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RPG War of The Vampires II: The Ties That Bind {warning: contains very adult content}

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Okay!!!!!!!! this new chapter has started!!!!!!!!!!!! post!!!!!!!

Aruzan was now on his honeymoon, the happiest man in the world. His bride was at the moment, getting ready to go danceing.
Ge loohed to the jight sky, thinking of all he had gone through. To him, it had all been worth it. He smiles, and sighs. [i] I wonder if Orin would be happy........[/i]

He hears Chinkan, and he turns. She's holding a box. Aruzan blushes when she opens it, he has realized what is in it.

"Um...." She holds up a custom made condom, one made big enough for him. He had a massive penis, no condom was big enough for him.

"Chnkan smiles. "I take it Miazmodon gave these to you?"


Chinkan laughs. "Don't be so embarrassed....... I think you will find out if they work..."

Aruzan smiles. "I'm sure I will."

Chinkan pulls Aruzan out and into the streets, and into the massive party that the downtown area was hosting.

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OOC: Sweet! I like it.. [i]{Warning: Contains Very Adult Content}[/i]. Ooh ooh Can I have a scene where Hakira masturbates?? lol I'm joking, really. And good job on the new chapter. Congrats to all the characters who partook. I think we did an excellent job though a few parts still were loose. Not that we had loose ends, it's just that the ropes were loose; meaning that I don't feel enough satisfaction with the RP. But oh well..I'm sure we can do better in part II.

Love ya'll,


Carmize sat on Chinkan's bed behind Hakira, brushing her hair. She was rather beautiful, now in her adolescent body. Her hair soft and full of body, and her eyes able to fill with the deepest of emotion. Hakira, on the other hand, looked frail and sick. Her face was thin and her hair falling out. It was no longer a beautiful deep brown, but a dull light one. Her ears were lied lazily against her head and her face didn't show much emotion. To Carmize she always appeared upset.

"..but why won't you eat, Hakira?" Carmize continued on in their conversation.

"...Why does it matter?" Hakira asked coldly, though meaning no personal attack on Carmize.

These words brought a silence to Carmize's lips. She couldn't think of anything else to say back to her, though she had noticed that Hakira had surprisingly maintained a human form. It was a secret, just between the two of them. No one else knew of Hakira's humanity; nor could they tell by scent because she still wreaked of the venom all vampyres had.

As the last brushstroke went through Hakira's hair, Carmize sighed. It seemed useless. Her hair would stay dull and continuously fall out if she didn't eat.

Carmize gazed down at the brush. It took a large chunk out this time. Bringing over a waste basket Carmize picked the hair out of the brush without mentioning it to Hakira.

"..Aruzan and Chinkan are to return when again?" Hakira asked, not bothering to turn around.

"..Not only does your hair fail you, but so does your memory," Carmize sighed. "..I had told you thrice in just the past two hours and you expect me to tell you again?"

Hakira turned around and gave her a grave look. The same look she could only manage the past month.

"Oh, alright." Carmize couldn't help but give a half smile in return, "..They'll return by this weekend, from what I had heard from Lord Dracula."

"..Oh." Hakira said, not sounding really surprised or enthusiastic. She turned around and got up, the black dress she wore wrinkled and filthy. She hadn't changed since their wedding day, nor had she groomed or washed. "Where did they take off to again?"

Hakira sat on the windowsill, the same one she'd sit at for hours at a time and speak to no one.

The question rose suspicion in Carmize. She couldn't believe Hakira actually asked where they went. For, everyone knew they went on their honeymoon--right? This sudden transition in Hakira's disposition was obvious among everyone, except for Aruzan and Chinkan of course. Carmize didn't mention it to them because she had wanted them to enjoy their honeymoon and not dwell over Hakira.

Dracula had even tried to speak with her but she said not a word and her head was empty. Nothing would budge a single word out of her. Though the mention of Luna often made her uncomfortable. She'd either go into a hostile rage or sink down and cry for hours from what Carmize and Dracula had recorded of her.

Since she wouldn't speak to either of them, Carmize went out and bought Hakira a journal, which she wouldn't bother to touch. It didn't hurt Carmize that Hakira didn't use the journal, it just worried her about the neko. What had happened to her on that supposed joyous day for the vampyres? She she should have been happy for the freedom of vampyres. Joyous because the genocide against humanity was not to happen. His plans were foiled, so why wasn't Hakira happy?

Carmize left the room silently, noticing that Hakira was obviously in another one of her 'trances' again. Closing the door silently behind her she walked down the hall and sighed. Was there truly nothing she could do about Hakira?

The old building in which she had once lived with Luna had crumbled to the ground. As much as it hurt her to look at it, she couldn't help but stare. Smoke still curdled up from the ashes even after a month's time. Nothing like this had happened since.. Since she couldn't remember. Her mind was flaily and her intelligence began to slump. Carmize had tried to work with her but she could barely had read a child's book let alone be motivated to do anything. After awhile the young vamp had given up on Hakira. Nothing could motivate her to do anything. Even food couldn't spark her motivation because she refused to eat.

Again, the sky grew dark enough for the pure blood to come back out from their hiding. And again, she would sit another lonely night in the windowsill like so many housecat in the area.
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How long has it been since the wedding?...wll I'll assume it has been about 4 days. since a honeymoon can last from 1-2 weeks or longer.
Dropping the false name "Miazmodon Cold". Rain Gabriel Laharl began to live his life again. He never made it to london, due to the sudden lose of his wings. Also without money, Rain decited to just hang around. Now injoying every moment of his life.He would be found reading in the park, Or at a Rave club. Still plagued by the sudden changes in and around him. Reluctent to meet the "Gang" in fear of another problem. He actually hopes to see them almost everyday. His bad habit of jumping around rooftops, and teleporting around places has not changed.

Rain felt that he needed a new look, so he dyed his hair crimson red. Even his wardrope changed into a Neo goth punk. With a trenchcoat, knee high boots, and fishnet arm covers.
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]OOC: Heh..heh..heh..I'm back*grins deviously*.


"Ah, you gotta love New Orleans, Louisianna during Mardie Gras," Chinkan squeezes Aruzan's hand.

"I have never been here before," Aruzan smiles at all of the bright greens, purples, and golds.

Mascarades of people with feathery masks and fluffy boa's (feather scarf). Merchants on the side walks selling souveniers, boisterous women flashing men for strands of beads, drunks spill into the crowded streets, the ocean of people forces the married couple to flow along its current.

"I cannot believe all of these people!" Aruzan laughed.

"Yes, it is a different world in the South. Completely different from the serene San Fransico,"Chinkan giggled at Aruzan.

[/color] OOC: Bwah, that's the best I can do since someone didn't wait for me to edit...and Juaquime, don't go too far with your part, you know what I mean..hehehe..[/color][/b][/size]
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[i][color=lightpink]Carmize just gave up on the neko, unable to make her motivate at all, wishing there was a way to help the neko come out of her shell. She looked up at the celing, and started to cry, curling up in a ball on her bed, knowing that she can't do anything and hating the fact that she is giving up. She didn't know anyway for her to help Hakira out of her phase, thinking about it for a few moments and gasped, she figured it out. It was Ryu and the Luna who she missed and wanted to help her again. She got up quickly rushing into Dracula's room, knocking on his door quickly, yelling into the door, "Lord Dracula! I know whats wrong with Hakira! I need to talk with you immediately."[/color][/i]
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Ryu crouched in the shadows in a Rave. The techno music poundid loudly, thundering through the walls and echoing down the streets. Because of his trademarked attacking from the shadows, he earned the nickname 'Devil of Shadows.' Of course, Ryu didn't care much, for he hadn't spoken synce his outburst near the wedding, and didn't need a title for any reason.

The rave was jam packed with 'Wings of Chaos,' the Luna's never-ending legacy that Ryu has been trying to hunt down and execute. He knew that most of the members here were loaded and ready for action, and didn't want to take the risk of attacking them all head on.

He flipped between rafters, until he came upon a young lady with purple hair, who was punching the air and swinging her hips to the rythemic beat. She was probably just a high school student, who had joined the Wings of Chaos just because it sounded cool. But, in spite of her innocence, she had to be killed, it was Ryu's mission, his...purpose, as he thought it to let himself rest easy at nights.

He jumped down behind the girl, his katana making a small whistle and the Penticle chained around his neck making a small clinging sound. It was, of course, nothing that could usually be heard by average ears, let alone over the racket that filled the rave. He crouched behind her, and came up, slitting her throat. He jumped up in the rafters again, a mist of blood spewing from the girl's throat, making another girl scream bloody murder. The rave members all raised their guns to the rafters and started firing.

Ryu ran above, a trail of bullets following in his wake. He flipped off the rafters, and sliced through three ravers as he landed. He immediately jumped and crouched momentarily on the wall, before sprining off over a rafter and landing on top of a raver's head, snapping his neck.

One of the ravers fired wildly towards Ryu's direction, cutting into his side and leg. Ryu crouched and picked up the dead raver's machine gun, letting loose a spray of bullets. Those who didn't flee were cut down in the same fashion, in a whirlwind of blood, screams, and chaos.

Ryu crouched ontop of the building a moment later, only his sillouhette visable against the bright moon. He realized how much blood had been spilt onto his hands, ecspecially the human blood. It scared him to think of how many humans were so ready to see the Apocolypse of their own species, even though the Luna was sure to kill them as well.

He tried to move, but found himself clutching his side once again. The bullet that hit him was only a graze, but it had reopened a severe gash that had been cut in earlier. Since he adopted the luna's slow healing process, it would be days before it reclosed. He looked up at the stars, wondering if this was th fate he would be forever doomed to, or if he should call on Azuran and the others aid in battle, as he did every night since the death of the luna, which he realized with peculiarity was only so long ago, and not the years upon years he had thought it to be.

And after those days and pondering nights, he came up with the answer he always did, and that was to walk his path alone, the one he had helped form in his days of fusion with the Luna...
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Sitting atop a roof, Miazmodon watches the people on the street. His bordom sets in as he begins to do his favorite stunt. Running down the side of a building and jumping off a few feet from the ground. Instead of just landing though he grapples onto a pole ans sing once around then lets go. While flipping in the air he gets a slight sence of a familiar aura. He then latches on to the side of another building and swiftly claws his way up.
when he did make it to the top his sights lay upon a sillouhette. The Shadow turns around and glanced at him. Rain knew from that moment the ryu wasnt dead. Although he didnt know if this was ryu or not. He felt the same energy that he felt at there first meeting.
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]Chinkan looks up and spots a lurking figure ontop of a building. She narrows her eyes and calls out.

"There you are! Get down here!" the figure jumps and begins to leap from building to building.

"Oh no you don't!'' Chinkan took to the air and pursued the figure.

The chase went on for a good few hundred yards. Chinkan grew impatient and her eyes began to glow. She then launched herself and tackled the figure. She jumped to her feet, spun the figure around, and grabbed the collar of his coat. Her ring began to pulsate.

"Mi...Miazmodon?" Chinkan blinks and pulls him to his feet.

"Hello there, Chinkan. But my name isn't really 'Miazmodon'. My real name is Rain Gabriel Laharl," Rain pulled away from Chinkan's grasp.

"Wow, you look good," Chinkan started to pull at his face,"I like the hair, you don't look so pale anymore, and this outfit really suits you."

"@_@.." Rain was frantically trying to ward Chinkan's prying and mauling hands.

"Miazmodon! What's up man? Chinkan! What are you doing to the poor guy!?" Aruzan pulls her away.

"I was just checking out his new look. And his name is Rain," Chinkan protested.

Rain shrinked back away from Chinkan, who just laughed. Aruzan smiled and held out his hand to shake with Rain.[/color][/b][/size]
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Ryu went numb when he saw Miazmodon on the roof, he couldn't think of a way out without exposing his identity. Luckily, Chinkan tackled him off the roof in the nick of time. Ryu sighed with relief. What an akward reunion that may have been! He would of had heck trying to get away from that bunch. He laughed to himself, thinking of the sheer irony that would have placed him in.

He was hesitant about leaving, though. The thought of speaking with them again was a tempting one, and might lead to Hakira somewhere down the line, but, again he declined. That would only slow him down. The number of Wings of Chaos continue to rise, he thought to him self, masking his energy as that of a drunk. No matter how big a dent he put in their numbers, the Luna still had a headstart, and Ryu had to catch up. It was, again, his purpose.
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Aruzan is suddenly quiet, he hears familiar footsteps. [i]Ryu......[/i]

Chinkan is suddenly in his face. "What's with you????"

Aruzan is taken by surprise, and he stumbles. "What? oh.. it's nothing......."[i] I hope...[/i]

Aruzan and Chinkan move with Rain and they all party, Aruzan's long hair blows in the wind, flailing and hitting people in the face. Aruzan finaly just puts it in a hair tie and is done with it.

"You should cut your hair.." says Rain.

"You think I'd look good with short hair??"

"Yeah........" Chinkan nodds in agreement. Aruzna has to smile. "That would be pointless. It would grow right back. I've tried."

Chinklan leans against him, feeling his warm skin. To Aruzan, her scent is like an aphrodisiac, and he wqants her. But he is patient, there is always time for that later. He just wanted to spend time with his freionds at the moment.

But, the lingering feelingg that he should find Ryu remained in the back of his head. [i] No. It is fine. He's fine for now. It will come when I must find him, and I can only hope that i won't have to kill him. He does have hope, and he will be quite an ally.[/i]

Aruzan has once again become quiet. Chinkan worries, and she preeses against him. "Hey you........ Come back to earth..."

Aruzan smilkes, and he once again is aware of her scent. He kisses the top of her head, and smiles. "Why? it's nice to have my head in the clouds. There's quite a view........."
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]OOC: Inuyasha Fandom, bud. Could you please watching your spelling and grammar? After you are done writing, skim over it for mistakes.

"Good view, huh? Well, I want my husband here with me," Chinkan squeezed Aruzan around the waist.

"As you wish," Aruzan takes Chinkan's hand and twirls her around.

"Okay, should I leave you two alone? After all, this is your honeymoon," Rain brushed off his coat.

"No, come have some fun with us," Chinkan giggled as Aruzan bent her in a Tango pose, her white hair grazed the ground.

"Fun?" Rain quirked.

"Yeah, you don't have to stay that long," Aruzan pulled Chinkan up, she wrapped her arms around his neck and Aruzan spun around.

"Okay, your decision. I just didn't want to intrude," Rain shrugs.

"You? Intrude? Ne-wait a second, you do intrude," Chinkan thinks back to that day in the RV.

"Uh, sorry about that," Rain twittles his thumbs.

"It's all in the past, let's have fun," Aruzan broke the ice.[/color][/b][/size]
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Rain smiles and Breushes his fingers through his hair. Aruzan dips chinkan again and when he lifts her back up Rain was gone.

"Damn, I hate it when he does that." Chinkan announces. While still dancing, chinkan and Aruzan search around the area. Suddenly Aruzan spots Rain talking to a woman similarly dressed like him.

"you look familiar." Rain still holds his smile. "Have we met before?" He leans agains a wall. "actually yes," She steps up to him. "I has been over 100 years, and you still look the same." Rain's eyes widden in suprise. "Carmilla? Daughter of one of Dracula's servants."

She nods and slides her fingers in his hair. "so rain, Why have you left Draculas court?"

Rain snickers and lowers his head. "Well its a bit of a long story."
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A good two hours had passed while Dracula and Carmize discussed Hakira's problem. It all came together so smoothly like a puzzle. They couldn't understand why they didn't see it earlier. It was so obvious that it could have slain them both in their sleep!

"..So what do you suggest we do about this?" Carmize asked, worriedly, sitting in a chair that was located in Dracula's study.

"Honestly, I don't know. But we got off to a good start by identifying the problem." Dracula said smoothly, "..The people we should be asking is Aruzan and Chinkan, they'd know what to do. But the only person whom can solve this problem is Hakira and Ryu."

"How're we supposed to get ahold of Ryu though, Lord?" Carmize shifted in her seat uncomfortably.

"..I don't know, but I know for sure my son would know." He said.


As Aruzan and Chinkan danced in the club watching Rain, Aruzan's cellular phone went off. This surprised Chinkan and Aruzan both. He picked up the phone and answered it.

"H-Hello?" he asked, having no idea who the hell would call his cell.

Chinkan blinked, following him as he moved across the crowd into a quieter part of the club.

"..What?" he asked, "..We didn't know anything was wrong with Hakira,"

Aruzan gave Chinkan a grave look, as she responded with her eyes widening. "..What's wrong with Hakira?" she seemed to lip silently to him.

"Right," Aruzan responded, "..We'll be right there, father."

"What was that all about?" Chinkan asked, as Aruzan hung up.

"I'm not too sure, but father said we should return."

"Why didn't he just telepathically contact one of us?"

Aruzan shrugged, "I honestly don't know, but he said it saves energy."

Chinkan rolled her eyes as they exited the building.


Sitting there Hakira leaned against the windowframe, sleeping. Her trance was still in effect but in her subconscious state. There she continuously had nightmares about Ryu's disappearance and how she had served him so lovingly and loyally. Then came his death, which hurt her the most.

Her emotions were yanked and stabbed at during this part of the dream. Afterward she would feel herself falling into hell, the darkness reliving every moment of his death as if she were the one who had died.

"..And that's how we figured it out," Carmize said, sitting at the table in the study with the others.

"..So how do you think we should help her?" Chinkan asked, curiously.

"No one can help her but herself, but the only way for her to see this is if we.." Dracula trailed off.

"...It's Ryu, isn't it?" Aruzan said, not moving his gaze from the table.
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aruzan's dark eyes watched everyone closely. He was slightly confused, but he didn't show it. Chinkan was every bit as concerned as he, but she too didn't show it. Aruzan crosses his arms, and he sighs, the little hakira was sitting in front of him. She nervously twittered, wringing her hands together, but she didn't say anything. Aruzan's nose told him much, like the scent of Ryu was on her.

"Hakira. You have seen Ryu recently, yes?"

Hakira nodds, she is silent, and Aruzan now smells vampiric fear.

"There is no need to be frightened, you are in no trouble. The heart is a fickle thing, and love is blind."

Chinkan smiles, as does Chinkan. "Speaking from experience?" asks Chinkan. Aruzan closes his eyes, a slight smirk on his smug face. "Perhaps."

Aruzan once again looks into Haklira's eyes, and he seems to fgrighten her, but Aruzan does not understand why.

"Hakira, where is Ryu? If you do not wish to tell, that isd fine. But....... I would like to know......"
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"Actually, we dont know exactly where he is." the voice echos from the walls. Carmilla steps from the shadows and nods to them. Aruzan looks at her then at Hakira thenn he states. "You didnt say that."

She smiles and chinkan taps Aruzan's shoulder, and motions for him to look behind him. He does so, and is greeted with glowing blue eyes. Aruzan jumps back, "Dont do that!" Rain snickers and brushes his hair back.

Carmilla kneels down to Hakira and caresses her cheek. "dont feel so sad my dear." "He still lives." She stands up and takes of her jacket. Rain glances over hakira and lowers his eyes.

Then footsteps are heard down the hall. "Damn, Dracula..." Rain says under his breath. And with that said he jumps onto the ceiling and crawls into the shadows.
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]OOC: No offense to anyone, but this is begining to bore me...


"Aruzan, just leave the poor girl be for now," Dracula enters the room.

Aruzan nodded and did his father's bidding. Hakira did not break her gaze. Chinkan stood up.

"Chinkan, my dear. May I have a word with you?" Dracula sounded concern.

"Yes," Chinkan followed Dracula down the hall to his den.

He sat down in a tall, black leather chair. His den was draped with dark, navy blue tapestries and contained black laquor furniture. He took up a silver pitcher and a thick glass. He filled half of the glass with syrupy blood and handed it to Chinkan, then poured himself a glass.

"Have a seat, sweetheart," Dracula motioned to the chair infront of him.

Chinkan took her seat and sipped the drink. The thickness and texture aroused her senses and stirred her fangs. Her face flushed from the pleasure it gave her. Dracula smiled.

"What was it that you needed to speak with me, Father?" Chinkan clasped the glass.

"Are you happy?" the dark man crossed a leg lightly.

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?" Chinkan sat back.

"With Aruzan?''

"Absolutely," she crossed a leg and balanced the glass on one knee.

"And he is happy?''

"Dracula, you know he is. Why are you asking these questions?" Chinkan was getting a little frustrated.

"Calm, my child. I just wanted to make sure that you two would be happy when you brought a new member of the family into this world," Dracula sipped his drink.

"...What?" Chinkan stared blankly.

"You mean you cannot feel it growing within you?" Dracula looked over his glass.

Chinkan nearly dropped her glass,"H..how could you tell?"

"I can smell it. You have a different scent," Dracula smiled,"Do not fear. I will say nothing of the matter to Aruzan. However, I do have something much more important to tell you."

"And..." Chinkan leaned forward.

"It concerns ancient history. I am not sure you will be able to handle this,"Dracula's voice filled with concern and uncertainty.

"What is it, Father Dracula? What ancient history?"

"You are truly happy with Aruzan and would have no other?"

"No other man has ever come close," Chinkan smiled softly.

"Not even....Orin?" Dracula traced the rim of his glass with a long, slender finger.

Chinkan's face drained,"He died along time ago...."

"Ah, but did he?" Dracula lifted that finger.

"What are you saying? That he's alive?" Chinkan snickered.


"How is that possible?" Chinkan realized that Dracula was deathly serious and she nearly fainted.[/color][/b][/size]

[color=red][b]Okay, no one messes with this other than me or Inuyasha Fandom. And I mean no one. Inu I'm going to be sending you a PM on what you want me to write on that..[/b][/color]
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Ryu lay atop another building, drenched in his and other's blood. Below was the sound of thundering music, but not the slightest sound of anybody in the room. Ryu's stained katana explained that.

He was trying to remember things, but they kept getting mixed up.

[i]"The more time you think you have, the less time you do. I suggest you use the time left to you wisely." He took off his helmet and flicked on a pair of familliar sunglasses. He brushed his hand through his black hair and started to leave.

As he took off down the road, he suddenly felt the need to faster, and faster. He kept thinking that the Luna would already be there by now, and it made him furious. They were the same being, so why was he so much faster? They were at the same ability level, everything was exactly the same...[/i]

Ryu woke up, apparently drifting off to sleep. It had been a dream, and he knew it. But why would he dream something like that? He had thought it his destiny to destroy his twin, the luna, but since it was done for him, he went to clean up.

Voices from the sidewalk below snapped him out of his trance. "I heard that old Dracy-boy's not been showing up no more." One of them said. It was news on Dracula, so Ryu leaned over the edge of the building to listen. "A whole bunch a broads came an' said that they were Drac's bride. An' I belive em, too."

"All of 'em? How many wives do you think he's got? He ain't no jigalow." Ryu jumped down behind them, wanting a better spot to listen from. "Well, you know what I mean. Cathy and Becca both said they was vamps, and proved it too. They're both part of the W.O.C." that was all Ryu could stand. He slit one of their throats and rammed the other one against the wall. "Holy Crap! The shadow man!"

"Shut it. You're about to tell me everything you know."
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[i][color=lightpink]Carmize looked up at the celing, shaking her head some smiling to herself, knowing Rain went up there. She waited for him to come out, figuring that he wouldn't anytime soon. Standing up, stretching her arms above her head, yawning some, feeling tired from all of the stress and questions flying everywhere. Especially her mind, it wasn't the brightest place to look at the moment, and with Damian's disappearence, didn't help one bit. She really wondered where he could have gone.

"Ahh why can't I stop?!" Carmize sat back down, holding her head wanting to stop bringing up so many different questions and thoughts.[/color][/i]
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Inufandom, didn't you even READ my post? Hakira was sleeping upstairs while the others were talking in the study, but whatever. What's done is done. --_--;
I read every single post everyone makes and read well that I may not make a big mistake as Fandom had made..
Sorry..had to vent that..

Hakira sat there in her seat, staring down at the table. Her arms were together as her hands were pressed down into her lap. She sat next to Carmize who had just stretched and sat down.

"..Is it Damien-sama?" she asked quietly, not having spoken once during the conference. She wasn't surprised that the others had come, but deep down inside of her she wished Ryu would show up as well, so the whole gang could be together. With a little sigh she looked back down into her lap. It wouldn't happen, he were dead, right?

One night she had had a dream that she had chatted with Ryu from the tiny balcony in Carmize's room, but she never suspected it to be real. Now that the scent was on her, she started questioning. . .

[i]"Hakira, where is Ryu? If you do not wish to tell, that is fine. But....... I would like to know......"[/i]

The question rang in her head. She felt like she was the center of attention in the room and her face began to redden. She was embarrassed and filled with shame. Hakira did not know where Ryu was, and felt cornered. Aruzan had always done this to her and she couldn't quite understand why. Maybe she was not worth the respect he had had for the others? Maybe he felt that just because she was a neko that she be treated no better than a cat? But they were both vampyres! Of course he had to respect her! She is, infact, his half-sister, right?

Holding the sides of her own head and gasped sharply. She couldn't bear this kind of judgment and pressure. The room around her suddenly began to cool as she had started to become hot. So terribly hot that she was literally a boiling being in itself. Standing up quickly, Hakira forced her way past Carmilla and whoever else was in her way to run out of the room.

Hakira was so shocked and embarrassed. Why would they use this conference to interrigate her about Ryu? Why? Even though they were not, this is just how she had felt. She didn't [i]know[/i] that the conference took place because they were worried about her. Carmize had said they would have been sensitive to her feelings.. Looks as though she's a liar too. The same with Aruzan, Chinkan, Rain and the rest of those bastards.. They all hated her and wanted to use her to get to Ryu..So that if they killed Luna's twin, Luna himself would truly die.

She couldn't allow this..It was purposterous! ..They couldn't kill him. Not Ryu. Luna would be able to escape..If killing Ryu meant a sure way to be sure to get rid of Luna.. What? Were they not secure enough that Luna was gone for good reglardless if he were dead or not? What was wrong with these people? Do they want for sure control over [i]everything[/i]?

Walking into Carmize's room she began getting dizzy, the room started to spin again as her head became light. She looked around desperately to get out of the room. As little as the room was she had gotten lost. Reaching for a doorhandle she opened up the entrance to the balcony thinking it were the door. Walking onto the balcony she could feel the cool, fresh air rush into her face. Breathing in deeply she closed her eyes, keeping balance by holding onto the railing. Why couldn't they just leave her alone about Ryu? Didn't they understand that she hurt enough..?

Was it any of their business? Sinking down onto her knees she let out a cry, then sat down. Leaning her head against the railing she began to cry hysterically, gripping onto one of the small bars that connected the railing to the balcony. Why couldn't they just understand...and empathize maybe..?
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Aruzan sits alone, he ponders what he should do. Chinkan's scent had a slight variation, but he did not know why. He assumed it was because that they had slept together, but he was uncertain.

He was silent, and his dark mood seems to fill the room.

His sensitive nose suddenly brings the scent of....a pureblood????

He stands, turning.

"Hello.....brother.." says a small woman. Her dak hair and dainty features belie what she is really capable of.

"Hello, Madiline........."

"Why are you here.......?"

"I am here because I can. This is my father's house as well...."

"Fine. Whatever. Stay out of my way, you dirty halfbreed....."

Aruzan narrows his eyes. "What did you call me???"

"you heard me. You are nothing but a disgrace to our nobility."

"Really. Some see you as the disgrace."

"you dare speak to me as an equal???"

"Yes. You are not worthy of Father's blood. You are the disgrace."

"we shall see." Madiline walks away.
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From behind Hakira, Rain crawls down the wall. "You know? Your sickening...." Rain grunts. Hakira cuts her eyes at him to express her anger. "What would you know!?" Her voice shutters. Rain folds his arms, "way more than you know." "your just being a spoiled little brat, normally I wouldnt care about your sulking for Ryu."

He pushes off the wall. "But I havent been here for more than an hour, and I have to look at the depressing little fucker you've become." TO defend herself she get up and trys to walk through the door, but Rain pushes her back.
"Im not done yet!" He stands directly infront of her. "You obviously dont understand hat sorrow is." "I want you to imagine the one you care about." his fist tightens,"Imagine having to leave them to keep them alive.
His eyes burn with rage as his eyes connect with hers. "Or Have someone you "thought" you could love, Selling you out and nearly killing you....."

He turns his back to her, "Sounds familiar.....Hakira?" Sarcasm saturates his final words as he crawls back up the wall and into the darkness.
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Stomping, Hakira let out a sort shriek as the hair on her neck began to rise.

"But I don't LOVE Luna!" she cried, "...And you don't need to care. Ryu is dead." Hakira actually admitted, now believing that their meeting was truly a dream.

"..Call be a spoiled brat if you wish, I care not." she said, not talking to herself since Rain had left.

Slinking to her knees she let out a hurt sigh. "..I just want to die," her eyes slowly scanned the room as the brims of her eyes began to water, "..like he did."

"He only invalidates my emotions by telling me that I know not what sorrow is..I'll show him.." her eyes narrowed as a tear or two dropped down her cheeks. "...I'll show him the true power of my sorrow."

It took her not long to gain the audacity to stand up and walk back onto the balcony. She looked behind her, to make sure no one was there. Once she was for sure no one was watching, she stepped onto the railing, one foot after the other. Standing there a moment, she looked up at the dark sky and inhaled deeply, holding the wooden cross to her chest, then letting herself drop like lead.

She could feel the cold wind brushing around her and her black dress. She almost became invisible with the night with her hair and dress flailing around her violently. Hakira had her eyes closed, as she breathed in the sharp night air through her nostrils. The rush was like a rollercoaster as she continued to fall. It seemed forever before she'd be able to reach the ground. It was as though she were playing these emotions, these senses over and over again like a recording.

So what if she were a spoiled brat? ..So what if she were weak? He had no right.. His situation was totally different from hers and his pain shouldn't be considered any 'worse' than hers. They were one in the same, just felt towards different people.

As she kept falling the black behind her lids became darker and darker.
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Still watching her from the dark, Rain lets her plundg off the balcony. " Well, we just dont learn." He grins and shakes his head. He debates if he should catch her, but he felt that if she kept on acting the way she does, she would be better off dead.

Although he also knew the fall wouldn't kill her. So he decited to go after her. " If she wants to die, then Ill let her die." He lunges after her and disappers in a rain of purple mist.

As hakira nears the ground Rain catches her. Then as they land Hakira opens her eyes. Rain's oral cavity begins to extend as he instantly sinks his teath into her neck.

Hakira's body tenses in the sudden rush of passion with a hell of a lot of pain. She can feel the blood being pulled from her body. As everything became a bright white, He drops her to the ground.

" You want death.... then you'll know dead.....Personally" He crosses his nail across his vain, and force feeds her his syrup like black blood. A rush of pain, death, even Hell itself past into her. Her blood thickend as her blood merged with his. Rain whipes his mouth as he watches this take place.

"Feels like your chest his caving in...huh?" His fingers twitch as his blood mixes with her's inside him. "Every though, every tear you shed.I now am apart of that, This is my curse and now its also yours. She flails violently on the floor.

"You may not respect me....But you will understand me...." Finally Hakira's sorrow filled his body. "I hope one day you might understand. When you live with pain, You become a pain."
He gives a faint smile. "If you live through this, then your stronger than what you think you are."

He walks away from Hakira towards the park. " oh, when your done come see me....you'll know where i'll be."

[COLOR=orangered]I didnt really change Hakira, the changes are totlally up to you. But I just gave her the ability to hear Rain in her head from time to time....(when needed). so pretty much she can sence him.[/COLOR]
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]"How is that possible, Lord Dracula?" Chinkan grew impatient.

Dracula stood up and took Chinkan's hands,"I will show you."


"He lives in a deep sleep. I have nursed him to health over these past centuries. He's now able to wake, he's still in love with you. You two are still engaged," Dracula led Chinkan through a trap door in the bookcase.

"I'm married now, I'm going to have Aruzan's child..Orin cannot have me," Chinkan jerked her hand away, "How dare you support this!"

"You have a choice..I know deep within you that you still love Orin, you must...That's why he lives. His love for you has kept him alive," Dracula led them further into the castle.

"Yes, I will always love him. Just like Aruzan still loves Shana," Chinkan followed.

They entered a grand room. It was lavished in blood red, velvet drapes and gold accents, black furniture. Chinkan skims the room and notices a grand bed with a concealed canopy. Dracula walks to the bed and pulls back the tapestries to reveal the bed. Chinkan slowly walks up to the bedside and sees Orin, alive and breathing. Her knees gave out and she sunk to the floor.

"I thought he died..." her voice just above a whisper.

"He nearly did. Aruzan saved him, but thought he died," Dracula leaned over to brush Orin's light hair away from his eyes.

"Does...?" Chinkan looked up.

"No, he does not...We shouldn't tell him, though. It would destroy him," Dracula helped Chinkan to her feet.

"Aruzan's going to find out one way or another. You're just scared that he'll hate you. You are a coward," Chinkan glared and looked at Orin,"I will not marry this man. I can no longer feel for him, other than pity."

With that, Chinkan left and returned to the room to find Rain and Hakira missing. Aruzan looked up at Chinkan with concern and confusement.

"What was that all about?" he kissed her forehead.

"It was nothing..Where did Hakira and Rain go?" [/color][/b][/size]
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