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[color=navy][size=1][i]In "The World" all is not as it seems. It may look peaceful and calm but it is really on the brink of destruction. "The World" is destroying itself from numerous viruses everywhere in "The World" and the only way to stop the destruction of a widely popular game, is to defeat these viruses, before they take complete control of the game and destroy it and anything or anyone in their path.

While some players have sought out these viruses to try and destroy them, none of them succeeded. Most fell into a comatose while fighting the viruses and haven't woke up.

Others of whom who did not fall into a coma have been deleted from "The World" and have not been allowed to return. While still others have become trapped in "The World".

Now players are finding out about the dangers of "The World" and are wondering, how are these viruses going to be defeated? May there be a conspiracy behind "The World" that the CC Corp does not wish anyone to know? And is this why so many have been banned from "The World"? Did they find out too much?[/i]

So, basicly, players will have to find a way to defeat these viruses. This will be somewhat like the .hack// games. We will go through the 8 phases and then, after we defeat the eighth phase, we will discover the main virus itself.

[b][u]Sign Up[/b][/u]

[i]Real World[/i]

[i]Inside "The World"[/i]
Character Name:
Level: (keep it low, between 1-20, I don't want anyone super powerful)
Class: (Heavy Blade, Twin Blade, Blademaster, Wavemaster, Long Arm, Heavy Axeman)
Weapon level:
Abilities: (abilities that your weapon gives you, must be from the .hack// games)

[b][u][i]My Sign Up[/i][/u][/b]

[i]Real World[/i]

Name: Kayla ????[undisclosable information]
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Occupation: Middle School Student
Description: 5'2'', brown hair, brown eyes. Black hooded sweatshirt with "Eat, Sleep, Skate" on the front. Baggy green cargo pants and black Vans Skateboard shoes.
Bio: A very smart girl with many weird friends she began playing "The World" after her friend told her about it.

[i]Inside "The World"[/i]
Character Name: Kayla
Gender: Female
Level: 20
Class: Wavemaster
Weapon: Dark History
Weapon level: 14
Abilities: Rue Rom, MeRue Zot
Description: Same height as in Real Life, she wears a navy blue Wavemaster dress type thing, dark blue hat, has brown hair and brown eyes.

I only wish for about 5 or 6 people in this RPG.[/color][/size]
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Name: Kia
Position: Player (trapped)
Class: Twinblade
Level: 1 (uh oh...)
Weapon: Amateur Blades
Height/Weight: 4'9, 98 lbs.
Appearance: Short little wings in back, pale green eyes, Pink hair that reaches about down to waist, short skirt (blue), short sleeved shirt (white).
Personality: Never ever fights when she can avoid it, Gets beat up a lot for asking really high level players if they can help her find her friend's killer, scared easily, shy, cries a lot.
Cause: Trying to find the monster, [spoiler]Magus[/spoiler], who placed her friend in a coma, and kill it.

Name: Kia Tohama
Age: 13 at time of death
Occupation: None.
Height/Weight: 5'2, 98 lbs.
Apperance: Pretty much the same as in "The World", but with brown hair, and normal clothes. (i.e. Blue jeans, T-shirt)
Personality: In life, she was a very shy little girl. She didn't take orders very well, and she was very passive. She got bullied around a lot at school, before she dropped out.
Bio: Kia Tohama, age thirteen, was constantly abused at home, and one day, she decided to run away from home. At age 9, she packed up her laptop, a few extra clothes, and a ham sandwich in a knapsack, and crawled out from her "room" in the basement, leaving her only refuge, never to return...
Four years later, in the dead of Winter, she was found frozen to death near a fountain in a park, along with her laptop, "the World" running on the screen. It is presumed that she died while playing "the World" because being in the game, she haden't noticed the drop in temperature.
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Sounds like fun!

Real World
Name: James Shadow
Age: 24 (In College)
Gender: Male
Occupation: In the army, hacker
Description:Short brown hair but has two long bangs in front of his face, is about 5'8'' with a medium built body. Wears a dark green shirt under a light-dark grey vest. Army pants that are green and brown spots, also black boots.
Bio: James used to work with CC Corpuration as a game designer, but then he got fired because the corupration thought he brought in/ made a virus in the game. Suddenly this virus or whatever was making people go into acoma, James know's he is innocent. Now he plays "The World" and tries to get information on anything about people going into acoma and the corpuration.

Inside "The World"
Character Name: Shadow Mika
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Class: Wavemaster
Weapon: Inferno Wand
Weapon level: 6 (I think)
Abilities: La Repth, Ru Kruz, Gon Don (spelling)
Description: Wears black sweat pants, a black long sleeve belly shirt and a red vest over it the same length. Red hair to match his ruby-red eyes.
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[color=navy][size=1]Wave_of_Death, your sign up is fine.

Mage15, I do not believe that a level 6 weapon would give you La Repth plus, it is the armor that gives you that kind of skill.

I have come to the conclusion that Curaga, Barrier, Shining Light, and Plasma Blast are Magic Scrolls. I've never heard of Curaga, Barrier, and Shining Light but I trust that these are [i]real[/i] Magic Scrolls from the game.

If they are, please tell me over a PM, other than those things, though, your sign up is fine.

[b]EDIT[/b]: Your sign up is fine now, Mage15.[/color][/size]
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I wasn't informed about if it had to be related to the game .hack//infecton and the others (or i forgot to read that part). Anyways the stuff has been changed and all, i didn't turn my game on to check the spelling of some of the abilities but thats what they are.

Besides, Curaga and Barrier are good to have in a RPG, shinning light i have no idea what I was think about when i typed that up.

So yeah, there you go, hope everythingis ok, PM me if it is not.

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[color=teal]Oh boy, I'm going to need help here. I like .hack, but I only have one of the games and I going to go by what I have on there. > . <

[b][u]Real World[/u][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Amber

[b]Age:[/b] 15

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Occupation:[/b] High School Student

[b]Description:[/b] Five foot five and a half, shoulder length creamy brown hair with blonde bangs, and purple eyes. Wears a black belly shirt, black vest with purple trim, black leather hip huggers, black boots, and black fingerless gloves.

[b]Bio:[/b] Amber is some what smart. She's in love with video games. Every game that seems appealing to her, she gets. When she heard about "The World", she had to get it right away. She wanted to see how difficult it proved to be.

[b][u]Inside "The World"[/u][/b]

[b]Character Name:[/b] Coal

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Level:[/b] 20

[b]Class:[/b] Twin Blade

[b]Weapon:[/b] Spell Blades

[b]Weapon level:[/b] 8

[b]Abilities:[/b] Staccatto, Blazing Wheel, Maj Lei, Ap Corv, Juk Rom, Juk Kruz, Tiger Claws, and Lightning Rage

[b]Description:[/b] Coal has a hair style similar to Joey Wheeler's from Yu-Gi-Oh, but his hair color is black. His eyes are a really light blue. He wears a black long sleeved shirt, a dark gray vest, a dark gray bandana around his head, baggy black pants, black fingerless gloves, and black boots.

I hope this is ok. I got the weapon and skills from my game. :sweat:[/color]
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Real World
Name: Carrie Intore
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student(High School)
Description:Short black hair,blue eyes,green camo shirt,black pants,and combat boots.
Bio: Carrie doesn't have many friend so she spends most of her time in the world.Even though she stays in the world alot she has surpisingly good grades.Carrie enjoyes just walking around town when she's bored.She loves books and is working on writing one of her own.Carrie was first intrused to the game when her dad bought her one and she started to play it none stop.He now regreats getting for her.

"The World"
Character Name: Flame
Gender: Female
Level: 19
Class: Long Arm
Weapon: Million$ Spear
Weapon Level: 14
Attributes: Repulse Doom, Juk Wipe
Description: see attachment

Edit: Thanks DDG.
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[color=navy][size=1]There are two spots left, but one of them is saved for Mai_Minase. She will post her sign up tomorrow. I have already seen it and okayed it.

Everyone else's sign ups are good and I PM'ed Swordmaster13 about the weapon and attributes.[/color][/size]
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I'm finally here!
Name: Katsuki
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Occupation: 7th Grader
Description: Short, straight, brown hair, brown eyes. Wears a geyish sweatshirt with black stripes on the side, underneath is a blue shirt that says "It Wasn't Me." As well as baggy blue jeans.
Bio: She's one of Kayla's wierd friends, but she's a little less smart. She was the first one to turn Kayla onto "The World."

Inside "The World"
Character Name: Sakura
Gender: Female
Level: 21 (DDG accepted this)
Class: Twin Blade
Weapon: Slayers
Weapon level: 17
Abilities: Twin Dragons, Twin Darkness...
Description: short straight purple hair, blue eyes, a lighter blue t-shirt and skirt
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