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Sign Up Matrix: Rebooted (Adult: Contains language, sexuallity, and violence)


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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

The year is now 2110. The war between humans and machines is still going but only barely. The machines are losing and they know it. I am Morphus, Supreme Comander of Zion. Humans now live on the surface but Zion is now used as a defense and offensive base.

The machines are in trouble. The matrix crashed when the one, Neo and Smith fought. The machines deserate in keeping their food intact rebooted the matrix. I now know that the one will return and finish the new prophacy.

I do not know what this truely means right now. We know though when the Matrix rebooted Smith was re-created. I see a difficult time ahead of us.

Now then you can be the one but you have to make him look good. You also can be agents in this and any other character in this. However, DO NOT make yourself immortal. The One can die so can Agents.



[u]User Name[/u]:


[u]Name of Ship[/u]:


[u]Matrix Description[/u]:

[u]Weapon of choice[/u]:




[u]Weapon of choice[/u]:

I have dibs on Morphus![/font][/color]
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I too, must get rebooted. Been out of the game too long.

[B]Name:[/B] Geist

[B]Username:[/B] Geist

[B]Rank:[/B] Captain

[B]Ship:[/B] Blitz (Captain)

[B]Description:[/B] Always wears a pair of circualr sunglasses, in or outside of the Matrix. He has a lanky/athletic stature standing around 5'10" and weighing 155 Ibs. He has short, and slightly spiked forward, black hair with a slight tan. He likes wearing a warm, hand woven, grey hoodie with a pair of white pants.

[B]Matrix Descriptions:[/B] With his circular sunglasses, he wears a black chinese silk suit with shirt unbuttoned revealing white undershirt. His physical appearence stay the same though.

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] He carries with him a colt .45 pistol, but much rather use his hands or a pair of nunchaku he hides in a silk bag fitted just for them. The long chain and hard, yet light, rubber used for the ends are customized to his seeings. He gave the programmers a hard time with this.

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Name: Christian de Medich

User Name: Chris

Rank: Captain

Name of Ship: Nokia

Desciption: Christian has short brown hair and large blue eyes. He stands at Six feet even and slouches a bit.
Christian wears a white, form-fitting, sleeveless shirt with a high neck line. His pants are white with an intricate design along the legs, and are quite loose-fitting. On his hands, he wears white gloves that seem to have an open part on the back of the hand. Also on his right hand, he has a metal ring that completely encircles his wrist. Around his waist is a belt that has his gun holsters at the back, which have a long orange belt dangling from them. Finally, his shoes are white with dark, chunky soles, and white laces.

Matrix Description:
Whilst still the same size, his slouching is gone.
He wears a large white coat with four buttons at the neck. Again, there's a belt that would have holsters and a place to hold ammo. He wears gloves on both hands that look as though they're actually part of him, not something he's wearing. Coming off his belt is a long piece of fabric that hangs between his legs, and has buttons on either side of it. As with before, he wears loose pants, only now they are plain charcoal grey. Finally, his shoes are black, with chunky soles again, but instead of laces, they seem to have big buckles on them.

[B]A Note:[/B] I had pictures ready for the descriptions, and they wouldn't work, so I needed good descriptions for the character mine is based off of. I did not write these descriptions, and I give credit to the person who did.

Weapon of choice: Two twin pistols. ( I hope this is okay )

Alright, if anything needs to be changed, tell me.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Guess I'll sign onto Giest's ship as first officer...

[b]Name:[/b] Vincent Hope

[b]User Name:[/b] Hope

[b]Rank:[/b]First Officer

[b]Name of Ship:[/b] Blitz

[b]Desciption:[/b] A tall, lanky young man, with blond hair and icy blue eyes. He moves with decceptive grace and has an easy smile, and likes to laugh. He stands at 6'0", and wieghs in at 160 pounds.

[b]Matrix Description:[/b] Much the same as above, but he wears pure white slacks, a black collared shirt, and a white sports coat.

[b]Weapon of choice:[/b] Hope carries a .50 Desert Eagle inside his coat, along with a MP-10. He prefers long ranged combat to hand-to-hand, but when it comes down to it, he'll fight with the best of them. He carries a knife as backup.
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Name: Sparky

User Name: Sparky

Rank: 1st Mate

Name of Ship: Blitz

Desciption: about six feet, with wavy blonde hair that reaches his ears. He has crystal blue eyes, and a fair very fair complection He usually wears a black bandanna to hold it back, and is always in baggy clothing. Wears dark baggy pants, and a white T-shirt.

Matrix Description: A white bandanna, the ends of which reach down to his lower back. A white trenchcoat, and a black T-shirt with black baggy pants. He has a rough interwoven belt that conceals his knives, and twin uzis in shoulder-holsters hidden by his jacket. He always has black combat boots, and his eyes are concealed by black oakleys

Weapon of choice: Twin .45 uzis on shoulder holsters, and twin crystalline daggers that he integrates into all of his known martial art styles.

OOC: I hope this one gets off the ground, unlike "Live the Matrix" This looks fun. PM me if there is anything that you need changed. Ja ne!
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Alexandra Donacelli

[B]User Name:[/B] Genesis

[B]Rank:[/B] Female Officer.....

[B]Name of Ship:[/B] Blitz

[B]Desciption:[/B] See attachment- without the black, she regularly wears the gloves, [URL=http://www.wetseal.com/images/style/33549835916_lg.jpg]black flared pants[/URL], and [URL=http://www.wetseal.com/images/style/3364216110_lg.jpg]a black tube top[/URL].

[B]Matrix Description:[/B] See attachment

[B]Weapon of choice:[/B] Anything she can get her hands on, but mostly her poisoned Neko-Te gloves that she is immune to. As well as [IMG]http://www.cbswords.com/images/samurai3000katana.jpg[/IMG].

[B]Random Fact:[/B] There are only two females on the Ship, as well as that Angel does not like many that go after the other female. She is the protecting "big sister" on the Ship. As well as that she does not take well to violence towards the Blitz's crew.[/size][/color]
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Haha.. I always wanted to be an Agent!

Name: Agent Thorne

Description: Designed as a rogue operative, Thorne appears a lot different to Agent Smith and other such Agents. However, he is still the same as them in manner... the skin changes not the program.

Black spiked hair, long black trenchcoat. Plain black muscle top underneath. Dark faded denim jeans, relatively tight but un-restricting. Dark navy sneakers, Nike. Medium build, average height. Strongly muscled and lightning fast, Thorne was based around the 'Seriph' program, with personality alterations to suit continued allegiance to the Matrix only.

Weapon: Carries a sniper rifle [think Cusack, Grosse Point Blank]. It is a Benelli Tactical 12 guage.

Primary weapon is a swing-stock sub-machine Uzi. Hacks remove the need for ammuntion replacement equalling unlimited ammo. However, the barrel will melt if not given time to cool, so it only serves to not have to carry lots of magazines with him. The Uzi with swinging stock is perfect for storage underneath his trenchcoat.
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Guest cloricus
Oh god I can see this being a useless rpg and the story line is dodgy at best though I need some thing more to do than just play with ssh and php...

Name: Johnny "Tweak" Recko
User Name: User_Remote
Rank: Pilot
Name of Ship: Blitz
Description: Pod-born, male, 21, black hair and you can fill in the blanks. (Or go watches the movies, either is fine by me.)
Matrix Description: Same with better fashion sense and no holes with neat sunnies.
Weapon of choice: Aus-Styer77 modified forty round clips plus what ever is lying around at the time.
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Woah Arika... nice WoC! I, too, shall login to The Nokia, as 2Lt Valensia (Second Lt.)

[b]Name:[/b] Sia Van Cernunnos

[b]User Name:[/b] Valensia

[b]Rank:[/b] Second Lieutenant

[b]Name of Ship:[/b] Nokia

[b]Desciption:[/b] I am 5'8", have military-length brown hair (Normal length, not touching the ears, no sideburns, and tapered in the back), green eyes, and my attire consists of black, baggy shirt, black jeans, and combat boots.

[b]Matrix Description:[/b] When in the Matrix, I am 5'9" and have white hair down to about my waist, always in a ponytail-like style. My eyes go ice burg blue, and my attire consists of a leather vest, black jeans, combat boots, and a white undershirt.

[b]Weapon of choice:[/b] Isis Katana. A katana that has runes enscripted into the blade with a titanium hilt that has been covered with leather to absorb some of the shock. The blade is made of the rare metal, Adamantine, sharpened to match that of a Diamond. When sheathed, the length from tip of hilt to tip of sheath is four feet seven inches. The sheath itself is encrusted with many a celtic runes, made of pure gold.
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Guest Anderson

Name: Marcus Anderson

User Name: Anderson

Rank: Captain

Name of Ship: Black Widow

Desciption: bout 5'9, jaw length brown hair with green and blue streaks, black baggy pants, blck baggy t-shirt and trainers

Matrix Description: still 5'9, jaw length brown hair with blue and green streaks but tied in a pony tail,attire consists ov black baggy pants, black sunglasses, white vest and trainers

Weapon of choice: anythin with a blade longer than 20" with adimantium blades
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Guest Skyechild91
Dibs on the second and last female place on the Blitz!

Name: Damai Loren

User Name: Kiyat

Rank: Luitenent(sp)

Name of Ship: Blitz

Desciption: Waist length silver hair, silky, lsightly wavy, green eyes, slim form, wears black hip-huggers, and a black tank top with a black elather jacket, halfway buttoned up. Black leather ankle boots, large silver hoop earings

Matrix Description: Ditto

Weapon of choice: A trio of throwing daggers, as well as two in her boots. One katana(see Arika?s picture)

hah! Im in a RPG with Valen...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by cloricus [/i]
[B]Oh god I can see this being a useless rpg and the story line is dodgy at best though I need some thing more to do than just play with ssh and php...
[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

Heh I like your sincerity. Welcome aboard all. I will be Morpheus.

[u]Name[/u]: Morpheus

[u]User Name[/u]: Morpheus

[u]Rank[/u]: Supreme Comander of Zion

[u]Name of Ship[/u]: None. He is able to order around the ships because he's comander.

[u]Desciption[/u]: See Matrix Description

[u]Matrix Description[/u]:[URL=http://matrix.fol.nl/images/pages/morpheus.htm]Morpheus[/URL]

[u]Weapon of choice[/u]: He enjoys using blades like the Katana. His most deadly weapon he has is his Martal Arts. When needed he can use any gun he can get his hands on.
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[b]Name:[/b] Agent Grey

[b]Desciption:[/b] A brown haired, brown eyed man in a light tan suit, he wears sunglasses and an earpiece.

[b]Weapon of choice:[/b] [url=http://darkstar-sifi.co.uk/images/bbguns/gas/sag6.jpg].50 caliber Desert Eagle[/url]
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[color=#707875][size=1]This seems like a good little RPG, might as well give it a shot.


[b]Name:[/b] Agent Ambrose

[b]Desciption:[/b] [img]http://www.thewb.com/THEWB/Images/Dynamic/i23/AG-ADenisof-E_2x3_240.jpg[/img] Something like this and add the sunglasses, the ear-piece and trademark black suit.

[b]Weapon of choice:[/b] [img]http://products.berettausa.com/images/immagini_maxi/92FS_S_maxi.jpg[/img][/color][/size]
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Name: Jonathon Marks

User Name: Jump

Rank: First Officer of the Nokia

Name of Ship: Nokia

Description: He has long black hair that is down to the bottom of his shoulder bldes. He has deep brown piercing eyes. He wears a long, black leather trench coat which has a built in scabbard big enough for a katana. And he wears black leater pants with a holster to fit a Desert Eagle.

Matrix Description: Same as description.

Weapon of Choice: Jason's weapon of choice is the Israeli Desert Eagle. He is so skilled with this weapon that he can hit a target 200 yards away. He is also skilled in many forms of the martial arts.
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Name: William O'Connor

User Name: Priest (sorry out..i have to lol)

Rank: Priest/Engineer

Name of Ship: The Nokia

Desciption: Like the pic, except he wears raggy clothing.

Matrix Description: see pic

Weapon of choice: 10-Gauge Shotgun.
Specs for Shotgun: 20" barrel, custom narrow choke fitting, allowing a 89% hit spread on a 30" circle at 100 yards, its also a good ole hinge-action. Gotta love those.

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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

The Matrix will have you in a few days. Saturday to be exact. ^_^
I have a big asignment due in a few days.

Edit: 1

It's up and it's here: [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34401]The Matrix Rebooted[/URL]

I'm keeping this open for anyone who still would like to join. But I am only allowing one more crew of a ship and that's it. Lets try and make this one a good RPG.
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