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RPG Brave Fencer Musashiden: Thirstquencher's Revenge [PG13]


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[size=1][u][b]Chosen Ones[/u][/b][list=1]
[*][b]Keizo Zuka[/b] [I]Hero[/I] (James)
[*][b]Ruben Thorne[/b] [I]Thief[/I] (Baron Samedi)
[*][b]Kamikasai[/b] [I]Hero[/I] (PiroMunkie)
[*][b]Melon Straubarri[/b] [I]Wizard[/I] (Arcadia)
[*][b]?Pooka? Pao[/b] [I]Wizard[/I] (terra)
[*][b]Rosalynn[/b] [I]Thief[/I] (Queen Asuka)
[*][b]Zephir[/b] [I]Wizard[/I] (Xra)
[*][b]Kaizen[/b] [I]Hero[/I] (Lan)
[*][b]Cane Atalot[/b] [I]Soldier[/I] (Ben)
[*][b]Raso Aramai[/b] [I]Solider[/I] (Break)
[/list]These are the select people that I have chosen to participate in this RPG. Also, I reiterate, if you have not read the second big long post in the sign-up thread, I recommend you do so. Those who have not filled up your items should probably do that as well, unless you just want to start out with nothing, which is okay.



[b]Skyday - 12:03 p.m.[/b]

[color=crimson][I]The warm noon Sun shined down from its ever moving place in the sky. The people of Grillin Village are busy among their work and household chores. The creatures of the Somnolent Forest, both innocent and evil, scurry or lurk about. The river waters sing the tune of the day all throughout the Twinpeak Mountain area. Even those Thirstquencher Guards on patrol cannot help but enjoy the day as it is. Atop the right peak of Twinpeak Mountain, the Sun comforted the presence of two figures. One was standing patiently looking in the direction of the other. Clothed in a brown, hooded robe with elaborate gold design along the bottom. The hood drawn over the face so that no identity could be made. The other person lay sprawled on his stomach, unconscious, upon the grassy top near the water line of the majestic body of water that was Aqualin. His fiery red-orange hair mirrored the Sun?s warmth. Dressed in a white gi, with red under-clothing. Light, cool breezes passed by upon the mountain top faintly stirring the green blades of grass upon which both figures were and rippling the clear, blue water of Aqualin.

After an undetermined time of being unconscious, the fire-haired boy?s eyes began to flutter, and his limbs moved as they awoke from their rest. Taking his time, but not taking notice of the other figure behind him, the boy raised himself to his feet. He was not too tall. Five feet, nine inches at the most. Thin, but well built; though not necessarily muscular. He rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand as it felt sore like it had been struck with a blunt object. Gazing into the sky with his blue-green eyes he let out a sigh of content with an undertone of confusion.[/I] Where am I? [I]He thought to himself as he dropped his hand back to his side, and began scratching his head in thought with the other?[/I] WHO am I? [I]Before the boy could think any further, a voice broke the silence answering the question like his mind had been read.[/I][/color]

[b]---:[/b] Kamikasai. Your name is Kamikasai.

[color=crimson][I]The boy whipped around to see the robed figure standing a few paces away at the edge of the mountain top. Kamikasai narrowed his eyes in a vain attempt to see into the hood, and then spoke aloud.[/I][/color]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] I know this much. I was questioning where the heck I came from. It is this that is a mystery to me. Where did I come from? How did I get here? Where [I]is[/I] here? What am I doing here??

[color=crimson][I]The robed figure raised a solitary hand to quiet the boy?s rant.[/I][/color]

[b]---:[/b] Your neck is sore. Take a drink from Aqualin.

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai flashed a quick look of puzzlement, but figured the robed figure meant the small lake of water behind him. So he turned and knelt down by the waterside. Kamikasai bent over and cupped his hands together bringing some water up to his mouth. He sipped from Aqualin giving him an amazing refreshment. It felt as though the moment his lips touched the water, his neck became better. The water was nice and cold; fresh and crisp. In a subtle sense of awe, Kamikasai stood up shaking his hands off, and turned back to the robed figure.[/I][/color]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] So? what is your name?

[b]---:[/b] ? Seer. My name is Seer.

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai chuckled on the inside. It seemed this guy enjoyed repeating his information, but he would not comment on it. Instead he inquired something that popped into his mind.[/I][/color]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Is that your name? Or is it your profession?

[color=crimson][I]Seer remained silent and unmoving. He let Kamikasai just dwell in thought. Whether or not ?Seer? was truly his name, or if he was in fact a seer, was irrelevant to the moment.[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] Do not trifle with such questions. For both you and I know that you possess such of which the answers hold more importance to you. I am here to explain these to you.

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai nodded understandingly.[/I][/color]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Go ahead then, Seer. What is going on?

[color=crimson][I]Seer exhaled softly. There was much to say.[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] Let us see? Where do I begin? I think starting in personal matters will work? Kamikasai, as you have probably figured out, you are not from here. You were brought here by the Princess Poisson, the lady of the kingdom from which I come. She brought you here from your own world. Where your world is, what it looks like I do not know, for I have not been there. Though I do know that you age much more slowly in that world. We had another person from your world summoned before you, he had been here a few hundred years before as well. Back then he was just a kid. When he came back recently, he was probably around your age?

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai put his hand up to stop Seer from continuing.[/I][/color]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] This other person from my world? what is his name?

[b]Seer:[/b] He is a Legendary Hero in this world, and a brave fencer at that. Musashiden is his name.

[color=crimson][I]The name ?Musashiden? sang a familiar tune in Kamikasai mind, but he could not recall why it was familiar to him at the time?[/I][/color]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] ? Hero?

[b]Seer:[/b] Musashiden saved my kingdom of Allucaneet from the Thirstquencher Empire and an evil monster known in the legends as the Wizard of Darkness. This is relative to why you were brought here? Kamikasai, you too are a hero. Another evil has arisen within the Thirstquencher Empire. You were brought here to destroy it.

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] What?!

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai stumbled back in surprise, almost falling into Aqualin. Seer had suspected this, and released a calming sigh. He knew that the thought that one had to destroy an evil power was not light on the mind. He was pretty sure it was nearly crushing Kamikasai, but there was no other choice. His princess was captured, and even if she was not, they could not even get into the castle down to the specialized Binchotite crystal in order to bring through another Hero. Besides, Kamikasai cannot return to his home world until his task is complete.[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] A week or two ago, the Thirstquencher Empire, my kingdom?s long time enemy, attacked Allucaneet Kingdom with a vast ocean of soldiers. Grillin Village, a village just outside the walls of Allucaneet Palace, was the first to fall as it was pillaged and burned. Most escaped, but a few were captured. Thirstquencher then stormed through the gate to Allucaneet Palace. By then we had sent out our soldiers, but we just did not have enough ready. While the battle went on, the princess, myself, and a few others made our way down to the lowest level of the palace into a secret room where a specially prepared Binchotite crystal. The princess performed the Hero Summon, being the only one that can do it, and we were once more given the brave fencer Musashiden. We were quick to fill him in on what was happening and he immediately rushed out ready to fight with the Legendary Swords of Fusion and Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence. He plowed through Thirstquencher?s Army and made his way to the Thirstquencher Empire. When he arrived in the main chamber, he came to face an unknown power who had taken the throne, with its previous ruler at his side. This caught Musashiden off guard, he was expecting just a normal person. Before he could do anything, the unknown ruler harnessed a great amount of Bincho Power with the intent of trapping Musashiden within it. Musashiden, knowing he was beat, thought quickly gathering what power he could, and tossing the two swords through the roof of the castle into nowhere. Shortly after, Musashiden was trapped within a Bincho Field. This news came back to us when Emperor R. Senic returned to the palace and ordered a continued assault from what was left of his Army. Though saddened by the fact that Musashiden was defeated, we were forced to bring another hero if we were going to stand any sort of chance. So Princess Poisson performed the Hero Summon once more, and out you came. Just as any hero we call upon always is, you were a bit dazed and confused. Unfortunately, you were unarmed as well. It was at this time that we heard the door to the palace break down. Thirstquencher knew of that room we were in, as they found it when Musashiden first came. So you were knocked out, which is why your neck was sore, and I was ordered to escape through a secret passage and bring you here to Aqualin. Fortunately, Thirstquencher has never been able to reach either peak of this mountain. We are on the right peak. The left peak has never been reached by anyone of Allucaneet or Thirstquencher. Though, it is said that Musashiden once reached its peak. It is unknown what he found up there. I stayed up here with you for a couple weeks, waiting until you woke up. That brings us to now?

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai was speechless. He tried to talk, but nothing came out. He was a hero? Why did he not feel like one? Now, on top of it all, he had to save the world?

Kamikasai closed his mouth and averted his eyes to the side settling himself down. It was all so much to take. There was no way he could be a hero. His mind was filled with doubt and disbelief as he looked back towards Seer.[/I][/color]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] How am I supposed to save the world??

[color=crimson][I]Wait? what was he saying? He did not want to do this! He could not! It was not within his power. Why did it seem like he was accepting this task?[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] Well, I can tell, since you seem to have forgotten most of who you are, that you are going to need help. You can go down to Grillin Village whe--

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] I thought you said Grillin Village was destroyed?

[b]Seer:[/b] Grillin Village is an asset to Allucaneet Empire. So it was rebuilt, and the people were let back in. In the village, there is a Binchotite Mine, and only a few of the villagers know there way around it. Unfortunately, all of those villagers were captured. So the mine was closed and locked shut as it is a very dangerous place?

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai nodded in further understanding of the situation, and let Seer go on.[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] As I was saying, you can go down to Grillin Village, which can be found at the base of this mountain. There you should find a group of people willing to join you on your journey. Once you have them, come back here. I shall have something for all of you, and I shall give you further instruction.

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Now? what if I choose [I]not[/I] to do all of this?

[color=crimson][I]Seer saw this one coming, too. He inhaled deeply and released his breath slowly.[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] Then you will never get back to your home, and this world as you know it will be destroyed.

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai blinked with a blank face as he came to a further realization of how drastic this situation really is?[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] Perhaps I should mention that there is a rumor about the unknown ruler of the Thirstquencher Empire, commonly known as the Force, and Emperor R. Senic working on an ?Ultimate Weapon?, which is what they plan to use to take over this world. We do not know if it is in fact real, what is does, what it is, or where they are building it.

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] ? Well then? I guess I do not have much of a choice in this?

[color=crimson][I]Seer nodded.[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] None at all.

[color=crimson][I]Both stood in silence for a passing of time as Kamikasai thought about this inevitable and seemingly impossible task that he was faced with. He did not want to think about it too much. He was going to have to do it if he ever wanted to get back to his own world, but still? it was all just too much to take at one time. Never-the-less, he had to make a choice, and he decided it was better now then later? or never.[/I][/color]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Fine? I accept, but surely this mountain has enemies. If Thirstquencher took over the Allucaneet Kingdom, they must have watch over this mountain.

[color=crimson][I]Seer chuckled ? a first. This boy was learning quickly. His mind was sharpening with keen logic and observation. Seer put his hands into his robe and pulled out a sword in sheath, and a rolled up piece of cloth. He held the sword upside down with the tip of the blade rested on the ground, and dropped the cloth to the ground where it unrolled revealing an empty canteen, a small pouch, and a packet of five odd tablets?[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] Before I left the palace, I was given these to give to you when you woke up. A Katana, your primary weapon for the time being. This canteen to store water, which you can fill up with Aqualin here. A pouch, which currently holds one loaf of bread as I am sure you are hungry. Finally, this pack of Mint. One tablet will wake you up if you get tired on your journey.

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai approached Seer and retrieved the sword from him, immediately proceeding to tie the sheath around his waste. He then knelt to the ground and picked up the pouch containing the loaf of bread and found that it was able to tie in the back, so he attached it to his belt. He then put the Mint packet inside a pocket in his vest which he wore under his gi. Kamikasai carried the canteen over to Aqualin as he removed the cap. He crouched down beside the sparkling water and dipped the canteen into the water and waited for it to fill. After he finished, he strapped the canteen across his chest and faced Seer once more.[/I][/color]

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] I am ready.

[color=crimson][I]Seer laughed once more as he reached into his robe once more. This time pulling out a rolled up piece of paper? a scroll of magic.[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] No you are not? I have here a defensive spell.

[color=crimson][I]Seer unrolled the scroll and held it out for Kamikasai to see. Kamikasai walk forward looking at the indistinct writing?[/I][/color]

[b]Piron:[/b] I cannot read it?

[b]Seer:[/b] Of course you cannot. The writing is ancient. Only I, others like me, and the Pawn Shop owner in Grillin Village can read it. There is a special type of armor that allows you to see this writing in common language, but I shall tell you of that later? Step back.

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai retreated away from Seer as he began to read off the incantation. Each word seemed to flow into the next. Kamikasai was unable to decipher when a phrase began and when it ended. Seer?s voice constantly switched bizarre tones as each sound poured from his mouth. With the final word he shouted. A silent moment passed. A strong gust of wind blasted over the mountain top. Kamikasai?s body began to tingle?The wind died down, and Kamikasai?s body settled?[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] There, it is done. The spell has been cast upon you and is now at your disposal? You are familiar with Bincho Power, yes?

[color=crimson][I]Kamikasai nodded.[/I][/color]

[b]Seer:[/b] You can now concentrate this into a protective shield around your body. It is only temporary as it will dissipate after it is hit. If you are physically attacked, you will not take any damage. If you are attacked by another?s Bincho Power, you will receive half as much damage as you should. However, if the enemy is excessively powerful, the shield is useless. This is a weak spell, as you can see, but your body cannot hold stronger spells. That is why.

[b]Kamikasai:[/b] Right. Is that all?

[color=crimson][I]Seer nodded, and without wasting any time Kamikasai ran to the edge of the peak where a pole was stationed on a landing about twenty feet down. Kamikasai leaped to it and slid down to the landing, thus beginning his journey?[/I][/color]


[b]OOC:[/b] [color=red]People should make their way towards Grillin Village, for whatever personal reason, if they are not there already.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][i]It was another Skyday in Grillin Village. Raso sat bored in his room; no one came out on Skyday, he felt as if he was the only one who should go out today. Like he needed to. Today, there was just something different in the air, something fresh and new that made it not just "another-boring-Skyday". As he pondered why this so, his ears picked up some birds singing in the distance. He exhaled sharply, bemused by why birds would not be roosting all day, like they do every Skyday. This was a very puzzling day.

Only this morning when he went downstairs to take over from his mother in the Inn the lounge area for customers was completely deserted, like it should be. However today there was a strange man in a hooded, brown robe sitting on his own at a table in the corner. Raso had seen this shady character almost every day in the lounge in the past few weeks, but never on a Skyday. This event, to him, seemed suspicious, so he went over to the hooded character and asked him if he needed anything.

All he said he wanted was a glass of water, so Raso got it for him and the man paid up, along with a handsome tip. Confused, Raso took the money behind the counter and stood, puzzled at the man wearing the robe. He drank his water quickly as if he were dying of thirst, sat for about ten minutes more and then hastily walked out, without even a "good day". Strange.

Raso had finished pondering over the strange man this Skyday brought into the Inn as he stood up to look out of the window. He could have sworn that the sky was darker about a two hours ago, but now it seemed to be brightening up again. He turned his head and looked at the clock ticking slowly on his wall, it was about three minutes past twelve. He exclaimed quietly to himself in a hushed whisper.[/i]

[color=CC0000][b]Raso:[/b][/color] It was three minutes past twelve like, three hours ago!

[i]Worried that there could be something wrong with his head, he walked to the door of his room. As he opened it, he expected a very loud creak, as the Inn was very old, but Raso was suprised when there was no creak at all. He swang the door back and forth quickly, hoping for a creak, but one never came. Rubbing a palm across his face in disbelief he walked quietly out his bedroom to the door of his mother's room. She would always goes back to sleep on a Skyday after her early-ish morning shift, but when Raso opened her door and walked in, she was sat on her bed reading a book. She looked up and smiled at him.[/i]

[color=firebrick][b]Mother:[/b][/color] Hi Raso, are you done downstairs, because I'm ready to go back down there if you're done.

[color=CC0000][b]Raso:[/b][/color] Yeah, I'm all done, but there would be no point in you going down there. The place is like a graveyard. Deserted completely, like any other Skyday.

[color=firebrick][b]Mother:[/b][/color] Okay. What did you want anyway? You're normally downstairs until dinner-time.

[color=CC0000][b]Raso:[/b][/color] I just wanted to know the time.

[color=firebrick][b]Mother:[/b][/color] What's wrong with the clock in your room?

[color=CC0000][b]Raso:[/b][/color] I think it's broken...

[i]His mother tutted, rolled her eyes and looked at the clock next to her shelf full of books.[/i]

[color=firebrick][b]Mother:[/b][/color] It's about five or six minutes past three. Wh-

[color=CC0000][b]Raso:[/b][/color] Right.. thanks.

[i]Raso then walked faster down the hall back to the door of his room and opened it again. Still no creak. He stood and gazed at his clock; the time did read 3:06, the birds continued to sing a cheerful song, and Raso felt insane. But at the same time he knew there was something going on today ever since he served that weird guy downstairs he had been feeling something not unlike de ja vu all day. He started to feel hot so he left his room to go downstairs and pour himself a glass of water. Maybe that would refresh his mind so that he could think straight and try to figure out what's going on.

He poured a glass of water from the jug in the kitchen and took a sip from the glass. Nothing changed, his throat felt cold, but other than that he remained confused. It was only when he walked out past the counter and sat in one of the comfy armchairs in the lounge that he suddenly noticed an orange-haired kid had just walked in and was looking at him for assistance. Raso jumped slightly, set the glass down upon the low table in front of him and stood up to greet the kid.

This strange Skyday finally had a meaning.[/size][/i]
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[size=1][b][color=crimson]OOC:[/b][/color] This concerns most everyone, but specifcally take a look at Break's character. I took another look at your sign-up - to see what items you had chosen - and had a bit of a revelation about your spell, the "Chant of Hastening." As I am sure you know, it takes BP to perform a spell. Normal fighting characters (anyone who is not a Wizard) has a max BP of about 100, and Wizards have a max of 200. Everyone should take note of that. Also, I am going to say that basic spells for fighters will only take about 5 BP, but basic spells for Wizards will take 10 BP (since they are stronger) and Primary spells will be left up to the Wizards discretion, within relativity of course.

Now, Weh, you mention the Hastening makes you tired quicker, so you are pretty much constantly losing BP as this spell continues to work which you said is at least 15 minutes. So I am going to say for every minute it lasts you lose 1 BP. So each time you use it, you lose at least 20 BP and at most 35 BP. Just keep that in mind.

No one actually has to keep track of how much BP and health they have, I trust you will all just keep it in mind like "Let's see, it has been a while and I have used such and such a spell [i]x[/i] number of times so I am probably about [i]so[/i] tired." And the more tired you get, the slower your actions become.

Okay, back to the RPG. ^_^ (Crikey, even with all that info I had in the sign-ups, I still had not thought of everything. o_O)


[i]Kamikasai observed the older boy as he approached him at the counter inside the Inn. The boy eyed Kamikasai suspiciously.[/i]

[b][color=darkred]Raso:[/b][/color] ... Is there anything I can help you with, kid?

[i]Kamikasai approached the counter and sat up on an adjacent stool placing his elbows upon the countertop and his jaw within his cupped hands.[/i]

[b][color=crimson]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Well, I'm not looking to stay here or anything, but this town is desolate and this was the only place with its door wide open. So I decided to come inside and take a look ...

[i]Kamikasai lowered one hand and just traced his finger in a random path on the surface of the counter.[/i]

[b][color=darkred]Raso:[/b][/color] Well, there is not much going on here. It is just me and my mother who is upstairs. ... You know, this is a small town - really small. I know everyone here and I have never seen you before, not once. Who are you? Where'd you come from?

[i]Kamikasai looked up at the boy solemnly. It was apparent the weight of carrying the fate of the world on his shoulders was still very heavy.[/i]

[b][color=crimson]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] I'm Kamikasai ... A hero, apparently. I am from ... another land. Probably from an entirely different realm. That is all I really know ...

[b][color=darkred]Raso:[/b][/color] ... A different realm?! Wha-? Who ... ? ...!?

[i]Raso was absolutely bewildered by Kamikasai's statement. This entire day had been pretty strange, but this definitely took the cake. A boy, who could not be any more than 13 years old, claimed to be from a world separate from his own.

Kamikasai continued without letting Raso actually formulate a sensible question.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] You people call upon people like me when you need help ... or something like that. I was told me some weird, robed guy you had done this before. Someone named [i]Mosachiden[/i], I think ...

[i]Raso jumped back in alarm.[/i]

[b][color=darkred]Raso:[/b][/color] Musashiden!?

[b][color=crimson]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Yeah, that was it. Anyway, this guy told me that this Musashiden was captured by some bad guys and so they called another Hero, and they got me this time. I guess I have spent the last week or so being unconscious and just woke up some three hours ago atop a mountain by some water source named Aqualin. The guy told me I am supposed to save this place from those bad guys ... but that isn't going to be easy, as I'm sure you could imagine. So I came down to this village to see if there would be anyone interested in helping me out.

[i]Raso was absolutely amazed. He was actually looking at, and having a conversation with a real and true Hero!, unlike all those other children around the village who only train to try and be like a Hero. However, Raso maintained his composure, because he had already known of the dilemma the Allucaneet Kingdom was in, and knew that a second Hero was called. He just never knew he would ever get to speak to him ...[/i]

[b][color=darkred]Raso:[/b][/color] Yeah ... we around here know of the so-called "Ultimate Weapon" the Thirstquencher Empire is allegedly creating. However, we try to remain optimistic and live out our days without worry. We put our faith in those Heroes who are called forth to save us. I never thought one would actually need help, though.

[b][color=crimson]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Yeah ...

[i]Great, just what Kamikasai needed: to feel like he cannot do things on his own. He let out a discontented sigh and just stared at the countertop. An awkward silence fills the room ...[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] I could help you ...

[i]Kamikasai's heart skipped a beat in shock of what he had just heard. He looked up at the boy with eyes of wonder and hope.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] It's going to be pretty dangerous. Are you sure you can handle it?

[b][color=darkred]Raso:[/color][/b] Sure, no problem. I have been training in the ways of battle since I was 9, and I am currently 19. So that is 10 years of experience under my belt. My father was a Solider in the Allucaneet Army. He disappeared into Somnolent Forest along with other Soldiers all that time ago ... I don't know, I guess adventure and pride are just in my blood.

[i]Kamikasai's glum persona changed immediately as he became very jovial with his blue eyes shining brightly.[/i]

[b][color=crimson]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] That's great! But two people ... I don't think just you and I will be enough. Do you know anyone else who might be able to help us? This village is empty outside, and I do not just want to start knocking on doors.

[b][color=darkred]Raso:[/b][/color] I know there are some people in this town who would be crazy enough to help you, and, with me by your side as a familiar, they will not find it so awkward that some kid just came up to them and asked them to help save the world. However, I must warn you, the people who will help us are probably going to be young. The adults in this town are the kind of people who would rather stay here and protect the home front. Those with the gumption to go out and explore are more likely to be between your and my age.

[b][color=crimson]Kamikasai:[/color][/b] That's fine, we will need any help we can get. How will we get the word out?

[b][color=darkred]Raso:[/b][/color] Well, let me go upstairs and tell my mother what is happening. Then we will go out into the village center where there is a small fountain. You can just stand upon that and start shouting for people to come out, then tell your story. Then, after that, the people we gather and ourselves will post up signs around the village so any wanderers from people who spend time in the Somnolent Forest will come here and see them. Our group can stay here at the Inn until then. I will be lenient for this time and not make any of us pay, but after we start our journey and sometimes return here we will have to start forking over some Dran, even myself. Once we have a sufficient amount of people, and I shall let you decide on that, we can make way.

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Wow! Great plan. You thought that up pretty quick.

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] Well, I am a Soldier in training. Tactical skills are something I am good with ... All right, give me a moment to go up and talk to my mother. I'll be right back down. By the way, my name is Raso, Raso Aramai.

[i]With that, Raso darted up the stairs to go talk to his mother. Kamikasai was full of energy now. Perhaps this venture would not be so bad after all. With a guy like Raso by his side, it could be some smooth sailing ... well, smoother than it would be without a group of people.

Interrupting Kamikasai's excitement and thought, he heard the sound of crying from above him. He guessed Raso's mom was not taking the news that her son was about to embark on a perilous journey was not too easy for her to take. A couple more minutes passed before he heard Raso coming back down the stairs. Raso appeared around the corner walking briskly towards Kamikasai, his mother walking out more slowly behind him with a smile on her face, but wiping tears from her eyes with a tissue; she stopped beside the counter and sighed.[/i]

[color=red][b]Mother:[/b][/color] You boys and your adventures ... [i](to Kamikasai)[/i] Hi, I am Raso's mother.

[i]Kamikasai smiled and waved as Raso began to speak.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] She said she will assist us by making the signs to post around the village while you and I make the public announcement.

[i]His mother nodded approvingly with a smile on her face, but those tears still slowly forming in her eyes. It was obvious she did not want the same to to happen to Raso that happened to her husband, but knew she could not stop him from making such bold, honorable decisions. He was a big boy now...[/i]

[b][color=darkred]Raso:[/b][/color] You ready?

[b][color=crimson]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Yeah!

[i]Kamikasai and Raso ran outside where Raso showed Kamikasai the fountain new far off from the Inn where the fountain was in the middle of all village square that all the shops surrounded, as his mother began making signs with paper and pen within the Inn.

Kamkasai climbed upon the fountain edge and began shouting for the attention of the villagers as Raso ran around knocking loudly upon doors and proclaiming announcements need to be made.

Slowly, but surely, all the villagers (except for Raso's mother) had made their way to the square and crowded in front of the fountain where Kamikasai was still up on the fountain ledge and Raso was on the ground by him. Kamikasai then told his announcement to the crowd. Many of the adults smiled pleasingly, but did not agree to travel alongside them. Other's even laughed a bit. The crowd then began to disperse, but it could be seen that some figures were not moving as in they planned on staying and hearing more. They were younger, just like Raso had said, but they would do ...[/i][/size]
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I may not be up to notch with your posting skills, but here goes...

[SIZE=1]A boy walked out of the forest. He was a mess! His cloak was torn and dirty and he could barely stand up on his feet. He entered a new surrounding, one like his old village.

[COLOR=teal]Zephir:[/color] I've...finally found civilization

He took small steps, lifting his cloak not to trip. He wished to find an inn to rest and prepare his spells.

*he was taught a different and older type of spellcasting, that also needed preperation before use. Still uses Bincho power though, so its a hassle...*

It wasn't long though, as he was overwhemed with exhaustion, that he fell to his knees. Everyone, bustling about, just stared at him and walked off.

In this village very new to him, and the people very busy, he could not find hope. He tried to move foward more, but he fell over into a deep sleep...[/SIZE]

very small, i know, but like Zephir, im tired...G'night everybody!
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[size=1][color=crimson][b]OOC:[/color] NOTE FOR WIZARDS -[/b] It came to me recently that none of you know why elemental Sky magic does. So I thought I should explain that here in case you ever choose to use a Sky spell. Sky magic allows the casting of nearly anything dealing with the sky such as: bolts of lightning, thunder clasps, rain (this is a Sky property, not Water), cloud cover (to block sunlight), fog, etc. Be creative. Although, tornados do not apply; they are a Wind spell.

It is important to make known what type of spell you have (if it is elemental), because certain spells will not work against certain "Boss" enemies while others will deliver a critical amount of damage (this will be explained when we encounter the first "Boss"). If I do not know what it is, I shall simply negate the fact it was used.


[b]Thirstquencher Empire[/b]

[i]A thunderous, crashing sound fills the spacious throne room as an Thirstquencher soldier bursts hurriedly through the tall, twin doors. He walks briskly up the blood-red carpet towards the two thrones. Upon the largest sits the Force, and upon the smaller is seated Emperor R. Senic. The soldier arrives before them and goes down on one knee with his head bowed.[/i]

[color=indigo][b]Soldier:[/b][/color] A report from guards positioned in Grillin Village: A disturbance has been made my an unknown, firey-haired boy and an older, local boy. The kid claims to be a Hero, as one called forth from the same realm as Musashiden, and plans to gather a team together to defeat the Thirstquencher Empire.

[i]Senic and the Force both sat quietly. Senic kept a straight-faced look on the soldier, while the Force kept its face hidden under it large, hooded cloak as it always did. Senic turned his head towards the Force to see if there would be any response from it, but none came. So he looked back at the soldier for a moment and just burst into a small laughter.[/i]

[color=purple][b]Senic:[/b][/color] Ha ha ha ha ha! Come on, now, you always bring this news to us, and always it is some kind of false alarm; just some townboy who is a wannabe Hero. Musashiden was the only Hero the Princess of Allucaneet was able to summon before we stormed the hidden room within the castle, and we all know what happened to him.

[i]Senic looked over at the row of Bincho Fields lined up next to the thrones containing several members of Allucaneet people, as well as Musashiden himself, suspended unconscious and helpless.[/i]

[color=purple][b]Senic:[/b][/color] Now leave, and come back when you actually have some [i]real[/i] news.

[i]And so the soldier got up from his kneel, bowed, and left the room. The moment the doors clicked shut, a raspy voice spoke ...[/i]

[color=darkblue][b]the Force:[/b][/color] This time it is different ...

[i]Senic's head whipped towards the Force in alert.[/i]

[color=purple][b]Senic:[/b][/color] This is the third false alarm this week. Why should this be any different? It is just some dumb kid.

[color=darkblue][b]the Force:[/b][/color] Was Musashiden "just some dumb kid" when he destroyed the Empire!?

[i]The Force paused a moment to let those words seep into Senic's thick skull ...[/i]

[color=darkblue][b]the Force:[/b][/color] The mere fact this newcomer is unknown should have been your first clue. You should know as well as I do we keep tabs on who lives in Grillin Village; everything about them. Now, tell me, what do you know about this fire-haired boy? Nothing.

[color=purple][b]Senic:[/b][/color] You base your judgement of the only threat to our Empire of the fact this boy is unknown?

[color=darkblue][b]the Force:[/b][/color] There has been a change in the forces of this world. It happened not long ago. Anything that normally happens, did not. Time seemed to become irrelevant. If you were not so blind, you would have noticed the change as well: the change in the soldier's report.

[color=purple][b]Senic:[/b][/color] What should it matter? It is just a little boy with no experience of this world, and the people in Grillin Village are not going to be able to help him any in terms of where and how to find things.

[color=darkblue][b]the Force:[/b][/color] Any Hero would try to tackle the quest on his own, just as Musashiden did. The boy has help from someone not of Grillin Village.

[color=purple][b]Senic:[/b][/color] Who?

[color=darkblue][b]the Force:[/b][/color] The only person involved with the Royal Family of Allucaneet we did not capture, the Seer. I imagined we would not catch him, much to our misfortune. He is very wise and has nearly perfected the use of Bincho. He cannot not use it directly against us, because he is lawful and good by nature. He is one to "turn the other cheek." However, he can inform and priveledge those fighters with information and ability which could be critical to the Empire. There is no doubt in my mind he knows the where-abouts of the Legendary Armor (that we have found and hidden, or those that have yet to be discovered), the sword Fusion, and the sword Lumina. He is our greatest enemy at this moment.

[color=purple][b]Senic:[/b][/color] So what do you think the Seer's next course of action is going to be?

[color=darkblue][b]the Force:[/b][/color] He will arm the Hero; do whatever it takes to get him to find Fusion and Lumina. However, I have a suspicion he will go for the closest target first, which is a piece of armor we have found.

[color=purple][b]Senic:[/b][/color] Say your will, and it will be done.

[color=darkblue][b]the Force:[/color][/b] Guard the entrance to Hell's Valley heavily, and prepare the [i]Reincarnation[/i] should they get through the doors.

[color=purple][b]Senic:[/b][/color] It will be done.

[i]Senic rose from his throne and marched down the carpet and out the doors to rally up some troops and transport them to Hell's Valley.[/i]


[color=crimson][b]OOC:[/b][/color] Obviously, none of our characters know this is happening. So Hell's Valley is still off-limits. We will be busy taking care of other things.[/size]
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[OOc: I got lost.. your recruitment made it feel that the TQ's had been there fpor a decade... anyway...I'll take it as being only a week]

[COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR] awoke, feeling slightly strange. Stretching his neck he felt the vertebrae crack. Pushing himself up from his self-made 'nest' in the fork of a hollow tree, he gazed about Somnolent Forest. What was it, what was wrong?

He listened carefully for.... that was it. The forest was completely silent. No birds, no rustling, only the sound of his breathing.

Something was most definitely wrong. Buckling on his sword, he checked the knives in his boots, grabbed his canvas bag and hopped out of the tree, landing lightly on the ground.

All of a sudden, the woods lit up, and the noise returned.

[COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR] thought how odd that was. Something bad was going down. For the first time since the Thirst Quencher army invaded he thought about heading into Grillin Village, see what was going on.

[COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR] walked into town, gazing around. there were a few people hurrying away from, the centre square. Pausing a hurrying man, [COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR] asked what was going on.

"Some kid is going on about being a Hero and beating the ThirstQuenchers. Another kid with nothing better to do" Sadly the man shook his head.

Thanking him, [COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR] shook the man's hand vigorously. As he walked away he grinned. Another sucker with a ring. He took a glance at it. Ooh, sapphire. Pretty. he stuffed it deep into his pocket.

Walking up to the fountain, [COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR] looked at the kid. This one was different. For a start he wasn't local, and for another... his features were neither Allucane or Thirst-Quencheriane. How odd.

Squatting down on the ground, [COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR] listened to the boy's proposal. He culminated in a great shout

"Who is with me?!"

Among several others, [COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR] got to his feet and raised his hand. This boy could sure fire up a crowd.

[OOc: Hope this is good Piro ^_^]
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The Somnolent forest was quiet, and Cane liked that. Nothing but the occasional rustle of leaves and the wind blowing through the trees. Cane unstrapped his shield and strapped it across his back, but loosened his sword in its scabbard. One could not be [I]too[/I] relaxed with monsters about.

Cane had been out gathering wood for his father. His father had wanted to make Cane a wooden horse that he thought would get him about faster than just walking on foot. Cane had tried to protest, but his father had threatened to paint even further designs on his armor.

Cane looked resignedly at his breastplate, with its twin smiley faces staring into the distance. People didn't really take a warrior seriously who had smiley faces on his chest and hearts on his shield.

Suddenly Cane felt a stinging sensation on his left arm. He turned sharply to see another glob of poison come sailing at him. He hopped lightly back, only to be stabbed in the back by the stinger of a Bee Plant. His shield absorbed the blow, but bucked him forward. Cane fell to his knees. Getting up quickly, Cane drew his sword.

He had somehow wandered into the middle of a Bee Plant patch. Slowly drawing his sword so as not to alarm the stinging vegetation, Cane looked for the fastest way out. Somewhere off in the distance, he could hear someone shouting. Pinpointing the location, Cane set off at a dead run. The Bee plants stabbed at him quickly, their stingers glancing off of his armor and causing him to stumble. Cane lashed out with his sword, slicing through the stems of a few of them. One particularly large plant struck him painfully in the shoulder.

Cane fell, spinning backward sliding the last few feet out of the Bee Plant patch. He slid until his head came sharply into contact with a hastily written sign. Cane lay there for a moment, disoriented. He then slowly got to his feet and read the notice on the sign.

[I]"Hero needs help on a quest. Details in Grillin Village."[/I]

[SIZE=1]"Who is with me?!"[/SIZE] a voice in the distance asked.

Cane checked himself over, and then began walking in the direction of Grillin Village.

"Oh, [B]crap![/B]"

He had dropped his sword in the Bee Plant Patch.
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[size=1][color=#707875][i]Kaizen, or Kai as he liked to be called, awoke with a startle. He heard laughter from outside the inn. He got up, rubbing his eyes, heading towards the window. He opened the the wooden blinds, blinded by the amount of light that came so suddenly. As he grew accustomed to the light, he saw what the commotion was. There was a giant crowd around the fountain in the heart of town, all their attention directed to a boy about his age. He decided to leave the inn to see what it was all about. He grabbed his supplies and left the room. He then locked the door behind him and left towards the exit. He didn't see anyone at the Inn counter as he left, so he just left his 80 dran there.

As he left the Inn, he noticed it got smaller then when he looked at it a few minutes ago from the window. He got closer to where the boy was making an announcment. He heard something about a Thirstquencher Empire and had a little chuckle to himself. As people began to slowly leave, obviously not willing to what he was saying, he walked up to the front. He then found out it was a quest to defeat what is called the Thirstquencher Empire. He decided to go along, despite the fact that it was quite sudden.

Once the boy was clearly finished talking, Kai looked around. Of the, at least, 50 people he only saw about 10. He was quite shocked.[/i]

[b]Kai:[/b][/color] Well now, this is gonna' be more interesting than I thought...[/size]
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[size=1][i]Early, early in the morning, just as the glimmer of dawn began to show in the horizon, Melon crawled out of bed slowly, reluctantly, to start her day. She'd planned the night before to get up before the rest of her family and surprise them with a spectacular breakfast. She spent the entire morning going over her mother's cookbooks, memorizing recipes and the like so that she could cook them herself. It seemed to her that cooking was like magic - the directions were like spells, right? It couldn't be that hard. And this time, she was certain that nothing would catch fire - today would be a lucky day. Today.. she would make history.

The funny thing about that was that she didn't know how true it actually was.

After carefully tying back the sleeves of her robes, then fixing her braids up in some sort of crazy coif so they didn't get anywhere near her preparations, she tiptoed towards the kitchen some time around nine, treading slowly over the older boards she knew would creak with pressure. The kitchen was dark and intimidating in its cleanliness, and Melon suddenly felt overwhelmed. However she was reminded of the feast she envisioned and her eyes glazed over for a moment, mouth watering. She could do that; make a beautiful meal like that. Melon was sure of it.

She began to slowly pull out numerous pots and pans, careful not to make any noise whatsoever, and piled them onto the counter top. [/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] ...what the heck?

[i]A few of the utensils she pulled out were shaped oddly and she stared at them in bemusement for a few seconds before shrugging and adding them to the ever-growing stack of dishes and things. Next, a variety of food items formed another pile on the counter, minus a few eggs that rolled off and broke. She decided to have a bit of fun and arranged the sausages in a curve, before adding a couple eggs and a carrot to the picture until a strange breakfast-oriented face grinned back at her. Giggling, she turned to find a bowl and slipped on the messy yolk from one of the broken eggs. She rubbed her head, before realizing that her hand was covered in the same slime, and groaned.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] ...great, a perfect start to.. to..

[i]She seized up then, suddenly feeling a strange tickling sensation in her noise.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Oh no, oh no, oh no... not [i]now!![/i]

[i]Waving her hand violently in front of her small, button nose, Melon tried to ward off the coming sneeze. She shook her head, braids flying, and shut her eyes tightly, though her efforts were fruitless - the sneeze came, small and cute.

Well, it would have been cute, had it not caused the pots above her to mysteriously topple over and clatter to the ground on and around her. Covering her head with her arms, the sixteen year old sighed as she heard a door down the hall open.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Great. Why does the world hate me?

[color=blue][b]her Mother:[/b][/color] What in the world--

[i]Melon's mother stopped in the doorway of the kitchen and took in the scene slowly, her eyes narrowing with each passing second. Finally, they rounded on the girl on the floor, sitting placid in the middle of the mess.[/i]

[color=blue][b]her Mother:[/b][/color] Melon. Dear. We have reasons why we keep you out of the kitchen. Please go outside and clean yourself up while I fix breakfast.

[i]Melon blinked, before sighing and pushing herself up off the ground, a few more pots clattering off her noisily. She trudged outside, as her mother requested, and sat herself down on the doorstep. After a few minutes of self-depreciating misery, she went around to the back of their little cottage and decided to practice her magic. Safely, of course. No real spells, she told herself, as there was no need to make her mother even angrier.

Hours passed and she grew increasingly bored with studying the spells she knew. In fact, she was just plain bored. Melon sighed, and eventually turned back in to clean up, skirting around the spots where she knew her family would be gathered. She managed to slip out again unnoticed and started towards the center of town, intent on just wandering about, seeing what other people did to keep busy. Chewing on one of her braids, she came to find that there was a bit of a stir in the middle of Grillin Village - a young boy was attracting quite a lot of attention.

Melon, like everyone else, was interested in what he had to say - it's not like there was much else to do. And she, like everyone else, was pleased with his speech and his vows against the Thirstquencher Empire. Except when the adults left, it was only she and some odd others who remained. It seemed to Melon that this was what she woke up for. This was her chance - a chance to actually do something meaningful. She thought wildly of the future - she could go on an adventure, save the world, maybe even learn to cook!

Well, that last bit might have been a stretch, but still. It was something to look forward to, certainly.[/i][/size]
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After several minutes of overturning cushions and checking behind couches, Mrs. Pao spotted Pooka looking very guilty, standing behind a particularly tall potted plant in their sunny kitchen.

"Pooka, [b]how[/b] many times have I told you not to drag your sword around in this house?"

Pooka put her second finger in her mouth, looking very pitiful indeed.

"You have made [b]gigantic scratch marks[/b] all over the foyer, for the third time this month! When I was your age I could at least [b]pick up[/b] the sword to carry around ... How many times do we have to tell you that you're not a hero, you're a --"

At this point, Pooka put her hands over her ears, screwed up her eyes so they were tiny puckers on her face, and opened her mouth wide, ready to bawl.

To which her mother hastily dropped the floor wax that she had in her hand and covered Pooka's mouth before a sound could come out.

"Young lady," she said in a deathly quiet voice, "I am not tolerating that tornado coming through my house one more time. You are not going to cry about this -- I won't say anything more about your being a, well ... you know ... but [b]none of that inside[/b]. Got that?"

Pooka opened her eyes again and nodded, putting her second finger into her mouth again.

Her mother sighed, standing, and eyeing the sword Pooka still stubbornly held in her hand, though she was unable to pick it up off the floor. "When you're older, I'm sure you'll gain the strength to use that sword," she said, though she sounded slightly unconvinced. "Meanwhile, could I please carry it outside for you and you can play out there? You know how much of a pain it is to get rid of those scratch marks, goodness knows I've told you at least five times before ..."

Her complexion sunny again, Pooka nodded emphatically and her mother took the sword and laid it outside of the door for her. "Dinner will be at the usual time," her mother called as Pooka bounced away -- or would've been bouncing, if she hadn't had to drag her sword slowly along the ground, horribly dulling the blade. Not that the blade had been so sharp to begin with.

As Pooka made her way towards the fountain at the center of the town, she noticed that she wasn't the only one heading there. In fact, plenty of people seemed to be heading there, adults included -- wait, her [b]mom[/b] included. There were two overexcitable boys at the fountain, yelling something about an adventure and needing to save the world and a hero. A hero! Pooka wanted to be a hero! And this way she could stop scratching up her mother's prized wooden floor!

She looked around excitedly to tell her mother the good news, but she had, strangely enough, already left. Actually most of the adults seemed to be leaving, a little rapidly in fact, and soon Pooka and some other younger people were the only ones remaining.

Pooka sidled up to the one standing nearest to her and tugged on that person's clothes, not bothering to look up to see who it was. "Hi," she said, a little shyly and looking down at her feet. "Are you gonna go with those guys? I think I might wanna ..."[/color]
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[COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR] looked down to see a young girl clutching at his sleeve.

"Are you gonna go with those guys. I think I might wanna..."

[COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR] nodded seriously, though with a faintly amused twinkle in his eye. "Yeah, I think I just might, if they are serious that is... that is a mighty big sword for such a small girl to be carrying around, isn't it?"

"Yeah, well you're not so big yaself, ya know."

"Haha, I know"

"So are you gonna go with these guys... I am gonna be a bigg Hewo when I get big. And I am gonna choppa off Empwas head wiv my sword."

"Good on you... that sounds like a worthy cause indeed"

She smiled prettily at him and twirled a strand of her hair on one finger.

[OOC: terra, hope this didn't make Pooka sound too childish.. if you want me to I'll change this.]
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[color=#707875]The wise old master stroked his beard thoughtfully. Clearly, his students were not all prepared for the test which he had planned for them. One boy had lost a shoe through the Toy Store window, as a result of trying to execute a "flying kick". Another boy had been so nervous that he'd fainted before his sparring match. And now, there stood little Keizo in the center of the garden, waiting to hear what the old master had planned for him.

The ninjitsu classes were being held in a small garden just outside the Toy Store. The owner had been kind enough to allow the students to use the area; it was a small plot of land, but it was large enough for the relatively small group. The old master had allowed his students to develop their own individual talents. Unfortunately, some had simply not practiced enough during their time off. And the results were showing.

Keizo bowed and looked at his master with large, eager eyes. He was nearly bursting with excitement; he really wanted to impress the class. Unfortunately, the old master was himself not a particularly alert -- or even bright -- fellow.

"Well, Keizo," said the old master, still stroking his beard thoughtfully, "I'd like to see what you can do with your telekenesis."

Keizo cocked his head. "Telekewhatsis?"


"Oh. Yeah...that. Okay, master. What shall I do?"

The old master paced back and forth slowly. "Well...err...I would like it if you levitate an object."

Keizo looked around. As his eyes fell upon the students nearby, nearly all of them flinched. The mere vague hint that Keizo might try to use his telekinetic powers on one of them even caused one girl to scream and leap over the fence into a flower bed on the other side.

"Hm...I wonder," murmured Keizo. "What should I levitate?"

Keizo looked around and noticed an open window in the Toy Store. The window was sitting just over the plot of land where the class was taking place. And, sitting on the sill, was a small brown object. It was a pie, cooling in the breeze. Perhaps the Toy Store owner's wife had set it there for their dessert.

Keizo rolled up his sleeves and raised his hands, angling his palms directly toward the window.

As he did this, the old master raised his cane high in the air. "No, boy! What are you doing? You're not supposed to move [i]that![/i]"

But it was too late. Keizo concentrated on the pie, as it slowly drifted away from the window sill, toward the old master.

The old master himself flinched, as though the pie were going to hit him square in the forehead. But it didn't. It floated gracefully past him and circled him slowly.

"Aha! That's very good, Keizo," remarked the master happily. "You have a great talent there; not to mention the fact that you're the first child in the class today not to injure someone else or shatter a window. You get an A."

Keizo was so overjoyed by this news that he threw his hands in the air with delight. At the same time, the pie began circling the old master very rapidly.

"K-Keizo! You can put the pie back on the sill now!" cried the master, with a tone of anxiety in his voice.

Keizo didn't notice the master. He was too busy dancing around happily; it was his first [i]ever[/i] "A". He was overjoyed, he was amazed, he was--


Keizo paused, mid-dance...and glanced over at the old master.


The old master had transformed from a small, quiet person, to what seemed like an enormous monster. As he yelled, flecks of saliva hit Keizo's forehead like little bullets. Keizo was terrified. And, true to form, he only made matters worse...



"It's [i]only[/i] a little cherry pie in your beard...it's not a big--"


Keizo opened his mouth, but as he went to speak, the master interrupted him.


Keizo frowned. The master took a deep breath and composed himself.

"Now, Keizo...go home. The other students may not be any more skilled than you, but at least they didn't cover me with pie. It's going to take me a good week to wash this out."

Keizo hung his head low and opened the little white gate nearby. He stepped out into the town square and began walking home, with his hands in his pockets.

How could he disappoint the master like that? Was he really meant to be a ninja? And would it [i]really[/i] take a week to wash cherry pie out of a beard?

These are all questions that Keizo ran through in his head as he walked. But it wasn't long before something else grabbed his attention -- a large group of men, women and children standing around the village fountain. A young boy who appeared to be a similar age to Keizo was standing atop the fountain, calling to the townsfolk. For a brief moment, Keizo completely forgot his humiliation at ninja school; he decided to approach the fountain and see what all the fuss was about.[/color]
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[size=1][color=crimson][b]OOC:[/b][/color] Okay, I was kind of waiting for Tori to come and post, but I am not thinking she will be able to any time soon because of being home for the holidays (and who knows who else). So we are just going to make some ?filler? posts to kill some time and keep things going at the same time. I imagine this will slow down the closer it gets to Christmas, but I am just trying to keep at least [i]some[/i] momentum.

So posts after this until we actually start going out to adventure really do not have to be all that involved, but I do ask that they are of a decent length; a couple paragraphs and some dialogue. It really is not that hard. Who knows, you may get carried away and end up with a really long post, lol. Stranger things have happened.

[b]Tori[/b], do not panic, we are not going to do much until you post. ^_^ Keep in mind there are signs posted around Grillin Village that are advertising this adventure.


[i]The adults had all made their way back to their homes and/or businesses, some in a chipper spirit and other slightly annoyed because their day had been interrupted by ?just another dumb kid.? However, a rascally group of children of various, but similar, ages stood in front of him. It was just as Raso had said.

The children gathered closer together in a small huddle in front of Kamikasai looking up at him curiously as he just stood at a loss for words to say. He did a quick head count. There were six new people, plus Raso and himself. A small wave a discontentment passed over him as he expected a little bit more. He peered down at Raso who looked up at him with support.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] Don?t worry about it. There are still those who dwell within Somnolent Forest, as well as any children who may have just stayed in from your speech.

[i]Kamikasai took note of that just as his attention was shattered by a horrible scraping sound. He shot his head down at the crowd and watched as a small girl, probably around his age, was approaching him dragging a sword too heavy for her to lift behind her across the cobblestone-paved ground. The sound ceased as soon as she stopped, and she looked up at Kamikasai with eyes wide with wonder.[/i]

[color=chocolate][b]Pooka:[/b][/color] ?Scuse me, Mister ? are you [i]really[/i] a Hero?

[i]Kamikasai stared blankly for a second. This child was incredibly naive and innocent in nature. He was not sure whether or not to judge a book by its cover or not. The girl was most definitely his age, but even Kamikasai does not come off like that ? then again, if Seer was telling the truth about Kamikasai?s origins, then Kamikasai would be older than he really seems being that these people age faster than him.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Yes, I am ? (I think).

[i]Pooka became very giddy and was about ready to squeal with excitement, but she was cut off by another child who came forward with a bold question.[/i]

[color=#808080][b]Kai:[/b][/color] What proof do we have that you are not just some person [i]pretending[/i] to be a Hero?

[i]Kamikasai stood silent, not knowing what to say. He could not really say anything, he had no hard proof to offer them. Although, he knew that if he does not convince them, they will not join him ?[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] Kai, be quiet. Does this boy even look slightly familiar to you? He obviously isn?t from around here. We all know the Thirstquencher Empire terrorizes no other place more than the Allucaneet Kingdom, so there?s a reasonable doubt he could be from a place which has a vendetta against the Empire.

[i]Kai back down a bit from his inquisition on Kamikasai, but it was apparent the other children were a bit undecided about what to think about him. Raso and Kamikasai were both not sure what they should say, but they still had to do something.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Look, I?m just doing what this mysterious guy who called himself Seer told me to do. He told me that I am a true Hero and need to save this Kingdom, but I would need a team to do it. So I came here.

[i]At this point, all the children stood looking dumbfounded, even Raso who backed off from Kamikasai?s side and stood in front of him with the other children.[/i]
[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] What ? ? What?s wrong?

[i]There was another moment of awkward silence before another boy approached from the back.[/i]

[color=#707875][b]Keizo:[/b][/color] You ? You met ? Seer?

[I]Kamikasai raised an eyebrow, curious as to why meeting with Seer was so amazing.[/I]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Yeah, why?

[color=firebrick][b]Ruben:[/b][/color] Seer has to be the most powerful person Allucaneet has on their side. He was the only person the Empire was unable to capture when they raided the castle. He cannot attack the Empire himself, because he is Lawful and Good by nature. He cannot harm even those who do harm. Normally he is a regular around this town, but no one has seen him in a long time.

[I]Now Kamikasai was the one dumbfounded, as he just stood on the ledge of the fountain slack-jawed. All the present children gathered closer to Kamikasai, full of heart and belief that this could be it. A small amount of time passed by, when a new voice broke from the crowd.[/I]

[color=orange][b]Melon:[/b][/color] So ? we?re going to save the world?

[I]Kamikasai looked for the source of the voice and locked eyes with an average-sized, older girl with bright green hair ?[/I]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] ? We?re going to save the world.

[I]Raso then motioned for Kamikasai to step down from the fountain, so he did, and took Raso?s side.[/I]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] All right, we still could use a few more people so we?re going to wait around here for a while. My mother has posted signs all around telling people who are interested to come to the Inn. She also said that we can all stay in the Inn for free until we take off as long as we only use one room. It isn?t a lot of space for eight people, but it beats paying the 80 Dran per person to stay.

[I]The children all loosened up knowing that they were getting to go rest now after all this excitement and made sure they had their things together.[/I]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] It is getting to be evening time. The sun?s going down. We should turn in.

[I]So with that, Raso and Kamikasai walked with the trail of other children behind them to the Inn where they would get a room and wait for any others who wish to join.[/I][/size]
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[size=1]OOC: Um, this isn't terribly important or anything, but I think I'm going to change the color of Melon's name to Green - the other orange-ish one is killing my eyes. >.> At least now it'll match her hair.

[i]As the small group of youngins headed back to the inn, Melon focused more on her own thoughts rather than the quiet murmurs of those around her. Later, she would try to be a little more social, but for the moment, she wanted to try and sort out her thoughts about all of this. Learning about this apparent hero and his quest had not been what she expected to do that day, but it was certainly a nice change of pace. Her parents wouldn't let her anywhere near the forest (unfortunately), but she'd heard them talk about the monsters there. And it was next to impossible to forget or ignore the Thirstquencher Empire and its minions - they were everywhere, always watching. Melon wondered how long it would be until they would try and do something about this hero's quest, if it actually got off the ground. A group of kids running around, attempting to save the kingdom certainly wouldn't go unnoticed for long.

She stood on her toes as she walked, squinting her eyes so that she might get a good look at the fiery-haired hero that led the small group. He was younger than her, maybe. Actually, it was kind of hard to tell, because he didn't seem to act his age. Either way, he certainly looked the part, and he had mentioned the Seer, and that was good enough for now. She hoped that after they all settled down in the Inn, a little more about him and his mysterious quest would come out. Melon could wait until then, though. After all, she was a patient girl - as clumsy as she was, she had to be!

After a moment of silence, Melon realized they'd stopped walking and just barely saved herself from stumbling into whoever was in front of her. Coughing a bit uneasily, though relieved the would-be crisis was thwarted, she stilled as she heard the other boy who'd been on the fountain begin to speak.[/i]

[color=maroon][b]Raso:[/b][/color] Here we are. I'll show you all to the room we'll be sharing, and then we'll wait. There are others who are bound to join our cause.

[i]He'd glanced at the hero as he said that last bit, and Melon could see that maybe she wasn't the only one who felt fairly enthusiastic about this sudden change of events. Even if they weren't vocal about it, it was good to know the optimism was around.

Eventually, the group ambled into the Inn and stood around the counter, waiting for the boy to lead them to the room. Talking had started up again, and Melon decided that it was as good a time as ever to try and get some facts from this hero guy. Sidling up to him, she gave him a bright smile that was only beaten by her hair.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] I wanted to ask, if you're not from Allucaneet, then where [i]are[/i] you from?[/size]
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Cane limped out of the forest, bruised and battered from his encounter with the Bee Plants. His sword was sheathed at his side. The Be Plants had thought it was pretty funny to toss it back and forth amongst themselves, to tease him. To mock him.

Cane did no like being mocked, but he liked being beaten to a pulp by vegetation either. He had somehow managed to grab his sword and charge out of the patch.

He approached the outskirts of Grillin Village. He saw another sign like the one out in the forest. This one had an extra line written on it.

[I]"Please apply at the Inn."[/I]

Cane shouldered his shield and walked past the Thirstquencher guards that guarded the city. They sneered at him as he passed, dirty and disheveled. Once he was past them a fair distance, they broke into uproarious laughter.

"Did you see all of those hearts on his shield?" oe guard asked the other. He was hunched over with laughter "What a sissy."

"And the smiles on his breastplate." he pounded the other guard's back with glee and then slowly regained his composure.

Cane heard their laughter. He resented it. He wished that he weren't so tired, so weak.

[I]"Or what?" he asked himself silently.[/I] [I]"Kill them and be thrown in jail? Now [B]there's[/B] a good idea."[/I]

Cane walked over to the Inn and stepped inside. He squinted his eyes to adjust them to the light, and then walked over to counter where a company of kids were gathered. Well, they were more like teenagers; regardless, he was older than them.

He seated himself in a chair at the counter, and then let his head fall to the counter top unrestricted. The dull THUD of his contact caused the items on the counter to hop slightly.

"Does anyone know a good way to kill a dozen or so Bee Plants at once?" his muffled voice asked.
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[size=1][i]Kamikasai paused a moment, looking at the girl before him who had questioned as to where his origins are. He recognized her by her insane green hair, and this time it was accompanied by a smile that seemed as though it could persuade even the most stubborn and distant person.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Umm ... I don't know what it is called, but it was explained to me by Seer. He said when Thirstquencher Empire raided the castle they stormed down to a secret room where a special Binchotite crystal was prepared, and the Princess performed some summoning magic. Then from the crystal came a hero. At first it was some guy named Musashiden, but you probably already know what happened to him ... so the Princess did it again, I guess, and supposedly out I came. Seer said by then, Thirstquencher goons were already in the castle and I was unarmed. So before I was even aware of what was happening, Seer knocked me out and dragged me to a place called Aqualin until I woke up. After I woke up, he told me the general information as to who I am, and ... my quest. Then I came here where I met Raso here at the Inn, and he believed my story and decided to help me. ... I imagine you know what happened after that.

[i]Melon nodded understandingly, but still found it incredibly hard to believe. On the other hand, the kid knew far too much to just be making this up ... seriously! He knew of Seer, and even claimed to have met him! Who outside the Empire and the Kingdom would know of Seer's existance? Until today, rumors had been going around that he was captured and killed. This boy seemed almost too good to be true, but still she belie--[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Sorry, heh, here I am telling you my life's story ... that I can recall anyway ... and I don't even know your name. I'm Kamikasai.

[i]Melon smiled faintly as she became aware of how tense she was from hearing Kamikasai explain where he was from. She let herself loosen up again as her smile grew wider and she put out her hand to Kamikasai.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] My name is Melon, Melon Straubarri.

[i]Just then, there arose such a clatter as a boy came stumbling through the door. Everybody became quiet and turned their attention to him. At first he appeared to be dazed and/or adjusting to the lighting. He then hobbled over to the desk where he sat down and plopped his head to the desk.[/i]

[color=orangered][b]Cane:[/b][/color] Does anyone know a good way to kill a dozen or so Bee Plants at once?

[i]The room was silent a bit longer. Then, at random, people began making certain suggestions, mostly spells.[/i]

[color=orangered][b]Cane:[/b][/color] Well, that's just fine and dandy, but I am not much of a magic user.

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] ... You could do a Whirlwind Attack.

[i]Kamikasai paused wondering what exactly he had just said. It almost came as a reflex. Gah, it did not matter. As the attention turned to him his stomach tied in knots, double-knots, triple-knots, slip knots ... just a bunch of knots, really. The unknown man looked at Kamikasai bitterly.[/i]

[color=orangered][b]Cane:[/b][/color] Like I said, I am not much of a magic user. I know nothing of Wind attacks, nor can my body even handle doing one if I knew how.

[i]Kamikasai replied back quickly, knowing his competence as a fighter was on the line.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] It isn't an attack that uses magic. In fact, it hardly has anything to do with "Wind", but focuses more on the "Whirl."

[i]The man irritably rolled his eyes. He had just come from being attacked by a patch of Bee Plants, he was not in the mood for such talk. Especially from a kid.[/i]

[color=orangered][b]Cane:[/b][/color] Okay, hot shot, show me this ... "Whirlwind Attack" of yours.

[i]As soon as the man stopped talking, the room grew more silent than it ever had been that evening. The tension was thick and furious. Yet still, Kamikasai did not find himself chickening out. Instead, he began walking into a more open area of the Inn lobby. He found it odd because he was not sure whether or not he was walking voluntarily.

As soon as he found what he thought was an open enough area he stopped. Kamikasai looked up at everyone who was just staring at him. Just his luck, he was in another test. He had to prove himself to be true to the people, but he had no conscious knowledge that he could even do it. Kamikasai peered down at the katana Seer had given him, and found himself slowly drawing it from its sheath with his left hand. He held it out going into proper stance, but he was not completely aware he was doing this. Kamikasai wound up his body slightly, and then in a moments notice whirls once around with remarkable speed accompanied by a simple attack yell for increased physical power. When he stopped, it seemed as thought he stopped without making any sound what-so-ever. The sword was pointed almost threateningly at the man who had challenged him, and Kamikasai's face showed a serious expression.

Everyone was simply wide-eyed. They had never seen anything like it! Kamikasai seemed to be but a blur during the course of the attack, which took only a split second, if even that! The man rose from his chair, cleary impressed by the young boy's abilities, and approached him.[/i]

[color=orangered][b]Cane:[/b][/color] ... Who [i]are[/i] you?

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] My name is Kamikasai. I am a Hero.

[color=orangered][b]Cane:[/b][/color] Heh, you and about every other kid in this town wishing to be like Musashiden.

[i]The turned around and face everyone else.[/i]

[color=orangered][b]Cane:[/b][/color] Who is this kid?

[i]Raso stepped out from the crowd.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] His name is Kamikasai. He is a Hero summoned by the Princess after the tragic fall of Musashiden. He was accompanied by Seer who gave him the task of saving the Kingdom.

[i]The man was amazed, his jaw was dropped as that awkward silence filled the room again. Then a series of "thud" sounds filled the room as a chair not far from Kamikasai split in two (a top and lower half) and the top half fell off, rattling on the ground. It was a severe delayed reaction from Kamikasai's Whirlwind Attack.

Kamikasai made an embarrassed face as he innocently tried to put away his sword.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Sorry ...

[i]The man just simply could not believe it ... but still found himself believing it at the same time.[/i]

[color=orangered][b]Cane:[/b][/color] So, uh, Kamika-- err, umm, "Mister Hero" ... You and this group of people are going to save the world?

[i]Kamikasai nodded, as the man paused before he spoke again.[/i]

[color=orangered][b]Cane:[/b][/color] ... Can I join?

[i]A wild smile spread across Kamikasai's face as jumped into the air nearly shouting a proud "Yes!" There was some cheering from everone else. It was all beginning to come together, and was most definitely a good feeling.

And so with that, everyone went back to conversing with one another, and welcoming their new member.[/i]


[color=crimson][b]OOC:[/color] ACHTUNG! to all Heroes, Thieves, and Soldiers[/b] who were present in this scene. You are all now capable of performing the [i]Whirlwind Attack[/i] as well, and it has to be with your primary weapon. This will come in handy later on. ^_~

This (certain characters learning certain abilities) may happen periodically throughout the RPG, and I shall always state it after the post when it happens just like I did here. However, if I do not state it, do not assume that you learned it.

[b]Wizards[/b], do not feel left out. You are wizards, you have your own advantages and may get your own chances later on. Though, usually you will be offered something, like the chance to learn a different spell. Not saying you cannot learn different spells on your own. ^_^

[b]Tori[/b], you will learn this eventually. As soon as you enter the story and someone of our group uses this ability, you will learn it automatically as well. ^_^

It should just be kept in mind for [b]EVERYONE[/b] that if I offer you something, you should probably take it, because I am a nice Game Master and will help you guys out, lol. Chances are things I offer you will become relevant in the near future.[/size]
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Zephir slowly awakened. He was on the ground, where he fell earlier on. Taking his time, he got up on his feet and kept a foward pace, looking for the inn.
It was cold out, but he continued on. He managed to find a building with the inn sign, waving in the wind. He took his small steps inside and went to the desk.

[COLOR=teal][B]Zephir:[/B][/COLOR] Excuse me miss, how much does it cost for a room?

He had felt a need to ask, even though he didnt have any money.

"80 dran." the woman replied.

[COLOR=teal][B]Zephir:[/B][/COLOR] Damn. Alright, I'll leave then.

It was another night for him to relax out under the stars...or so he thought...

[COLOR=darkred][B]Raso:[/B][/COLOR] Excuse me, do you have a place to go?

[COLOR=teal][B]Zephir:[/B][/COLOR] Yup, back to the forest for another uneasy night.

[COLOR=darkred][B]Raso:[/B][/COLOR] Another?! I'll tell you what. You can spend a night in our room. Won't cost you a thing.

Zephir's eye's widened at the man's generosity.

[COLOR=teal][B]Zephir:[/B][/COLOR] T...thank you...
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[size=1][color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] However, that is only under one condition. Even though it is only [i]one[/i] condition, it is still a very important one.

[color=teal][b]Zephir:[/b][/color] Okay, just name it.

[i]Just as he said that, Zephir began to notice all the other people in the room. All sorts of people - Wizards, Thieves, "Heroes" - of various, but similar, ages. This confused him a bit, but he shook it off as Raso began speaking.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] All the people here who you just seemed to notice are gathered for one purpose. It started earlier today when the fire-haired boy showed up here in the Inn and told me he was on a mission to gather up some people and take down the Thirstquencher Empire. To make a long story short, this kid seems legit. He's proven himself skillful and knowledgable of things he should not know for being an out-of-towner, and by "out-of towner" I mean a Hero from the land of Heroes. A [i]true[/i] Hero.

[i]Zephir's jaw dropped a bit as he glanced over to look at the fire-haired boy who was busy talking with a girl who had crazy, green hair. He seemed so young to be what this man had just told him, but then again, he remembered the Legend of Musashiden. He was even a bit younger than this kid seemed to be.[/i]

[color=teal][b]Zephir:[/b][/color] I suppose you want me to join this adventure of yours?

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] It is the only way you are going to get away with staying here for free until we take off. My mother, who runs this place, is being more than generous considering the number of people there are.

[i]Zephir bowed his head a little bit, lookingly slightly at the others who were busy conversing among one another. They seemed to be a decent group of people, but so very young for thos who planned on taking on the entire Thirstquencher Empire.[/i]

[color=orangered][b]Cane:[/b][/color] So what do you say, kid?

[i]Zephir felt a friendly, but a little harsh, slap on the back from a man standing on the other side of him. He looked up to see an older man dressed in some armor with childish designs painted on them. Zephir held back a laugh and looked at Raso.[/i]

[color=teal][b]Zephir:[/b][/color] All right, I'll join. I'm Zephir.

[i]Raso smiled, and shook hands with Zephir.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] My name is Raso, and the man to your right is Cane. I'll introduce you to our "sponsor." He will be more than happy you have joined. ... Kamikasai!

[i]Raso beckoned his hand in the air gaining the attention of the fire-haired boy. He walked casually over to Raso with the green-haired girl following closely behind him.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] What is it?

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/color][/b] This here is Zephir, a boy from the Forest. He has agreed to join our quest.

[i]Kamikasai smiled.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Good. It's nice to have yo on board. [i][to Raso][/i] We almost have enough. I know we already have around ten of us, but it just doesn't seem right yet.

[i]Kamikasai and Raso talked between themselves a bit as Melon analyzed the boy on the other side of the counter. Something seemed recognizable about him, but she could not put her finger on what it was. By this time he had noticed her staring at him oddly, and he became a bit uncomfortable continuously shifting position until he just could not take it.[/i]

[color=teal][b]Zephir:[/b][/color] Is there something wrong??

[i]Melon's concentration snapped. Apparently she had forgot she was thinking and just kind of zoned out...[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Umm ... I was going to ask you something, but I forgot. Hold on ...

[i]Melon pondered a bit trying to remember what she was thinking about. In the mean time, Zephir was beginning to question the mental health of the people in this room. So far he had met an older guy who believes the word of an unknown child, an older man with hearts and smiley faces on his armor, the supposed "Hero," and a girl who is just ... weird.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Oh yeah! ... You are a Wizard, correct?

[i]Zephir kind of took into himself, as though he was embarassed.[/i]

[b][color=teal]Zephir:[/b][/color] Yes ... you can tell?

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Well, I'm a Wizard, too. So I could kind of feel you had a different energy coming from you than most of these other people.

[i]By this time, Kamikasai and Raso had overheard their talking.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] We have another magic user?

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Excellent. I imagine those of use who rely on stealth more than power in battle will appreciate the back up support.

[i]Zephir cracked a small smile, feeling a bit of importance in himself now. Melon smiled happily as well as she began to see how closely knit this group was going to have to be.[/i][/size]
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Pooka was intimately involved in trying to pick up her sword when she heard someone speaking to her.

"Oh, and you! Um, what's your name?"

Pooka looked up from the sword, eyes wide. "Me?"

It was the green-haired girl. "Yeah, you," she said, not unkindly. "What's your name?"

"Erm, they call me Pooka," Pooka said.

The green-haired girl seemed to raise her eyebrows slightly. "... All right then ... Pooka, you're a wizard, too, right?"

Pooka narrowed her eyes and considered her options. She could shut her eyes and cover her ears and start crying, like she would if she were at home and her mother had said anything remotely resembling what Melon had just said. But then that annoying wind would probably come around, and while she didn't always mind wrecking her mother's too-picture-perfect house, she liked these people. They were all going on an adventure together. Besides, it wasn't her inn, it wouldn't be very nice if a wind wrecked it.

So she raised her chin slightly and stuck her lower lip out just the smallest bit. "No."

"No?" Melon said, looking slightly surprised. "But ... but I can sense that you've got a slightly different aura, too."

Now that she mentioned it, Pooka could feel something kinda weird from the direction of Melon and Zephir, herself.

They probably smelled or something.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Pooka said, chin still jutted out. "I'm a hero, maybe you can sense hero auras or something like that."

Melon raised her eyebrows slightly. It was obvious that the little girl was a wizard. It was also obvious that the little girl was either in denial, or had a little bit of insanity running in her family. "Er, all right," was all she said for the moment.
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[size=1][i]Melon couldn't help but grin a little after she thought about if for another moment, and then winked at the smaller girl.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Well, then, Pooka the Hero, I'm Melon. It will be a pleasure to share this quest with you.

[i]The girl grinned at her, pleased with the addition to her name, and attempted to pick up her sword again as she turned to share her joy with the person nearest her. Eventually she gave up and just dragged it, though the bounce in her step was still there. Melon just grinned again, before turning to glance at the others around them.

With the addition of two more persons to their party, everyone suddenly seemed in lighter spirits. They were all very friendly and charismatic. And it seemed more people were taking an interest in what they set out to do - word was definitely getting around, and quickly it seemed. Of course, that could have been the posters, or even just plain old luck, but Melon preferred to think about things optimistically. It made the situation look better.

For the moment, she was enjoying herself just by watching the others chat and laugh. They might have been young, yes, but you couldn't beat their spirit. And Melon knew that if you believed in something and worked for it hard enough, then amazing things could happen.

At least, that's what her parents had told her. She would be severely put out if they'd been lying to her all those years. The more she thought about it, the more suspicious she became.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] ...Well, that's just crap.

[i]Unfortunately for her, the new wizard heard her and took a small step back, coughing discreetly. Melon noticed, and laughed nervously, scratching her head.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Oh, sorry. I was just thinking... uh, out loud. Yeah, I need to work on that. By the way, the name's Melon. Melon Straubarri.

[i]He took her outstretched hand carefully, still a little wary, but obviously loosening up a bit.[/i]

[color=teal][b]Zephir:[/b][/color] Uh, nice to meet you. I'm Zephir.

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Well, it's been a pleasure, Zeph--

[i]She froze mid sentence, her spine stiff as a board as she felt the twinge of an oncoming sneeze. Twice in one day was terrible luck, indeed, but she was still quite determined to avert the disaster. She shook her hand in front of her quickly, making a couple odd squeaking noises as her eyes squeezed themselves shut in defense once again. Thankfully this time, no sneeze came. Sighing in relief, she opened her eyes to find that she'd managed to get a few curious stares. Giving them an embarrassed little wave, she began to chew on the ends of one of her braids nervously before glancing back to Zephir, who was staring at her with raised eyebrows.[/i]

[color=teal][b]Zephir:[/b][/color] ....Are you, uh, okay?

[i]Melon blushed a pretty shade of pink, her hair still in her mouth as she nodded.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Yes, thanks. I was about to sneeze, and bad things usually happen when I sneeze. So I try to avoid that. Obviously. Eh heh.. yeah.

[i]She stopped talking, scratching the tip of her nose lightly - she figured she had plenty of time later to make a fool of herself. No sense going for broke right now. Besides, it was still pretty cheerful in that room, and there were still plenty of people to meet and talk to - definitely no time to feel silly and anti-social. With that in mind, she gave the other wizard a winning smile before moving on to her next victim-- er, new friend.[/i][/size]
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[ I feel left out :(]
Ruben was lying in a corner of the room. He had his rugs unfolded and was using it as a pillow. His packs and equipment were strewn in a semicircle around him, providing a form of mental and physical barrier between him and the rabble. He was idly tossing his knives up and down, getting the tips to just scrape along the ceiling, and then catching each one on the crosspiece of the other. Presently a young girl came up to him, and stood there eyeing him. Eventually Ruben's concentration broke. Quickly twisting to the side, he distatefully eyed the handle of the knife, protruding from the wooden floor, where he had been reclining a split second earlier.

Turning back to the girl Ruben let out a sigh.[/i]

[COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR]- what do you want?

[COLOR=green]Melon[/COLOR]- *extending her hand* My name is Melon. What is your name?

[COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR]- My name is Ruben... so.... uuh.. what do you think of this Hero guy?

[COLOR=green]Melon[/COLOR]- Kamikasai is his name. I think he can help us. I think we can beat the ThirstQuenchers.

[COLOR=darkred]Ruben[/COLOR]- Anything is possible. I suppose. Really, I don't have much else to do and there is something about this kid... I dunno. I have confidence in him, but .... I don't know why. Heart against logic. Bleh...

[COLOR=green]Melon[/COLOR]- Have some faith Ruben. However... I would love you if you could teach me how to throw knives like that.[/size]
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Zephir played Raso's words over and over again in his mind. [I]To take down the ThirstQuencher Empire...[/I] He had to return to the place that he ran away from four years ago. He took another look at the people he would be going with, then he held his head in agony. His cold glacier eyes slowly melted into tears. He wiped them away though, and continued to converse with the others.
And then he remembered: He had to prepare his spells for tommorrow! He quickly looked into the pockets inside his tunic. He pulled out the jar with the now dead spider, upsidedown inside.

[COLOR=teal][B]Zephir:[/B][/COLOR] This aint good. Uhhh guys? I'll be right back.

And he rushed outside hearing the now distant questions from the people. He made it towards the outskirts of the forest and began searching for another spider. His climbing spell wont work unless the spider is alive for the enchantment. He looked along the trees, untill he found a fuzzy small figure climbing on a farther ahead tree. A tarantula! He remembered his father telling him about the spell using tarantulas. [I]"The time this spell lasts for doubles when you use a larger spider or tarantula..."[/I]
He quickly made for the furry spider and put him in the jar*he had taken out the other spider*. On his way back, his leg started to get itchy. He scratched it and continued foward. He ended up scratching his leg all the way back to the inn...
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[size=1][i]Kamikasai stood behind the counter observing all the other members getting along. Raso was next to him conversing with Cane who was on the other side of the counter. That "Zephir" fellow had yet to return as well. Some people seemed a bit uneasy about the fact he had just left like that. Especially since he said he was from the Forest. Apparently it is not easy to get around that place in the night, even for those who have spent their lives there. From the rumors Kamikasai had heard of the Somnolent Forest, it was full of many different kinds of monsters and the random Thirstquencher Guard...

A random figure passed by the Inn door. Kamikasai looked up quickly enough to see one of the patrolling Guards. It made him a bit uneasy knowing his enemy was right here in the same town as him. It was good that they seemed to not have learned of who he might be yet. Then again, Thristquencher was quite a ways away. This could probably be Kamikasai's main hope, that Thirstquencher will always be one step behind them. Although, he could not help but wonder what they might already know.

It was getting dark outside. Kamikasai looked around for a clock, eyeing one on the wall ... 9:13. He turned to Raso and tugged on his sleeve to get his attention.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Hey, it is getting late. We should probably turn in to our room.

[i]Raso looked at the clock at this point and was surprised at how late it had gotten already. It seems they were all just so caught up in the excitement. However, he was more than sure people were becoming weary, and the fun of meeting different people was all that was keeping them awake. Although, Zephir had not yet returned ...[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] Hmm ... Give me a moment. I am going to go tell my mom to stay out here by the desk so Zephir knows where to go when he comes back.

[i]Kamikasai nodded and Raso darted up the stairs. While he waited, he just looked around the room some more. However, no matter where he looked, his attention was always drawn to Melon. It must have been her green hair, it stood out from everything else.

Just then, Raso came back down the stairs with his mother closely behind him. She took her place beinhd the counter with a smile on her face.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] All right, everyone listen up.

[i]He waited until the chatting had ceased and everyone's attention was on him.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] Kamikasai has suggested we turn into our room for the night, and frankly I agree.

[i]Everyone looked a bit confused, looking for a clock in the room. When they saw the time it had come to be, they too were surprised and realized how tired they had become.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] So if you will just gather your things together and follow me, I'll take you to our room.

[i]Everyone in there room gathered their equipment together if they had any out, and followed Raso up the stairs to where the room of the Inn all were. They passed down several small corridors finally coming to the room at the very end of the Inn. Raso opened up the door with his key and led everyone into the room. It was not very big at all, fit for two people comfortably: one twin-sized bed, a couple wooden chair, a small table, a nightstand with a couple empty drawers, and one window looking out towards the church of Grillin Village which was right behind the Inn across a small path.

Kamikasai walked over to the window and looked out at the church and the church well. He found it peculiar that the well did not have any rope, but oh well ... It was not as important as those Thirstquencher Guards patrolling the grounds. Kamikasai closed the shutters silently and locked the latch. He turned around to see everyone just kind of standing there eyeing the room not sure of what to do. Everyone had a personal bubble of about two feet on either side of them. He squirmed his way over to Raso who also seemed a bit surprised at the space issues here.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] It seems I forgot to calculate the fact we would have so many people [i]plus[/i] their equipment ...

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] They'll get over it. Plus there's a bed, so that can clear up some room.

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] But who gets to have it ... ?

[i]Kamikasai glanced around the room to see the kinds of people who were in the room, and found the easy and proper solution. Kamikasai stood up on the top of the nightstand which was next to the bed and spoke to the people.[/i]

[color=crimson][b]Kamikasai:[/b][/color] Okay, everyone I know we have limited space, and even less once Zephir gets back. I know most of you are probably wondering who gets to sleep on the bed. Well, I'll solve that for you. Being this bed fits two people and we have two girls here, they get the bed, and the rest of us get the floor. So, guys, drop your stuff where ever you want to be sleeping, and keep in mind you are still going to be in close quarters to other people.

[i]Some of the guys seemed a bit disheartened about not getting the bed, but they understood his reasoning and really were not in the mood to fight against honor. Melon and Pooka made their way over to the bed, placing their things under it and taking a seat on it. Everyone else found a spot in the room.[/i]

[color=darkred][b]Raso:[/b][/color] No one necessarily has to go to sleep right now, but just get yout things settled and continue about whatever business you may have. Although, I ask that you try to keep it quiet as there may be other guests here at the Inn.[/size]
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[COLOR=teal][B]Zephir:[/B][/COLOR] Its late already, i should hurry, but my damned leg feels icthy.

He kept going at his slow pace. It took him 20 minutes to get back to the inn. He spotted Kamikasai watching him narrowly from the window.

He walked inside the inn and took a look at his leg. The itchy spot was pink and purple and had a needle mark in the center.

[COLOR=teal][B]Zephir:[/B][/COLOR] Them damned poison plants. It shouldn't be too much trouble.

Kamikasai came down the stairs to see the itching Zephir.

[COLOR=red][B]Kamikasai:[/B][/COLOR] So you got a bite? Over what?

[COLOR=teal][B]Zephir:[/B][/COLOR] A tarantula...

Zephir got embarrassed over his own words. Kamikasai started to chuckle.

[COLOR=teal][B]Zephir:[/B][/COLOR] Kinda need it for my spells though, and i gotta prepare it tonight.

[COLOR=red][B]Kamikasai:[/B][/COLOR] Well first, you should tend to your sting and get your stuff in the room.

Kamikasai ran back upstairs to their crowded room. Zephir pulled out his jar with the tarantula and took a look at it. Then he realized something.

[COLOR=teal][B]Zephir:[/B][/COLOR] What stuff?
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[size=1][i]As Melon pushed her things under the bed, she shrugged off the outer robe she was wearing and dropped it over her stuff before giving it the final shove under. That would keep it all nice and orderly until morning, at least, and she wouldn't have to worry about mixing it up with Pooka's things. Satisfied with the job she did there, she turned to see if Pooka needed any help with her stuff.

The smaller girl seemed to be struggling with her sword, trying to pull it up onto the bed with her. Melon blinked once, watching with obvious interest before grinning a bit.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Need any help there?

[i]Pooka grunted, falling backwards as the hilt slipped from her hands and the sword fell over with a dull thud. She glared at it as she crossed her arms stubbornly, before shaking her head furiously at the green-haired wizard.[/i]

[color=orangered][b]Pooka:[/b][/color] No! I can do it!

[i]Smiling, Melon just nodded.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Okay okay, don't worry. While you're doing that, I'll push the rest of your stuff under and fix the blankets. Sound good to you?

[i]But Pooka was already at it again, her entire being completely focused on picking up that sword. Melon was beginning to hope she didn't end up hurting herself or something - hero or not, swords were still dangerous and it would be a wise idea to keep an eye on the girl.

Laughing to herself, Melon did as she said she would and finished putting the rest of their things under the bed before setting to work on fluffing the pillows, pulling back the blankets, and whatnot. She quickly finished, and then began unbraiding her hair for bed as she watched the continuing battle between Pooka the Hero and her not-so-trusty sword.

Her mind also wandered to the events of the day. She'd made new friends, set out on an adventure, and hopefully, had in doing so given the city some hope. That, and Ruben had agreed to teach her about knives sometime, and that was just cool. She would always be a wizard first and foremost, but at least the knowledge about the blades could come in handy. Possibly. If she didn't kill herself first, anyway.

Fifteen minutes later, Melon realized she'd been detangling the same strand of hair over and over again as she stared mindlessly out the window. Her gaze quickly shifted around, to see if anybody had noticed her brief absence, before finishing up with her hair.

She got up and began to step carefully around the guys' various bedrolls and such, checking to make sure that everybody had settled in comfortably. Well, at least as much as they could on the floor. She helped Zephir straighten out his blankets some so they didn't rub against the bite on his leg so much before deciding that she'd call it a night. But not before a quick thanks.

With a few more careful steps, Melon made her way over to Kamikasai and began to fiddle with the ends of her hair, waiting for him to finish his conversation with Raso. Raso gave her a nod as they did, before starting towards his own spot on the floor. She returned it with an added smile, before turning it towards the hero before her.[/i]

[color=green][b]Melon:[/b][/color] Just wanted to say thanks for giving me and Pooka the bed before I settle in for the night. It was very nice of you.[/size]
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