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Ok..this might be my last rpg ever made.

-Young Girls Voice- It's the year 8324, in the middle of a robotic war. Not many people will survive. Please prevent another war from starting in the future. Listen, the way to prevent this is.....Who are you?! NO! NO! Let me go!!! -static-

Currently it is the year 8492. A new robotic war is brewing. YOu have replayed that tape dozen of times. But yet you can't find the meaning of it. A few days later you recive another tape.

-Young Girls Voice-Time is all we need. But not---yelling--static-

It has no clear connection to the last tape. But his time an adress is on it. Will you go and try to prevent the past from repeating itself or wil you allow this world to be destroyed. The futrue depends on your decision.

-Info needed-
Age (13-53)
Race (Android,Human,Demon)
Extra Itmes

this will be me

Name-Ali Istamaru



Appearance-Pale green eyes,white shoulder lenghth hair, no shoes, white pants, black shirt, black belt tied around the waist.

Weapons-long pole with a curved blade on the end

Race-Possibly the last human

Extra Items- A necklace holding a clear stone on it.

Have fun

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[color=royalblue]Name: Satell Megelani

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: see attatchment.

Weapons: Blade, [the big thing in the picture], Two Glock 9mms.

Race: Android

Extra Items: Cut crystal vial filled with a blue liquid, blood from a spider.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name: Shrike

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Appearance: [IMG]http://www.redfaction2.com/images/characters/shrike.gif[/IMG]

Weapons: Powerful shotgun

Race: Android

Extras: A card key that helps him excess computers.

That was easy.[/B][/SIZE]
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appearance-long silver hair and silver eyes rarely smiles, "dog" ears
weapons-king saber and two karachi's plus telekinetic powers
x-tra- take anything natural and use its elemental energy at my own free will
Isus love fighting!!!!!
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Ariela Tanya Kishandri

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Appearance[/B] [URL=http://www.yumtown.com/gallery/Cels/jubcha05.jpg]Ariela Tanya Kishandri[/URL]

[B]Weapons[/B] [URL=http://www.mantisswords.com/windandthundersword.jpg]Twin Wind and Thunder Swords[/URL] and [URL=http://www.bynoon.com/images/movie25.jpg]Cyclone Glaive[/URL]

[B]Race:[/B] Hydroid/Shapeshifter- A hydroid is an android type, but can be exposed to anything and is resistant to many things. For the Hydroid blood in Ariela, she cannot be poisoned, shot, electrocuted, flamed, etc. With her ShapeShifting blood, she is able to shape herself into any object, race, form, etc.

[B]Extra Items:[/B] A necklace with a clear vial, a silver ring with engravings, and an orb holding something that resembles a star. As well as a deck of cards that have each their own mark and figure. Her calling card is a Yin Yang Shuriken.[/size][/color]
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Name: Sar'ia

Age: looks 21 but could be different.

Appearance: Look below

Weapons: Same as above

Race; Not sure... either andriod or human...Will hopefully find out here!!!

Extra Items: One golden earing on the left side, and a charm bracelet, that has no significant meaning as of yet.[/COLOR]
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