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Hello. I'm Danielle Hunter. And I'de like to speak with you.
Have you ever had the feeling you were diffrent? Like there was something you needed to rember but couldn't? I feel that way all the time. And I wonder, if anyone else does. This isnt a poem, more like an insight, into myself, not like anyone needs to know this, but I was just curious. Things have happened, myth, legend, how can they be proven untrue? Dragons, Unicorns, Vampires, Deamon and Angel. They had to come from someplace, some anchient tale passed down through the generations, derived form somethign true. The human race has secretes, deep dark secretes, a clouded, evil misguided past. Things I wish to know. the answers are out there. Someone needs to find them. Have you ever walked alone at night and felt osmething watchign you, but didn't know why. Darkness, the undead. Sprits back fromthe grave? Maby. But whats really behind humans? And religion, Some are simple, as busisim is. everyone knows, no hidden secretes. But christanity..maby deep dark secretes lie within that. Anchient evils, darkness within religion. They condem the sinners, but wasn't it Jesus, when dieing on the cross, forgave a thief, and a murderer? Allowed them into heaven? Divine grac,e to a killer, Jesus Christ, forgiving sinners, but the clatholic church won't? Blashphomey. I think things are nown, but someone isn't talking. My mind is consumed by it, I feel i'm ment for something, somethign bigger..my quest for answers has begun. I have two phrases of advice to any how feel the same as I. firstly, read between the lines. And Secondly, when you stare into the abyss, sometimes, the abyss stares back.

I will need helpers. 3 to be exact. Do not sign up unless you intent to keep intrested and posting, this iwll be a fast paced exciting rpg. The darkness is calling. Join me. I can be contacted at 1267 Gramulde Place, Rome. Please Mail me with this information and I will contact you.[/center]

Sign up info

My Bio:
Danielle Hunter
I'm a priest, unlike ones you are fimillar with. I am the last of my kind, I deal with the deamons. I am an exorcist, I send them back to hell. I was orphand as a child and the church raised me, my mentor has recently died and I belive his death was not sucuide, it was a ritiual. And my best friend, is the sin eater.
I am 5'5, long blond hair, usually pulled back and or up, I am slender, I eight 130lbs and have deep green eyes.
A secrete few know about me, it was I who killed my parents. For they created me, and the demons within my sould. I am a hybrid.
You do not have to include picture. But Ide appricate it.

Thanks. Answers await you.[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Zharra Dominae Hanani

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Race: German/Chinese/Japanese

Religion: Taoist

Bio: Unlike the family before me, I am a warrior, and intend to fight with whatever is given. My Taoism gives me the time to go with the flow, and it is this flow that I base my life upon. I know I am different, and that makes waves. But by being different, I will change the course the water must run.

Description: see attatchment.

Misc: The daughter of a bastard tengu spirit and a terrorist, I am she. Cursed.[/COLOR]
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[color=firebrick][I]Name: Damien Kusanagi

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Race: Japanese

Religion: None

Bio: Damien is not a very religous man but he is one who thinks a great deal.He is a martial artist who studies Tai' Chi and Jeet Kune Do.In his studies he tries to find inner peace and adapts to any situation.Damien constantly ponders about the afterlife and plans to find out the truth behind these things.

Description: Attachment

Misc: Damien is a well trained fighter who knows many things but plans to find out more.[/I][/color]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc]OOO! Interesting.

[B]Name:[/B] Kiara Lee

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Sex:[/B] female

[B]Race:[/B] 100% Korean

[B]Religion:[/B] Christian

[B]Bio:[/B] I am a priestess who uses sorcery. Therefore, I am a priestess/sorceress. I am not a true human, for in me I control everything that is. I accept the darkness and let it flow through me. I change like the dark changed the shadows. I am Death and Death is me.

[B]Description:[/B] i'll post something.

[B]Misc:[/B] Some fear death, some accept it, other do not wish to be a part of it. I do not fear it no do I accept it or wish to be a part of it. For I am Death.[/size][/color]
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Name: Michael Lee

Age: 22

Sex: male

Race: chinese/american

Relegion: a mix between Bhuddist philosphy and Christian faith.

Bio: Born to a chinese father and an american mother. Michael grew up on the streets of L.A., never feeling in place because if his highly philosophical mind. He often thaougt hard into many subjects, mostly the begging of humans and relegion. He thinks and finds that many relegions have several flaws in them and searches for truth. He has since travled the world. Searching for these truths while studying the martial arts, in which he hopes to find himself and find the limits of the human body. So far he has found one truth. Because the hu8man body is made up of so much water, it has taken its qualities. Flexiablitly and adaptablilty. He now searches for more truths to uncover.

Description: Has slcik, Jet BLack hair. A dark complexion. Brown eyes. He wears baggy clothes then he can easily move in and likes the colors of blue, red, and black, Which e often wears.

Misc: Highly philosphical, highly powerful, and highly spiritual aware. He is not afraid of death. For to accept death is to free yourself from it. You no longer fear it, there for you no longer have it as a distraction and you leave your body to defend itself.
But other than that, he is a peace keeper. Beleives in un violent resolve and fights as a last result s he finds life a valuable commodity. Fore it would not have been given if not diserved. He protects the innocent and destroys the wicked. He is a complex man who lives a life of pholisophy and peace.
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Name: Kris Vanderlet

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Race: 50% Japanese 50% American

Religion: None

Bio: Religion has no meaning to me. Religion has one purpose in this world for old men to fight and debate. For countless people to serve and die under a name. For people to follow blindly. I pity all who devote their life to one such practice. Limiting oneself is the biggest crime in my eyes. I have studied religions through out my years of life and found each and everyone to be alike and flawed. Humans are flawed as are religions what makes one better than the other? Why waste your time on something flawed? So many questions have floated through my minds and I am determined to find the answers to all, not just one.

Although I must admit religions are limited and force you to bind yourself and change yourself I have found one use for them. Answers. All of them flow together....all of them answer each other.

He originates from America but has traveled around many places to find answers. He loves learning about others cultures and ways of life. He desires to expand his horizons as much as he can possibly do in his short human life, and believes there are hidden secrets that have been burried in the past by the ancient ones before him.

Description: Check Attachment

Misc: He is considered quiet and loyal. Often slow to fight but when enganged in combat he is considered a deadly opponent. He has a very stoic look to himself and is often considered pessimistic. He never makes quick assumptions and studies every possible exit out of a situation. He will fight for you if he thinks you are threatened with or without your request.
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[color=red][b]Name: [/b]Michael Euwes
[b]Age: [/b]26
[b]Sex: [/b] male
[b]Race: [/b]human
[b]Religion: [/b] none

[b]Bio: [/b]

A simple solution is what I seek. Always paying close attention to the logical explanation of things while keeping an open mind to the supernatural. My main goal consists of finding the thin line, that flamboyant mesh-like crossing from which answers cannot be scientifically procured.

I grew up in London. Simple, bleak London England, a town where aspiring travelers seem to radiate. I have been wandering Europe for the last three years since dropping from my college program, seeking only what my curiosity cannot solve and my logic cannot produce a reasonable solution to.


I am tall, too tall to my liking. 6?2?? and gangly to a critic?s eyes. My face is slim and I have a characteristically large British nose with blue eyes that gleam with the need to not be alone in my wandering.

Outfitted with a traveling backpack, the usual traveling documentation and my laptop upon which I document everything and finally my clothing. I am currently wearing a pair of worn gray cargo shorts, a simple, partly-torn blue t-shirt and my coveted and rather dilapidated formula1 racing cap.


I take pictures of everything, I write too much in my journal, and seem to rarely have disputes with others. Being alone most of the time I am wide eyed and exited with everyone?s points of views, never letting just one opinion dominate.

Ps:Which brings me to my final node of business, I can tell from your advertisements (I picked one up at Antwerp.) that I will be one of many to wish to join you, miss Hunter? That is why I have added this post script. More than three people must have applied to help you, and I think I should be one of them?Why? I have no clue other than that I will be most studious and will never let you down. *cough* If you would please just allow me a chance?*cough*[/color]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Well, considering all the other sign-ups we have, I don't believe I'll be signing up as a "helper". I didn't really want to anyway....

Name: Alekain Rythain
Age: 8654
Sex: Irrelevant
Race: Formerly human, of indeterminate descent, now something else entirely.
Religion: Well, was a focus of a religion for a while, but not really.
Bio: In mortal life, Sinistrad was something of a trouble maker, thus the moniker. He, of course, ended up getting involved with some people he wasn't supposed to...

When he was born, moondark, Sinistrad was already cursed. He was actually still-born, and was revived by the mid-wife. His parents feared him, his peers reviled him, for he was believed to be beyond death. Sinistrad took this to his head, and attempted to become more in touch with the darkness that could not touch him. He became an amateur necromancer, and indeed became involved with a Bone Pheonix from several thousand years ago. The oldest known sentient. Sinistrad didn't really impress this being much, but he was required.

The Bone Pheonix, whos name was Kyral-Alekain, grew tired of Undeath, though not of immortality. Rather, he wanted the fire of sensation. So he strung the rather callow youth along, tempting him with knowledge, giving him the idea that those around him would fear and revere him even more, after he gained his true potential. So Sinistrad went along with his mentor, drawing his soul further and further into blackness. Sinistrad took part in assorted forbidden, esoteric rituals, arcanus sealed by the higher powers of old. Kyral-Alekain had found them some centuries ago, and turned them to his own purpose. Sinistrad took part more or less unwittingly, without a true knowledge of what he did.

Kyral-Alekain induced pure arrogance into Sinistrad, and convinced him that corrupting this world was not enough. He convinced Sinistrad to try plane-walking, and once Sinistrad's soul was out of his body, he possessed it. He had what he wanted, so he left Sinistrad's disembodied spirit to do as it would, and disappeared into eternity, leaving behind only a now decaying skeleton. Kyral Alekain, now known as Alekain Rythain after an absortion of another soul, still exists, as a physical being, for no reason other than curiousity.

Decription: Sinistrad was seventeen at the time, and looks it. He's dark skinned, very dark, and about 5"10. Muscular, without being bulky. Actually on the slender side. His eyes are brown, and he is completely bald. He wears whatever he feels like.
Misc: Still possesses a lot of the abilities he had as a Bone Pheonix.

Name: Sinistrad
Age: About 4000
Sex: Irrelevant
Race: Exists as pure spirit form
Religion: Again, none.
Bio: Well, Sinistrad, after having his body stolen, spent about three quarters of a millenium working out how to really control a spiritual form. He'd never had a truly disciplined mind, so it took him a while. He now exists in order to take back his body....He's not been very good at it so far.
Decription: Pure spirit[/font][/color]
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[color=gray] Well, Lalith and Phantom are both in. Yes I know I'm going over but final list is:
Lalith Ril

Now. A bit if Ic rping 4 ya.
All members accepted have recived this e-mail.

Hello, thank you for applying and you have been accepted. The final is 5 besides myself because I was strongly pulled to these people and I feel they can help. Also my plan from the beginnign wasto select a small number and ccept more. The feel of competition makes most people intrested and try harder. Thank you and you must all be in Paris, France. A hotel called the Pierre exactly 5 blocks from the eiffel tower. There a car, limo to be exact, will await you and bring you to my residence. You must print out and show this e-mail for vefirication. Thank you.

Ok I'll start in in a day or so, be looking.:) And Happy hunting.:)
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