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Guest Skyechild91

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Guest Skyechild91
Okay. I got board so I decided to start this RPG.
These twelve kids witnessed an accident that was caused by evil magic. Some barley know one another, while others are best friends. These kids have to protect the earth from this evil force using their givin good magic from the zodiac.They all go to Sakura Star High. Their magic is strongest together, but is still deadly by themselves. Ten died in the accident, causing the twelve pain and sorrow. Each one was close to at least one of the twevle, if not two. The gods decided that they deserved their powers, adn also gave them the responsability of protecting others to prevent it from happening again.
They are-


These twelve kids witnessed an accident that was caused by evil magic. These kids have to protect the earth from this evil force using their givin good magic from the zodiac. CIS-


Name-Selenay Cannon
Age- 14
Gender- Female
Sign- Pices, Water, Neptune
Weapon- Serenity Staff
Abilities- Various water spells, planet spells, and sign spells. She is the first and strongest magic user of the 12.
Persona- Stubborn, sweet, perky, spunky
Features-[IMG]http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/mysticmeg/24/Ayashi/Images/ayashi1-front.jpg[/IMG] The girl!
Bio- Gotta get back.

Okay, sign away!
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Name-Rem meoga
Sign-Leo fire sun
Weapon-Flaming sword
Abilities-Fire dance-Spell that sends fire raining from the sky and rays of sunlight-sends a blinding light great for a sneek attack
Features-Long dark purple hair cloths (songos normal outfit)
Persona-has to much self confadence and has the attitude of inuyasha.
Bio-She was raised in japana

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Guest Skyechild91
Oaky, I dont wanna b mean or anything, but cud you make that slightly more detailed? And if you wanna put a pic on their press teh IMG button adn ad the address. i think... Oh, and Selenay's outfit is the girl school uniform. and she is really aya from Ayashi No Ceres.
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[color=hotpink][size=1]I want to be Taurus/Earth/Venus, if you don't mind. I'll edit this later


[b]Name-[/b] Tara

[b]Age-[/b] 18

[b]Gender-[/b] Female

[b]Sign-[/b] Taurus/Earth/Venus

[b]Weapon-[/b] A beautiful crystal bow that seems it would snap from use.

[b]Abilities-[/b] Very skilled archer, can heal in small amounts. Sometimes has the capablitity to summon earth magic.

[b]Features-[/b] Beautiful long, golden blonde hair, pale green eyes, and a graceful slender appearance. Attired in a fair green dress adorned in yellow and pink flowers.

[b]Persona-[/b] Gentle and kind in everyway, but firm when her mind is made up, much like the earth that she dwells upon. She has a sincere love for nature and things of that sort. She truly loved anything that is beautiful and treasures her home in the forest.

[b]Bio-[/b] Lives alone in the forest, protecting all the magical creatures that live there.[/color][/size]
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Name- Dango

Age- 15



Weapon- Sword

Abilities- Fighting, nerve racking attitude. Very scary. And a fire skill he got off his father, and load of earth skill.

Features- [url]http://www.rowdyruff.net/images/fanart/crystal/CFGuy.png[/url]

Personality- Funny, loves to make people stare. He has a thing, he likes to scare people by stareing.

Bio- Dango is very funny. He and his brother spent hours laughing. Dango was the stronger one, and his borther was the brains. Dango departed from his brother at the age of 23, and decided to go his own ways. Dango speaks one strange Language, english...


Argh..some one got Loe...my favourite star sign...[/SIZE]
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name: Ares
age: 17
gender: male
sign: Cancer
weapon: katana
abilities: he is a very good fighter.
personality: he's quiet and strong, but he is a good person. He doesn't socialize a lot.
bio: He was born in Kyoto, Japan and his katana was given to him at birth. He only uses it in emergencies, because his hands are his best weapons. He was born in his mother's house along the shore. He loves to swim.

[color=green}features:[/color] [IMG]http://gioco.net/lof/Iori.jpg[/IMG]
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Guest Skyechild91
Okay, Queen asuka. I g2g 4 now, but will put more depth into my story when i get back. Thanks terra! And vicky, there is another fire one. You could do Aries, or Saggitarius. Both are good. and im pices, cuz thats my real zodiac sign. as well as the other things. neptune and water are my stuff. for real. good so far. And kytoruler, make him a little younger. these are spoosed to be teens, if you havent noticed. and if it isnt to much trouble, would you like to join terra?
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Name- Aeris Albina

Age- 16

Gender- Female

Sign- Gemini-Air-Mercury

Weapon- Ruby-Jeweled Glaive

Abilities- She doesn't have much magical ability, besides basic zodiac wind spells. To make up for that she has great agility and strength.

Features- See attachment
Yup, same shirt, jewel, hair, and she has garnet pants.

Persona- A sweet, kind, and soft-spoken person who believes that everything has some good in it, no matter how evil it may seem.

Bio- Aeris was born into a community of underground slave trade((meaning that the opperation was secret, :P not litterally underground)). Her family was shipped around to many a place on Earth before she was finally split from them and sold to a rich and powerful maharajah. She was treated like nothing more than a toy there, but she kept her head up high. She thought that he would eventually turn over a new leaf. But she was wrong. One night, he tried to go too far, but Aeris was able to escape. It definately wasn't easy, but she had been taking secret lessons from the captain of the gaurds in defense and attack. She used these to get away and make it out of the country. She lived off of peoples generosity for 3 years. She then witnessed "The Accident" and received her zodiac powers.
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Name: Hiten Garm (Burning Heaven Flowing Fire's Void)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sign: Aries-Fire-Mars


Blaze Suwayyah - Two lethal set of claws that are enchanted to be burning hot as if straight out of the forge. A simple blow will burn the flesh, leaving a wound and a burn. If one is impaled by this claw, the organs will be roasted, leading to almost instantaneous death.


Permanent Immolation - Burning air always seems to follow Garm, giving him a protective layer of armor at all times. Depending on Garm's mood, the intensity of the heat varies. When Garm is in battle feeling the adrenaline rush, this armor will melt anything that comes within its proximity. This armor doubles as an offensive skill, since Garm's combat style is based upon melee. Any enemy engaged in close combat with him must deal with the burning air, and Garm's formidable attacks.

Blazing Salve - A self-healing spell. By focusing a mild heat to his wounds, Garm can regenerate his wounds. This cannot be used on other players, since the fire will scorch them instead of healing them. This can also be used as an offensive spell, but is more often used as taunts or to provoke enemies into attacking.

Blaze Path - By channeling a huge amount of heat energy, Garm leaves a crimson trail of fire to follow him around. This is especially useful in throwing off pursuers, or to entrap an opponent by circling around them.

Appearance: A black-red shirt with the Kanji "Hi" inscribed on the left chest area. Wears Black Pants. Long, Spikey black hair, rosy face.

Persona: Best defense is a good offense kinda guy. He is usually quiet, but can flare up unexpectedly. In a battle, he is always in the front line, hacking away at whatever he deems to be an enemy.

Bio: Born in the rural villages of Japan, Garm's original name was Hiko. He lost his parents early in his life, and a local temple took him in. There, he became enchanted by the local ceremonies which made full use of the might of fire, and has since then strove to wield fire to his will. The claws he wield were the treasure of the temple, once used by an ancient warrior blest by the gods. One day, however, a fabulously rich patron came by, and offered to buy the claws at a staggering price. The head-monk steadfastly refused, saying that the claws were to be kept there until the time was right. Apparently, this displeased the patron, and by using his vast wealth, attempted to acquire the claws by force. One night, he sent his guards to take claw by any means possible. The monks resisted, but were gunned down. In the final moments before his death, the head-monk cast the claws into the hands of Hiko who was at that time 12, and told him to flee through the woods. Hiko changed his name to Garm, and has roamed the countries, seeking revenge against the murderer of his mentor.


There. No longer a Leo. I think the bio was a bit corny, but please forgive me on that.
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Name- Sasha Mistral
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Sign- Scorpio-Water-Pluto
Weapon- Bow and arrows
Abilities- Water spells, some ice spell too seeing as Pluto is so cold, and one or two air spells.
Features- Short light blue hair, blue eyes. Wears jeans and blue sleeveless tunic over white shirt, black boots.
Persona- Very stubborn, and also tenacious. Doesn't know when to shut up. Loves to make friends, but is also very good at making enemies. Knows how to hold a grudge.
Bio- She was born on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio, making her a Scorpio- but just barely. She lives with her mother and older brother. Her father died before she was born. She has always wanted to meet him. She is quite weak physically, but will not let that stop her in a fight, and she's quite good at evasion. Her dream is to see her family reunited.

Awww, I wanted Capricorn. vicky, can we switch or something? Pleez?
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Guest Skyechild91
Nice so far. Her the are:

Stick Fairy-Sasha/Scorpio
erinzyger- Aeris/gemini
Queen Askua-Taurus
the rest of ou need to change your signs.

i still need-
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Weapon-staff and crossbow and arrows
Abilities-A very capable fighter, basic fire throwing spells from staff
Features-tall for a girl, 5'10''ish. black hair with streaks of blue. She wears black pants and tunic that are accented in blue and dark red.
Persona-Hot tempered and easily angried. she is very defensive and always on her guard. She's got trust issues, and is always on task. She takes on too much herself out of fear that others will either not get it done or not do it right. Her constant companion is her dog, Rue, who looks suspiciously wolfish...
Bio-Abandoned as an infant, Metta has lived her entire life in the streeets of a small farm village. While the people there accepted her and offered to take her in she shunned them, accepting only what she needed from them, and always paying them back with some kind of work. She rescued Rue one day from farmers trying to kill him as a pup. She is apt at finding or making shelters and food when needed.

I'll have to finish later, my roomie needs the computer for home work.[/color]
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Name- Euri
Age- 16
Sign- Aquarius (?)
Weapon- Dagger
Abilities- As Aquarius, she can... control the direction the wind blows. Woo... and she can memorize stuff easily... wind IS the messenger.
Features- Red hair, shoulder length. Freckles in a thin band across the bridge of her nose, which is fairly small, even in comparison to her face. Blue-grey eyes.
Persona- Quiet, day dreamer, vengeful, and quirky. Basically, quiet weird girl who will kill you if you do anything offensive. ANYTHING.
Bio- She has a reputation of literally living in the principal's office for threatening the lives of quite a few students and bringing a weapon to school. Her dagger. :-D Nobody talks to her anymore... aww. So she's an (alone) quiet daydreamer with a knife. She rather likes it that way.

This ish my first post. ... I hope it makes sense. And I'm sorry about the yeps. ^^;; I do that sometimes.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Name-Nisha Toki




Weapon-Venus Trident of Air

Abilities-Various Air and Water spells.Can control winds and create whirlwinds,tornadoes,cyclones etc.She's very acrobatic and quick like a blowing wind.

Features-See attachment

Persona-Kind and caring she makes friends very easily.Like a calm breeze she can keep a level head in bad times and can calm everyone down.She likes to help people and she has an exellent memory.

Bio-Nisha likes to make new friends.When she was born she was born on the first day of Libra.The scales of her sign keep her balanced in any rough times.She was the only person who tried to make friends with Euri after everyone started to be afraid of her.[/color]
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Name: Kitty Moon

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sign: Virgo/Earth/Mercury

Weapn: Boomerang!

Abilities: Earth Spells such as earthquakes, minor wind spells.

Features: Short, lilac hair with kitty ears, yellow eyes with silver flecks. Short sleeved open black shirt, over a white tube top. black tight shorts.

Bio: Half cat, half human, who can control the earth. She was taken away from her parents and was forced to grow up in the wild. She is a peppy, perky girl who makes friends easily.

If I need to change anything, let me know!
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Guest Skyechild91
Looks good. You dont need to change anything. Here is our pplz.

Me- Selenay/Pices/Water/Neptune
Inuyashagurl_15- Rem/Leo/Fire/Sun
Queen Asuka- Tara/Taurus/Earth/Venus
vicky- Dango/Capricorn/Earth/Saturn
kytoruler- Ares/Cancer/Water/Moon
erinzyger- Aeris/Gemini/Air/Mercury
Metatron- Hiten/Aries/Fire/mars
Stick Fairy- Sasha/Scorpio/Pluto
Molleta- Metta/Saggitarius/Fire/Jupiter
reka- Euri/Aquarius/Air/Uranus
Ohkami- Nisha/Libra/Air/Venus
Shadowkitty- Kitty/Virgo/Earth/Mercury
Yayyyy!!! Looks like we have evryone. Ill start this now, okay?
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With all the ppl who signed up, I think there's gonna have to be more than 1 person per sign. Just a thought.

Name- Natya

Age- 15

Gender- Female

Sign- Libra/Wind/Venus (if allowed) or Aries/Fire/Mars

Weapon- Galeforce Arrow (libra)/ Flame Sword (Aries)

I'll get the rest of the stuff once I get confirmation on what I can be. Thanks.
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Guest Skyechild91
Okay, i hate to trun down a good sign up, but we already have all our ppl. Only twelve kids witnessed the accident, and they were givin powers. You can be a bad guy, we need one. But only if youy want. Uh-oh. Terra! Um.. shadow kitty... the last spot was reserved, and I forgot! if you dont mind, could you give terra your spot? unless terra doesnt mind being another bad guy...:bawl:
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