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Sign Up Bullets and Drugs: Volatile Mix [Language, sexual references][Help needed]

Baron Samedi

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Ok, let me lay it down straight for you... I have an idea for a RPG, but I am not sure how to go about doing it... Any experienced help would be much appreciated here.

Ok... here's the deal.

Lately the Mafia have been progressing and encroaching onto Yakuza territory. Understandably, the Yakuza are not impressed, [i]at all[/i], and immediatley take strict measures to halt the Mafia's progression.

In a silent struggle for power, many agents and members have been killed. Murder would be a more appropriate word, but it all amounts to the same thing.

Then, out of Cuba, comes a load of cocaine. Nothing irregular, one might be tempted to think, but concealed inside is a veritable arsenal of weapons which the Yakuza has ordered. With it, they are planning to remove the Mafia's head once and for all.

Mafia contacts inside the organisation quickly latch onto this. Now, as the shipment crosses Africa on a camel train, the race is on to locate and recover the shipment.

Each group has sent their top 10 operatives to recover the stock. They [i]must[/i] beat the other team to the shipment.

Obviously, this RPG will have a maximum of 20 people in it. This being my first RPG, I am not really expecting to fill that, but we shall see.

Ok, now for the fun part... Signups!

Name: [Self Explanatory]
Code-name: [Your name within the organisation]
Bio: [If you need some explaining here, you can bugger off now ;)]
Personailty: [ditto for above]
Weapon: [With this, a sidearm is permitted. Hand-to-hand fighting will dominate in this RPG but weapons are accepted for threatening and useful-ness in situations]
Description: [Self explanatory]

Thats about it. You get mine later, after someone has replied... so.

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[color=royalblue]Tch, patience...patience....
Name: Sayuri Okimura

Code-name: Lidan

Bio: The duaghter of a North Korean opperative and a Japanese prostitute, Sayuri is the embodiment of all things considered. She answers to the highest powers, and responds to most situations with the calm apptitude of her father. She enjoys fighting, some strategy, and a great deal of spontenaity. These things are what she bases her life around, as a Yakuza goddess.

Personailty: Tall, saturnine, seductive, definetly asian. Sarcastic when slicing up the enemy, but far more suited to simple assassin work and seduction. She uses both to make her way to the top.

Weapon: Glock 9mm. Teflon survival knife.[/color]
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Ok, here's mine.

[b]Name[/b]: Petir Zalevskaya

[b]Codename[/b]: Stalin

[b]Bio[/b]:Petir was born into a lower-middle class family in St. Petersburg. Originally he started doing chores and errands for the local Mafia ring. Eventually his aptitude and enthusiasm got filtered up to the regional council. He was promoted and trained in the weapons and fighting arts. He specialised, if one could call it that, in brawling.

To him, boxing was stupid, martial arts were stupid, in fact anything that didn't involve brute force was stupid.

And then he was exposed to the rest of the world. What a shock. While he still retains a scepticism of such things, he also can make use of them.

He progressed into drug-running, and then into extortion, murder and theft. Eventually he reached the top ranks of Mafia and earned the rights to the supreme code-name: Stalin.

[b]Personality[/b]: A cold, heartless bastard, Petir has few friends, but even fewer enemies. Well,[i] living[/i] enemies at any rate. Highly sarcastic, highly motivated and professional, he is rarely put off his target.

His only vice is women. Those angels of figure.

[b]Weapon[/b]: H&K folding stock sub-machine gun.

[b]Description[/b]: Pale complexion, hard grey eyes and dark black hair, a face of great contrast. He is strongly built, perhaps slightly shorter than average, but a good physique. He customarily wears a long black trenchcoat, with dark pants and a dark shirt and jumper.
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Just a question. When is this set? If it is like a 1930s type gangster setting I can help, I love that era.


[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Dominic Virelli

[b]Codename:[/b] Mad Dog

[b]Biography:[/b] Dominic 'Mad Dog' Virelli was born in #### (Dont know when set yet) in a small town in Sicily. His parents were rather poor and they didn't lead a very easy life.

One day when Dominic was about 15, his father decided he had had enough with being poor. He contacted some 'friends' of his and decided to go into business. What that business was, Dominic and the rest of his family did not know.

About five years later a couple of policemen turned up outside the Virelli household. They had long moved out of their run down cottage and into an expensive villa. When Dominic's mother had asked his father where the money for such an expensive house, his father just shrugged and replied 'from the business.'

When Dominic's father looked out the window and saw the police, he cursed fouly and ran down into the cellar. He returned momentarily with a shotgun.

He burst out the front door and shot the two policemen. He then herded the family into a car and sped off with Dominic's mother screaming hysterically at him.

Their trip took them to a dock on the outskirts of the town, where the Virelli family were put on a cargo ship headed for America.

After a few weeks of travel the family arrived in America and taken by car to the city of New Orleans where the were met by Virelli's who had already immigrated to America.

Life continued much as it had in Sicily except that Dominic's mother had become rather quiet and reclusive, except when Dominic's father came home and they argued for hours.

One night after a large argument, Dominic's father burst out of his bedroom, teary eyed and with gun in hand. He made his way out into the backyard where a shot sounded. Dominic's elder sister went out after him, Dominic heard her scream and ran outside to see his father's brains splattered across the courtyard.

After standing in shock for several minutes he ran inside to get his mother. He recieved another shock. His mother lay on the bed, strangled to death.

A few days after the joint funeral, some strangers approached Dominic. They told him that now his father was dead, he had inherited his father's business. And thus Dominic was inducted into the world of crime.

He rose quickly through the ranks of organized crime in New Orleans as he had vast intelligence. And because he lived by the rule, kill or be killed. He inspired fear in his enemies because of his cold manner in the way he dealt with both customers and victims.

It was only a matter of time before he was called up by his superiors for something truly big. And he hoped he could get something big in return.

The city of New Orleans perhaps?

[b]Personality:[/b] Dominic never shows any emotion whatsoever. Just cold indifference after his parents were killed. He has the manner that absolutely chills people. Even those he considers his friends. He is also extremely intelligent.

[b]Description:[/b] Dominic has short cut black hair. He is rather handsome as well, except for two things that stop him from being dashingly handsome. The first are his eyes. His grey eyes are cold and full of malice. No one can hold his gaze for more than a few seconds. The second is a scar that runs from the start of his hairline to the corner of his mouth. The remnants of a fight with an enemy that had an attraction to blades.

He wears a full black suit with a white tie, a ankle length trenchcoat and a black fedora with a white band.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Dominic has two .45 colt revolvers and the good old classic, the brass knuckle.

Whew. i'm done

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[COLOR=green]**Insert Place holder here**

I'll edit this later


Name: Jedgar Nieta

Code-name: Green

Bio: Born in the United States to a law-abiding family of Italian immigrants, his rough inner city upbringing hardened him. He joined a gang, and soon rose to the top as an assassin. Luigi attracted the attention of the local Don, who hired him as an enforcer. He has served his "family" ever since...

Personality: Quiet and deceitful, he is not a man to be crossed lightly.

Weapon: An Uzi

Description: He wears a suit most of the time, although without a tie. Instead of dress shoes he wears boots, which don?t seem to attract much attention. He's rather short, only 5'4'', and very skinny. He has a lean and tough appearance that is somewhat intimidating.
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Well, I guess you need some Yakuza

Name: Hattori Hanzo

Codename: Okinawan

Bio: Born on the Island of Okinawa, owned by Japan, Hanzo soon became adapt in the Okinawan native art of Kara-te (empty hand), his late father being a retired instructor.

Soon, he moved to Japan's main island, and into Tokyo where he attened college, just barely paying for it with money earned from teaching Kara-te classes on campus. It was a dim exsistence for Hanzo, he would od anything for money.

One day the Yakuza came to him, after seeing that he was strong, but better off dead. Knowing that this was a prime target, they asked him to join, telling him "We'll be your family..." Hanzo had nothing to lose at the time, and so he agreed....

Now Hanzo enjoys his life. Not a very good guy, but not exactly evil. He runs the Yakuza transportation ring from South American transport ring. This time he slipt up by trusting the Cuban's, and not 'insuring their loyalty', or in other words threatining their lives.

It was his mistake, now he had to clean it all up. He got him self into shape, got his team in order. And now he was ready to right his wrongs.

Personality: Bright, optomistic, and doesn't like killing men withot reason. When he is exicuting traitors, he fights them, and even allows them a weapon, but it is usually used against them. He is a strange man, but he is effective none the less, and so he is trusted highly by his "Family" as he trusts them... or so it seems.

Description: 5'11"/165 IBS. Hanzo is not to tall or short, but he i s well built and muscular. He has a dark complexion, typical of an Okinawan. His hair is short, and off-spiked forward. He wears a pair of round sunglasses and crisp, sharp suit on any mission, which is suprisingly, easy to move in for him. His face is sharp, distinct, and multi-facited to the mood he is in.

Weapon: Kara-te, Tae Kwon Do, and Escrima formualted with the art of Jeet Kune Do as Hanzo's own brand of self expression. The only weapons he uses are a pair of tonfa's (nightsticks), tucked away in his belt.
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I used the basic template of this from my Kill Adam sign-up becuase i felt as if it suited this RPG etremly well :D

Here is some music to try and set the mood more. Please play this while reading bellow:

Real Name: Giovanni Di Nardo

Codename: The Bear

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Alliance: Mafia

Biography: The typical mobster son, Giovanni was born into a crime-ridden family. All his life he was well off, life was presented to him on a silver platter. His family whom where very well known in the Italian-American crime buisness, raised him in the beautiful island Sicily. At the age of 10, he knew exactly how to "defend" himself. Salvator "The Stallion" Di Nardo, Giovanni's father, let him "finish the job" at the age of 16. His family then moved to America on buiness...just after they left their Sicily Mansion was burnt to the ground, they weren't leaving any clues in a buisness like this. Giovanni was officialy a Di Nardo Mobster.

Giovanni became more like Salvator every passing minute of every passing day. He even got a full talor made 3 piece tux - exactly like his Father's, only in his size. They were like twins, always by each other's side.

One day on a "whack" they got ambushed. His close friend had set him up, he was getting to much of a competition threat. Stephano Tontelano (a good friend but had connetions with the Yakuza through his Wife, whom was Japanese.) had ratted them out to the Yakuza, Stephano knew that certain people in "The Family" weren't to fond of him so he became a traitor and joined the Yakuza [b]***[/b]. They viciously beat them and then shot Salvator. Giovanni however, got off lucky, they held captive his Mother and gang-raped her infornt of him and then slit her throat and lay the dead, limpless body ontop of the restrained Giovanni. They then beat him to a pulp and shot him in the chest, they left him for dead but weren't bothered if he lived, if he did it would just to put him through more terror.

This was not the case however! Giovanni made a full recovery and vowed to destroy Stephano, the Yakuza however had already sorted that out. Stephano was his first target and so he had to go into the Yakuza territory that got him in this mess in the first place. There was no point however becuase unknown to Giovanni, Stephano was swimming with the fishes somewhere in the huge lake about 400miles from here. The Yakuzas used this as a trap, so Giovanni was now on thier turf and for no reason, it wasn't looking to good. However, Lady luck semed to be on The Bear's side. After a good few gun battles and alot of sprinting later he finaly reached hom to the Di Nardo Mansion. He sat and played with "Ivy" (check out weapons) when he got the phone call. They were on a rat race to get [i]that[/i] shipment and he had better move quick! At that he was off.

Personality: Ruthless, great determination, gunmanship and a sick sense of humour. His great contacts from all over the world is a very good thing to have on your side.

Weapon: His Father's switchblade (Ivy) that he used to rule the streets with, he can also use any gun with greta accuracy, he prefers to use melee weapons beucase it is "more of a true fight, instead of just pulling a trigger". He has good swordsmanship but prefers to use Ivy which he is very skilled with, and knows many unique tricks he can pull off. He created these tricks when he was creativly killing on a small "hit", man that guy was really fucked up. He also has a Mack 10 with him at all times "just for good measure".

Ivy is made from elephant ivory, 24K gold tippings and strong carbonite steel:

Picture: Think Robert De Niro although younger. Constanly wearing top of the range designer tailor-made suits which are always navy blue in colour. He always wears his matching blue traditional mobster hat with black lining and is mostly pictured with a cigerette in his mouth.


[b]***[/b] Stephano and his family were soon after slaughtered by the Yakuza, they just used him to look for some connections but when they found out he wanted in, they took him out.
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OCC: Ill be back with the rest of this
Name: lilix angel
Code-name: winges
Bio: She has been to her self and lived in a small town for a short wile her family uprooted her many times and warped her life style untill she was blind to see who she was. It took many tries untill she could reach her self but she did and now will never be as close and trusting to people as she once was.
Personailty:She is always refered to as careless and fun, but notices that may get in the way, She is quick to do what ever it takes and is willing to do any thing to get it done.
Weapon:2 Hand guns, Silver saies
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[b]Name:[/b] Sadame Gen

[b]Code Name:[/b] Miko

[b]Alliance:[/b] Yakuza

[b]Bio:[/b] Where he was born is not exact. It's highly doubtful that his name is what he was born with either. A vague, hazy shadow surrounds the origin of this strange young man, the mystery increased significantly by his usual trance like state where he simply stares off into space blankly.

Gen was born as a bastard child, probably into some prostitute by some rich Japanese business man. Of course, his 'father' had no intentions to raise nor did his 'mother', and when Gen became conscious of himself, he found himself amongst orphans in some remote orphanage located somewhere in the Nagoya vicinity. He grew there, no ambition, no desire, just existing without any will left in him, an empty shell.

One day, however, the indifferent, apathetic boy was touched by what the caretakers described as 'madness', where he suddenly started claiming that he saw the future, that he saw the orphanage burning down in his eyes. He was thrown into the 'time out' room, so to speak, for disrupting the harmony of the orphanage. However, Gen somehow escaped, probably out of desperation, and was never seen again. A few days later, the orphanage burned down in the middle of the night, taking with it dozens of orphans that failed to escape in time.

From then on, it seemed as if Gen never existed, or to ever exist again. His name, whatever it was at the time, was softly tucked away into the file cabinet of the police files as 'deceased' from the conflagration.

But he was alive.

He still lived, and by his definition, 'enlightened', by what he claims to be a form of prophetic sight, an ability to look into the vague future. His wandering took him through a round about route, eventually resting in Tokyo.

In Tokyo, he seemed to melt in nicely to the pack of homeless population that usually took residence in parks. Tattered and tired, he fit the mold nicely, eventually settling in. His sight was still present, and he foresaw what was to come soon. Sometime in early morning then the skies were still dark, a band of drunken Yakuza decided to harass the homeless population, perhaps executing a few out of entertainment. Of course, Gen saw it. And he was there. The Yakuzas were taken quite by surprise when they were stopped by a strange young man, who seemed as if he was retarded, but nonetheless dodging or blocking everything they did to him, in the end even dodging a few bullets. Scared to hell by the strange figure, they hurriedly left the scene, sober and frightened.

A few days later, for once to Gen's surprise, he was visited by the same gang again, this time with an invitation. They offered much that didn't interest Gen, but he accepted, perhaps out of weighing the two possible futures before him, one as a homeless and another as a Yakuza.

Such a strange figure has rumors circulate around them constantly. And due to this rumor, perhaps, he steadily rose through the ranks, though he really did not do much 'jobs' as the others pulled. Mostly, he was the planner, the brains behind the operation. Using his 'sight', he made meticulous plans, finicky and sensitive as to make detailed instructions on where to step and where to smoke cigarettes. His plans thus far has never failed.

The strange rumors of him being able to read the future granted him the code name of 'Miko', which means 'Prophet' in Japanese.

[b]Personality:[/b] Indifferent to most things, and very laid back. He rarely talks, only to quietly submit his opinion or occasionally orders. He never takes up a job voluntarily, and for the most part is just 'exists' in the Yakuza system. Never arrogant but unnervingly calm, many in the Yakuza syndicate fear him secretly though they never admit it. He never smiled so far, and always has the hazy, blank, trance like face.

[b]Weapon:[/b] The only weapon he carries consistently is a pair of Kodachi that he bought at an antique store sometime after he joined the Yakuza. No one really witnessed him draw them, and some believe that it is there purely for the sake of decorations. Those that know him best disagree, however, since he doesn't carry anything he doesn't have use for...

[b]Description:[/b] A graying trench coat that he had from his homeless days. He usually wears a light gray attire under his trench coat, usually a formal looking shirt and pair of pants. His kodachi is strapped to the inside of his trench coat, usually hidden from view. His face would be handsome if he only ditched that blank, trance like expression. [/size][/color][/i]
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Ok fella's, good stuff all. So far you are all in, excepting Inuyasha gurl who I shall decide when she posts up all her information. I was originally talking about the Russian Mafia [which I should have specified], but in this case, international co-operation will take place between the Sicilian/American ring and the Russian Mafia.
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[color=violet]Name: Mitsuko Aki

Code-name: Neisha (*smooth talker*)

Bio: Born to a middle-class Franco-Japanese couple, Mitsuko was label as being the "oddball" of her family. She did many things that disturbed her mother very much. Her father, who made weapons for a living, was impressed by his daughter's intrigue in creating things and taught her everything he knew.

At age 13, her father gave her a Model 45 Smith & Wesson for her birthday and taught her how to shoot it. She began running around town, shooting anything she could find (besides people that is). Her mother scolded her every time, ashamed that her daughter would be so in love with that "piece of metal". 7 years passed, and her skill of using weapons grew. Upon this point, she became friends with a girl named Nariko, whose father was involved with the Yakuza. She became interested, and began to ask Nariko, who couldn't give her a straight answer. Finally, one day, Nariko put Mitsuko through a series of tests. Mitsuko wondered why, but shrugged and did them anyway. Little did she know that Nariko's father was hiding, watching her every move. Afterwards, he came out of his hiding place, quite impressed and amused by little Mitsuko's showcase. He offered her a place in the Yakuza, if she was willing to leave everything else behind...and she accepted.

Mitsuko is the "talker" of the group. She is a woman of many contacts, from America, France, and China. She is cold, calculating and loves to have her way...all the time. If something happens, she's one of the first people to know...from her contacts. She is also known for her cooking skills as well. With the money she recieves while being in the Yakuza and money that she stole from her parents for her schooling, she bought a nightclub in Kabuki-cho called "Kisumaaku".

Personality: Mitsuko is a carefree and happy person, her "pure" aura that she carries makes it easy for her to be trusted. She smiles mostly all of the time and is very talkative. She enjoys a challenge, in fighting or not, and will never give up. She, most of the time, acts very motherly, which has given her the cute nickname "Kaasan". She loves to be in love...but hates to be sought after, which, in most cases, ends up happening. Mitsuko is known for her elaborate dress and her various wigs that she wears. She considers herself a "right hand woman" for some reason and looks up to Sayuri. Is friends with Terran, her "oneesan".

Weapon: Sig Sauer P228 Silver w/left side holster, self-made double-edged Katana, and two daggers, given to her by her father.

Description: [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/363173/vanessa.jpg[/img][/color]
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Dang...i thought it was the Ital-American Mafia...Whoops! Sorry my head is just filled with Goodfellas and Godfather so when i hear "Mafia" i think Italian. Sorry if it's any inconvieniance >_<. So...how is this gonna work? Is it gonna be like Russian and Italian together against the Yakuza or are their going to be 3 gangs going for the shipment?
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[i][color=lightpink][b]Name:[/b] Julia Valaire Coren

[B]CodeName:[/b] Schuldig

[b]Alliance:[/b] Russian Mafia

[b]Bio:[/b] Julia grew up in the lower class Russia. She was always poor and on the streets looking for food or somewhere to stay when its really cold. She sometimes stole to get a good meal. She contiuously got in trouble with the police and being picked up, almost put in an orphanage. Yet in all those times her abilities to do things stealthly and secretly grew to a maximum, and her fights grew more feirce within times, so her ability to fight with whatever she has around her grew to a maximum point.

Within time she was taken into the Mafia, and brought up a bit more to understand what goes on there, giving her somewhat of a home and a family. What she has always wanted was that. She is mostly content with the Mafia family aura there is.

Durring one of the meetings with an alliance of the Mafia, the ones connected in New Orleans. She met a man there named Dominic at this meeting, finding a way to relate to him and understood his story about his family loss and how he got into the Mafia business, finding it interesting. She felt connected to him in a way, gaining a person that she would only talk to.

[b]Personality:[/b] She is quiet and mean on the outside, never being really open or talk to anyone but Dominic. She found something in him that made her trust him.

[b]Weapon:[/b] She uses her fists, and what ever she can get her hands on around her. But she had a handgun hid under her dress for when she needed it for an emergency.

[b]Description:[/b] Look at the attachment.

Wow...that came out better than what I though. If you want me to adjust anything about informoation to my post please tell me.[/color][/i]
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Name: Rebecca Florio
Code-name: Star
Rebecca is the only child of one of the Sicilian Mafia gods, Alberto Florio. She'd always been a clever child, but her father had taken care to hide his underground dealings from her since her birth. Unfortunately, when she was twelve, she picked the lock of the back door to the room in a bar where her father was carrying out an assassination. It was a bit more than coincidence; she'd been spying on him.

From that point on, she gave Alberto no peace until he agreed to let her into the "family business." She entered the Mafia when she was 21, at the bottom of the ranks like anybody else, refusing to accept any special treatment from her father. She quickly proved herself to her father's partners, and now at 27 she is at a somewhat "medium" height in the ranks. She's known to be quite effective in all her business dealings.

Rebecca enjoys her life in the Mafia but also did it partly because she felt it was her duty, as her father's only child. Her real desire is to one day become an actress, possibly even using the connections she's made through the Mafia, and that is the origin of her codename.

Her mother died in a non-gang-related car accident when she was three, and her father has no current plans for remarriage.

Personailty: Spoiled, but efficient. Shrewd, clever, independent. Sweet but impersonal, as she tends to think she's better than others. Unashamed of using her sexuality to get what she needs, but usually doesn't need to resort to that because she is powerful in her own right.

Weapon: brb

Description: attachment
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Ok.. to answer any questions that have cropped up here...

It is modern time period, around 2004. Everyone except Inuyashagurl_15 is in, good sign-ups all. Metatron- try to curb any excessive use of Prophetic powers please :toothy:.

Roxanne: Your stuff is fine.. however change it so that you meet Dominic, because international Mafia meetings are rare. You being russian, and him being sicilian and all that...

This is a two party RPG. Mafia resources have combined together to pool their abilities. The Yakuza will be aiming to demolish the [i]entire[/i] Mafia organisation. So they are all threatened.

Ok. A list of Positions...

1 Baron Samedi as Petir Zalavskaya
2 The Unholy Newt as Dominic Virelli
3 Bobba Fett as Luigi
4 Shinobi as Giovanni Di Nardo
5 Roxanne Leifen as Julia Valaire Coren
6 terra as Rebecca Florio

1 Raiha as Sayuri Okimura
2 Metatron as Sadame Gen
3 Double_B_Daigo as Hattori Hanzo
4 Avalon as Mitsuko Aki

Plenty of free space yet. Obviously I would prefer some more Yakuza, but any more signups are good. I will start the thread on Saturday. See y'all there
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[size=1][color=999999][B]Name:[/B] Sung Deh-Ran aka Terran Sung

[B]Code-name:[/B] I'll put it up....

[B]Alliance:[/B] Yakuza.

[B]Bio:[/B] Being born from a mother who never cared for her and a father, who was a high ranking Korean Mafia Leader, Terran knew who she was from the beginning. She was born into the life of mafias, gangs, and such. She held a high rank in the place of Korean Mafias. She learned everything there was to know from her father as well as from her experience with the mafia. She is known to be one of the most deadliest women of all...right beneath Sayuri Okimura.

[B]Personailty:[/B] Acts as Sayuri's Left Hand Woman. She is sophisticated, serious, and obedient. But she is also violent, cool, and seductive. As well as mysterious. No one knows much about her style of fighting, or her ways of connections. All they know is to stay far from her and not to anger her. She is also protective of Sayuri and Mitsuko.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Two silver fighting fans, .50 silver desert eagle holstered on her left side, [URL=http://www.bynoon.com/images/ontario5.jpg]Marine Raider Bowie[/URL], as well as herself.

[B]Description:[/B] See attachment please.[/size][/color]
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