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Assassin Rebirth [R:May contain sexual content,language,and violence]


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[SIZE=1][color=orange]Many years ago in the feudal ages of Japan. Assassins were raised and raided the land of the island. This clan of Assassins has killed many, many innocent people. Everyone just calls them bloodthirsty beasts. Rumors go around that the Shogun named Ino (Ee-no) Started this clan of Assassins to gain his revenge against the people of Japan for trying to rebel against his rule of the poor being slaughtered and the rich live. Assassins have targeted one man. This man is Shogun of Japan; his name is Ishiguro, Oda. The rumors spread about him being targeted, once one of his messengers heard about this he was shocked, he rode his horse very quickly to tell him about. Once Oda heard about this he ordered his men to find the best warriors in the world to protect him, from the bloodthirsty humans, since he knew that his men were to weak.

Who are these best fighters? Are they any match for the bloodthirsty beasts??

Heh I know, short story. I couldn?t really think of anything else. Sorry! There are two playable groups. The great fighters and the Assassins. I'll only take five or three assassins because I'm gonna be an assassin also, I also want the fighters to be even to the assassins to either six or four.

Fighters shall be protecting Oda.
Assassins shall try to kill Oda.

I will allow romance! Not to much though.

Now we have some rules:

- Assassins cannot kill the fighters, and vice versa. May wound terribly or knock out.
- No godmodding, of course!
- Posts must be atleast one paragraph long. (7-8 sentences)
- Use proper spelling and grammar.
- Use correct puncuation I don't want anyone doing the '?!!!!!!!!' or the '!!!!!!!!!!!' or the '??????' or the...ect. You get it.
- Use descriptive words.
- Have fun.

That's about it..Not hard.

[u]Sign Up[/u]


Age:[19 - 60]



Side: [Fighter or Assassin]

Origin: [Fighter only, Assassin leave blank what country you came from]

Fighting Style: [Real fighting style, I will allow your charater to have up to four fighting styles. Yes I know some styles back then weren't devolped yet, but you can use the styles we have now anyways!]

Weapon: [No gun of course, up to ten weapons]



That's about it! Have fun!
I'll post up my sign up.

[color=DarkRed][b]Name:[/b] Enishi Kobayashi

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www7.ocn.ne.jp/~a-dust/menu/gal/cop/zabuza.jpg[/img]
Except without the headprotector and the [spoiler]Anbu[/spoiler] mask.

[b]Side:[/b] Assassin


[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Ninjutsu, Tae Kwon Do

[b]Weapon:[/b] Katana and [URL=http://cctc.hp.infoseek.co.jp/shohin/kunai04.jpg]Kunais[/URL]

[b]Personality:[/b] Cold, harsh, and bloodthirsty. Get in his face to much and he'll swear he'll kill you when you turn your back. But only one person can sometimes change the way he acts and it's a [spoiler]girl, mentioned in his bio.[/spoiler]

[b]Bio:[/b] As a child Enishi was abandoned by his abusive father in-law. His mother was murdered by his father in-law whom was named, Oda Ishigur; who is now the Shogun of Japan. Enishi doesn't know that were his real father is. But he's heard stories about him, not good stories, but bad stories. He heard that his father was a cold blooded man. He was always bloodthirsty and would do anything to see the sight of red blood. Ever since those stories he heard from his mother he looked up to his real father. But when his mother got married to his father in-law Enishi was about to go crazy. After his father in-law murdered his mother during dinner with a knife up his sleeve, that's when Enishi started to get abused. His father in-law beat his with the sheath of his sword. One day when was getting beat for failing something in school, Enishi caught the sheath with his hand and crushed the end of it. His father in-law was horrified and kicked Enishi out of the house. Enishi was living on the streets for a while, he missed only one person, a girl(someone could play this girl in the RPG! XP Just say in your sign up.) This girl was the only friend he had and he missed her dearly.

Years of living on the street Enishi got sick of it. When he turned twelve a old man about seventy years of age picked him off the street and taught him the stlye of Tae Kwon Do. He's been trainning in this art for about five years. After his master passed away of sickness, Enishi was living on the streets again. He then started to wander around. When he turned nineteen years of age he found the group of assassins and was almost killed. But he killed the ones who got in the way with his one style and a dagger that his Tae Kwon Do master left him. But he couldn't kill one man whom was Ino. Ino was suprised, that him, Enishi, would be able to kill the assassins! So he then was recruited. Ino trained him under ninjutsu so he could be Ino's 'Silent Killer'. When Enishi found out his father was shogun he told Ino to have Oda be the target.[/color][/size]
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name: Kanburei Onigenki


gender: male

appearance: see attachement (sorry cant find better pic)

side: fighter

origin: Okinawa, Japan

style: batttou sword style (a quick sword-draw style popular in the feudal age of japan ,now almost obsolete because killing is outlawed in many parts of the world, western swordsmen were amazed because the weilder can kill his enemies with the first draw of thew sword, which was an unknown and quite impossible to the western long swords, short swords, rapiers etc.) kendo, aikido

weapons: battou style katana, rappel

personality: Kanburei is a optimistic kind of person, he often looks forward to the good outcomes rather than the bad, even though the bad outweighs the good. When it comes to doing the job right he is focused and will do the most that he can.

bio: Kanburei was born from a wealthy family, his father was a famous martial artist. his father pushed him to study academics and martial arts, which he said, is the most important gift parents could give to thier child. Unfortunately when he turned eleven, a freak accident killed both his parents, thier estate was seized by the corrupt daimyo and left him to take cre of himself. After thet Kanburei led a poor life, wandering the streets. After four years of wandering, he met an old samurai named Satoshi Saito, who taught hiom the battou style of sword-fighting. Kanburei learned the art fast, and he quickly surpassed his master. Ten years after living with his together, like father and son, his master died of old-age, so Kanburei was back on wandering the streets. One day he over heard a conversation that the shogun was hiring people to protect him, Kanburei saw this oppurtunity as a way to lift himself from poverty. So he went to the shogun's castle to get the job.

ooc: i dont know where else to put my pic, can you suggest something?
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[size=1][color=darkred]Good, but I have not heard of this Battou stlye... If it's not a real style we have now...I'm sorry but you cannot use it. I should have elborated more on the sign up. I'm terribly sorry! If you can, can you please not host on Microsoft word? Thank you.

P.S. Sorry I forgot to put in the personality part in the sign up so if you could fill that out. Thanks.

[quote name='baalthaczaar']ooc: i dont know where else to put my pic, can you suggest something?[/quote]
Can't you save the image and attach it to your post?[/color][/size]
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[B]Name:[/B] Ayami Zeng (Ishiguro)

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] see 1st attachment

[B]Side:[/B] Fighter

[B]Origin:[/B] Japan

[B]Fighting Style:[/B] Wushu, ancient Taoist temple training, ninjutsu, kungfu (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

[B]Weapon:[/B] Katana, wakizashi, tanto, dual pikes (see 2nd attachment), sunais, machete (see 3rd attachment), sword (see 4th attachment).. Lot of weapons? Well, it's not like she uses them all at once, but she can be successful in combat with any of these. They are the weapons that she prefers.

[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet and calm, she rarely shows the bright cheerfulness of her childhood. But being raised for the majority of your life in a temple will do that to you. Ayami has sort of an aura of calm around her, and her expression is one that is gently neutral, although sometimes expressions of unrest and melancholy will flicker across her face. She is very loyal to both her parents, even though she doesn't agree with some of their more atrocious acts, and she wishes to be an obedient, filial daughter who fulfills her duty. She is usually quite gentle, hiding her strength beneath the facade of a young woman, but if you hit one of her sore spots, Ayami will turn on you without mercy. In combat, she is swift and unforgiving, cold and hard as she dispatches her foes to the afterlife.

But even in combat, her honor and duty are very important to her. She does not attack the helpless, and will not use underhand motives to achieve her victory. Ayami, surprisingly, seeks peace from the troubles that are in her own heart and soul. Although she has almost everything anyone could wish for, she still yearns for something...although she doesn't know what it is. So she is dutiful, honorable, gentle, and searching for a path that will lead her to enlightenment and understanding. She wants happiness. All this shows through, and enables to her give off that aura of inborn grace.

[B]Bio:[/B] Ayami is the daughter of Oda Ishiguro and one of his concubines. Her mother (Ishiguro's concubine) originated from China. She was a gift to Ishiguro by a Chinese official, and he favored her very much. However, the concubine could not become Oda's wife because he was already married to Enishi's mother, and she was the head wife. Ayami was born a few years after her mother came into Oda's household. She took her mother's maiden name because as the mere daughter of a concubine, she could not take Oda's family name. However, this did nothing to decrease Oda's affection for her or her mother.

She was Oda's favorite child, and remained in his affections. However, this made her the victim of jealousy and envy from other children and concubines, and she was alone for much of her childhood. The exception to this was Enishi, who befriended her even though he detested Oda Ishiguro. She looked to him as a sort of older brother and protector, always looking up to him. But she was totally unaware of how abusive Oda was towards Enishi.

Oda increasingly became tired and annoyed about Enishi's mother, and so killed her. Because of the horrible way in which his wife had been gotten rid of, Oda could not raise Ayami's mother up to the first wife position, as it would cause too much scandal. However, she became first wife in everything but name, and is the power of the household. With Enishi gone, Ayami became subject to even more jealousy, which sometimes resorted to violence. Oda, worried for his favorite child, sent her to China soon after, where she resided in a temple and was trained in numerous martial arts.

Slowly, she forgot about her childhood, and Enishi was only a distant memory. Her father would visit her from time to time, to check her progress. Surprisingly for one of the shogunate, he was very liberal with his daughter, encouraging her interest in combat and weapons. He, of all people, knew best that Ayami would be in constant danger because she was openly his favorite child. And knowing that he wouldn't always be able to protect her, ordered her well-studied in protecting herself. Ayami slowly mastered the arts, and became very accompished in other fields as well, being well-read and knowledgeable not only in combat, but the arts.

Ayami only recently returned to Japan and Oda's household. There is still bitterness towards her father's favoritism towards her, but no one bothers her because of her education. No longer the scared young child, she has grown into a graceful, able-bodied woman who is far from being helpless. She had an uncomfortable reunion with her mother, because she never agreed with her mother rising to her power through the murder of Enishi's mother. However, she is a filial daughter, and respects both her parents. She returned to Japan because of her father's trouble with assassins, and being higly skilled in the arts of combat, returned to protect him, her duty to her father.

Wow, I hope that's not too long.
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Name: Sukazuma Gen

Age: 21

Gender: Male


Wears a black Kimono with a white split skirt, with the shirt hanging from the belt, reaveling a scar across his chest and a defined body. He has dark tanned skin and jet black hair that is cut neck lenght and slicked back. He has jade green eyes and a sharp face with usually a usually sleepy and clumsy demeanor.

Side: Fighter/Defender of the Shogun

Origin: Japan (spent five years in Hong Kong previous too becoming Shogun Defender)

Fighting Style:

Uses a Mixture of Southern Fist, Wing Chun, and Jujutsu joint locking, and has dabbled a little in Drunken Fist.


Preferably doesn't use weapons, but is a talented user of the Bo Staff and Nunchaku


Humble, happy, always smiling with sleepy eyes. Gen is a man who isn't afraid of death, and therefore, he liberates all thoughts of losing and dying from his mind. He therefore, has no negative thought. He kills only when necessary, and rather not use bladed weapons, or even weapon's at all. His amazing speed confuses his opponents when they meet the sleepy and usually clumsy fighter.


Born in Okinawa, Gen learned some Japanese martial arts from the Japanese governing body, mainly Jujutsu. He found a love for the martial arts at an early age, and when he turned 15, he left too Hong Kong, a near by Chinese Island, where he had heard stories of great martial artist with vast knowledge of the arts. He Immediatley left, where for the next five years, he spent his days going from trainig hall to training hall, doing chores for the master's in turn for lesson's in art of fighting they had taught. Gen found more liking to the chinese martial arts for they had more artful moves that infized on speed rather than strenght, and the moves that could take an oppenent down in one attack to a vital area. Taking his share of bruises, Gen left the island and went back to Okinawa, were he met the men who taught him Jujutsu. His teachers challenged him to a match, and with flying colors, he had defeated them all. Now, this once clumsy and weak youth was a powerful and effective fighter. The Japanese soldier immediatley forwarded him to Japan, where he was to meet the Shogun.

Once he reached Japan, the Shogun asked for his 3 best fighters to face off against Gen in unarmed and armed combat, and he easily defeated them all. This got Gen an immediate posistion as a Castle Guard, where he had control of several men, and much luxury.

When the Assasin's began attacking the Castle of the Shogun, Gen, along with his fellow Castle Guards were called upon to defend the Shogun. Gen left with a deep sense of Duty wihin him to go and protect the man that made his life so much better...

Hope this is good...
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[size=1][color=darkred]ReFlux and Cyriel good! ^^ We have lots of Fighters from Japan, and yeah also lots of fighters. We need more assassins! Common people join! And be a killer, instead of a fighter![/color][/size]
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[quote name='Hatake][size=1][color=darkred]ReFlux and Cyriel good! ^^ We have lots of Fighters from Japan, and yeah also lots of fighters. We need more assassins! Common people join! And be a killer, instead of a fighter![/color'][/size][/quote]

i edited the pic already, and i explained the battou style, included the personality.
can i join now?
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Guest Midnight Rush
Name: Unknown. Called "Ro-ken-jin"



Appearance: Tall for a Japanese, the Ro-ken-jin stands 5'11". His skin is tanned and he has bright green eyes. He is rumored to be at least 1/4 Western, and does nothing to stop that rumor. When on a mission, he wears a full pure black suit of O-Yoroi armor. It is made of ebony and is very hard, tough, and light. When not in armor, one can see that he has long black hair he wears in the traditional queue.



Fighting Style: Nitto Ichii Kenjutsu (Mushashi's deal), Edo Yagyu Shinkage Kenjitsu (Tokugawa Shogunate's personal style), Yagyu Shinkage Ninjutsu (Tokugawa era ninjutsu), Bruce Lee Karate (Uma Thurman's Kill Bill style ^_^ ).

Mushashi trained him in Nitto and Yagyu trained him in Yagyu swordsmanship. No one knows who trained him in ninjutsu.

Weapon: Murasama Katana "Shikyo Kaze", Murasama Suicide Sword "Izushi". Yoshihiro Katana "Southern Cross". Longbow "Eagle Slayer" and arrows. He also carries with him a long iron shaft with a trident's head on one end and a Watakushi style spear head on the other, he calls it "Leiko-ro" because it killed his lover, Leiko.

Personality: In the words of Jules from Pulp Fiction, he is "One cold blooded ************." Like a wolf gone mad, the Ro-ken-jin is full of bloodlust, occasionally killing people for the sheer joy of spilling blood. Only the memory of his dead girl keeps him from falling off the brink of insanity. He is calculating, decisive, discerning, and untrusting. A good and loyal friend he is, but to become his friend, you must go through hell. He is devoid of mercy, comapssion, hope, and kindness.

Bio: A nearly forgotten legend states, that 20 years before the current time, a great man rose and aided the stop of chaos in the realm. It was said that this man was merciful and kind, killing bandits and saving civilians from terrible fates. He was the Sei-Ken-Jin. The Holy Swordsman. Rumored to be a kami in disguise the Sei-ken-jin traveled the realm solving problems and bringing peace. Then he fell in love with the divinely beautiful Leiko of the Floating World. She was a 1st rank courtesan from Edo, and the most famous in the land. She loved him back with passion, and the two forswore other lovers for eternity.
And for nearly 10 years, they had a powerful and unadulturated love taht was famed throughout the land. When Oda Ishiguro rose to power, he demanded taht Leiko become his consort, as she was the most beautiful woman in all of Asia. She was forced to comply, but she never allowed him to lie with her. She killed herself by falling on the Leiko-ro when Oda came for her, shouting out only the words, "For you Yoshi!!".
The Sei-ken-jin heard of this and challenged Oda to a duel, which society forced him to accpet. Oda tricked the Sei-ken-jin and hid bowmen by the duel site. These archers turned the Sei-ken-jin into a pincushion, and Oda threw the Leiko-ro at him and left him for dead.
Now, ten years later, a new terror haunts the night in Japan. A mysterious murderer kills here and burns a village down there... No one sleeps easy. He is named Ro-ken-jin, the Wolf Swordsman. One odd thing though, no Tea Houses are touched, and not one single member of the Floating World has died by the Wolf's hand.
One day Oda Ishiguro recived a message from a samurai captain who had survived an attack by this black murderer. It read "Ishiguro-sama, I regret to inform your august majesty that the Sei-ken-jin isn't dead. He is changed now, and he thirsts for your blood. We fired hundreds of arrows into him, but he doged them or cut them down easily. I advise you sir to double your guard and be ready for the Ro-ken-jin to come to Edo. Do not trust any of the women of the Floating World, to them the Ro-ken-jin is a romantic hero, although he is nothing more than an insane murderer. I humbly request permission to commit seppuku for failing to kill him, your majesty." Ishiguro's blood ran cold.
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[QUOTE=baalthaczaar]i edited the pic already, and i explained the battou style, included the personality.
can i join now?[/QUOTE]
[size=1][color=darkred]Alrighty, your in...The battou stlye kinda sounds like Iado.
-shrug- [/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]Name: Shi Utaka
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: see attachment, about 6'4" 185 lbs. Wears bracers underneath his his jacket. During missions he wears a dark green or his trademark white Shinobi Shozoku but he doesnt wear the hood exposing his white hair.
Side: Assassin
Fighting Styles: Taijutsu, Ninpo (form of Ninjutsu) and Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's style)
Weapons: Ninja sword, Wakizashi, Kame and trowing knives

Personality: He shows little emotion and almost has a constant smirk on his face. He only kills to live but he enjoys it while doing it. He loves to see the look in people's eyes when he killls them. He talks very little and is very confident in his abilities. He appears to be quite mysterious and his eyes are very piercing as if he can look in your eyes and see your fears. He contrasts his brothers explosive pesonality. Suprisingly he tends to be a flirt and unless on a job in the company of a woman. He is very fast and agile.

Bio: He grew up in a family of assassins who trained him as they were trained in the art of Taijutsu, his familys martial art. He had a pretty normal child hood except the fact that he was he and his family killed for a living. When he was 10 he caused his father to be stabbed in the arm removing him from an assassination. Shi completed the rest of the mission by himself recieving his first nickname when the target called him ghost before he was killed because of Shi's light complexion. He moved out when he was 17 supporting himself doing what he had always done which had become easy because of his amazing speed and swiftness. Since then he has been many places and killed many people. Apon returning home last year he discovered that Oda found out that his family were assassins and had them executed, only his younger adopted brother survived. He vowed for revenge as did his brother. He heard of a group of assassins preparing an attemp to assassinate Oda shortly after this and decided this could be very helpful in his vow. He and his brother are working together to get revenge for their family. His brother has taught him to use the Wakizashi for it has more cutting power than the Ninja sword but has a similar size. He is commonly reconized by his nicknames ghost and white nightmare.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] Hope this is ok if not please let me know and I will edit.
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[quote name='Cyriel']Battou style and Satoshi Saito? I think someone was watching a little too much Rurouni Kenshin. :p[/quote]
[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I was thinkin' that too. Lol, sorry sorry -bows head- Sorry baalthaczaar if that offended you in anyway.

Shadowofdeath13 good, and I think you spell it Jeet Kune Do...

^_^ Well thank you guys and gals for signing up! We got equal amounts of both Assasssins and Fighters, I might take two or four more sign ups. If no one else joins I guess I'll just start. Hope you guys have fun!
Oh by the way we need some more females in the Rp, I dunno why I'm sayin' this but, I don't just want this Rp to contain more dudes then dudettes.
Alrighty that's all I have to say.
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[color=blue][size=1]With all these spots being saved, I'm not sure if there'll be room for me!! Well, I'll sign up anyway. :P

Name: Katzumi Rikoshin, but known to many as "Devil Cat".

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Okay. Check out the attachment. It's just like that except longer hair and her outfit is dark blue instead of orange.

Side: Assasin (This is a very popular one, I've noticed)


Fighting Styles: Ninjitsu (like SO many others), and Kempo.

Weapon (s): Katana, Shuriken, and Kunis (^___^;;)

Personality: She's quiet, distant, and hateful. Never had any friends, so she doesn't trust anyone. She's quick to judge sometimes, though. Anything that hurts another is enjoyable to her. She does have a pet cat, though. He's the only thing that she refuses to kill for reasons unknown.

Bio: Raised and trained secretly. Then, after completion of her training, she seemed to go insane for an hour or two, and succeeded in killing her master. When his death was discovered, she was discovered as well. Her master was a well respected citizen of the town, so immediatly, they decided to kill her.

She escaped, killing half of the town's population. After that, she spent a few months traveling along roads. Several times, a few people traveling the same way she was would take her with them. They'd feed her, give her fresh clothes, and the like. Then she'd either leave them during the night, or slaughter them on her way out.

With one particular group, a boy her age had a cat with him. The cat seemed to like her almost immediatly. When she was choosing whether or not to kill the entire group of people (which was about twelve), the cat crawled into her lap and began purring. She left the group with a note that warned of their soon coming death and walked away with the cat, whom the boy had named Chaorro.

Hope this is acceptable. ^___^[/color][/size]
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[QUOTE=Hatake][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I was thinkin' that too. Lol, sorry sorry -bows head- Sorry baalthaczaar if that offended you in anyway.

Shadowofdeath13 good, and I think you spell it Jeet Kune Do...



Ughmm... I'm a bit of a purist and forgive me for correcting, but Jeet Kune Do is not a martial art, but a way of thinking, a philosophy. There's no way to teach Jeet Kune Do in a physical form, just a mental prepping. It is the style of no style. Blending any martial art you know into one fluid self-created martial art. And... it was created until the early seventees. But, it ain't my RPG.[/color][/size]
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Ughmm... I'm a bit of a purist and forgive me for correcting, but Jeet Kune Do is not a martial art, but a way of thinking, a philosophy. There's no way to teach Jeet Kune Do in a physical form, just a mental prepping. It is the style of no style. Blending any martial art you know into one fluid self-created martial art. And... it was created until the early seventees. But, it ain't my RPG.[/color][/size][/QUOTE] [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]Most martial arts have a philosophy to the teachings. The japanese ninja or Shinobi were trained in martial arts as well as chinese philosophy which included buddhism, taoism, confucianism, and the indigenous japanese religion of shinto. They then combined this into their own philosophy known as shugendo which the main goal was to have a pure heart and all paths were really the same. So then I think Jeet Kune Do is a style although most people who learn it incorperate it into another style. So I could adapt it into Ninjitsu but it would still be called Ninjitsu. So I could use a move such as a shoulder thrust as long as it was fluid with the attack and even if it wasnt a move in the style. Hatake also said you can use style that are around now but not then. I could be wrong but its just my opinion. Sorry if I'm mistaken about anything[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Sorry, I recognized what he said, but I thought your intentions were to have your character use a martial art called Jeet Kune Do when there is no martial art by that name, only a philosophy. But I understand your intention and apologize. Sorry again.

(but why didn't you just put the Shugendo rather than Jeet Kune Do?)[/size][/color]
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Guest Midnight Rush
Dam you people apologize to one another way too much... freaking me out.... Is this- nevermind.. I give up. So can the Ro-ken-jin come out to play? Or is he too much?
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]Okay guys, a lot of these posts can and should be kept to PMs. You know the rules - don't continue to clutter the threads with this sort of thing. We call it spam. Check out Harlequin's sticky for the details.

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[size=1][color=navy]OOC: First off, nice to see you posting mod-ish Arcadia :p Has the dry spell cleared up yet? Send me PM ^_^

I have a little query with Undefeated's character. The setting, as I recall, is in the feudal era. The feudal era is far back before the Tokugawa Shogunate started. This gives you two little problems. It means that you cannot use the Yagyu Shinkageryu style (since that is a sword style used during the Tokugawa dynasty years), and you cannot use the Miyamoto Musashi's Nitoryu style (since he lived during the Tokugawa era). You might want to fix that.

[b]Name:[/b] Maboroshi (Illusion)

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Nationality:[/b] Japan, specific area unknown

[b]Side:[/b] Assassins (Duh)

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url]http://twilighthush.com/sora/gallery/seta/seta03.jpg[/url]


[b]Genjutsu (Illusion):[/b] Human beings possess five senses. They are what alert us to what occurs around us. They are what tell us that there is danger approaching. They allow us to see reality and factor out illusions. But it can fail. Genjutsu is a supplementary form of combat that evolved through the exploration of how one might manipulate the five senses of his opponent. This is attained through a thorough knowledge of the human psyche, as well as the ability to cast mild hypnosis, along with the fluid body movements to confuse the opponent. What would you do if you see three of your opponent, all about to attack? You have less than half a second to choose. You block the middle. Wrong. Good day, rest in peace.

[b]Mojutsu (Copy):[/b] Any martial art, no matter how famous (or infamous) it is, whether it is designed to kill or to disable, is completed through the practice of the forms over and over again. This takes time. But there is a hidden form of combat that exists out there, where the ones that mastered this form allows them to replicate the opponent?s exact movements in a matter of nanoseconds, and return the opponent?s attack right at them with equal strength and speed. This form of legendary combat, called Mojutsu, is something that cannot be done by anyone. It?s either you get it or you don?t. As such, almost none know of, and even less are able to use this technique.

[b]Seijutsu (Silence):[/b] A fool is always loud. Those that boast and brag about their styles know nothing. The fools, even if they master that style, will be loud in combat. And that loudness, that noise in combat will be their downfall. Some know this. The majority doesn?t. Those who know develop the silence in their combat. The fools continue to drone on about how imposing their Ki is. They talk about how their Ki can oppress the Ki of others, thus allowing them to completely dominate their opponent in mind and body. Those who practice Seijutsu say this to such theory. Bull ****. Ki is a double-edged blade. You use Ki, you *might* successfully be able to intimidate the opponent and achieve victory. But that Ki also announces your presence. And after many battles, many slowly begin to comprehend that the best way to detect the opponent?s movement is by reading their Ki. But those that mastered Seijutsu know this. They know that fact far before an ordinary martial artist only begins to comprehend it. Thus, they diligently train to kill their own Ki. In the end, when they achieve mastery, they lack the Ki. Their movements become completely undetectable in the battle of masters, when each fighter depends heavily on detecting the opponent?s Ki and act accordingly. Seijutsu users have no Ki. And thus, the greatest weapon of a warrior, the unique sixth sense that detects the Ki of the opponent, is sealed.


[b]Kotou (Ancient Blade): Yakumonji Norimune:[/b] A Kotou is a katana that is at once both rare, incredibly sharp, and durable. Kotous are a katana, except made far in the past, by the master smiths that worked for noted warlords. The blades made by the smiths today are a blasphemous imitation of the blades made in the past. A Kotou is hard to obtain, especially if one desires a Kotou that can kill efficiently. Despite it?s rarity, a truly well made Kotou is something that can easily slice through a modern blade with barely any movement, while being near indestructible. This particular one was made during the Kamakura period by the sword smith Norimune who was a personal sword smith for the noted Miyamoto family. The name ?Yakumonji? implies ?A child of ill luck?. The blade has lived up to its name thus far. A good lot of men and women fell under its stroke, a good number of throats were slit, more bodies were impaled, plenty of heads taken off of the respective bodies. The only downside? The blade seems to be cursed with securing a rather violent death for its owner. All of its previous owners lived at most a month after the blade fell in their hands, most of them by committing suicide with the very blade they owned. Maboroshi, however, had the blade for the past two or three years. Whether the blade has lost its curse or is simply waiting for the right moment, none know.

[b]Personality:[/b] He is always quiet and soft spoken, rarely striking up a conversation or continuing one. He blends in with the background naturally, and his presence goes unnoticed for the most part. He cares little for the petty things in this world, the money, the greed, the life, the ideals? they?re all nothing to him. What he loved once was torn away from him in a glint of a blade, and he consummated the act of vengeance quite a while ago. He doesn?t have any goal in his life, but he just continues living holding onto the memory and ghost of the past, unwilling to let it go lest his identity fails. He lives the life of a hired assassin simply because she lived it. He has no affection for it, nor does he have any dislike. It suits him and he suits it. He takes no pleasure in the last moment of assassination as his blade slices through the skin and bones, and when the blood erupts from the wound. He is passively impassive and ruthlessly gentle. He doesn?t have anything that holds him onto his life, and should he die tomorrow, he will accept the coming of the pain followed by the bottomless pit of darkness. After all, by his definition, life ended when the news of Ahn?s death reached him. Thus, he has no reason to fear death at all.

[b]Bio:[/b] It?s difficult to say where Maboroshi is from. His dialect, habits, and other factors that aid in determining the general origin of a Japanese is all too vague to provide any substantial clue to where he was born or raised. He remembers little about his early childhood. All he knows is that he was born poor, raised poor, and lived poor. He left home early on to search for a better life, surviving barely on what he could beg or scrounge up. His turn for life came when he was eleven.

There was an interesting feud going on at the town he stayed in. Three local gangs each owned and operated by a noted merchant, each seeking to overthrow the two rivals and thus gain complete control of the small coastal town. There were, of course, plenty of skirmishes that broke out in the streets, and probably more that went on under the dark cover of the moonless nights. It was one of those nights when Maboroshi strayed out of his habitual bedding (which simply happened to be a corner in the alleyway), which was totally against his habits. Why he went out he doesn?t know. Perhaps it was the guidance of inevitability.

Anyway, he went out, and in wandering across the town, he came across a killing. The killing was no ordinary killing, however. One of the three merchants, who, unfortunately, just happened to be returning from a trip to a nearby town (most likely to finish a business transaction) was slain before Maboroshi?s eyes. The four guards and two bearers were all dead, each lying in their respective pools of crimson blood. A slim shadowy figure was standing, holding the man by the throat. The assassin murmured a few words, and the blade struck through the neck. Maboroshi?s legs grew weak, his mouth closed quickly to prevent throwing up (not like he had much to throw up, but anyway). The assassin noticed quickly, and in a flash, was up in front of Maboroshi, the eyes blazing silently in an eerie pale manner, the blade raised high to split him in half. The blade struck down, and by luck, Maboroshi dodged to the side. The blade swung again and Maboroshi dodged again, and again. After the fourth swing, the assassin rested the blade. The eyes went calm, and a slim hand extended towards Maboroshi.

?Come with me.?

Maboroshi took the offer. He was very surprised when he found out that the assassin was a woman, slim and pretty, at the age of twenty and seven. He was further surprised when he was offered to learn from her. He learned eagerly. This, after all, was the chance he had been waiting for. The female assassin, who was just called ?Ahn?, was a lone assassin, working on a single payment rather than an extended service to anyone. Unbeknownst to Maboroshi, she too was surprised with his natural talent. Despite the fact that he was severely weak (he didn?t eat for a week before the encounter), and also despite the fact that she cast Genjutsu on him, he managed to evade her blade four times. She could have killed him, but something in her induced her to take him in. Perhaps it reminded her of the son she once had, who would be the same age as Maboroshi if he lived. Maboroshi eventually grew to become fond of her as a mother and a master. Maboroshi lived with her and traveled with her far and wide, learning the ways of silence and deception. But silence and deception, once penetrated, is useless.

Ahn fell before the fury of an infamous Yojimbo, or a personal guard. Despite her Genjutsu and Seijutsu, her attacks proved useless before the man who was forged harder than steel, and his furious Nagi (horizontal sweep) attack that tore apart the entire room in one blow. In one sweep her life expired as her head was torn off brutally by the giant blade, her ways of illusionary silence killed off in a split second. Maboroshi was not there when she died, as she had instructed him to secure them a room in the inn a day before. He waited for a day at the inn to see if she would return, and growing impatient, went to the mansion of the target. Ill news greeted him of a supposed assassin, and her death. Wrought with anger and sorrow, Maboroshi made a suicidal attempt to complete what Ahn failed to do and to recover her body for a proper burial. An entire legion of guards was killed off ruthlessly, and at last Maboroshi faced off against the Yojimbo who killed the one who he truly loved and admired. The battle began, and two seconds into the match, Maboroshi saw death as the same Nagi attack that annihilated Ahn came sweeping towards him. He saw death clearly in that moment, he knew that what Ahn taught him was about to fail before the Yojimbo. Here, the last talent that even Ahn failed to realize, was unlocked. Out of natural impulse to survive, Maboroshi?s body returned the exact same Nagi attack towards the approaching blade, matching it evenly. The legendary form of combat, Mojutsu, the last and strongest weapon hidden inside Maboroshi, awakened. This signified two things. First, the Yojimbo?s entire arsenal of attacks was Maboroshi?s as well. Second, the fact that the Yojimbo launched the attack first and that Maboroshi countered it and matched it evenly means that his counter copy attack is faster than the Yojimbo?s. The Yojimbo fell. The upper portion of his face was ripped off by the same Nagi attack that killed Ahn and came so close to killing Maboroshi. Maboroshi went off to complete the job (basically eliminating the primary target), and recovered Ahn?s body, which was nothing more than a pile of charred bones. He took the skull and disappeared.

Since then, he spent a wandering life, keeping to the carefree way of living that he spent with Ahn. He carries only two things with him wherever he goes; Ahn?s skull, which is now covered with tar to prevent decay, and the Kotou that Ahn bought him as a celebratory gesture when he mastered her ways of art. He holds onto these two remnants of her memory frantically; it is the only thing that keeps him sure that he is who he is. Oda?s assassination, to him, is nothing more than a passing phase, another person to eliminate to earn his daily bread.[/size][/color]
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Guest the_phoenix_05

Name: Otim belazo / utaka



Origin: originally from Uganda but adopted and taken to Okinawa by gendo utaka

Side: Assassins

Style (s): white tiger tora jutsu (originated directly from the tonaka te system) ninpo , tai-jutsu (ninjitsu fighting style),

Weapon (s): two shirasaya style wakizashi ,kusari fundo (ninja chain),throwing knives

Appearance:6?0 173,lbs dark brown skin, dark brown almost black eyes , short curly hair, he wears a traditional shinobi shazoko with the usual gauntlets and bracers but he has added a left shoulder guard and knee guards to this set up he wears his kusari fundo on his right arm and his two wakizashi on his back (his setup looks much like the thumbnail at the bottom)

Personality: gets irritated by un intellectual people, he doesn?t like people much most are annoying in his eyes and doesn?t like to carry out conversation with them, he is only around his brother and a couple others in his sect most the time. He is very hot headed and explodes easily some see this as a weakness but his sworn enemies know it is his greatest strength. He is very emotional and high strung.

Bio:he was orphaned at a young age in Uganda at around the age of 9 he traveled to Kenya where he met gendo utaka who was currently carrying out a contract for the head of a warlord gendo was in a market and, saw otim being mocked by some wealthy boys suddenly otim exploded in an outrage massacring 3 of them with a wooden stick he found in the market he saw the violent rage in the child and took him under his wing about 2 weeks later he asked him if he would like to go back to Okinawa with him Otim accepted the invitation and went to Okinawa it was a totally different world to him but he adapted master utaka taught him all he knew and he was accepted into the utaka family of assassins where he studied thier traditional art of ninpo and tai-jutsu and mastered them bolth shortly after he moved out at the age of 15 with his 17 year old brother and started to study white tiger tora jutsu he learned a lot about the samuri through this, this is where he picked up his swordsmanship with the katana but later downsized to the wakazashi because he felt katanas were not compact enough for assassination he is a mastered swordsmanship of these weapons at around the age of 17.and prefers to use 2 at a time in close ranged combat. At the age of 19 his family was slaughtered by oda only him and his older brother survied and swore vengeance for their family shortly after they heard of a group of assassins carrying out an attempt to kill oda so him and his brother joined and are working together to gain back the honor of their family name and get revenge for their family

ill get the grammar fixed later today im on a tight schedule[/COLOR]
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Guest Midnight Rush
[QUOTE=Metatron][size=1][color=navy]OOC: First off, nice to see you posting mod-ish Arcadia :p Has the dry spell cleared up yet? Send me PM ^_^

I have a little query with Undefeated's character. The setting, as I recall, is in the feudal era. The feudal era is far back before the Tokugawa Shogunate started. This gives you two little problems. It means that you cannot use the Yagyu Shinkageryu style (since that is a sword style used during the Tokugawa dynasty years), and you cannot use the Miyamoto Musashi's Nitoryu style (since he lived during the Tokugawa era). You might want to fix that.

No. 1 Tokugawa's rise to power was [I]during[/I] the fuedal era. When he became Shogun and ended the warring states deal for good, then it became the Edo era and whatnot.

2 The Oda clan rose and fell in the 50 years or so before the Tokugawa rose, so its all rather close.

This is however a moot point, because as I recall there are several characters using Tae Kwon Do, and that certainly was developed after the fuedal era.
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