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What is beautiful?

Xander Harris

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When watching a preview for the new Fox show 'The Swan', I was filled with fury. Shows like 'Extreme Makeover" disgust me. They play into the Hollywood fantasy that anyone who is sexually attractive in any way must look like a fashion model. This got me thinking about what people think guys find attractive in women. Now, I can't speak for any one else of my gender, but here are my thoughts on what makes a girl attractive.

For instance:

Large Mammary Glands: 'Guys are only interested in breasts' I get really ticked off when I hear some girl say that. OF COURSE guys like breasts. It's hardwired into us. If you want a guy who isn't interested in breasts, then you will have to date a homosexual.

However, people who think that that is the only thing, or the most important thing to men, are being stupid. Sure, some men might only care about that. But I personally don't think that a girl has to have breasts that weigh more than her head to be attractive. 99 percent of the girls that I know who I find attractive have normal sized breasts.

Personality: I actually know one girl in my school who I didn't think was highly attractive (I did think she was a little attractive, she wasn't ugly or anything) I started to get to know her a little better recently, and all of a sudden I realized 'wow, she's really cute'. At least for me, in order for a girl to be attractive she has to be somewhat intelligent, have a sense of humor, and be able to carry on a conversation. I actually find that attractive, believe it or not. I think once you like a someone as a person, you start to see their unique physical beauty as well.

Thinness: Believe it or not, girls who are a little over or under weight can actually be attractive. Liposuction is not needed to be cute. Morbidly obese people I don't find really attractive, but they often find love with other large people.

So what do you think makes a person attractive (I only talked about girls, but feel free to talk about guys, female members) Do you think the idea of beauty as it is portrayed on television and movies is correct or not?

(Note: Please keep this PG. I tried to be as tasteful as possible. Do me a favor and act likewise. I don't want to have a thread I start locked. Thank you.)
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
What do I like in a girl... hmmm....

Well, ok I will state right here that to me looks are the most important thing. More important than to a lot of other guys, and that may be because I am so passionate about visual pleasure (let me elaborate...). I am an artist, and really care about a drawing looking good or cool. I put way more weight on a video game's graphics than other people I know do. I really appreciate the way a good martial arts kick looks, and care less about how powerful it is. I absolutely LOVE the way some Ferraris and Lamborghinis look, and don't give two craps about a tuned Civic being just as fast.

Anyway, so I really care about looks. But I am not the "generic" guy who is into big-breasted blondes or whatever. I am quite particular, though, because I prefer long flowing black hair, dark eyes,... no I won't go into describing how my "ideal" girl looks, because it'll take me an entire page. But I do gravitate towards girls with "good" bodies. They don't have to be athletic, like with a six-pack and crap, but I don't like overweight, and honestly even if a girl's personality was just awesome, the fact that I'm not as attracted to her visually will gnaw away at me. I like "feminine" bodies, .... so I guess... Latinas! Ole! :D

Personality wise, I like "sassy." Hmmm pretty much all guys like sassy. That's not interesting. Sorry. But worst of all, I hate boring. I need to be able to talk to a girl about anything at all, and she has to laugh. Happy, witty, whatever, just so she's not always grim. Grim usually looks bad on girls. It looks ok only on anime girls if you ask me.

Also to me it really matters if I can do "fun" stuff with the girl or not. If a girl won't dance, won't play any sorts of games, won't jam with me, won't just sit and have interesting conversations with me (so I talk just for the sake of talking), won't even freaking swordfight with me, then I get bored real quick. I can't be with someone who just wants to go out to movies and restaurants and that's it. (I guess intimacy is implied in any case.)

Ugh. I'm not going anywhere with this. How about I just sit around and daydream about Lois Lane or something.
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[color=darkred][size=1]What is beautiful? Hhhmmm.


Face- a pretty face is a must. They have to have a nice face.

Breasts: I don't like big ones. Like, really big ones. They're a turn off.

Belly: Nice belly. Tanned [somewhat, maybe] and firm.

Butt: A nice butt is nice.

Legs: I like firm legs.

Hands: I like...nice hands. Not nasty ones...hard to explain.


Smart: I like someone who knows [and cares] what I think.

Personality: Someone who has a nice one... funny, clever, nice.

Likes: I want someone who likes to cuddle, or just sit at home and do nothing. I don't want to be out and about constantly.

Basically, an all around great person.

As I always say, "Without looks, you won't bother getting to know a person."

Looks start the path....personality completes it.[/size][/color]
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I know it sounds like a lot of ********, but I honestly could not care less about physical appearance. Only because whenever I become interested in a boy we're friends for a while and the more I like this guy the more attractive he becomes. I won't lie and say I don't notice when a guy is good looking, but it takes a lot more to keep me interested. I suppose what I like the most is a smart guy, someone I can consider an intellectual equal. I just think it's very sexy to be able to touch every topic with a person. My only requirement for a boy physically speaking is that he be a few inches taller than me, but I'm only 5ft tall so that isn't too hard.
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Wooh, this thread could go on forever.

Anyway, overly-attractive girls can be, well, not so attractive in a certain perspective. I guess I'm with most guys when I say this, but I like the girls who are pretty, ya know, cute, but not like, **** she's hot.

OK, that sounded a little immature, but that's how I see it. For instance, there's goota be dozens of girls at my school who could be considered, to put it simply, dead sexy. But thsoe aren't the kind you like to sit and look at because you like them, those are the kind you look at because their physically attractive, and that may be some guy's preference, but not mine.

Just a quick example... my friend, who's name shall remain hidden, had no idea what this ertain girl was like. She was fairly attractive, and jsut your average girl, ya know? One day he got to talkin to her, and discovered that she liked anime. Suddenly, he was obsessed with her, and we've been teasing him about it ever since.

Anyway, I guess that's all ^^.
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This is very subjective. What one person finds attactive may turn off someone else. I have never bought into that "You need to look like this to be happy!" marketing that advertisers try to ram down our throats. All it does is make women unhappy if they aren't 5'10'', 100lbs and a supermodel. As for guys, you can't be happy if your hair is thinning. That is a bunch of nonsense.

I find bald men very attractive. Yul Brynner is one of my favorite actors and when you see him in The King and I with no hair and those great abs....wow! I am also attracted to the "typical American boy" look....you know, blonde hair, blue eyes and taller than me. Which of course is not difficult since I am Japanese and only 5'2".

All in all, what it comes down to is personality is what makes someone more attractive to me. If they look great but are as dumb as a rock, there is no attraction for me. I think my hubby is the most handsome man in the world. Other girls may not agree, but they are just wrong. ;) lol
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Models are mostly just brainless people that compensate for their stupidity with their breasts or ***. So you can leave those features off my lists. If anything, I'd like a girl who has a small chest, not one that when I turn over into during the night I don't die in by morning.Anyways, now for my list.

Small chested: Don't want to die by morning...

Blue eyes: It's as close to black as most can get.

Black Hair: Cause it's my favorite color.

Slightly thick arse: I don't want a numb lap.

Average build: No one too muscular, no one too weak. Just an average girl.

Asian: I don't know why...I like the asian culture and for some reason..

Bi: Yes, bi. My last two girlfriends were bi and they were awesome.

Cuddler: I don't mind cuddling every now and then to lighten my day.

Self-Conscious: I'd like someone that isn't such a worrier about her looks! I'd like someone that doesn't care about the greasy hair and such!

Non-prep: Someone who doesn't think she's better than everyone around her and doesn't say "Oh my god!" in a high pitched voice every three sentences.

Geeky: Not much of one. Just one to the point where she'd understand what I'm saying when talking D&D, D20, video games, ect.

Anti-"anythiong"ist: Someone that doesn't care about another persons race, color, religion, government, ect.

Last but not least...

Anti-White/Black: I don't want a girl that listens to rap and think she's black when she's another race!
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Bah...topics like this make me depressed...

Anyways, as far as looks go, in a guy...I'm usually attracted to the tall, dark haired, blue eyed type. He'd have to be able to adapt to my mood swings, seeing I have many of them. A sense of humor is a must, and having his own sense of style is plus. He has to respect my views on thing...for instance I don't think guys should swear in front of ladies, it's rude. And racism is a big turn off. I see all people equally, and I'm not just talking about race and religion, I'm talking about what "group" a person may fit into. Goth, geek, prep, whatever, all people are equal and they deserve to be treated that way. I also go for the cuddly ones, I'm big on cuddling. And another thing, gotta have nice hands, nice strong manly hands...lol

So...lucky me, I've found the perfect guy for me and I plan to live the rest of my life with him.
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Well, I have always said that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I stick to that.

As long is a person is comfortable with themselfs and is not annoying then we seem to have a good relationship.

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[quote name='Transtic Nerve']Well it all depends on what beauty you refer to. There is a sexual, lustful beauty and then there is a genuine aesthetic beauty.[/quote]

Thankfully there is someone who embodies both types:


Normally I'd end my post with that... but for this one, I'll add my useless input.

The most important physical attribute of a woman is hair, and I do mean on her head (just to be clear). I don't like curly hair of any type, it simply never works. Straight hair is the way to go.

And yes, I realize girls change their hairstyle often, and so yes, I can be unattracted to a girl one day, and then she'll change just her hair and I'll be attracted to her the next.

Anyway, other than that I'm not really picky considering I'm not looking to date anyone and don't think I'll be getting laid anytime soon.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]there are people who talk about how 'looks mean nothing to me, it's all about brains', and then start drooling when something in a little bitty skirt or sporting a six-pack walks by.

i guess that for me, the most important thing in a person is the look in their eyes when we talk. Not their eyes, not their eye color. The look.

If they look at me vacantly or smile insincerely, that ticks me off no end. People who aren't sincere and honest are not beautiful in my eyes, they are shallow.


Brains are important. A person doesn't have to be a rocket scientist, but they have to be at least intelligent enough to hold a conversation without the words 'dawg', 'like', 'whatever', and various curse words popping up every third word. Thus i have learned rather quickly to not date any of the guys or girls at my school.

They must be open-minded. Open-mindedness, in my book, is willingness to consider every possibility and try anything at least once.

i'd LIKE to find someone who is at my level and who has read books like [u]Don Quixote[/u] and [u]One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest[/u], and can discuss them and find the hidden nuances within them... although that's a little tough at my school.

i need to find a picture of this guy who means the world to me, although we're nearly 4000 miles apart. He's smart, sweet, kind and gentle, and has my heart. he isn't an Adonis, but i love him to death and i know he loves me.

i also know a guy who means a lot to me who isn't the smartest guy in the world, but is pretty cute (see the attachment with the guy holding a moogle doll).

'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', right? so we may see beauty everywhere.

Edit: Found a pic. See the attachment with the guy at the computer.[/FONT]
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[color=#9933ff]If I said that looks don't matter to me, I'd be lying. But personality matters more. I want this gneral type of guy:

[*]Must/should have nice hair. I don't like floppy hair, greasy hair, or spiked. I'm like wristcutter - I'm really obsessed about hair.
[*]Has a nice face. I look past the acne, because that can't be helped, but nice eyes, clean-shaven, and a great smile are nice
[*]is taller than me (not hard, I'm 5' 0"), but nobody who's 6/7 feet tall, I'd be craning my neck to look up at them.[/list]

Brains: [list]
[*]Intelligence is a key factor. I like people who I can and WILL converse with, not only about everyday things, but also on a higher intellectual level. If your'e not oging to use your smarts, what's the point?[/list]

[*]isn't an arsehole, or wants other girls while he's dating me
[*]Not pressuring me for anything (call me old fashioned but I believe in chastity)
[*]Must be nice, nobody who drinks, smokes cigarrettes, or does drugs. I'd drop a bf like a dead weight if he ever did that.
[*]Funny to some extent. Not a comedian here, but can crack a few jokes once in a while.
[*]Likes to cuddle sometimes[/list]

Of course, I've never had a boyfriend because I'm a loser, so what do I know?[/color]
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I guess I'm one to beleive that beauty cannot be seen right away, but it appears as you get to know a person... let me elaborate.

If I see a six foot tanned blonde haired blue eyed guy who's absolutely gorgeous, I'd think so on first sight. But then if you learned that he's an arrogant jerk who likes to work out and name his muscles all day then he would be an ugly person to me.

I've watched people come and go, and really, beauty is not one of my fascinations with them, I suppose it's all what lies in their hearts and minds that makes a person beautifull or ugly.

and just for the record, most people here on the OB are beautifull people =^_^=
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Guest Midnight Rush
OK- First off I must say that the pic of the girl that wrist cutter posted embodies a lot of the qualities I'd call beauty. Ok forget the formalities she's hot....

[B]Physical Appearance[/B] To me a [I]good looking[/I] girl has at least some of the following qualities:

Size B-C: You said PG so I'll let you guys figure this one out. Not too small, not too big, just right.

Face: Well formed, prominant cheek bones, ect. [I]or[/I] round, cute, and well formed. Either is ideal.

Thin, but not aneroxic.

Dark hair. I [I]suppose[/I] a blonde could get my attention, but it is unlikely. Natural black is best, dyed black is worst.

An active girl is more attractive than a couch potato, but I certianly am not into muscle-goddesses.

I like brown or green eyes, grey and the light brown are nice too, so are black. Don't like blue eyes at all much.

Moderately pale to very tan is ideal, Sort of between a Lucy Liu and a Lola Corwin. The shock white or pure black just isn't attractive.

Between 5'0" and 5'10" is best, a giant wouldn't do for a girlfriend, and neither would a leprechaun.

To wrap up physical, poise and un-clutziness are a must.

I couldn't find a pic suitable so I'll give two examples of my idea of perfect (as close as possible anyway) physical beauty: Lucy Liu and Sung Hi Lee (when she has brown hair, and by the way: Officially I [I]do not[/I] know who that is... lol ^_~ )

[B]Mental/Personality[/B] The girl can't be stupid. I don't want a genius or anthing, but one who has tact and understanding and is able to carry a complex conversation. One who isn't too nice, but is compassionate and kind. As I have never met a girl that embodied these ideals I will use a literary example: Akechi Mariko from Shogun.

The girl must know who she is, and have very defined philosophies not only about sexuality, but life in general. I could love a girl I didn't agree with, but I could never love one who changed her opinions to agree with me.

I don't care if she's a virgin or not, but I would expect exclusivity. No back-door men... But I don't care if she has a few 'girlfriends', in fact that would probably be the ideal.

[B]Overall[/B] Physical-7/10 Importance; Mental 9/10 Importance.
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[size=1][color=darkred] I'd like to agree with what wrist_cutter said. Hair is important too. I absolutely adore normal hair. lol. I like it longer than short, and straight. I don't like frizz, or curls. Hair is...well, it can make or break a face and a whole appearance. It seems shallow, but hair is a deeply attractive thing. I could be interested in a person...they change their hair and all my interest goes out the window. Strange, but true, put it on Ripley's.[/color][/size]
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If I see a six foot tanned blonde haired blue eyed guy who's absolutely gorgeous, I'd think so on first sight.[/QUOTE]

Hey, there you go. You CAN answer the question. All it's asking is what you find attractive in someone else at first sight, not what you find attractive for a spouse.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the problem is most people are wearing glasses they bought from Macy's.

Point is, yeah, society dictates what is to be accepted as beauty.

But people who are enraged by what society tells them have more than just that as a problem.

Lets get real. Its not that importtant. Especially to be furious about.

Yall have your own minds to decide what is beautiful. Who really cares what society says? Why should you? Make up your own mind, and quit getting pissed about something that cant be changed. Unless you like being angry.

Another thing that one should take into account is that perception of beauty can change from the self in time. You may have qualifications of what you define as beauty *which ultimately is ridiculous* but dont be surprised if you end up falling in love with someone who completely defies what you set up in your head as the standards for beauty.

All in all, beauty in people, or anything for that matter, really isnt that important. Date, mate, and procreate. Then die.
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[quote name='Winter']All in all, beauty in people, or anything for that matter, really isnt that important. Date, mate, and procreate. Then die.[/quote]

[color=#9933ff]That's what you think with your "mighty" attitude. If you want to believe that it doesn't matter, hey, go right ahead, but your thoughts aren't the only ones that count you know. This is really a light hearted discussion, kid, so there's no need to get deeply serious or anything like that. keke.

By the way, I'd like to say (AGAIN) that I really find hair a big feature for someone, like Baron and wristcutter. Even when I'm just looking at a girl in the hallway or whatever, I always noticed the way she styles her hair, and I comment in my head, on the styles I don't like. I'm also obsessed with my own hair, because I think it's horrible. It's demented, really, half straight - half wavy, what's up with that? But yeah, hair is very important to me, an important feature. ^^;;[/color]
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Wow, this is really shaping up to be an interesting thread...

I would like to agree that hair can catch my eye. Especially pony-tails. For some reason, I just find that hot on a girl. But basically, I think hair is best when it accentuates a girl's face (and eyes) or expresses her personality. But I really don't like it when girls dye their hair weird colors, though. Pink hair just isn't attractive, IMHO.

Some piercings are o.k., like on the ears and maybe the bellybutton, but excessive piercings turn me off.

I'm actually not all that enraged, Winter. I just find words like that get people's attention better in a thread-starting post ;) I would agree with you, though, when you say that the person you may fall in love with may not fit into the 'mold' of an attractive person you have created. I think that was kind of the point of my origional post, that people who wouldn't be considered 'classically beautiful' can still be hot, and can still find love. Who knows? Maybe the person I end up marrying won't look anything like what I think of as beautiful.

Heh. Maybe she'll even have pink hair :)
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[size=1][color=darkred]Uuh, wristcutter. I believe she was using the form of adress 'one' as referring to herself in the third person. Like... actually, an example eludes me. I can't think of one...but sometimes you may refer to yourself as 'one' and not mean it as 'the only one'. So, yeah. Thought I might add that.

Now piercings...Hhrrmmm. I don't particularly like nose rings, and belly-rings make me squirm. Let's not even discuss eyebrow, nipple, lip or tongue rings.

Earrings I can live with. Maybe a belly button ring. Other stuff just makes me queazy though...and queazy isn't an "attractive" feeling.[/size][/color]
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Guest Midnight Rush
Yeah hair can add to the attraction factor a large bit, but to me it's not as big as for some of you. I guess the ultimate hairstyle for a girl to have is wearing it up, help up by like pins or whatever, then at the right moment pulling the pin and letting it fall. That is [I]sexy[/I].
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Face: I like a girl with an angelic face. Nice Teeth, Eyes, Hair. Its all good.

Breasts: I don't like super big breats or even big ones. I like girls with maybe a B or C.

Butt: Thats what I really like. A girl with a nice, firm, round booty.

Legs: Nice thighs and calfs can be nice.

Attire: I like girls who were what they like. Cuz if I'm gonna be physically attracted, I'm not going to focus on what she's wearing, but whats under it. (I know, I sound like a pig)


I like a girl who isn't afraid to be herself, who's optomistic and postitve, who's outlooking and isn't afraid to tell people how she feels. And a girl who is intamint and complementory. Thats always good.

I don't really have high standards. I mean, I love women in general.
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[QUOTE=MistressRoxie][color=#9933ff]That's what you think with your "mighty" attitude. If you want to believe that it doesn't matter, hey, go right ahead, but your thoughts aren't the only ones that count you know. This is really a light hearted discussion, kid, so there's no need to get deeply serious or anything like that. keke.


Dont forget dingus, it was an [I]opinion[/I]. Do you know what an [I]opinion[/I] is kid? You do? Ahhhhh thats just swell! Now remember kid, what I said was [I]my opinion[/I]. Dont forget that kid, okay? Dont forget what the mighty Winter has told you; it was an [I]opinion[/I].

Ah, I'm sure you wont let the mighty Winter down, will you? Of course you wont, right kid? Because you know it was an [I]opinion[/I], right?
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