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The Emerald Flame


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[B][COLOR=Lime]An emerald flame is not something you see every day. In fact no one has seen until this point in time when a book with that exact title is found by Nikoni Highschool's book club. They check it out and decided to look into it the next meeting, but when they did this was the first time any of them have ever read a novel that had only a begining that read:

[I]The kingdom of Acrites was the last to fall and I was a witness. The king himself wished only to weild the power of the flame the glowed with the color of an emerald gem-stone. He wish only for this to be set to good use, but is witness the transformation. He soon became greedy. A demon had possessed him and turned his heart cold. A black cloud of hatered and death soon began to follow him and his army. I witnessed this as his personal gaurd. I saw the kingh himself walk upon the thrown of King Devon Marquis of the Dwarves and puncture his heart. He claimed that the king was currupt and stood in his way of achieveing true power over all mortals.

I soon witness the demons emergence shortly after. It's ugly faced contorted with an evil sneer. It's skin painted red from the blood it had spilt. It's long crimppled fingers grasped strings that moved and motioned my king. I could no longer bear this. I attempted to sever the connection between my king and the demon but it was no use. It's strings were truly wire created from a matiral much stronger then my blade. The only other option is the one I took. I slyed my king and posted his head on a staff to let the demon understand that the hands of evil shall never grasp the emerald flame. Soon the kingdom broke into riot and confusion. Demons began to appear in normal people as they did in other kingdoms. I only pray now for heros to appear to help us. I am only one man and one man is not able to slay all the demons taking this world and plauging us with destruction.[/I]

That was were the story ended as far as they could tell. The remaining pages of the book were blank. That was until they turned to the inside back cover and found other writing that was not in English, but used English characters. As these were read a vortex opened into the book and the entire club was transported to this world that the man wrote of. It was real in the book.[/COLOR]

Sign Up



Race: (Human if you are one of the students transported to the other world)

Class: (Warrior, Knight, Mage, Cleric, Druid, ext.)




Magic: (Magis users only)[/B]

You can either play a character already in the book or one of the students. If you are a student then choose a class that they will be transformed into when transported into the book.
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange]Name: Steffanie Taylor (called by her middle name, Jiae)

Age: 15

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Appearence: See attachment

Bio: Jiae is a pretty normal 15-year-old. She was just starting hr driving lessons- not that she needed them. When she was little, she had lived on a farm, and at the age of nine, was driving her dads beaten up pick up in the fields. Jiae is a normal girl, aside from the fact that she?s a modern witch. A kitchen-hedge-weather-witch at that. She screws around with the weather, and heals people through magic.

Her mother died when she was 3, because of leukemia, and Jiae?s father is now in the hospital. Jiae is always home alone, and visits her dad very often. The kids at school treat her nicely, and most feel sorry for her. Jiae shrugs it off, but deep down appreciates it.

Weapon: Triple-bladed glaive

Magic: She controls elements, weather, and helps heal with herbs, thus placing her as a hedge-kitchen-weather witch. She also takes away headaches with her magic.

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Name: Jim Mishima
Age: 16
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Weapon: Staff

Bio:Jim grew up with his mother and father like a regular family, an only child though so he didn't have anyone to associate with or talk to. So then Jim turned to the community and helped out with anything they needed. Jim's mother is a Lawyer and his father a doctor, he hardly see's them at home but visits them at their work sometimes just because he misses them. Jim works part time in a big auto parts building where he has a part time job working on cars and computers, even though he gets a big allowence he likes to work to save up for things like college and such (even though he has 2 scholarships from the community). Jim loves the school he goes to because its full of different peole he can talk ans associate with all the time during the school year.

Magic: Basically healing and sheild magic like barriers and potions to help the other party members. He does know some spells which freezes, confused, and makes anything go to sleep instantly when fighting.

*Hope this is ok and all, ~Laters*
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Name: Tristian Kendrick
Age: 17
Race: Human
Class: Druid ( These guys are magicusers that manipulate nature).
Appearaance: see attachments
Bio: Tristian is your average nerd, He is despised by the morons of his school because he has pratically no life whatsoever. He has always had alove of nature and will spend hours on his butt in the greenhouse looking after the plants.
Weapon: Tonfa
Magic: Entangle ( Roots spring from the ground around the feet of the foe.) and any other spells concerning nature
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Name: Conner Haas
Age: 17
Race: Human
Class: Bard
Bio: Weapons fasinate him. He loves swords and has been taking sword fighting classes for the past seven years. He joined the book club because the first book they read was a fantasy novel called Dragoon. He was the one who found the Emerald Flame. He spends most of his free time polishing his sidearms.
Weapon: 2 Sidearms (Rarly uses) & Falcon Blade
Magic: Mind minipulation and minor healing spells
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