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Art Boo's graphic thread


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[color=gray]Since I dont do many graphics anymore I'll just make a thread to put everything in.

I'll start off by showing some recently made Final Fantasy avy's. Yet JPEG screwed their colors a bit lol.

[IMG]http://apoco.250free.com/avaters/OBAv1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://apoco.250free.com/avaters/OBAv2.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://apoco.250free.com/avaters/OBAv3.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://apoco.250free.com/avaters/OBAv4.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://apoco.250free.com/avaters/OBAv5.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://apoco.250free.com/avaters/OBAv6.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://apoco.250free.com/avaters/OBAv7.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://apoco.250free.com/avaters/OBAv8.jpg[/IMG]


[b]::EDIT::250free.com is down so a lot ofmy pictures dont work[/b]
[size=1]Bleh if you want one, they're free of use.[/size][/color]
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[color=darkred][size=1]I like the images Boo, but... there are quality problems. Obviously, in your JPEG-ising quality was not optimised enough. It is just the slight blurring of what should be crisp lines. Not important or visible on a lesser monitor, but...there on mine. It isn't a terrible calamity. Just...noticeable.

Anyway, nice work. You have done well young grasshopper. >_>

Heh. Or something...[/size][/color]
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[color=gray]Yeah well I noticed it when saving them.

My stupid head didnt think of the fact that if the pictures are JPEG and you cut avy's out of them, they will screw up ^_^;;

So well yeah. Im bringing up my graphic in a minute *drums*

::EDIT:: The project I was working on was a fiasco lol. So I did some other work instead.
Its a quote by Vivi (FFIX), but his picture was too big so I preffered the Tonberry version ( the green guy ^_^;; ).

Tonberry, the one with the knife =P

Fairy from Zelda series

Vivi, the black mage with too low quality of pictures

Teh Pwnage Moomba of FinalFantasyVIII which could have been placed more to the left but im too lazy to do it... I dont think I can do it anymore aswell :rolleyes:

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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]I am too lazy to visit all of your pictures sorry. =\ Maybe I'll check it out later.

For now, though, I'll rate this piece. I like it. The branching/maroon/funky bit looks absolutely awesome. I love it. The picture of this 'Tonberry' fellow is pretty neat as well, I must say. Nice cropping. However, I don't like the font. On some of the 'downstrokes' for the letters, it seems to make them too thin. I also think putting random parts of the branching/maroon thing behind some parts of the text would look absolutely great. Aside from the font, this is an excellent piece.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]Aesthetics: 8/10
Technical: 7/10[/SIZE]
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[color=gray]Here comes a wallpaper which I recently made. I dont think its done, but also dont feel like finishing it cause I dont know how...
The honey cumbs (sp?) were a must do... Couldnt help it. Had to...

And here is a splashpage I made for a friend... Im not too fond of it but whatever ¬.¬

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I hate that 250free is down. Everything's screwed -_-

Anyway, the wallpaper is extremely small, but it's interesting so far.

I liked the splash more.

The best part of it is definately the texture on the background and how the hexagons are blended in, closely followed by the torn page effect you did. Great job on that. I'm not fond of the characters in there, I usually don't like anime stocks anyway, but the splash is still good. Nice job.
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[color=gray]Oh lol. My new host screwed the WP size. Oh well. Here is the real wp (good size)

And I aint really fond of using particular pictures anyways. You cant just do a fitting picture on the graphic but you have to make a graphic to the picture if you understand me o-o;;
Glad you like it though ^_^;;[/color]
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