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RPG Slayers Episode 1: The Beginning

Xander Harris

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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=4]Slayers[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=3]A Buffy-verse RPG[/SIZE][/FONT]

Season 1

[SIZE=3]Episode 1: The Beginning.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Act 1: Introductions[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Scene 1: [/SIZE]

20,000 B.C.

Swords, spears and arrows lie broken among the bodies that fill the crater. The corpses stretch as far as the eye can see, past the crater and onto the plains, and blood covers everything. It has turned the dozens of sulfur ponds that pockmark the battle field a crimson red. Humans and demons alike lie broken on the dirt, their time on this world ended forever.

Following the trail of shattered armies, past thousands upon thousands of rotting and burning bodies, we come to see that the battle is still not over. Hideous beings tower over a small band of warriors and mages. Several of the creatures are composed of swirling masses darkness and fire. One is like unto a giant serpent, and another a giant wolf. One has a billion eyes, all searching for the next morsel to shove into it's massive gullet. They are all the very embodiment of evil. They are The Old Ones,. The Pure Demons. The Princes Of The Air. For a millennia they have ruled over this world, and now the days of their rule are coming to an end.

The small band of humans press their attack. The mages, short and wrinkled men carrying heavy sacks of herbs, salamander stomachs, and other exotic substances, empty the contents of their parcels, chanting wildly, sweat flying from their faces. The warriors press forward, slicing a dozen eyes off of one demon, and wounding the snake so badly that a torrent of green, acidic blood falls down upon them, killing two soldiers where they stand. Behind the Old Ones is a portal filled with images the human mind cannot truly comprehend. A portal back to Hell.

As the last of the Ancient Rulers is driven off the face of the earth, he grabs one of the warriors, a tall black haired fellow with intense brown eyes, and drinks of his blood. He casts the corpse down. In his other claw he clutches the warrior's shield. It glows blue, and shudders with power. The demon spits the warrior's blood onto the shield. Words in a tongue forbidden to be spoken by mortals trace themselves onto its surface. The Demon throws the shield down beside the warrior, and leaves the human plane.

Night falls. Weary beyond comprehension, the triumphant humans begin walking away, hoping to find a settlement to take them in before they collapse.

The bodies decay. Worms begin to devour them, and the swirling sands cover them. The moon reaches it's highest point and all is deathly silent. The sands stir. A warrior rises. He sniffs the air, and follows after the humans. He is one of the first vampires to walk this earth. And he is hungry.

The shield lies behind him, still glowing softly.

Scene 2: VAILLANUS, FENRIS (carrying stakes and crosses), ZYNTH, KARA THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (taking the lead), and RANNOS, are on patrol in the Otaku Lake Cemetery. They have just been ambushed by ten angry vampires. Little do they know that the newest slayer in town, RAVEN is also patrolling that night. By the end of this scene, they will meet her. (Rei, give yourself a cool intro toward the end of the fight.)

Opening Scene Vampire Stats (10)
Guts: 3
Strength: 7
Martial Arts: 4

Goals: Introduce many of the major characters, and start the series with a fight :cool: . Also establish a bit of the group chemistry. When the scene is finished, just hang tight and I?ll post the set-up for scene two. Those of you who are not in this scene, don?t feel slighted. It just didn?t seem realistic or in character for your guys to be along on this patrol. You will all show up by the end of the episode, though. Have fun!

(Note: When you first post, include your 'character sheet' from the sign-up post so that it is easily accessible. Thx.)
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As of this post, I'm just describing some of his life and thoughts. He can't interact, because I don't know what your characters are like.

Fenris stood in the cemetary. He stared at the stars, then turned his gaze to the moon. It was nearly full. About a week or two until it would be full. Not good. He stood by an overly-ornate catholic stone. The crucifix on the stone was still very realistic, even after years of dealing with the elements. Half a century at least.

He closed his eyes and thought back for a while. He thought back to the first time he transformed in Otaku Lake. It was winter. Heh. His clothes got ripped to shreds and he nearly froze. It was funny now. He suddenly felt like all his blood sped up for a second, then slowed down. That happened more frequently, as of late.

It was the blood of the Fenris Wolf. The mythical wolf of norse legend that would start the apocalypse. Heh. Odin was supposedly fighting that wolf from about 1100 A.D. to the apocalypse. That wolf was supposedly ficticious, but it managed to turn him into a wolf.

He thought back to his grandmother. His father split before Fenris was born and his mother died in childbirth. He was raised by his grandmother. She still believed in the old myths. Of course, he kinda did too. It seemed like a joke, until he saw the image of the Fenris wolf. His grandmother was obsessed with the ancient myths and even had a statue of Odin in her closet. She seemed to like the story of Odin and the Fenris wolf the most, though.

That's why she named him Fenris. The last name was a complete coincidence, of course. Beta being the wolf just under the alpha pair. He knew a lot about wolves. And lycanthropy, which was a hoax. And norse myths.

Fenris brought himself back to reality and grabbed a cross from his pocket. It was made of steel. He couldn't stand silver. The silver buttons on his pants were chrome or else they were painted. Either way, he was not affected. His thoughts drug him back and he thought about his grandmother.

She lost her mind when she was about fifty-two. She thought she saw Skadi, norse goddess of winter and hunting. So, she went out after her and Skadi got the best of her. The next morning, she was found. She got eaten by wolves. He knew he didn't do it, because he remembered getting up at least three times to go to the bathroom. He had thought that she was in her room and she was gone.

Fenris sat down at the base of the catholic stone and continued thinking. For some reason, his thoughts were revolving around his grandmother. Fenris looked at the trees around the graveyard. They were moving slightly. There was no wind and he was suddenly a bit interested. He gave a snort and continued to sit there.
That should give you all a decent view of his beliefs and personality. Probably not much of a view of him interacting, but it's close.
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Name: Vaillanus (Human name was forgotten years ago)
Age: 68 (As in he has existed for 68 years, He appears to be barely 20)
type: Reformed Vampire (HE DOES NOT KNOW WHO HE IS or what he is so I consider him reformed.)
guts: 3
Strength: 4
martial Arts: 1( I don't need martial arts with the way my guy fights).
Health: 3
magic: 1
Ranged attack: 3 ( A decent shot with a crossbow).

Bio: A brash youth from the 30s, he was attacked while wandering down an alleyway by a pretty vampire named Darla. Vaillunus was struck in the head while fighting in a pub brawl, causing him to forget whom or what he was. His only knowledge of who he was by a nametag on his coat. Vaillunus then wandered America for 50 years until he settled down in Otaku Lake where he has taken to defending the townsfolk as a guard with a graveyard shift(Literally).
Vaillanus knocked out the human that was fighting against him during a baroom brawl, He had adopted to brawling to keep him in shape, He kicked out into the groin of the nearest person who was totering along half drunk, effectivly dropping him also.

Vaillanus stepped over the humans unconcius bodies and searched the pockets for cash. This was his easiest way of earning money other than working the night shift for the police in the graveyard and places around it. Vaillanus looked to his watch and immediatly staterd out the door to head to the graveyard so that he could begin his patrol.
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Name: Zynth Dire(everyone calls him Z.)
Age: 13
type: (Ok, sure, it's unheard of but,hey, I have a big imagination, i can share.) Demon Hunter
guts: 3
Strength: 2(Doesn't need to fight, he cast spells and finds that being a teenager makes him weak.)
martial Arts: 2(He casts spells.)
Health: 3
magic: 4
research: 0(Doesn't like it so he doesn't use it.)
technology:0(Studys magick instead.)
Ranged attack: 1
Work skills: They threw him out of school, so his parents threw him out of his home, he had a "watcher"(His name is Corwin, he was a watcher but then he became a rogue demon hunter, tought Z everything he knew and when he died he transfered his magical energy to Z.).
Personality: Never has been shy in his life, if he wants to meet someone, he meets them, he never holds back no matter if he is afraid or in pain ect. , including when he's fighting. Always ready with sarcasm and snappy comebacks. Thinks slayers are ok but if he see's one slacking off when they should be on the job, he slaps them back into swing. He is also a percussionist(drummer) and sometimes makes statements that don't make sence unless your a drummer your self (eg. She beat that like a 17 stroke.) Also has very violent tendencese, nothing dangerus or REALLY painful, he just slaps some people every once in a while( usually demons). Last thing but very important, like Willow, he has many different sides to him, like he uses other's power when nesecery, and he has a dark side. With great power comes great responcibilety, and that sometimes gets to him. Likes staking vamps with drumsticks, it amuses him, so does sticking them in their eyes.
ALWAYS has candles, incantion scripts,incense, a lighter, and magic circle(He can cast one pretty quikly.) materials with him along with drumsticks.

Z is kinda worried about tomorow, it is the first day that the princible is letting him go back to school, so he might not be at his best tonight. He saw the group of vampires coming and got out a drumstick and then said to Rannos, trying to conseal his fear of tomorow,"Finally, this night gets fun, let's start this out with a bang."
He can feel the anger in the vampire staring strait at him as he(the vamp) is changing into his vampire form. "Man, that's one UGLY vamp, I call that one, anyone who tries to take him will find themselves in pain."
Z, along with the vampire prepare to stirke at each other.
(OOC:Can I fight him myself or do you have to be like the vampire or can I control the vampire??)
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OOC: Nice work on the intro. posts, people.

Buffy_boy, yeah, you control yourself and the vamps in your post. You can control other people's characters in some minor ways if need be.

Of course, it's a lot easier to show than tell, so allow me to introduce...

Robert Redshirt (you'll get the joke if you are a classic Star Trek fan):

Martial Arts: 1

Technology: 3

Guts: 2

Health: 2

Robert looked around the graveyard furtively. He had really wanted to come on tonights patrol, and despite Kara's attempts to keep him away, he came anyway. He had found out about how Z and Rannos fought demons in their spare time and thought it would be fun. But now he was feeling scared. The cemetary was spooky at night!

He saw Vaillanus, a creepy looking vampire arrive. Fenris greeted him briefly, and went back to his silent contemplation. Z and Rannos were chatting quietly, but Rob didn't feel like discussing the Viking's latest loss right now. He wanted to go home, but he didn't want to look like a coward.

Black shapes leaped out from behind the gravestones. Robert almost wet his pants. The creatures had long, menacing fangs, and their skin was the most pale shade of white he had ever seen. One of the charged ahead of the pack, eager to take on the Slayer. Kara, kicked his legs out from under him and stabbed him through the heart. Within a matter of seconds, the somber graveyard was transformed into a chaotic battle-field.

Robert spun around and ran. He smacked right into the chest of a fat vampire.

"Well, well. What have we here? A little tender morsel for the rear guard to enjoy!"

The vamp plunged his fangs toward Robert's neck. Robert held up the stake Fenris had given him with a trembling hand, and closed his eyes. The stake was knocked from his hand. He felt the fangs burrow into his neck and pain shot through his skull. There was a swooshing sound, and when he opened his eyes he saw that the chubby vamp had been reduced to ashes by Kara. Another vampire attacked her from the rear, and she engaged him. The others seemed to be holding their own, but that was just about all.

Robert Redshirt died from blood loss.

OOC: That's how you do it. Take it away, folks! Don't take forever with this battle, though. This is just the pre- theme song fight. Only eight vamps left to dust... have fun! ;)
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OOC: I'm not a Star Trek fan. I'm not sure if anyone else here is, too. Enlighten us.
Fenris stood there, awestruck. That sucks! Someone died on his first patrol! That friggin sucks! He got to his feet and tried to stare down a scrawny vamp. The little vamp stood there, snarling, not daring to move. Fenris gave the vamp a jab in the face that left it stunned and picked it up off the ground. His blood sped up for a second, then slowed. The Fenris wolf.

He tossed the vampire at the crucifix stone and it was impaled on the cross. It quickly turned to ash. His blood suddenly sped up and he lost his balance, briefly. It always happened near a full moon. His body was trying to fight the mythical wolf.

He was brought back to the real world by a bald vampire in a purple suit. It slugged him and Fenris flew to the ground. He hadn't expected that. His blood flowed faster, then slowed to it's normal speed. The vampire jumped at him and he grabbed it in one hand, and his metal cross in the other. He pressed the cross to the creature's chest, despite it's cries.

Fenris then got to his feet and grabbed another stake. The vampire turned to his side and the cross fell to on the grass. The vampire stumbled to it's feet and Fenris jabbed the stake deep into it's back and it came out through the front. Another one turned to dust. (Like the song. Kind of.)

Fenris then stood in the middle of the battle, thinking. Minnesota vikings. He's norwegian. The Fenris wolf is a norse myth. Kinda ironic. Then he charged back into battle.
Might as well get this out in the open now. You don't know he's a werewolf. It adds some mystery and is more fun. Tried to fit that into the post, but it seemed out of place.
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Vaillanus rolled away from the nearest vampire then set himself into a leap, landing in front of the vampire, then slid between the beasts legs and impaled his knife into the crotch of his foe. The vampire keened over the look of hunger taken over by a look of anger that his family jewels had been damaged. Vaillanus the wrapped his legs around the large vampires right leg and bore him to the ground while removing a stake from his belt and rammed it into the vampires heart effectivly dusting it and giving Vaillanus a second to stretch.

Vaillanus spun around in search of his second victim, finally noticing that the kid had been bitten and was bleeding to death. Vaillanus shrugged his shoulders and threw his stake inpaling the vampire that was nearest to him through the throat, opening a blood vessel then ran in and wrapped his hands around the vampire bringing it to the ground and only adding to the bloodlust of the reformed vamp.

The two vampires rolled about on the ground trading blows, until the evil vampire punched Vaillanus in the eye and then kicked out at him, which made Vaillanus let go and fall backwards. Vaillanis tore another stake from his belt and leapt back into the fight with the stake leading into the chest but not far enough to pierce the heart of the vampire. The evil foe laughed and laughed not noticing that Vaillanus was about to kick the stake any further. The laughs soon became a shout as the kick connected to the stake and he died.
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The vamp came lunging tword Z he(Z) caught the vamp and threw him to the ground and pounced on him (Z pounced on the vamp) and they rolled three times.The vamp was now on top, he(vamp) came down, about to suck Z dry but as he got lower the drumstick went right through his heart, turning him to dust.
"One, that five points,"Z said.
"NO, it's three," Rannos said.
"NO! It's five, a vamp is five."
"Oh, yea your right."
Z hit Rannos on the arm with the dusty drumstick. "Hey, what was that for!"Rannos said, followed by"Don't answer that."
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Z see's yet another vamp looking strait at him." What, are all these vamps gay, finding me atractive, maybe it's my staking personallity."
He runs right up to the vamp looking like he's gonna kick him in the face instead he kicks him in the knee. Then he does a round house kick that Rannos taught him right in the vamps face.
He pushes the vamp to the ground and abd yells" Anyone wanna get me a sword?" Someone throws one to him but when he looks at it it's just a knife" Oh great." he says. He begins to cut the vamps neck then he says"Oh, screw it." and he takes a drumstick and stakes the vamp.
"That's another five, so that's ten for me!"
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Three vamps remained. The number in his group were covered in dust. Fenris and the others charged the vamps. He grabbed one of them, a woman, and tossed her at a rock. She collided with a cruch and then tried to get back up. When she was on her knees, he kicked her in the face and she flew back to the ground. He set a stake on her back and stomped on it, turning her to ash.
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OOC: Fine, I'll take out another one since no one else is posting.

Z see's yet ANOTHER vamp staring at him,this one a woman, and says"Finally, a vamp that's interested in me that's NOT a guy!!" he pauses then says,"Too bad I have to kill her." She laughs and lunges forward, he takes out his lighter quikly. As she is going twords his back he is lighting a small bit of grass a picked off the ground. He throws it on her shoe and as she is destracted stomping on it he rums around light many areas of her, then as he's lighting her hair, she notices, but she was to late and begins to burn and die. Z says,"5..4...3...2...1(and as she turns to dust)...0..dead."
"Three, that is fifteen points for me!!" Z says as he smiles from ear to ear. :D
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Name: Rannos Qyiron
Age: 13
type: Demon Hunter
guts: 3
Strength: 3
martial Arts: 3
Health: 3
magic: 0
research: 0
Ranged attack:3
Work skills: He has far above average strength for a teenager, which makes it easy for him to win in hand to hand combat. He has no aptitude in magic, and has SERIOUS problems with technology. Can barely even get a computer to look things up and run simple programs for him, much less know how to do anything else with one. He knows how to use a bow with some aptitude. When he learned about vampires, he began fashioning his own arrows from only wood, so as to serve as a ranged stake.
Bio: He grew up a friend of Zynth's in Otaku Lake, making sure that he never got too out of control. He was the voice of reason when Zynth turns to his dark side. He acquired his talents for Archery at a summer camp that he went to every summer in Iowa. When he and Zynth met Corwin, their Watcher, and learned about the Old Ones and vampires, they immediately decided to attempt to kill any demons they can find. Vampires as well. He has an older brother named Vaydyn that is a junior in highschool.
Personality: He is friendly and generally doesn't bother anyone at his school. He has great pride, however, and will take great pains to repay anyone who dares to insult him in any manner. He is a life-long friend and partner of Zynth's, helping him to hunt demons. Is also a percussionist.

Rannos dropped back, pulling out his bow. "How about this, I take two out with one arrow-stake, and we call it even."
"Fine, but I've still got the magnatism"
The two vampires left stood relatively close together, so he rushed toward them as they rushed at him, kicking one in the side and knocking him into the path of the other. They tripped over each other, landing in a heap on the ground. He put an arrow to his bow and lept over them, firing an arrow through both of their chests as they tried to get up.
"Two very nice piles of ash."
" I still got three...." Z said, turning away

OOC: In the old Star Trek, the person on the away team wearing a red uniform is always killed. Funny that I know that, seeing that it isn't even on TV any more.
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OOC: What the hell's up with the music? It's cool the first time, but it gets annoying after the fifth or so.
Fenris stared around at the others, They were covered with dust. He looked at Robert and said, "Who's gonna break the news? You are."
He pointed at Z. "You won't shut up anyway."
Fenris gave a snort and heaved the body, face sullen.
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Name: Raven
Species: Slayer
Age: 16
Guts: 2
Strength: 4
Martial Arts: 3
Health: 3
Work Skills: Talking to People
Research skill: 1
Technology: 0
Ranged Weapons: 2 (good with bow/crossbow)
Bio: Raven is a southern girl from Texas who had a pretty good childhood until she became completely freaked out about learning she is a potential slayer from her watcher Raymond, who was one of the watchers that survived the destruction of the watchers council. Raymond tought Raven all about other slayers like Buffy and about some of the things she went through living on a hellmounth. After Raymond informed her that her powers were activated by a powerful witch Raven was put to the test when she had to fight a powerful demon, she failed and Raymond was killed. Pretty soon afterwards she was kicked out of school for breaking a jerks arm accidentilly, her parents decided it would be good for her to start off on a new start in a new town Otaku Lake, Minnesota. A place that Raymond has told her has a hellmouth.
Personality: Raven is a girly girl (like Cordelia in high school only nice) that is easily grossed out by the forces of darkness that she must now face. Although she is a bit materialistic but she tries not to be and has become a lot better at it since Raymond's death, she also tries to take her duties as a Slayer seriously but sometimes she just wants to do things that normal teens do.
As Raven walked slowly through the graveyard she heard the sound of a fight. "Oh boy here we go." Raven quickly walked toward the fight with her crossbow gripped tightly in her right hand. When Raven walked out from behind a crypt she saw 5 other people standing over a young boy whose neck was covered in blood. "(big gulp)Vampires, (thinking)what have I gotten myself into this time, wait what am I thinking I'm a slayer I can take them right." Raven held up her crossbow and shot an arrow towards the closest target Kara. Kara caught the arrow and threw it into a tree then charged toward Raven. "Oh god!" Raven tried to get another arrow ready but Kara kicked the crossbow out of her hands then came at her with a roundhouse kick Raven fell toward the ground but quickly flipped herself up and punched Kara in the face. Raven tried to punch Kara from the left then right but she doged the punches then kicked Raven in the face. Punch for punch the girls hit on each other until they realized something.
Raven/Kara: Your a Slayer?
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[QUOTE=Farto the Magic]OOC: What the hell's up with the music? It's cool the first time, but it gets annoying after the fifth or so.
Fenris stared around at the others, They were covered with dust. He looked at Robert and said, "Who's gonna break the news? You are."
He pointed at Z. "You won't shut up anyway."
Fenris gave a snort and heaved the body, face sullen.[/QUOTE]
OOC: Won't shut up anyway, what are you talking about I don't understand, I have guts, dead people don't bother me. So what are you talking about?
And Raven you have used to many points you have 15 that's it no more you have used more, please change it, it's unfair.
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OOC: Yup, I'm late, as usual.

Name: Kara Christine (KC for short)
Race: Slayer
Age: 17
Guts: 3
Strength: 4
Martial Arts: 3
Health: 2
Magic: 2
Research skill: 1
Technology: 0
Ranged Weapons: 0 (prefers hand-to hand combat)
Appearance: (No one else did this but I dare to be different!) 5'8" skinny, shoulder length blonde, greasy hair with black streaks in it. Misty blue eyes and a pale complextion. Usually has hoop earrings, a lip peircing, and tons of black makeup. Partial to leather and red clothes.
Bio: Grew up in Los Angeles.She was shunned, and kept mostly to herself. She liked to hang out wiht her big brother, Greg. At the age of 16, her brother was "killed". Soon after that she found out that she was a slayer. She found out that Greg wasn't dead, but he turned into a vampire. He killed her mother and father, and then went after her. She knew she had to kill him, but she was reluctant to do it. She ran away to live with her aunt in Otaku Lake. Greg followed her. He tried to sire her, and she took a chair leg and staked him. She then disowned her watcher, William, in a blind rage. She now works simply to destory all vampires.
Personality: When she fights, she goes numb. She cares about nothing except killing everything in front of her face. She often lets her emotions get the best of her. She's very intelligent, and hates to be second-guessed.(which is why she doesn't like her watcher)
Work Skills: (I don't know if this is a "skill" per se, so I just put it here without points) A extreme musician (mainly thanks to her brother, Greg) she excersices her agility and strength not in sports but in dance. She used to play and sing all the time, but since her family was destroyed, she hasn't played a thing. She still retains her hatred toward organised sporting events.

IC: Kara' head was ringing from the blows this strange girl had given her. [I]Someone that strong has to be a slayer,[/I] she thought, as she stared the girl down.
"So what if I am a slayer?" Kara said hoping to engage the girl in a verbal conversation instead of physical confrontation.
"Oh, good," the girl said, relaxing slightly. She leaned over and looked behind Kara. "and them?"
"My..." she paused. "Comrades. I didn't seem to catch your name."
"That's because I didn't give it to you." [I]Sharp girl[/I] "I'm Raven"
"My name's Kara." She stuck out her hand with a chuckle. "Welcome to Otaku Lake."
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Fenris clapped his hands slowly. "Isn't this a touching moment. Everyone feel the love. Woohoo, a new slayer and the same old unruly horde of demonic monsters. I bet everyone feels freakin special and extra happy. I don't mean to burst no bubbles, but," he motioned to Robert, "this could be any one of us in the next couple a days. Now, let's stop with the greatings and make with the stabbins."
On the last few words, he made a stabbing motion. He turned around and began to walk away. He gave a chuckle and said, "The swarms are restless and they get bigger every day. I've seen them. That one, new slayer ain't gonna change the world. Around here, vampires kill people like hunters kill ducks. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a bag limit."
He motioned to the graveyard. "All of this is filled with dead bodies. There were just over ten deaths this month. That doesn't seem like a lot, but countless people have turned up missing. I would bet money that at least one of them is a vamp. In conclusion, I'm saying that we gotta think up a plan."[/COLOR]
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I don't recall giving Farto any extra points to spend... Rei, please change your character before anyone has a heart attack over it ;)

Scene 3: Theme Song :D (go to the first page and turn up your sound)

Scene 4:

ALL at the CAFE. After a hard night of vampire slaying, this is where the local vamp hunters go to relax. (This is similar to The Bronze scenes in the Buffy show) CARY is there working, which is why he couldn't help on this night's patrol. HELIE is there. Being a vampire, she tends to stay up late. Both of you can introduce your characters in this scene. Other than that, this is an opportunity to talk in character and further character sub-plots. The band that is playing at the Café is called ?The Committee? When the conversation seems to be dying down, I?ll post the fourth scene.

Possible discussion starters:

Raven. Your characters can discuss her, talk to her, and consider the ramifications of there being two slayers in the same town.

The Otaku-High killings. Someone, or something, has been ritually killing students in the local high school (two puncture marks in the neck were found on all the victims. They also had various organs removed) and putting the corpses in people?s lockers. Apparently, there is a day-walking vampire at school?

Word has it that a new Vampire clan, all sired by a vamp called Briaxton, has moved into town lately.

Romances? Rivalries? Life issues? Talk about them all over a cup of coffee.

As always, the more witty Buffy-Speak the better... I'll be back when people run out of stuff to say, or if any NPC's need to be run...
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Fenris sat in a chair, leaning back wiyth his feet on the table. "I like this place. What do about the killings at school, or do we just let the cops handle it? They ain't gotten any credit for a while. Besides, it might boost their morale."
He grabbed a half-gone drink from a table that hadn't been cleaned yet.
"Besides, it might be a..."
He stopped mid-sentence and gave a lurch.
"Bad drink, gotta go..."
He got out of his seat and started to move to the bathroom. He walked in, sat in a stall, and looked at the date on his watch. [I]The full moon is gone in a week. Four more days of these constant dizzy spells and visions?! This sucks! Maybe I gotta get it out of my system.[/I] He suddenly got a glazed look in his eyes and saw the wolf in his mind. It was larger. He saw himself, too. A man with chainmail and a whip, trying to restrain the massive wolf. The wolf was at least five times larger than the man. Not good! It will happen sooner than the full moon. [I]The wolf will win this time. I'll turn in a day or two, probably.[/I] Fenris got up and rejoined the group, this time ordering headache medicine. "I think that drink was old. Or alcoholic."[/COLOR]
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Rannos slammed his hand down on the table. " Look, we all know what is actually happening to the dead students in the high school. The two red marks are a dead give away. With two slayers, we should be able to take out that new clan, if it actually exists....I just ned to try to protect my brother....." he looked down.
"Protecting one person for the sake of many others would be foolish." Z told him.
" Then we need to find a plan to protect the many. I propose we set up a trap. If one of them knows that either Raven or Kara is a slayer, then we could use them as sort of bait. We put them in the open and hope that our high school vampire comes."
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Kara glanced at Fenris. "Bad drink? Yea right," She muttered.
"What did you say?" Z asked her curiously. She quickly snapped her attention to the matter at hand.
"I said, nice plan. But how do we go about deploying it? I mean, I'm not gonna go on the school announcements and say 'Hey, I'm a Slayer! If you want to kill me, I'll be waiting by the flagpole after school!'"
"Well of course not," Rannos replied. "I was thinking of being a little more discreet than that."
"I know. We'll find a way. But just in case, we should keep tracing the clues and get some suspects." Kara said.
"Oh look, a regular Nacy Drew," Fenris sneered.
Kara rolled her eyes. "Ha, Ha. I'm serious. We've got to be on our gaurd."
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Name: Helie Lee
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Reformed Vampire
Guts: 5
Strength: 4
Martial Arts: 3
Health: 2
Magic: 0
Research skill: 3
Ranged Attack: 0
Racial abilities:
Technology: 2
Appearance: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery....ctuary&image=12[/url] (but take away all the funeral clothes..)
Bio: Helie was born in mainland China. Part of an old vampire family, her parents were ashamed of their vampire blood, and tried to hide it from their daughter. They drank the minimum amount of blood as needed, and usually it was animal blood purchased from the local butcher. As she grew up, Helie was shielded from the truth that she was a vampire, until when she was 12, she suddenly felt the urge to drink blood. She unconsciously, more instinctively, targeted the closest, most helpless looking human, another child that was playing on the street. Luring the child away, she attacked him, and then drank his blood. However, being quite new at the fang-in-neck thing, she completely tore out his throat, killing the child in the process.
She returned home trembling and afraid, with blood staining her clothes. Her parents took one look at her, saw that she had discovered her vampire heritage, and fled with her secretly out of the country, first to Korea, then to Japan. Her parents taught her to drink animal blood when needed, and Helie is now able to keep her vampire instincts under control. She moved to the U.S. recently this year to study, since information of the "other species" is much more common and easier to obtain. She's "studying" art history and literature in Otaku Lake, while at the same time looking for others of her kind.
Personality: She's calm and collected; usually not much can phase her, and she's able to control her vampiric instincts. As a generally young vampire, she's still ignorant about her heritage - she hasn't really been able to find information. However, she has a scholarly nose, and is usually able to find the oddest of things in the most unexpected places. She loves books, and buries herself into all kinds of literature. Art with dark themes, and graffiti is also a favorite of hers, and she likes to randomly tag if she has nothing better to do. She speaks four languages fluently, and is also learned in many different martial arts, in which she was trained from childhood. However, she's far from mastering them, but they afford her pretty good skills.

Helie sat quietly at one of the small tables, fingering her scone (:Dlove that word), and sipping her mocha latte now and then. It was insipid now, and the taste was bad in her mouth...she had been here too long...over three hours now. [I]When did this place close?[/I] she wondered too herself, and she started randomly mixing in bags of sugar into the cold latte, wondering if she could get the mixture thick enough so that it would begin to be able to hold its own form.

*BAM!* Helie jumped at the sound, looking up in alarm. She saw that it had been someone at another table slamming their hand, and her attention started to return to her thickening, cold latte, when her ears picked up their conversation...

"...dead students in the high school...two red marks...we should be able to take out that new clan..."

Helie's eyes widened, and she pretended to sip her latte. She almost choked on it when she tasted it - it was like coffee-flavored frosting. Quickly putting her cup down, she tried to hear more of their conversation as she discreetly studied the peoples' faces.

A young boy was speaking...he didn't look older than 13..."If one of them knows that either Raven or Kara is a slayer...we hope that our high school vampire comes out."

[I]Slayer? Did that kid say slayers?[/I] Helie quickly glanced over again, as the members of the group kept speaking. She couldn't believe her luck! Not only did she finally have a clue of who knew about the vampires in this place, but she also knew exactly who the slayers were! [I]I wonder...how much they know about the killings...I guess I'd better keep a low profile from now on.[/I]

Helie quietly put her books into her bag, and left her money on the table. The scone was untouched, and the sugar-latte was now rock-hard in the cup; they would have a hard time cleaning that out. [I]Time for me to leave...[/I] She got up silently, almost too silently, and started quietly picking her way to the door, trying to avoid the others...
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