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In the 19th century the school of Ghoulsville was first built but it was said to have been built ontop the gravesites of ancient sorceres and warriors that would someday come back to get revenge on those still alive. In old tales, still shared by the children that inhabit this school, it is said that these ghosts were able to get there revenge just after the school was built. An evil sorcerer was disguised as one of the students and began to summon these spirits in many different forms. His plan was to trick these spirits into letting him have control and eventually creating a supernatural army that would help him to concure the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. If he had succeded then the world would have been thrown into utter chaos. The powers of light and dark would have lost its balance and the energies binding everything together would have been torn apart and the life would cease to exist. That's what would of happen if a group of students hadn't been aware of this and hadn't had books of exorcisims and magic. Each of these children learned three special spells the day of thier summoning. Together they were able to deport these spirits back to the underworld and track down the evil sorcerer and destroy him. It is said until today the books that these students had are still in the school. Only a small group of individuals who have not met each other yet beleave these stories.


Go ahead and begin posting your parts of the story.
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[font=arial][color=purple][size=2]Trea, called Kris, walked down the hallway, obsorbed in her new novel, ?The Night Before Murder?.((No, It isn?t a real book.)) She brushed a stray piece of red-orange hair out of her eyes, and nearly ran into someone. She stopped suddenly, and and stuttered, ?S-sorry!? She looked up from her book, then cast her eyes to the floor. She could feel a flush rising in her face.

She knew the boy, his name was Damion, called Hunter by his friends. He was a total hunk, and a flirt. Rumor had it that he had had one serious girlfriend, and she had hurt him, so he never dated again. She stuttered another apology.

Hunter smiled as she took another glance at him. She smiled back weakly, and quickly left, heading towards the library.[/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Clesia looked around the library and shighed.[I]This school is strange.[/I]She walked down an isle of books scanning the titles.She stopped and felt a chill.Clesia looked around and the chill went away.As she turned a boy ran into her.
"It's okay".
He gave her his had and helped her up.
"Hi my names Rodney.Who are you?"
"I'm Clesia."
"You new here"?
"Ya.This is my first time being in a public school".
"Really?Cool!Let me show you around".Rodney said perking up and grapped her hand and lead her out of the library.

OOC: Sorry it short I'm grounded from the net and the rents could come home at any time.[/COLOR]
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I don't mind it being short.

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue] Just a walk back to his locker then back to the library for more study on the paranormal history of this school. he found it odd that two students mysteriously died and no one was caught. He continued to walk and then someone nearly bumped into him. It was a younger girl. She only looked at him for as second before returning her eyes down to her book and muttering two appologizes. He smiled towards her and she gave a weak smile back. After that she moved past him.

Hunter made to his locker and smashed all of his school work into it and drew out his research notes. He had this urge to study the paranormal for nearly his entire life, but the recent events gave him an excuse to do so.

When he reached the library he noticed that the same girl from earlier was sitting alone at a table her nose emerged completly into a book. He had plenty of time on his hands and it woldn't hurt to make some small talk. He walked over to her and stood beside her. She didn't seem to notice him. "Whatcha reading?" He asked her softly not to surprise her too much.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DeepPink]She wasn?t startled, but he was, seeing as the ?book? was a video game, inside a hollow book shell. ?Oh, so whatcha playin???

She looked at him and glared, obviously pissed for being disturbed, but relieved seeing as he wasn?t there to torment her. ?Oh, it?s a GameGirl, They remade a GameBoy, but more girl oriented.?

?I mean what?s the game?? he replied smoothly.

?I?m sorry, it?s Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, the girl version. Not of any interest to boys.?

?So, what?s your name anyway??

?I?m Joey, I mean Joanne.? She turned a little red, then went back to her game.

?So some kids gave you a nickname that stuck huh??

?Yeah, so now you know my name, and I think it?s only polite I know yours.? She looked up at him, pausing her game.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]"My name is Damion, but you can call me hunter if ya like." He replied to Joanne. "Do you mind if I call you Joey or do you hate that?"

"Um, well." She replied a bit confused.

"How about it?" He asked again. "I think that Joey is a cute nickname for a girl like you."

"Thank you." She said still a bit confussed.

"I have a question I'd like to ask you. Do you beleave in spirits?" He gave a sly smile.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DeepPink]Joey nodded, ?Yeah, obviously! I?ve been studying this school forever and was delighted when my parent?s told me I was going here!? She saved and turned off her game, stuffing it in her purse. ?Why do you?? She picked up a notebook out of her bag. ?I have some notes about it here if you want.? She held out the book and placed it on the table. ?It?s all I could get? Legally.? She had this malicious grin on her face.

?You mean you hacked into the school?s database about stuff like that?? Hunter gasped.

?No, much higher,? she paused and looked around, ?The government?s weird and dangerous but unproved cases list! They had so much about this school! But most of it was about last year?s slaughter of those two kids?? Her face turned red, ?Why did I tell him that??

?You did it?!?!? He saw the red on her face.

?Well, I wouldn?t say that? I?d say a spell did it.? She opened up a page in the book with names of books and pages. She brushed her finger along it, looking for one, she found it, then got up and walked over to the librarian?s desk, ?Excuse me, but where would I find ?Spirit Spells?, and the-? a little child started to cry and scream, blocking off the rest of what she said.

?Be quiet!? the librarian yelled at the kid. ?Sure, over there for that book, and in the back room for the newspaper. Here are the keys, give them back when you?re done.? She handed her the keys.

?Thank you.? Joey walked over to Hunter and handed him the keys, ?Hold those for a moment, the book is really large, and heavy.? She pranced off to where the librarian was pointing and came back a few minutes later lugging a huge brown leather bound book with gold typewritten text on the cover entitling it ?Spirit Spells?. She put it on the floor. ?What? It?s too heavy!? She looked back at her notes and read what page, ?457, Ok.? She put her finger at a random page and opened it, eventually reaching 457. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Hunter watched as Joey scanned over the gigantic book with her finger. Then she stopped on one specific listing. "Does this mean that you were posessed then when you or that spell killed those students?"

"I suppose so, but I also am sorry for what happened." Joey replied the red on her face becoming a bit more noticable.

"In that case you can't be held responisible for what happened." He grinned. "Besides it would be a shame for a cute girl like yourself to be a murderer. It always tends to be the hot ones that are insane." He then remembered the key. "What is this for anyways?"

"Come with me." She said leading him to the door.

"I have some research as well in case you are interested. Some of the notes I have reach all the way to the United Nations investigations of the paranormal." He noticed the girl who had nearly bumped into him. He thought that maybe he would talk to her next. Dispite the bookworm outlook she was cute too.[/COLOR]
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Paul took the keys out the egnition and opened his door. He swungs his bag over his right shoulder and slipped his keys into his pocket. He closed the door to his car and walked onto the campus heading for the library. He walked down the hall and looked around. The campus was giving him a weird feeling like it always did.

"Never fails, weird stuff always happens here," Paul whispered to himself. He turned and walked inot the library. Looking around for any open tables, and spotted one. He walked over to the table and put his stuff down. He looked around the library and stopped when he say two people looking at a oversized book. He watched as the girl lead the guy over to some door.

"Yes..strange things indeed happen at this school," Paul said while shaking his head slightly. He pulled out his homework and began to work on it. It was stillf resh in his mind and pretty much remembered it all. So it was relativaely easy for him. He looked at the clock seeing more time to spare he knew he was going to get his homework done.
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[font=arial][color=purple][size=2]Trea reached the library, and sat down her things. She started to walk along the huge bookshelves her eyes scanning them expertly. She saw what she wanted. [I]Aha![/I] She reached up, and pulled the large book down. She stumbled at how heavy it was. [I]Well, it IS a book of mind manipulation, what did you expect?[/I] she asked herself.

She got a couple more odd books, and went back to her table. Trea sat down, and flipped open the first book, ?Mind Speech?. She skimmed through it, and then rolled her eyes. She closed the book. [I]Mind Speech my ***, you?d never talk mind-to-mind with ANYBODY that way.[/I]

Trea noticed Hunter, and her face reddened again. She buried her nose in another book, this one a fantasy novel. It was titled ?Once Upon A Midnight Dream?. It was the seventh book in a series she had been reading, and she had waited forever for it to come out.[/font][/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]He followed Joey into the room and there was thousands of old copies of newspapers. She went over to a pile that had her name on it and handed it to him. "These are all of the newspapers I was able to find including articles about paranormal activity." She said. "If we go through them well enough we may be able to find other cases much like my own."

She closed the door after they both had left and went to go return the key to the librarian. As Hunter stood there like an obediant dog he turned and looked at the girl reading a book again. If he could recall her name was Trea. He smiled nicly for her as she continued to read her novel.

Above her Hunter noticed something. An odd disturbance that would have been noticed by anyone who was looking in that direction. As something began to emerge from it he dropped the news papers and ran. He pulled her off of her seat and into his arms before the green glob could land on her head.[/COLOR]
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Trea was suddenly jerked out of her seat, and she shrieked. She looked at Hunter, then back at her seat as the globe landed where she had been sitting. It shattered on impact. She shuddered, and looked up at Hunter, who's face was grim.

She whispered, "Thank you. That could have killed me." Hunter looked fairly shaken. Trea started shaking un controllably, and almost broke down into sobs. She heldit in.

The librarian had yelled at her when she had shrieked and had come over to scold them for 'unappropriate behavior'. She stopped dead when she saw Trea shaking with fear and the shattered globe. The plush chair that Trea had occupied moments before had large shards of painted glass and metal sticking out of it.
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"OK! Ya got your..." Rodney nearly skipped happily, explaining the layout of the school to the new girl. Clesia she had said her name was. "Oh, and... wooh, hey we're back at the library."

"Thanks for showing me around." Clesia said, a little quiet.

"So... you said this is your first time in a public school?" Rodney laened against a white plastered wall.


"Well, you might have to get used to the nick-names around here." Rodney said before she could finish, eager to talk to just about any girl. "People call me crazy... that's because I am... so, what are you like?"Clesia blushed a little. "Woops, I meant so we can give you a nick-name."

The blush decreased, and she leaned on the wall next to him.
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Paul was continuing to do his homework. He looked up at the door where the two people had dissapeared. He saw the two coming out the room and giving the key back to the libririan. Paul continued to do his work when suddenly he heard a girl shriek.

Paul stood up out of his chair and looked over to see that apprently the guy had saved the girls life just now. Paul quickly walked over towards them and stopped on the other side of the table.

"Hey, you guys alright?" Paul said as he look at the shaking girl. Paul looked at the glass that covered the chair. He then looked above it and wondered where the glass could of came from. He shook his head in disbelief.

~Jeeze, this school...this is too weird!~

Paul walked around the table where the two stood. It seemed like Hunter was trying to comfert and calm Trea down.

"That doesnt look all too safe...where could that of come from though?"
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[color=darkslateblue]Maria sighed as the teacher in her classroom lectured about how to use computers, and to be careful not to screw them up and download certain things to put viruses on your computers. Well, it was a computer class, but Maria didn't expect it to be like this.

[i]I already know this crap you dummy...[/i]

Maria sighed as she began to make little swirls on her paper, awaiting a sudden picture to come out of the swirls.


A ruler hit Maria's desk, making her jump in her seat. People around her laughed at her sudden jump, then Maria looked up. To her luck it was the teacher. She kept calm and her expression on her face was calm aswell.

"Are you even paying attention Ms. Blue?"

"Don't address me as a miss. I hate it."

"Well then, fine Blue. This can come in handy once you are old enough to buy your own computer and operate it on your own."

"I know about this already. I've worked with computers since I was two."

The teacher could only grumble some words, then began with the lecture again. Maria sighed, then pretended to pay attention. She began to daydream of what would happen if she was gone out of this school, and in the depths of her room where she only had her computer with her.

[i]How I wish...[/i]


It was the end of the day, and classes were just dismissed, and people were running out of the school to go to their homes. The noises in the hallways never seemed to stop, and the constant slamming of lockers and chatter filled the school hallways.
Maria ran out of the school as fast as she could, holding down her short, dark red skirt to keep it from flying upwards to show her underwear.
Maria was in so much of a hurry she could hardly see anything from her constant running. She never wanted to stop either; she wanted to get out of this crowd. [i]Now.[/i]

Maria was in such of a hurry, she didn't realize she was about to run into someone, and cause a mess.


Maria fell backwards on her bottom instantly after she ran into the person. Maria winced, as sudden pain began to rush up her body. Her backpack had fallen off of her shoulders with it, and was on the ground next to her. Maria looked up to see who she had crashed into, and it was a boy with sky blue eyes and dark brown hair. He was next to another girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

[i]Looks like a couple...[/i]

"Watch where you're going!" the boy yelled, very rudely. Maria glared at the boy, and shifted her legs to get up.

Maria stood up, then brushed the dirt off of her dark red skirt. She after picked up her backpack, and shot daggers at the boy. He only glared back at Maria.

"***..." she grumbled, running away from the boy.

"Turd..." he grumbled, then began to talk with the girl next to him.

As Maria ran away, the only that ran across her mind was that boy, who she was pissed at so much. When she went home, she was going to go on the computer and type how much she hated that boy.[/color]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Trea was still shaking but she felt like she had finally settled down a bit. At least she had settled down enough torealize the position she was curently in. Hunter was still holding her. He could see now that she was blush furiously. "Are you going to be alright now?" He asked her soothingly.

"What was that?" She asked without replying to his question.

"That was paranormal activity at work." Hunter replied finally letting go of Trea and helped her to gather her things. He saw the book she had been reading. "Hey I've been reading those as well." She smiled a little embarresed and left. He turned to his other friend. "Joey I have to go home and research something. I'll catch ya later."


The next day everyone found a note in their locker saying [I]"those of you who beleavein ghosts, ghouls, and the paranormal are invited to join me when you are ready. Come to the creek. I will be there waiting. If you beleave you will come.
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Trea found the note in her locker, and just stared t it for about five mintes until a book falling out of her over stuffed locker fell on her head. SHe rubbed her head, and picked up the book, stuffing it back into her locker. She grabbed the rest of her things, and closed the locker. Trea ran her eyes over the note one last time before shoving it in her pocket, and going to class.


That afternoon, after school, Trea was walking along the sidewalk when she remembered the note in her pocket. She took it out, scanned it with her eyes, then sprinted off in the direction of the creek. Ten minutes later she slid to a stop at the creek. No one was there- yet. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, and she snapped around. She faced Hunter.

Trea relaxed. Hunter grinned. "What, thought I was a ghost?" Trea nodded. Then she smiled, and, suprising Hunter, laughed. "Call me Kris. Please."
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]"Okay Kris." Hunter said while smiling for her. "Yesterday was quite a different experince though, wasn't it?" He asked.

"Yes it was." Kris answered smiling back. She had a book in her hand and it wasn't the same one as the day before. It looked more like an old book full of text. Possibly one of the magic books the legends spook of.

"May I see what you are reading?" He asked. She nodded and handed him the book. After scanning over several pages he was sure of it. This is one of the books the others had before them centuries ago when the dead came back. "Where did you get this?"

"Online." She replied. It figured though. "Are you expecting anyone else or is it just going to be the two of us?"

"Oh, I expect several other people to come." Hunter replied. "Most of them were in that library when that globe nearly fell on you. Of coarse if no one else shows you and I could always make the best of this privacy." He could see Kris's entire face go red after that last comment. He was only joking though. He had a girlfriend once, but he doesn't want to remember that.

"It looks like they are here." Hunter said pointing behind Kris. She turned around. Joey and four other people were coming to them.[/COLOR]
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Rodney found the note in his locker, and read it over quickly.

"Stupid pranks..." [I]Still...[/I] he thought, [I]this could be interesting...[/I]

He sat on the ground, cross legged, thinking over wether or not to go. [I]Eh.. why not...[/I] He got up and went to class...
Rodney appraoched the creek, surprisingly with several others walking next to him. He assumed they had gotten similar notes. Spotting Damian/Hunter and a girl he didn't know, he ran the rest of the way.

"Hey, what's the big idea... well hello." Rodney got a closer look at the girl. Hunter nearly glared at him, and he instantly pretended to lose interest. "So, uhh... let's see... oh ya, what the hell are we doing here?"
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]"I probably should explane all of this to you." Hunter said as the very rude kid asked what this was about. He put his hand on Kris's shoulder. "Perhaps you should all sit down though." They did as he asked. "I trust that all of you a familier with the stories about what happened in this school many years ago?" He asked and got a mix of nods and shakes. "For those of you who don't know over a hundered years ago there was an evil sorcerer who enslaved a bunch of spirits whos bodies still lay under our school to this very day. They felt disrespected by thoughs who built the school and they attacked the school children. Several were killed as Kris would have been yesterday. Of coarse though the sorcerer used them for his own deeds. He granted them forms that were monsterous. Then a group of students much like ourselves gained powers of great magical capability and fought these monsters created by the sorcerer and traced the trail back to him. They were able to defeat him."

"What does that have to do with us?" Joey asked.

"That's a very good question." Hunter replied. "It is my belief that the recent paranormal activity at the school is the same paranormal activity that happened to it long ago."

"If it is true then what do you suppose we do?" Rodney asked.

"I suggest that we form our own group to fight these monsters and discover the cause." Hunter replied to his question. "We will do exactly the same as the others did except we will have a name. The Spirit Investigators Club! Now I printed up a pact for everyone to sign. If you do keep in mind everything that happens amongst us stays with us. You will not disclose to anyone what we are doing." He handed out the paper.

"How is this going to work?" Kris asked. "I mean they had powers and we don't."

"Well thanks to you Kris we will probably have those powers." He looked deeply into her eyes and felt a brief connection.[/COLOR]
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"Mmmm..." Rodney thought this over, "Sounds a little bogus, if you know waht I mean." He layed back in the grass, not caring about much, as usual. He plucked a piece of grass and stuck it in between his thumbs... [I]fweee[/I]

"That's... annoying." Joey said, looking over at the home-made instrument.

"And hey, who wants to be part of a club, eh? I just wanna go to school and be crazy, ya know?" Rodney sat back up and looked Hunter straight in the face.

"Fine... leave if you want. You might regret it." Hunter said, a little to seriously.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Rodney said, hopping up and putting his face in Hunter's.

"Well, the ghosts might get you..." there was a visible snicker in Hunter's expression.

"Fine... I'll be a part... jsut to show ya!"
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]"Then sign on the dotted line." Hunter told Rodney. He handed him the paper and Rodney signed his name to it. Hunter smiled as he got it back. He handed it to the next person and they signed as well. Everyone signed. "Now to the next peice of buisness." Hunter said holding up the book Kris let him look at.

"That can't be one." Joey said.

"Oh it definatly is." Hunter replied."Lets hope it has the right formula to grant us the powers." He flipped through it and found the right page.

"Does it?" Kris asked.

"Yes," Hunter replied, " well not entirly. This is only part of the dirctions. We need all five books. Do you think that all of you can do your best to track them down and get them to us somehow?" He got a bunch of nods and a shrug from Rodney. "Rod if you are not going to give this your all I suggest you leave right now."

"I'll find your darn books." Rodney replied.

"Then lets get home and get moving." Hunter helped both Kris and Joey to their feet like any gentleman would. He addmits it. He has split feelings.[/COLOR]
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Rodney flipped and hopped his way home, as usual, his partialy-sane attitude nearly fading with what just happened. Not so much the concept, but that Hunter guy... who's he think he is aye? Oh well... time to look for anceient books of magic.

When he got home, he went straight to the computer, as his mom wasn't home yet, and typed in "Magic spirit books" in Google. The results were... crap. A bunch of loons trying to promote weird satanist clans... and one that said 'loser'. OK then, how about, "Ancient mythical books". This came up with a bunch of history nerds using long, incomprehencable words, and one that said 'man, you're stupid'.

So much for the search engine...
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[COLOR=DeepPink]?Thanks.? Joey mumbled as he helped her up, most guys weren?t nice to girls like Joey, she as a tomboy, she like video games and track and computers, well that was an understatement, she LOVED technology such as computers. Most guys liked preppy girls, who were rich and like make-up and crap like that. Joey couldn?t stand that nasty substance! ?Well, I?ve got to go, I promised someone I?d go and fix their computer tonight, I need to get the supplies. But don?t worry! If I find anything out I?ll tell you.? She grinned and left.

(Sorry about length? I just had a dance performance, and I?m kinda tired, not to mention that I had to read those pages, because I hadn?t been on lately?)[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Hunter trusted that al of them would do their best to find these books. While he, on the other hand, had borrowed the book from Kris. As he read it he found out a lot about what spells were like. Three powers given to each. Each reflecting their character and personallity. He could probably guess what Rodney's would be like. All out destructive power. He didn't want to think of this though. He concentrated more on the book.

A few hours slipped into the night. He bacame tired and went to bed. Then he dreamt. At first it started out about Joey. Then it switched over to Kris. He felt something in them, besides him finding them both to be very attractive girls. He felt that they would be important in the future. Not sure how though. Then his dream slipped deeper into his thoughts and gathered a nightmare. His old girlfriend.[/COLOR]
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