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:flaming: Okay, who's your favorite anime character? Yusuke, Kenshin, Vegeta, Alucard? Well, in this story, you take your favorite anime character, and that is who you play as. You can only use weapons that your character actually uses in the anime. (for example, Kenshin would use a kitana). There will be absolutely NO god-modding.
There are three societies: The Himori, The Dukes of Honor, and the Angel Knights. The Himori and the Dukes of Honor societies both are against each other in their quest to claim the Sword of Zelda and conquer the land, which is called Middle Earth(because I'm using the LOTR map. The societies have no permanent location, the world is their playground. The Angel Knights are the ones who try to kill the other two societies so that the world will remain in peace. The Himori Society is the most ancient society.

Captain: This person is in control of the society
Guard: This person's job is to protect the captain from enemies.
Ranger: This person scouts ahead for danger and directs
his society where to go.
Soldier: I'll need two soldiers for each society. They just fight the
enemy and work towards the team's goals.

anime you're from:
weapon: (if you have one, of course)

Thank you all. -kyotoruler7

[color=green]EDIT: Please do not double post, even in a signup thread. I've merged your two posts. --terra[/color]

anime you're from: Hellsing
weapon: The ARM .454 Casull Automatic Pistol and The Jackal
rank: Captain
bio:He is a vampire hunter who is commanding and dangerous.
He is a loner, like most vampires.
society: The Himori

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[I](OOC: You're not supposed to double-post)[/I]

Name: Inuyasha
Age: 71
Anime: Inuyasha
Weapon: Tetsusaiga
Rank: Guard
Appearance: see link 1
Bio: see link 2
Society: The Himori

Link 1 [URL=http://theotaku.com/inuyasha/pictures/inuyasha03/image_02.jpg]http://theotaku.com/inuyasha/pictures/inuyasha03/image_02.jpg[/URL]

Link 2 [URL=http://theotaku.com/inuyasha/characters/inuyasha.shtml]http://theotaku.com/inuyasha/characters/inuyasha.shtml[/URL]
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name: Trunks
age: 20
anime you're from: Dragonballz
weapon: sword
rank: Soldier
appearance: [url]http://theotaku.com/dragonball/pictures/pics/020.jpg[/url]
bio: [url]http://theotaku.com/dragonball/characters/future_trunks.shtml[/url]

Thats a lot of writing, so to summarize, a fighter from the future who helped the others take out a huge threat. I guess now he lives on middle earth.

Society: Angel Knights
NOTE: To make things easier, his streangth is like way toned down, he can only fly for so long, his sword is more powerful than his fist, and he can only shoot one type of powerball.
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Why are they all men?If this is a guys only thing then tell me.


age:14(Changed the age)

anime you're from:Card Captor Sakura

weapon:Star wand and Clow Cards

rank:Soldier/Ranger(She'd be good for both)

appearance:See attachment.One in the middle-Not that costume

bio:She released the legendary Clow Cards that were sealed in a book by the great Clow Reed.She had the job of capturing them.Her friends Madison,Syaoran and Meilin helped her and now she's the mistress of the Clow Cards.

society:Angel Knights
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Name: Gene Starwind

Age: 20

Anime you're from: Outlaw Star

Weapon: Guns, knife and Caster Gun

Rank: Soldier

Appearance: [url]http://ted.mielczarek.org/pics/gene_starwind.jpg[/url]

Bio: An outlaw who drinks alot, loves women, keeps a messy lifestyle, and runs a business that consists of running errands and bounty hunting. Has a ship called "Outlaw Star" and has a fear of space travel.

Society: Hired by The Angel Nights
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name: Burori The legendary Super Saiyajin
age: unknown (maybe in the 20's)
anime you're from: Dragonball Z Movies 8, 10 ,and 11.
weapon: His Rage and thats it.
rank: Soldier
appearance: see pic.[img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=486393[/img]
bio: Born with a powerlevel of 10,000. He now searchs the Universe for his arch nemisis, Kakarotto
society: He has none. He's in a league of his own.
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Guest Skyechild91
EDIT: Okay, im redoing mine to match *points down* 's this is her bffl, umi
Anime shes from- MAgic Knights Rayearth
Name-Umi Ryuuzaki
Name Means-"Sea of the Dragon Blossom
Birthday-March 3rd
Blood Type-A
Favorite Food-Spaghetti
Least Favorite Food-Anything Sweet
Favorite Subject-English
Least Favorite Subject-Sewing
Hobby Baking Cakes
Future Goal-A Bride
Favorite Color-Blue
Personality-At first she was described as "stuck up," and "a brat."She can have a bit of a temper sometimes, ecspecially whrn it comes to Makona.she is an only child and lives with her mother and father.Her best friends are Hikaru and Fuu. But, deep,deep, down, Umi is a loving person. Because she is very skilled in fencing, she is good with her sword
sory, the stupid pic wont work. hopefuly youve all seen her when i fisrt posted. sorrys! and she's on the angel knights.
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Hehe lets go! I was gonna do Wedding Peach but it would be to hard to find pics of her and her weapons so...
Name: Fuu Hououji
Gender: Female
Weapons:Her gigantic sword and her magic(she's not gonna use her Mashin,Windom)
Anime she's from: Magic Knight Rayearth
society:Angle Knights
Apperance: See attachment
Bio: Fuu was sucked into another world, Cefiro, while on a feild trip to Toyko Tower. She had to rescue the piller,princess Emeraude from herr "kidnapper" Sol Zagato. She is considered to be a smart girl who is always smiling. She has a boyfriend(if ya wanna call him that) named Ferio who is the princess's little brother. Her hobbies are archery and reading. Her best friends are Umi and Hikaru and her Mashin is Windom.

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name: Lina Inverse
age: 16
anime you're from: Slayers
weapon: Sword, but she rarely uses it. She's better with magic.
rank: ? Soldier, I guess
appearance: [IMG]http://celesstar.osiriscomm.com/anime/slayers/slaylina.jpg[/IMG]
bio: Lina is a skilled sorceress who loves treasure and food. She basically robs from the evil villans, and gives to herself. She has a firey temper, and is very self-conscious about her looks (so anyone making fun of them'll get a spell in the face... ouch!) Despite her shortcomings, she has saved the world many a time. She is also good with a sword, but better with her spells. She uses mostly black magic, but can do some white magic (like healing) too.
society: Angel Knights
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Okay, so far, pretty good. I would like to see some more posts, and then we can start this d*** RPG! Please, please tell your friends about this RPG and maybe we'll be able to begin soon.

I'll need people to fight for Himori and dukes of honor. 2 people need to give up positions on angel knights to fight for different society. THANK YOU
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Name: Ferio
Gender: Male
Weapons:A really big sword
Anime he's from: Magic Knight Rayearth
Bio:He likes to sleep and he's the princesses little brother and he is in love with Fuu
Apperance:Green hair in a short pony tail. He has a little cross on his cheek. He is wearing a gard of Cerio's warriers with some armor over baggy pants.
Society: Duke of Honor
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Fine I'll start it Friday. This RPG will begin Friday, so hurry and sign up. I will make changes to posts on Thursday. So thursday is Deadline, it starts on friday. Good. Thanks for reminding me ssjBrolli. ;)
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