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RPG A challenge, for all who oppose me!


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by lil_hell4t [/i]
[B]baah!!!....hmm...i cant right now cos i am about to go out to a friends so i wont be a ble to fite for a while..so ill challenge you when i getz bak...*runs off*

[SIZE=1]oh and btw' ill be back in about...hmmm4 hours or so..[/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE]

I too must go. But I shall return in about 4 hours to fight you!!!
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Warlock: "Wait a moment, I have someone outside who needs to be seriously hurt..."

[I]Warlock teleports outside, grabs jcgoudy, and blasts him in the face. Warlock then appears back near lil hell.[/I]

Warlock: "Okay, now I'll start!"

[I]Warlock promptly speeds at lil hell, and begins by simply punching and kicking at lil hell all over. As lil hell starts to block them more often, Warlock flys back, and aims his hand at lil hell. Blue energy forms in it, and fires at lil hell at an incredible speed...[/I]
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lil hell4t zaps just in time to mis the beam..as it hurtles into the ground and explodes....lil hell reapears infront of jc and gives him a dollar.."here now go and buy yourself an icecream and stop MOONING WARLOCK"..zaps behind warlock...warlock turns to get a fist to the face..although he is hardly phased by the atttack...he grabs lil hells arm and throws him at the ground...lil hell grabs warlocks hand before being hurtled down and throws him to the ground...he powers up to half maximum and fires a small ki blast that travels at an alarming speed rite at warlock

warlock raises his head to face a red beam thats just about to touch his nose..
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Well, everyone else will have to get in line. Unless of course they open another topic, then I can fight more people.


[I]The red beam explodes in Warlock's face, and slowly the dust settles. Warlock is still there, but slightly injured.[/I]

Lil hell: How did you survive that?

Warlock: Shield mean anything to you?

[I]Warlock jumped to his feet, and got into his fighting posistion, and quickly scanned lil hell mentally, trying to find his current power level, and any weaknesses he may have. His scan is cut short by an advancing lil hell, and Warlock launches back into battle. Warlock catches a fist thrown by lil hell, and throws lil hell up. Warlock gives a quick smirk, and lil hell realises a ki orb 'glued' to his arm. It explodes with a tremendous force...[/I]
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watches warlock dodge the beam and fly towards him

lil hell- snigger

*just as warlocks about to whack lil hell in the face he dissapears...and reapears above warlock

lil hell- BURNING BEAM HA!!!!

*fires a small burning red beam at warlock ,warlock manages to whack it away but turns to get a fist in the face,warlock goes hurtling to the ground
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[I]Lil hell watches Warlock hurtle towards the ground, and doesn't notice the other Warlock behind him, who in turn punches lil hell towards the ground. Further below, the other Warlock lands gracefully, and points his arms at the falling lil hell. [/I]

Warlock #1: "JUJISKU HA!!!"

[I]An orange orb appears in Warlock's hands, and locks on to lil hell. It fires, and makes it's way to lil hell, who is somehow paralysed...[/I]
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