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Writing Poems: Post Your Own


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This is a thread where you can post your own poems that you've made up. They can be in any form, they can be any length, and they can be about anything. I will start:

[FONT=century gothic]Darkness[/FONT]

Darkness surrounds and engulfs me. I try to get through, get to the light, but I found none. Only a sea of eternal darkness lay ahead of me. An ocean of sorrow and broken dreams and promises. A swirling mist of forgotteness. I knew then that I would never be happy again, never laugh, never see the light. Then you caught me from the swirling blackness. Your light grew brighter everyday until you lead me out of the dark and into light. I was there for a long time, in the light. But, in every lighted place, there is shadow, and did you even glance at the ones in this one? It took such an effort to get use to, because I had spent so long in the dark, that I gave way, and fell into darkness again. I don't think I shall ever return this time...

[FONT=century gothic]Autumn[/FONT]

Silence rides the autumn breeze,
Blowing colors in the leaves.
As wind picks up, temperatures go down,
and kids go parading through the town.
Walking to each house begging for treats,
when others give out candy, we give out meats.:-\

LOL! No, not really! I was just kidding.

[FONT=century gothic]Halloween[/FONT]

Halloween, a fearful night,
full of danger, lacking light.
In the dark the clock does sound,
to turn your world upside down.

The clock will sound 12 chimes,
and all those dead will arise.
To haunt this place, this night so new,
to keep away the morning dew.

And, if you are out on this lonely night,
you might never again see the light...

There! Now, does anyone else want to post their own?

to thethespian: I couldn't have gotten any ideas from you because I wrote down what was in my soul, not your head.
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of course i do! and just to let you guys know, with my first poem that has to do with darkness, i didn't get the idea from her! She got it from me, we're friends so we know eachother. Well, here it goes

I have plunged into a world of darkness. around me are scatterd hopes and dreams being dissintegrated by the blackness. I try to reach for them but i fall. The swirling mist of sadness washes over me while i sob into the darkness. No more shall i see the light. No more shall my heart be alive. No more. No more. I feel like dieing what is the point of living if its living like this. With just swirling blackness all around me. I fall the darkness swallowing me whole but i am caught. I am caught by the single teardrop of someone. Someone near but yet so far. They pull me up through that nightmarish place. They lift my soul my thoughts and dreams flow back to me and i see the face of you bringing me back to the place i had thought i'd never be again. Happiness. Thanks for being my friend. I thought u were my friend. but when i when i was up in happiness. I was thrown back down to the depths of despair. You said u didn't care, deep inside i knew u did. I still wait for that one moment. When i will see that teardrop of u. But this time i hope its pure. I hope its real. For i wish to get out of this depressing hell. I want to be back where i was before, but this time, i want to stay. If u do care, show me.

Autumn Memories (i didn't get this idea from her either!)
Walking through the colourful forest, leaves of every hue showing so bright in my eyes, i walk onward, towards lichened rocks, glazed with memories so long forgotten. I hear the gentle sough of the wind, sounding like voices, voices i can not seem to grasp in my mind, but are there in my heart. The wind grows stronger, blowing through my hair, awakening all of my senses, but also awakening reality. The forest is no longer full of colours, but it is blighted. Pensively, i sit on a decomposing stump knowing why i am here. Tears roll silently from my eyes, as i start drowning in this melancholy world.

Halloween (ok this one i got the idea from her but its still different)

Evil lurks round every bend, spirits, ghosts, spell casters too, fleeing from evil, fleeing from disaster. The darkness sends me on an ultimate high! The mystery, excitement, the feeling of it all! The most wonderful thing about fall! Being something u are not normally! Going around in the night! Searching for treats for ur delight! Hoping some evil monster comes to give you some adventure. The clock tolls twelve the evil is gone. Not one more fright. well, this is good bye till next year, halloween night!

This poem was kinda weird and stupid but its still HALOWEEEEEEEEEEEN!

i got lots of other poems too but i don't want to post em now
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[FONT=century gothic]I'm Still Waiting[/FONT]

I thought I was lost,
in eternal dark,
then, at great cost,
your care became a spark.

That spark became a flame,
and that flame became a fire,
you lead me from the dark game,
but never did you tire.

You lead me to the light,
our friendship still intact,
you brightened up my night,
with your noble act.

But years went by,
and you got bored of me,
how I always cry,
and tragic things I make you see.

But, if I am alone,
I fear how tragic I'll be,
you know when your light had shown,
I was on bended knee.

Now I sit here waiting,
for that one pure flame,
to rescue me from hating,
hating in that dark game.

Dying might be easier,
though to you it might seem hard,
but your light went out sooner,
and you played this tragic card.

You brought this upon yourself,
my family and I,
you helped me for a while,
but then left me here to die.

Dying is my freedom,
dying is the only way,
to get away from this horror dome,
and into the true light of day.

So good-bye I say to you,
you had your one chance,
to keep me in the life circle,
to keep me in the life dance.

But now I've left this circle,
and my feet ache from this dance,
it's time for me to return,
to whom started my life chance.
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Guest Goddess
My Poem:

...Untitled 12...

As I lie here,
In the silence of the night,
I think you, my dear,
A single burning light.

You lit up my world,
You gave me life,
I'm lost without you,
Loneliness a deadly knife.

You gave me wings,
You taught me to fly,
You showed compassion,
And I learned to fly.

I was alone,
I was scared,
You were kind,
You truly cared.

So now as the minutes tick by,
As the birds fly away,
I look to the future,
To when we'll meet someday.
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That's really good! It's really got a lot of meaning and it's shown in a very good way! If you want any advise on it though, you could ask me. (Though I don't think mine are better than yours. Yours totally rock ^_^)! Suggestions:
There's really nothing to suggest accept that the rythm of the poem changes where it shouldn't. Like, in the middle of a few stanzas, there was a line or two that goofed up the rythm. Also, you rhymed "fly" with "fly" and I think that could be fixed. But all and all its wonderful!! Great job! ^_^!
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[size=1][color=CC0000]Kieko, don't double post.

[b][u]Aquis Nefandus[/u][/b]

[i]A look into a mirror reveals what I have truly become. I gaze from sallow holes in my face, shadowed with time and wonder why I am like this. A stroll through the forest. Another trail taken. Outside says "right", but inside I am undecided. Perhaps the crystalline web will answer if I call out. It dances with a million tiny flames, identical from afar. A venture close and a focus into the dim, dancing light reveals, it reveals each are different, dancing to a melody that the forest is not. Golden light pierces the canopy and rushes into my face, surging with energy. How will this be transferred? How will it ever help my struggle? Carelessly I would get entangled in the web, tiny flames pinching at my skin, despite my efforts to cease it. Then I'd stumble into a clearing, a crystal clear lake. In the freezing void there is nothing but aching eyes, hurting arms and trails of green that try to ensare my bleeding legs. Thorny branches open up old memories which reveal, they reveal that I was once ablaze with life. But with smoke trailing, it is clear to see that I have been extinguished once again.[/i]

Another surreal weirdy thing from Weh. [/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][color=chocolate] Dunno if what I write can be seen as poetry, but I feel like sharing. this "poem" was originally in swedish, so some is lost in translation (that's the way it goes I suppose), but hopefully the feeling will come across :) [/color]

[color=sea-green][i]I have no will
I have no capacity
I have no strength
I have no desire

But I would like to
And I would be able to
I would try so hard
I would want it so badly

What if I fail miserably?
I could fall too deep?
Then I?d be hurt again!
I might surrender?

Then again I fought yesterday
I might as well fight tomorrow
I have won battles
I could win again[/i][/color]

- Mimmi

EDIT: forgot to say that the poems are all lovely. there's real thought and passion in them. keep it up!.[/SIZE]
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Guest Goddess
Nice one Mimmi! It doesn't need to rhyme, or atleast, I don't think so. I like the way your poem has a theme. Mine are always random. >_<;;

Critical Note: I like it but....the rhythm seems a little off. But, that's just my opinion. ^_^

Yeah! Any suggestions or ideas would be great!
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[color=chocolate]thankyou Goddess, and yes... somehow my stuff always seems to lose rhythm/beat. I need to work on that. my excuse is that it's old "poems" that I've dug out, and I can't bring myself to edit them, fearing that something might get lost. translating them doesn't help either. maybe I should just do them in english and I won't have that problem no more :)
here's another one:[/color]

[SIZE=01][i]your presence is law
your suffering is also
my existence an exception
my pain also
I give, you take
You take, I give

your voice reaching heaven
mine lost in shadows
my life - a fading whisper
Yours - an undying echo
I give, you take
You take, I give

You are beyond
I am behind
You are moonlight
I am stardust
You shall take from me no more
I shall not give to anyone no more[/i][/SIZE]

- Mimmi
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Forever Spiralling

Down we go, down, down
Ever turning,
Forever spiralling,
Always righting wrongs,
Then wronging our rights,
When will it end?
Our truths are our lies,
Without lies, there can be no truth,
Where there is darkness,
There shall be light,
But where there is light,
There is shadow, that turns to darkness,
Never shall we stop trying to lift out of our circling spiral,
But never will we be able to get out of it.
Ever turning,
Forever spiralling.

-- Inti
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Sorry this poem is so long and old


I want to see you cry,
To make you feel the pain and lies,
And in the end to see you die,
For I cannot thought I try,
Bring myself more tears to cry,
I want to see inner fears,
I want to see pearly tears,
On sides of checks caress,
The soft sound of whimpering distress,
My sick sadist laughter you well hear,
For as you cry I feel your fears,
The sadist part of life I know,
Is seeing red crimson dot the snow,
The happiest I feel at night,
Is when your tears betray your plight,
I want to see you cry,
Because I know that when you do,
Finally I will see inside of you,
For every time the tears I cry,
I bare my soul and cannot lie,
For each painted drop that falls,
Shows my weakness as I call,
And now I want you to see,
How sad I am because you be,
And when I cry you stand there still,
And I know my pain you do not feel.

Yeah its long and sad but oh well. Thanks.
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Sadness seeps unwittingly
into my heart.
He's forsaken me
and my love
I don't understand why,
it hurts when he
says those things...I know
I hurt him before..But I've repented
and asked for his forgiveness,
Still he will not recieve me into
his heart or mind.
I can only watch from the rain
as he goes on living
in his hurt, ignoring my
existance. I see only what
I've done and caused
in him, none of what used to be there.
The tears flow freely,
unbridled as I try to
figure out why he'd ignore my pleas.
Eventually I'll turn into a stone statue that
nothing can ever hope to warm,
cold and disparing, stuck in
my place by the window of his
heart yearning for the forgiveness
I shall never have.
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My poems aren't as good as some of yours but anywayz...

When I first saw you I couldn?t believe my eyes,
you were good looking, sweet and an all around nice guy.
I trusted you, and cared for you, i cherished what we had
I thought you?d always be there for me ?
that you?d comfort me when I was sad

I really liked you, but for you it was a game
I had no idea that you didn?t feel the same.
You moved away, you stopped talking to me,
the pain you have caused is slowly killing me.

I like your sense of humour
I like the way you care
I like it that you think i'm pretty
I like it that you're there

I like the way you look
I like the way you smile
I like the way you feel bad if we haven't talked for a while
I like the way you weren't too shy to tell me how you feel
I like the way we feel the same
You know this could be real
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Two little efforts of mine. Hey Chloe, nice to see your poems.

I blanked out my town name: my mum doesn't want everyone to know where I live. Heh.

Poem About ******** - My Place.

********, a veritable paradise,
Nestled in the enclosing, hospitable arms
Of the valley, with the ********* River
Rushing through valley, under the bridge
Over which the cars trail, on their frenetic
Journeys to towns in distant places.

The trains run through the town in the early hours,
Like weary marathon runners
They steam and snort through the town.
Clitter, clatter, clitter, clatter goes
The din as they rush over the crossing,
Disturbing the peace at 3.00 am
With their clitters and clatters.

Look out from my window,
What do I see, over the roads
The old gum trees and the dams
And the roads, ever being foremost
And omnipresent, in this world of ours.

Many years ago, I fancy to imagine
What it was like. Was it bustling and busy?
No I think not. Was it quiet and peaceful
With the breeze in the trees? The soft murmur
Of leaves and the chitter of birds.
Birds chitter and chatter,
Trains clitter and clatter,
Yet I wonder which is more common
And preferable in this world of ours.

Humans come with their noise and harsh ways
Tearing from ground the ancient
Trees, who have stood far longer than a single man
Only to be ultimately destroyed
By man, for man. Who belongs?
Heaven knows the sounds of the birds, the animals,
Is preferable to the unearthly din of the traffic,
And trains with their clitter and clatter disturbing
Both bush and residence alike
With the noise of man
That which is unearthly and artificial.

The mist, on cold mornings, covers the
Valley floor, rendering everything a cold,
Unearthly pallor, like those long dead
Fingers and noses are red and numb
The only signs of life in the hunched, shuffling figures
This is something of nature
Indifferent to mans? petty attempts to ward it
Something that is basic and ancient
Like the landscape itself, a fortress
Impenetrable. Yet we fight it. For this world of ours.

We extinguish nature?s beauty most anywhere
We inhabit or live on because we crush
The landscape is our drive to crush
The land for our needs that crush
Nature for purpose of crush
That is humans subconscious ideal
To tame, thereby destroying
In the name of progress
Which is actually stepping
Backwards towards a bad time
Where technology fights to sustain the
Earth that we will destroy.

No more trees with sweet bloom
But pills, flavourless, colourless
No flowers or animals
Aside from weeds in parking lots
And mass produced meat attatched
To IV tubes to be fed
To people who?s grandparents ate the real thing
Which has been crushed by our subconscious ideal.
******** will be no more, covered with city
For farms are not required for breeding meat
And space is needed for people. Outside their windows are other windows. No trees or dams but still roads, ever foremost and omnipresent in this world of ours.

Here is one about Penang

As I look out to sea, the blue of the waves.
Into the land I see the green of the trees
This wonderful island.
Seemingly made just to please.
The sand between ones? toes
The noise of the surf
I take in it all, on the springy green turf.
The people, the laughter
The nightlife galore
This beautiful paradise
Leaves you begging for more.

As I look out to sea, no the dark sludge
I crave for the trees that used to so please
The wonderful island,
Now barren wasteland
The waves on the shore a faded memory
Just like the pitiful, futile, twisted old tree.
The people, the laughter
The nightlife galore?
Now they are gone
Forever and more.
No more, no more
The island is bare
The people, the pleasure a faded memory
Just like the pitiful, futile, twisted old tree
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Another has come
looking for my heart,
but I can not say
yes and I can not say no.
He hasn't forgivin me and
I am still the statue lost forever in
an eternity
of saddness and grief,
I will never move on until the
end of time, for
I still have not
been forgiven or acknowleged.
My heart grows weary and
my soul is dying, in the
end I will still be at the window
of his heart waiting
for the day when he will turn
me from stone to flesh,
and my heart will beat
with joy and relief. Until
that day, nothing can
move me from this spot along the
frozen river of time.
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[FONT=century gothic]Experience[/FONT]

I use to have these thoughts,
these troubles and these fears,
teasers that weren't caught
and all the wasted years.

Then you stepped forward,
to my sorrow and my pain,
though it didn't last onward,
your attempt was not invain.

But, the days went on,
and the trouble, it seems,
my fears weren't gone,
I was being torn at the seams.

Then one day I decided,
I couldn't live anymore,
I couldn't be more divided,
it's time to settle the score.

But that very minute,
pill in my hand,
I pause for a momment,
to think of this land.

These people that surround me,
love and care, I know,
though seeming to see right trough me,
they see me head to toe.

So I thought of my family and friends,
and using all my might,
I put back my life's end,
and my trouble and fright.

I think of my loved ones,
as I sit here,
I know they love me tons,
so nothing shall I fear.

Although I'm still divided,
like cloth at the seams,
that cloth can be mended
and I will keep my dreams.

Then it was pointed out,
that, by our peers,
you shared my doubt,
my troubles and my fears.

Though yours had just started,
and there was still time,
I felt as though we'd parted,
because you didn't tell me of this crime.

For you school was hell,
just as it was for me,
you who broke me from the spell
were on bended knee.

You hadn't told me then,
but my mom had told me after,
I confronted you when
you looked as sad as ever.

I know we can get through this,
together or not,
on this world you are a bliss,
so your life shouldn't stop.
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i have no name foir mine...

Love as deep as an ocean
Flowing billowing always in motion
Never ending vastness cries
For a beginning and fo a demise
Calm as a child laughing and happy
To some may seem so annoying and sappy
Love is as strong as the waves
Sometimes deadly and sometimes they save
Raging and screaming the ocean may seem
When the love is broken it lets out like a stream
But eventually the ocean continues its flowing
Soft and billowy as our lives may be slowing
Love is never ending just as the ocean
Love never slows, it is always in motion
Sometimes raging and sometimes calm
Love never stops its melodic song

ok kinda weird but i like it!!! oh btw i wrote my sig to...
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If you are asking, "How do I feel?"
[i]"I am in fear,"[/i] that is my answer
[i]Fear of the unknown, fear of the unseen
Fear of all that I have not encounter[/i]

If you are asking, "Why do I fear?"
I will answer, [i]"I do not know; I just do"[/i]
Then if you ask, "What do I fear most?"
My answer is, [i]"I fear you"[/i]
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[color=chocolate]wow, the poems posted here are publish-worthy ! :eek:
ok, I'll take the chance and post another and see if it's an improvement from my last one:

[color=indigo][FONT=century gothic]The endless beat of forever stopped
As soon as I let go
Anxious voices that cried out for me
Was soon heard no more
The stars that choked on laughter
Forever on will glow
I will be forgotten one day
That much is for sure[/font][/color]

- Mimmi[/color]
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[QUOTE]actually, i have a published poem.......or three.[/quote][color=chocolate]with that quality, I am not surprised :)
how long have you been writing for ? [i]*curious*[/i][/color]


[FONT=century gothic][color=indigo]Tears fall down an empty face
Burning skin that is torn
Blood boils in veins slashed
Where anguish once was born

When Darkness shifts to Light
All will be clear to see
Upon that day I know for sure
My life will return to me[/color] [/font]

- Mimmi
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The coldness
creeps slowly up my

Making them
icecicles and

My feet never
seem to

Even though
the frost on the
houses and

Grass does. Chills
sweap over
my skin,

Making it crawl,
with the fresh
frost of Winter.

(Honestly this is about winter and the first frost of the year.)
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uh...the first two are quotes...I've said them in the past and their not really poems but i think they'll work...the last one i got over dramatic on...:rolleyes:
the first two are in my siggie too...
"In this world if you are weak,
your death is motivation for the strong,
but if you are strong in the world of the weak,
you are killed for unusuality...
and if you are strong in the world of the strong,
you die fighting a battle still not won...
you dont have much of a choice there child...
any of the three ways you die all the same...
either with honor, dignity, or discrace...
you always are killed..."

"I shall never be able to get to heaven,
fore it is my destination,
and therefore, my quest...
but if i canot get to heaven,
the closest thing is an eternal hell,
knowing that i failed"

help me from this,
i get pleasure in hearing you cry out in pain,
i want to stop but i cant...

Forever loving the thought of your death by my hands,
loving the feel of your blood run through my fingers,
loving whatching the death and destruction i know i have caused,
always alone and never satisfide with one more death...

Countinuing killing forever untill you rise from the dead one again,
always crying myself to sleep after i cut myself just for the blood,
seeing the blood in my sleep,
the blood of all those I've killed and can never replenish that feeling...

The feeling of death,
when you kill and you get a high,
you want more,
and you dont want to stop...

I cant stop,
only you can stop me from from killing again,
and your gone...

Dead by my hands,
lost forever in my soul,
untill i die with you and am rewarded for flooding heaven with souls...

But i am cast into eternal life,
forever killing and killing over and over,
never ending,
everytime wanting more blood then the last...

Until there is no one left,
I am the only person left alive,
and i must suffer,
for i can never die...

Always alone because of you...

Wandering this planet alone with no reason to live but i cant die because of you...

Because of you...

Damn you..."
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Here's one I made up for fun today... it's about my evil twin. I also have another one; I'm soon putting it in my sig, since I like it so much. (Note: Most of my poems have one stanza consisting of 8 lines where each pair of lines rhymes, but not always...)

[color=blue][u]My Evil Twin:[/u]

My evil twin was smitten by the monkeys of doom--
Now he wanders the shadows in gloom.
He was a perfect little mage,
Until he got trapped in his own little cage.
It prevented him from using magic,
Which is why that fight was oh so tragic.
But now he's as good as dead,
And well out of my head.[/color]

Hee hee! That's it! Stay tuned for more!
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