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Okay ppl, it's safe to post on the "Lost Hearts" thread. Please just follow the basic rules:
(1.) Please be curtious to what other people write.
(2.) If you have any questions, PM ssjBrolli, Charlie Levoy or myself.
(3.) If you have a problem with whatever happens in the story or with anyone who posts, PM that person and take it up with them, PM one of us thread starters, or keep your problem to yourself. We don't want any unnecissary rudeness and attitude posted.
This is supposed to be fun, please don't ruin it for others. So, with that said feel free to start writing on the thread! Oh, yeah...ssjBrolli and I have already got our character's profile posted, please explain and characterize yours, either hear or on the thread..I know I need a part for the evil sorceror/brother, other than that, free game, make up a character...just keep it in story line. Whymsical beings, half animal creatures, animals, wizzards, fairies, elves..things that have to deal and relate w/that theme..Like I ssaid, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask...

Okay, maybe I should give you the basic story line. I apologize this is my first time starting an RPG. I am not going to write what I did in the thread. I am just going to describe what the story's about.
It's about a girl and a young monk whose fates were entertwined by an acient love story in which the lovers were ripped apart by jealousy and a power struggle between two brothers. One brother was a king with everything a man would ask for, a marvelous kingdom, a gorgeous and faithful queen, a happy marrige. The other brother was evil, envious, he wanted what his brother had and would stop at nothing to have it. Even murdered his brother to claim the thrown and the queen. But the queen was a rebelious spirit, she forged a stoned necklace that was entrusted w/her all of soul, powers, and love. When the evil brother, who was a sorceror, tried to power over her, she rebelled. She strongly refused and was murdered in return. There is a prophecy. The prophecy speaks of the king's and queen's reincarnations would destroy the evil sorceror and take back the thrown. The evil sorceror found out about the prophecy and sought to destroy the reincarnations. But there was a problem, the souls of the king and queen, even if the reincarnations were destroyed, the souls would still be there to wait for the next time reincarnations were created again. Also, the reincarnations were said to be created in the far future. So the sorceror decided to find the souls and destroy them, but could not find them. To the future, that's where he would go to make sure that he would not have to worry about the prophecy being fulfilled.
Hundred's of years later in the land which became Tokyo, Japan, a teenaged girl and quirky monk seek vengence of their parents mysterious deaths. Together they found out about the legend by a mere birthday gift the girls grandfather gave her. It was infact the necklace that locked the soul of the queen. After receiving this necklace strange things were begining to happen to the two friends. But the adventure on which they were about to embark on was more than they would have thought.

That's basically the start of the story. To get more of the story please visit the thread "Lost Hearts" and please, I stress, please post. You can be any character. We(ssjBrolli, Charlie Levoy, and I) need one person to be the evil sorceror, other than that, the characters are free reign.

[font=gothic][color=indigo]In future, edit your posts, rather than double posting. - The Harlequin.[/font][/color]
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Actually. You have to put in your character here. then you can go in and post at your hearts content. I'm glad to see someone that wants to participate.
This is the sign up sheet by the way:








Have fun!
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Haha! Just my type of thing!
Name: Arch

Age: 1,254

Race: Ender Mutant

Weapon: Archaeic Blade

Personality: Mysterious and sometimes kind.

Bio: After being defeated several times trying to conquer certain planets, he has a new veiw on life, and has overcome his harsh childhood. He now drifts around earth, trying to find a place where he belongs.

Appearance: Arch wears a mythril breastplate, armgaurds, and boots. Under the armor he wears a green tunic. Under the tunic is a full body suit made from the fur of a fire rat, which is stronger than kevlar. He also wears brown leather gloves and a leather belt. He is lean and tall. He has sharp facial features, and looks very much like my avatar. His hair is gold in color, and falls on his shoulders. He has peircing silver/blue eyes.
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Guest RueZokorai
I wanna join too...


Name: Rue

Age: 15

Race: Human

Weapon: Kogoshii Hikari (Staff)

Personality: Very quiet and depressed...oh, and gay! I do hope that's not a problem with anyone...if it is, I dunno if I want to do this story after all.

Bio: Rue was born on the planet of Gaia, but was brought to Earth by unknown circumstances. He is very in-tune with the element of water, and can control it at his will. He seeks friendship and kindness, something he has never known in his life.

Apearance: Very thin and somewhat short, with pure white hair. He wears a blue robe and a small hat on his head. His staff, Kogoshii Hikari, is the source of much of his magical power, although he can do simple magic without it.


Yeah. I think that's it. Any problems, let me know!
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Guest RueZokorai
Thanks, animangademon!

I looked at the story so far...and I haven't figured out a way to incorporate Rue yet. I'll just wait for an opportunity to do so.

Until then I'll just read on...I guess. Seeing how this is my first time doing this, I hope I won't mess up or anything.
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Okay, take your time and take time to think about what you want to put into your posts. You should do just fine, if you have any questions just pm one of us(Charlie Levoy, ssjBrolli, or myself, or anyone else that's in the thread), just make sure you pm the person, please don't post off-topic stuff on the story thread. But you should do just fine..This is my first time starting an RPG so I am in the same boat....Okay, back to recruiting..anymore takers?
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Well, some of you know this char... he's my fav, and thus I list him here. Of course, if you want Emilio, Shiyami, Warrington, or Tetsujin, just ask and I'll switch it around.

Name: Gen the Twin Blade
Age: 17
Race: Human


Chain-sickle Katana (x 2)EA seemingly ordinary katana, except for the fact that it can launch its blade by pulling the trigger attached to its hilt. The blade is connected to the hilt with reinforced titanium wire, thus allowing its user to retrieve and fire multiple times. The chain on one sword is sharpened so that it too can cut, while the other is dulled so as to be used to entangle and disable opponents. The blade itself is crafted and shaped by advanced laser technology, and is capable of slicing a molecule in half.


Hitoe/Futae Tenchuusatsu (Single/Dual Aerial Kill)EAnti-air attack. Gen takes off into the air, and uses a Battoujutsu technique in mid-air, slicing the opponent in half. There are two different versions, each employing one or two swords.

Ameotoshi Battoujutsu (Heaven?s Collapse Battoujutsu)EA Battoujutsu attack somewhat lacking in speed, but with incredibly long-range and power. Gen fires his blade at a precise timing while performing the Battoujutsu technique, thus giving it incredible range and power from its momentum.

Futae Setsuna no Jyuujigiri (Dual Moment Cross Slash)EThe ultimate and strongest Battoujutsu technique that Gen possesses. The basic technique is the same as Ameotoshi Battoujutsu, except two swords are employed, one launched vertically and the other launched horizontally. This attack is nearly impossible to dodge, and is a few times faster than the Ameotoshi technique. However, it takes extreme concentration and focus, and drains the spirit after use.

Rakuhouha Kenbu (Phoenix Fall Sword Dance)EA Kenbu (Sword Dance) which is performed only when Gen fights an opponent who he deems worthy. Focusing his entire being into his swords, Gen goes on a seemingly berserk rampage. The rampage, however, is well calculated and the external storm only hides the internal calm and void within. This Dance is not only on ground, but will also take to the air if necessary and due to his specially crafted katana, his Kenbu is nearly impossible to dodge. His Kenbu attack seemingly leaves an illusion behind as he moves, thus making it harder for the opponent to hit him in his frenzy.

Appearance: Smooth, black hair tied back in a ponytail. Moderately tall. A dark-blue long-sleeved shirt with the kanji ?AmeEwritten in white on the back. Black sash loosely tied around the waist, and dark-blue pants. Swords attached to the waist of both sides. Quiet, calm face, usually accompanied with a faint smile. Thin, but not scrawny thin.

Personality: Calm, yet a complete demon in battle. Is loyal provided he believes in the cause, but prefers to work independently. Has great respect for life, but will not falter to take it should he find himself in danger.

Bio: Always in adoration and captivated by the stories of samurais and the concept of Bushido, Gen took the path of pioneering a whole new branch of combat style which uses a sword as a viable weapon in a society where guns are dominant. Upon diligent practice and study, Gen ultimately arrived at the conclusion that the only aspect in which the gun holds dominance over swords is its range and power. Confident that he could cover the lack of power with his natural talent, Gen struggled to find a way to even the advantage of distance. This he accomplished by attaching a wire connecting the blade and the hilt, and crafting it so that it could fire its blade. Practice with this new type of sword changed Gen?s fighting style. In order to use his katana to its full potential, Gen decided that normal sweeps and slashes were too slow and did not possess enough strength to effectively slice his opponents. He began to base his style around the Battoujutsu technique, an attack in which the blade is drawn directly from the sheath as it attacks, thus giving the blade increased velocity and power. The Battoujutsu technique, combined with the range and momentum from the launched blade finally satisfied Gen. Gen?s already formidable swordsmanship augmented by his newfound strength makes him a formidable warrior indeed.
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Umm...Char, just post the basics. Like your characters name, age, race, then give a brief description on appearance, weapons, and bio...Just to give people an idea...

Metatron!! Hey bud, I too was hoping you would join. Good character, where is he from? Does he have fam? Friends? I was just wondering. I love Gen already! Had to say that...
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[color=blue][font=arial]Well, this is the first time I've done anything like this...so here we go....

Name: Sephiroth (sa-FEAR-oth)
Age: 27
Race: Human

Weapon: Bo that can split into kin-do sticks, allowing the user to fight with 2 weapons instead of one

Personality: Although he is the joker at times, Sephiroth gets serious when the fight comes to him. He is a bit shady, but it comes with his experience as an ex-mercenary

Bio: At age 7, he was abandoned by his parents. He fought on his own until a mercenary picked him up one day. He never turned back. Sephiroth gains his humor from the fact that he cannot stand death. Rather than kill his enemies, he disables them. Not much else is known about this character[/color][/font]
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Okay here is a breif summary of my character.

Name: Mystika
Age:656 (I think that's what I put in the original version.)
Race: Fairy
Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Whip, and a Magical Sword (blue and white handle, her ancestors sword, it can call upon her ancestors for help and guidence)
Appearance: Long white hair, silverish blue eyes, blue tatoo on forehead (a cresent moon with a small star dangling from the top point if the moon), pointed ears, blue and white butterfly wings (which she can make disappear and reappear at will), white tank top that stops short of the belly button, long white skirt with two slits on both sides that start right below her thighs, white knee high boots (they are high heels).
Bio: (In my second post of "Lost Hearts".)
Personality: She is friendly and will always be loyal to those who are loyal to her. She has animal friends that will come to her aid when asked. She is very smart and is calm in almost any situation. She is also excellent in battle.

I think that's good enough don't you Anima?
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Well.. I decided to switch my char. Sorry animanga lol. But i msged ssjbrolli and he liked this char just as much as Gen, so here it is.

Name: Enrique Warrington
Age: 123
Race: Human


Poison Tipped Scissors Suwayyah (x 2) ? A claw dabbed in each tip with a poison that prevents blood clotting. The claw is single-tipped, but by pulling the trigger on the handle, spreads out into 4 different claws. The aim of this curious contraption is to stab the enemy deeply, spread out the claw in the body of the enemy, twist, and then pull out. This causes a huge wound in the opponent, and the poison prevents the wound from closing, bleeding the enemy until it eventually dies.

Poison Tipped Darts ? These darts too are poison-tipped, and allows Warrington to strike the foe from a distance. Unlike the poison employed in his Suwayyahs, the poison on these darts results in a hallucinating effect on the foe. This is especially helpful to Warrington since his style revolves around claws, and it helps him to approach his opponents with the minimum damage possible.


Immunity ? Due to his constant dabbling with poison, Warrington has gained immunity to all forms of poison. He cannot be poisoned, and he is immune to most diseases as well. Many foolish attempts to poison Warrington have proved to be a dismal failure; instead of weakening him, it further strengthened his immunity, thus making him even more powerful. However, the only down side is the fact that poison courses through his entire body much like blood to an ordinary human being, and having skin contact with him can result in a long and painful death.

Plague Nova ? Warrington unleashes a cloud of poison. This gaseous venom reacts quickly with the air, spreads up to a radius of 50 meters in a few seconds, and will not dissipate for a day. Any life form caught within this cloud is guaranteed a slow, painful death in the course of the next hour. The toxin is strong enough to corrode most known metals, and can be transmitted through the skin therefore making gas masks utterly useless.

Regeneration ? The unnatural mix of many toxins and chemicals in Warrington?s system had a curious effect upon his body functions. With the introduction of an unknown combination of chemicals and toxins, Warrington?s self-regenerating effect of the body was significantly increased, making his wounds heal at up to 10 times that of an average human being. A bruise or a scratch will disappear in a matter of minutes, and severe injuries, such as broken bones, ruptured organs, etc. can be remedied in a day at most.

Appearance: A dirty, white lab coat, with five vials filled with red fluid in his chest pocket. His hair is disheveled and coarse, and his face is deadly pale. His skin has a black-green tint to it due to the numerous chemicals flowing through his veins. Wears oval shaped glasses, and comfortable, black pants.

Personality: Solitary, quiet, watchful, distrustful, and analytical.

Bio: A World War I veteran, Warrington suffered the horrendous effects of mustard gas that many of his comrades shared. However, his body seemed to have a natural resistance to the toxin. After suffering for a month in the hospital, the disease suddenly appeared to have left him. Or so it seemed. After the war, Warrington discovered in himself a natural resistance, and in some cases, immunity to most of the venom known today. Being a chemist, he slowly adapted himself to more and more poisons by taking in small quantities of them daily and slowly increasing his dosage. One day, this unnatural mixture of chemicals in his body made him severely sick, almost to the point of death. His sickness, however, was followed immediately by a sudden recovery, much like his recovery from mustard gas. Miraculously, his recovery was followed by his body slowly un-aging, and his body was restored to those of his 20s. Upon research, Warrington concluded that some, or perhaps all of the toxins in his body had formed a sort of an enzyme previously unknown to man, which kept the body?s functions and metabolisms at that of a 20yr. old. This enzyme also provided him with inhuman regeneration, making him immune to most diseases and injuries known to man. The government, hearing of Warrington?s miracles, abducted him, examining his body in minute detail. But the government?s research team died a mysterious death, which resulted from physical contact with the subject. The government sought to dispose of Warrington, realizing the potential for death and decay he possessed. Warrington was no naïve man, and fled as soon as possible, through means unknown. He has been pursued repeatedly by agents sent by the government, though none of them returned alive to report the subject terminated. Eventually, the government either gave up or thought him dead, and he was left to his peace. However, his body was now no longer that of a human being, his touch meant death to any living creature and he never felt that he truly shook off the efforts of the government. To protect himself from his pursuers, he turned to his unnatural abilities, and to his unmatched knowledge of toxins, chemicals, and poisons. Because of being dogged constantly, he is highly distrustful of anyone. However, once his trust is earned, he is a worthy warrior, and also as a doctor; he is able to cure most diseases through his specialized drugs.

Btw, this is the 2nd rpg im entering him in lol. I want to see if i can use him differently according to the different story line, plots, etc.
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Charlie, that will be fine. Whoever wants to get more details on your character's personality, etc. then they can go to the thread...

Hey Metatron, could you give me a pm please?

Okay people, I need atleast 2 more girls..AND they must not be human! A whymsical creature(fairy or an elf, which I have no elves, so that would be nice if I had an elf*winks*) Please I need girls!!! I think 2 will do it....
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Name: Zeke Rains
Age: He was born in the earth year 123 B.C.
Race: Empowered being from a different existence
Weapon: A kusari-gama, or in english, a chain and sickle. he also has his shadow powers, but they are not used often.
Personality: He is a dark minded one, and his mood is often spoiled by his dark memories. He is not one to mess with.
Bio: He was geneticly engineered from scratch in a world called the Shadow Realm. He has a twin brother, and he left the world of shadows because of the people hating him and trying to kill him. He has numerous scars all over his body, and it contrasts sharply to his smooth milk white skin. He hides his scars by wearing heavy clothing and his long black hair also helps to take people's attention to his face, not his body. He hates to kill, but will beat the crap out of some one. Zeke is immune to most of the weapons in this world, like swords and such, they can cut him and bruise him, but they do not leave scars.

edit: I changed some grammer mistakes and reworded some things
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