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Sign Up Digimon: The New Emperor


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Frustrated with its failed attempts at corrupting Ken, the Darkness of the Digital World sought to find another channel for it's evil influence. Ken had been far more successful than any of its other servants, thus the Darkness searched for another human susceptible to its taint.

It sent agents to the real world, disguised in human form. They found a number of candidates, but none seemed to have the same imagination or susceptability. Growing agitated, one of the agents struck a human boy, one that had not even been taken into consideration. He had seemed just to...nice.

Suprisingly, the human lashed back. Not with his fists, though, but with his tongue. The agent, though vile and corrupt, still felt the bite of the boy's sarcasm. Perhaps the right human had been found...

The agent kidnapped the boy and took him to the Digital World. When there, they had the boy design his own digimon to use as he saw fit.

The boy failed to disappoint. His digimon, while not vile or evil-looking by any means, possessed a powerful attack and vile digivolutions.

Seeing much promise in the new "Digimon Emperor", as he was proclaimed by the digimon who feared him, the Darkness openly supported him. With Ken, Devimon had been sent to mock him for his attempts to control the Darkness.

With new Shadow Digimon at his back, and a new enslaving device in construction, the new Emperor sought to rule the Digital World.

As it had ofttimes in the past, the Digital World, seeking to protect itself, reached to the real world to recruit Digidestined to protect it.


Eh, I whipped this up in about 10 minutes, so bear with me. Not everything's perfect or explained, but I'll get around to it.

I'll use me as an example.

Required stuff: (There may be more, so keep an open mind. Mine's not working right now. :p)

[B]Name:[/B] Ben


[B]Digimon:[/B] Bhaumon (description to come)

[B]Digimon Attack/s:[/B] Severe Fist (An extremely powerful blue punch, may be projected like Fist of the Beast King)

[B]Digivice:[/B]Gray D3

[B]Digivolutions: [/B] (Up to Mega, if you please) No Armor Forms. Mine will be posted as story progresses.

[B]Bio:[/B] Eh, I'm not too big on Bio's, just give me some basic information.

[B]Description:[/B] What does your character look like? What does your digimon (Rookie form only here) look like?

Anything else you can think of for the sign-up just add and star with an asterisk.
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Name: Kenaki

Age: 14

Digimon: GabumonX

Digimon Attack/s: blue flame

Digivice:blue D3

Digivolutions: GabumonX, GarurumonX, WeregarurumonX, MetalGarurumonX

Bio: I'll get back to this.

Description: Human: I'll get you a pic.
Rookie: [URL=http://]ca.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/GabumonX.html[/URL]

the others...[URL=http://]ca.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/GarurumonX.html[/URL]


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[b]Name:[/b] Sam Carter

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Digimon:[/b] Lopmon

[b]Digimon Attacks:[/b] Blazing Ice, Tiny Twister

[b]Digivice:[/b] Purple D3

[b]Champion:[/b] Turuiemon
[b]Attacks:[/b] Gauntlet Claw, Lightning Kung-Fu

[b]Ultimate:[/b] Antylamon
[b]Attacks:[/b] Meditation Cure, Bunny Blade

[b]Mega:[/b] Kerpymon (Vaccine)
[b]Attacks:[/b]Holy hug, Lightning spear

[b]Description:[/b] Sam has short blond hair. It is not straight. She wears big heavy army boots and her shirts are a dark camo color. Her pants are dark green cargo jeans. She has blue eyes.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sam is quiet yet mouthy at the same time. Dont anger her or you get an ear full... but dont make her sad or you wont hear another word. Very myterious personality.

[b]Digimons Personality:[/b] This digimon is smart and tries to keep sam in line at times. This digimn also has a mind of her own that wanders a little to far at times. She may be ditzy at times but she is strong hearted and very kind. Will do all she can to protect others. She never gives up...

[b]Digimon Description: [/b] This rookie is a small brown and pinkish purple bunny. Long long ears that she can glide on. Shes short and always sits on sams head.
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Name: David
Age: Unknown, but looks like somewhere around 17.
Appearance: 6ft tall. Short, black hair and brown eyes. Average build. Prefers to wear shorts and a t-shirt over anything else.
Digivice: Black D3
Bio: Unknown.
Other: David is an enigma. Nobody knows anything about him. He lives in the digital world. He and Guilmon X show up seemingly randomly, do something, and leave. Sometimes they help a Digimon, sometimes they steal something, and occasionally they kill a Digimon. They have helped both the new emporer's forces and those who are against him, and have worked against both sides as well. The only thing they don't do is cross to the real world. Nobody knows why.


Rookie: Guilmon X/Attacks: Fireball, Fire Mitt
Appearance: [url]http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/GuilmonX.jpg[/url]

Champion: Growlmon X/Attacks: Raiden Blade, Exhaust Flame
Appearance: [url]http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/GrowlmonX.jpg[/url]

Ultimate: WarGrowlmon X/Attacks: Atomic Megalo Blaster, Double Edge
Appearance: [url]http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied7/images/WarGrowlmonX.gif[/url]

Mega: Megidramon X/Attacks: Atomic Flame, Pyrotechnic Destruction
Appearance: [url]http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied5/images/MegidramonX.jpg[/url]
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Name: Max Hiro

Age: 14

Digimon: terriermon

Digimon Attacks: terrier tornado, bunny blast

Digivice: red D3

Digivolutions: gargomon, rapidmon, mega gargomon

Bio: Max likes to play games and has a good imagination so he day dreams a lot. He's into any thing sci-fi. He likes to do any thing that he finds fun and likes to go to different places. He normally hangs out with his friends and play sports. He is protective of his friends and is willing to help others. He's a good fighter so not to many people mess around with his friends.

Description: blue eyes, black hair, goggles (I know the leader of the group normally has goggles but you can just dismiss that) gloves with out the fingers, blue T-shirt, black pants red and white sneakers
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Things of note so far:

[B]Kesaki_Inedia:[/B] I can't see the pics, and I've never known a digimon not to end in 'mon' as yours does. Some clarification would be very nice.

[B]Blanko:[/B] Eh, I think everything's okay so far...

[B]Takuya:[/B] When you type things without seperating them, it makes them seem rushed and hard to read, please work on that. Also, I know how fun it is to be a mysterious neutral guy, but I personally can't stand them. :p Please revamp your application. I can't see your pictures either. And please, no black digivice; that's Ken's.

[B]T man:[/B] Capital letters are your friends, T man, don't be afraid to use them. Quick grammar lesson: Use them before a proper noun and at the begininning of a sentence. Everything else seems okay except for the dagger. Please ditch it, at least once you go to the Digital World.


[B]RPG Notes[/B]

As I stated above, I can't [I]stand[/I] neutral characters who are mysterious and have cool written all over them. :p I'm also not overly fond of good guys with a mean streak; you're supposed to be [I]saving[/I] the Digital World, not depopulating it.

[B]Shadow Digimon.[/B] Ben commands Shadow Digimon. The forces of Darkness in the Digital World congeal to form digimon at his bidding. These will be sent to attack you regularly.

[B]Bhaumon. [/B]He is [B][SIZE=3]not[/SIZE] [/B] to be taken lightly. I can not emphasize this enough. His Severe Fist attack is powerful enough to nullify a Champion's attack and severely hurt a Rookie if it strikes dead on.

[B]Digivolutions.[/B] Please act as if digivolution is an unknown thing. As the RPG progresses, more of your forms will become available.

[B]Reminders/Quitting:[/B] If the RPG starts faltering in the amount of posts it receives, I will send a PM impartially to everyone as a reminder to post. Should you wish to quit the RPG, PM me and let me know.

That's all I can think of for now. If you have any questions just PM me.
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Name: William Thaumias

Age: 15

Digimon: [url=http://circeus.free.fr/art/tempomon.gif]Tempomon[/url]

Digimon Attack/s: Vibrato Pulse (Shockwaves sent from the tip of the tail), Chrono Flip (Tempomon can send himself 10 seconds in the future. However, he can only apply this to himself and his partner(assuming they're touching) or a minimal amount of matter, there is no return)

Digivice: Orange D3

Digivolutions: [url=http://circeus.free.fr/art/proctimon.gif]Proctimon[/url] (Clock Blaster, Automnal Time).

Bio: William was rather shy and physically weak, due to gluten intolerance. When he started high school, he had real trouble and got bullied a lot. His wish for a friend was granted as he once suddenly found himself with an excited dog-like digimon squirming in his lap while playing computer games. Thanks to Tempomon's help, he managed to acquire some caracter, and even discovered himself an sense of humor.

Description: Thin an pale, William cannot eat anything cereal-based without suffering serious intestinal trouble (fortunately, this doesn't seem to apply ion the digital world.). He has mdium-lenght blonde hair with green tips(anime tradition XD) who falls on both sides of his face. His clothes are usually earthy colors and include a large wristwatch.
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I believe that nameslike Gabumon X and guilmon X are alternates for NeoGabumon and NeoGuilmon(If true, then it would also apply to the other "X" Digimon.

As for links, I believe these will work:

Guilmon X: [url]http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidex/GuilmonX.html[/url]

Growlmon X: [url]http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidex/GrowlmonX.html[/url]

WarGrowlmon X: [url]http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidex/WarGrowlmonX.html[/url]

Megidramon X: [url]http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidex/MegidramonX.html[/url]

For a digivice, I'll have a green D3.

As far as my character goes, I'll change him if you really want me to, but I'd prefer to keep him the way he is(And don't worry. There is a reason he does what he does). If you truely don't want him that way, just tell me, and I'll change him(But please don't make me do that).
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Is this working for you?
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Name: Kelly

Age: 15

Digimon: Hawkmon

Digimon Attacks: Hawk Beak, Buzz Saw

Digivice: Yellow D-3

Crest: [URL=http://circeus.free.fr/art/chonesty.gif]Honesty[/URL]

Digivolutions: Aquilamon (Blast Rings, Grandhorn), Sylphymon (Static Force), Valkyrimon (Feral Sword)

Bio: Two years ago she stole every thing she got her hands on and ever since being caught has promised herself to be honest and to do the right thing. Although sometimes she still isn't completly honest.

Personality: Honest, Hesitant

Description: Long Red hair, Brown eyes, Khaki cargo pants, White shirt
(Digimon) : [URL=http://www.theotaku.com/digimon/digidex/pictures/hawk.jpg]Hawkmon[/URL]
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Kesaki, I got the pictures, you're all set.

Rei, just look through the color spectrum again, someone else has already got red.

Takuya and I have worked out everything with his character, so I guess we'll start this soon.

I'll stress this again, though. [B]Bhaumon is [I]not[/I] to be taken lightly.[/B] I hope that when the RPG starts you'll show that you understand this.
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Heh, yeah. [B]I'm[/B] Ben. Sorry about that, I probably should have clarified. :p

Thank you Circéus for reminding me. I haven't posted a description of Bhaumon. >.< And yes, he's a Rookie.

He's got a body like a Sneasel: [url]http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:37L9KC2Q8QkC:www.anzwers.org/free/pokewizards/ani215.gif[/url]

Except he has normal hands, he's a bit bigger, and more muscular. There's no red fringes on the back and he's got a face like a Betamon's. The ridges on the side his head are backwards, though.

He's a darker blue than Sneasal as well.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Angel

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Digivice:[/B] silver D3

[B]Rookie/Digimon:[/B] Ankokumon
[B]Attacks:[/B] uhm...i'll think of it...

[B]Digivolutions:[/B] as story progresses, I will post them up along with the attacks of each one. But there will be a Virus Mega. The reason will be in the post.

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment

[B]Bio:[/B] Angel wasn't much of a talker. She's just like Rika, except for the fact that Angel has more attitude and she has a lot of anger stored inside of her. Angel isn't the one to wear black, but she's the one girl you want to watch out for. She isn't one to start fights, but to end them. If you ever get into a fight with her, you better watch out because she shows no mercy. She does not judge people by the way they look or act. She thinks that they are who they are, as she is that way.

Angel met Ben through school and they became friends soon. Whatever happens in the digital world, happens. Maybe she may cross paths with him and fight, or run, or just stay out of the way. Who knows, she may just be by herself and help herself. You never know, but is Angel an innocent angel? Heh, no. She is a trouble making devil.

[B]Digimon's Personality:[/B] Do not underestimate the power of Ankokumon. Although the small size, she packs the biggest power in her. She holds amazing power that no one knows about. As she digivolves, she learns the moves of other digimon, absorbing them and using it to her dispense. Regardless of anything, she knows that Angel is not that evil.

[B]Digimon Description:[/B] Think of Strabimon and Renamon. She's got the body of Strabimon, the slim and slender body and hands, the stealthy, fast moving feet of Renamon, and a fox like face. She has a stripe under each eye. She has dark silvery blue fur with a white tipped tail. Ankokumon has gloves on her hands just like Strabimon. She has white on her stomach and her ears are tipped with white as well. She is the size of Strabimon, but has great that she can unleash in furies.

[B]Crest:[/B] Mercy[/size][/color]
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[font=arial]Wow, this is really disjointed. /

[B]Name:[/B] Tally.

[B]Age:[/B] 14

[B]Digivice:[/B] Yes, please.

[B]Rookie/Digimon:[/B] Amicamon.
[B]Attacks:[/B] Oh, I don't know. Let's try "Feather Wind."

[B]Digivolutions:[/B] Amica's champion is [b]Sorkamon,[/b] who looks....well, she looks like a champion-level Amica. I have one [b]Arphyxmon[/b] listed as an Ultimate. Picture some cross between an Archaeoptryx and a Phoenix. Her traditional mega level form is [b]Kyrjamon[/b] (Keer-ee-ah). "Kyrja" is taken from "Valkyrie" so make of that what you will.

[B]Description:[/B] Eh...I'll edit for this.

[B]Bio:[/B] Tally's kinda shy, but Amica's friendliness may rub off on her. She can be awkward in social situations, but does her best. Sometimes it's just easier to run away. She's got a quiet sort of courage, which shows itself in her determination. I feel so cliched writing this stuff, ergh.

[B]Digimon's Personality:[/B] Amica is cheerful and, as her name implies, friendly. She and Tally only met recently, but are becoming friends. Amica can have a short temper, but she won't hold a grudge.

[B]Digimon Description:[/B] Amica's in the attachment. She looks sorta like a bear (or a monkey?) dressed up as a bird. Subsequent evolutions are less clumsy and more powerful, etc.[/font]
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Hmm...I think I'll start this sometime tomorrow. No guarantees though, I'll be pretty busy.

I've changed my mind about the digivolution thing though; you may now go to Champion whenever it's deemed necessary.

I just remembered a new item for the sign-ups: [B]Crest[/B]

You'll start off separate, although relatively close together. (I've been in far too many RPGs where some characters never get around to meeting each other. :p) You'll also receive the tag for your Crest.

In order to get to Ultimate you'll have to find your Crest somewhere along the lines in the RPG. Please don't do it right away, as that would just be too simple. :whoops:

Eh, I'll think of a way to get to Mega, but until I do (or one of you has a good suggestion of how to) [B]No going Mega.[/B]

If anyone can think of anything else to ask, or suggest, send me a PM or just contact me on AIM. My screen name is legoboy1.
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Name: Aidan Phoenix

Age: 16

Digivice: Purple and blue D3

Crest: Loyalty

Description: Aidan has long, white hair in the style of Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh, and wears black jeans, a blue and white T-shirt and a red bandanna around his neck. On top of that is a black sleevless jacket. he has deep blue eys.

Bio: Aidan has always been friendly and outgoing, and is always happy to meet new people. Unfortunately, he is often too quick to trust as a result, and can often end up being taken advantage of. He takes it in his stride though, as he rarely gets angry. He tries his best to help whenever he can.

Rookie Digimon: Strabimon

Attacks: Light Nail, Light Kick

Digivolutions: Instead of Lobomon, I'd like him to change into [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=247367]this guy[/URL], if that's alright. Then digivolve to KendoGarurumon as an Ultimate and MagnaGarurumon as a Mega.

Digimon Description:

Digimon Personality: Strabimon, although friendly like his partner, is not so quick to trust and is fiercely protective over Aidan. He takes great pride in his fighting skills and enjoys showing them off when he can.
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