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[i] April 29, 2039

The demons... One year ago, they began their slaughter upon our city. It used to be just a few missing people, but the attacks became slowly more rapid and violent. The goverment turned a blind eye to our pleas, afraid of the existence of creatures capable of such numerous attacks. The city is closed to being overrun. Humans, who are infected by them, they're changing, they're becoming like them.

May 10, 2039

They've taken over. There are barely any of us left. Those b@sterds in the goverment... The gate to the city... it's closing... We're trapped... we cannot get out... drums in the deep... we cannot get out... [/i] Blood splashes across the rest of the page

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Name: Serenity hikari
Age: 17
Gender: female
Description: A young face. She dresses in all white. her outfit is made up of a white tank top under a white jacket and white pants. She wears a purity ring on her wedding finger. Blonde hair that flows allthe way to her waist and bright blue eyes.
Bio: abandoned by her parents who were possesed by demonds she made it out of the city alive. She was possesed by a force unlike the demons taking over the city. this force keeps her pure and restricts her from anything thought as "sinful" She has decided to come back and try to save the city. She cannot have negitive feelings with out much pain. Is normally positive about any thing but cries at night because of her conflict within between human sin and the force inside her.
Weapons: Assortments of guns or the power of the force inside her.

is that better?
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Name: Daish Skies
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Description: Long shoulderlength black hair, waterfall eyes, 5'7 sky blue short sleeve shirt with v neck, dark blue jeans, white shoes, silver cross necklace, burn going up left arm.
Bio: Sweet, quiet girl who will keep to herself no matter what conditions. She has been this way since she was five, when she lost her older sister who drowned trying to save her. She has no vowed to one day overcome her fears and will one day suceed. Now that so much has happened in this new world of hers, it is going to take a heart and mind like no other she's had before to get through.
Weapon: Bo (defensive)
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Both of them are great.

Name: James Starfire
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Description: Dark brown hair, parted and combed diagonally back. Green eyes, hidden behind black sunglasses. Black leather jacket, zipped up on one side. Dark blue jeans and combat boots.

Bio: Biker. He doesn't have a home, but enjoys traveling too much to get one. Has a family that lives in the affected city, so he goes to visit unknowing of the takeover.
Weapon: Long silver knife
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Name: Nami Kiriri
Age: 15
Gender: Female (gettin' sick of all thses girls yet, Tsukasa_hack? :D)
Description: Short, light brown hair with icy blue eyes. White t-shirt, baggy blue jeans covering black boots. Wears a black cloak to melt herself into the shadows. (Not literally, just appearance, ya know?)
Okay, and since I myself wear so much jewelry, then so does my character: Silver and black beaded braclet on left wrist, silver-blue watch on right wrist with silver braclet that has a loop for the middle finger, a necklace with a (guess what) silver chain with a piece of onyx on it, and a thick black string with a dusty silver trinket on it. :gulp:

Bio: Artist. Is a usual cheerful person, although ever since the demons attacked, she has kept all the happiness inside her. Nami used to draw pictures of friends and scenery, but now, her pictures have stopped. Her parents were slaughtered by the demons, and her friends have (mysteriously) disappeared.

Weapon: A small silver gun. The trinket on her second necklace holds her special gun powder; brute force (as in "AHH! I'm gonna kick your butt!).
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Damen Cain
Age- 14
Gender- Female
Description- black hair w/ silver and blue streaks, waist length, braid, silver eyes, black, form fitting leather pants, black tubetop, black leather jacket w/ sleeves rolled to the elbow, thick heeled leather boots.
Bio- Singer and songwriter, she has a heck of a voice. She is sometimes sharp, but does it to keep her friends safe. She has few, but she loves them with all her heart. SHe rarley smiles, for she has nout(sp) to smile for.
Weapon- Throwing knives, small hand gun.
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[b]Name:[/b] Nate Martin
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Gender:[/b] male
[b]Description:[/b] Short black hair, with a bandana folded around his head. He wears boots, but plays basketball great. He wears black baggy pants with 'Da Southside Villain' in gold on both sides.(don't all of my characters?)Wears a black shirt with Nate written in gold on the back. A 20" chain hangs from his neck, with NW on it.
[b]Tattoos:[/b] a dagger with a vine incircling it on his right shoulder, a naked lady on his back, and 'Slim Jr' on his left arm
[b]Bio:[/b] Born in Richmond, VA. He lives in Southside Richmond, in an apartment complex coined 'san suzy', which is one of the ghetto-ist part of Richmond.Raised on Country on the west-end, he left as soon as pocible back to Southside, where his life restarted. His friends moved a few years ago, and they were killed by the deamons. Now he has a grudge, and he is very able to win with his aim. He listens to Rap(i.e: Eminem) and Rap Metal(i.e:Linken Park).
[b]Weapon:[/b] Glock x2, dagger

EDIT: Sorry, i messed up and nate is a boy. i wasn't thinking straight...
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uh, first, were playing people, so far. second, the demonic haven't tooken anything over but the one city. I have to be stubborn with only the one city, you'll see why in the rpg. Thanks for joining. I was hoping there would be at least one other boy (not that i'm complaining :-) )
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Sorry Harlequin, just curious. Anyway, we'll find out when the RPG starts, won't we? And before you think this too is spam, I am brought to the purpose of this post which is...

This things taking off like a bat outta 'ell
(I'm starting this right now)
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