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Movie: Super Otaku Brothers (Rated PG-13)

Dragon Warrior

Who do you want to be the main character of my next big film?  

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  1. 1. Who do you want to be the main character of my next big film?

    • Dragon Warrior
    • Shinmaru
    • Syk3
    • K.K.C.
    • OtakuSennen
    • Mr. T

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It's finally here for all those who have been waiting! Yippy skippy says the Syk-Blob! So many have liked Daily Comic as well as [b]How the James Stole Christmas[/b], I just had to make another by popular demand. This one is not quite as long as How the James Stole Christmas, but it's very close as well as having a larger cast of OB members! Most of them will take after a Mario character.

Dragon Warrior- Mario
Shinmaru- Luigi
Syk3- Bowser
OtakuSennen- Princess Peach (sort of...)
Zidargh- Narrator
Xra- Goomba
K.K.C.- Koopa
Baron Samedi- Toad

Also, before you watch this, I'd like to point out I am wearing a towel in the first scene >: o I'm not nude!

[center] [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?postid=533501[/IMG] [/center]

[b]Title:[/b] Super Otaku Brothers
[b]Rated:[/b] PG-13
[b]Date Finished:[/b] Wednesday, December 31st, 2003
[b]Created By:[/b] Disasterpiece Theatre (Me :) )
[b]Time Length:[/b] 13:24

[URL=http://myimages.fourvalve.com/dragonwarrior/sob.gif]Click here to watch[/URL]

Also make sure to do the poll. It's to figure out who YOU people want to be the main character of my next production.
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Hehe...awesome, awesome stuff, Gavynn.

The whole thing was absolutely funny. I especially liked the ending lol. Nice to see that Bowser can actually get something good, heh.

And what was up with that stuff with Bert and Ernie? Made no sense at all o_O;
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I sensed a bit of family guy went into the bert and ernie scene:smirk:

But anyway, that was genious work. Believe it or not, though, i like How the James Stole Christmas a bit better. I dunno why but i do.

And meh, teh Goomba. I dun understand how i was floating, but i was...a dream come true:laugh:
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[i][color=lightpink]Ohh! That was so funny. But what happens to the room of sexy women. Do they go back to it?! I loved this one as well. It was great. I couldn't stop laughing. ^.^ [/color][/i]
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Well, here's the thing about the women room. [spoiler]They did go back, if you notice the ending where I say "How many women were in that room?" and such and there are women dancing in the background. I may of not made it to obvious, but yeah.[/spoiler]

And Xra, I did use the Family Guy idea of having Bert and Ernie gay :)
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[color=blue][size=1]*laughs hysterically* Very nice DW!! Syk's always a monster, huh? I liked how you randomly put sesame street in there..... or WAS it random.... *thinks*

Well, I REALLY enjoyed that. Princess... uh.. Prince-thingee-whatever OtakuSennen was hilarious... *wonders about spelling* Keep up the good work!!

~A Fan~[/color][/size]
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[color=silver]That was incredibly amusing. 'The Network Scene' was the funniest. It seems finance crossed with stupidity can be a very fun scenario.

Well done Dragon Warrior, I still own you, but I'll credit you as it's the new year. I'm hoping Mr. T isn't a member as Mr. T should be in any animation, 'I pity da foo' who don't put me in no damn animation'. There we go. [/color]
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Excellent work there DW. I am so happy. I starred in a movie!!

Excellent work. "Hi, my name is Zidargh and I'm badly drawn'

There were lots of other parts I wanted to mention, but that was all I could remember of them. I loved Sennen. though. Very funny. Where do you come up with all this stuff? A genius piece for sure, plus you're drawings are pretty good IMO.

Nice stuff. I am so happy. I'm Toad!

For about half the movie I thought you were James. Had no idea who the greenhaired guy was. lol. Should have read the Starring Cast better. lol.

10/10. Wonderfully funny.
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[size=1][font=century gothic][color=crimson]Yet another piece of comical genius from the Dragon Warrior.

The Bert and ernie part was... plain disturbing. :nervous:
Nice Family Guy touch there.

*also noticed DW's uncanny resemblance to the James in the James who stole Chrismas* I though you were a Mage![/font][/color]

[spoiler] Shinji should be there too, and, of course, you didn't read this, and of course, you didn't recieve that 1 bajillion dollar bribe.[/spoiler] [/size]
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Guest MetalSonic700
HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Great work once again! But I missed the conection to How the James Stole Christmas you promised... The YGO thing was great. I think Double_B or K.K.C. should star in the next one. You always use the same people. You could use Mitch for like a goth char or something and.... endless posibilities.
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I've been slowly introducing new people. Note that Baron Samedi, Xra, and Zidargh are all new to this one. And my connection between the two I promised is the narrate not only mentions that he was in How the James Stole Christmas (even though he wasn't XD) and the midget beating, I guess you could count.
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[color=silver]You have to be very respectable and honourable to star in these animations. You see, Gavynn, is a fool deep down, and easily led, so you need to rule him by power. That's how you get in.

Why do you think I got in? Because I could cook mighty-fine bacon? I think not.

Heh, the 'I'll give you a buck fifty' line and after 'Done.' cracks me up every time.[/color]
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