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[COLOR=darkblue]You may have heard that we descended from apes. This is merely a cover up for the unbelievable truth of how we formed.

Before humans existed, the Earth was divided into four colonies. Unlike most tales you hear, whether they are true or false, these races did not war with each other and lived in peace. They only had to use weapons when fools from the colonies decided they didn't like the peace. The only disadvantages were that each colony struggled to survive within the territory of the other colonies, and each colony had a territory they couldn't enter.

The Water colony, understandably, lived underwater. They were great swimmers and very adept with weapons such as bows,swords and blade weapons.

The Earth colony were almost human, but they were extremely skilled with magic.

The Fire colony lived within the volcanoes and magma streams around the land. Thye could harness the powers of fire to great advantage.

The wind colony lived in the skies. Giant wings were mounted on their backs, and they had great use of their claws. Unable to use any weapons, but highly skilled with their claws and strength.

One group, however, did not like the peace of this world. Whilst still living with their race, they acted normal and were suspected of nothing, but they were plotting to overthrow the peace and bring war upon the world.

Their plan was sorted. They killed memebers of each race, making it look like another race was responsible. The plan seemed to go without a hitch, but they were unaware of the fact they had been sighted by some other people. The killers were immediately executed, but the group still existed, living amongst their races.

The races worked together to try and stop this cult, but they knew that the group still acted as good people. Sometimes memebers of each race would feud, and good people would battle each other. The races had not yet crumbled into a war for a single race to be left, but if this group was not stopped soon, then a war would begin.

The only way the races will prevail is to successfully light up 5 special lighthouses around the world.But they must do it together.To light up each Lighthouse,they need a spell or piece of each element.There is one lighthouse in every colony,all in hidden places.Then the final lighthouse is in the center.It must be lit at the very end.However,if the cult light all of the lighthouses with their evil elements the world will be thrown into darkness and the war will begin.
[b]Okay....We need a Leader for Each Element in GOOD PEOPLE!!
There will be 2 of each element.
So Water will have 2 people,Fire has 2 people etc.
One will be a leader.If you sign up for that Element First you have the decision of being Leader or not.The other person will have to be a Member.

There will be one person from each element that will be on the EVIL CULT.

So in the end there will be 3 people from each element.
2 Good and 1 Bad.[/b]
[b]Follow My Sign Up:

Name:[/b]Mika Santra
[b]Weapon(s):[/b]A glaive with a shaft made of polished oak and a blade made of hard,sharp,unbluntable silver.And a pair of daggers with hilts made of silver and blades made of sharp,hard,unbluntable,unbreakable crystal.[b](Describe the Weapon like I did)
[b]Magic:[/b]Mika can control Water in any form,eg.Rain,ice,liquid etc.In bodies of water,eg.Lakes,rivers,ponds,puddles etc.She can send thought messages with those who have even the slightest of psychic powers and those who don't.Her most powerful talent is summoning a Large Dragon made of Water.It attacks with a deadly force of water attacks.Mika can create cyclones,whirlpools and other deadly and dangerous water hazards.Her most useful talent though is being able to breathe underwater for long periods of time.She could even live underwater if she wanted to.Her natural talent is being able to hurl water at enemies.Her last thing that isn't magical related is that she is very acrobatic and moves swiftly,quietly and smoothly like running water.she also has a strange power to talk to the animals...Like Dr. Dolittle.When she talks to the animals,it sounds like english but to others it sounds like the sound of the animal.
Appearance:[/b](Remember it relates to what colony you come from)[URL=http://www.advancedanime.com/displayimage.php?pid=4802]When underwater except her hair's chocolate brown like her eyes.[/URL] When she's out of water she puts on a suit.It looks like Asuka's from Neon Genesis Evangelion except it's blue.See the attachment for a pic but change Asuka.It's the girl on the Right.
[b]Personality:[/b]Mika is a kind and caring person.She's very friendly and easy to get along with so she can make lots of friends.Since she has the power of water,she is always cool headed in tight situations.
[b]Bio:[/b]Mika lives with her family in her underwater colony.Everyone in the colony can brethe underwater with ease.It's a natural ability.

Her family calls her the Dreamer because she always goes off to play with the marine animals.Her best animal friends are a few dolphins.They're named Mizu,Hi and Kaze because of their personalities.She can talk to them and understand them.She can even do sonar.The four of them go to the surface and do tricks quite often.

She talks to the other marine animals down there too and all of the animals don't attack any of the members of the Water Colony because Mika trained them to be good.Even the sharks and whales listen to her.

When the elders told her that there was trouble around and two people from the colony had to go help she immediately stepped up.They were reluctant to let her go but in the end they let her as leader.Mika thanked them and went back to her house.

She gathered her weapons,her backpack with supplies and stuff and her ocarina.Then she said goodbye to her family and went in search of someone to go with.[b](For whoever is the second water person you need to include me in your Bio.)[/b]
[b]Extra:[/b]Mika also carries a mystical ocarina.No one knows the secrets of it except her and her family.(It looks like the Ocarina of Time from Zelda)And a backpack full of supplies and stuff.

[b]Leaders have slightly more powerful Magic than members.[/b]

Sign Up and enjoy yet another of my Elemental RPGs.
Have Fun and I'll cya later!

~Mizu Ohkami[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Cassandra Pyrin

[B]Codename:[/B] formerly Wild Fire, now Hidama Kyoukan- Fireball Assassin

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Colony:[/B] Fire

[B]Rank:[/B] Leader

[B]Allegiance:[/B] Good


[B][U]Fire Summons:[/B][/U] She is able to summon any thing connected to fire as well as summon it around her. She uses her Fire Summons for Defense, Attacks, transportation, etc.

[B][U]Fire Creatures:[/B][/U] She can summon any creature that is connected to fire. Her strongest and most favorite is the Fire Phoenix.

[B][U]Other:[/B][/U] She has some psychic abilites, as well as enhanced speed, strength, senes, and stamina. She has the fastest healing factor as well. She is also immune to most elements. Cassandra is also pyrokinetic. She has power of fire as well.

[B][U]Transformation:[/B][/U] Cassandra is able to transform into any type of fire. She can also transform into a human fire and dive into lakes of magma, volcanoes, etc. She is also able to transform into any living creature as well as a mythical creature associated with fire.

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attatchment- That is what she looks like normally. But when she transform into her fire form, her hair is a bright fiery red and her she has rings of fire around her wrists, ankles, and her waist. The ring around her waist moves up and down as if it were dancing. Her eyes also change into a fiery red. This also happens when she dives into a volcano or dive into hot springs. She is also able to breath underwater, in volcanoes, and other areas. Her eyes change according to her emotions as well.

[B]Personality:[/B] A girl who never gives up. She is one of the most fiery females in the colony. She is fearless, vibrant, understanding, loyal, confident, calm, quiet, does not judge, noble, unselfish, fair, and good. But she is also sarcastic, cool, does not show her emotions much, somewhat aggressive, serious, at times cold, dangerous, has a small attitude but it quickly changes within situations, deadly when it comes to it, defensive about her beliefs, family, and friends, and a girl you should not mess with.

[B]Bio:[/B] As her personality says, Cassandra aka Hidama Kyoukan, is one girl you should not mess with.

Growing up with no guardian, she was mostly on her own. She grew up to become a powerful, isolated person who mostly relies on herself. She is mostly the protector of the colony. She does not wish to violence, but when it comes to it, she will fight.

One day, when the Elders called for a meeting, they told of the danger and asked for volunteers to go and fight for their colony. The others sat in anxiety and nervousness while she looked at the cowarding fools. She stood up and anounced she would volunteer. The Elders were not surprised that Cassandra would volunteer knowing her history.

Speaking of history, Cassandrda harnessed her powers at the age of 3. She also was able to hold off a volcano from piling over their colony at the age of 5. She was known as Pele at a time, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire. But then it quickly grew out when they had learned she was nothing like her. She was named Hidama Kyoukan, Fireball Assassin, because of the way she could fight as well as use her powers.

Her personality was not because she was alone all her life, but because she chose to be that way. It is in her blood that she is that way and it is her to accept her ways.[/size][/color]
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Name. Dunner Wolfram

Age. 19

Colony. Fire

Rank. Member
Allegiance. Good

Weapons. A long steel dagger with a leather bound hilt and a leather sling with ?special rocks?.

Magic. Like all his kind he is immune to fire and actually finds the feel of fire comforting .He can also cause fire to erupt from any part of his body that is exposed to the air, this power is made more useful by his third power, the ability to form the flames into any shape he desires and control it as well as control the heat and intensity of the fire from being slightly warming to being capable of melting rocks. His final power is a rare skill called flame seeing, if he sets a fire at a spot where flames burned previously he can see the events that passed when the last flame burned, the image is mute and colorless but still useful.

Appearance. Dunner is short and rather skinny. He has short, straight hair that is charcoal black and falls slightly over his forehead. The dominant feature of his face is his eyes. Large red orbs they seem to burn softly and comfortingly like a low burning fireplace or a small candle. He wears a loose black tank top and matching pants and boots.

Personality. Dunner is a very open and friendly person with disarming personality and a temper that is very slow to run out. He has always been plagued by wanderlust and is a bit gullible. Dunner tends to spend a lot of time just thinking.

Bio. Dunner lived at the fire colony his entire life and though well liked he had few friends because not many people shared his desire to go see the other colonies. Because of that and the fact that his family forbid him from traveling he spent most of his time either practicing his fire skills or learning all he could about the other races. When it came time to decide who would go find the lighthouses he managed to convince the leaders of the colony to send him .

(If this guy is to strong then take away the spontaneous flames and the changing the temperature of them. I started writing this before Arika posted and planned on making him a leader.)
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[SIZE=1][B]Name: Dango

Age: 20





Magic: Can control wind in many forms, and can summon flying creatures. He can also control part of the weather, but only part of it. He mostly summons things.He is very powerful in strength, so magic he uses little of it.

Appearance: [url]http://www.fanimenation.com/cgi-bin/links/showpicture.cgi?ID=468&v=Image[/url]

Bio: He has been a good leader from day one, and never let's people down. His family died years ago, and no one knew how. He sometimes flies around his home thinking about them, and makes up reason for why and how they died. He never likes to fight, but he does when he has too.

People depend on him alot, but he depends on people too. This is the way life goes in his eyes. You help someone else, they help you. Simple...in some ways...

Personality: Caring, kind, and willing to fight, but perfers not too. Deadly when he's fighting though. That's what he likes about himself. He's one of the nicest guys around.

Extras: A long necklas for luck (it works too)[/B][/SIZE]

Sorry I had to sort the net out again!
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Name: Sabrielle Meshaw (Sabi)
Age: 18
Colony: Earth
Rank: Leader
Allegiance: Good
Weapons: A long staff made of ebony tipped on both ends with silver, and a crystal etched with ancient runic symbols of power. Also a pouch full or various seeds, which she wears at her waist.
Magic: Is able to control anything born from the ground, this includes plants, rocks, dirt, and sometimes glass (which is made from sand). She is able to manipulate these and make them hard or soft, big or small, you get the picture. She can also speed up the growing of plants, and use them to her advantage. She can mind-speak with people who have power, and can break into the thoughts of people who leave their minds unguarded. She has limited powers of shapeshifting and telekinesis (moving stuff with her mind), but these are drained easily. She can feel what energies have penetrated the earth, and use it to track a person. In worst cases, she can draw life force from the earth itself, and use it either to heal, or to harm.
Appearance: Waist length brown hair with streaks of green and bronze in it, hazel eyes. Wears a pale green shirt and pants, also a matching headband, over that a long deep green robe tied with brown cord. She wears three stone bracelets on each arm, and a long necklace made of jewel beads.
Personality: Once she has decided to so something, it is nearly impossible to change her mind. She is not openly friendly, but loves her friends deeply, even if she doesn't show it. She is more open to animals, and travels with a squirrel named Braay, who is energetic and sweet, but will bite anything evil that comes near. She always feels more comfortable outside, and so never stays in a house. Most people think she's eccentric, but they still support her as leader (see more in bio, to come)
Bio: Sabi was found her clan of Earth people when she was three years old. She was raised by the aging leader of the village and his daughter Zuya, whom she treated like a mother. She was taught magic by Zuya, and was quickly shown to have immense power within her. She was also taught physical fighting, but disliked it from the beginning and abandoned her study of it early on. She made friends with the people easily, and became well liked among the clan. One day, the leader took her and told her that she was not born of their clan, but found, and that Zuya was not her real mother. Sabi was angered that she was lied to, and tried to kill Zuya for her deception. While she was stopped, she mentally separated herself from the clan, and went to live in the forest. She was called back to the village when the leader was dying, and was asked to become the new leader, mostly due to her power. She accepted, finally starting to forgive him (the leader) for lying, and made up with Zuya. She has been the leader of the Earth People ever since.

Yay, it's done!
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Name: elf

Age: 14

Colony: water

Rank: member

Allegiance: good

Weapon: a blade, like the one in FFX, called the brotherhood.
It is blue with a strange hook at the end.

Appearence: Coming soon....

Personality: elf is very intellegent, but has many blond moments.
He is very friendly, but has learned how to know when to trust someone.

Bio: elf is a male member of the water clan, and was tought jujitsu
by his leader, Mika. His father was killed by the evil clan
people when he was 9. His mother died during childbirth,
so Mika took him when he was ten from an orphanage.
He loves spending time with Mika, since she is his only friend.
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[B]Name:[/B] Marakuta Faotay

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Colony:[/B] Earth

[B]Rank:[/B] Member

[B]Allegiance:[/B] Bad

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] A heavy stone mace adorned with various animal teeth.

[B]Magic:[/B] Marakuta is a master of dispelling and manipulating magic. His magic isn't very sepcific, rather he kind of takes on the magic of whomever he is facing. He is adept at several earth-wielding spells.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Marakuta is very large, with dirty, matted brown hair that hangs to his shoulders. He has a brutish face, almost simian in appearance. He has very thick skin, the result of a harsh life in the Earth colony. He wears a large leather jerkin and worn, loose, leather pants. Got a good image of him? Now add a [I]lot[/I] of dirt.

[B]Personality:[/B] Marakuta is quite cruel, with a warped sense of humor. He enjoys manipulating his enemies, and the magic they employ. If he cannot outsmart a foe, he generally smashes them with his mace.

[B]Bio:[/B] Marakuta grew up in a very rough part of the Earth Colony. Living alone, he grew to be self-sufficient and very shrewd. He learned much about the people of his colony, including several things that they may not have wanted him to know.

After some time, his increasing size made him quite conspicuous, making his passive learning slightly more difficult. Seeing his brutish appearance, many thought him to be stupid. Several challenged him to fight, and in the end they were all savagely cudgeled to death. They had thought to outsmart him, since they knew they could not best him in strength. Instead he had outdone them.

Marakuta joined the cult in the hopes that he would find opponents more worth his time.

[B]Extra:[/B] Marakuta knows how to live off of the land, and will go to great lengths in order to survive. Depriving himself of food and water for weeks at a time, his body has adapted to withstand periodic nourishment withdrawal.
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Name: Ijimeru Dorian

Weapon(s): The Bakanatsu A silver curved blade called a scimitar. Very elegant hilt, golden with red rubies.

Magic: none
Appearance: Light blue skin, and completely black eyes. White spikey hair, and a black bandanna. Dark blue open long sleeve shirt, and white t-shirt. Black pants, blue boots, and a golden belt.

Personality: Quiet, cold, and very serious. He barely ever shows any emotions, and never talks to anyone, unless he's mad. He has a very short fuze.

Bio: His mother died in child birth, driving his father mad. He blamed Ijimeru for it, it was like he was going to kill him. Ijimeru couldn't take it, and killed his father with his own blade, the Bakanatsu that he still uses today. He hardened almost immediately after, and became a wanted man for the murder of his father. In an age where peace is golden and everyone would do anything to protect it, he has also been said to be afilliated with the cult.
One dark night, he again could not take the manhunt, and was approached by a cult member, who said that to join them ment getting revenge on those stupid townsfolk. How could he refuse? (Bwahahahaha)

Extra: He also wears a penicle around his neck.
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[color=navy][b]Tsukasa_Hack:[/b]Sorry but DemonzDragoon beat ya to Water Member.....Unless you're willing to be evil because we need the evils.

[b]Stick Fairy:[/b]Please finish your sign up soon.

[b]the The Boy:[/b]
I think I will take away what you said to but everything else is fine.

Everyone's fine.
Now we're waiting for the Evils.

Water:2(No more)
Fire:2(No more)

Earth:1(No more)

That's all folks.That's the tally so far and we need the spots filled before we can start so get people in here.[/color]
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Once again Ohkami, you got the animal thing before me. >_<

[b]Name:[/b] Mathalamu Crystaline (Matt)

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Colony:[/b] Earth

[b]Rank:[/b] Member

[b]Allegiance:[/b] Good

[b]Weapons:[/b] A long wooden pole with a blade at the end. Tied near the start of the blade is 2 glittering leaves which he uses for his magic.

[b]Magic:[/b] Matt is one of the oddest Earth Members because he doesn't really summon "earth". He concentrates on the more Foresty type Elements. Though he's been training at this for 10 years he still has much to learn.

Summons: Right now the best Matt can do is summon vines from his own hands. [i]Multiple[/i] Vines... with thorns. Also can move rocks and create small tremors.

Creatures: Matt can't really summon much creatures except a large Rock Golem. But he can transform into many diffrent land animals. Including Wolves, Mice, Gorillas and more. This way he can communicate with the animals he is being at the time.

Ability: Even when he isn't an animal he can communicate with land animals. But that's it.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Matt has brown hair with a nice tint of green. he has a scar on his cheek from a Mining accident. His T-shirt is white with some dirt stains and his pants are black with grey camoflauge. He also has 2 white wristbands.

[b]Personality:[/b] Very energetic and proud, Matt loves hanging with his friends and especially his pet monkey, Flik. He always has a smile on his face and tries not to show any sadness or anger. He's always there to give a helping hand but sometimes he can be [i]to[/i] kind and giving. He always gives someone a [u]third[/u] chance. Even the most evil of evil people.

[b]Bio:[/b] When Matt was younger he snuk into the mines ot help his "Dadda" but a cave-in occurred and Matt was in the middle of it. He made it out alive with his father but has a scar to prove it. Matt is now afraid of going underground to the mines. He spends most of his time in the forest.


I hope that was okay. With the Nature stuff and all.
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[size=1]Name:Yata Gurusumo






Magic:Yata has the power to turn into air, and turn back into his normal form. He also can control the speed, temperature, and direction of the air. He also can summon forth magical crows , and Yata can turn into a crow himself, a power he uses to spy on other parties.

Appearance:Yata is pale and built light. His eyes are blood red, and he has long, light grey hair, almost white, hair. He has a kind face, but if you look closer it seems his thoughts are cruel and hateful. On his back carry a pair of long jet black wings. Yata wears a light armor given to him, and is able to fly when wearing it also.**

Personality:Yata looks kind if you look at his with a glance, and he uses this to trick others, but Yata is cruel because of the way he grew up. Yata loves battle, only if he has a worthy opponent. A weak spot to Yata is kindness, and he dislikes it dearly. He is quit towards others, and doesn't speak in his soft tone much.

Bio:Yata was born, and by then his world was turned inside out. He was abused by his parents, mentaly mostly, and it drove him to be carzy. The other children made fun of the way he looked, and rocks where always thrown his way. Yata was weak then, and could not protect himself.

Yata when 15 years old turned to the power of dark magic. He learned from books, and a teacher soon came to him and tought him to control more powerful magic. He soon turned into the teacher's monster, and set him out on the small town of the clouds, destorying it. After his magic torn down the town, he turned to his master, and killed him with his own hands. Starving more power, Yata joined the dark cult to gain more.

Extra:His teacher's bleached skull

**See attactment for basic idea[/size]
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[color=navy]Great guys!

Yes I did say that Ayokano can steal NPCs souls.
(I'm not listening to you any more)

Sorry Lrb.It's a habit
I looooooooooove talking to animals.:p

Get 2 people who are willing in here so we can start!!![/color]
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Name: Gabriel Crane
Age: 23
Colony: Wind
Rank: Member
Allegiance: Good
Weapon(s): None
Magic: Gabriel is able to communicate with others through the wind from great distances and can manipulate it into solid objects such as platforms and clubs
Appearance: [img]http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/d/e/devonc/effightflight.jpg.html[/img]
Personality:Calm with a mild but smooth charisma, not overly loud but has a sarcastic sense of humour
Bio:He lives for the air and for the fun of being free in the sky.
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Name: Dregen
Age: 19
Colony: Fire
Allegiance: Bad
Weapon(s): A black crystal hilt to a sword. A dagger that splits in half to form 2 daggers, and arrows of solid steel each one tipped with black widow venom. He has magical quiver that doesn?t run out of arrows.

Magic: Dregen can control fire in any form. He is telepathic meaning that he can
He can communicate with his mind rather than his mouth. He is also telekinetic and when combined with his control of fire it becomes very deadly. The hilt that he holds can absorb any form of magic and becomes it?s exact opposite (element). Dregen is also a summoner; he can summon any creature that is fire based.

His hair is fire red as are his eyes. He?s about 6?2 200 pds muscular he has to wear a thin suit when he?s away from the heat of his colony. I?ll post attachment.

Personality: Dregen is a very cruel person he is quick tempered as most his people are. He will not fight unless his opponents are strong. He is extremely intelligent and is always ready to fight.

Bio: Dregen lived by himself ever since the old man who brought him up died and that was 4 years ago. He lives in the deepest pits of the fire colony volcano. As a child he was branded a traitor like all his family, after the first band of evil elementals attacked for his great Granddad was one of them. So when he was coming up everyone was mean to him and basically ran him and his family away, his mother and father died trying to protect him from a bunch of colonist thought the should pay for the sins of the father. So he wandered into a cave that took him down deeper and deeper into the volcano where he met an old man a master of fire and martial arts. The old man taught him everything he knew hoping that in time Dregen could forgive the colonist and live a live mercy and kindness. Alas Dregen grew up hateful and vengeful and vow to kill all the fire people. He had almost let go of his hate when the old man died About 2 months ago there came 3 mysterious people one from each of the surrounding colonies water. Wind, and earth, they said that if Dregen joined up with him he could get revenge. So after much consideration he joined them. With that he packed a few essential items and supplies.
Extra: he carries a pendent hat old man gave to him he said that he always count on it to protect him when he needed it the most.
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Guest Skyrider


Magic:Drago can alter the weather in a range of twenty-five miles. He can also summon grat beasts of the air, preferably Rocs which are giant birds. Drago can also send wind blasts towards his enemies which cuts the up like daggers. He also has the ability to see vast distances like a hawk.

Apperance:Drago has a condition that instead of his wings looking like a birds, the look like dragon wings.He has dark green eyes. He's about 5'3'' and 115 lbs. Drago wares a red shirt and blue pants on normal days. He always carries heavier clothes when the weather turns bad, even though he can alter weather, he won't do it unless he has to.

Personality:Drago alwys dose whats right. Was alwys picked on so has kind of a attitude so don't mess around with him unless you want to get hurt. Drago is a good allyto have in a time of need.

Bio:Drago had a rough life at home and an even worse life in his home town. His family was killed when he was six because he looked different. He grew up with his neighbor because the accept him, but live on the streets for six months. That also happens to be the place where his girlfriend Dove lives.Since then he's been training hard to pull his own weightand to impress his girlfriend.

Extra:Drago carries a a flute which he uses to comand creatures of the sky to help him fight or just to have a conversasion with. He also carris a bag of ,mystic stones which help him cast the more powerful spells.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]wwwwww[/B][/COLOR] <------This is his wing color, it dosn't mean a thing.
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