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The Dragon King


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[CENTER][SIZE=5][U]The Dragon King[/SIZE][/U][/CENTER]

[SIZE=1]Only those signed-up in the recruitment may post. There is stillroom for more people, but you better make it quick and damn good!

Those who are in:

[B][I]Name ? Race ? Person[/I]

Marie Savaghn ? Angel - Kesaki_Inedia
Teo McHall ?Man ? MguyPersonDude
Laucian Naïlo - Divine Wizard ? PiroMunkie
Quel ? man - K.K.C.
Mika Sanai - Angel/Wizard Cross ? Ohkami
Dango ? Werewolf ? Me (Vicky)[/B]

In this first part, we?ll all meet, and somehow join together against the Dragon King. All evil people (None are evil, yet.) can just start spying and things; none evil decide their destiny. Also, some of you who don?t have a king and would like one, in these few parts you can choose your king.

You can post now. Thank you for signing-up, and have fun!

[U]The Quest begins[/U]

[COLOR=blue][B]Dango sighed at the sadness of some people in this world. Not, sad-sad, but pathetic and idiotic. Dango, the Werewolf, sat inside Komori (Also the King of Men) Castle, over the city where the Dragon King was stopped, only problem was he was back.
Looking down at the white city, Dango decided to take a walk. Taking his long sword, and moving his hair out of his eyes, he set off for the city below. How many would join him on his quest? He did not know. If he had to do it alone, then so be it.

Dango?s bluckly figure could be seen from the deepest mountains, even in a crowded bar full of idiots and drinkers. He had once met an Elf called Lance who was widely known as The Drinking elf. Dango took at seat in the corner, where no on else was and looked around at the people. His eyes flicked side to side when he heard a noise. He kept his sword beside him, just incase.
?Are you going to buy anything, or just sit there?? A gruff voice asked. Dango slowly looked up, and saw the man who worked here.
?No.? Dango replied looking back down with an evil smirk. ?I do not drink.? Dango laughed.
?What? You don?t drink altogether or you don?t drink pints and things? If that IS the case, get out.? The round man ordered.
?You cannot throw ME out.? Dango laughed.
?Do you think you?re the King or something?? The man pressed his faces up to Dango. Dango laughed loudly.
?As a matter of fact, he is the king.? A voice shouted behind. Dango smiled, looking round at his friend. Dango saw the only peaceful king of the Partiari race, Orien. His wings where huge and black like dragons, he had spiky hair, red eyes and claw like hands. Everyone gasped at him.
?Orien?? Dango muttered with a smile. Orien smiled like a snake would.
?Follow me, Werewolf.? Orien hissed walking away. Dango grunted at the comment and followed Orien.

The sun was still well in the sky, and Orien lead Dango to a white archway near the city gates.
?What do you want?? Dango asked pulling his sword onto his shoulder.
?Talk, issues about the Dragon King. I cannot go on your quest with you, but I know a few who will,? Orien explained. ?I will be traveling west of here. You must travel either north or south, it makes no difference.? Orien added with a hiss.
?Then I must do this quest alone?? Dango asked.
?No you idiot! I know a few more will join you, I can tell. Watch out for them, I mean watch out. Be wise about who you trust. Do not let anyone come who seems? evil? do not even trust a certain race.? Orien replied.
?I cannot trust everyone? Even men?? Dango asked.
?Especially, men!? Orien hissed. His voice was like a snake, but Orien couldn?t help it, it was the way of his kind. Dango laughed and walked off.

The city around the castle was surely a rough place, but many warriors could be found there. Dango had always been welcome to the King Castle, for Dango would sometimes trot around the castle for a look out. This also gave him the chance to meet new people, like when he was helping the guards, he met Quel.

Dango began to walk back to the castle, in hope of meeting people coming on this quest. Even a werewolf couldn?t do this alone. As Dango reached the guards of the castle, they straightaway let him through.
?This is going good?? Dango mumbled sarcastically.[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Mika fled from her house with tears rolling down her cheeks.Her mother had just told her that she was thinking of sending Mika away to a Boarding School.She'd gotten upset and it had started to rain in the house.Mika's house was on the edge of a cliff.Mika ran to the edge and dove off crying.Any regular passerby would think she was commiting suicide.Totally the opposite in fact.Her wings opened as she fell and she flew up and away.

In a few minutes,she landed on one of her favourite thinking spots.A large flat rock in the middle of a calm trickling river/stream.Mika sighed at the sereneness.She closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of Nature.Whenever she was emotional,she'd go to any place with water and nature.Mika brought her ocarina out of her pocket and brought it to her warm lips.She blew into it gently and a soft sound wafted out.She started to play a calm tune,and she just sat there.As she usually did.She always played her ocarina as a past time and to calm herself.

Then she got a jolt and she stopped playing.Mika looked around.Mika gasped and she saw something in her mind.It was an image of Komori Castle.Something in her mind told her to go there.She was to become part of a Quest.

Mika flew back to her house and retrieved all her items and left a note for her mother before flying off to the castle.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B][COLOR=blue]Dango's black horse trotted around the walls off Komori Castle. He had nothing better to do, and since he knew most of the family living in the castle, he lived there, so it was his duty to guard it until he set out on his quest.
"This reminds me of the old times..." Dango sighed. A picture flashed in his head from the first bought with the Dragon King. He remebered watching the Dragon King torment them, and dare them to move forward...

[I]The Dragon King's horrible face staring across their army... Dango and the other King's begging their magn to stand their ground and don't run after the Dragon King. The Dragon King teased their men so much, one man charged forward. Dango charged on his horse to stop him, then his men followed. Soon they all clashed with the Dragon King's army...[/I]

Dango closed his eyes and sighed heavily. The only way to stop the Dragon King was to kill him with weapons only for the user. Shaking his head, he rode around the castle faster keeping a look out.

[I]"Pull back! Pull back!"[/I] The words pounded in his head for a long time. The other Kings shouted for them to pull back, but Dango and his race did not, therfore, wiping most of the Werewolf race from the face of the planet. Why didn't Dango listen? All the time it seemed he had chosen the wrong path.

"Who is that?" Dango asked himself looking up.[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
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[size=1][b][color=green]Quel sat atop of the stone lookout taking a smoke. His hand carved pipe was tilted at an angle in his mouth. He took a large breath of it and then blew a circle of smoke into the night air.
[i]I arrive with new found power and strength... and I'm sent back to my old post[/i] Quel smiled to himself. He should have known better. His father would always be on his brothers side.
Quel heard trotting coming from below. He stood, taking his pipe out of his mouth. He glanced over to see Dango, he was a pretty good friend, even though Komori, Quel's King and father, told him to not trust a werewolf, he did anyways. Quel decided to leave his post and go see what he was up to.

In just a few minuets, Quel was on his white horse, Makara, and galloped over to see dango looking up into the sky with a confussed expresion.
"Are one of the stars out of place?" Quel chuckled as Makara came to a stop next to dango's black horse. Quel then followed his gaze and looked up into the sky to see a figure flying near the catstle, approached pretty fast.
Quel emptied the pipe of the weed and placed it back inside his jacket.
"What do you think that is?" [/b][/color][/size]
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Serena looked out at the upside down world. (yes upside down) Her head started hurting as the blood rushed to her head. She was hanging upside down in a tree. She started laughing and lost her grip falling on the ground.

"Owie" she said rubbing her head. She flapped her wings to get the leaves off then stood up. She staggered a little, dizzy from hanging upside down for so long.

Serena sighed. "I'm bored...I want some adventure!" She threw her arms toward the sky as though the answer would fall from it and into her outstreatched palms. Suddenly as if on cue she saw a girl fly over her head and towards Kamouri Castle.

"Wounder where she's going..." Serena jumped up and fallowed her.
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: Have you changed the name of your character Kesaki? Doesn't matter if you did, ^_^ After this I'll give the others a chance to post, but I think we may have found our meeting place.

IC: [COLOR=blue]Dango took his sword in his right hand and looked over at Quel.
"We have company. Ready yourself for I do not trust everyone." Dango said to Quel. Quel smiled.
"I know you have company up there, if you ment someone else has come, then you are right!" Quel said. Dango just nodded. He dug his foot into the side of his horse and it trotted off. Quel followed.

Dango looked up, trying to keep his horse slow so he could see. He twisted the rains of the horse into his left and hand and smiled.
"One is an Angel, the other, I cannot tell." Dango said turning back to Quel. When he saw his friend, he just stared at Quel. Quel looked up, then back down at Dango.
"What?" Quel asked.
"Nothing, you just remind me of your father..." Dango replied turning back to the two people in the air. Quel shook his head and sped forward, Dango following behind.

Both their horses flicked up dust as the came to a halt in front of two winged people.
"What brings you to these parts?" Dango asked jumping down from his steed, taking his sword with him. Quel followed behind Dango on his horse.[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
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"My Name is Mika and I had a vision that I must join a quest here." explained Mika.
"And what about you?"questioned dango while looking at the other winged girl.
"I'm Serena(you changed it right) and I was following her looking for adventure." the angel explained.
Then a drunk warrior started walking neer by.As he came next to the group, he passed out.

Dango exclaimed "Too many accursed drunks fill this world!"
Serena ammediatly checked to see if he was alright.After a close inspection she said "this is no drunk, his breath does not even smell of liquor."
"What are you doing here spy, Name yourself!" Dango commanded.The "drunk" stood up and said "So you are the werewolf, I was seeking out informtion on the evil abomination himself.......My name is Teo and I am setting out to destroy this evil known as the Dragon king"
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[SIZE=1][B][COLOR=blue]Dango turned to Quel who jumped down from his horse. Dango dragged his sword onto his shoulder again and looked around.
"All here for the Dragon King. Well, I am Dango, the last pure Werewolf." Dango said to them all. He looked at Teo with a smile.
"I am Quel." Quel said walking beside Dango. Dango smiled at Mika and Serena.
"Well, we best be getting back to the Castle, Quel. Come with us, if you wish to join us!" Dango said with a smile.

In the huge castle of Komori city, Dango and Quel talked about their new quest fellows.
"I am not sure, who do not know them!" Dango whispered.
"They cannot do harm! I trust you, so why not them? I trust you, and we need all the help!" Quel replied. Dango looked at the three, and then looked outside.
"Our foe is all over..." Dango growled.
"Do they look like a foe?" Quel asked with a smile. Dango ran his hands through his blonde hair, and leaned on his sword.
"You are right... but... fine then, we accept them!" Dango sighed. "I just hope this is the help we need." Dango grunted getting up and walking to them.

Dango sat down in a corner watching the three, but not watching Quel. Dango hoped that they would not repeat the mistakes of last time. He hoped this time, they would put him to rest. Dango seeked to win back the pride of his race, Teo wanted to seek out the evil, Quel, maybe wanted to prove himself, the others, Dango did not know why they came.[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
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Serena looked around.

"Wow schnazzy!"

Serena ran her hand over the stone walls. "This place is huge!" she shouted enjoying the echo. she then noticed Dango whispering. He got up and walked over to them.

"I accept you" he announced.

"For what?" Serena cocked her head to the side.

Dango blinked. "You mean you don't know why your here?"

Serena shook her head.

"Oh boy.."Quel said.
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OOC: Hey Kesaki, maybe you should fix up your grammer work. This takes place during the middle ages. I don't think people said "Oh boy" and "schnazzy" ^^ That would be funny though.

IC: [size=1][color=green]"Then why have you come!" Quel asked angrily as his hand rested on the hilt of his sword. He didn't want to diappoint Dango like this. These people looked like they could be trusted, he didn't want to start this off with someone who could possibly be a spy or assassin. The girl held her hands up as in showing she wasn't going to hurt anyone.

"I just followed her here!" She exclaimed pointing over to the angel. Dango put his hand on Quel's hilt and gave him "a look". Quel let go of the blade and took a deep breath.
Dango then pulled him over to a corner and started to murmer something to him so that the others couldn't hear.
"Calm yourself, if we explain the situation, we might have someone on our side who we can trust better." Dango reasurred him. [/size][/color]

OOC: sorry for shortness
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Teo walked to the balcony saying "I already know who that evil is."He looked on at the view hearing only the low murmer of Dango and Quel explaining who the Dragon king is.
"This view is so peaceful but the world has a great evil, nature may be the only thing that is untouched by evil" Teo commented to himself. He heard a rustling below the balcony, and looked down to see a creature with huge dragon wings listening intently on conversation inside. Teo jumped off the balcony hitting the Partiari in the back of the head with the hilt of his sword, effectively knocking him out. Every one ran to the balcony to see what the commotion was. Dango questioned "What happened?"
Teo answered "We have an unexpected visitor my good king"

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[COLOR=darkblue]Mika flew off the edge and hauled the intruder and Teo into the room.

"Well....Here he is..."Mika said as she looked at the Patiari.
"What do you want to do with him?"Teo asked.
"Maybe we should lock him up and keep him captive!!"Serena said.
"We wait."was the reply from Dango.
"We wait?!"everyone said in shock.
"Yes...We will question him when he awakes."Dango said.

Mika shrugged and waved an arm at the unconscious stranger.Golden bands of power pinned him to the floor,by his hands and feet.Mika thought,then waved again.Another band stretched across his body.Mika smiled.

"At least,When he gets up,he won't hurt us or escape."she said.

Mika sighed and sat on the edge of the balcony.She looked around at the city.It was a wonderful sight to see but she could tell there was corruption on the inside.She sighed again.She wanted to go to her favourite stream and think things over,but she didn't want to leave here because they might leave.[/COLOR]
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Serena poked at the "unexpected visitor". He didn't move. She frowned as though she expected him to. She just shrugged.

"I wanna join you on this mission thingy!" She suddenly announced. "It sounds like fun even though no ones told me a thing about it..."


ooc: that's how my angel talks K.K.C. =p lol. sorry about the shortness. *sigh* I promise to work harder next time I'm tired right now. ^_^
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: I don't have a problem with the talking, as long as it's not EXTREME. Oh, and when PiroMunkie comes, you can post anytime, anywhere Piro!

[COLOR=blue]"I would go and find Orien, the keeper of peace and only good Partiari known. Quel, where is your father?" Dango said to them all, then looking at Quel.
"I do not know, why should I?" Quel replied. Dango nodded and walked to their 'guest' knocked out. Dango took his sword in his right hand, and began to look at the Partiari. He noticed his dragon wings where tattered and there was dark red blood. Dango slowly put his hands on the red blood and stared at it. As soon as his hands touched, they began to burn slightly. Dango wiped the blood off his hands onto his green cape.
"Strange... he was attacked, before Teo even hit him." Dango muttered.
"It might be one of the guards around here." Teo suggested.
"No, they would have warned us. There would be horns going off by the slightlest sign of a Partiari." Quel explained. Teo nodded.
"Who knows..." Serena sighed.
"It might be someone from far away... hang on..." Dango looked at the dragon wings again, and found green and brown mud on the Partiari's neck and wings.
"This shows his must have went through the swamps." Dango muttered.

Dango sat on his chair again looking forward at their 'guest'. He was hungry now, maybe some of the others where. Dango looked over at his friend Quel.
"Is anyone hungry?" Dango asked in a shouting tone. Serena was the first to nod, and Teo agreed. Dango wasn't sure about Mika. "Well, Quel, this is your fathers castle, is it possible to get some food?" Dango asked leaning on his sword. Quel walked to the door and whispered something to someone outside. Then there was a clink of armour and running. Quel walked back to Dango with a sigh.
"So, we are not alone, after all." Quel laughed.
"I know... but alone our weapons can defeat the Dragon King." Dango muttered.

After a while, someone arrived with food for them. Dango took a few bits out of the bread, then left it and looked around at the meat.
"You look supraised at the food, you have been here long enough to know what it usally is like , have you not?" Quel laughed beside his friend.
"Yes... but meat isn't the only thing I want to eat anymore..." Dango replied.
"What does that mean?" Quel asked. Dango laughed.
"I'm beggining to get restless... I feel out battle with the Dragon King drawering nearer..."[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=darkblue]Quel took a bite out of his bread roll. He had to agree with Dango on that one. With the Dragon King coming closer and closer to power, a war would soon start and most likely, the Partiari would out number them unless all the kingdoms joined together, but elves wern't always easy to cooperate with.
"If war comes... We may have some trouble on our hands..." Quel murmered with a smile. He didn't want war, as much as he loved to fight, he couldn't stand war, to many inocent people are killed or mortaly wounded.
"Hm... We can only hope it doesn't come to that..." Dango replied taking a nibble out of his meat.

A sharp knock came on the door and they heard the familiar voice of Orien.
"Someone call for me?" He asked as he creeked the door open. His eyes first rested on the unconsious partiari and then shifter to dango, awaiting his answer. [/color][/size]
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[size=1][b]OOC:[/b] Heh, sorry it took so long. I have not been on the computer all day.


[i]Orien walked inside, obviously a little conerned at seeing his own race being held captive and unconscious, like it was some form of entertainment. Although he was originally waiting for an answer from Dango, he interrupted once more before that coud happen.[/i]

"What is the meaning of this?" Orien inquired, pointing a forceful finger at the body.

"It was spying on us just outside the balcony," Dango replied calmly, "we were not going to let it just sit there and here everything we say so it could report back to the Dragon King."

"Again with this Dragon King I have heard so much about ..." came a voice from no one named in the room. It was snake-like, but Orien's mouth was closed. Everyone's gut twisted in anxiety as the sharpened their gaze on the now-moving body of the Partiari. Everyone drew their weapons in defense.

"It's okay, the golden bands will hold it down," Mika announced to the others. The Partiari glared at Mika.

"Fool, you rely only on what your eyes can see, and not on what your wit can tell you," replied the Partiari. A look of confusion came over Mika's face as the Partiari let all its muscles go lax and closed its eyes. In a matter of seconds, the golden bands holding the Partiari began to contort in shape and stretch out before quickly snapping and dissolving into the air. With the Partiari free, Dango took no chances on letting it have first blood and swung overhead at the revived beast. His blade hit solid ... solid [i]air[/i]. Everyone in the room but Dango and Orien were slack-jawed as they saw Dango's blade just sitting in the air. No matter how much Dango tried to force it down, it would not budge. Dango drew his sword back and retreated a few steps to give him defensive distance from the Partiari.

"Orien!, what sort of trickery is this that the Partiari hold?" Dango yelled vicously.

"Don't look at me, I have never seen my kind ever behave in such a manner! Good and Evil alike," hissed Orien.

"Listen, all of you!" snapped the Partiari. Though, its voice was different this time. It sounded ... normal. It was deep as a normal human male's voice would be, and forceful. Now everyone in the room was as confused as the next as the Partiari stood up. In a panic, Mika waved her hand once more to try and bond the creature again, but nothing came.

"You cannot hold me with such simple Arcane spells. Any self-respecting wizard can defend against those," said the Partiari.

"Wizard?" Mika said, surprised.

The Partiari irritably sighed. "As I said, you rely only on what your eyes can see ..." Before anyone could even get another word in, the Partiari's form changed instantly revealing a tall, humanoid figure with large, feathery wings - one white and one black - adorned in black robes with plated armor on each shoulder, and white/silver hair.

"It's an Angel!" cried Serena.

"He already said he is a Wizard!" Mika shouted back at Serena.

"Quiet!" the figure ordered. Dango stepped forward, still untrusting of this new character.

"Who are you, what are you, and why were you spying on us?" Dango inquired.

"My name is Laucian. I am a Divine Wizard, a unique, one-of-a-kind being created by another Wizard. I have been following you, Dango, for some time. In my travels, I have been searching for the destroyer of worlds, and your name always came up as one who was also searching for him. So instead of looking for this 'Dragon King', I began to search for you."

"And what do you want with me?" Dango said once more.

"You know of this beast, and you know what can be done to kill it. When I was birthed, my town was already destroyed; leveled to the ground. Nothing and no one was left but myself. I want to know what that thing is - what power could do that - and I want to challenge it," explained Laucian.

"How do you explain the swamp moss and blood on you, then? I have not been through any swamps lately, nor have I been attacked," said Dango.

"It was all part of the disguise ..." Everyone in the room looked at were the Partiari disguise had been injured and messy, but nothing was there now on this now being.

"So you want to help us ..." Dango inquired. Laucian merely nodded, bringing his staff forward and resting it on the ground.

"I am ready."[/size]
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[B][SIZE=1]OOC: That's ok, this is flowing pretty nice now.

IC:[COLOR=blue]Dango smiled and turned to Quel.
"This is looking like an army now! Which reminds me..." Dango turned back to everyone else with a smile that went into a serious face. "If, and when we do fight the Dragon King, do not attack the Dragon King without order. He laughs, and dares you to move from you ground, but if you do meet him, you cannot attack him without the full force." Dango said slowly. Serena blinked.
"Why?" She asked.
"I'll just say that last time, it almost lost the whole world." Dango replied. Quel walked beside Dango.
"When is the best day to travel? To seek out the Dragon King?" Quel asked.
"Either tomorrow morning, when the sun has risen. Tonight would leave us in darkness." Dango replied.
"So we set out in the morning...?" Laucian said with a smile. "Good..."
"But where do we stay?" Mika asked. Teo was sat near the food, but not eating it.
"Do not worry about that, myself and Dango will see to it." Quel replied.

Just outside the room where their new found friends where eating earlier, Dango and Quel sat on the balcony.
"I think this world is advancing more... Laucian's story is the strangest of tales I have heard." Quel muttered to his friend.
"And I believe him." Dango replied. He took up the rock from before that he had, and began to run it quickly across his blade.
"We still would never over power the Dragon King in a battle." Quel sighed.
"Ah, yes... but, in battle all we need are more men and warriors, killing the Dragon King is up to us.... six of us... a Werewolf, two Man, and Angel, a Divine Wizard, and another Angel of some sort." Dango laughed to himself. His eyes looked up to the dark sky.
"It is a full moon tonight..." Quel stated when he looked up.
"I know... but I do not wish to transform this night, I need all the energy I can get for ripping the Dragon King apart!" Dango hissed to himself. He smiled up at the sky, showing his fangs.
"Even though you do not transform, the full moon always takes a hold over you." Quel replied walking off. Dango merely laughed.

It slowly became night, Quel was still awake, and a few others where falling alsleep maybe. Quel had set up a few horses for the six of them, or for those who would ride on horse back. Dango would ride on his horse, Shadow, and Quel on his white horse. Orien was now travelling to his battle ground, where he wanted to find the Dragon King and give them as much imformation as possible.
"We should get some rest..." Quel said in a shouting voice. Dango nodded blankly. "Follow me if you want to rest the night." Quel told them. Teo stood up, but no one else did.
"You need to rest, I am that of a Werewolf who does not." Dango explained. He looked over at Quel.
"Well..." Serena began.
"Just remeber what we will do tomorrow." Dango interupted.[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
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Serena layed down then looked up at the sky. Stars glittered feverently up there and she reached out her hands as though she could touch them. She sighed and rolled over. She suddenly yelped and jumped up.

"Get it off me get it off me. ew ew eww get it off me!!!"

The others laying around her sat up quickly to see what was going on. Serena was flailing her wings and arms around fighting somthing they couldn't see. Laucien stopped her with a wave of his hand picked the bettle up off of her shoulder then threw it to the side. Serena looked at him and then the beetle then smiled awkwardly.

"oh...I knew that"
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Teo burst out laughing at Serena's embarrassment. "Hey, stop laughing!" Serena commanded.Teo just kept on laughing, he looked over just In time to see an inraged angle lunging at him. He started running away but It seemed that he would soon be caught."Some one help me!!!!" He exclaimed but the others chuckled as Serena eventually caught Teo and started beeting snot out of him. Serena came back saying "Te rude jerk." "He's not getting up, did you *gulp* kill him?"Mika warily questioned.
"No, the jerk is just unconscious." Serena answered.After a long while Teo got up and limped back but before he sat were he was earlier Serena shot him a warning glance and he decided against lying down there. They were unaware of the pair of eyes watching them.
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[color=red][size=1]"The fools... What kind of madness is it to even dare challenging the Dragon King when they cant even control themselfs?..."

[I]The voice was silenced, as the person was talking to himself. Two eyes were watching the group which already called themselfs an army.[/I] "What am I even bothering myself with?... Let them try to defeat the Dragon King if they want it so badly." [I]It was a male voice, freaky almost, especially caused by the shadows it came from.

The male straightened himself, revealing someone dressed in a hooded robe and two red eyes from underneath the hood. He was about to walk away when he turned around again and look at the group. Even though it wasnt much, he still recognized some fierce warriors between them. Maybe... Nah. They didn't stand a chance.
But the harder he thought that, the harder he began believing they do stand a chance. A little one, but still chance enough.

He once again turned around to walk away, but this time something made noice underneath his foot, causing one of the group to look in his direction. [/i]

"I heard something..." [i]the person looked a little better to see the hooded man's shape in the moonlight.[/i] "A spy?"

[I]Now more people looked towards either the man in the moonlight or the person who saw him first. The same question came up another time. [/i]"i do not have time for this..."[i] The hooded man said to himself and was about to continue his walk when someone hollowe at him.[/I]

"Stay still! Who are you?" [I]The hollowing voice asked while looking straight at him.[/i]

[I]There come no answer, except that the man turned around.[/i] "I ask you again, who are you?"

"I am Haj'Ei. Now that I answered your question, may you excuse me?" [I]he was about to turn around for the third time when the voice called him back again.[/I]

"Don't act like a smart guy."

"Why? Is that a crime?" [I]The man responded with some sort of snakish 's' in it.[/i]

[I]And for the fourth time the man- called Haj'Ei- turned around and already started walking while he heared the person behind him began to get pretty mad.[/i]

[b]ooc:[/b] eh you people place the next move. Just dont let me walk away, cause i want to join the group you call an army hehe.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B][COLOR=blue]Dango gripped his sword and advanced to the man, or whatever he was. Before Haj'Ei could move any more, Dango placed his sword on Haj'Ei's neck.
"Move, and I will cut your throat!" Dango hissed. "I cannot let you go, if you have heard everything, and you are a spy, I cannot allow you to tell the world about us!" Dango moved his sword closer, ready to do anything needed. Suddenly, Quel came beside Dango. Laucian stood up, but did not move closer, while Serena landed in front of Haj'Ei.
"Now why would I be a spy for the Dragon King?" Haj'Ei replied turning his head. Dango glared warning him not to move.
"Tell us then, what are you doing here? No lies!" Quel asked walking closer.
"Nothing." Haj'Ei laughed. Dango growled. Mika came running up but stopped.
"He said no lies! Do you listen? Tell us what you are doing here, and we will either let you join us, or let you go!" Dango shouted.
"First, tell me... why should I tell you anything?" Haj'Ei hissed turning round and knocking Dango's blade from his neck. Quel took his sword, and pointed it at Haj'Ei.
"He has every right to know! He is a King!" Quel said. Haj'Ei moved his hood down more, hidding himself.

Teo, Mika and Laucian who where stood at the back of Dango came closer.
"We promise not to threaten you, if you promise us you are not on the Dragon King's side." Dango pulled his sword back onto his shoulder with a smile.
"You trust me now?" Haj'Ei laughed. Quel pulled his sword away and looked over at Dango.
"No, I don't. Answer me this question, and I will trust you to speak with us, and know what we plan to do." Dango said. "Are you a spy of Dragon King?"
"No," Haj'Ei hissed. At these words, Dango's face changed as if he knew what Haj'Ei was hidding, though he didn't seem to be hidding anything.
"Wait... you-You are a Patriari!" Dango shouted. After a few seconds, he laughed to himself.
"Aren't they the... bad guys?" Serena asked.
"Not all." Haj'Ei hissed.

Dango smiled and Quel. Quel walked behind Dango smiling also.
"It is almost morning..." Laucian stated. Dango nodded, then walked to Haj'Ei.
"Well, Haj'Ei. We would be glad to have another winged warrior on our side. Would you like to help us? Help us defeat evil?" Dango asked walking closer to the tall Patriai.
"What would be in it for me?" Laughed Haj'Ei.
"To clear your race of evil, and show people there are other's like you capable of good." Dango replied.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1][color=royalblue]The Patriari shifted its eyes getting a chance to see the whole group. He mumbled something and the answered, "Fine, I will join you..."

Dawn soon came and Quel had the horses ready to go, but before leaving he was requested to see his father.
Quel walked up the spiral stair case up to the thrown room where his father would be sitting in the usual red and gold chair with that smirk on his face. Quel made it to the top and creeked the door open and walked inside. He looked up and saw his father sitting in the large chair with a smirk on his face.
[i]Saw that coming[/i]. Quel made a short bow and then looked up at his father.
"You requested to see me?" He asked, not daring to look into the stone cold eyes of the King.
A chuckle came from the chair. Quel gritted his teeth, he knew what would come next to.

"So, you really think you can defeat the Dragon King? With... lets see... Two angels of some kind, one not knowing what the heck is going on. Two patriari who are probably planning against you, Two men, one who runs from his problems..." He smirked and chuckled slightly. Quel gritted his teeth even more at this. "And... the last of the werewolves... who you probably can't trust either... this has got to be the stupidist idea you have ever thought of." Quel stodd and started to leave. Yep, just what he had predicted. His father had called him in to critisize and such.

Quel reached the door and then stopped. "I would trust the werewolf with my life and at least i'm trying to do something about the coming evil." with that, Quel walked off and down to where the others were waiting for him, ready to leave. [/color][/size]
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[B][SIZE=1]OOC: I think all people in the RPG should ride on horse back, and Boo if you have your own horse (curse that MSN chat!), hurry up and tell us, PM me or post it here because the real adventrure is starting! ^_^

[COLOR=blue]Dango walked up to met Quel, and saw him walking down the staricase.
"What did he say?" Dango asked Quel looked angry.
"Nothing! He just wanted to critisize what we where doing!" Quel replied crossing his arms over his chest.
"Just remeber, we are doing the good. When we bring back the head of Dragon King, they will see you as a true king and throw your father off the throne!" Dango put his hand on Quel's shoulder.
"I admire your hope and never giving up words, but that pushes it too far." Quel said walking off.

Dango hurried down after him. He saw everyone outside the castle, Quel on his horse, Haj'Ei stood in the middle, Laucian stood at the side, Mika nearby with Serena and Teo stood behind them. Laucian really stuck out with his wings.
"I see you are all ready." Dango laughed.
"I told you I was ready before." Laucian replied. Dango nodded and smiled at them.
"So, we will all travel on horse back, or you may fly. We should keep our weapo-" Dango was cut off when he remebered something. He looked around. "Quel, where is my horse? Shadow?" Dango asked.
"I-I do not know... last time I saw him was with you." Quel answered. Dango nodded.

"No worries." Dango said with a smile. He lifted his head int he air and began to whistle. It echoed troughout the castle almost.
"Where is he then?" Mika asked. Dango looked around waiting for signs of movment around him.
"Dango?" Teo looked at him.
"I do not know... he should have been in the stable." Dango said to them.
"He'll be here!" Serena said. Quel nodded.
"I forgot to get him Dango, I forgot, really!" Quel said with some sort of smile. Dango nodded. He looked to the side, and smiled again.
"He's coming now."[/COLOR]

OOC: If you're riding by your own horse, PM me.[/SIZE][/B]
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Serena flapped her wings and hovered in the air.

"hold on guys i'll be right back!" she said as she flew away. She flew to where she had been before and looked around.

"awww where did i put it?" she said as she tapped the trees. She finnaly hit a hollow tree. "There!" she opened the tree and pulled out a staff. the staff was long and had a winged leo at the top carved out of pure crystal. there were beautiful carvings and markings in the staff and tied near the top of it was a long silk white ribbion. She hurried back and landed next to the others.

she tapped her staff on the ground and smirked. "ok, I'm ready"
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[B][SIZE=1]OOC: Right, time to go!

[COLOR=blue]Dango nodded. He looked at Quel who was on his white horse. Shadow came trotting up beside Dango, who jumped on.
"There is only 3 horses fast enough to keep up with mine and Quel's," Dango explained.
"I have my own that I summond." Teo replied. Haj'Ei nodded.
"So do I." He said. Dango trotted around them with a smile.
"Right," He said. "Those three horses over there are fast enough to keep up, Serena, Mika and Laucian you can allr ide them if you like. Flying might be a problem." Dango explained.
"I will summond my Horse now." Teo said.

After Haj'Ei and Teo got their horses, they where all ready. Haj'Ei's horse was black, with read stripes going through its mane.
"The easiest why is to travel across the Plains." Quel said to them.
"Then that is what shall be done. We travel across the Plains, and find the mountain pass." Dango said. "Beware of the Dragon King following, keep an eye open." Dango laughed. He put his sword on his back and sped off, Quel following, and the rest behind. Each horse kicking up dust.

Dango's horse was pure shadow, that;s why he was named Shadow. As they all went on, eahc horse almost tripping over the small planets in the grouond, Quel came to a halt behind Dango. Dango stopped sudden and turned around.
"What is it?" Dango asked looking back. Everyone stopped too.
"Look!" Quel pointed west with a shocked look on his face. Dango turned to see horse-men riding their way.
"Get your weapons, they are not on our side!" Dango growled taking his sword and forming a line next to Quel.[/COLOR]

OOC: Time for a battle-thing![/B][/SIZE]
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