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Art Mercurial Cyclone


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Noone will remember me by the looks of it, but I'm back and I've become extremely more skilled in the field of graphics. Getting straight to the point, one of my latest wallpapers is in the attatchment. I'm not too happy about the 3D render, I should have done some more blending because it sticks out and is ugly, but I don't have the PSD to edit so this is what I have for you.

Nevermind, the attatchment was too large, so here's the image on my host.

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Heh, thanks for the comments. I was worried about that line on his back and it's just a reflection, but I should have erased it anyway. As for the face, that's just the result of resizing the image too far.

As for sonic-girls182, if you could tell me what Sango is, sure :)
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Ahah... man, I must say, your work is stunning.

Not much to say... cool picture, good font, lovely background... however, the one thing that annoys me about this picture is... Around Vash's face region are a sprinkling of tiny red dots. They look bad and ruin the effect, IMO. Not sure if they are accidental or placed there, however, I really don't like them.

I think your picture is good, you have mastered the background, and I will definitely look forward to more of your work.

Aesthetics: 8/10
Technical: 9/10
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=teal] Welcome back Kinetic. Not many older artists post there artwork as much anymore. :(

Yes you have improved. You captured Vash very well. For some reason it reminds me of a slow motion running scene. o.O The crystals and lighting effects really bring out the image. I don't care for the green however, I think red would have been the more appropriate choice. The font doesn't really give a Mercurial Cyclone feeling, if that even makes sense.

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Wow I remember you -_o. You've gotten better so props for that, but this wallpaper is kind of appaling (sp?) and there are still certain things you need to work on.

- The Vash stock image looks horrible in the sense that it's hard
to see, has a greenish tint, and looks all beat up.

- In MY opinion the typo looks quite bad as well mainly because of
the white border which doesn't contrast that well with the rest
the wallpaper, and i'm not quite digging the font either =O.

- As for the background itself... It has a few nice parts *but* all
the black space/stuff is really detracting as it makes it harder to
see the rest of the wallpaper.

My advice, keep trying (durr kind of obvious ^_^'') and if your going to make darker color wallpapers (which in my opinion are often harder to create than lighter colored wallpapers) work on having less black space and darker shades of the "main" colors instead (in this case darker shades of green and gray in some places where there are black, this way everything will be more visible. These "darker shades" can be almost black but you'd be surprised the difference they can make).
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As I said in my signature topic, I agree with the points you have made Hittokiri and plan to improve them. One reason I used that typo is because it's one of the messiest I have (I chose messy because of "Cyclone") and because I have no fonts that are any good :p

Anyway, thanks for the comments everyone :)
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Yeah, I dont really have anything to say that hasnt been said already. I think it would look a hell of a lot better without vash in it, or maybe if you made him a more greenish colour it'd be a little bit better.

The font, the font's just horrible and looks, to be honest, a little n00bish.

The actual background/3D work looks quite nice, im not normally a fan of green but this isn't bad.

The only other thing I have to say is that I agre with hitto totally in saying that you've improved a lot.
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Its been a long time since i saw your graphics, and it is simply marvelous ^_^

If there would be any flaw at all it would be the white pixel edge around Vash, yet I aint bothered by it.

As soon as my own PC gets fixed, ill put this one on for sure ^_^;;[/color]
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