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I run out of my room, and I wave to my mom as I race out the door. Mom had started getting ready for her job at the Umbrella corp. biulding, so I was taking the bus. I hoped out the door, trying to eat and put on a shoe at the same time. I am soon at my stop.
I sigh, waiting for my bus. I have always had this stop, ever since I was a little kid. Now I am a freak in high school, and I am alienated by most of the school cause I am so pale. I look at my watch, and I see it's five minutes late.
"Great......... just great........"
I munch the rest of my toast, wondering what that horrible smell is. There have been all kinds of rumors about the Umbrella corp. being involved with the events of whatever happened at Raccon City, but either no one knows, or no one's telling. I sigh again, getting impatient. I finally see my bus. "About time..." I mutter.

[color=green]I edited your two posts together. Please do not double post. --terra[/color]

O.o.C" we strated, so feel free to post!
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Kyru sat in the accountant's office, tapping away at calulators and neatly, yet surprisingly quickly, scribbling out the tax returns for his boss's clients.
He looked at his new watch. The light reflected off of the surface and into his eyes.
Hmph...he thought, I just can't work in these damned conditions!
Kyru looked up at the clock on the wall.
'WHAT?! ALREADY?!' he exclaimed at the top of his voice.
'What is it Kyru? Oh, yes, that's it. It's time for school. You'd better get going if you're going to catch the bus. I called out to you about 15 minutes ago to stop work!' came the reply from his boss, Mr Shatogi.
Kyru raced out, leaving the tax returns in a messy pile, the room out of it's usual order, and forgot (quite unusual for Kyru) to say his good-byes.
The bus was leaving the bus-stop as he arrived. He saw Kristopher get on the bus and waved, but Kris didn't see him.
Fine, he thought angrily, I'll just have to run to school then
He started jogging.
Funny, everything has been out of order today... he thought as he jogged after the bus.
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I notice that Kyru is chasing the bus. "Hey, we got some one chasing us!" I shout. I see that the bus driver is not fine. He's rasping, and the bus swerves ihnto oncoming traffic. "Hey! Are you trying to kill us?"
I duck a tree branch that has managed to get lodged in a window.
I can smell something....rotten. Ever since i was kidnapped a year ago last summer, i've had better sensory projection.
[i] It's the driver![/i] I realize, and I am suddenly frightened. The driver is covulseing, and the bus carens across four lanes of traffic. I look back, and i see that Kyru has stopped and is watching the bus. The smashes through a side rail, and the bus goes over. I am slammeed against the seat infront on me.
The bus is wreaked, but usable......... I see someone's bleeding...... untill in notice that it's the bus driver. He's been knocked out........ I aproach him in the madness that the bus has become. people are fileing out the back, and I fight my way to the driver. "Mister? um... Mister?" I reach him, and I draw in a sharp breath. There is a large peice of glass in his chest. I look away, and i too try to get out of the bus. But something tries to grab me. "AHH!" I sceam, when I see who it is.
[i] It's the bus driver![/i]
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Kyru saw it all happen.
He was in the middle of the road chasing the bus, but all of a sudden it began to swirve. He stood there and watched as, inch by inch, the bus crashed into the oncoming traffic and kept going across to the other side of the road.
Once it had stopped, he realised what had happened.
If he HAD made it to the bus stop in time, he could be dead now.
Kyru ran full sprint across to the broken bus.
Kids were filing out, one by one, through the back of the bus.
Kris hadn't come out yet.
Kyru slowly clambered in through a broken window.
To his horror, he saw one of his best friends being attacked by what looked like some kind of monster with glass sticking out of it's chest.
On closer inspection, he saw it was the bus driver. His eyes were glazed over, his mouth was foaming some... gooey black liquid.
Then Kyru remembered those news stories about the Umbrella Corp.'s strange experiments way back when.
The people that were infected by that had similar symptoms to that of this bus driver.
Kyru had had it. He couldn't just stand there and watch one of his friends get... it looked like the driver was trying to EAT Kris!
He DEFINATELY couldn't stand by and watch THAT happen.
He ran down to them and kicked the bus driver's neck.
The driver changed his focus from Kris to Kyru.
Kyru kept kicking and punching, but nothing was even making the driver flinch.
[i]What had happened? Why why was the driver acting as if he were some sort of zombie?[/i] thought Kyru, while he was punching away at the dead thing's chest.
The driver grabbed one of Kyru's arms, twisting it and enjoying the obvious pain it was causing Kyru...
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Gregory woke up in a puddle of his own drool. He lives in the gas station now, ever since he couldn't keep up with payments for his house. He usually sleeps in a cot in the store room, but as of last night, it was a splintered mess.

Greg tried standing up. The world began to spin and he fell backwards. He could already feel the headache coming on. There must be some cure for hangovers. He stood up slowly this time, careful not to fall on the hard concrete of the store room. He hobbled out into the store, his legs sore from whatever the hell he did last night.

He looked around for the aspirin to try and help his headache, which was only going to get worse. He found it, struggled with the child safety cap for a moment, and popped two or three pills more that he needed. "Now", he thought to himself, "I need something to wash it down." He reached for a six pack, went to the counter, and drained only one before he heard a tap on the door. He reached for his gun under the counter and put it into his back pocket. Can't be too careful.

It was a kid at the door. He look scared. Greg went over to the door, turned the closed sign around so it said open, and unlocked the door. The kid was frantic. He was screaming at Greg, who finally noticed that he was bleeding. He told the kid to stay there, and Greg went outside.

A school bus had caused a mess out in the street. It had stopped when it hit a large tree. There were a few damaged cars, and kids were streaming out of the back of the bus. Only one ran toward it and went inside. Greg trotted along with his stiff leg sending bolts of pain that went right toward his migrane.

Greg was at the door to the bus, looking in. The bus driver was twisting some poor kids arm. And another was in a seat nearby, nursing a wound. The bus driver had a piece of glass in his chest, and Greg wondered how he could still be alive. Greg wipped out his handgun and yelled at the driver to let go of the kid. The man didn't hear him, or the gun as it fired a bullet at his chest.
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the bullet enters the driver, but it does not stop him.I finally get the nnerve to help Kyru..... I'm terrified. Raise my bag up and slam it into his head, and I am ruthless. I keep bashing away, and I pry his arm of of Kyru.
"Come on, we're getting out of here!" I exclaim, and we jump away from the bus. we sprint awat, and i look back. The bus is smokeing, and all of the kids are looking stupid, just standing there. I am scared. How can the driver be alive? How was I alive?
The bus is leaking fuel all over, and the fumes were knoxious.
Wait a minute........ fumes?
"No one light a match, and get away from there!!"
But I am too late with my warning. sparks from the bus light the fumes, and I am blown away. My uniforn is really going to be needing some cleaning after this............
I wait for an ambulance or something to arrive, but I hear no sirens. "What's going on?"
I see move ment in the bus......... "the driver ........is moving!"
"No ****, sherlock!"
The driver, burning, exits the bus. The man shoots him in the head, and there is blood spatter. I edge closer, and I examine the blood."Hey.... this isn't possible......"
"What's not possible?"
"The blood........ its coagulated.........."
"You're right....... what's going on? with this town? And where are the fire trucks and stuff?"
"We better get some help..........."
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Guest Skyechild91
Serenity walked away from the collage as her early morning class ended. She brushed fire-red silky hair back over her sholder, flaring eyes shifting. She smoothed down her mini-skirt, her boots clacking on the side walk. She heard something going on farther down the street, and picked up her pace. She turned a corner, and stopped, shocked. There was a bus, wrecked, and three- no, four people, one dead. Her eyes widened, and her hand flew to her mouth as it dropped open. She ran ver to the three people, and as she drew closer, noticed that one of the two boys was injured badly. Her eyes were soft, and she examined the boys injuries, ignoring the look she got from the older man. "Your very lucky this isnt worse. And that I dont live to far away. Ive got a full First Aid kit and a telephone, so we can phone the hospital. This is so bad...."
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Kyru stood next to Kris, leaning over the (again) dead driver.
'Hey.... this isn't possible......' stammered Kris slowly.
'What's not possible?' another man said, holding his gun over the body
'The blood........ its coagulated..........'
'You're right....... what's going on with this town? And where are the fire trucks and stuff?' said the new man, standing up and slipping his gun into his pocket.
'We'd better get some help...........' Kyru entered the conversation at last, trying to figure out some logical explanation for what had just happened.
Kyru turned and ran for the school. Ignoring the red haired girl as she approached to look at their wounds.
This had to be a sabotage or something. It wasn't every day that your bus driver tried to kill you and your friend, while he should be dead from the huge piece of glass protruding from his chest.
Kyru had decided that the best thing for him to do would be to run to school and get on with the day, just like any other normal day.
He couldn't shake off a strange feeling of sickness that swept over him as he turned onto the road that the school was on.
All of a sudden, everything blurred over. He heard Kris and that man with the gun shouting, and their voices dimmed out.
The last thing he remembered before being hit by the aproaching car was the look on his girlfriend Ella's face as he was knocked forwards a few feet...

He woke up with a start.
Kyru sat up so quickly his head began to hurt and a machine started beeping.
Men and women in white doctor's clothes rushed into the room.
Why are there doctors in the school? he thought, shoudn't they be attending to the kids that were hurt in the bus crash?
Then it all came rushing back. The strange feeling of nausea, the far off voices, the blurred world, the car, and Ella's horrified face.
Had he been hit by the car? If so, why was he awake so soon after the incident? It was only half an hour after the crash... maybe it was just the shock of it all...
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I watch as I witness Kyru's accident. He is thrown a few feet, and is out cold. "Kyru? KYRU!"
I narrow my eyes, and hit his head.
"OW! What the hell did you do that for?" He looks around. "Where are the doctors?"
"You must have been having some dream......There are no doctors here."
I sigh, and I calculate the angle of the impact." Hey, you okay? That was some smack......."
"I'l be fine..... that tin can almost killed me........."
I smile, seeing that Kyru is joking. "I'm glad that you are safe."
The woman that had aproached us a few blocks ago again aproaches us. "Are you two alright? You seem to be having all the bad luck today...."
Kyru's girlfreind hugs him, and I turn away, slightly jealous. Girls were always swooning over him, but not me. Before I was kidnapped, i was getting girls left and right. Now they find me freaky. I don't care. I kind of like the solitude at times.
"Are you sure you two are alright?"
"You have no idea, lady." My pale complexion seems to get the woman unnerved. "Thank you......."
"Your welcome."
I suddenly notice something. "Hey... guys........... do you hear that?"
"Hear what?"
"My point exactly. What do you hear?'
Kyru looks around, straining to hear something. "Nothing......... There's no-" A loud explosion rips through the air, and I look around. Smoke is billowing out from the school parking garage. "We should go help the people........." I say, and i grab the gas station man's gun. "Mind if I borrow this?"
Without a reply, I run off down the street.
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Guest Skyechild91
Serenity follows Kris at a run. She slips her almost translucent throwing knive out of her pocket, readying it for throwing. She and Kris slid to a stop as they saw car debris everywhere. Serentiys eyes widened, and her hand flew to her mouth. Shock and fright played across her pale features. She turned as she heared Kyru come to a halt behind her. Serenity moves over to Kris, touching his arm to let him know Kyru was there. Kris started, and looked over at her, his silvery eyes locking with her bright red, soft, gentle ones. She gasps as a woman stumbles out of the dust, wounded. She starts throwing up, and Serentiy shiethes her knife, running to the womans side. She kneels, and tries to help her up. The womans hand shoots out, hitting Serentiy in the chest with enough force to hurt her badly. Serenity flew back, and lay on the ground, moaning. Her eyes fluttered closed as she her conciousness faded. The woman tried to beat her, and Serenity held up her hands in futile attempt to block the blows.

OCC: Guys, I changed her age on the sign up, so she is now more or less Kyru and Kris' age.
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Greg watched as the kid ran off with his gun. "Ungrateful little bastard," he said as he took the small caliber pistol out of his sock. As he was running after the kids, he saw as a woman knocked the girl down and began to struggle with her. Her companions were only watching in disbelief.

"Get her off!" Greg yelled at the two boys. They both grabbed at the woman's arms, which were chocking the life out of the girl, and slammed her agains the car, one of them wipping out the gun that he took and shoving it onto her neck. The woman shrieked a high pitched inhuman scream which made the two boys cover their ears and make Greg's eyes water.

Greg saw his chance. He shot at the woman, which only seemed to piss her off more. She shoved the albino kid out of the way and rushed toward him. She grabbed his shoulders and gave him a quick headbut. Greg staggered away, clutching his forehead. She stabbed her sharp fingernails into his substantial belly. Greg fell to the ground, surrendering himself to the beating he would have to endure. He fought the darkness long enouch to see the tanned kid tackle her.
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I am up and running at the attacking woman. "Get off him, you bitch!"
She turns, and her brain gets a dose of hot lead.
"You okay?"
"Fine. "
"Good. we need to get out of here."
I look around, an I see a strage capsule. It looks like a broken test tube.
"Hey, Kris! Come on!"
I hand the man back his gun. "Sorry I took this."
"It's cool."
"Are you two just going to stand there? Come on! We don't know what's going to pop out."
"Fine! I'm coming!"
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Kyru was trying hard to keep up with all this.
First the hit to the head, then the explosion, then the strange woman attacking the red-haired girl, and on top of that, now he was running after Kris, the gas station guy and trying to help the red-haired girl to keep up, all the while saying what seemed like a last good-bye to his girlfriend.
'Kris! Gas station dude!' he called out, 'A little help here! She's really badly hurt! She took a blow to the face! And one in the chest as well!'
'Call me Greg,' said the guy from the gas station.
'Hey Kyru! I'm gonna run ahead!' called Kris
'Fine' came the quiet whisper from below Kyru's breath. No wonder the girls stopped flocking him after the treatment he had last year, he was alienating them. If he'd stayed back to help the barely concious girl, she'd be all over him when she regained her strength.
Greg came over slowly, holstering both guns, 'What's the prob?'
'She CLEARLY can't keep up. Don't go running from one place to another. Everything's happening too fast. Even for ME' snapped Kyru.
'Alright! Jeez! Don't need to bite my head off you ungrateful little sh*t!'
'Shut up you low-life. No wonder you have a gun. You need it to guard yourself when you're sneaking around people's trash at night, looking for food scraps! USELESS HOBO!!!'
Kyru had no control over what he was saying. The blow to the head must have been pretty big. Maybe he was just venting his anger. He never got angry at anyone. NOT AT ANYONE. Maybe his fury had built up over the past year or so.
'Sorry kid. Sorry I saved your life.'
Greg stalked off.
[i]What the HELL have I done!?[/i] Kyru screamed in his mind. He had started to alienate people. Pushing them away before getting to know them. Basing his opinions on rumours rather than facts.
'Sh*t!' Kyru swore at the ground.
Oh well. Not much he could do now. Stuffed THAT up MAJORLY.
[i]I wonder how the girl's doing? What's her name? Where's she from? How'd she get here? I've never seen her before...[/i] the thoughts were rushing through his head.
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Guest Skyechild91
Serenity clung to Kyru, barley conciouss. "Thanks... By the way, Im Serenity. I got to your school, but Im not really the type you would notice. I live out on the edges of town, so you wouldnt see me much." She tripped, and shuddered. Kyru wrapped one arm around her waist, and she smiled. "Thanks..." she passed out.
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I look around, at the cliffs, at the biuldings, and at the place around us all. I can smell something......... vile. I Stop, and I hear shuffleing sounds. "Hm?"
I hear the sounds of our city, literaly falling down around us. The noisy streets are dying.......... I realize. I am shaken when I look upwards. There are traces of smoke in the air...... and the noise is quieting........ I ponder what is going on.
I enter a lit up cafe, Donnie's cafe, a popular hangout for kids.
I can hear the noises of somethind eating. "Uh..... hello? Is anyone here?"
I look behind a counter, and I draw in a sharp breath. [i] A man is eating one of the waitresses![/i]
I back away, as he starts to come closer. "Um.. I'm sorry I bothered you ...... Don't..... don't come any closer........ Are you listening?!"
i gasp when I bump into a wall. I turn, and I'm face to face with ..........[i]zombies!?[/i]
I turn, and I see a door. I run to it, and I am suddenly at eye level with a gun. "Don't shoot! I'm a human!"
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"Duck," Greg said to Kris. He did so quickly, and Greg gave the man two in the head.
"It won't kill them," Kris said, Greg nodded.
"We have to get back to the others, even thought that one guy is being a real jack*ss." Greg tossed his smaller gun to the kid. "This time you don't have to ask, or rip it from my hands." Kris caught it with as smile on his face.

Once they got back to the kid, he seemed to have cooled down a bit. He was carrying the girl in his arms. His face lit up when he saw Kris, but the only thing in Kris's face was dread. Kryu hadn't seen what was behind him.
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Kyru saw Greg and Kris as they came running.
His face lit up as they approached and was about to appoligise to Greg, but he saw the look of horror in their faces. That couldn't be good.
He quickly, but gently, dropped Serenity to the ground.
He turned, hit the thing behind him square in the chest, sending it backwards a few feet, picked Serenity up and slung her unconcious body over his shoulder and limped off as fast as he could. This day sucked.
'Thanks for coming back. Oh, and Greg, sorry about the yelling and stuff.'
'Just get the girl outta here kid. And don't let your thoughts interfere again,' replied Greg, 'Kris and I are gonna try to kill this thing, keep Serenity safe.'
'She'll be safe enough here on the ground as anywhere else in this freaky town. She's unconcious, so the things probably won't attack her.' Kyru said, preparing to help fight the weird [i]thing[/i].
'No, just go Kyru.'
'Yeah kid, get outta here.'
But he ignored them both.
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After moving in just days ago, Janet had finally found a job. That morning she was walking to work when it happened...
Somthing grabbed her from behind.
Instinctivly, she jabbed the "IT" in the stomach and turned around to see who it was.
she blacked out
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I see a girl being attacked, but it is too far away to handle. "HEY! i'm going to help someone over there! Cabn you handle this?"
"WE can handle anything. Get going!"
"You better stay alive! I'll bring you back and kill you again!"
I run off down the street, to an unconsious girl. "Hey...... hey..." I pat her cheek. "Hey, come on... wake up. Are you okay?"
Her eyes flutter open...... "Huh? Who..... who are you?"
"I'm nobody. Come on, I'll help you get out of here. I have some freinds. Come on."
I hold my hand out, and I wait to see if she will take is.
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After being desscharged form his duties in what ever place he was. He moved in to a small town all by him self knowing no one in the town and his former training in the core made him verry aware of the suroundings. His only friend was a bird named Kitsruobami and he was of no help. Days passed by and he remaned suculed in his house one day he herd noise's under the house and went to investagate. To his suprise there was nothing under the house but old rested pipes. This incedent made him think he was going in to a depresing state form being disscharged. He finley desided to go for a walk.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Inuyasha Fandom [/i]
[B]I see a girl being attacked, but it is too far away to handle. "HEY! i'm going to help someone over there! Cabn you handle this?"
"WE can handle anything. Get going!"
"You better stay alive! I'll bring you back and kill you again!"
I run off down the street, to an unconsious girl. "Hey...... hey..." I pat her cheek. "Hey, come on... wake up. Are you okay?"
Her eyes flutter open...... "Huh? Who..... who are you?"
"I'm nobody. Come on, I'll help you get out of here. I have some freinds. Come on."
I hold my hand out, and I wait to see if she will take is. [/B][/QUOTE]
[I]Looks up slightly dazed[/I]
[I]Takes their hand and they pull her up
Slides back down to the ground while holding her side[/I]
"Ahhh...My side!"
[I]cringes in pain[/I]
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Guest Zhang_He
After coming home from school, he finds his home like always, after entering he notices something that is severly wrong, the news isn't on at it's regular time. " Probaly a glitch in the programming." After grabbing his MP-5SD3 Air Soft gun, walks down to his friends house to see if he's ready to go to shoot each other. upon knocking on the window he smells something horrible, but doesn't see his friends dogs any where nearby, nor their excrements. After knocking some more he finnal hears some russling. He climbed into the window and starts looking around for someone. After finding no one, he decides to look into his friends Parents room to find hideous bodies of what used to be Mr. and Mrs. Sumner, were already starting to rot," MATT!!! What happened here?!" he yells, but to no avail. He goes to their family gun case and grabs Mr.Sumner's 12 Gauge and starts loading it while still calling for him. After not finding him he decides to go home, but with the gun close to him so that if a car passes he won't be arrested.
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Guest Skyechild91
OCC:I just noticed that Janet and Serenity are the only girlas in this RPG.... wow, have we girls gota veriety of boys to choose from!

Serenity blinked as conciousness returned. She propped her slef up, and, seeing the batle,slipped up to her feet, and into the shadows.[I] think, think, think! WHat can you do to- oh![/I] SHe saw a boy walkingdown the street,andslipped away to warn him. He started as she came up next to himout of the shadows. "Who-" She shook her head."Serenity. Look, somehow someo one or something created zombies and they havegone nuts! My-" she was about to say friends, but wans'tcure they were. '- aquantencise(sp) are fighting some right now. Yu need to be really car-" she was cut off, as she was hit in the head with a rock. She spun around, knife out. She gasped as the zombie grabbed at her throat, trying to strangle her. She tried to call to Kris Kyru, and Greg for herlp, but had no energy. Thelast thing she saw was the boys eyes wide in shock, then heard a loud bang beforepassing out.

OCC2: man, talk about damsel in distress! shelikes passing out! hey, shes only 16! Tag, Zhang_He!
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Kyru and Greg were fighting off one of the zombies while Kris ran off to help some other girl he saw down the street. It couldn't be Serenity, she was just on the ground nearby. Kyru turned around to check on her and got a smack in the jaw by the zombie.
[i]Moral of the story is, don't look away or you get punched.[/i] he thought.
Greg retalliated with 5 rounds from his pistol. How could the thing not be dead yet???
Then Kyru remembered a news program on the old Umbrella Corp. and how the zombies were unleashed last time. They could only be killed by... [i]THAT'S IT!!!![/i] he screamed in his head.
Kyru leaped up and kicked the half-re-dead thing in the jaw. Then with his other foot, roundhouse kicked it the other way. He kept roundhousing on the jaw of the zombie until he heard a satisfying crunch.
The zombie fell to the ground. It looked dead enough. Still, they couldn't be too sure, and Kyru didn't want to wait to find out if it was really dead or not.
'C'mon Greg! Let's go! Forget that one! Just get outta here!' Kyru shouted across the madness that was going on around them.
'Yep!' came the reply.
Kyru turned to get Serenity, but she wasn't there.
He looked around, and to his horror, saw that she was being attacked by yet ANOTHER zombie. She fainted.
Some scared looking kid was standing there. It looked like he was going to pi*s himself.
There was no reaction from the kid.
The kid looked like he couldn't move.
Kyru ran as fast as he could.

OCC: God!! So action packed!!! In the movie, they didn't start fighting zombies until they got locked in. We haven't even REACHED Umbrella Corp. and we're already kicking some zombie-butt.
TAG: Zhang_He or GuardianStorm
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Guest Zhang_He
OoC: Ehh, it was only a movie RPs are more fun.

Upon returning to his home, he finds Matt leaning againg his porch, but still and not breathing. " Matt, dude you okay?" he says but his friend doesn't answer. Upon a closer inspection, he sees the bodies of what appear to be dogs, and a couple of "people", Matt leaning against the wall, bloody and bitten in the throat by some unknown entity. He has his step-dad's .357 and .45 both blood stained. "Here you go,pal," flicks a nickel to his friends body." It's what you would've wanted, or done yourself."
OoC: this one's short, because i'm at lunch, post later.
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