, the Reploid's torso detatched from his legs. The Drone had sliced the Reploid in half, just over the pelvic bone. It was one of the softest and most defenseless parts of a Reploid's body. Easy to cut.

The Reploid's body appeared to scatter across the floor in various directions. Transparent Protoneurone Fluid splashed across the floor and over the concrete support beams, as internal synthetic parts ruptured.

The third Drone began to unleash mini-gun [i]and[/i] machine gun fire simultaneously. Reploids continued to scatter, dashing between support beams and darting between heavy objects. As if they weren't under enough pressure as it was, a fourth and fifth Drone entered the site...[/color]

(Yes, this is the group test...already. As you can see, it's very overwhelming. So, be creative. I haven't picked out anyone specifically yet, because I want to see how you guys use your weapons in this situation...and I want to see if you work together with other characters. Let's make this first big battle fun. ~_^)
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[size=1] 4 opponents
...Assessing Critical Data.....
Drone/4tier..Model 803.8aa.Nov.Concor.SecurityDrone
Deep activtated his program...


His image blurred, shimmered, and disappeared. A few of the Reploids around him gave a start, as he was invisible to all their sensors, but most of the trainees were focused on the barrage of fire coming from the Drones.

Deep made a dive out from the cover of a large chunk of road, and rolled to rest behind a tree-trunk. Despite his defense prgram, Deep takes a circuitous route towards what his sensors determine as Droid #3. The soft rustle of grass, the cool-ness of an artificial breeze. From under his jacket he pulls out his Quarterstaff canister,depresses the stud and activates it. He scales a nearby building,careful to avoid dislodging the jagged remnants of a blast, reachoing the rooftop. He looks down at the drone in the alley and leaps, quarterstaff raised over his head, attacking the Drone, using the benefit of his weight to crush its sensor array.

[i]Drone #3: Weight increase 72kg.
No known assailant.
Evidence: Sensor malfunction.
Conclusion: Fire at Targets, Ignore weight.

Big mistake.

Those Reploids who had yet hung back gave an exclamation as one of the drones emmitted a flash of sparks, and its' machine-gun style weapon arm bent on a strange angle and began to leak hydraulic fluid. A group of Reploids charged at the drone, led by the Reploid who had shown up late for the briefing session. Deep smiled...

[size=1] Memory-Timer: 2:37.38
Aww Crud...[/size]

He de-voided and assisted the other Replopids in disabling the large drone.

Three Reploids at the back were suddenly mown down by bullets fired from Drone #2. The group scattered for cover behind chunks of concrete and earth.

Three more drones left to go yet, people.
Deep activated his Plasma/Nitrogen attack system.
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[font=gothic][color=indigo][I]Kattarin had instinctively followed the young male Reploid that wielded the katana, assuming that he actually had a chance of surviving this. As they dove behind yet another piece of inadequate cover, he caught her eyes. She gave him a tight lipped smile, a slight upturning of one side of her lips. Her blade slid into her hand, and she gestured silently to the drone that rotated back and forth about twenty feet away, waiting for a Reploid to break cover. Then, assuming he'd follow her lead in one way or another, Kattarin rolled into the Drone's field of view, her sword held vertical, in the direct centre of her body.

Sure enough, the Drone, with typical mechanical accuracy, sent a steady stream of fire into the centre of Kattarin's body. With a concatenation of minature explosions, the rain of projectiles struck Kattarin's basically sub-sub atomic sword. The Drone almost instantly realised its mistake, and shifted its aim slightly to the left. By this time however, Kattarin was in range.

She took to the air, her right leg striking one of the Drone's gun arms, and knocking it aside. Her sword slid down to remove another arm. Her flying side kick terminated in a quick drop. From there, she threw her left leg into an inner crescent, skewing the Drone's field of view. It responded by exposing its blades, striking at Kattarin with the agility of a viper. Kattarin used her own blade to defend, placing a large circular hole in the Drone's weapon as her flamberge's make-up half destroyed the blade. Her left leg came up, she rotated on her other foot, and thrust out in a quick side kick. The Drone, on its treads, simply slid back. Which was basically what Kattarin wanted. As it moved forward again, she sidestepped and leapt forward, putting her behind the Drone. Sure enough, it turned to follow her movement, though it rotated only its torso. Kattarin was greeted with the result she had hoped for, a katana slicing in to pierce the centre of the Drone's torso. What kind of blade it was immediately turned into a more interesting question.

Kattarin was interrupted by a spray of mini-gun fire. She again dove away, rolling to her feet and pressing her back to a support beam. She was unsure where the katana wielding Reploid had gone, or even if he was alive. Either way, the Drone they had damaged was slightly uncertain, apparently only semi-functional. Kattarin waited for it to clear the support pillar, and sliced upwards, seeking to remove move of its torso area. The drone backed away, and Kattarin noted a slight shimmer over its body, some kind of energy shield. Which meant her blade was simply any other sword at this point. She sighed, and came in fast with a backhand cross-slash, that twisted into a quick thrust. The Drone simply slid away again, and started to raise its minigun arm, one of the few remaining. Kattarin bounded forward, and slapped the flat of her blade onto the barrels of the gun, just covering them. The Drone looked at her in confusion, and fired. Apparently, it hadn't gotten the point the first time it had fired on her.

Countless rounds hit sub-atomic particles, and the nucleus of the bullets suddenly exploded, forced apart by neutrinos moving at phenomenal speeds. No nuclear explosion like one would expect, but enough to blow most of the Drone's arm off, and do significant damage to that tread. Now unbalanced, the Drone fell to the side, its entire body now on an angle.

Kattarin had fared somewhat better. The explosion had been directed inwards, and she had merely been thrown backwards. She struck a wall and rolled away before another Drone could target her. For now, she could concentrate on how the other people in the room were going. [/font][/color][/I]
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Sariyah had scattered off into an unknown, dark building, dodging reigns of fire as he did. He wasn't exactly up for getting killed on the spot. A sitting duck was all he was out there. Hiding in the darkness, his eyes adjusted to the darkness like they do and he peered around for any drones that followed.

He was hiding behind a broken crate, shivering, if even possible for a reploid. He hadn't even unsheathed his sever sword or pulled out his spreader in fear that it'd cause noise and they'd blow him down before he could even swing his blade or pull a trigger.

Then, he heard someone.

He peered over the rim of the crate and spotted a drone, slowly tracking him inside the building. It's torso and head rotated akimbo, searching the area for any unfortunate reploid. Sariyah began crawling behind the crates, checking on the drone whenever he passed a space where two crates seperated.

There were faint words coming out of Sariyah's mouth. One may think it were a prayer. The drone heard this, obviously, and charged at the crates where Sariyah was. It opened fire and blasted the crates into thousands of splinters. After the smoke cleared, the wall sizzled and was black as the sky that night.

The drone seemed satisfied and started to roll away. Sariyah carefully peered over some crates in the distance, happy to have enough speed to escape a near-death experience like that. He giggled with glee and started to make a run for the door to the next building.

He was unfortunate anyways. Two drones appeared in his path and he screamed out and made a run for the other door he entered before. Once again, a drone appeared in his path. He backed away, but the two drones behind him closed in. He began to worry that this was it. His legs quivered and he couldn't help, but have his arms shake with fear.

"I'm not cut out for this," he mumbled under his breath. He was breathing fast and his long hair waved with every shake of his scared body. The drones stopped, surrounding him. Then, raising their guns up into the air, they prepared to fire.

Sariyah dropped, cowering in fear. "Mommy," he said before large blasts of intense fire was released upon him. Luckily, his [b]Bounce Shield[/b] was activated and shot the blasts off the walls and back at the drones.

When he looked back up, there were sizzling remains of the drones. He had bounced the shots back and destroyed them without knowing what he had done. He stood up and peered down at the smoking carcasses. Then a smile slowly crept across his face.

"Oh YES! BOOYAH! WOO! I AM THE MAN! HELL YEAH!" He jumped around, dancing across the room and taking big leaps over the drones' remains. "Who's your daddy? I'm your daddy! Bam! You're gone! You cannot stop this! Booyah!" Suddenly, a blast hit the wall next to his head and he flinched at the sight of it. "Oh crap!" He made a run out of the room as more drones poured in.

He was running down a long allyway when he was suddenly pulled aside. He saw it was a female reploid. She hushed him. "You put too much attention on yourself." He didn't know her, but after scanning, he found her name was Fiona. He then felt safe, even if there were tons of Drones coming around the bend, ready to fire.
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Fiona had quickly found her way atop a building, where she could watch a bit of the action hopefully without being spotted by the drones. She'd noticed several smaller Drones had rolled into the testing facility as well, not as intimidating as the first large models who had initially blasted their group and separated them, but surely deadly nonetheless. They were rather smaller than the Reploids themselves, and equipped with a machine gun and a retractable blade. Fiona flattened herself to the roof of the building as one of the large Drones rolled silently into the building she was on top of.

Unfortunately, an explosion within the building -- Fiona guessed the Drone had just blasted whoever was inside -- had thrown her off-balance, causing her to roll off the roof, catching onto it with one hand at the last moment. She knew she was an open target for two nearby smaller Drones, so dropped the rest of the way to land surefootedly on the ground and dash into a nearby alleyway for cover.

The two Drones appeared to have been distracted by someone else, and Fiona momentarily considered jumping out to save whoever that Reploid might be. Before she had the chance, she heard another explosion, followed by ridiculous whoops and screams of what sounded like triumph ... apparently the Reploid had been more successful than she expected.

Nonetheless, when he ran into the same alleyway she was hiding in, Fiona pulled him aside harshly, into the small cramped space of a trash dump coming off the alleyway. "You draw too much attention to yourself," she hissed, not adding the rest of her thought: [i]and if you're going to be hiding here with [/i]me[i], you'd better shut up.[/i]

Just then, she heard the monotonous rolling sounds that she recognized as the treads of the smaller Drones, definitely heading their way. "You led them here?" Fiona said, voice deadpan.

The other Reploid shrank back; Fiona guessed her expression was none too welcoming. "Not on purpose!" he said.

Fiona rolled her eyes and pressed her right elbow. Two flaps of skin covering her metallic skeleton opened and her crossbow emerged from her arm, its two halves flicking outward in a fluid mechanical movement. She ignored the widened eyes of the other Reploid and chose a projectile from the inside pocket of her jacket. Poking her head out of their small alcove, she shot her arrow towards the side where she could hear the drones. It hit the side of a building and she pulled back into the alcove.

"A hologram," she explained to the other Reploid, loading her crossbow with a different projectile. "A tiny projector is embedded into the end of the crossbow, and it'll project a hologram of me onto the wall of that building. Hopefully they'll attack it; it's just a momentary distraction so we can surprise them. I saw four of the smaller Drones, and I don't think I can handle all of them by myself. Are you going to be of any use?" She finally took the time to scan him: Sariyah.

Sariyah smiled and finally pulled out his sword. "Four? I thought there were tons!" he exclaimed. "Four, I'm sure we can handle."

"Good," Fiona said, and turned the corner again. Sure enough, the four Drones were clustered around the building ... which had quickly disintegrated into a pile of rubble. The hologram was nothing more than a mere flicker now.

She seized their chance and shot her second projectile before they turned around. It landed on the ground among them and exploded upon contact, injuring the two nearest. Fiona activated her beam saber and pulled it out to run towards the small cluster. She reached the leftmost Drone just as they began opening fire, and rolled so that she was using it as a shield from their machine gun shots, while being too low for her "shield" to fire upon her directly. She slashed her beam saber across her shield Drone to finish him off, as Sariyah flew out from the alleyway and wielded his sword (rather skilfully, Fiona noted) to take out one of the rightmost Drones. The two remaining drones had been the ones injured by the blast, and thus were easier to take care of. Fiona sliced off the machine gun of the one nearer to her before leaping atop it to slam her beam saber down into it, disabling it. Sariyah dispatched his Drone with similar attacks.

Fiona hopped off as the Drone crumbled to the ground, and glanced around at the four robotic bodies. "Let's try not to let that happen again," she suggested to Sariyah.

"Sounds like a plan," he said with a grin.
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[i]"Is he ready?"

"Yes, I believe so. He was given the data cards as he walked in."

"Mm. Well. Where is the observatory?"

"No formal observatory. There are floating cameras and stationary ones, however, that direct a live feed to monitors in a waiting room."

"Lead the way. I want to see how well he handles this."
-- -- --


Klunk, klunk, klunk.


The mechanical doors slid tightly shut behind, revealing a vast, derelict, urban setting. Gunfire popped and snapped in the distance, but not very far off. Just close enough that all of the cement and steel and glass would absorb the brunt of the noise.

Arano jogged forward at a considerable pace, going over the information he just received. Drones. Chain guns, blades, handhelds, mortar and grenade launchers. Prehistoric weaponry, mostly, with modern adaptations.

Simple one-on-one.

Dangerous in packs.

It would be hard to go about this in a matter of stealth with others around, and so many bullets in the air--

As he rounded a corner, Arano came face-to-back with a large Drone. Two chain gun arms, tank-like treads, and a sizable laser cannon mounted on his left shoulder. Indeed, Arano guessed, he also housed blades and spikestrips, along with other secondary weapons.

The GP-T^9021.

A military unit for guarding bases, mostly, but it can be used as an escort. Usually, it is stationed with two or three more when guarding, but when escorting or searching for reported enemies, it goes alone, due to the weight problem. Since they are so heavily armed, their armor is typically made of hollow steel. If searching for a foe or guarding someone important, you want speed and a harder-to-hit target, not a big, clunking mass of slow steel.

But they were thick and big and wide. A lot of room to hit, but a lot of room so that vital spots are thinner and flatter. Slow to move on the treads, but fast enough at the torso. A 120-degree viewing range also helped keeping it up to date on it's enemy movements. Viewing modes included infrared, thermal, night vision, gray scale, and imprint. It was the perfect mass produced drone.

And then it turned.

For a moment, standing next to a charred car, which had an unlit lamp post toppled resting on it's roof, Arano did not move. The GP-T^9021 had turned suddenly, not very fast, but Arano was wrapped up in his thoughts, and was off guard.

For what seemed to be the longest two seconds in his life, Arano stood silently, the sounds of projectile combat ringing a tone of low, dull crackles in the distance and the wind howling through the holes, the cracks, the shattered walls the this urban hell. The GP-T^9021 rotated its treads, coming to fully face the Reploid. It's dual chain guns on each arm began spinning rapidly, the motion causing a gentle whine of metal-on-metal screeching.

Arano's eyes went from quizzical to hard, stoney gems of determination. He reached up to his left shoulder with his right hand, the mounted sheath for the Raptor. He grasped the handle tightly and pulled the blade free of the titanium case. the blade glinted as it flashed to rest at Arano's center in the moonlight.

The GP-T^9021's barrels still rotated, shrieking all the while. Then, with what seemed after an eternity of waiting, it fired. A path of leaping dirt and dust labeled the rounds several feet from Arano's shoes, and he dove left as the line reached where he was a split second before. The drone turned in response.

It fired still, trailing by mere inches. Arano could tell it was that close. He could hear the sharp hiss as the bullets darted by. He was low, his upper torso only a foot from the ground as his entire body leaned forward. Only the tips of his feet made contact with the ground, and when they did, they made divots and streaking lines, each two feet long, behind the divots.

He exerted enough force to knock through a solid foot of tempered titanium alloy with each leaping step.

With each step, he was also turning, ever so slightly, in a broad circle, around the GP-T^9021. The drone couldn't turn fast enough. Arano suddenly darted in, the beam activating around his Raptor in a flash of icy clue fire.

He cross-slashed thrice, and upper-cutted with the curve of the blade, sending a wave of electrons through the GP-T^9021, making it sputter and wheeze and its chain guns stop firing. It stood motionless now, except for the decreasing-moving barrels which now smoked like a wildfire.

The GP-T^9021 bowed slightly, electricity bounding from the 'X' that was carved in the drone's chest, and the one that was underneath it, and it ranged from the lower left to the upper right.

But what the real damage came from was the gash that punctured a hole right through the middle of the GP-T^9021's visor-like eye. The crystal around the photo-impression lens had melted where the blade struck, and then spiderwebbed as it progressively was distanced away from the wound.

But there was still life in the beast of a machine. And as Arano was about to rectify that, he heard the low-bass thunk from over his shoulder. He spun around to see a rocket-propelled grenade hurling his way, slightly above the GP-T^9021. But he knew it would curve down and collide with the drone's head.

So with the speed of what seemed to be an impossible magnitude, he turned to run directly to his left, diving behind a chunk of cement that had be previously blown up from the ground below. Then, he turned to see the destruction of the drone.

But then, to his horror, he saw the grenade turn, like a laser-guided smart missile. It soared directly for Arano as he lay wedged between a block of charred road and the derelict car from earlier that he stood next to.

He waited.

The rocket drew closer.


And closer.

Finally, Arano rolled backwards, standing on his hands for a brief moment, before pushing slightly and folding his body in. As he spun, his legs came out, and he had rotated a half-circle, from his handstand to his feet, firmly pounded into the gravel, which made a small cloud of dust kick up.


Arano lowered down.


The rocket drew within ten feet, and Arano firmly grasped the top of the slab, shifting his weight, preparing to roll.

And closer.

At the last possible moment, Arano jumped and rolled in midair over the block. Halfway to protection, the grenade exploded with a rod that was sticking out, at one time acting as a support for the slab of street cement.

The Reploid was thrown bodily sideways through a cracked window, shattering it. A firm ringing was in his ears and he felt the slight damage the sudden force of air and the collision with the hardwood floors of what, as he discovered, to be a mockup of a small grocery store.

Quickly scanning himself for more serious damage, finding none, and powering down his weapon, but keeping it in hand, the Reploid sneaked his way to the shadowed edge of the window sill, and peered out with just his right eye; no other part of his body showed to the outside world.

He saw the GP-T^9021, still sputtering, now coolant and oil was rather quickly seeping from it's slashes, but it was still trying to raise the weapons it had attached to it's arms. His eyes moved to the right, and up. Scanning the skyline.

Roof. Roof. Shingles. Broken window. Crumbled wall.

And suddenly, there it was.

It was mostly treads and lower torso, but on top of the tracks, basically, was a huge cannon and a large box, undoubtedly filled with more rounds. It slowly rotated, just the cannon, a slight hum emitting from the motion. Arano slowly withdrew from the window, into the shadows once more, sitting on the floor harshly.

Sheathing his knife again, he proceeded to look around him at his surroundings. There had to be an exit. Just had to be. He needed someone with a buster. He had to find and exit and someone with a ranged weapon. Sure, he could scale the wall, no problem. Physically, he could even [u]run[/u] the five stories, straight up.

But even it he tried, the rockets were remote controlled, and he'd be nailed either way. The only choice was to find someone that had a method of attacking from /farther/ away than two feet.[/i][/size]
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[size=3]OOC[/size]: I am editing these posts, seeing as I 'wrecked' Chaos' plan. Should be finished soon. Would anyone who mentions me please edit their posts and remove me, just a slight problem under way. SHould be cleared up by tomorrow

IC: Deep scanned his immediate surroundings, on the lookout for any more of those Drones. Seeing none, he decided to scout around, and try to ambush one un-awares. He activated his Defense Program



Silent, sneaking, unseen death.

What Deep was all about.


The only problem with this was that the drones were slightly harder to kill than your regular enemies. Ok, he had to face it: They were [i]much[/i] harder to kill. Better weapons, better defense, better armour. Some were faster, and agile. Some were great big weapons-on-wheels and they were [i]all[/i] extremely deadly and dangerous.

Deep thumbed the stud on top of his quarterstaff and it reverted to its regular small cylinder shape. He tucked it into an inner pocket of his jacket, and instead activated his Plasma/Nitrogen Blaster. The system lines were checked, the nitrogen pumped, the plasma primed and two small pieces of ?skin? on his palms parted, leaving metal rimmed holes in their place. These holes were covered by a thin membrane-like sheet of transpari-mesh which kept outside air or grit etc. from getting into the weapon-mouth and clogging the supply lines.

Any Drones or Reploids who had been watching very carefully would have seen patches of grass, approximately a footstep length apart, bending under an invisible weight, as, quiet as a dream, Deep stealthily hunted his target: A drone which was heading down an alley, probably in an attempt to flush out any hiding Reploids. Grass flicked dew onto Deep?s pant legs. This place was so real, and so [i]intricately[/i] designed, that it shocked Deep. The level of detail was?. Well, amazing.

This alley was barely wide enough for the drone to turn, without bashing it?s weapon attatchments against a wall, but it seemed unfazed. Obviously they were made to view Reploids as inherently inferior, and no large threat.

The void program blocked sight. It blocked heat. Blocked Sonar. Night-vision. Bent lasers. It?s only two faults were it?s susceptibility to projectile weapons, and it didn?t block sound.

Deep trailed the Drone into an alley. Softly, silently, wary for any stray pieces of rock or debris, he followed, silent on impact-cushioned sneakers. Deep launched himself onto the back of the drone, and pressed both his hands against the sides of it?s head, firing his Plasma/Nitrogen blaster. The front of the drone?s forehead bulged, cracked, then popped. Fizzing wires and bits of circuitry, half molten from the plasma?s heat littered on the ground in front of the Drone. Despite this undoubtedly fatal damage, the Drone was still functioning. Its? torso rotated, and its? blade extended, taking a chunk out of the wall as it turned. Deep jumped backwards to avoid the blade, simultaneously cursing himself, as he reviewed the essential data they had been given. A drone?s ?brain? was located in its? central body, not the ?head?.

Once again dodging the sweeping blade, he crouched, launching himself up, pushing off either side of the alley with his legs, forming an Oxy-Exploder in his hands, dropping it into the gaping hole where the Drone?s head used to be. He dived through a window in the building?s side, rolling into the wall, dazed. He shook his head, executing a sytems check.

Minor tissue damage, but no debilitating problems. He activated the Oxy-bomb, blocking his ears to save his ear-drums. A shockwave rolled through the room, plaster falling in a fine dust from the ceiling. Deep brushed himself down, and jumped out of the window to assess the damage to the Drone.

Its? armour was split, and three of its? weapon arms had fallen off, the blade function stuck in a wall at the end of the alley. Its? interior system was a mess. Totally destroyed.

As Deep was smiling at the blade stuck into the brick of the wall at the far end of the alley, he heard a noise. The crunch of something rolling over gravel. At one end of the alley a Drone rolled up, turned and prepared to fire its? rockets.

Deep turned, but there was another one at the other end of the alley.

They must have heard the Oxy-bomb going off.

A plan began to form itself on Deep?s Strategy Drive. He smiled.

If this went to plan it should be easy to dispose of these two Drones.
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Fiona and Sariyah were scanning the area, careful not to cross paths with more drones so fast. With quiet steps, they made their way from building roof to building roof, keeping a sharp eye out for any drones that found their way to where they were.

"Eek!" Sariyah let out a squeal. Fiona turned around and readied her bow. She slowly lowered it and glared.

"What is it?" she whispered so quiet, she wasn't even sure she could hear herself over the sound of a vent.

"I stubbed my foot." Fiona sighed and turned to meet two drones, ready to fire. They did, but she luckily dodged with great skill. Sariyah let out a yelp as he was shot in the arm. "I hate my life." He began running for his left arm was useless. His sever blade was useful, yes, but took two hands to wield.

Fiona managed to kick a drone aside into a wall, causing it to explode on impact. The other fired at her. She made a run for the vent and leapt in, calling for Sariyah to follow. He did, limping, though it was his arm and not his leg.

The drone blocked the vent. It readied to fire. A few other drones closed in around him. "Aw crud again," he said. But without thinking, he unleashed a mad fury of gunshots from his [b]spreader[/b]. The shots landed on a drone to his left and bounced off, hitting the others. Explosions came, sending Sariyah to the ground in an instant. He cowered as if they would want to counterattack. But they didn't.

After the smoke cleared and the sparks of the drones dimmed, he peered at the vent. The one drone remained. It aimed it's gun directly at Sariyah's head. Ready to fire in seconds, it was taken out easily by Fiona who jumped from the vent with great agility and knocked the drone aside and down the vent. There was sounds of it hitting the metal until they finally heard a clunk. Then silence. And then BOOM! Sariyah jumped and noted smoke coming from the vent's opening.

"Guess we can't go down there now," Fiona mumbled. She helped Sariyah up and they began leaping buildings again.

"That's the second time you've saved me. I owe ya big." Sariyah had gleams in his eyes even though he shut them constantly because of fright.

"Don't sweat it," she said as they made a mad dash for what seemed to be an old factory.
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]OOC: Sorry I've been swamped with other activities my apologies.

[i]Ryan had watched as the stupid reploid had allowed himself to get sliced to ribbons. This had happened what seemed like an eternity ago seeing as how Ryan was now crouched behind a large pile of steel beams. Then the shooting stopped and Ryan knew that the drone was still over there but it was waiting for him like a hungry dog for the bone its about to recieve from its owner except this bone was still attached to the animal it had come from and it wasn't going down without a fight. Quickly drawing his sword and beam saber Ryan gripped his regular sword like a javelin and hurled it blindly and he didn't even notice that his sword had cleanly cut the drone's left arm weapon which still meant it had its close range weapon.

He jumped over the beams and went for a mad run at the drone with his saber humming as he ran and then he saw the sparks flying and for a brief second Ryan had thought he'd won but then at that very second the drone brought its weapon down on Ryan he didn't even see it coming until it was too late,"Gotta duck gotta duck!!!" was all the boy could think as the beam sword bit into his arm as he slid/ducked away from the attack. This reckless manuver took him under the drone and at least a few feet away from it, as he stood up he could feel the wound and he looked at the synthetic blood oozing from the slash.[/i]

"Heh, I bet you think this hurts, well I can't say you aren't right, it does hurt to an extent but I honestly don't care much about this pain seeing as how I'm going to destroy you and laugh at your pitiful attempts to still fight." [i]The reploid said while laughing at the drone, and with that he dropped into a fighting stance and charged into the melee again but this time he was ready and blocked the attack of the drone; the blue blade of his saber crackled and sparked as it fought with the other energy of the attacking saber. It seemed like this struggle between weapons was taking forever and Ryan was sick of it, he did the cheapest thing he could think of, he brought his foot up and kicked/pushed the drone a good 10 feet away. Then his sword caught his attention and an idea hit him.

Walking towards the drone he sheathed up his beam saber and brought up his arms as if surrenduring but the drone didn't seem to care as it came closer as if to deliever judgement over the poor reploid but he wasn't afraid in fact he was grinning like a child as the drone was about to strike it meet its fate with Ryan's sword as it had been right between Ryan and the drone and in a split second Ryan had yanked the sword out of the ground and driven it right into the drone's legs, crippled the drone was open for a perfect decapitating which Ryan was happy to deliever.

Clutching his arm in pain Ryan sheathed his sword back up and kicked the pitiful drone head away like a child would a discarded can.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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sorry for being so late, I just needed to see a few post as an example, I'm still new at this.
[size=1]Themos is alone, confused. Hides behind a building. He activates his four orbs knowing that he has to be ready for anything. As he watches the other Reploids fight the Drones in almost perfect harmony, a drone spots Themos from his left at takes fire. Themos embrace himself as the orbs blocks the heavy fire. It explodes on contact. This temporarily deafens Themos.

[color=#aaaaaa][i].//Alert! Beep! beep! beep!
.//Alert! Beep! beep! beep!
.//Alert! Beep! beep! beep![/i][/color]

Ran through Themos' system, not because of the explosion, but because of fear...

The drone was huge. With that kind of fire power, how could he manage to counter attack? Thats it! That drone only handle longe-ranged attacks. Themos quickly gets up and shifts his weight to the front leg. Then darts toward the drone. His swiftly leaps left to right to avoid the drones heavy fire. Then runs straight waiting for the drones next fire.


The bullet is send straight for Themos' feet. Themos jumps, the bullet's impact was so hard that when it hit the ground, it sent dust and debris into the air. Themos ragains his sense of hearing and hears the other Reploids yelling. Themos turned his head towards them.

"Watch out fool!" said a female Reploid
"NO! his has a retractable blade!" another reploid beside her said.

Themos pulls out his blade without looking at the drone first, he instinctivly places his blade to protect his abdomen.


The drone hits Themos right where he had placed his knife, saving him from going to pieces.


It was like watching a baseball game. Themos was sent hurling onto a tall building. He as temporarily disabled. When Themos got up he found that, his orbs were left down where the drone was. Themos knew that all he has to do is get close enough to regain control of them and attack the drone from above or behind, a blind spot.

Themos stealthly jumps from building to building. He takes out his plasma gun and studies the drone.


Unfortunately the drones last attack has impaired Themos ability to calculate how Themos must go about with his gun to penitrate the drone's metal body and head. So Themos decides to create a stragety. He figures that he could defeat the drone by out witting it.

Themos jumps down from the building and lands right in front of the drone and where 3 of his orbs are located. They stare at each other as if they were rivals. Themos activates his orbs. The orbs slowly rise, surrounding the drone and Themos. Then all of a sudden, WOOSH, the orbs are in a frenzy, flying so fast that it creates a dust bowl around the two machines. The other reploids has no visual on what is happening. Some watched, as others try to concentrate on the other drones.

Inside the dust bowl are two machines. Only one will walk out of the dust bowl alive. It was dark inside the dust bowl, but there was enough light to go through to see and the light from Themos' gun.

As Themos rises his gun, the drone rises his blade. Themos takes his time trying to figure what he is going to do next. He aims at the drone's head, and hold the trigger for bit.

"3, 2, 1." BANG!

Themos fires his gun, then as quickly as possible, runs behind the drone as it tries to block the plasma. The plasma reflects off the drone's blade. It hits one of the orbs and comes back at the drone. It reflects it again, and so did the orbs. As the drone was distracted Themos got his gun ready, pointing at the center of the drone's back, the weakest area of the drone's armour.

Themos sets his gun to its default setting, takes aim.

"You won't feel a thing, my friend. Well you might but it'll all be over soon." Themos said with a calm voice. Then fires.

Light was beaming out of the dust bowl from the plasma. The plasma explodes on contact as expected, but it only left a large hole. The drone was knocked forward but it didn't tip over. Themos tries to control his orbs so that it would reflect the plasma that is has distracted the drone's attention into the cavity Themos had left. The hit was of just but a bit to the left. The drone finally tips forward. It was still active and it started to wave it's four arms around like a crab on its back. Themos takes a few steps back and controlled his orbs to go up and hit the drone inside the hole and come back out. It started to look like Themos was juggling the orbs with his mind inside the dust bowl. The others couldn't see what was going on and they herd the explosions and loud bangs. Some got concerned, but most of them assumed that Themos had losted the battle.

The dust slowly lowers and Themos was left standing in front of the drone. The orbs are still spinning around, then slows down and lands inside Themos' hands. He puts them inside his pockets, and places his gun back into its pouch. The other reploids took a step back and had thought Themos had ate through the drone because of the dust and dirt that had covered around his mouth. Themos looks at the other reploids and gave them an emotionless look. Themos holds in a smile as he walks away to pick up his fourth orb.

[color=#aaaaaa][i].//Internal Journal
First impressitions are everything. My approach should have been more systematic. Look at the mess I made ^_^[/i][/color][/size]
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OOC: *Sigh* I had tons of work to do, and I'm not in this fight since I haven't taken anyones side.

Taking a deep breath, Loki looked down at the ground, feeling the warm water trickle down his back. It was a good feeling, but...was it real? Was it just some strange program written inside his mind that made him react this way to heat? Was it some kind of brain machine that only did as it was told? Loki reached up and pressed a hand to his head, feeling his hair. It felt real, but it was still...very uncertain. He wasn't sure what he was, and now that he had escaped from that prison, he was sure he never would. It was avery conflicting feeling, he had to go, but he wanted to stay and learn more...

Conflicting emotions...

Were these just programs written in his mind too? Programs for pain, anger, sadness, happiness, warmth? What was inside of him, could he life with these strange feelings? Were they human, or were they...just...programs?

Loki stepped out of the steam bath and began to throw his clothes on quickly, he wasn't sure what he was once, but he did know what he was doing now. He had recently heard a rumour about an important assignment involving Sygnosis X, and he hoped to find some employment. Suddenly he felt a small twinge in the back of his neck, and lapsed into unconciousness, he was receiving a message...

Loki looked into the infinite void around him, and there seemed to be a voice booming from all around him.
"Are you prepared for your assignment?"
"Show me your face, first, then we talk."
"I am afraid that is impossible, I believe you have no choice in this matter, the price is right, so do you accept?"
"...Tell me a bit about it..."
"Simple, you are to sneak into Sygnosis X's headquarters via their training facility, there is currently a test underway, but it is unlikely that they will recognize you as the enemy. We need you to steal some data for us, and we will pay you well for it..."
"...I accept..." Suddenly the void began to twist and turn as Loki began to download his new mission data.

>Scanning for viruses...
>None detected, running automatic misson update data...
>SYGNOSIS.DAT Downloaded...
>SY40DATA.DAT Downloaded...
>Initiating automatic biological energy generator...
>MAGNET.BAT Downloaded...
>FORM.BAT Downloaded...
>Running automatic checkup on all data...done...
>Resuscitation in 3...2...1...

Loki awoke with a start, having all of the information downloaded to his brain automatically, he put on his jacket and headed outside, scanning the region for the right building...Loki picked up a large heat signal coming in from around the building a little ways away, as well as several sources of noise and energy, that must be the place. He took a few steps forward and paused to reflect on what he was thinking earlier...then walked in the direction of the building at his own pace...
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B]I'm not sure if this is the Training Session, but I guess I'll improvise.


[i]Angelus walked down the streets towards a large building. She stopped and looked around, she saw a strange looking man looking at her. His face was hooded and unknown. Angelus ignored it and kept walking.

She neared the large building that held the meeting and as she was about to step in, the strange man was right behind her, just about to grab her.

Angelus grabbed his arm and swung him over. She stood in an attack ready position. The man got up looking at her. He repeated the words that were repeated the day Yukina and Itchido were killed.[/i][/color]

"Come with me Reploid. You are far too dangerous to even be out on the streets. You are a menace and a killer. Come with me."

[color=ff66cc][i]Angelus looked to him and unsheathed her Replication blade. She pressed the hilt in a combonation and the sword began to glow a bright grey. She backed away and raised the sword above her head before letting it slash the ground, causing a large hurricane-like wind slash to blow the human away.

The man tried to block the attack, but it was far too powerful and in conclusion, could not defend himself from being brutally slashed and blown to the ground several yards away.

Angelus grinned and walked back to the building and entered the doors. As she walked in, she marvelled at the works she saw. The building was like none she had seen before. She sheathed her sword and walked through the large main hall.

As she walked, she looked to a large plaque and found that it was dedicated to few humans and many Reploids. Two names she had recognized were Itchidi Kinotaka and Yukina Kinotaka.

Angelus' smile had turned to a frown when their names ran through her mind. She looked to the ground thinking if it wasn't for her. She looked up and walked on.

She was just about to make her way to the stairs when she remembered where the recruits were supposed to meet. She turned and walked back out. She walked up the street a little more and found another large building. She presumed it to be the Defense Department.

She walked on in and found chaos of walking Reploids and humans. Everywhere her eye could see, Reploids and humans were in a hurry. She stopped a nearby walking officer and asked him where the new recruits were supposed to meet.[/i]

"Excuse me sir. May I ask if you know anything of new recruits?"[/color]
"New recruits? No. But you may want to ask Lt. Dash. He's the one who can help you. Then if there are no further questions, I bid you good bye."

[color=ff66cc][i]Angelus walked over to a Lieutenant and asked him the very same question that she had asked the officer.[/i]

"Excuse me, but are you, by any chance, Lieutenant Dash?"

[i]The reploid lieutenant turned around and looked to Angelus.[/i][/color]

"Yes. I am Lieutenant Apollo Ignisus, my callsign is Lieutenant Dash. How may I help you?"
[color=ff66cc]"My name is Alexandra Kinotaka, also known as Alex. My callsign is Angelus. I have a question about the new recruits."[/color]
"Come into my office."
[color=ff66cc][i]Enters Lt. Dash's office.[/i]"Well, I have just recieved news that there is a new task force called Sygnosis X, but they aren't allowing just anyone in yet. They want to seek out the best. And I am wondering where the initiation is."[/color]
"Come, let me show you. I'm not sure if you can get in just yet."

[color=ff66cc][i]Angelus nodded and followed the lieutenant out of the office and to wherever he was taking her. She needed to know what was going to happen, if she was with them and what to expect.[/i][/size][/color]
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Spinning back to face the drone which he had first seen, the one with the rockets, Deep calculated the approximate aim and positioning of the rockets. For now he did not worry with the machine-gun toting Drone behind him, but focused on the rocket launching one.

The rockets fired. Eight of them, four from each Rocket arm. Eight?nine. He had a plan, but this plan was almost ruined by the ninth rocket, which fired out of the Drones torso. Deep decided to go ahead with his plan.

He leapt, doing a cartwheel in mid-air (think Matrix), just as the rockets were level with him. He dodged One. Two. Three. Four of them. Five. Six. Seven. Eight past.

Nine. He landed, crouching, and looked over his shoulder, just as a fiery blast ripped down the alleyway, obscuring everything with a dense cloud of smoke. Silhouetted against the moon, was the ruined body of the second drone. The first ones rockets had gone straight into it, causing massive damage. Deep straightened himself, and turned back to the first drone. He then heard a whistling behind him.

=Machine.gun [/size]

With the speed of thought only available to a computer-processed mind, Deep determined that it must be the ninth rocket. A guided one. Coming to the inevitable conclusion, Deep raced towards the drone, pistons pumping madly, trying to outrun the rocket. The drone loaded its? machine gun, and managed to loose a few rounds into his chest, but Deep?s momentum was too great, and he dived, skidding along the ground, between the treads of the Drone. His momentum carried him under the drone, and perhaps 5 metres further down the alley, before he was deafened by a tremendous ?boom? and the Drones? body went flying into his back, slamming him into a wall.

The guided rocket had hit the Drone.

Deep pushed against the wall, trying to move the Drones? now lifeless body off him. It tipped over, and Deep fell to the ground.

[size=1]Tissue damage: 5 bruising
:11 minor grazes
: 2 Deep slashes
: 1 internal system breach
SysCheck: 981% Operational and fit.[/size]

The internal armour had slowed down the bullet a lot, so only minor internal damage had been received, but Deep was not in much condition to continue at the moment. Dragging himself behind a dumpster in the alley, he activated the nano-technology ?surgeons? inside his system. They would breakdown the bullet inside him, and use the metal from that, plus any salvageable armour, to patch the hole in his chest. About half an hour before Deep would be tackling any more Drones.

[Note: Nano-technology is kind of real, they know about it now, IRL, it doesn?t make Deep invincible, just helps to repair minor internal damage. Some Reploids have this function, but most don?t.]

[i]As Deep recovers in the alley[/i]

The small room is crowded, with Humans and Reploids. Inside there is so much gold braid that it is glaring, and enough medals to sink a boat. The real powers of Novus Concordia, both Military and Civilian are watching and recording information from every single camera in the Test Arena, or as it is more commonly called, the 'Building Area'. Each Reploid is being assessed by another A.I computer, which prepares graphs on their performance and skill.

They will need all the skill they have to survive tonight?s little get-together. Plus, there is a nice surprise waiting at the end of it...
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Sorry I missed the missed the meeting. I was busy so i'll just type my story how i got there.

2 days ago

Raynos sat in his room lying down thinking " soon i'll be able to find those who got my parents killed. God why am i thinking this now. the test is in two days. I need to see the sights of Novus concordia one more time. It really is a delightful city." He then got up and left.

2 hours ago

Raynos slowly walks up to a desk with someone waiting for him.

" I'm here for the SygnosisX project".

" Name and callsign"

" Raynos Noir uh ( raynos pondered the question for a minute ) Shadow"

" Okay there you are on the list. your a little early but go on ahead some others are coming soon. good luck"


Raynos then thought" I hope I'm ready for this "

20 minutes ago

Raynos stood in the hall with the other reploids waiting for the test to begin. He stood in the hall back against the wall wondering if he could do this . He then reminded himself negative attitudes get you nowhere. His father use to say that before his mother passed away. That was a time before the pain before Sygnosis 40 before everything.

Then the Reploid in white said it was time to start.

Raynos stood behind a peice of building getting fired upon by a droid. He knew he couldn't just stand there . He was a sitting duck and as soon as this reploid got through the building. Now was the time to act. He drew his beam sabre and ran to another peice of cover then jumped off it and flipped over the droid hoping to catch it off guard the droid with awesome speed turned 180 degrees and knocked Raynos away with his blunt end of the gatling gun into a building and then proceeded to fire . Raynos had only a moment to think before being fired upon. He pushed himself off the building and started running as fast as he could ( which was pretty fast ) while being fired at got hit by a coulple of bullets in the arm before he made it to the building he then had a plan. It would require a lot of speed but he knew he could pull it off. He pulled out the Noir blaster fire it at the ground but by the time it hit him the droid faced the direction and Raynos was gone. Then his sensors picked up something behind him but it was too late . The beam sabre already halfway buried inside it and it deactivated. Seconds later he saw another reloid running and then he ran toward and in a couple of seconds he was being fired upon by the droid after the other reploid. He then ran for cover next to the other reploid
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[COLOR=darkblue][i][SIZE=1]The synthetic blood had finally stopped flowing and Ryan was able to move his left arm around without a major pang in his arm but there were small dried blood trails leading down his arm like roadways but that was not worth worrying about now, he'd accepted the pain and would deal with it.

A small breeze kicked up and a small dust storm blew in front of Ryan as he took cover inside a building; it was a bad idea seeing as how he saw at least three drones coming towards him. "Heh, more fun for me." He thought mentally as he smirked and took to the stairs with the drones sending off a large volley of bullets that were gaining on him like a swarm of bees attacking an intruder that dare tamper with their hive these bullets then were tearing into his gi so he unbuckled it which in turn gave Ryan more of a speed boost. As he arrived at the top of the stairs he saw that the door was wide open and just at that moment a drone fired off a missle, but the aim was very poor and the rocket instead hit the wall about two feet behind Ryan who soon found himself literally flying fowards out the door and into a skidding manuver which landed him on his right side of his body.

The drones moving in to confirm the termination of their targe moved in on their treads which made Ryan come to, the grinding of the treads against the concrete roof. "Play posum and they might just ignore you." He barked at himself mentally but he didn't care, he stood dazed a little but still ready to kill these jerks, he unsheathed his beam saber and flicked it into his right hand. A soft beep could be heard from what appeared to be the lead drone and the others took up positions on Ryan's left and right.[/i]

"Heheh, you guys actually think that will work? HA!" [i]With that he sheathed his beam saber and unsheathed his regular sword and stepped backwards and off the building roof. "Time for some fun and hope this works." He then took his sword and drove it into the building as he descended he could feel himself slowing to an extent but still it was fast. Unfortunately he wasn't prepared for his sword to come loose at about 56 feet up and fall face first down to the ground.

WHOOOMMMPPPPFFF!!!!! Was all that Ryan knew when he hit the ground with his body. Rising shakily and rubbing his head and face with his hand he staggered over to another pile of steel beams and slumped down and started breathing inwardly so that he could gain his second wind. While he was regaining himself those three drones were closing in on his position again this time they wouldn't let their target get away.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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