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Harry Potter: The Search For Truth


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Hey everyone. Well, this idea just came into my head when i was watching the new Harry Potter preview.

I'm sure that everyone who has read Harry Potter has had something they wanted to change about it, or a character they wanted to add to the story. Well....here's you're chance!

Here's my idea: we'll start off with a completely new story, but trying to keep the same character traits and stuff.
-introduce your character into the story and have fun making Harry Potter our own story!!!

[I]It has been 12 years since "He Who Must Not Be Named" went into hidding. The infamous Potter who was responsible for "freeing" the wizards and witches of the world is just getting ready to start his first year at Hogwarts. But there is news in the papers of some mysterious activity in the darkened woods of Kilkia. Muggles have gone missing, and many have died. This has the Ministry worried, and they have stationed guards at the school. Dumbledore senses an evil presence growing slightly stronger. Could the predictions be true? Harry, unaware of this fact, heads for the Hogwarts train, ready and eager to start a life away from his Uncle and cousin. But what Harry does not know what dangers await him in this new life is about to start.....[/I]

Name: (You can be either a character already in the story, or make up your own)
Appearence: (hair, eyes, etc. No clothes cuz they all wear the same thing)
House: (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin)
Friends: (name a member of the house you're in that's also in the book that you might talk to)
Small Bio: (self explanatory)

I hope you all like this, and that it works out ok!

My Character:
Name: Karen Black
Appearence: Blue eyes, black hair, slim in figure, and slightly tall
House: Gryffindor
Friends: Ron
Small Bio: Karen is the daughter of Sirius Black. After her father was incarerated for the murders of all the muggles, Karen was sent to live with her godfather, Remus Lupin. Karen has grown up despising her father, thinking that he abandoned her. Her mother died when she was born. Since Lupin is a werewolf, the Ministry worked against having Karen stay there, saying it would not be a safe place to grow up. Mr. Weasley took a stand and say he would look after her during the time it was needed. During the period of the full moon, Karen is sent to the Weasley house. She has grown up with the family, and they consider her one of their own. Ron is Karen's best friend.

Have fun!! :)
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Name: Draco Malfoy
Appearence: I can't really explain him but blond hair, blue eyes and taller then Harry.
House: Slytherin
Friends: Crabbe and Goyle and most of Slytherin
Small Bio: Draco comes from a family that every family member is under the dark lord He-who-must-not-be-named (or Lord Voldemort or [spoiler]Tom Riddle[/spoiler] ). Draco is proud of his family because it consist only of purebloods. He dispise Mudbloods, who are Wizards with muggle blood in them. He hate Harry Potter especially. His jelousy makes him hate Harry even more. His first encounter with Harry was in a shop in Diagon Alley and 2nd in the train where his hatred began. Draco's countless attempts to get Harry expelled always backfired.
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Okay...here we go!

Name: Elizabeth Jones
Appearance: petite, auburn hair, green eyes, slender, sharp chin and high cheekbones
House: Ravenclaw
Friends: Hermione Granger
Short Bio: Liz was raised in the U.S. where her parents Eric and Menolly Jones were working as embassadors from the British Ministry of Magic at the Congress of Magic in Salem, Mass. In the past year, Mr. and Mrs. Jones died mysteriously. Liz was sent to live w/ her mother's sister: Mrs. Narcissa Malfoy. Liz hates her cousin, Draco, with a passion and has deep suspicions about her parents' deaths. She is an intensely brilliant young woman which is why she gets along so well w/ Hermione. Most decent people, like Harry and Ron, hate her b/c she's Malfoy's cousin.

Amy, I've got a love-hate relationship in the works for her and Harry!!! You can't have him!!!!
If you have to have him, I'll switch her to a slightly older girl and set her up w/ Wood... *giggles*
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I haave had this idea for a while.

Name: Illidas Sigma
Appearence: Dark brown eyes, and brown hair. Normal hieght. Always wears a strangely long scarf that seems to grow and shrink at some times.
House: Slytherin(First Year)
Friends: He doesn't have many good friends in Slytherin.
Small Bio: His parents died when he was 9 and he had no relatives alive at this time. So he lived on his own until one day he got a letter addressed to Mr. Sigma, Back room of the Pub. This startled him, he knew he was a wizard descendant, but he had wondered how they had found were he lived. He used whatever money he had to get his school supplies. He had been put in Slytherin because of his sneaky ways, an his sarcastic and somewhat arrogant attidtude, which isn't always visible. He talks to people in Slytherin, but doesn't have many really good friends. People, like Ron, simply hate him because he is Slytherin.

[URL=http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/doctors/images/l_tbaker.jpg]For an example of the hair click here[/URL] (couldn't think of a way to explain it...)
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I've got a character in mind, I've used him before on the official HP Boards, so if it sounds familiar, it was me!

Name: Harru Ashton

Appearance: Shaggy White hair and large rusty (reddish) colored eyes.

House: Slytherin (first year)

Friends: Not many (has had a playdate with draco once or twice).

Small Bio: Harru was born into a full blooded wizard family the day Voldemort was "Killed". Harru's parents were respectable followers of voldemort and offered their own son as an heir to the dark lord. Harru is Harry's Exact Opposite in every way spare the fact that Harru is a friendly boy. The Ashtons and the Malfoys have been old family friends for years so Harru knows Draco well, even if they don't always get along. At times Harru will wander off by himself with onyl a raspy high-pitched voice to keep him company. Harru does not know of his fate, and dissregards the voice offten.

There you have it, Ta!


[COLOR=red]This Rp may start before I get back, so I may be making a late appearance, if that's ok.[/COLOR]
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Name: Dariuh Chang (nickname: Dee)
Appearence: hazel, almond-shaped eyes, cropped reddish brown/black hair, slightly less than average height
House: Ravenclaw (Third Year)
Friends: Cedric Diggory, Cho Chang, Harry Potter
Small Bio: Dariuh is Cho's older cousin. Though she originally attended Beaubatons, she transferred to Hogwarts' for a change in scenery and attitude. She tends to flirt with everyone, but especially Cedric and Harry.
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[SIZE=1][B]Wish I could be Lupin, too bad he ain't a kid anymore. But could I use his first name anyway?

Name: Remus Mythen

Appearence: Short black hair, brown eyes, fairly tall for his age, and strong in the arms which shows.

House: Gryffindor (First year)

Friends: I've edited this to none, it'll be more fun.

Bio: Remus is a pure blooded wizard. His father works in the Ministry of Magic. Remus has a good knowledge about creatures and animals, and is fairly good at Dark Arts. Remus grew up to know many creatures and animals, and his father taught him a few tricks. Remus likes to be noticed, but isn't good at making friends, since no one seems to like him much.

Hope I ain't too late!!![/SIZE][/B]
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Name:Alex Firebolt
Appearence: Black hair most of the time with red strips.Black eyes.She's one of those people that can change their appearness.
House: Hufflepuff
Friends: None she keeps to herself.
Small Bio: Seeker of hufflepuff.Her father created the firebolt.He gave her the protype of the Firebolt 1000.Her mother was killed so she was raised by her father.SHe dosen't talk to many people.
She brouht glory to hufflepuff because of her quiddich skills.Because of her hufflepuff has taken the quiddich cup 2 years in a row.
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I've got a question: Could people post the years of the characters they introduce? It'll help a lot, esp. since there's a bit of an assumption that we're all Harry's age.
FYI, my character is a first year.
Some of you guys have bios that don't work for first years.
One other question: Isn't Dariuh Chang a little old to hit on Harry? She's older than Cho! *cringes* Poor little Harry! :p
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by duorocks17 [/i]
[B]I'm still hoping/waiting for someone to sign up as either Harry, Ron, or Hermione[/B][/QUOTE]

[color=orangered]Righty-ho! You've got it ^_~

[b]Name:[/b] Ronald Weasley (Ron)
[b]Appearence:[/b] A mop of red hair, a littering of freckles, blue eyes, and pretty much afriad of everything that says "boo" in his general direction.
[b]House:[/b] Gryffindor
[b]Friends:[/b] Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Karen Black (? - if she counts here),(siblings too, if they count) Fred, George and Percy Weasley
[b]Small Bio:[/b] From a "pure blood" wizarding family, Ron's the latest in a long line of wizards (no witches as of yet) to pass through the doors of Hogwarts. Ron's family have, thusfar, been a little unpredictable, the family producing prefects as well as tricksters, and nobody's quite sure what "Ronnie-kins" will make by way of a name for himself.

Hope that's good ^_~;;[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Artemis [/i]
[B]Isn't Dariuh Chang a little old to hit on Harry? She's older than Cho! *cringes* Poor little Harry! :p[/B][/QUOTE]
Yes, yes she is... I see no problem with someone slightly older hitting on someone slightly younger. And if you tilt your head to the left and squint while watching the movie, Daniel/Harry looks a little older...
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I sorta have a problem with Swordmaster's sign up sheet. The firebolt wasn't invented in the year Harry began hogwarts. Unless Duorocks changes the year then it would be acceptable >_<.

OOT: [quote]And if you tilt your head to the left and squint while watching the movie, Daniel/Harry looks a little older...[/quote]

Daniel/Harry is not a 10 year old in the first movie. ANd I think the Actor for draco is 19 years old -_-
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Artemis....I was hoping that all sign-ups would be first year, seeing as how it would be kind of hard to have an older character be really active in the story.

and G/S/B Master...Swordmaster could have a protype for the firebolt, since the character is the inventor's child. But, seeing as how we are all first years it shouldn't really matter.....
-please keep all brooms to Nimbus and lower.

Thanks for all you're help. I'll try to post the story in a couple of days....still waiting for a couple more sign-ups...Hermione and Harry....
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[color=green]Name:Hermione Granger

Appearence: Curly brown hair, short

House: Gryffindor

Friends: Ron, Elizabeth Jones

Small Bio: The Daughter of muggles, Hermione works extra hard to prove herself at Hogwarts. A loner who enjoys to read, Hermione has a bit of a hard time making friends[/color]
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Ok, i just started the story. It's in the arena...duh.

I'll still take one or two sign-ups, and we still need a Harry.

I ask that you please stay committed to the story. Please write at least two paragraphs, and make it understandable so that other players know what is going on. And as always...have fun!!!! :)
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