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The Dragon King {Sign-up}


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I'll try this one, since I wrote the story... I hope it goes well, this may be my last RPG for a long time...


[U][SIZE=5]The Dragon King[/U][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]PLOT: Years ago, in times chaos and fighting, an evil being built armies and dead and living, who where almost unbeatable. They marched through the small cities, they burnt down armies, and they annihilated whole races from the face of the planet. The Medieval times was a time of war, but this was too big a war. The Dragon King was a race called the Partiari, creatures with huge dragon wings, and amazing power. At first, every Partiari was said to be evil, and they seemed to be. The Dragon King wanted nothing but the world, and his armies marched on.
They came to a halt outside the largest city, and the only defence of all good left. 100,000 evil men behind, and 100,000 in front. They out number the last defence by 50,000 men.
Victory of evil was close, the city began to burn, Elves arrows fell, and Man?s race fell. The Dragon King flew into the air for a last look at his victory, and this mistake cost him his rain of terror.

Only a weapon that belongs purely to the wielder could stop the Dragon King from fazing through it. A mere man threw his sword up, and as Dragon King laughed with victory, it went straight through his heart?

They thought he was gone, but to be safe, Men, Elves, and all other creatures locked him in an endless tomb, where he would never wake. In the tomb under the Mountain of Madoria, the greatest city, he was kept, never to hurt again.

They may have kept the Dragon King locked up, but they did not keep Radince, Dragon King?s first man, locked up. Radince took a small amulet that was locked away too, and awoke his master with the power of the amulet.

The Dragon King made his amazing army once more, and three warriors, pure and powerful set out to destroy the Dragon King, by taking his amulet, then destroying him, forever, but this path is not easy, and once again, the earth in a peril?[/SIZE]

[U]RP[/U]: You will be playing a character from the medieval century, either on the side of The Dragon King or on a quest to defeat him. Many warriors are sent out to destroy the Dragon King, but to do that they must fight through his army, defeat his men, and find paths to the Juvidi Lands where the Dragon King?s lair is. All the information about what races you can have are here:

[I]Race ? Information ? Weapons used ? King[/I]

[COLOR=red]Werewolf ? Werewolves in this universe are long gone, only one pure werewolf remained after the first battle. There are crossbreeds, but only one pure werewolf left ? Swords, daggers and spears ? Dango

Elf ? Many elves are alive, they are quick, light and wise, but they have thin armour which is easy to penetrate ? Bows and Swords ? {Awaiting a King}

Men ? Men are the most likely to live throughout this tale, for they do not wish to remember the other races ? Swords, Bows, Spears and daggers ? Komori

Partiari ? Only some are good of this race, the rest are on the Dragon King?s side ? Hook Swords, swords, and long staffs with blades on the ends ? The peace king is Orien, the evil King is the Dragon King

Death Callers ? Half Dead Half Living Masked warriors that passed on, but where forbidden to rest ? Swords and claws ? The Dragon King

Urkil ? Living ? Creatures dressed like samurais, with scaly skin, a human-like face and claw hands. They are Very dangerous creatures. ? Swords ? The Dragon King

Ani-Men ? Living ? Creatures who are half animal, half men, and where created for evil ? none ? The Dragon King

Tarlacks ? Living Basic troops in the Dragon King?s army, very powerful and carry light armour. They have no manners, no heart, no soul, and no purity ? Spears ? Dragon King

Zoogal-uks ? Dead armies from beyond, forbidden to rest, but are beatable ? Short Swords ? Dragon King

Angel ? Humans born with huge wings on their back, feather wings, not related to the Partiari race ? Staffs and Swords ? {awaiting a King}

Wizard ? Capable off magic and other spells, very wise ? Staff ? None[/COLOR]

[B][SIZE=1]You may make up your own race, but to do that you have to post information. You may be a crossed race, but not between an evil race and a good race. There is only one Werewolf that survived, but many crossed werewolves. One weapon will be yours, the one to defeat the Dragon King with, and one weapon will be secondary.

Please fill in this:[/SIZE]

[I]Name: Medieval name only

Age: Does not apply for some immortal races

Race: Post the information if you are making up your own


First Weapon: It must be named in the race above

Second Weapon: Can be anything
Armour: If any, Elves are light

Master/ King: If no one has filled in for an elf or other king, wait until someone does.

Personality: What your character is like

Description: What your character looks like

Biography: About your character

Extras: Extra items and things[/I]

OK, simple eh?

Here?s mine:

[SIZE=1] Name: Dango

Age: 27

Race: Werewolf

Gender: Male

First Weapon: Wolf?s sword

Second Weapon: None

Armour: None

Master/ King: Himself

Personality: Dango s an angry person. The lost of pure Werewolves in his kind makes him mad and sad. He believes that men will take over and forget everyone?s kind, and just think about themselves. Dango is aggressive, and will not let anything pass. He is wise, and the last King of the pure Werewolves. He is not rude or anything, he is plain sometimes. He does not like people who take saving the world lightly, he believes you must be on your toes all the time, and never look back. Dango is always ahead of people, is he isn?t, he makes sure he is.

Description: [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=532765[/IMG]

Biography: Dango fought in the first war against the Dragon King, and his men followed him into war. Every pure werewolf was killed, but Dango lived. In the legend of his people, the last pure Werewolf would take the Sariunim Ring, and wear until death. The ring gave him immortality at the age of 27, until he died by another mans hands.
His father, Daigo who is dead, passed his Wolf sword onto him. The wolf sword is said to be lighter in the hands of its true warrior. Dango?s sword is for him, and is one of the many able to defeat the Dragon King.

Dango will not rest until this evil is defeated. He will fight through armies alone if he has too. Dango is not fighting for his race anymore that is what makes him pure.

Extras: No items, but at will Dango can transform into a URL=http://www.des-wolf.de/images/werewolf.jpg]Werewolf[/URL] .[/SIZE]

[I][U]The first Chapter to this, we will all meet, I wrote the first chapter of this in the writing section, check it out if you want, it?s called 'The Dragon King?.[/U]

Your turn![/I][/B]
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Name: Marie Savaghn

Age: 17

Race: Angel

Gender: Female

First Weapon: Staff

Second Weapon: anything nearby, such as a rock stick etc.

Armour: none

Master/ King: Awaiting a king (please make it Dango ^.^)

Personality: Very sweet. Dislikes fighting but will if she has too. Can sometimes be annoy 'cause she messes with those she likes *wink*

Description: See attachment (pretend that he wings are white ^^;)

Biography: I'll get back to you on this one...^^;

Extras: healing leaves and holy water.
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[SIZE=1][B]*Smile* Thanks for signing-up old buddy ol' pal! If no one sign's up for the King (The reason why there is no queen is because in this tale most Kings where not married), then your character can pick one to follow from any race. I'll await your finished Bio! ^_^[/SIZE][/B]
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Name:Teo McHall




First Weapon:Vengeance(a Great Sword)

Second Weapon: Dagger

Armour:a mix of leather and chian mail and also has a dragon scale under shirt.

Master/ King:Is currently a wanderer

Personality: At first glance he seems boisterous foolhardy and often drunk but his eyes show a great deal of sorrow and agony and while his fighting seems clumsy and inefficient a carefull examination would reveal that every blow is calculated and every step carefully placed.

Description:Messed up brown hair with a head band keeping hair slightly spiked up(a karate dudes head band). Looks about 6 feet tall. Has tanned skin and brown eyes. A great sword is strapped to the back of half leather half chain-mail clothing and a dagger strapped to his side and weres boots. 5 amulets can be seen worn around his neck.

Biography: Lived in a small village until he was 7 when the village was raided and burned to the ground, He was the only survivor. He then lived in the wilderness learning the ways of nature. During the 8 years of living in the wild he learned how to use many weopons he stole so he could hunt for food. He then joined a group of 5 adventurures were he become more attuned to battle and using a large array of weopons. After 4 years the group encountered a powerful dragon wich was eventually slayed but not before it killed everyone except Teo who had landed the final blow.He forged a great sword using the dragons parts and tempered it using blood spilt from the dragon and himself and made a dagger out one of the dragons claws, He then encribed the word "Vengeance" on the sword. He also made amulets from the dragon to memorize each of his freinds. After this turn of events he started wandering and looking for a purpose.

Extras: 5 amulets, a vile of dragon's blood, and a tome of nature and exotic weopnry he has been writing.
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[SIZE=1][B]Great Sign-up MGuyPersonDude! I'm hoping for a few more, a lot more to get this on the role! Thankyou both for signing-up!

Oh, I forgot to add, if any one would like to play the all evil Dragon King, feel free to PM me, and I will give you all the imformation you need![/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Laucian Naïlo

[b]Age:[/b] [i]Appears[/i] to be in his late twenties.

[b]Race:[/b] Divine Wizard (Angel/Wizard crossbreed) :: The main advantage over a common Wizard is the ability to cast Divine spells (spells powered by faith or diety), as well as the typical Arcane spells. The main advantage over other Angels is simply the ability to cast magic. However, this breed average close-range fighters, and carry very little armor.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]First Weapon:[/b] A long, metal staff with a black shaft and a small, clear orb at the top tangled within a series of metal "vines."

[b]Second Weapon:[/b] A sickle.

[b]Armor:[/b] Light, metal platings on shoulders.

[b]Master/ King:[/b] None.

[b]Personality:[/b] Laucian is very serious about his magic use and is constantly working to perfect his abilities. Overall he is a very serious character. Not one to crack a smile or joke around. He wants things finished and no time wasted. He gets very irritated at those who think danger is a light-hearted word.


[b]Biography:[/b] Laucian was actually created, and never born. Who he was created by, he does not know, but through the means in which he was made he knew it had to have been someone exceptionally skilled with magic use. The town in which he was made was attacked by the Dragon King's goons while he was still being made, it was a miracle the fleshy pod in which he was created survived the attack. When he finally broke out of his pod after being incubated inside long enough, he was forced to dig himself out from beneath ashen rubble. He appears to be more or less human, but as a creation he does not suffer as stongly from their instinctual urges such as hunger and drowsiness. He was made with a high intellect, knowing proper funtions of his body, how to a manipulate magic of all kinds, and speak in several languages. His creator was most wise, indeed. One thing that bothered him was not knowing what happened to the place in which he was made. He heard rumors of something called a Dragon King, but that is all. He currently wanders from town to town, hoping someday to face this Dragon King tyrant and deal him justice.

[b]Extras:[/b] None.[/size]
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*looks around* Where be the hobbits? *snickers*
Name: Quel, son of Komori (Falls out of chair laughing)

Age: 27

Race: man

Gender: male/man

First Weapon: A very long sword. A dragon as the handle curls upwards and hold the steal blade. The dragon has gold jewels in its eyes.

Second Weapon: Many small daggers hidding around the chest, sleeves, pant legs, and boots (if that is ok...) - [img]http://www.extremely-sharp.com/es/images/30240a.jpg[/img] The white blades are on his right side, and the black are on the left side.

Armour: He only wears armor when he goes into a battle/war. It is crimson red with gold and black trimmings. (Like the riders of rohan... except no helmet because that makes the eyes look crossed)

Master/ King: Komori (also his daddy)

Personality: Quel is a very calm laid back person. He has a short atention spand, unless it is very serious and is threatning someone he cares for. He is very brave and only fears giving up on himself. He has deep bonds with most of his friends, but he and his father don't really get along too well. He sometimes can be very competitive, but not too much. he can have a short temper in battle, but usually he still has his funny personality.

Description: He wears a black tunic with a Crimson long sleeved shirt under it with black and gold trimmings.He has a starp across his chest that carries some of his small dagger. He has a black belt with a pouch on it and his sword along with a few daggers. He has black pants with Crimson trimmings and black boots. He has dark blue eyes and Light brown hair that looks like (Farimir's)
He stands at about 5'10 and has black gloves as well.

Biography: Quel is the son of Komori and brother of Calmor, his older brother. Basicly, Calmor had always been his fathers favorite. He was very smart and was great at perswuading troops into battle. He was brave and would die for his father anyday. Quel would do this too, but Komori never payed attention and usually gave him the smaller jobs of being a guard or just a meer soldier. Quel wanted to be recognized more, but the harder he tryed, the more his father laughed. So, he left to live on his own and only return when the Kingdom really a truly needed him. The sword he has was givin to him by the elves, who he befriended, and who taught him how to forge weapons and shoot a bow, even though he rarely uses them. He trained for 6 years alone with throwing daggers and the sword and soon became very strong.

Extras: A sack of herbs and a wooden hand carved pipe.
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[COLOR=darkblue][b]Name:[/b]Mika Sanai


[b]Race:[/b]Angel/Wizard Cross


[b]First Weapon:[/b]A beautiful sword.The hilt is made of solid silver,the blade is made of a metal never seen before.It glistens and reflects light and images.At the end of the hilt is the tail of a sapphire dragon that coils around the hilt.The head stops,coiled around the cross-hilt.It's eyes are rubies.The body of the Chinese type dragon is like a grip because the scales are nice to hold.She also has a sheath made of silver and she wears it on her back.

[b]Second Weapon:[/b]A pair of daggers that are in sheaths,hanging off her belt.

[b]Armour:[/b]Protective Spells and other such things are sewn into her clothes so she doesn't need armour.

[b]Master/ King:[/b]Awaiting a King

[b]Personality:[/b]Mika's a nice girl.She likes to make new friends and she's kind,caring and considerate.She'll do anything to help her friends and save them when they're in trouble or danger.She likes to play with her magic in a happy way.

[b]Description:[/b]See attachment.You can sorta see her wings coming out from behind her.She wears navy blue pants too.

[b]Biography:[/b]Mika was born of a Wizard father and an Angel mother.When she was born,her father left them saying he couldn't take the responsibility.Mika never knew her father and grew up with her mother.Her mother had explained everything about her angelic and wizard powers.

Mika started to practise with her powers and learned fast.Soon she was doing complicated spells at the age of 8.Mika hated her dad for leaving them and sometimes she would cause a large spell wherever she was because of her emotions.Her mother has tried to teach her how to control emotions but it doesn't work.So if she's really sad,it'll start raining etc.And if she's really sad inside the house,it'll start raining inside.

Mika's great at spells and she's controlled any Angelic powers she has,including flying.Mika loves to fly,whenever sad,fustrated,happy or anything,she'll go flying and it usually calms her down.

Mika trained herself with her weapons.She had found them in the attic with her father's old items.She savaged them and started her training.She would practise for hours everyday.Her favourite dagger training is,she'll blindfold herself,spin herself around and throw the daggers.They'd always hit the mark.She's trained both physically and magically.She's spelled her weapons to return to her if she ever loses them or drops them.

[b]Extras:[/b]An Ocarina(Looks like the Ocarina of Time)[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Ok, this is going good! We need only a few more to start.

Those of you who will sign-up (and have) as people with no king, at the beggining you have a chance to put which side you finally go on. I hope this goes well, only a few more to start![/SIZE][/B]
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[color=red][b]Name:[/b] Haj'Ei (Hides-his-eyes)

[b]Age:[/b] Appears to be in early twenties.

[b]Race:[/b] Patriari

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]First Weapon:[/b] [i]Mage Bane longsword[/i], a fierce longsword made from the same stuff as his armor. Also same colors.

[b]Second Weapon:[/b] [I]Phantom dagger[/i], also made from the stuff the longsword and armor are made off, but this weapon is smaller and lighter.

Armor like that.

[b]Master/ King:[/b] On the good side, not really of one king.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sarcastic towards people, doesnt like to talk a lot, but can be very social at the same time.

[b]Description:[/b] Take the pictures I showed you and put wings, fangs and claws in it, except his eyes are a lot fiercer, he does not have that spike at his chin (nor a beird) and he has long black hair.

[b]Biography:[/b] All is gonna be shown in the story.

[b]Extras:[/b] A little silver amulet shaped into a cross.[/color]
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