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Art Matrix Reloaded banner.


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I was mucking around in photoshop the other day when i though, "hey, it would be cool to make a matrix reloaded banner out of this! (I Had made the outside frame first)

So that's exactly what I did, I didn't have the matrix font on my computer, don't know what's happened to that, so I just used Times new Roman for the "reloaded, and cut it up.

I found a few good pictures and threw them all together, and added a green motion blur background as well as some glassy styles to thee "buttons" for lack of a better description.

I would have liked to something more metallic with the metal frame, but I guess I'll just have to learn some good metal effects sometime.

edit: - fix spelling, could a mod PLEASE change the title? thanks. :blush:
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It is OK. The metallic border is Ok, but... it just doesn't sit right with me. My advice for the people: Move the ghosts to the edge, put Morpheus where the ghosts were, and put Neo where Morpheus was. Aside from those points, it looks cool. Particularly, the "cut" TImes New Roman font. Heh. Very cool.

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[color=#707875]Well, I guess that my current tastes influence my feelings on this banner.

Lately I've become far more interested in very basic manipulations of images. So, if you look at my banners...some are very mildly edited while others are more heavily edited. I love experimenting with colours/shadows/midtones and adding or removing bits and pieces here and there. I also love the whole idea of Mik Sang photography (capturing the essence of something by taking a small portion of it and showing only that).

Also, I generally prefer 2D work over 3D work...which means that I tend to dislike bevels. I like bevels if they're thin and tidy, or if they're deliberately very soft and plastic-like...but that has to be accompanied by good use of lighting and texture.

I like what you've done and what you've attempted to do here. I'd say that the bevels could probably do with being a bit lighter and sharper. And, maybe, rather than showing everyone in a plain line...maybe you could just crop out the details of one or two characters. In my avatar, I kinda did this with Niobe (though it looks better on my homepage at myOtaku). I also changed the colours a little and edited the shadows.

So, there's a lot you can do, even with a few basic effects.

If I had to give this a numerical score...I'd give it maybe a 4/10. I like where it's going...I just don't feel that it's arrived at its destination yet. ^_^[/color]
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Thanks, I like the points brought up in this thread an I'll definately be trying them out.

If you are wondering what I was trying to emulate, was a matrixfans.net type experience. I don't think I quite got there though, ^^

I agree, it's not quite there yet, it's a start, [spoiler][color=lime]Time to free my mind_[/spoiler][/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Unleashed [/i]
[B]It's ok not nothing i like alot. [/B][/QUOTE]
Unleashed, your posts thus far have indicated one thing to me -- you do not know how to present [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?threadid=32738]Constructive Criticism[/url]. If you keep this up, you will be banned. And warnings are out of the question now that you've turned off your PM service.
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