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Sign Up Buffy The Vampire Slayer/ Angel universe RPG

Xander Harris

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Welcome to Otaku Lake, Minnesota. This is a friendly community about twenty miles outside St. Paul. It is home to twelve churches, more farming equipment than you can shake a stick at, and lots of small town pride. Cheer on the Wild Penguins at the home games. Lose yourself in Cedric's corn maze every summer. Swim in the beautiful (albeit occasionally polluted) waters of Otaku Lake. Here you will find family and friends and home cooking. Oh, Yeah. It also happens to be the mouth of Hell, but other than that....

With the Battle Of Sunnydale fought and won, every girl in the world who [I]could[/I] be a Slayer, [I]will [/I] be. Buffy and Company spread out over the world to mentor the emerging slayers and take the fight to the forces of evil. A new hellmouth has just formed in Minnesota, and a small group of white hats will fight to protect the Otaku Lake and the St. Paul area from the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness that seek to open the hellmouth and plunge the world into chaos.

I need somewhere between four and ten heroes. There is a limit of 2 on bona fide vampire slayers. A limit of 3 on reformed demons/vampires with souls. One or two people can be Watchers or professional demon-hunters. Everyone else should be residents of Otaku Lake.

When designing characters, try to keep the Buffy The Vampire Slayer/ Angel 'feel' in mind. Your characters should be quirky, likeable, and fun to write dialogue for. The more witty "buffy speak" the better.

Advancing sub-plots/romances etcetera is highly encouraged. Your characters should interact and grow as the "show" progresses.

I'm going to try something a little different in terms of character creation. Every character has 15 points to spend on abilities and skills at character creation. The following are the categories you can put these points in. Every category will have a score of one to ten, 1 being barely adequate and 10 being brilliant.

Magic, unlike other skills, has a range of 1 to 20. When your characters find spells in their occult library, each spell will have a minimum skill needed to cast it. Magic in the Buffy-verse is not like the magic on the battle boards. It is very plot-specific and ritualistic, and it is rarely is used in combat.

Guts: (how well you tolerate scary things. Someone with a low score will freak out when they see a vampire, whereas someone with a high score could have a staring contest with Glory.)

Strength: (how strong you are. Two is average for a human. Four is average for a vampire.)

Martial Arts: (how good you are at hand to hand combat. Don't take high scores in this unless it fits the character. Only slayers can start with a score higher than 3)

Health: (how hard you are to kill or render unconcious)

Magic: (determines what level spells you can cast)

Work Skills-please specify: (construction, farming, taking tests at school, basically whatever your character does during the day)

Research skill: (how good you are at finding things in the occult library)

Racial abilities-please specify: (NO GODMODING! This is any skill you have that another race would not, for example, if you are a demon that can read people's minds by listening to them sing, that would be a racial ability.)

Technology: (how good you are with computers and such. Three is average for a teenager, five for your average hacker.

I will be using the "Episode" format that others have found so useful. At the end of each episode, you will be awarded another point to spend on your skllls if you have somewhat descent posts and stay in character.

If you want to participate, but not play one of the main characters, make a description for one of the inhabitants of the town. I'll PM you if you are needed for an episode. Ideas would be the eccentric magic shop owner, a local pastor/priest, or the local grocer.

So turn on some "nerf herder" music, make a character, and prepare to enter the funny and scary world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!
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Cool a Buffy the vampire slayer game, first of all though I don't think anyone would wanna be the Host.

Name: Vaillanus (Human name was forgotten years ago)
Age: 68 (As in he has existed for 68 years, He appears to be barely 20)
type: Reformed Vampire (HE DOES NOT KNOW WHO HE IS or what he is so I consider him reformed.)
guts: 3
Strength: 4
martial Arts: 1( I don't need martial arts with the way my guy fights).
Health: 3
magic: 1
Ranged attack: 3 ( A decent shot with a crossbow).

Bio: A brash youth from the 30s, he was attacked while wandering down an alleyway by a pretty vampire named Darla. Vaillunus was struck in the head while fighting in a pub brawl, causing him to forget whom or what he was. His only knowledge of who he was by a nametag on his coat. Vaillunus then wandered America for 50 years until he settled down in Otaku Lake where he has taken to defending the townsfolk as a guard with a graveyard shift(Literally).
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Forgot a fairly important skill. My bad.

Ranged Weapons- please specify: (how good you are with a crossbow, gun or other ranged weapon)

Daermon, although I appreciate your enthusiasm, the idea here was to create origional characters. If you really want to be spike, maybe I can work you in as a guest character at some point (although it might be difficult, considering how spike is a little bit busy in LA right now ;) ).

I would appreciate it if you would make an origional character- perhaps another reformed vampire?

Anyway, thanks for responding, and thank you for your interest in my Buffyverse RPG! :)
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Name: Fenris Beta (I break heads. :flaming: )
Species: Werewolf
Guts: 2
Strength: 7
Martial Arts: 5
Ranged Attack: 0
Health: 5
Magic: 0
Work Skills: 0
Research skill: 0
Racial abilities: Shift into werewolf
Technology: 1

Bio: He came to America from Norway, with no recollection of his past. The only thing he remembered was an old woman telling him a story about the great Norse gods. He remembered, vividly, a vision of Odin fighting the Fenris wolf, and then letting go. His vision ended and he woke up on the bank of a river and stared into the water. He was startled to see a one-eyed man fighting a massive wolf. Then, the man let go and the wolf turned into him, and slayed the man. The image of himself looked him in the eye and a pain shot through his body. Then, he turned into a wolf for the first time...

Personality: He appears somewhat quiet and tries to intimidate people into doing what he wants. That makes him seem like a bully, but in his spare time, he looks up the old myths and reads about Lycanthropy and other werewolf-related things. He likes philosophy and reading, though he doesn't mind a good fight. (I still break heads. :flaming: )
When speaking to a member of the opposite sex, he most-often doesn't know what to say an is just plain vulgar.

Description: (Human) He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He's built like a bear (though not as cuddly) and stands at 6'1". He wears punk clothes (black, red, and silver) and a pair of black boots. His hair is long and always messed up.

Description: (Werewolf) His fur turns a dirty shade of white his eyes remain blue. He looks like a very large, mean wolf on two legs. His clothes usually rip, so he always brings a bag with extra clothes.
(His bio sounds kinda deep, but it makes sense if you know the old Norse myths.)
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Name: Raven
Species: Slayer
Age: 16
Guts: 2
Strength: 5
Martial Arts: 4
Health: 5
Work Skills: Talking to People
Research skill: 2
Technology: 3
Ranged Weapons: 3 (good with bow/crossbow)
Bio: Raven is a southern girl from Texas who had a pretty good childhood until she became completely freaked out about learning she is a potential slayer from her watcher Raymond, who was one of the watchers that survived the destruction of the watchers council. Raymond tought Raven all about other slayers like Buffy and about some of the things she went through living on a hellmounth. After Raymond informed her that her powers were activated by a powerful witch Raven was put to the test when she had to fight a powerful demon, she failed and Raymond was killed. Pretty soon afterwards she was kicked out of school for breaking a jerks arm accidentilly, her parents decided it would be good for her to start off on a new start in a new town Otaku Lake, Minnesota. A place that Raymond has told her has a hellmouth.

Personality: Raven is a girly girl (like Cordelia in high school only nice) that is easily grossed out by the forces of darkness that she must now face. Although she is a bit materialistic but she tries not to be and has become a lot better at it since Raymond's death, she also tries to take her duties as a Slayer seriously but sometimes she just wants to do things that normal teens do.
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Name: Zynth(everyone calls him Z.)
Age: 13
type: (Ok, sure, it's unheard of but,hey, I have a big imagination, i can share.) Demon Hunter
guts: 3
Strength: 2(Doesn't need to fight, he cast spells and finds that being a teenager makes him weak.)
martial Arts: 2(He casts spells.)
Health: 2
magic: 5
research: 0(Doesn't like it so he doesn't use it.)
technology:0(Studys magick instead.)
Ranged attack:1(fireballs, if that's an option.)
Oh yeah,
Work skills: They threw him out of school, so his parents threw him out of his home, he had a "watcher"(His name is Corwin, he was a watcher but then he became a rogue demon hunter, tought Z everything he knew and when he died he transfered his magical energy to Z.).
Personality: Never has been shy in his life, if he wants to meet someone, he meets them, he never holds back no matter if he is afraid or in pain ect. , including when he's fighting. Always ready with sarcasm and snappy comebacks. Thinks slayers are ok but if he see's one slacking off when they should be on the job, he slaps them back into swing. He is also a percussionist(drummer) and sometimes makes statements that don't make sence unless your a drummer your self (eg. She beat that like a 17 stroke.) Also has very violent tendencese, nothing dangerus or REALLY painful, he just slaps some people every once in a while( usually demons). Last thing but very important, like Willow, he has many different sides to him, like he uses other's power when nesecery, and he has a dark side. With great power comes great responcibilety, and that sometimes gets to him. Likes staking vamps with drumsticks, it amuses him, so does sticking them in their eyes.
ALWAYS has candles, cant scripts,incease, a lighter, and magic circle materials with him along with drumsticks.
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Yay! We have slayer number 1 :wigout:

Your stats are great, Rei, but I would like to see some background and personality for Raven. Personality, more than anything, is most important to the Buffy-verse style of game. Some things to consider: How does Raven view the Slayer calling? Does she relish in it like Kendra, or want to live a normal life like Buffy? How much of a dark side does she have? What is her family like? What does she think of Buffy? Thanks for replying, I look forward to seeing what you come up with for background and personality :)

Hey, Buffy_boy, I knew you would show up sooner or later ;) Anyway, I like the character, but he doesn't seem to have much of a personality. If you think the vengeance demon would have more of one, than use him/her instead. I'm looking forward to seeing you post in this, since your signature seems to show that you have a good knowledge of what "Buffy-speak" is all about.

Welcome back, Daermon! Nice stats, but like Raven your guy has serious need of a personality and bio of some sort. Here are some questions to consider: How did Vaillanus get his soul back? Who was his sire? How does he talk? Does he think with his fists or his head? What's he think of the local Slayers?

Farto, nice bio. I myself am a huge Norse-mythology fan, so I know exactly what you are talking about :cool: . A little more in the way of personality would be nice, though.

Remember, character interaction and subplots will be important to this RPG, as they are on the T.V. shows by Joss Whedon. Start thinking about how your characters got to know each other, and what their relationships are to one another.

I am thinking of running this RPG like a director of a T.V. show. Each episode would be divided into Acts and scenes. I think this would be good, as many RPG's seem to die because people don't know what they are supposed to do next. The format would go something like this:

Act 1: The forces of darkness prepare their plan to cast a spell that would steal everyone's voices. The sub-plot of Zynth's mom's illness advances. Raven's romantic life grows more complicated.

Scene 1: RAVEN and FENRIS in the halls of the high school

(they post their interactions with each other and with any NPCs they make up or I introduce When they seem to be finished, I post....)

Scene 2: ALL fight vampires on the nightly patrol

(we post the battle.)

(theme song :D )

Scene 3: Cutscene: The forces of evil gather their spell components and begin to chant.

Scene 4: While the heroes sleep, the spell takes effect. Everyone wakes up with no voices.

(roleplay out initial reactions)

I was also thinking of posting goals and possible outcomes in the Scene posts.

This would certainly be interactive. If you wanted your characters to do a certain thing or have a certain discussion, PM me, or put an OOC header at the start of a post. I'll make a scene at some point to do what you want to do. And, of course, what happens within a scene can effect what future scenes will be about.

Each episode would be a separate thread.

I thought this would be a good way to keep a cinematic feel and provide some structure to the RPG.

O.k. The demon positions are filled, but we can still have one more slayer. You can still be any sort of human: demon-hunters, high school white-hats (remember, Xander and Willow were essential to the team, even though they weren't slayers or demons) Watchers, and anything else you come up with that isn't a demon...
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Name: Kara Christine (KC for short)
Race: Slayer
Age: 17
Guts: 3
Strength: 4
Martial Arts: 3
Health: 2
Magic: 2
Research skill: 1
Technology: 0
Ranged Weapons: 0 (prefers hand-to hand combat)

Appearance: (No one else did this but I dare to be different!) 5'8" skinny, shoulder length blonde, greasy hair with black streaks in it. Misty blue eyes and a pale complextion. Usually has hoop earrings, a lip peircing, and tons of black makeup. Partial to leather and red clothes.

Bio: Grew up in Los Angeles.She was shunned, and kept mostly to herself. She liked to hang out wiht her big brother, Greg. At the age of 16, her brother was "killed". Soon after that she found out that she was a slayer. She found out that Greg wasn't dead, but he turned into a vampire. He killed her mother and father, and then went after her. She knew she had to kill him, but she was reluctant to do it. She ran away to live with her aunt in Otaku Lake. Greg followed her. He tried to sire her, and she took a chair leg and staked him. She then disowned her watcher, William, in a blind rage. She now works simply to destory all vampires.

Personality: When she fights, she goes numb. She cares about nothing except killing everything in front of her face. She often lets her emotions get the best of her. She's very intelligent, and hates to be second-guessed.(which is why she doesn't like her watcher)

Work Skills: (I don't know if this is a "skill" per se, so I just put it here without points) A extreme musician (mainly thanks to her brother, Greg) she excersices her agility and strength not in sports but in dance. She used to play and sing all the time, but since her family was destroyed, she hasn't played a thing. She still retains her hatred toward organised sporting events.

~Yea I'm finally done editing!!~
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[quote name='buffy_boy_']OOC: So when and where do we start the first "scene" or "episode"?? And I've edited my Z charater to have a personality....kinda....we.....almost exactly like mine.[/quote]

We get started when everyone has their characters ready. Then I'll post the first episode in the adventure arena proper. I can PM you when it starts, if you'd like.
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Name: Robert Jacobson
Race: Human - Demon Hunter
Age: 45 (Ya... I know...)
Guts: 3
Strength: 1
Martial Arts: 1
Health: 2
Magic: 1
Work Skills: Ex - Cop who can sense demons, but doesn't trust himself... so he just assumes everyone is a demon... Just in case
He has connections with the police force... but about 60% of them think he's senile and insane!
Research skill: 2
Technology: 1
Ranged Weapons: 4 (gun skills)
Appearance: (I like the idea!) A typical ex-cop... on medication... too much...
He has a grey-brown stubble beneath his nose. It's kind of like a goatee... but not really!
For clothes he wears his old worn out uniform... packs his trustee pistol by his side... and his truck keys attached to his belt loop... so no one can STEAL THEM!(not that anyone would ever steal his old rusty POS anyway)
Personality: Old, paranoid, angry, paranoid, impulsive, paranoid... hm... what am I missing?
Basically he runs around pointing his gun yelling... "DEMON! I KNOW IT! I CAN FEEL IT!"
Bio: Spent his life on the police force, a normal person... living with his mother at a ripe young age of 32!

He was beaten up as a child, whenever he wasn't sniffing glue...

As he got older he only got worse... he developed a sense for the supernatural... not that it helped him any!

Now he's infiltrating the school to save the world from demons and vampires... by being the one teacher everyone has to have a class with, by law... THE GYM TEACHER!
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Sure, Cyriel. Since Buffy_boy decided not to go with the vengeance demon, then you can be a reformed vampire.

A Word About Magic:

Take your guts, add it to your strength, add it to your magic and divide it all by three. That's how many spells your character can cast during one game session. No one "has their spells memorized", as most spells cast in the Buffy-verse are very specificically tied to a certain plot.

I've heard the idea before that spells in the Buffy-verse should only be allowed to be cast once, but I'm not going to go with that. However, the fact that someone would say that underlines the fact that magic in the Buffy-verse is very much tied to specific plots.

When a spell is cast, a seperate scene will almost always be created for it. Spells in the Buffy-verse typically require several people to help wave candles, draw magic circles, chant, etc. Every spell is assigned a spell level. You can cast spells that have a higher level than your magic skill, but at the risk of side effects and possible harm to yourself. Magic in the Buffy-verse almost always has a price... not to mention the threat of magic addiction (see season 6).

O.k. Here are some samples of spells from the series and their level:

Level 0: Can't cast spells.

Level 1: There are no spells at this level, but you may attempt spells of a higher level with risks.

Level 3: Levitating a pencil.

Level 6: Re-souling angel (note that willow did not have this level of skill when she cast this spell, so she suffered some ill effects.

Level 7: Find demons spell. Steam offensive spell Tara uses.

Level 9: Exorcism spell. Most spells to restore reality to it’s norm. (but it’s a lot easier to just break the talisman, if there is one)

Level 11: Teleportation spell Willow uses on Glory. Higher level counter-spells.

Level 13: Shielding spell she uses to stop the knights.

Level 15: Major telekinesis.

Level 17: Healing spells may be attempted… but often with unintentional side-effects.

Level 19: Resurrection spell.

Level 20: Dimensional portals.

Epic Levels: Rework the slayer prophecy (in the season finale) The Mayor’s Ascension. Stuff like that.

In general, when you want to cast a spell, PM me or have your character mention it or something, and I will set up a scene for it. Remember that most magic must be prepared beforehand, even many minor offensive magicks, because of the way Buffy-Verse magic depends so heavily on material components. If you want to use spells in combat, tell me what they are beforehand. Some things, like levitating a pencil, won’t need prior preperation, but most will.

Each character with a magic score of four or higher may have three minor offensive spells (that I approve before the game starts) to use in combat. Basically, communication is the key to making magic work in the Buffy-Verse style of RPG. Talk to me.
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Name: Rannos Qyiron
Age: 13
type: Demon Hunter
guts: 3
Strength: 3
martial Arts: 3
Health: 3
magic: o
research: 1
Ranged attack:2
Work skills: He has far above average strength for a teenager, which makes it easy for him to win in hand to hand combat. He has no aptitude in magic, and has SERIOUS problems with technology. Can barely even get a computer to look things up and run simple programs for him, much less know how to do anything else with one. He knows how to use a bow with some aptitude. When he learned about vampires, he began fashioning his own arrows from only wood, so as to serve as a ranged stake.
Bio: He grew up a friend of Zynth's in Otaku Lake, making sure that he never got too out of control. He was the voice of reason when Zynth turns to his dark side. He acquired his talents for Archery at a summer camp that he went to every summer in Iowa. When he and Zynth met Corwin, their Watcher, and learned about the Old Ones and vampires, they immediately decided to attempt to kill any demons they can find. Vampires as well.
Personality: He is friendly and generally doesn't bother anyone at his school. He has great pride, however, and will take great pains to repay anyone who dares to insult him in any manner. He is a life-long friend and partner of Zynth's, helping him to hunt demons. Is also a percussionist.
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Buffy_boy, I think you miss the point. OF COURSE no one can start higher than five at the start of the game, I said the initial sign up post that as the "show" progressed you would earn more points to spend :) . Willow didn't start out able to cast any spells, but by the end of the series she was the most powerful Wicca on the planet. Also, if the plot requires it, your characters can cast spells higher than his skill level... but with risk. On the Buffy show, very few are the times when Willow easily casts a spell with no side effects, effort or risk. ;)

Like with any good RPG, your characters will improve as time goes on :D

In answer to your query, Farto, I think we have enough characters now. I'm waiting to get the RPG started until I see if Rei and Daermon give me some background info. I'm also waiting to see if Cyriel will post a character or not...

I'll give them another day or so, and then start the RPG without them if need be.

If that happens, I'll want to find someone else to take that Slayer slot Rei reserved... Anyone else want it?
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[quote name='Xander Harris']I am thinking of running this RPG like a director of a T.V. show. Each episode would be divided into Acts and scenes. I think this would be good, as many RPG's seem to die because people don't know what they are supposed to do next. The format would go something like this:[/quote]
[size=1]I like the idea, of doing things in a scene-based format, just because it makes things flow easier in an RPG. Your sign-up thread has a lot of potential, but I would just ask that everyone put more thought into the back-stories and personalities of your characters. Something like Buffy is very character driven, and statistics just don't give enough information about the characters.

Time for my sign-up, yea!

[b]Name:[/b] Cary Jacobs

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Species:[/b] Human

[b]Guts[/b]: 3

[b]Strength:[/b] 2

[b]Martial Arts:[/b] N/A

[b]Ranged Attack:[/b] 1

[b]Health:[/b] 3

[b]Magic:[/b] 3

[b]Work Skills:[/b] Botany - Living on a farm Cary has developed an uncanny knowledge of the plants and crops growing in Otaku Lake. When the wheat needs more fertilizer, or the cornfield begins to spell out cryptic warnings, Cary is the first to notice. Combined with his use of magic, he can find more common alternatives to some of the more obscure magical components that make up certain spells, with unpredictable results. (Example: Lotus petals are not so common in Otaku Lake, but using the right combination of sunflowers and grain might do the job, or accidentally open up the gates of hell, who knows?)

Apprenticeship - Unknown to Cary, he is being constantly monitored by powerful mystical forces. They often use the power of the Hellmouth to challenge him, and see if he is worthy of joining their ranks when he comes of age. This group is known as the Order of Ka, and is comprised of powerful businessmen and Warlocks alike. Cary first drew their attention after he banished a powerful fire spirit who happened to be one of their founding members. Rather than punish him, they secretly provide aid to Cary in his more serious battles, hoping that he might one-day return the favor when the time is right.

[b]Research Skill:[/b] 2

[b]Racial abilities:[/b] n/a

[b]Technology:[/b] 3

[b]Biography:[/b] Cary was born to a pair of loving parents in their large farm in Otaku Lake. As Cary grew, so did the town, and by the time he had entered high school the farm was sold off to a group of real estate developers who hoped to turn the area into several blocks of affordable tract housing. The Jacobs family grew quite wealthy from this, and when Cary turned 18 his parents used their money to move out of state. However, Cary had no interest in leaving Otaku Lake. In order to afford living on his own Cary found work at Grind, a local coffee shop. He lives in a moderately sized apartment near his old family farm. Due to an attack by a fire spirit, construction on the estate has been halted indefinitely, and most of the original farm remains intact. Cary often visits the site to practice his magic in secrecy, which he has been doing for several years. In his free time Cary likes to write, watch old movies and study up on the occult.

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Nice to have you on board, Shy! I think we have enough characters to get started now. Give me a little time to get the opening post ready. Heezay, I would appreciate it if you would post that watcher soon. Cyriel, likewise for you if you want to participate. Realize that because we have so many people playing in this, some people might end up with a little more or less 'screen-time' than others. Keep in mind that Angel did not become an official member of the cast until halfway through season 2.

If anyone else really wants to play, and gives me a really good character, I might consider bringing him in later. Also, over time, current players are bound to drop out, and their characters with them. So we will eventually need some people to take over their slots. The cast of Angel changed many times over the course of the season, and I see no reason why this should be any different.

Farto, the Battle Of Sunnydale was in the 2002-2003 year. This RPG will start at the beginning of the 2003-2004 school year, around the same time as the fifth season of Angel.
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Could someone give me a quick rundown on the job of Watcher? I watch the shows enough to have a good understanding, but I am not exactly sure what a Watcher does. Sorry for holding this up.
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