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DewPrism - Threads of Fate


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[color=teal][i]Thousands of years ago, there was a mystical race called "Aeons", the most powerful beings in existence.These magic-infused creatures, while extraordinarily powerful, were not immortal. They left a legacy in items called "relics", items that contained the power, and often the very spirit, of the Aeons that forged them, before they died out. One such Aeon, the most powerful of them all, was Valen. He forged the most powerful relic ever known, the mighty DewPrism. This item contained the essence of the universe. It held the powers of time, space, matter, and energy. It could bend anything to its holder's will.

But the power was too great for even Valen himself. The other Aeons, growing envious and fearful of Valen, sought to destroy him. They attacked, but only managed to succeed in destroying his body. Valen sealed his own spirit in the DewPrism, but not before insuring his spirit's rebirth through the creation of "puppets". These puppets had a shard of the DewPrism, called a Lifestone, embeded in their foreheads and, under the right conditions, would awaken to serve their duty to their master.....


But their master's plan was foiled. One individual puppet, named Ruecian, awakened and began to search for one of his brothers, the puppet with the largest Lifestone, and awaken him so that Ruecian's own lost power would be restored. However, it took him ninety-five years to find his brother and set him free. But somehow, Ruecian's brother was memoryless. Ruecian, in a rage, stormed away from his brother's resting place and found some more powerful followers, ModeMaster, PsychoMaster, and TrapMaster. But he could not find his brother again. His powers would not allow it.

But then one day, two years later, he discovered his brother in the home of a young woman somewhere in the snowy northlands called Gradia. Rue, Ruecian's brother, rushed out to investigate the source of the noise the farm animals were causing and found Ruecian. Not knowing what else to do, Rue defended himself against Ruecian's attacks....until Claire hit Ruecian in the back with a hoe. Ruecian carelessly backhanded Claire with his overlarge Right Arm of Death, killing her. Rue, in a rage, unwittingly unleashed his great powers and defeated Ruecian. Ruecian fled as Rue mourned his so-called "sister" and learned of his newfound power to transform his body into that of any other creature.


Rue set out to revive Claire through an item he knew only as "the relic". Over three years, he found no leads. One day, on an island known as Carona, Rue found a man named Klaus, who knew how to find the "relic". With a young woman named Mint, whose sister was the Princess of East Heaven, Rue travelled the island, searching for the components to the "Prima Doll", a puppet with the capability to unseal the barrier that held Valen and his DewPrism in an impregnable dimension. Mint, whose sights were no less than World Domination, was eventually disappointed in her goal, but she managed to live with it. Rue, however, revived Claire after Valen murdered Ruecian. Rue, having just acknowledged Ruecian as his brother, fell into another rage and nearly destroyed Valen. However, Valen's new god-like powers allowed him to seal himself and his DewPrism into the dimension again to wait for another servant to awaken him.

Years passed. Mint assumed the throne of East Heaven with her sister, Maya, as joint queens. Rue and Claire were married soon after leaving Carona. It seemed the realm was at peace, for once in thousands of years.

But something Valen didn't expect occured. The Book of Genesis, a powerful relic once held by the warrior tribe known as the Amazons of Iglesi, was destroyed near the island of Carona in a violent explosion some time after Valen resealed himself.

The Book's explosion tore a rift into Valen's dimension, and all of his living puppets now know where their master is. Some are trying to revive him once and for all, others shall attempt to steal his power.......

Still other nations, East Heaven and the Amazons in particular, are hiring mercenaries and spies to send to safeguard the tomb, to make certain that Valen never again rises from his dimension.......[/i][/color]


[color=navy][i]Reth stood outside the cabin, staring at the stars. The small, red gem in his forehead once again began to sting as he looked towards the south.[/i]

[b]Reth:[/b]Argh! Father, my head! It burns again.....

[b]Rue:[/b]I know, Gareth. Mine, too.

[i]Reth blanched at the mention of his real name and sighed. He pulled the Arc Edge out of the tree and tossed it back to his father.[/i]

[b]Reth:[/b]Dad, you gotta be more careful with the Edge when you chop wood. You're gonna make it go dull.

[b]Claire:[/b]Rue, Reth, dinner's ready!

[b]Rue and Reth:[/b]Alright! Deer stew!!!!

[i]All thoughts of burning gems faded as the two men rushed to the cabin. Rini, Reth's sister, grinned as she saw her brother grab a large bowl of stew and downed it in a single gulp.[/i]

[b]Rue:[/b]Damn, boy, you eat like that all the time and we're not gonna have any deer in these woods anymore!

[i]Rini giggled as her brother jumped up and bowed, apologizing, then helping himself to a second bowl. Then she saw something strange.[/i]

[b]Rini:[/b]Daddy, what's that?

[i]Rue and Claire turned to see what looked like a kitten's head with bat wings hovering over the floor. Rue gasped and turned around.[/i]

[b]Mel:[/b]Nice to see you again, Rue.

[b]Claire:[/b]Fancy Mel!? What's happened?!

[i]The magician sighed and sat down between the two warrior children and told the story.....[/i][/color]

[b]Necessary Junk[/b]

[color=crimson][b]Name:[/b]Of course.

[b]Age:[/b]Make it waking age. That is, how long you've been "alive", so to speak. (Such as a puppet could look sixteen and only have been awake for two years)

[b]Hair:[/b]Hair color and style. All puppets' hair is white, however.

[b]Eyes:[/b]Duh. Puppets eyes tnd towards the lighter and sometimes more exotic colors.

[b]Race:[/b]Puppet, Elven, Amazon, Human, Dwarf, Half-blood (Half-animal) Unknown. There are only two Half-Puppets, Reth and Rini, who are twins.

[b]Job:[/b]Battle focus, such as fighter, paladin, cleric, etc.

[b]Occupation:[/b]Civilian job, such as alchemist, shopkeeper, etc.

[b]Weapon:[/b]A main weapon and sub-weapon(s).

[b]Abilities:[/b]Physical skills or magical capabilties.

[b]Appearance:[/b]What does your character wear?

[b]Personality:[/b]What's your character like?

[b]Biography:[/b]A little bit about your character's life up to this point. If you're playing a puppet, however, please state where you awakened. Not all puppets have awakened at the same time. Also, include why you're fighting Valen's resurrection.[/color]

[b]My Useless Junk[/b]

[color=teal][b]Name:[/b]Gareth Aeonesse (Called Reth)


[b]Hair:[/b]Light white-gray




[b]Occupation:[/b]None, but aspires to own a tavern.


[i]Rubius:[/i]A longsword with an unusually sharp edge and extremely thin blade, it has a magical ability to block any attack when Gareth assumes his true form.

[i]Stilettos:[/i]Thin knives that are strapped in any number of places on Reth's body, he uses them for knife fights and quick hits. They were specially made by Rod never to break.


[i]Shadowalk:[/i]As a skilled thief, Reth can move undetected in the shadows.

[i]Transform:[/i]Inherited from their father, Rini and Reth can both transform into any creature or person they've seen with their own eyes.

[i]Berserker:[/i]Reth alone inherited his father's incredible strength in rage. Nearly invincible in this mode, nature made up for this by making Reth naturally calm.When in this form, he becomes capapble of cleaving through anything, even the densest metals, as well as becoming able to lift up to forty times his weight and hurling it at least a mile away. Unfortunately, he inherited a calm nature. An EXTREMELY calm nature. As in only seeing somebody injured for no reason sparks a MINOR level of Berserker.

[b]Appearance:[/b]See attachment.

[b]Personality:[/b]Reth is a calm, good-natured person who took up thievery so that he could travel through ruins and expertly avoid traps. He has a natural propensity for agility and speed. He has vowed never to use his skills on the just. He is a gentle soul.

[b]Biography:[/b]Born two years after the DewPrism incident resurrected his mother, Claire, Reth was brought into the world a mere three seconds before his sister, Rini. He grew up admiring his father and took up swordsmanship. As he journeyed from boy to man, he eventually began to wear a bandanna around his head to hide his red Lifestone, which was, in Reth's opinion, keeping him from getting dates. Along the way, he met a virtuous thief and assassin named Nobuna. With Nobuna as a mentor, Reth left home for five years, returning when he was fifteen. When he had left, he had vowed to become a treasure hunter that would make his parents proud. When he returned, his mother had started an inn and his father was a peacekeeper for their new village. Rini was a serving girl at the inn and thanked her brother countless times for saving her from the lecherous hands of drunken men. He had become a skilled thief, and often went to ruins to recover some treasure or artifact for the village museum. It was a well-paying job, but Reth's desires were to have adventure. An opportunity for such struck when Mel arrived, telling the story of the book's explosion and its results to Rue and Claire. The family packed up, closed the inn, and set out for Carona to keep an eye on Valen's Tomb.....[/color]

Join up and have fun!!
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[B]Name:[/B] Minthe (mint in Greek)

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Hair:[/B] Light gray

[B]Eyes:[/B] Light gray

[B]Race:[/B] Puppet

[B]Job:[/B] Lady Knight of East Heaven

[B]Occupation:[/B] None


[I]Machetes[/I] - twin blades made out of a dark, pearly metal, they have a delicate curve and are razor sharp. Minthe uses them with absolute mastery of skill, and has her own personalized technique and fighting style. The blades are also lined with mercury, which poisons the blood on contact.


[I]Quicksilver[/I] - Minthe has an ability to increase her speed amazingly, until she is no longer visible. Only her shadow on the ground is visible, and sometimes she uses this ability to confuse her enemies, or distract them with her shadow.

[I]Breath[/I] - Almost like a refresher, this is like a spell that revitalizes strength and spirit in dark circumstances, when both are waning. When this is used, there also seems to be the tangy scent of mint in the air, borne on a gentle wind.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=2[/url] This is how Minthe looks, although her eyes are a very light gray to match her hair color. Also, instead of the pants and shoes, she wears a tunic, leggings, and slender boots that match the same style and design.

[B]Personality:[/B] Calm and very solemn, Minthe holds to her code of honor rigidly. She has been brought up strictly, and she holds honor, loyalty, and duty above all else. When she is given a mission, she will fulfill it to the extent of her abilities. Although only 16, she acts older beyond her years, like an experienced veteran who has lived beyond their lifetime. Clearheaded and calculating, Minthe knows exactly where the extent of her abilities lay, but is never afraid of challenging them. In fact, she holds fear or cowardice to be worthy of death, and is harsh towards those who seem to waver in the light of battle. Despite all of this, Minthe is trusted and liked by many, although her personality causes others to admire her from a distance. Her wisdom is sought out by many, and she is revered by the general public.
However, when it comes to her feelings and emotions underneath, Minthe is utterly unsure of herself. She herself is afraid of her emotions, although she never admits it, and seeks to cover her uncertainty at these feelings. As a result, she acts very coldly towards men, and brushes off any potential suitors. She, in reality, is afraid of exposing weaknesses.

[B]Biography:[/B] As the only child of Mint, one of the Queens of East Heaven, Minthe took on a form of her mother's name. She was raised by nannies, as her mother had little time to spare. However, Mint was very regretful of not raising her own daughter, and whatever time she had, she absolutely lavished on Minthe. However, this did not substitute for real parenting, and Minthe slowly drifted away from her mother's affections. She just wasn't interested in playing a sweet princess and daughter.
Instead, she would constantly watch the training grounds, going there on her own from the age of 7. Her mother, although saddened by her daughter's choice, allowed for Minthe to be trained in the ways of a Knight of East Heaven, and watched as Minthe joined the ranks of the most revered swordsmen and women in the land. Minthe was remarkable in her training, mastering all sorts of weapons, but in the end, choosing the machetes as her weapon of choice. Her mother gave her two dark blades, laced with mercury, on her 16th birthday.
The fact that Minthe is a puppet has also not been discovered by others, not even her own mother. Since her Lifestone seems to hide itself from eyes, no one is aware that she is a puppet. Minthe, on the other hand, has been aware of it all her life. She can't even remember when she first knew; she just knew that she had a Lifestone, and just naturally grew up with it, but never revealed it to others. It was not a thing that she learned, but just a thing that seemed to exist with her. It just was. When the Lifestone is visible, which is not very often, it is also a the same dark, pearly color as the metal of her machetes.
Having absolutely no fear of battle, Minthe was a welcome addition to the Knights, and now serves the two Queens of East Heaven faithfully, making no acknowledgement that she herself is a princess of East Heaven. Instead, she lives the life of a knight, traveling and serving errands, or performing whatever mission is needed. As for now, Minthe has been one of several Knights assigned to go and guard the tomb of Valen, to make sure that he cannot rise from his dimension.
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[font=gothic][color=darkslategray]Name: Mikhail (NOT Mike, Michael, or any other such variant. That should be clear at the outset.) von Jarin

Age: 27

Hair: Bald as a donkey. That's right.

Eyes: Blue/green/gray, depending on spectrum of light.

Race: Human

Job: Ki spiritualist/monk. Basically like an elementalist mage, but harnesses spiritual energy, and quite often not his own, instead of arcana.

Occupation: Something of an itinerant. A bit of "the end is nigh". Probably hasn't done an honest day's work in his life.

Weapon: The above, and below for that matter, magic, and hand to hand combat. Specifically, leather bracers that extend half way up the forearm, leaving the fingers entirely uncovered. Reinforced metal on the outer edge of the forearm and hand, and the back of the fist. At the end of the bracer, half way up the forearm, there is a curved hook that extends, parallel to his forearm, back to the elbow, used for catching weapons, or close range reverse elbows.

Abilities: Nearly everything in the human body is the result of enzymes. Their presence, or lack of them, controls every biological function. What is commonly referred to as "Ki" is merely an extended control of these functions, forcing both the body to perform as required, and the mind not to interfere. That's basic training for any monk. It takes a real master to start playing with other people's Ki. My god can you have some fun then. The only difference is that you don't have to force someone else's mind into stillness, which, given their lack of training, would stimulate death anyway. So, basically, this manipulation of cellular energy can be used to damage or to heal, or for any number of more esoteric purposes. The main such is to force a build up of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, the main source of cellular energy. You are then left with a huge store of chemical energy, that doesn't really have anywhere to go. You could, theoretically, release it throughout the body, greatly increasing physical aptitude, but in reality the metabolism rates of cells mean there isn't much of a marked effect. The main use for this pent up energy is all the wonderful mages do; fireballs, lightning and the like. Oxygen has a flash point, and if you incite every oxygen molecule within a two millimetre radius of a person to that temperature...They burn remarkably well, let's put it that way.

Appearance: Mikhail is about six foot tall, and typically slender. His skin, including the skin on the top of his head, is tanned, though not really brown yet. His face is either completely still or set in permanent sardonic amusement. He's more muscular than anyone that build has a right to be, but he's not bulky. Just very, very wiry. Tends to wear very loose black pants (think Japanese samuri/deckhand pants), and a loose shirt, laced up the front. A single ring on his left hand, inscribed with runes in a generally unknown language. He doesn't wear shoes. Or hats. Might occasionally don a hood, but only if he thought his head might be a little reflective.

Personality: He's fairly sardonic. Tends to be rather laidback, preferring to simply make caustic commentary in a wryly amused tone than actually do anything. It's mainly surface, he doesn't reveal a lot, and that's a front he's fond of. He adheres strongly to the "walk softly, but carry a big stick" precept. Not many have actually seen the stick though.

Biography: Mikhail was born into a monastery. A carefully prepared test subject, he had the enzymes in his body accelerated to the point where his brain grew very, very rapidly. He was fully aware and lucid by six months. By three, he was discussing philosphy. That doesn't sound to bad, but you probably haven't spent much time in an infant's body. Mikhail wasn't happy with the situation at all. All he really had to do was devote time to his studies. He was part of a group of experimental monks...strange as that seems. Anyway, there were about tweleve of them, a strange sight to be sure, and they spent most of their days playing with Ki. Needless to say, by the time they were able to start the physical training required by these monks, they were pretty damn good with their brains, and as such, every physical lesson came very easily to them. That had the wonderful effect of annoying their immature fellow students, of course.

Anyway, the quietest of these monks, Mikhail, the one no one expected to cause problems, ended up doing a bit of a runner as soon as he was eighteen. So, they hunted him down and brought him back. Took them about a year. Two years after that, he disappeared again, and this time they ignored it, as they were having far two much fun with the other eleven, who were working out new ways to make people explode daily, to really care. Mikhail, rather happy with the turn of events, decided that he really didn't like the sedentary life, and ended up pioneering quite a few ways of greatly slowing down one's metabolism during his itinerancy. Starving isn't that much of a problem sometimes.

Well, he was spending a bit of time with the Amazons, lovely people all, when word of an exploding book reached him. That wasn't that exciting to him, he knew how to explode people, after all. What really concerned Mikhail was that other dimensions were involved.

See, the order of monks Mikhail disappeared from was one of those crazy isolationist sects that decides they should train to kill people all day, just in case some really big scary space goat or something attacks the collective sentient existance. And Mikhail really didn't want to go back there, so he decided he'd better deal with it himself before they came along. [/font][/color]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Name: Rena K'yahai

Age: 21

Hair: see attatchment, held back with silver clips, a gift from her master.

Eyes: Generally hazel/honey, sometimes red with bloodlust.

Race: Half blood. A cross between mountain lion and human.

Job: Melee fighter.

Occupation: Hunter

Weapon: Teeth, claws, tail. sub weapon- The chain at her waist, sometimes used in magical workings

Abilities: Generally able to lift three times her weight, and haul it up a mountain/tree to eat later. Also able to manipulate those magic lines I talked about in the Bio to manipulate the surrounding organic matter to suit her wishes. In the attatchment she's drawing up the magic lines so she can break open the ground below and reach an underground spring.

Appearance: see attatchment. That's all black deer-hide btw.

Personality: Wild-eyed and agressive, she'll rip your throat open if you insult her, but really...... ...she's generaly a likeable person. When you meet her she'll be civil, until you show some sort of agression of your own, then...naturally, she'll challenge you to a duel and then the fur will start flying. She likes babies and animals and birds of prey. They're fun to catch.

Biography: A magical fusion, thrown into a panther body and a human baby has resulted in Rena K'yashai. An alchemest and a sorceress, interested in making a new breed of warrior and magical creature succeeded in creating the half blood known as a Pantherborn. The baby is broken down into a simple life force, then impanted in the heart of the mountain lion. Then...after several weeks fo gestation, the mountain lion will transform swiftly and violently into a cross breed. And that's where we get loyal servants and warriors to do the biddings of their owners. Of course Rena was released as a failed experiment.

Why...? ....because she showed too much humanity, let her victems live if she found them worthy. Of course she has proven herself in battle over and over again, that and she has a deep skill with the manipulation of magical lines. What are those? ...just what they sound like. Invisible lines, some can see them, some can use them, but most don't know they're there. Rena sees them thanks to the sorceresses workings, which, were partialy on accident. So anyway, we have a magic using death dealing wild cat on the lose, free to roam, free to take a hire, and free to save the world.[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Amara
Age:[/B] 32

[B]Hair:[/B] Shoulder-length, dark brown with white streaks

[B]Eyes:[/B] Stormy grey

[B]Race:[/B] Amazon

[B]Job:[/B] Fighter

[B]Occupation:[/B] Captain of the Guards of the Temple of Artemis

[B]Weapon: [/B]
[I][B]Primary Weapon:[/B][/I] Ebony Bo-Staff capped with silver and scored with silver engravings recounting the stories of Artemis.
[I][B]Secondary Weapon:[/B][/I] Broad sword held in a sheath upon her belt hanging at the her side. Simple steel, the hilt bound in leather.

[B]Abilities:[/B] As an elite in the warrior race of Amazons she posesses the natural abilities of a human, coupled with the rigouros training of her people. Trained under harsh condidtions from birth she now excells as one of the greatest warriors in her tribe. Hightened speed, strength and stamina she can run for miles without even breaking a sweat. She can fight with great stength and technique, employing lithe, acrobatic skill and prowess. Not only the body of a wariior she as has the mind of one and analyizes each situation like an army general, seeking out strategy and adavntage in every battle scene or problem.

[B]Appearance:[/B] See Attatchment. A few adjustments to the image, more of a top if you know what I mean and darker hair.

[B]Personality:[/B] Focused on whatever task she is given, possibly to the point of obsession. Is terribly loyal to whatever cause she has devoted herself to and follows the honourable ways of the Amazons. This doesn't mean, however, that she is unsociable, though her stoic and reserved demeanour means that some people feel somewhat intimidated by her.

[B]Biography:[/B] Born and brought up under the teutelage of the Amazons, Amara quickly began to show a great potential for the warrior lifestyle. Adept at most techniques of weapon and hand Amara surpassed all other students and was thus taken as an appretice by the great temple of Artemis, which stood watch over the city. Young ones taken here by the priests were trained as keepers and protectors of the temple and the Amazon way of life. In the event of a war should the temple itself be taken all hope would be lost and it was thus the guards duty to safeguard the temple at all costs, spawing some of the fiercest warriors in all of Amazonia. Not only was it the job of these elite warriors to be guardians of the temple but often it was also necessary to deploy these warriors upon the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of the enemy.

Amara herself, taught in the ways of Artemis by the priests and trained to the peak of physical prowess by the guards and trainers. Rising through the ranks, by no means an easy task, Amara was finally assigned the position of Captain, once held by the most respected and missed Amazon, Hipolyte, who had fallen in battle not three days before. Though intially unwilling to take up such a position of responsibility Amara finally relented. With her new status comes new pressure and responsibility and it is now the job of Amara to safeguard not only the temple but also the rift of Valen that the Amazons are so desperate to close.
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[b]Name[/b]: Romokaru & Tategami

[b]Age[/b]: 12

[b]Hair[/b]: White

[b]Eyes[/b]: Blue

[b]Race[/b]: Puppet

[b]Job[/b]: Martial Artist.

[b]Occupation[/b]: None

[b]Weapon[/b]: Himself


[b]Light Foot[/b]: This isn?t so much as an ability, simply pure speed that both Romokaru and Tategami have (Romokaru of course being faster than Tategami because he is shorter than she is.). This allows them to by pass the speed limits that humans have, making them more faster and agile.

Romokaru is able to use spiritual energy, in any means ?chi?, but it is mostly used to blow things back with an invisible force. (Hence, chi)

Tategami can summon ice cold chi, so when she attempts to blow someone back, they are most likely being hit by an icy force that can also be used to keep an opponent in place.

The two also have an endless amount of combos they can use physically, combining them with different methods in the use of their chi.

[b]Attack Only Romokaru Can Use[/b]:
[b][i]?Gizmo=Gia=Gias! To you born of dew, I command. Accept your destiny and seal your powers!?[/b][/i]
This is a spelled used by Romokaru; it can release or seal the true power within a doll. He has no idea of how he knew such a spell, but uses it to his advantage when fighting a doll stronger than he. (It?s the spell Doll Master used to bind Rue so he couldn?t move, and he used it before Rue fought Valen to release Rue?s true abilities.)



[b]Personality[/b]: Romokaru is very calm and energetic; with a smile on his face most everywhere he goes. Hardly anything can put this boy down, but for his counterpart Tategami it is a different story. She is seems to have no type of emotion and is a fighting machine, her skill in hand-to-hand combat surpassing the short and quick Romokaru.

[b]Biography[/b]: Romokaru was awaken five years after the event of Valen, he being awaken by something that would surprise many. When this boy was created, he was created with a purpose to break the seal that bond Valen if he were defeated and sealed once again. But the awakening of him was unnatural, the boy being released by some sort of ghost at the name of Tategami. She was once a puppet, solely created to awaken Romokaru and guide him through his journey to unseal Valen.

It is unexplainable of how a simple lifeless puppet was given a soul by Valen, but she did the first task of what she was created to do?what her ?duty? was to do. The problem was, something wrong happened while trying to awaken the boy, turning his dying loyalty to Valen into utter hate and a ?will? to be freed from Valen?s grasp. His new desire was to break the seal from Valen, not to save him, but to destroy him to show what a puppet can do.

But the problem was, he had no type of idea of what he was capable of. That?s where Tategami came in, she explained to the boy that she was now his guardian and will show him her form of hand-to-hand combat. She also told him how only certain people were able to see her, without her needing to posses someone to do so. Romokaru was of course, one of the people that could see the girl, since that?s how it went.

It was lucky for both Romokaru and Tategami that the boy was located on a snow-bounded mountain. On that mountain was where the girl would teach Romokaru the abilities he was given to fulfill his duty. The boy would do this for around four years, now being a quick little guy with unmatched physical strength in the mountains. He would then move out of the mountain, traveling in the direction he seemed fit to where Valen would be located, since it [I]was[/I] his duty to return Valen to this world, he would know exactly where he would be.

Only problem was he not knowing exactly how to break the seal, but that would all be figured out once he got there. So now, both Romokaru and his ghostly partner Tategami now go out, to break the seal of Valen, and destroy their creator. [/size] [/color]
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OK, wish me luck in this RPG... *predicts she won't be accepted*

[color=indigo][u]Name:[/u] Ametite
[u]Age:[/u] 22
[u]Hair:[/u] dark purple
[u]Eyes:[/u] dark purple
[u]Race:[/u] Half blood, half raven to be exact.
[u]Job:[/u] Supposed to be a thief, but acts like a fighter
[u]Occupation:[/u] none
[u]Weapon:[/u] Her claws, and a necklace with some magic abilities...
[u]Abilities:[/u] From numerous days of having to live on her own and fare and hunt for herself (see bio), her claws now secrete a vile poison. She also has many hypnotic abilities and can (sometimes) control people and other beings. She also can screech so loudly that those around her could easily have ear damage, and of course she can fly. Staring at her for too long can cause confusion of paralysis, especially through eye contact.
[u]Appearance:[/u] Ametite is about five and a half feet tall. She has long, straight hair and pale and almost ghostly-looking skin. She's quite bony but covers it up with a torn black shirt and indigo skirt that goes down to the middle of her thighs. She takes on the figure of a harpy, having scaly arms and legs and ebony claws on each finger and toe. Stuck onto her arms are surprisingly beautiful indigo and blue wings with a span of about ten feet. She also wears a headband hidden mostly by her hair with a bird's head on it, and she also wears a black pendant in the shape of some sort of knot that is supposed to be a special seal.
[u]Personality:[/u] Ametite is highly antisocial and has a fierce temper. It takes her a long time to trust somebody, and she prefers to do things alone. She's also quite stubborn and hated by most because of her bad attitude. Despite the fact that she's half-bird, she's not what you would call a "bird-brain"; she's actually quite clever. But if you make her mad, she'll never forget about it, and she can hold grudges for a very long time. She wishes she could use black magic to put curses on people, but the question of whether she can or not remains unanswered... Also, when irritated, she will most likely fight.
[u]Bio:[/u] When Ametite was very young, she and her father lived peacefully in a forest where other half-birds dwelled and lived peacefully. One day, her father decided that the forest was not enough and journeyed out beyond the forest. Once, he saw Valen and cowered away in fear. He saw Valen's spirit become imprisoned in the Dew Prism and had a strong desire to keep it. But as soon as he touched it, he was fiercely cursed by someone, perhaps Valen. The curse's effect made him grow weaker and eventually pass away. Somehow, Ametite knew that her father had died; she said to others that "a little bird told her." It was from then on that she loathed Valen and the Dew Prism.

Years later, people from the nearby village of Geos became angered at the fact that the little pet beasts they had were killed and sometimes eaten by the half-bloods in the forest, especially the half-birds. They could not stop them, so they decided to kill them all. Several of all of Ametite's relatives died, and soon all of the half-birds except for Ametite were gone. At this Ametite grew even more angry and swore that she would curse and haunt all the people in Geos Village. But what she was really worried about was how she would take care of herself.

As time went by, Ametite learned from the full birds that were still in the forest how to hunt and take care of herself. She even made a few friends... er... acquaintences... to help her defeat Valen and the people in Geos for good. It was through having to put up with their naive and happy attitudes that she got her powers and began using them on those birds for punishment for not doing their job. The birds misbehaves and chickened out all the time, so Ametite had to ostracize them all from the group, leaving only herself.

One day, (part of) Ametite's wish came true; Geos Village was burned to a crisp in a deadly fire, and it rained afterwards to prevent the fire from spreading to the forest. Ametite wished the same fate would come to Valen. At first she considered becoming a guard for the Dew Prism, but she never did well in a crowd, and she hated the Dew Prism and Valen anyway. So she stayed far away from the prism and patroled the land, trying to form a plan to teach Valen a lesson...[/color]

OOC: I hope that Ametite's in, but if you reject me, please state why; I would like to know why because then I might be able to improve and join another RPG like this someday. But if I'm in--great! I'll try my best to make good posts and have school not interfere...
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hope i can still sign up!!!

age:8 yrs old
weapon:main-serpentine sword(extendable sword) sub-none
abilities:extraordinary speed and agility, serpintine blood(has complete control over sword's trajectory), elemental magic (earth, water, wind, fire)
appearance: wearing a long black scarf, long sleeved shirt, pants and boots, and sword scabbard in the back.
personality:often a pacifist, rueane would rather back down than fight, but if he thinks it is necessary he will put up his dukes and give it his best. at first sight he looks like a happy go lucky person but he knows his priorities.
bio:awakened 8 years ago he has wandered in swearch of a way to revive his master valen, but in a twist of "fate" he wandered into the town of carona and learned what has happened 15 years ago, and decided that he will stop valen's ressurection.
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[color=teal]I'm starting the RPG in a very short amount of time. Namely, as soon as I can get to another computer for at least an hour.

The members of this RPG so far are:


The Harlequin





And myself.[/b]

I'll PM you as soon as the RPG is up and running.[/color]
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Chimé "Chi" Iteki

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Hair:[/B] Chocolate Brown

[B]Eyes:[/B] Crimsonish

[B]Race:[/B] Fairy(Not the small ones)

[B]Job:[/B] Mage/Warrior

[B]Occupation:[/B] Mage

[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://www.ffonline.com/1_ff10gfx/weapon-sword1.gif]Long Sword[/URL], [URL=http://www.raven9.freeserve.co.uk/witchway/pictures2/yew-dagger.jpg]Dagger[/URL], Magic and a [URL=http://ew2.lysator.liu.se/loth/j/s/jsnook/glaive.jpg]Glaive[/URL]

[B]Abilities:[/B] Random Spells and Spells from the Book.
Summon: She can summon a large blue dragon to ride on or fight with, etc.
She has sword and glaive skills and experience with a large variety of weapons.

[URL=http://www.orangeday.net/kanon/images/ayu/ayu19.jpg]Here[/URL]. The wings are larger and more fairy like and are a bluish colour. She also has a glass sphere on a chain around her neck with a blue spark inside it. She doesn't know what it is but she always keeps it around her neck, there's something about it though, she's yet to find out what.

[B]Personality:[/B] Chi is kind, caring and considerate. She's someone you can come to talk to easily without caring if she'll judge you or not. She loves to help people and she'll do anything to help her friends when they're in trouble, danger or if they just need a shoulder to lean on. Chi loves to make friends with people and is always willing to give people a chance to become her friend. One of her favourite quotes is the classic, "Never judge a Book by it's Cover." Chi is also strong minded. She never gives up and hates to admit to defeat, she goes by a Second quote too, "Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit." She's a quick thinker and solves problems quickly.

[B]Biography:[/B] Chi was born into a colony of fairies that lived in a forest. Elves, Dwarves and other mythical creatures also lived in the forest. Chi fitted in with the other fairies except that she was a bookworm and loved to study. Chi would always spend most of her time studying, reading and doing her homework instead of hanging out with her friends. Even after school, she would go to an old mage's house and she would sit and listen to his teachings of spells and then she would read one of his thick book of spells.

Her mother had told her that she had magic when she was at a young age so it didn't shock her in the future. Her mother started her training when she was young so she could become a good mage. Chi started going to the old mage's house at the age of 10. She would be fascinated by some of his adventures that he told her of. He enjoyed her company and liked having her around because other fairies thought he was crazy.

One day he decided to give Chi the book that she always read, learning about the new spells in it. It was thick, and was slightly ragged and torn from age. Chi didn't know what to say and hugged him.

Chi's father started her physical training around the same time she started her magic lessons. Chi started off with a small wooden practise sword and learned the simple things. As she aged, herr father added weights to the sword and at the age of 9 her father had made her wield a metal sword. When she was 10, her father made her make her own sword and Chi spent several months over the hot forge to make the Long Sword that she carries with her at the present day. On her 15th birthday, her father gave her the glaive as a present. It had been passed down from his ancestors and now he gave it to her. Chi had always loved the pole arm and was happy to have it.

Then one day, she went to the old mage's house and he told her the best adventure yet. He told her of an evil spirit by the name of Valen and the evil he would bring if he was ever resurrected. Chi shuddered after the tale as the old mage had told her the details. Chi had gone home and the day after, when she went to visit him again after school. He was in his soft chair as usual but he wasn't breathing. She ran to him and tried to use the life spell he had taught her but his magic aura overtook hers and he stayed in the other side. Chi tried for an hour without success and gave up from a weakness of energy. Chi cried by his side until she was out of tears and hugged him. He had been her best friend. And now he was gone. Then she noticed a box on the small table beside him with a note on top. It read:

[I]If you're reading this, I've now passed on. And I predict that you'll try to revive me with a Life Spell but I won't allow it. I'm staying here, it's better for me. Thankyou for all of the hours of companionship and listening so intently to my adventures, giving an old man a friend that I haven't had for years. Open the box and take the item, it's for you. Don't be too sad about me, I've passed on to a better place. But you must make sure Valen is never resurrected or it will bring doom to the entire world. You won't understand the item but you'll know one day. I'll watch over you. Remember me forever, and never forget the good times we had.

Your Closest Friend,

She opened the box and saw the necklace that she wears. It's a reminder that's kept close to the heart from her closest friend. After that she made her way home and told her parents that she would leave tomorrow morning but didn't tell them about the death of her friend. She rested peacefully with the memories of Mechal and his gift pulsing softly.

The next morning she left with her sword, her glaive and the Spell Book, she made a promise to his spirit that she would make sure the Valen was never resurrected as it was his will that she never allow that to happen.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Finally finished. Phew that took a long time. What do you think Legacy?
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Guest Edge Mstr Ninja
Name: Harou Lionheart

Age: 17

Hair: Long white hair that goes down to his knees

Eyes: Burning Sapphirre Blue

Race: Puppet

Job: Theif/Fighter

Occupation: Mercenary

Weapon: (main) The Ultima Blade: this weapon is a huge sword. the blade is 16 1/2" wide and about 5' long. this blade can transform into many forms to sit the situation.
(sub) His hands and feet: his gauntlets and boots have some special stones that make his puchs and kicks explode on will.

Abilities: what is stated above. he can also move at very high speeds and has increased strength that allows him to lift 100 times his weight. he has an ability that is unlocked when he sees something that makes him furious it unleashes some power that sends him into a rage thus increasing his strength and speed ten fold. in this state his eyes turn blood red and glow along with his lifestone.

Appearance: Harou is 5' 10" and has a nice muscualar build (not bulky). he wears black loose fitting jeans with a black shirt. over this shirt is a chainmail shirt and he wears a black cloak that looks like a cape when not up. he has leather boots the stop about 4" from the knee and leather gauntlets that stop half-way up his forearm. his sword is on his back with the handle sticking out over his left shoulder. His lifestone is the same as his eyes.

Personality: Harou is laid back and very personable. The most unsociable people like to hang with Harou. He will always finish a mission and never give up. Loyal to his friends and allies you dont have to worry about betrayal. He is very calm and will only fight as a last resort unless he needs to fight. Harou loves the company of others.

Biography: Harou was found by a nice family as a small infant in a little island villiage. They never told Harou that they found him and just raised him as their own. One day he was getting some stuff for his mother for dinner and he saw some kids picking on his sister. One of the kids kicked her in her head and made her bleed. Harou ran over and at that moment his eyes glew red along with his Lifestone and the kids ran in terror. Harou turned to his sister and she was frightend by his eyes and she screamed. Harou didn't know what was wrong. His eyes turned back to their sapphirre blue colour and he asked his sis' "Whats wrong?" She told him about his eyes and what happened. Harou didn't like this so he decided to leave. His parents told him that they found him and knew this day would come. Harou said his farewells and shed a few tears and then went on his way to Corona.

On his way to Corona he ran into an old man who was being picked on by some thugs. Harou stepped in and intervened. Harou was getting his *** beat until harou borrowed the old mans sword. The old man cried out "No!" but Harou picked up the sword anyway and used it with great skill. He defeated the thugs and they ran away. He handed the old man his sword and the old man couldn't lift it anymore. The old man told Harou the story of the sword and how it chooses its owner when it's time for a new person to finish the quest that needs to be done. The quest was to destroy Valen. Harou took up the quest and set out to Corona. And so the journey began......
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