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The Silmarillion

Drix D'Zanth

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[color=darkred] [b] The Silmarillion[/b]

It is an age of Magic and Elder times. A time where the elves rule the land with their glittering kingdoms, and feuding steel. The Men are in their infancy, lead by the three elder houses; Kings of Men. Beleriand, their world, is full of arcane and unnumbered spectacles never seen by mortal or immortal eyes.

[i]The pieces are set[/i]

The great regions north, iron mountains with fire and steel at their brim; the kingdom of Angaband. Home of the Dark Lord Morgoth and his minions has remained silent for two centuries. Thangodrim, the realm of three great volcanic peaks and the gateway into angaband is beginning to brew fire, sending boughts of smog into the fens of the land before Angaband.

The elven kingdoms are arming for the inevidable clash of orc and elven steel. Men are preparing their strongest. Dwarves are forging great armor and axe.

[i] Choose your Homeland[/i]

Where will you fight:

[B] Hithlum[/b] The land of the nolodor Loyal to the sons of Fingolfin, High King of the Nolodor. This land is west of Angaband and bordered by large mountain ranges. Lake Mithrim holds the great palaces of Fingon, firstborn of Fingolfin. It is a peaceful land and holds the greatest host of Fingolfin's sons.

[b]Nargothrond[/b] : Land of a thousand glittering caves. Finrod Feaglund makes his home here. With only a great steel gateway from the river Narog, Nargothrond is sealed in from the dangers of outside. The beatiful caverns, delved by dwarves ages ago are home to a multitude of Nolodor lords.

[b]Gondolin[/b] - The hidden city. Even to the eyes of the dark lord. This glittering city sits atop a great plateu amidst a great feild. The entire location is bordered by encircling peaks that sheild the city from sight and mind of it's enemies. It is the most beautiful city in existence, with ivory towers, a magical fountain, and markets full of happy people. The city is usually circled by an eagle from the nearby Crissegarm, or Eagle Roost, where Thorondor, Lord of all Eagles resides.

[b] The Forests of Doriath[/b] The great Sindar realm of Thingol Greymantle. This forest is enchanted by old magic that extends beyond the age of any elf, even. Thingol and his bond to the enchanting Melian the Maia created a magical girdle that keeps the forest forever protected from enemies. Menengroth is like Nargothrond, but greater in opulence and size. The sindar there reside amongst the trees.

[b]Eglarest or Brithombar[/b] Land of the Teleri, or sea elves. Cirdan the shipwright makes his home on the Falas, or cost of Beleriand. The elves here are fairly peaceful, yet ini times of war can strike with the force of the waves they ride upon.

[b]Belegost[/b] Sister city to nogrond. Belegost is the greatest dwarven city in Beleriand. It's halls are of mithril and bronze. The dwarves here echo throughout the Blue Mountians that Belegost resides in. Azgahal the great King of the dwarves makes his throne here and the Khazad (in their toungue) flourish.

Any other locations you may choose? Himlad, the great plain where men dwell? Brethil, the enchanting forest home to beren and luthien? Why not Amon Ereb, hill of the house of Bor, first house of men. Dor-Lomin , the echoing hills is where Hurin and his sons reside.


[u]Sindar[/u] - The Grey elves of Falas and Doriath. Sindar swear loyalty to Cirdan, or Thingol Greymantle. They are commonly light haired and grey-eyed elves of woodland prowess. They inhabit more natural parts, and are more unlikely to send an army than the Nolodor are.

[u]Nolodor[/u]- The elves of craft and smithery. These elves are the mainstay of the elven population on Beleriand. They swear loyalty to Feanor's sons or Fingolfin's Sons. The rift between the Sindar, Sons of Feanor, and Fingolfin's Sons is great; many elves have died from this conflict.

[u]Men[/u] Most commonly, men swear fealty to their own houses. The first house of Bor, the second house of Huor, the third house of Tour. They live in Himlad, Amon Ereb, and Dor-Lomin. Men are stronger and heartier than elves, yet their mortal lives and sickness make them far less resilient to the test of time. Immortality escapes even the greatest men.

[u]Dwarves[/u] Usually found in the Blue mountians, the Dwarves are closest to the Sindar elves and Thingol Greymantle. They are the most skilled in metallurgy and mining. Dwarves are a hearty, arrogant race, who's stubborn demeanour makes them sometimes unwelcome company. Dwarves are quicker to anger than most, and in times of war can carve paths in the most powerful of Morgoth's vessles.

[u]Other[/u] Pick another race. Are you one of the enchanting Vanyar elves that comes from the undying lands? Are you a beast? An orc? How about a great Hound, that works with Huan, lord of Hunting Hounds.


Swear fealty to:
Lineage (father, is he famous?):
Weapons and Armour:
What kind of magic do you use (Nothing big, magic is always very subtle in tolkein's world):

----Please try to be as detailed as possible because all signups will probably come down to fairly intense scrutiny. I would recommend a knowledge base of the book, The Silmarillion, in order to have the best experience.

I am a USEFUL knowledge base, please use me! By all means, feel free to PM me your ideas or suggestions and I'll do my best to implement them into your character or the setting. Everything will be well-explained by NPC's and description during the epoch. I'll be posting my signup later and will probably be a de-facto leader of most of the people.

Basic plotline will be provided on first post. [/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]I do hope the creatures of Bell and Book and Candle will be allowed entrance into your world.
Name: Ranforne Drisvien of the Garden

Age: 600

Race: Istari; order of the Maiar

Homeland: The Undying Lands

Swear fealty to: Thingol

Lineage: She has no father, nor mother. She was brought into being by none other than the Eru themselves.

Weapons and Armour: Serpent necklace; transforms into gauntlet when attacked. Staff carved of cherrywood, reinforced with strips of mythril.

Magic: Songspells; words and music used to form enchantments and snares of varying design. She also has a slight mastery over land and the natural world, namely flowers and saplings. This allows her to speed their growth and manipulate the plants to do her will.

History: Surrounded by living nature she is the most happy, and will more often than not cause flowers to flourish and bloom at her touch. She remembers rising out of a stream in the Forests of Doriath and then being greeted by Thingol Greymantle himself. He welcomed her, then bade her to wander as she willed. When she walks, grass springs at her feet and when she cries, flowers form from her tears.

She complied and roamed the lands, unchecked and unchallenged. On her journey through the wilderness, she picked up the language of nature and beasts, but found her afinity with flowers to be the most useful. Her knowledge of herbs and alchemy is vast, thanks to her ever growing age, and she still wanders, searching for nothing in particular, and wanting nothing in particular.

Her name of power is Annúnwilyaien, known only by those closest to her. If somebody calls her out by her true name, she has no choice to but answer with the truth. A slight curse bestowed upon her by a fallen Maiar. Nevertheless, she is powerful and loyal to those she swears friendship to.

Personality: Calm yet cheerful, particularly when she is around light and nature. When she is confronted or challenged she becomes dark and sarcastic, lashing out indiscriminantly with both staff and magic.[/COLOR]
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We can make it up? Great, here's my signup.

Name: Ctar Cuthalion

Age: 127

Race: Sindar

Homeland: Doriath

Swears fealty to: Thingol and The Sindar

Lineage: the only son of Beleg Cuthalion

Weapons/armor: He wears standard Sindar Ranger Leather armor and he wields a longsword he crafted himself called "Neldoreth's Defense". He also wields a bow made of Yew Wood much like his fathers called "Taurdae" (which means Shadowwood in Sindarin, heh had to a little research for that one)

Magic: The ability to wield his bow, which no other mortal can because of some enchantments. He also has an uncanning knowledge of healing and nature like his father.

History: As mentioned before, Ctar is the only son of Beleg Cuthalion. He was raised with the noble life of a Sindar, but never took it for granted. As he grew older, his father taught him how to fight. Ctar even crafted his own longsword. His bow, though, was given to him by Thingol personally, from the Menegroth armories, as a sign of respect for Beleg. His very first battle was in the Forest of Neldoreth, to the north of Menegroth, when orc raiding parties from Angband came to pillage the forest and the Sindar living there. He and a few other Sindar rangers ambushed the party and killed thrice their number with his gleaming longsword, all while his father was in Brethil. Since then, the Sindar called his sword "Neldoreth's Defense" in rememberence of that day. He now fights bravely alongside his father, being a very intelligent leader and influence in Doriath.

Personality: He is a very quiet and reserved elf. He seldom speaks, even to his father, and when he does, he deems it neccesary. He's also very intelligent, though some would say he lacks a little common sense. His true battle ability shines when commanding small numbers of troops against overwhelming odds.
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Hope you're actually gonna stay around for this Drix- lol


Mind if I am a creature? I just always wanted to be a wolf. I have read the Silmarillion ages ago and can't remember much. I'll make up an obscure lineage that won't directly affect the story.

Name: Ruben Thorne

Age: 72

Race: Hybrid Wolf from Doriath. A description will be needed- essentially it is a large [slightly larger than a packhorse] wolf. Mutated, it can communicate in several languages, albeit rudimentarily.

Homeland: Forsets of Doriath

Swear fealty to: No one in particular.

Lineage: Ruben son of Dorben son of Horlen mated to Morganna the lineage of Torak- the Great Wolf.

Weapons: Teeth, claws. When 'human' he wears a pair of massive steel gauntlets.

Magic: Due to lingering pockets of Deep Magic in the Doriath Forests, some creatures have been altered. Ruben can change from a hybrid wolf to a form of human. This form of human however is unlike any ever seen. Half-wild, massively large and fierce. Mainly changes for the advantages of hands.

History: Born into the Doriath forests, he was raised by his father Dorben. He grew larger than his father, and lived alone in the forest. Lately though he has been having nightmares about fire and flame though. And, right behind his eyes he has felt searing flames. He is on the move to the Elven Kingdoms for answers to his problem. He smells war on the horizon, and the prospect of carnage is pleasing to him.

Personality: Rough, tough and basically wild, Ruben is a scavenger and opportunist. Will work for rewards, being money or food. He is a dark, cynical creature who will switch sides with no concerns or conscience panges.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][CENTER][I][U]My Character Sign-up[/I][/U][/CENTER]
[CENTER][U]Delovar of the First House[/U][/CENTER]
[U]Name:[/U] Delovar Andúnie

[U]Age:[/U] 32

[U]Race:[/U] Men; Edain

[U]Homeland:[/U] Dorthonion

[U]Swear fealty to:[/U] The House of Bëor and to the Noldor Elves of Nargothrond

[U]Lineage:[/U] Delovar, Son of Deonvan the Kings Archer

[U]Weapons and Armour:[/U] Delovar carries little armour as it slows him down. The armour he does wear is mostly leather and it covers his front and both sides. He wears leather gloves as well as to get a better grip on his sword and bow. His sword, know as Aldis, was forged by one of the Kings Iron-Smiths as a gift to his farther and it has now been passed to him by right-of-passage, but this is not his chief weapon. That is the bow that he carries upon his back, he has a natural talent for the bow as has his farther. He carries two quivers with arrows which have been given Elven blessings because of the strong ties between the First House and the Noldor Elves.

[U]Magic:[/U] N/A

[U]History:[/U] Born to the archer of Baran know as Denovan, Delovar had a very exciting childhood. When he was six he had already been on many hunting trips with his farther and Baran so he had a great knowledge of the beasts around Dorthonion and he already had great skill with the bow. He slew his first boar when he was twelve and from then his hunting skill grew more and more, as did the skill with the Bow. When he was twenty he became of the Kings guard along with his farther and they both escorted the King whenever he went out of the Kingdom, but not always were these outings safe. Even though some of the Noldor Elves were friends of the Dwarves, not all the Dwarves were friends of the Noldor and then in turn the Edain of the first house. In a skirmish with a group of Dwarves from Belegost his farther was killed and this caused Delovar to have a certain loathing for the Dwarves and led to him distrusting them whenever he was called to serve with them. As is tradition in the First House the items of the farther pass to the eldest son and so Delovar recived his farthers sword know as Aldis which was Elven made and Elven blessed making it a very powerful weapon. Delovar can feel that all of his skills will be needed in the up-coming conflict with the Dark Enemy, Morgoth.

[U]Personality:[/U] Delovar is usually a very open and cheerful person, even in the worst of times so he is a moral boost to most of the people around him. When he hears he must be working along side the Dwarves he changes slightly, he becomes more quiet about things and tends not to talk unless spoken to and always concentrates fully at the task at hand, be it a chore or during battle. But as said he is usually fine and very talkative, ready to help those in need and pass on skills to others that require them. He is also at best when with his fellow archers, whom he leads into battle because most of those who serve under him were present at his farthers death so he feels he can talk with them and such the most.

[U]EDIT:[/U] Okay Drix, changed my character to one of the Edain and I hope it's okay.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Alright, I have to be a deuche about this one, no ents. They are just too slow, unweildy and didn't really take part in the events. I could think of a few more creatures that you would work better as. I love your signup, but an ent is just pushing it. The party is going to need mobility and the ability to socialize. A magical beast is probably as far as I can go.

I'll let you be an ent if you don't mind probably being restricted to not doing really much. It will take you about 20x the time it would take the rest of the group to get anything done. By the time you get to a battlefeild, the battle will probably be over! It's going to take alot of patience for the RPG in order to have that work. PM me a bit more on what you would plan on doing as an ent...

Baron, a werewolf/wolf sounds cool, except wolves are typically bad. In fact, only your lineage would be good. Sauron's a werewolf on certain occasions. In doriath you would be recognized as good, but in other locations you may recieve less than a warm greeting. You can stay a wolf, I don't mind, but you should probably know this.

I plan on keeping the story moving and staying for the RPG, don't worry.

Extra Info about the RPG:

The exact year we start will be the FA year of 456, a year after Dagor Bragollach, or the battle of Sudden Flame. The Seige of Angaband was broken, and the Noldor fortresses guarding Morgoth were sacked, tumbling to the ground. At the end of the battle, Fingolfin was so horrified with the losses of Men and Elves that he rode out and challenged Morgoth himself! The elven high king and Morgoth dueled for hours, Morgoth was wounded by Fingolfin's steel. However he did not prevail and was crushed under a single blow of Morgoth's mace: Grond, the hammer of the underworld. All was not lost, and the king of eagles; Thorondor valiantly saved the body of Fingolfin. Now Fingon is High king in Hithlum. The houses of men are now ruled by Hurin and Huor because of Galdor's age. Maedhros arms himself in Himdring.

The times are tense, the elven houses are still at war, ununited, and the dwarves cannot be trusted. Morgoth has re-assured his position in Beleriand with Dagor Bragollach and the times are uncertain.
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[COLOR=green][B]Name:[/B] Jedgar Nieta

[B]Age:[/B] 51

[B]Race:[/B] Man

[B]Homeland:[/B] Nargothrond

[B]Swear fealty to:[/B] Jedgar swears fealty to no man; he does what he feels is just and right.

[B]Lineage:[/B] The firstborn son of a prince of the house of Bor and a lady of questionable morals, although this is unknown to him. His mother has since died, and his father?s other son has gone on to become the Lord of the House of Bor. Jedgar never knew his mother, as she abandoned him, and has no knowledge of any of this information.

[B]Weapons and Armor:[/B] Jedgar wore chain mail in his youth, but has now grown old. He no longer wears armor, as he is too poor to afford magically light Mithril. He instead relies on his formidable combat skills to avoid taking any hits in the first place. He is adept at using a pike (shown below), and is a master of its intricacies. He is also an average archer, and carries his own bow and quiver.


[B]What kind of magic do you use:[/B] Jedgar has no magical powers of his own, as that gift is extremely rare among men, but he instead relies on the alchemical skills of others to provide him with deadly poisons, paralyzing powders, vials of smoke and other fantastic creations he uses in combat. His current store is in a green pouch he keeps on his hip.

[B]History:[/B] Born in Hithlum, he was abandoned by his mother before he could walk. He was taken in by an elderly couple, and lived with them until he reached maturity. They taught him everything they knew: basic math, reading and writing in both Human and Elvin and all the local history and lore they knew of. After a tearful goodbye, he set off to make his fortune in Nargothrond.

Life was harsh in the caves, many of which were inhabited by criminals and vagabonds thinking of nothing but survival. They?d go at any means to survive, including robbery, to gain what they need.

Jedgar was able to find work as a scribe in one of the palatial residences of the benevolent Nolodor Lord Theremin. Being too poor to afford a residence near the palace, but too proud to accept servant?s quarters, he was resigned to living in the squalid slums found deep within the cave networks. There he was often robbed of his day's wage, and went hungry because of it. This proved excellent motivation for him to take up a combat skill. He befriended one of the royal guards at the palace, who trained him in the basics of polearm combat. Using a walking staff as his primary weapon, he trained in self defense. At first he was soundly trounced by the experienced robbers of the caves, and received many an injury from the melees that broke out. After several months he had acquired enough practice to protect both himself and his hard earned wages.

Years went by, and Jedgar entered his early thirties. He had learned all he could from his good friend in the royal guard, and was now going out of his way to protect all who preyed on the weak and innocent in the thief infested caverns within Nargothrond. Although he?d tried to hide his identity while on his crusade against crime, rumors began to circulate all over the region of his exploits.

Eventually, he was called before his lord to verify or deny these rumors. After telling his tale, which impressed his master greatly, he knelt before him to await judgment. Lord Theremin, being a just and grandfatherly figure, was happy with his servant?s work. He made Jedgar his personal assistant and bodyguard, a position of great prestige.

More years passed, and Jedgar faithfully served Lord Theremin. A coup attempt provided a chance for Jedgar to prove his loyalty, and he handily defeated three assassins who wished to hasten their employer?s rise to power. Several crises were also settled without harm to the Lord. For the most part however, Jedgar spent his time by the Lord's side, as his trusted aide, scribe and confidant. It was a life that an orphan boy thrown out on the streets could have scarcely dreamed of.

All good things must come to an end however, and time succeeded where many had failed. Lord Theremin died of old age, and Jedgar was quietly swept aside by his arrogant son. His loyalty wasn?t unrewarded however; Jedgar was left with a small sum of money, plus a room and free food in one of the taverns the lord owned.

Jedgar, now freed from work and entering retirement, now was able to pursue his own ambitions. He took up archery, practicing for hours a day. Seeking out accomplished pikemen, he apprenticed under them and further improved his already formidable skills with a pike. After generously donating all his inheritance from Lord Theremin to a young chemist in order to help the young woman establish her shop, she has supplied him with potions.

All of these endeavors have contributed to his success in his continuing pursuit of criminals and evildoers within the cave networks of his home city. Eventually, he hopes to eradicate these elements once and for all?

Jedgar can be found wherever there is trouble within the grottos and caverns of Nargothrond, protecting the weak and helpless from the lurkers who would harm them.

[B]Personality:[/B] Normally calm and reserved, Jedgar rarely speaks. He greets those he knows with a respectful nod, and doesn?t make eye contact with those he doesn?t. Cold, uncaring and vengeful towards those who take advantage of the helpless; Jedgar is not a man to be crossed lightly. However, he is a kind and grandfatherly figure to those who have earned his trust. It is not easy to earn his respect or loyalty, but once they are acquired, the same is expected in return in all situations.

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Name:Ace Wallace
Homeland: himlad
Swear fealty to:doesnt know what mean
Lineage (father, is he famous?):Fartor, he is famous for blacksmith and craft
Weapons and Armour:sword and sheild
What kind of magic do you use (no power
History:grew around his farther black smith where knights would teach him skills and as grew he became knight for a lost kingdom
Personality:he is a calm person who doesnt like to take crap from anybody
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[color=#518CBD][font=trebuchet ms]Yes I had posted in this before but I decided to delete the whole thing and start again from scratch.

[b]Name:[/b] Garin Pinehammer

[b]Age:[/b] 94

[b]Race:[/b] Dwarf

[b]Homeland:[/b] Belegost

[b]Swear fealty to:[/b] King Azgahal of Belgost

[b]Lineage:[/b] His father Gorin is one of the finest, most skilled and most famous smiths in all the Blue Mountains, his father is King Azgalhal cheif smith in weapons of warfare. His skill is legendary and has therefore given his son some of the finest weapons he has ever made including the hammer Fenrisbane.

[b]Weapons and Armour:[/b] A mithril headed hammer called Fenrisbane, the hammer head is set on a pine handle that has been treated to make it as stong as steel. The hammer is about 42" in length with the handle being 1 7/8" thick, the hammer head is about 12" thick with Dwarven runes running along it, the same runes run down pine handle of the hammer. It is from here that Garin get's his last name of Pinehammer, it was a nickname given to him by the other Belegost smiths. He also carries with him an number of small throwing axes made from similar materials to Fenrisbane, though they are of Garin's own contruction. The heads are mithril wrought of length 6" set into pine shafts of 32" in length, Garin at full strength can hurl them for a kill approx 90 feet after which his accuracy decreases.

As for armour Garin prefers to wear armour only the parts of his body that may be vulnerable to attack, and thus allows him greater freedom of movement and speed. The armour is plate mithril, which protects his back, chest, thighs, shoulders, every where not mentioned is covered in a very tough but light leather armour. The mithril on his armour has been colored a metallic green as well as it's natural silver. On his back he carries a round shield of diameter 22" made from mithril and colored to match his body armour. It bares the standard of Belegost and since it had been created from mithril it is very light and very strong. He also carries a quiver over his back in which he keeps his throwing axes, it is made from the same leather as his shin armor.

[b]What kind of magic do you use:[/b] N/A

[b]History:[/b] Born and raised in Belegost as the son of one of her greatest smiths Garin was always surveyed and scrutinized for his ablilty in the smelting and crafting of armour and weapons for the Dwarven Armies. From a young age he excelled in both of these skills and some would comment that at his age he was as good as his father Gorin. His father took great pride in his son's abilities and wished to teach him all the skills that he had learned in his years as a black smith of Belegost. Garin with the aide of his father's teachings had soon surpassed all expectations held over his head since birth. Even though Garin had excelled in these pursuits he felt that they held no meaning for him, it was then that he decided to join the armies of Belegost against here enemies.

That was over 10 years ago when Garin was a younger reckless dwarf unlike he is now, after returning from his time in the defense of the King Azgahal he chose to return to his greatest skills as a weapon's smith of Belegost. He created some of the finest armour ever beheld by his race as well the Nolodor and the race of Man. He was often sent as a diplomat and an ambassador to the Elven smiths of Nargothrond and it was here that finally a love for his art developed in the glittering caves that his forefathers had dug and that the Nolodor now lived within. He was always well treated by Feanor during his times there, and as gifts of gesture he would often create beautiful weapons or armour for the Elven Lords during his stay.

And so life has been like this for Garin for most of his life going from his Forge in Belegost to the royal halls of Nargothrond and even sometimes the company of Men in Himlad as a guest of Bor on rare occasions. These turning of events so quickly by the Dark Lord Morgoth has left him with a deep bad taste in his mouth. He has quickly spoken of the arming of the Dwarven armies so that they may join with their neighbouring races and drive the Dark Lord and his armies from Middle Earth once and for all time...

Personality: A typical Dwarf, Garin has spent most of his life as a Weapons Smith like his father in the great halls of Belegost and as such has spent most of his life underground. He has a very quick temper when it comes to potential enemies and would rather bury his hammer in their skull and then ask questions. However behind this facade of an appearance lies a very good hearted kind being who is brave, loyal and noble.[/color][/font]
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jro13, your signup isn't to the standards that I would accept for this RPG, sorry your out.

Outcast, you're in. Nice signup.

Rhadagast, Ben, and DuoMax get your signups in! Then we'll have more than enough for this rpg.

oh yeah, joko and boba, I forgot to tell you that both your characters are accepted!

In fact i don't think we need many more, so if you plan on playing, get your signup in fast!
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:sweat: Sorry! I was waiting for your PM!

[B]Name:[/B] Grojek Urkuhi

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Race:[/B] Orc

[B]Homeland:[/B] Northern Angaband

[B]Swear fealty to:[/B] Sauron

[B]Lineage:[/B] N/A

[B]Weapons and Armour:[/B] Leather jacket overlaid with patches of armor and chain mail scavenged from dead enemies and allies. A rare and valuable dwarven helmet for his head. Crude Orken leg armor.

A small curved shield with multiple spikes at the end used as a second weapon.

Basically a beaten piece of metal sharpened on one side is used as his weapon. It is filed to a point and has spikes on the bottom of the handle.

[B]What kind of magic do you use:[/B] Does not die naturally. (That's true of all orcs and elves)

[B]History:[/B] Bred by the dark lord Sauron to serve his evil purposes. He is mindlessly devoted to Sauron, but will not hesitate to kill his Orc comrades. Grojek was bred the first of a few select Orcs whose minds and bodies were to be accelerated beyond those of other Orcs. The resulting advancement puts him constantly at odds with his peers.

[B]Personality:[/B] Tries very hard to remain level-headed, as he has seen many of his Orc peers slaughtered by humans when taken by feral rage. Sauron did breed within him an abiding hatred for all things living, but not so much that his special intelligence would be overcome. However, when the battle frenzy overcomes him, he is a force to be reckoned with. At 6' he is a terrible sight for humans to behold advancing upon them.
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Dunadain - Half elf, half man.

Northern Angaband

[U]Swear fealty to[/U]


Seeing as how I don't use weapons and armour, this is what I'll be using.

Wizards Walking Stick - Used for walking and to cast certain incantations.
Bone Armour - Shoulders, Chest Plate, Gloves, Boots.

Bane Spell - Against Orcs. Ability to kill one Orc by touching them. Only works once every 30 minutes.
Fog Raising - Ability to raise a fog cover. The longer the spell is chanted, the more fog is created. Requires Wizard Walking Stick.
Fog-Weaving - Ability to weave fog into various objects.
Misdirection - Ability to confuse enemies with a low mental ability.
Breath of Life - Ability to bring life temperarily to formed objects. In this case, Fog Weaved entities. Lasts 30 minutes and must recharge for 1 hour.
Voice of Command - Ability to command entites with low mental ability or those which he created.
Mind-Speech - Ability to speak to people in their minds and receive reply mentally.

Abandoned at birth, however, parents did leave him with his name, a clue to who they were. Isen`tar is a loose form of the word Istar, which, in Tenguarian Queena means Wizard. As such, he adapted his name and trained himself as a wizard, not caring to find his parents. He trained himself at such things, and thus did not train himself in forms of combat. He can weild a sword, but not for any great deal of fatality. As of late, he has embraces his elvishness more than his humanity and sworn fealty to the Elf Lords, forsaking his humanity, which will eventually lead to his death by old age.

When he turned 10 years of age, he really began his training in the magics. With his trainer, an Elf by the name of Tempa Longshives, who he considers to be his father, he traveled the lands far and wide, learning about the world around him. He found most of his joy while they were tracking through a number of swamps. He started manipulating the fog into things. A natural talent. Tempa showed him how to refine his skill, and breath life into his creatures. This feat suited him quite well, and he started doing what he could to refine it.

As he progressed in his training, Tempa showed him how to construct his walking stick, which was crafted from the trees of the swamps. The staff is good for walking and summoning fog for his forming skills, which is it's only real magical use. Tempa was called back to his home for to prepare for a coming war. A war which Isen`tar wanted nothing to do with. So he reamind in the swamps. He soon learned that not even he could escape what was about to happen. He left the swamps after adapting to them. His appearance shows the years of which he reamained in the swamps. From age 11 to 38. Living in the muddy surrounding takes a toll not easily repaired, namely the unhealth green tone it gave to his skin and hair. As such, all the fog he summons retains also a greenish tint.

He returned to his the place where he was abandoned, a city of elves, only to be shunned away. This enraged him, and he made his way for Northern Angaband, seeking to follow the Dark Lord and serve him. His talents of misdirection and fogweaving are much more powerfully used for the unrighteous.

Uses Misdirection and weaves fog entities to cover his escape, prefering to run instead of fight. Works best as part of a group, as by himself he can not do much to save himself. Not really one for a straight on fight as much as he is for getting the mission done exploiting others with weaker minds and access to his goals. That, or have a fog creatre scare the wits out of guards and allow him to walk in. The ability to talk to someone mentally from a distance also helps in misdirection and confusion, helping clear the way for him to continue on his goal.

The creatures he summons from the fog after having life breathed into them are more or less real. They are not something that can be walked through, however, they are still translucent. The largest creature that can be summoned without causing Isen`tar to become unconscious is roughly the size of a human (6 ft) but with larger shoulders, so more of a body width.
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[size=1]OOC: Sorry I'm late Drix.


Name: [/b]Turgon

[b]Age:[/b] I would think around 500

[b]Race:[/b] Noldor Elves

[b]Homeland:[/b] Gondolin

[b]Swear fealty to:[/b] Being the king of Gondolin, Turgon answers to no one, save his brother, Fingon, whom is the great general of the Noldor.

[b]Lineage:[/b] Son of Fingolfin, descendant of Finwe.

[b]Weapons and Armor:[/b] In times of war, Turgon carries into battle his longsword, Glamdring. His longbow is constructed of the finest wood and has prayers of Manwe etched in the wood, and is able to send missles of death at his enemies with pinpoint precision. A war-horn hangs at his side, for when it is blown, his troops are give such courage, and his enemies run in fear for their lives. He wears a cape of mithril which is covered in blue. His scale armor is made of blue and green mithril in the shape of leaves.

[b]Magic:[/b] I'm not going to have my character have magic, only the way Elves have over nature.

[b]History:[/b] God Drix, not now. I'll do it in the morning, or when I get back. This might even get covered in your first/history post. All the kiddies need to know is that he's the king of the Noldor.

[b]Personality:[/b] Decisive. He tries to do what is best for his people, which sometimes he can't. He tries to be patient with all of his endavors.

OOC: It's not the best, but then again I'm not really too good at sign-ups. My posts on the actual adventure will be a lot better when I get back on the 5th.

Alas, Drix's Sil knowledge is more than mine ten-fold. The trilogy is another thing, though.

I'll re-read the book on my trip, so when I get back it will all be fresh in my mind.

Edit: I changed the sword to Glamdring, and added a war-horn. I won't use it too often, seeing the effects are drastic.[/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Radaghast [/i]
OOC: It's not the best, but then again I'm not really too good at sign-ups. My posts on the actual adventure will be a lot better when I get back on the 5th.

Also, two questions about Raiha's character. First: Wouldnt she be older? Being a Maiar who has been around since existence. Second: Wouldn't she be above Thingol? Should she serve Manwe, or Eru?[/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

Nice signup, I trust you and your sil knowledge so of course you are in. Don't forget your beautiful sword, Glamdring .. it was Turgon's pride.

To answer your questions: not all maiar are told to be around since existence. Maiair don't tend to rank themselves around the account of Beleriand's inabitants, so she is no higher or lower in "rank" than Thingol. She doesn't own any title over a kingdom like he does, keep in mind. The only maiair to take legitimate rank is Melian. She serves all the valar , per se, yet she is more specifically a Maiar of Yavanna, giver of fruits (we discussed this via AIM) much like Melian is.
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