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RPG Magic of the Heart

Rhys Mayiessen

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[color=seagreen]If anyone wishes to still sign up for this RPG they can go to the Recruitment area. I'll be happy to accept more players if they wish to join^^

[i]Darmra sat alone in the forest, her fire crackling sullenly in the night air. It was late at night, but Darmra found that she couldn't sleep at night anymore. There were too many things that wanted demons deadn and a demon alone was the perfect target.

Not that she was evil, oh no, on the contrary she was far from it. She did not join the legion of demons spreading havoc around the world of Raemeth, she planned to fight against them when the time came for war.

She couldn't join the good side though, they would shun her out so fast she wouldn't know where she was going. Darmra sighed. It seemed like there was nothing she could do, except wait it out.

[/i]I could use my magic, [i]she thought then shook her head in frustration.[/i] No that wouldn't work, magic of the heart only works when someone I care about is in danger, and since no one cares about me I don't care about them.

There must be something I could do though. Maybe if I could find the others that have the same magic as me, we could join forces. Its worth a try. I might be able to detect the magic within them.

[i]With the decsion made, Darmra finally fell asleep with the hope that someone out there would help her, and accept her as a friend.[/i]

That sounded cheesy...oh well.[/color]
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Yume walked through the forest in the middle of the night, by the lake side.

"It`s dark out here and quiet too. Seems like anything can happen. It`s also cold too. I better find a place to set up camp."

Just then, she smelled smoke and so she ran toward where the smell was comming from.

"It`s someone`s camp. I wonder if they have food?"
As she walked to view Darmra closer, she noticed that she was a demon.

"Huh? a demon? Mabye she is soilder, no she`s not but she can still be evil. Mabye I should keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn`t try anything weird."

Yume found Darmra`s food store and ate some of it then laid behind a large tree to spy on her.
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Kyu ran as fast as he could. But that wasn't enough.
The demon soldiers had spotted him trying to sneak into their hideout, which was hidden deep in the Elven "Sacred Forest" so they could spy on the secret ritual training of the elves.
Now the demons were catching up to him fast. If they reached him they'd kill him.
Kyu couldn't keep on like this.
He drew his samurai sword, spun around, whipped off his cloak and spread his glossy black wings all in what seemed like one movement.
There he hovered, a few feet above the demons.
They seemed astonished to see what looked like an elf flying there.
'Surprise' Kyu whispered amused, just loud enough for the demons to hear.
The two soldiers just looked one another in the face and launched themselves into the air.
It was all over in a few one-sided minutes. You had to feel sorry for the poor demons. No-one faced Kyu in the air and won.
As they flew up at him, he flapped his wings hard, rising to around 50 feet in the air. This was his playground.
Then all of a sudden, the half Aven half Elf swooped on them, his long sharp sword out in front of him.then, just as it looked as though he was going to fly right by them, he slashed out on both sides. One demon was caught in the throat by his Aven dagger, the other through it's right lung by the samurai sword.
Kyu then dragged his weapons down the wounds. Making them bigger all the time. Still flying downwards at top speed.
At about 5 feet from the ground he flipped up so he didn't collide with the hard earth.
The demons kept going and Kyu heard the satisfying crunch of bones breaking through organs.
Kyu swiftly and quietly touched down, picked up his discarded cloak and lifted off again.
The Elf and Aven Kings would want to hear about this.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Kilani was walking through the forest nearby her house when she heard noises to the east of her. She looked that way and wondered who it was. She walked a little bit, but then turned invisible and walked to where the noise came from. She saw that there was a demon there as well as a girl there. Something was strange about her.

Kilani teleported herself a little closer to the girl and could sense that she was a werewolf. She sprinkled something around the girl and for some reason or so, she fell asleep. Kilani smirked and then looked to the demon. It sat there. She teleported herself towards there as well and sprinkled something there as well. For some reason the demon's eyes were open, but it wasn't doing anything.

She smirked and looked around. It seemed that this demon meant no harm. She thought she'd make an entrance. She snapped her fingers and the demon woke up from its trance. Kilani was nearby where she was. She walked through the forest trees until she got to where the demon was. The demon looked up to her. Kilani looked to it and smiled.[/size][/color][/i]
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Draska was hunting. The demon had entered his people's lands, and now it had to die. He crept silently through a patch of shadow, his hand on his sword.

The demon would die, Draska was sure of that..he just had to find it. He stealthily moved to the edge of the clearing, where soe other creature seemed to be with the demon..no matter...if the other creature was the demon's ally, they would both die...
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Tima walked through the faintly lighted forest as morning started to come and the sun began to rise. The trees around gave her some shade to protect her from the heated ball that rose on the left of her. She yawned loudly and stretched her muscles as if she hadn't moved for the last seven weeks.

Out the corner of her eye she noticed someone stooped behind a tree looking at something. She stopped walking and watched the person for a moment and realized they weren't human. She took a few steps behind it quietly to see what it was looking at. A demon lay on the ground sleep with a few embers beside them. Tima shook her head and backed away as quietly as she had approached.

She walked away until she was far enough that no one would come into her area and she would have peace. Tima sat and leaned against a young oak in the forest. She sighed quietly and looked around. "I guess it's quiet enough," she said to herself and closed her eyes to rest. "Anyway, I'd kill whoever tried to disturb me." Her body grew heavy as she dozed off in the faint shade. Her arm dropped from around her and fell to the ground.
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Jarre tromped through the large forest, looking about uncertainly, missing the closness of the caverns of home. "Why'd the elder have ta send me out for this quest?" she said, slightly irate. "I supoose it should be an honor, but.. I didnt want to leave home.." she said,t hinking of her cozy little cave, quite cluttered, but homely, to her. She looked up the side of one of the towering trees and shuddered, not liking many things taller than herself. "I hope this is done soon."
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Mystika was sitting next to the Wood Fairys Lake. It belonged to the fairy village that took her in. She sat there quietly stareing across the water as long black haired man with green wings came up behind her.
" So how long have you been back?"
Mystika jumped a little and turned to look at him.
" Oh Varon it's you. You startled me."
He chuckled as he sat down next to her.
" Sorry, I didn't realize that you were deep in thought. So what were you thinking about?"
" Oh just about the Legion of Demons and the terror they are causeing...."
" And how you feel that you should do something about it. (he looks at her and smiles) You know that you are so predictable?"
" Yes ,considering of how many times you have told me. So now I guess you are going to give me a lecture on how I should be careful and how you really care for me. Then you'll remind me how you brought me to your village and how I have a home here for all eternity."
" Well since you already know what I am going to say you don't need me to remind you. (he puts an arm around her) I know that no matter what I say you will go any way, but before you do. Will you please come and fly with me?"
She smiles at him before answering.
" I would love to."
They both get up and she makes her wings appear and they go flying of across the lake towards the horizon.
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[COLOR=tomato] Shi-su walked along the tree tops with ease. she loved the night and from the tree tops she could see, hear and feel the forest around her. When she entered the forest it had been content and sleeping, but now as she gracefully leaped from branch to branch the trees were awake and telling her something might be happening near the center of the huge forest. Shi-su could see a faint glow coming from the ground not far ahead. 'Well, well, who might be lurking in the forest?' Shi-su thought as she dropped silently down to the lower branches and peered at the events unfolding in the fire light. Shi-su crouched low on the bough and was again grateful to her elven clothes that helped her blend in. One of the few things left over from the Old Magic, some elven made things still retained their Old Magic and were prized and very rare.

Shi-su saw a demon and many other beings near the fire and was intrigued. 'This certainly is an odd mixture of beings, but for some reason I feel akin to them in some way...I don't know what it is, but I can't let anything harm these beings...They are important to some great purpose.' Shi-su thought as she strained her hearing to be able to eave's drop on the conversations below her. As she heard the murmers of conversation Shi-su also heard footfalls on damp, mossy earth, and they were coming closer. 'Time to find out who they are.' Shi-su headed toward the foot steps, and leaps lightly from the lower branches and lands softly in a small clump of bushes not too far in front of the interloper. "Halt! Who are you and what business do you have disturbing the peacful slumber of the forest?" Shi-su said in a commanding voice.[/COLOR]
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[color=seagreen]It seems as though many have found me before I found them,[i] Darmra thought as her sharp eyes picked out a few that had gathered in the shadows. She turned her eyes back onto the two that had confronted her directly, eyeing them suspiciously.

Darmra-[/i]"I have done nothing to disturb the peace of the forest. I am mearly camping here for the night. If you wish me to leave then I will."

[i]Darmra started to get up but the girl that had just spoken halted her steps.
Girl-[/i]"Wait! Tell me, why do I feel as though I know you?"

[i]Darmra snorted.
Darmra-[/i]"I doubt you know me, sprite, or whatever you are. You seem to have some sprite in you. No one talks with demons that aren't demons."

[i]The other girl, who had just been smiling at her, spoke up for the first time.
Other Girl-[/i]"You don't seem like other demons. There is a different....I dunno, feel about you. By the way my name's Kilani."

[i]Darmra-[/i]"Well Kilani, maybe you're right maybe you're wrong but if I am disturbing you I will leave you and..."

[i]Girl-[/i]"My name's Shi-su"

[i]Darmra-[/i]"Shi-su. By the way, we're surrounded. Most of them are asleep though."[/color]
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Yume woke up, wondering how she fell to sleep. She walked over toward the fire because she noticed that more people have gathered at the fire.

"What in the world is going on here? Who are all you people? I don`t remember seeing you all earlier when I arrived."

They stared at Yume for a moment and Yume stared back puzzled. She started to think to herself.

They don`t seem to be dangerous but it is wise to be careful.

"Sorry, let me start over. My name is Yume. Can you all tell me what is happening?
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Kilani looked to her without any expression. She then looked back to the fire. She did not like talking to those who spied, but then again, she looked to Yume again and thought she'd say something.[/i]

"My name is Kilani Tarot Shi'iandra. I am a shapeshifter as well as a sorceress. I came here to find a demon lurking around here. It seems that I have found that demon. I'm not even sure why I am here. You are Yume, I presume?" [i]Kilani looked to Yume.[/i]
"Yes. I am Yume. How did you...?" [i]Yume was about question something.[/i]
"know? Hmm. Let's just say that it comes with the job description. In my kingdom, I am the Queen's most respected and well known advisor as well as General of the Army, 1st in rank of everything. I am the Queen's younger sister. Although she has no magic, I do. I am the only one she trusts and now I look for those who may protect her. There may be a leak within our palace. Someone plans to kill my sister. Will you help?" [i]Kilani asked as she looked around.[/i]

[i]The others looked to her and then to each other. Darmra looked at the fire and did not say anything. Kilani was hoping someone would speak up and say what they must say. If they could not help, then it ws her job to do what she must do.[/size][/color][/i]
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Shi-su nodded to show Darmra that she knew they were surrounded and looked expectantly at Yume. The question Kilani had asked was directed to Yume, and Shi-su was inclined to wait for her answer before speaking any more. Shi-su looked around at the trees surrounding them and sighed. It seemed more had entered the forest. "More have come to the forest. I'd like to find out who they are, so if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to hurry this up." She finally said quietly to the rest. Still no one answered. "I will help your sister, if you are looking for help from anyone." Shi-su said to Kilani before turning to run off to where the newcomers had settled down for the night. About 200 yards from their camp, Shi-su jumped into the trees and climbed silently through the boughs and branches to look down on the group. 'Interesting.' Shi-su thought as she studied the look out and his slumbering comrades.
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Tima stared and woke up. She looked around as if someone was trying to sneak up on her. A soft sigh came from her lips as she stood to her feet. [I]That's enough rest for today,[/I] she thought. [I]Maybe some other time.[/I] She started on her way again through the forest to the clearing before, where she had saw the strange few gathered. She noticed that they had been joined. "How interesting...." Tima whispered quietly to herself trying to pick up any conversation they had. The sounds were faint so she moved in closer to hear better.

Words became clearer and better to understand the closer she came to them. She stopped ten yards away and crouched down behind a nearby trunk. She peeked over the top and listened carefully to the conversation going on in front of her.
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[color=seagreen][i]Darmra-[/i]"I doubt your sister would appriciate a demon helping out."

[i]Kilani shrugged. She seemed uncomfortable around her for she never looked the demon straight in the eye. She even avoided looking at her at all.

A thought struck Darmra that made her pale cheeks burn red.
Darmra-[/i]"I'm sorry. I understand now. You weren't talking to me were you?"

[i]Kilani answered without looking at her.
Kilani-[/i]"It's not that, its just...."

[i]Darmra-[/i]"Its just that you were hoping I wouldn't offer to help right? I'm different from the other demons, you know it I can see it in your eyes. I know that you are different. You have the magic of the heart, I can feel it."

[i]The group suddenly went silent after that statment, all of them examining each other closely. It seemed as though Darmra had shoved a wedge of suspision between them.[/color][/i]
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Shi-su lie on the ground for a few moments too stunned to do anything. 'How did he know I was here?' Shi-su thought to herself as she stared at the branches for a moment. Then she stood slowly and leveled the man with a hard, even stare. "That wasn't very nice." Shi-su's voice was light and flowing, tinged with irritation at having been knocked out of the trees. The man stood ready for any attack that she might have and she rolled her eyes. "Look, if I wanted to attack you, I would've done it before you had knocked me out of the tree.... My name is Shi-su, I'm an elf sprite and I knew you guys were here becaue of the trees. They...Sort of talk to me... They were sleeping and when people were walking around and making so much noise even the dead couldn't sleep, the trees weren't happy and were complaining...I'm one of the few left who can understand them" Shi-su paused and placed her hand on the trunk of the tree she was standing by. Shi-su paused and looked back to the man in front of her, "Look, if you're still suspicious, I can understand, but I'm leaving now." Shi-su took her hair to get her up to one of the branches that was out of reach unless she jumped and threw her hair at the same time... Just as Shi-su jumped up, a rock hit her in the back of the head. Shi-su gave a little gasp of shock as she fell in an undignified heap on the ground at the tree's roots. The man turned to see one of his clanmembers emerging from the bushes.
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Mystika had been traveling for a few days nonstop. It was beginning to take it's toll on her. By mid afternoon she was to tired to go on and stopped to get some rest. She kept on sleeping as it grew dark and still. She was still sleeping when a demon had come across her. He smiled devilishly and went up to her with his sword raised. Right when he was about to strike her with it she woke up and kicked him hard in the stomach causing him to double over. She quickly got up and grabbed her bow and arrow. When the demon got back up she was facing him with her arrow aimed at him.
" Well now, it would seem that I have an enemy in my camp." Mystika said angerly.
" I sense the new magic in you. So there for I must kill you." The demon said in a horse voice.
" Kill me huh? Well it'll take more than a stab of a sword to kill me."
She then fires and arrow which the demon dodges. He charges at her with his arms spread open as though to grab her. She runs at him at full force and leapes over his head. Before she landed back onto the ground she took out another arrow and placed it on the bow. When she landed she turned and faced the demon. She aimed the arrow and fired. It grazed the demons arm as he tried to doge again. The demon looked at his arm then back at her with raged filled eyes. He then raises his sword and charges at her with incredable speed. She doges a little to late and her leg gets a deep gash right above the knee.She does to back flips on the ground and a third that lands her in a tree. She thinks to her self.
* Dang. (she examins the cut on her leg) Great now what am I going to do.*
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Kyu slowly landed in the centre of the Aven High Chamber. He bowed low and kept his eyes on the ground.
'So, Kyu, you return at last to your birthplace?' echoed the High Master's voice elegantly.
'Yes High Master,' Kyu spoke softly, still bowed low, eyes unmoving on the ground, 'Master, if I may give you some information about the demons?'
'Of course, of course. If it's information on the demon's then we need it or we'll never be rid of the pestilence they create.'
'Yes Master. I will start back when I was heading through the Sacred Elf Woods, to see the Elvin High Master to send your message to him. And I saw 5 demons just waltz into the forest in front of me.
I followed them, being sure to keep to the ground quietly, and discovered a hideout they had managed to build under the Elves' very noses!
Naturally I was curious to see what was inside, so I was sneaking up and the guards spotted me!!!'
'IMPOSSIBLE!!!' roared the High Master.
'I know, Master. The area was inescapeable, so I ended up fighting them. They went down easily enough, but they had alerted the others and I had to come tell someone. By now the hideout has either been moved, or is under heavy guard.'
'Hmph, fine. We'll just have to storm the place then.'
'Umm... Master? I'm sorry to interrupt so rudely, but on my way out, I saw two camps. One contained several peoples of different race, the other contained all humans. And there was a demon in the first camp, sharing in their food and supplies and everything! I personally think that we should send a few to investigate. I can tell you where the demons' hideout is easily enough, but the campers may have moved. I think I should go with one or two others to check out the camps.'
'Good idea my young friend,' replied the now flabbergasted High Master, 'You must go to the camping area immediately, or you'll not arrive until at least midday tomorrow. Tell the Airwing Army commander where the hideout is and leave. I trust you'll not need anyone with you. You can handle a few measley campers yourself.'
'Yes Master,' Kyu ended and left to tell the whereabouts of the hideout.
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Shi-su rubbed her head as the two men argued and took Ryu's hand when he offered it. "Thank you. That hurt...." Shi-su rubbed her head and stuck her tounge out at the retreating figure of the other man. "You're one of the last Sulus? Amazing, I thought they'd all been whiped out. Well I'm glad to know that some still survive. " Shi-su smiled, and looked up at the tree. "I don't think I'll be able to get up to the tree tops now..Oh well. It was nice meeting you Ryu, I know we shall meet again." Shi-su bowed and turned to walk away. She stopped and looked back at him, "By the way, I'm glad to hear you all escaped the slavers. They are horrible people and I hope they get what they diserve." Shi-su turned and this time did start her walk back to camp, and was soon blending in perfectly with the surroundings. 'He's an interesting young man. The other is slightly overbearing, but I don't think either of them meant any harm.' Shi-su thought as she reached up to scratch her neck, and realized her mother's pendant was no longer around her neck. 'Oh no!' Shi-su turned and raced back to the Sulu's camp. (I don't know if it's Sulu or Sulus so I just did this one sorry if it's wrong) Shi-su stopped a few yards from their camp and raised her voice, "May I speak with Ryu?" Almost immediately there were people surrounding her and Shi-su tossed her weapons on the ground in front of her, "I'm not here to hurt anyone. I just want to speak to Ryu."
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( i don't know if i can do this or not but i'm going to anyways)

Ayumi was standing before the village elders awaiting her sentence. She knew it was either death by burning at the stake or expulsion...she chose expulsion...

"Ayumi Sato..." started the ugliest of the Elders, "for the crime of stealing 1,000 goats and selling them on the black market, you shall be sentenced to..." ,She feared the worst..., "..expulsion from the village. You will be sent to the Elven forest and you make continue your journey there...just don't do it again."

"Thank-you" she replied...she at least had to be polite...they took her in for 3 years!

Ayumi was given a raggedy knapsack with a small lunch and was given her sword back, and then she was on her way.

She knew something about these forests...like not to get eaten by who-knows-what. She also knew that rogue bandits LOVED to hide in the Elven Forests..."great. just great" she thought.

It was getting dark when she ran into a group of people she didnt' recognize...they were wearing raggedy clothing and were with an elf-sprite. One of the largest ones raised a rock and threatened to break her skull..."I mean no harm...really!" she replied to the man. Another one came to him and said, "That's enough. The more the merrier right? Besides, she doesn't mean harm...i can tell. By the way, my name's Ryu...and this [I]points to the elf-sprite[/I] , is Shi-su."

"Pleased to meetcha!" Ayumi replied and thought to herself, "This is going to be interesting."
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Kyu whipped low over the tops of the clouds.
This was his ground. Or, air, anyway.
He slowly lowered himself through the clouds and took a peek at the forests whizzing past below.
He saw smoke ahead, and knowing the Elves weren't stupid enough to light a fire in the middle of a forest and leave it smoking like that, he swooped down low, skimming the treetops.
He was there in a matter of seconds.
Kyu landed lightly in a small glade. The rich and wholesome smells of the forest seemed welcoming to him, but he knew better. As soon as he set one foot into the forest, it would be against him almost immediately. The Ancient Elves that ruled the Sacred Forest had cast a strong magic, targeting all non-elves.
Kyu was still half elf, but the Forest saw the Aven in him, and the magic did it's work to stop him getting far.
He drew his sword, glad he'd landed close enough to the smoke so that he wouldn't have to hack away too much foliage.
His elven ears told him there were about three people in the forest just ahead of him. One sounded deeper than the others. It was a male. The others were undoubtably female.
He quickly rushed forwards, keeping his sword drawn, reaching for his dagger at the same time as slashing the plants in front of him.
The three turned almost instantly, but not towards him.
Just then he realised that he should have focused on what was in the forest around the three hushed voices, this might be a trap, set by the demons.
He risked sight and rushed forwards, ready to meet whatever was there.
He turned and saw the hideous Umber Hulk, getting ready to attack. It's claws ready for it's prey's quick death. He'd have to run. And so would the others.
But they weren't turning to run, they were drawing their weapons!! The dumb creatures were actually going to try and fight this thing!!!
With a quick, but stupid, thought, he decided that if these people were going to beat the beast, they'd need to know where its vital organs were, for a fast, and hopefully painless (on their account) fight.
He came up along side the man. Well, actually, boy.
'My name's Kyu. You've got guts going up against this beast, kid'
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Ayumi saw how the three others were fighting and at first she was terrified. Then her sense came back, she couldn't just stand there and watch them get hurt! So she charged with her sword drawn and jumped to dodge the beast that had just lurched at her...she knew a little but about Umber Hulks, but not much....she thought, [I]If only I could get behind it...Maybe I could injure it enough for all of us to take this thing down![/I] She knew that she couldn't handle this on her own...so she crept around to the back of the beast and JUMPED onto it's back thrusting her sword into it just between what she thought was the shoulder blades. [I]It can't reach me now! [/I] she thought...just then the beast reached back and flung her to the ground....she amazingly just got the wind knocked out of her with a few scratches...[I]How can this be? Ryu got hurt badly and i get by with only a scratch??[/I] Then Kyu said, "you've got the magic of the heart! i can sense it!" Ayumi was astonished when the Hulk-thing slashed her sword-arm! She went to her knees in agonizing pain, grabbing at her arm. [I]I can't let them down...i feel..."connected" to them....I HAVE TO FIGHT![/I]
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[color=seagreen][i]Darmra sighed. There was no way to get through to these people. They had the same sterotypes as their parent and grandparents had. They could never believe that something as evil as a demon could actually be good.

Darmra-[/i]"You know what? Fine I'll leave. I can see that I've overstayed my welcome, even though this is my camp. If you would just let me pack up my things...I'll be out of your way in no time."

[i]Darmra started to stamp the last glowing embers of the fire with the heel of her boot, leaving the camp in total darkness. She could still see in the darkness, though everything now had a reddish tinge like all demon night vision.

The others shifted around uncomfortably in the darkness, but no one made a move to stop or say anything to Darmra. Darmra wrapped up her sleeping blanket and packed her food in the small travelling bag that she had been carrying for quite some time.

Darmra-[/i]"I bid you all a good night."[/color]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] Actually Rhys, Kilani doesn't care about what Race they are. And it makes her look bad and that doesn't really fit what she's like. Sorry to tell you.

[i]Kilani looked to the walking and started to say something about her. Darmra stopped and looked to Kilani who was speaking towards her.[/i]

"I was speaking to everyone. I only shrug when I do not know of what such things to say. I was hoping for someone to speak up. It did not matter who. It did not matter whether or not someone would say, "You're a demon. It is not your place." It did not matter at all. If you do not want to help, then leave. I already have one person." [i]Kilani said as she stood up.[/i]
"You're sister will probably throw me out after she sees me." [i]Darmra had said.[/i]
"She will not. She and I share the same views about races. It does not matter what color, race, or whatever they are. It matters on who they are." [i]Kilani replied.[/i]

[i]Darmra turned around to her and walked back. Kilani looked her in the eye this time. They were pure and good. She knew it. She could tell from the eyes.[/size][/color][/i]
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