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[i]My name is Dawn. You do not know who or what I am. Nobody does. I'm not quite sure of what I am, myself. But I do know who I am. And I do know what is happening, and why. You see, my actions are what caused the current situation.

It began over a thousand years ago, when a man named Amvis made a discovery. Amvis was a mercenary, one who had no morals left. He probably had them at one time, but they were lost. He was one of the worst people who could have mede the discovery he did.

What he discovered was some sort of energy. He found it while chasing an assigned target through an abandoned ruin of some kind. Its physical form was nothing more than a large sphere. When he saw it, Amvis, showing the lack of common sense common when one is confronted with an unknown object, touched it. the energy flowed into him, giving him great power. But the energy also changed his mind. It took a small piece of his mind and rewrote his personallity and desires based on that small amout of information, in this case the desire of one who he had worked for in the past. Amvis gathered an army, and set out to rule all known land. None who resisted could stop him.

I do not remember what I was like back then. What I do remember is that I wanted desperately to stop Amvis. I returned to the ruin where he found the energy, and began searching for anything I could use against him. I knew where the ruin was, because I had been there before. I was the one he was chasing that day, though I do not know why he was ordered to kill me. It was me who led him into the ruin. It was my fault that he found the energy, and I felt that I had to stop him.

I found another energy sphere, identical to the one Amvis found. I did not know what it was, but I was desperate to find something, so I touched it. As had happened with Amvis, the energy flowed into me. At that time, I could only think of stopping Amvis. The energy based my new mind on that desire.

I gathered my own army to fight Amvis's. I knew that mine was greatly inferior to his, but that did not mater. The army was used as a diversion. While the two armies fought, I confronted Amvis. We fought each other, but we prooved to be equals. So I took a risk. I focused my full power on him, forceing him to do the same to me. We destroyed each other, as I had hoped. But the energy had done more than give us powers and change our minds. It had made us more like it. Neither of us were truly alive at that point, so we couldn't truly die. I knew it was only a matter of time before both of us came back, and the conflict repeated itself. Which is where the rest of my gambit comes into play. This time, I intend to stack the deck in my favor, but in the end, I can only hope that my plan works, and that I have chosen the right ones to do it[/i]

Amvis's existance has been forgotten by most people, as has Dawn's. The world is a basic medival(sp?) society. Magic is common, but normally very weak. It is used for many things, but never have individuals been able to use more than one element. There are a few large cities, most of them port cities. The rest of the people live in towns and villiages, which are scattered all over the place.

Sign-up time. My character is listed as an example:

Name: Karanlik

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: About six feet tall. He keeps his black hair cut short. He has brown eyes. He'He's reasonably thin, and well-muscled.

Personallity: Probably the most determined person you'll ever meet. He'll never give up. He's also a very fast thinker. He can adapt to almost any situation. He's a good leader, but doesn't like following orders too much. He's very trustworthy, and is a person you'd want watching your back in a fight. He fights as a sport, but he's no pushover in a real battle to the death, even without using his powers. He carries two finely crafted poles with him almost everywhere, and he's an expert with them.

Element(One per character, and only one character can have each element. The most obvious possibillities are things like fire and water, but there are many other choices, too): Darkness

Powers(These must match your element. And be sure to keep it reasonable): When in significant light, such as durring daytime, he's limited to useing stored energy. He can use this energy in the form of basic energy blasts, and as protection, to a limited extent. He can also block out weaker light sources. When it's dark, he's much more dangerous. He can draw energy from the surrounding darkness, which he can use in the same fashions as durring the day, but to much greater effect and with much greater control. He can also hide himself and others from sight.

Notes: First, no "bad guys". Your characters don't have to be the nicest of people, but I don't want anybody who can be described as "bad". Second, your character's powers are much greater than those of any standard magic-user. The reason for this will be explained in the story. And finally, there is a reason I didn't put a bio in the sign-up, so please don't include one. Oh, and just to avoid confusion when I start this, when the story begins, every character is in the port city of Vanduo. Your character can be there for any reason, as long as he or she is there.

I think that's all. PM me if you have any questions.
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Name: Crispin (of Tapper)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Crispin is on the short and skinny side and even though she tries to cover it up with baggy clothes, it still shows. She hates that she has a less-than-impressive bust because she is often made fun of for it... by almost everyone. She has a belt that carries a small dagger and two pouches that contain small "marbles" that when thrown cause a thick smoke screen.

Personality: Crispin (of Tapper) is a fast and tricky girl who likes to have fun. She hangs out with guys most of the time because she fits in with them more (even if they make fun of her "losses" sometimes). She likes playing tricks on people and is a misfit in society. You can never completely trust her, because she never completely trusts anybody else. She's not too strong, but she places her faith in her speed and trickery.

Element: Illusionist

Powers: She can create fake copies of herself (up to three). Most of the time she chooses to use her mirroring powers to confuse people, she thinks it's funnier to see people scared by copies of themselves, when really it's just mirrors. She also can create optical illusions to entrance people.

OOC: *delete* Yay![/color][/b][/font]
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Name: Cyrrial

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: 5 feet-tall healthy boy with green eyes and brown, short air and a very nice voice. He's rather strong, but mostly cunning, as his skill with the axe and sling aren't exactly good, even though he's training.

Personality: An orphan, Cyrrial became the blacksmith's apprentice. He learned from the ruthless man that alcohol makes a good all-around solution to insoluble problems, something that seems to cling to him. Despite the smith's distastes for the earthy work, what Cyrrial wants most id to be a farmer. He's never killed anybody, though the killing he'd witnessed have marked him, maybe more profoundly one might think.

Element: Plant

Powers: Cyrrial can sense the emotions and locations of plants, especialy large ones. He can also animate them to his will, accelerate their growth or heal them. He is probably not aware of the full extent of his powers, having mostly used them to "mess around".
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Darn, I know what character to use for this RPG, but her element is Darkness and that's taken... OK, time for Plan B. Ummm... what is Plan B? Well, I could always use my element and RP myself... Hey! I've never done that before!
I'll try to limit my powers...

[color=indigo][u]Name:[/u] Alpha
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Age:[/u] 15
[u]Appearance:[/u] 5'2", long straight red hair, violet eyes, wears a medium-sleeved purple shirt, a black skirt, black gloves and black boots
[u]Personality:[/u] Even though her real name is Naomi, she insists on being called by her nickname, Alpha, all the time. She also is a loner and is somewhat antisocial and seems dark and mysterious to others. She likes to threaten people, and when someone insults or hurts her in any way, she would try to put a curse on them, if she can.
[u]Element:[/u] Psychic
[u]Powers:[/u] Alpha can use telekinesis and can read minds. She also can fire blasts of psychic energy (she's famous for that) and has some hypnotic powers. She's immune to almost any other psychic attacks, and she can also detect invisible people.[/color]

Hope I'm in, and hope the signup's OK... (especially the Powers section)
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Chimé "Chi" Iteki

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://www.ffonline.com/1_ff10gfx/weapon-sword1.gif]Long Sword[/URL]

[B]Appearance:[/B] Chi has long, flowing chocolate brown hair that ends around the middle of her back. Her eyes are a piercing emerald. The wings that sprout from her back are a glittering sapphire blue. Sometimes she can sprout out in sapphire scales but she turns back. She usually wears a black, button up shirt with a blue teardrop embroided on the bottom right of the buttons and a blue dragon on the left hand side of the buttons, she wears black pants to match and black sneakers. Around her neck is a silver chain with a small crystal/glass sphere that has a spark of power inside it. The spark is usually blue but corresponds with her emotions.

[B]Personallity:[/B] Chi is a cold person, she keeps her emotions to herself and doesn't open to many people. Now and again, if you get close enough to her, she'll let you in slowly. Though she gets angry when anyone she cares for gets hurt. She's stubborn and sticks to her rights and beliefs and is quite arrogant. Her beauty is deadly and her intelligence, creativity and power are things people underestimate about her. Her cold side doesn't let her accept jokes which makes her overserious about things, making people try to get her to brighten up. But as I said before, she's the guardian type and is protective over people she cares for.

[B]Element[/B] Water

[B]Powers:[/B] Chi can control Water in any form,eg.Rain,ice,liquid etc.In bodies of water,eg.Lakes,rivers,ponds,puddles etc.She can send thought messages with those who have even the slightest of psychic powers and those who don't.Her most powerful talent is summoning a Large Water Dragon.It attacks with a deadly force of water attacks.Mika can create cyclones,whirlpools and other deadly and dangerous water hazards.Her most useful talent though is being able to breathe underwater for long periods of time.She could even live underwater if she wanted to.Her natural talent is being able to hurl water at enemies.Her last thing that isn't magical related is that she is very acrobatic and moves swiftly,quietly and smoothly like running water.she also has a strange power to talk to the animals...Like Dr. Dolittle.When she talks to the animals,it sounds like english but to others it sounds like the sound of the animal.[/COLOR]
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Name: Kayin

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: [url]http://www.myimgs.com/data/THova/KayinCloud.jpg[/url]

Personallity: Kayin is a very determined fighter and a very fast learner. He is very protective and gets along well with others. He is sometimes shy and does not always say what is on his mind.

Element: Wind

Powers: Kayin is capable of manipulating wind as he pleases, for increasing his speed and creating hurricanes and other wind motions. If he cannot see visually, he can use wind to sense his surroundings.
Is this still too much?
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