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Sign Up The Battle of the Gold Dragon (I would put it PG-13 for extreme blood. Mild Language)

G/S/B Master

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[i] In a land where man fought eachother and tyranny was everywhere. The seal of the Gold Dragon was safe. The seal contains a hidden magical powers that allowed the person that could break into it's "shell" to have abilities unlike no other. The story engraved in it is that "the one who truely has the most power can unleash the Gold Dragon's full potential". The seal was protected by the 8 great guardians. Each had their own magical and physical property. Until one day, a group called the Vendetta Council took the spirit within the seal and killing the guardians. The action has disrupted the balance of nature. Earthquakes of high ratio, violent volcanoes, and major tsunamis was the effects of the spirit taken. It was the group of people called the Kaishos that was formed to take the spirit back from the Vendetta Council. But, there was another after effect of the stolen spirit. It allowed some special people to turn into monsters of their choosings. It could be animals, a powered up forms of themselves, or creatures that could be only told from fairy tales. The beast could be controled, but for some people, the beast would be too powerful to handle and the beast itself could control the user, turning beast to human whenever the beast want. Both VC and Kaishos had these powers. But 1 force will prevail, and a special person will unlock the secrets of the gold dragon. [/i]

Sign up

Side: (Vendetta or Kaisho)
Rank of your side: (Leader*, Right hand man, Supreme General, Officer, others**)
Weapon of Chioce:

Beast Name:
Beast Description:
Beast Signature Attack: (and it's description)

*=PM me for this job. Because I'm not allowing just ANYONE. I'm only giving this out to a person that can post very frequently. Once you accepted the requirements. You must be active in the RPG. If not, you will probleby be ranked down.

**= PM me for any other job ya want that you didn't see. And I'll judge if that is acceptable.


Name: Makiyu Anarta
Age: 26
Side: Kaisho
Rank of your side: Leader
Weapon of Choice: Silver Katana
Description: 6'4, emerald green eyes, brown spikey hair, white blouse like shirt, black cape, black pants, belt that is attached to his sheath which hold his katana, and brown boots.
Bio: Makiyu had a "good" childhood. His father was extremely rich and he controled the most powerful army the world had ever seen. Makiyu spent most of his time studying and praticing on his weapons. On his spare time he would research on many great stratagists or talk to his limited friends. WHen he was 16, the Vendetta council was form and it diminished 3/4 of his father's army in 4 years. Soon when he was 24, his father was dead by the Vendetta Council in a great battle. 3 days later, he formed a rebellion called the Kaisho in honor of his father. He vowed to take down the Vendetta council and take the spirit back or die trying.

Beast Name: Serenade
Beast Description: Makiyu integrates with his warrior spirit to successfully go into his beast form. His light clothes turns into black armor that covers his whole body exept his head and it reaches all the way till it meets the top of it's ankle, with some yellow swirls on his shoulder area. He wears boots to match his armor and, his eyes turns bloody red with black slits. He has a tail that his a VERY sharp sword edge at the end of it. He now inherits a "third" eye on his forehead. Allowing him to track down his opponent in darkness or anything when he's in a blind state. He has other uses for the thrid eye though.....
Beast Signature Attack:

Eternal Pain-

His third eye is shown very brightly along with his katana. The katana is surrounded by an incantation. THen Seranade reads the kanjis from his katana and his tail lunges at his opponent's chest and entering it until it's centimeters from his heart. THe tail pulled him/her towards him. Then Seranade slashes the opppoent like a madman spewing out enough blood to kill you or knock you out for a LONG time. Then he swings his tail around trying to get the opponent off his tail. BUt it actually spills more blood instead.
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Name: Sturm Brightblade.
age: 25
Rank: Supreme General
weapon of choice: An Great sword forged of Iron.
Description: 5'7,Long black hair with a braid running down his shoulder,Blue eyes and a terrible scar across his chin. He wears a red tunic over a suit of scale mail as well as black pants, a black cape with silver lining, Steel gauntlets and boots.

Bio: Sturm was born into a rich family and lived a carefree life for years,He had been a companion of Makiyu for a long time now. Sturm had taken the best lessons of battle from the greatest of warriors and rose quickly in the ranks of the Kaisho. However even he had no idea of how much terror the removal of the seal had caused until the day his Beast spirit revealed itself.

Beast name: Hephasteus
Description: when Hephasteus reveals himself, the flames of heat that are as dangerous as a dragon's breath, leap upon the body of Syurm causing his fingers to turn into claws, his skin to become scalelike, his eyes to narrow and be almost the same as a snakes eyes and his mouth to becme a snout.

Beasts signiture move: Final Flame
Through sheer willpower alone, Hephasteus can send out a flame of intense power that will melt skin and stone alike. When the flames strike at the foe, the flame begins to expand to a huge size and eventually explode which can cause brush fires and people's organ to explode causing the person to erupt internally.
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Chimé "Chi" Iteki
[B]Age:[/B] 20
[B]Side:[/B] Kaisho
[B]Rank of your side:[/B] Right Hand (Wo)man
[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] [URL=http://www.ffonline.com/1_ff10gfx/weapon-sword1.gif]Flame Blade[/URL]
[B]Description:[/B] Chi has long, flowing chocolate brown hair that ends around the middle of her back. Her eyes are a piercing emerald. She usually wears a black, button up shirt with a flame embroided on the bottom right of the buttons and a blue dragon on the left hand side of the buttons, she wears black pants to match and black sneakers. Around her neck is a silver chain with a small crystal/glass sphere that has a spark of power inside it. The spark is usually red but corresponds with her emotions.
[B]Personality:[/B] Chi is a cold person, she keeps her emotions to herself and doesn't open to many people. Now and again, if you get close enough to her, she'll let you in slowly. Though she gets angry when anyone she cares for gets hurt. She's stubborn and sticks to her rights and beliefs and is quite arrogant. Her beauty is deadly and her intelligence, creativity and power are things people underestimate about her. Her cold side doesn't let her accept jokes which makes her overserious about things, making people try to get her to brighten up. But as I said before, she's the guardian type and is protective over people she cares for. She's deadly if you mess with her.
[B]Bio:[/B] Chi used to be a happy girl. She'd wear blue everywhere as she loved the sky as she felt free when she looked up into it. That was until her parents were killed in one of the giant earthquakes. From that day, her life took a deep plunge. She was no longer happy and friendly, she became a depressant. She took her mother's favourite pendant and out it around her neck, she never takes it off. It's one of her reminders, the other, her father's Flame Blade. She changed her clothes and donned her clothes of black that she had made especially with reasons for all of it. The blackness, for her sadness, the dragon, a reminder of her inheritance and of what she is, and fire, for life, that she not suffer the same death as her parents, so her fire won't go out.

Chi joined the Kaisho group for revenge. She wants to kill the Council of the Vendetta and anyone that was related to the thieving of the spirit of the Seal. She'll never forgive the Vendetta for causing all of the elemental chaos, like the Earthquake that had taken her parents. She joined with a deep flame of hatred burning in her eyes and was ranked to Right Hand (Wo)man.

[B]Beast Name:[/B] Dragoon
[B]Beast Description:[/B] Chi almost becomes fully dragon when she's merged with Dragoon. Blue Fire surrounds her and her hands become claws with long pointed talons. Her skin turns a powder blue and becomes scales and she grows a long tail and sapphire wings, her feet become claws as well and grow their own sets of talons. Her eyes stay the same but her teeth sharpen into those of a predator.
[B]Beast Signature Attack:[/B] Elemental Attack - Dragoon releases two or more attacks of elements that will cause more pain when combined. Like Water and Electricity for example.[/COLOR]
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OK, time for a villain.

[color=indigo][u]Name:[/u] Kaida Vendetta
[u]Age:[/u] 18
[u]Side:[/u] Vendetta
[u]Rank:[/u] Leader
[u]Weapon:[/u] Javelin of Ice
[u]Description:[/u] Kaida looks a little like a girl. He has fairly long, sort of spiky black hair and crystal blue eyes. He wears a white shirt, a long black jacket with light blue on the ends, pants that match his jacket, and white shoes.
[u]Personality:[/u] Kaida is a sadist and laughs in the face of danger and pain. He likes ordering his followers to do terrible things, even when they don't want to do them. But usually he likes to do things himself and lets his members to anything they want.
[u]Bio:[/u] As a child, Kaida had a lot of dreams and mightmares involving beasts with magical powers. He imagined dragons, people that looked somewhat like animals, and even full animals in weird colors. One in particular he pictured was an evil-looking, dark violet cobra with eyes all over its body and a tail shaped like a needle. He feared this beast and saw mirages of it all the time. He lived in pain, in fear, in worry that the beasts would come alive someday.

But later on, when he was 12, Kaida had a dream about becoming the beast he feared for so long. He awoke with complete silence, deep in thought. Then, he got an evil smile on his face and decided to search for the beast he really thought existed. Then he heard about it--the Gold Dragon. He heard it was guarded by 8 guardians, and he decided to tell his friends about it.

Kaida studied in his secret lab on how to find the beast when a voice came... "Kaida, if you really want to look for the beast and destroy it, I can help you. Come with me." Kaida took the voice's command and followed it. But he was completely in a trance as he was led right up to the Gold Dragon and knocked down by the guards...

Whwn Kaida woke up, he freaked out; he had become the beast he feared all his life! When he was turned back into a human, he told his friends about it and learned that they also had the power to turn into beasts. Then he had an idea: time to steal the spirit of the Gold Dragon.

It was a long and hard battle, and some of his friends did not make it alive, but Kaida and some friends survived and took control of the Gold Dragon. They called themselves the Vendetta council, named after Kaida, the leader of the group. Together, they would defeat the Kaishos, whom Kaida's friends heard about soon after.

[u]Beast Name:[/u] Sare (pronounced SAH-ray)
[u]Description:[/u] see attachment (Yep, it's a total transformation.)
[u]Signature Attack:[/u] Multiple Gaze
This attack can do a bunch of different things depending on the opponent and number of eyes looked upon (up to 14): hypnotize, paralyze, blind, or even slowly kill.[/color]
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[B]Name:[/B] Veil Arioso
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Side:[/B] Vendetta
[B]Rank of your side:[/B] ...Officer...of a sort
[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Crystal Blade [url]http://www.atpictures.com/display.php?g=rgveda&img=rgveda003.jpg[/url]
[B]Description:[/B] [url]http://www.atpictures.com/display.php?g=rgveda&img=rgveda005.jpg[/url]
A pic of Veil and Vertigo: [url]http://www.atpictures.com/display.php?g=rgveda&img=rgveda007.jpg[/url]

[B]Personality:[/B] Veil brutally controls her emotions, but when she does show any, it's usually scornful and mocking. She's cynical, even at her young age, but others in the Vendetta Council accept it because of her amazing beast abilities. Her power seems to radiate, and others know her well enough not to anger her. She's attached to no one, and is not obedient to anyone except Kaida, because he was her brother's friend. Others accept her patronizing tone because they realize that Veil, even though only a low officer, holds much power in the Council. Although some people may call her cold and distant, she is far from cold - she's a furnace of rage, smoldering and ready to unleash her anger on the world. A dangerous weapon that must be used with care.

She has a twisted mentality, and enjoys destroying others - it's the only thing keeping her sane at this point. Drawing out others' most tender emotions and then utterly shredding them is the only way that she is able to feel, because she is not aware of her own emotions anymore. In a way, her destructive brutality is a way for her to search for her own emotions, which are buried deep in the furnace of rage, with no way out.

[B]Bio:[/B] Veil was orphaned at a young age, and doesn't remember her parents at all. Instead, she was raised by her older brother Vertigo, who was ten years older than her. However, he had a ... more perverted side. Vertigo loved his sister in.. a really perverted way, and she, being raised by him, didn't know it was wrong. In fact, she thought it was normal, and didn't think twice about it. After all, he was her only family, and the basis of her life. Vertigo was a fervent member of the Vendetta Council, and a good friend of Kaida. However, in the battles to take the spirit of the Gold Dragon, Vertigo went missing, and everyone assumed that he had been killed in battle. He was a bright young man, and many thought that if he had lived, he would have succeeded as one of the leaders in the Council. Upon hearing of her brother's death, Veil showed no emotion, and retreated into herself. However, they were not able to find his body, and she secretly nursed a small hope that perhaps Vertigo was still alive.

She found her beast form on the day that he died, and continually transformed, fighting with it for control. However, she finally was able to master it, after keeping her emotions under a tight, iron grasp. She was brutal in her control of her emotions, keeping her feelings at all times under wraps, and so was able to control Shade.

As a lower member of the Vendetta Council, Veil showed no signs of ambition, and therefore didn't move up in the ranks. However, Kaida took her under his wing, and she seemed to come back to life, showing a little feeling now and then. Also, she was zealous in fighting for the Council, and showed her beast form to Kaida. He now keeps her as sort of a secret weapon, sending her on covert missions in which he doesn't want their prescence detected.

Even though the majority of her emotions are under wraps and tightly controlled, Veil has rage burning through her. Rage that her brother is gone is still a conflagration in her heart, and she loves to cause destruction to others, which makes her perfect for rampaging and consuming villages, and the lives of other people, with her beast form Shade. All done without others knowing that the Vendetta Council was involved. In her odd, varied thoughts, Veil believes that if she masters the Gold Dragon, then she will be able to find her brother, or bring him back. She now searches for it on her own, while still going out under orders from Kaida, but having an independent motive of a sort.

[B]Beast Name:[/B] Shade
[B]Beast Description:[/B] [url]http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/c/o/courtneyw/dragonperch.jpg.html[/url]
[B]Beast Signature Attack:[/B] [I]Meld[/I] - this attack allows Shade to merge with different forces in the earth, such as the earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis, and direct them, or lead them on a path. So if there's an earthquake occurring, then Shade can sort of take on its elements of earth, and direct it to a village or something, as it has done many times. An interesting twist: Veil directed the earthquake that killed Chi's parents.
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Guest .FallenAngel.
[B]Name[/B] - Rhys Bamarre
[B]Age[/B] - 22
[B]Side[/B] - Kaisho
[B]Rank of my side[/B] - Supreme General
[B]Weapon of choice[/B] - Kantana
[B]Description[/B] - 5'6, short spiked black hair, piercing blue eyes, well built, always wearing some form of black top, black jeans, and black boots, his kantana strapped at his waist
[B]Personality[/B] - Rhys is a very quiet person, but when he is angry he cusses like theres no tomorrow, and hurts anyone who gets in his way. but other than his hot temper, he can be very clever and resourceful.
[B]Bio[/B] - was abandoned in the streets when he was three, and has lived on his own since then. unloved and uncared for, he grew up having nothing to believe in and not caring about anyone or anything, and had given up long ago on trying to find his family. naturally, living on his own, he quickly became an excellant fighter and skilled swordsman. Rhys joined the Kaisho because when he discovered his inner beast, a kaisho member offered him assistance in controlling that great power, and also offered him shelter and food.
[B]Beast name[/B] - dark angel
[B]Beast description[/B] - can read minds, sprouts black silky wings and can fly, hightened senses, and can freeze anyone and anything instantly at will
[B]Beast signature attack[/B] - Blizzard; chunks of ice encase the person in an ice chamber, and slowly freezes them to death. melts away when the person is dead.
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Name: Vaxla Intunecat

Age: 25

Side: Kaisho

Rank of your side: Officer

Weapon of Chioce: The Rigas, a pair of metal poles infused with the power of darkness.

Description: Vaxla has shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. She's very tall, standing at about six-and-a-half feet. She is in very good shape. She's strong, she's athletic, and she's extremly good-looking. She's almost undoubtably the most beutiful woman you'll ever see.

Personality: Vaxla is all business. She doesn't make small talk. If it isn't important in some way, she doesn't say it. She's very anti-social, and any romantic advances toward her are likely to leave you missing a limb. If you're lucky. Vaxla is very smart and very quick-thinking. She's also a person who absolutly refuses to give up.

Bio: She doesn't remember most of her life. The only things she remembers from before her discovery of her transformation ability are all negative, which is the reason for her attitude. One thing she remembers is the death of her parents at the hands of the Vendetta Council. She fights with the Kaisho for one reason and one reason only: she wants revenge. Which is also why she puts as much time as she does into combat training. She is an incredibally dangerous person, and if she wants you dead, you'd better hope she can't find you. Because if she does, she will kill you, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Beast Name: Akansona

Beast Description: Akansona is a very large and powerful dragon. However, she is also strong mentally. Almost anyone would be controlled by her instead of controlling her. However, she and Vaxla are a perfect match, and have formed a partnership of sorts. Neither fights the other, and they use whichever form and mind are appropriate for the situation. Sometimes Akansona is in control, and sometimes Vaxla is. Sometimes Akansona controls the human form, and sometimes Vaxla controls the dragon form. This partnership allows them to access Akansona's great power and knowledge, as well as Vaxla's intelligence, quick thinking, and fighting skill. they can use both their strengths, instead of one mind being blocked out and unable to contribute anything.

Beast Signature Attack: Dragonflare: Dragonflare allows amplification of and and all of Akansona's numerous fire-based abilities. The downside is that after using this amplification, change of the mind currently in control is not possible for about an hour.

Hope that's OK.
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Guest KerosineSamurai
Hopefully it's not to late..

Name: Kasumi Kusunagi

Age- 21

Side- Kaisho

Rank of your side- Officer

Weapon of choice- Okinawan-maru ( A Bo'staff made of Bamboo with a hidden steel sword like that of a Kitana in the inside) This staff was handed down by Samurai's of legends who fought witht he power of the " Lightning Flame"

Personality- Kasumi is a solem girl whose sole purpose is to become stronger and bring back honor to her family name. She has a hatred locked up inside her and the Okinawan-maru serves as a conducter for that hatred. Kasumi cannot bear to show affection or be touched and her pain for her family is seen in her lonesome eyes, However she has not shed one tear since her birth.

Appearence- Kasumi wears a blue and black samurai outfit with her long Silver hair tied in a high ponytail that touches her shoulders. She has a x like scar crossed over one eye that serves as witness to her fathers death by a Shogun. Her eyes are a deep midnight violet and her lips bear hardly any color but a pale rose. Her fingers show bruises from holding a sword and her shoulders are wide to bear the weight of the staff and the world. Her body is well built each muscle bearing it's own taste of endurence beauty and strength. With a small waist and a pretty pout chest she is striking as she is deadly.

Bio- As I have said, Kasumi was the daughter of a wealthy Samurai who was slain wrongfully by a greedy Shogun. She decided to join the Kaisho to bring honor and passion back to her fathers blade while saving the land that has been overun by wild storms and water. Kasumi has been trained in various Martial Arts and she continues to learn through fist and blade.

Beast Name- Kaze Raijinkin ( Wind Lighting God)

Beast Description- Kaze is a large tiger with flaming paws and wings of a pegasus.
kaze has large glowing white eyes and her teeth are white with darkness unknown
Yet Kaze has an angelic sense to her wings which glow a blue hue as the wind surrounds its movement. She can fly and use electricty at her whim as well as the wind

Signature attack- Rajinnkin Kaze oni ( Lighting god fist of the wind demon)
For a brief moment the opponet can see the body of Kasumi sheltered in the Tigers mighty wings as a human fist comes flying forward with the force of a tornado and the brute power of the natures most powerful weapon as the attack continues the Tiger seems to melt away leaving only the body of a silohetted woman cloaked in a blue haze, lighting bolts course all around her like a giant tornado of electricity finally as the attack comes to an end the wind dies down and all that is left is a tiger who's wings pule with energy to yet attack again.
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[COLOR=Blue]Name: Ami Yamako

Age: 15

Side: Kaisho

Rank of your side: Officer

Weapon of Choice: Sapphire-handled Katana

Description: 5'3", 165 lbs., looks like Riku from Kingdom Hearts, wears mainly t-shirts, blue jeans, knee-high boots, a silver cape and a sword case on her back that has her family's logo on it

Personality: Ami is a swett and artistic girl. She is not easily tormented. She can be somewhat of a leader when she needs to be.

Bio: Ami is an orphan. Her parents were killed by a dark dragon. She was raised by her sister, who is an alchemist. She grew up normally. She is popular in her village. She is a sweet girl who doesn't care about dating. She lives in a mansion where her sister, her brother-in-law and their daughters. Ami loves to sing and dance whenever she gets a chance. She also loves to write her own songs.

Beast Name: Blaze

Beast Description: 6'7", 1,000 lbs., 13' wing span, red skin, 3" hand and feet claws

Beast Signature Attack: Molten Fireball (sends a deadly fireball towards the opponent and explodes on impact)[/COLOR]
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