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The Legend of Zelda: Prophecy of Fate


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[center][size=4][b][u]The Legend of Zelda: Prophecy of Fate[/u][/b][/size]

[size=2] "Hey, you! Yes you. Come in, settle down. Hmm, what can these old eyes see? Oh! A young face. Young but... troubled. What's that? You want to know about the world we live in? Ha. Yes it's certainly changed, but even a man of my age can still get by as long as he has the ambition to do what he wants. You're young so you wouldn't know why the world changed all of a sudden. Here now, I'll explain..."

"Three years ago, the land of Hyrule lived through an age of prosperity. All of the inhabitants coexisted with each other and the monsters outside, stayed outside. However, there was something brewing that was going to make a disastrous strike to the peaceful Hyrule."

"An evil man, dressed completely in black, set out on a journey from the land of the Gerudo. Yes it is strange, but this man was the only male in the Gerudo tribe. Anyway, his destination was Hyrule Castle to attend a meeting with the King himself. Why was he evil you ask? Well, he only had one goal, to eliminate the King and find the magical item that contained all the power necessary to either benefit the land, or destroy it. This item was known as the [b]Triforce[/b]. It was only inevitable that this man would sucessfully achieve his goal."

"But all was not lost. You may have heard of the Kokiri, a child-like race that lived within their own walls and were forbidden to breach them. Well, there was one boy who stood out amongst the other Kokiri. He had no fairy. Well not until a much later age than the other Kokiri. This boy was called upon by the Great Deku Tree himself. After fatefully obtaining a sword and shield, the boy was allowed to meet the Great Deku Tree. The boy's name was Link. This was a huge event as no one was summoned by the Great Deku Tree until now, the people went to it of their own accord. However, there was a darker side to this meeting."

"The Deku Tree informed Link of this evil man's presence and that the man had already left his trail inside the Deku Tree to search for one of the three Tri-jewels. This trail was a curse, of which the Deku Tree would die from. With the task set upon him, Link ventured into the Deku Tree and after a day passed, he emerged successful with the Green Tri-jewel in his arms. However, the Great Deku Tree passed away only moments after Link's return."

"From then on, Link had the task to search for the other Tri-jewels. After meeting many people, including the young [b]Princess Zelda[/b], Link obtained the other two Tri-jewels and set off to the temple of time of which they should be placed. By doing so, Link found this opened up a gateway to a mystical, glowing sword, otherwise known as the [b]Master Sword[/b]. By pulling out the sword, the land of Hyrule suddenly froze in time. Nothing is known about what Link did during our world's 'time freeze', but it is said the boy did battle with the evil man. However, we can only assume that Link was defeated and then killed."

"It is said that we once lived in the pure [b]Light World[/b]. But due to the evil man's success in obtaining the Triforce, he unleashed the fury upon it and therefore began to turn it into the [b]Dark World[/b]. We are very lucky for that young boy's existence on our world. Due to the boy's pure heart having gained the three Tri-jewels first, darkness could not shroud the power completely. Coincidentally, three weeks ago could've been the [b]Light World's[/b] demise."

"I heard that the evil man is known as [b]Ganondorf[/b] so I shall refer to him as that. From sources it is said that Ganondorf began to make the final incantation to rid us all, we are otherwise known as [b]The Pure[/b]. However, the Triforce that was granting him his desires suddenly divided into three triangles that then soared upwards, towards the heavens."

"Furious, Ganondorf called upon his highest-ranking scientists and made them investigate what made the Triforce disappear. After a week's searching and investigating, the Scientists came back with nothing to report. Angered even more, Ganondorf killed the scientists and opened up a portal that that would allow him to leave our tainted world and return to the [b]Dark World[/b]. You see child, we are living in a tainted world that exists parallel to the [b]Dark World[/b], and if they become equal in purity, it will be disastrous."

"Due to this open portal, monsters can now come and go between the [b]Tainted World[/b] and the [b]Dark World[/b], therefore they will go on a rampage in each known location, slaughtering each race. Now don't cry child, it is only [b]fate[/b]. But fate can be avoided if necessary. I have a strange feeling that we only know a quarter of what exists in this world. Soon, we will have to sail over the huge, unexplored region of [b]Lake Hylia[/b]. But how each race gets to the Lake where our ships will be waiting, is down to them."

"I had a dream last night that told me of the [b]Warriors of the Pure[/b]. I can only hope that the prophet of the dream was true in stating that they exist. These warriors are the key to our survival child! Now, before you go home, let me tell you of how I believe each race will find the need to flee to [b]Lake Hylia[/b]."

[font=book antiqua][b][u]The Hylians:[/u][/b][/font] [img]http://www.northcastle.co.uk/archive/history/sheikah.jpg[/img] Yes my child! That is indeed a Sheikah, but Hylians and Sheikah share many similar features in appearance. However, remember Sheikah are a very mysterious and warrior-like race. Think of Princess Zelda, she is a Hylian, so follow the guidelines of her appearance. And yes that's right, the Great Hero, Link was a Hylian. Anyway, that is besides the point! As you know Hylians have fled into all of our races' villages and towns but I will discuss the issue pursuing the still pure-hearted Hylian Guard of Hyrule Castle. As you know, Ganondorf brainwashed a majority of the inhabitants of Hyrule and thus they have morphed into darker skinned beings or even very intelligent monsters. Yet there were some that stood loyal under the King's name and stayed where they were in the Castle Town of Hyrule. But, due to Ganondorf's immense power, a large amount of monsters have invaded Castle Town, including many monsters named [b]Undead[/b] and [b]ReDead[/b]. In reaction to this, the petrified townspeople and brave guads fled to the Guards District of Hyrule Town, of which they then built a large barricade, halting the monsters chase. At the moment, the Guards are doing their best to defend the Guards District from the monsters, but with supplies and bushels of food decreasing in number, how will the Guards last? In my dream it showed the survivors of the battle fleeing to Lake Hylia with two Guards leading them, could they have been given a message?

[font=book antiqua][b][u]The Kokiri:[/u][/b][/font] [img]http://www.northcastle.co.uk/archive/history/kokiri.jpg[/img] But without the Deku Tree, how are the Kokiri meant to last? At the moment the Kokiri are taking refuge in the maze-like [b]Lost Woods[/b] where they are hoping that the monsters, that have taken over [b]Kokiri Forest[/b] will not find them. With the help of the 'Skull Kids' (mysterious children who are believed to be lost Kokiri), the Kokiri are living sadly and silently within the boundaries of the woodland. However, it is inevitable that they will also have to retreat. In my dream it showed a platoon of monsters reinforcing the the monster's territory. They then suddenly lifted great torches of fire and began hurling them at the woodland. Soon the woodland began to fall under the might of the flames, revealing the Kokiri's shelter. However, the Skull Kids stood forth and charged out to slow down the monster's pursuit of the retreating Kokiri. In my dream it also showed the Skull Children summoning the vengeful Deku Tribe with their instruments to aid them in battle. By using nature to their advantage, the Skull Kids begin battle with the monsters, but will the Kokiri be able to flee across the vast plains of Hyrule to rendesvous with the other [b]Pure[/b] at Lake Hylia?

[font=book antiqua][b][u]The Gorons:[/u][/b][/font] [img]http://www.northcastle.co.uk/archive/history/goron.jpg[/img] I'm afraid not child, no matter how immense the strength of the Goron tribe is, if they do not flee, they will all fall at the defeat of Ganondorf's armies. Haven't you noticed Death Mountain lately? It is beginning to tremble my child, meaning that it will erupt, hence destroying it's surroundings. The Gorons can tolerate much higher temperatures than we can, but not the fury of the volcano. In my dream it showed me three Gorons, all from different locations of the mountains inside the Dodongo Caverns. They were searching for the reason of what was causing Death Mountain's violent behaviour. This quest was handed down by the Chief Goron himself, and even without the monsters in their way, the Gorons were having a very hard time coping with what they found out. I noticed two witches that seemed to be from the Dark World approaching the three Gorons, and then they suddenly attacked them. All of a sudden, the dream cut out. Will the Gorons emerge victorious from the battle with the Witches and if so, will they have time to lead the other Gorons to Lake Hylia?

[font=book antiqua][b][u]The Zora:[/u][/b][/font] [img]http://www.northcastle.co.uk/archive/history/zora.jpg[/img] Ah yes, the majestic race of the Zora will soon find a dark stain to their race's tribe. This time, I do not need my dreams to predict what will happen to this race. It is only obvious that Ganondorf has already manipulated the Zora King by tempting him with false promises. I just hope that the [b]Pure[/b] of the Zora realise before it is too late. Fate is leaving the pure Zora only two choices. These are to either to be assassinated by the Dark Zora, or to be forced into exile. However, all is not lost for this tribe. Lake Hylia connects directly to the Zora Kingdom's underwater channel so access should be simple. Time is of the essence here. Who will oppose the now evil King of the Zora?

[font=book antiqua][b][u]The Deku:[/u][/b][/font] [img]http://www.nintendo.co.jp/n01/n64/software/nus_p_nzsj/normal/chara/deku.jpg[/img] Ho ho! Fear not child! The Deku race are not our enemies, but only defenders of their territory. What has made me dream of them you ask? Well word has it that Ganondorf's armies have successfully ravaged a majority of Hyrule's forests, cutting down the trees and burning them. As luck would have it, with their wisdom, the Deku tribe's sages and prophets were aware of this before hand, but knew it was inevitable. Incredibly angered by this attack on their tribe, the Deku only had the pure races of Hyrule to depend on, and therefore they answered the calls of the Skull Children. The tribe sent their warriors towards the [b]Lost Woods[/b] of which they would rendesvous with the Skull Children and battle the monsters. My dream showed me the Skull Children and Deku carrying out battle with the monsters, of which they successfully pushed the monsters back into the Dark World. However, [b]seven dark horseman, bearing huge weapons[/b] appeared and led an army towards the [b]Pure Defenders[/b]. Alas, they were superior and began to slaughter the defenders. However my dream suddenly changed to show two Deku warriors leading the few Skull and Deku survivors to Hyrule Field, to then meet with the Deku tribe elders. Will the dream become reality and will the Deku and Skull survivors make it to Lake Hylia?

Well there we have it child, that is my prophecy. What do you mean you want to know how I know all this!? You idiot. I'm a damn sage with the power to foresee things! Whew! I need my calming concoction again. You get on home now and stay indoors. As for me, I will send the message out to the [b]Warriors of Pure[/b] and then await the survivors here. Get the village craftsmen to start building the boats. I will create a council. Oh yes, and say hello to your mother for me.

[size=4][font=book antiqua][center][b][u]Summary and what I want[/u][/b][/center][/font][/size]

Well first of all, thankyou very much for bearing with the story and taking some interest in the RPG. Anyway, I'll tell you what you will be doing if you sign-up.

You play as the [b]Warriors of Pure[/b]. What I've written are only hints to start off the story from the perspective of each race. For example, if you're a Hylian, the story will begin in the perspective of you fighting and living by the barricade. Eventually, (As the story progresses) you will flee to Lake Hylia due to reasons I have written down already. Or another example is if you're a Goron, you will be one of the three Gorons, setting off for the Dodongo Caverns to begin your quest of which you will eventually battle the two Witches and emerge from the caverns to inform the chief of what you have found out. As the RPG starts, I will summarise what each participant should be doing, just to make things easier and less confusing.

I must warn you, [b] I highly recommend that you have had at least some experience with 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' or 'The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask' to let you be familiar with the races.[/b] Experience with the other games is a bare minimum of what I recommend before signing up for this RPG, otherwise you won't have a clue really. As I'm thinking of Hyrule in the form of how Ocarina of Time presents it, it would help if you've played that game.

Also, don't sign-up if you're not going to be able to show any commitment. I will be doing some research of your post quality and commitment levels so it is not definite you will get in, even if you write a darn good sign-up and have had experience with Ocarina of Time.

[b]I want two to three people per race[/b]. I will update my list of who is accepted so this should make it easier to determine what slots are available.

Other than that, you should be good to go, ^_~. I want this RPG to live on and turn into something of a large scale as remember, there's going to be a huge world awaiting us if we survive the journey across Lake Hylia. Anyway, I'll stop the blabbering and get on with what you need to have in your sign-up form. However, read the below to help you make a worthy sign-up.

[b]Character Classes:[/b]

Knights - If you choose to be a Knight, you?ll get a primary weapon. These weapons usually fit into the melee weapon category, consisting of strong-bladed weapons (Like swords and axes) and strong-blunt weapons (Like clubs and the sort). You will also have access to a smaller secondary weapon (such as a bow and arrow, though that can be your primary weapon if you're an archer, a dagger etc). A Knight also has access to a weak spell if he gives up one item slot, such as a weak elemental spell like a single fireball, etc.

Sages - If you choose to play as a Sage, you?ll get a powerful spell instead of a primary weapon. You?ll still get a secondary weapon (but you will probably have less experience in hand-to-hand combat), and then you can also have two secondary spells, in addition to three secondary items. (If you want to bless a weapon with an element, for example, a fire or ice arrow, you will need to have a bow and arrow as your secondary weapon).

Merchants - If you choose to be a Merchant you will have a primary weapon but you will be less experienced with one than a Knight as you cannot use a shield simultaneously with a sword. You will also have the advantage of a large surplus of items consisting of five item slots in the beginning. If you find any itmes along the way, you will not have to discard any items if you have filled all of your item slots but you can just simply add to your supplies. You have a maximum of 8 item slots for storage space in the beginning of the RPG.

Alchemists - If you choose to be an Alchemist you will have a powerful item (limited of course) like a cluster bomb for example. Instead of a secondary weapon you will have the ability to mix two items together to create an enhanced item as the resultant. You will also have more storage space at a maximum of five item slots in the beginning of the RPG.

Rogues - If you choose to be a Rogue you will be able to have two Secondary Weapons as your Primary Weapon (Like two daggers that can be used simultaneously). You will only have three item slots for storage space but you will have access to two [b]support spells[/b] that are not offensive or rejuvenating (like the spell Jump, enabling you to jump twice as high temporarily, or Speed Up, increasing your agility.)

[b]Bear in Mind:[/b] That through the progress of the RPG, there will be more classes available to you, and as more become available, you will be given chances to change your class if you wish.

[b]Learning Spells and finding itmes:[/b] Later in the game, I will notify everyone that there weill be a few spells to find in that specific location as we move from point to point. This not only adds more depth to your character, it also motivates everyone to post. This also applies to Items. But remember, storage can limit your ability to pick up items or learn spells.


[b]To the sign-up sheet![/b]

[b]Name:[/b] (Make it appropriate to each race and class. For example, a Deku Merchant would have a name like, Windy Goodnuts. -_- Yes I made it up in two seconds.)

[b]Age:[/b] (Now that the Kokiri Forest has been tainted with darkness, Kokiri live at the same rate as Hylians. You should know wha's appropriate for each race as you are experienced with Zelda ^_^).

[b]Gender:[/b] (Self explanatory except for the Gerudo as a male is only reproduced every 100 years, and that male was Ganondorf this time. So Gerudo participants have to play a female part.)

[b]Race:[/b] (Any from the above mentioned, but [b]only[/b] from the above.)

[b]Class:[/b] (Choose from the class list above).

[b]Background / Biography:[/b]

[b]Appearance:[/b] (A picture, though this will be very hard to find, or a detailed description.)

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] (Pay attention to class limitations and access)

[b]Secondary Weapon: [/b] (Pay attention to class limitations and access)

[b]Items:[/b] (Maximum of three at the start for Knights, Sages and Rogues. Maximum of five for Alchemists and Merchants.)

[b]Spells:[/b] (Pay attention to classes for this.)


Well that's about it folks. Get writing. I'll post my sign-up tomorrow, I'm exhausted from all this writing. Thanks again...


A huge thankyou goes to James and Desbreko themselves with helping me graphically and supporting me through the creation of this RPG.[/center]
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It's time to bump up the thread! Woo!

...yes >.>

[b]Name:[/b] Jacob Truant (I'm not good with names >.>)

[b]Age:[/b] Twenty-five.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Race:[/b] Hylian

[b]Class:[/b] Knight

[b]Background / Biography:[/b] Jacob was a new recruit to the Hylian army. He was mostly relegated to guarding the backwater areas of the castle, where nothing usually happened and boredom was endless. Jacob was always itching for the day when he would be able to go out into battle and prove himself as a full-fledged Hylian Knight. That day would come sooner than Jacob thought.

Jacob was in the Guards District, when Ganondorf's army struck Hyrule Castle and the surrounding town. Though, the Hylian Knights did their best to drive back the menaces of the army, their efforts were in vain and many innocent lives were lost. The Hylian Knights managed to get whomever was left over to the Guards District, where the ReDeads have as of yet not penetrated. It is only a matter of time, however, before Jacob will ultimately have to prove himself worthy of the rank of Hylian Knight.

[b]Appearance:[/b] With his armor on, Jacob looks like any other Hylian Knight (very recognizable if you have played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). Without his armor, Jacob has messy crimson-red hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion. He is about average height (about 5'8" or 5'9", I'd say) and he has a fairly strong build.

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] Broadsword

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] A small dagger that he keeps in a hilt strapped to his left hip.

[b]Items:[/b] A cache of Deku Nuts (about five) given to him by Impa, a sharpening tool to sharpen his sword and dagger and a bottle of Lon Lon Milk that he bought from a store before Ganondorf's army attacked Hyrule Castle.

[b]Spells:[/b] No spells. All item slots are taken up.

I hope that this will suffice ^_^ If there are any changes that you would like me to make, please do not hesitate to let me know.
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Thankyou both for your sign-ups.

This is a message to all readers. Please don't hesitate to sign-up for a race even if two or three people have signed-up for a race already. If you're sign-up is of a higher quality than other attempts, you will win a place in this RPG. ^_^

I will not say who is in the RPG until the deadline for sign-ups arrives. Thankyou once again.
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[size=1]It is about time we got another one of these kinds of RPG's. It reminds of Breko's all those times ago, as well as my Brave Fencer one which sadly died. v_v

[b]Name:[/b] Mago Gale-Gale [color=#808080]([i]may[/i]-goe [i]gahl[/i]-ay-[i]gahl[/i]-ay)[/color]

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[b]Race:[/b] Kokiri.

[b]Class:[/b] Sage.

[b]Background / Biography:[/b] Mago Gale-Gale is a wannabe Skull Kid. He has been infatuated with them ever since he was young...er than he already appears to be. The tales of the "Lost Kokiri" intrigued him greatly, inevitably bringing him into the Lost Woods numerous times to try and find some. At first he would always anchor a lengthy piece of rope to tree at the start and walk through so he would not lose himself, but after many visits, he progressivly became more and more acquainted with the Woods. The other older and more experienced Kokiri of the time thought him silly, knowing the Skull Kids were fairly secretive in their ways, but that was until Mago ocassionally began returning with little trinkets after visiting: bells, wood-carvings, strands of ribbon, etc. He claimed to have met and befriended a Skull Kid and that is where he came to obtain such items. Critics said he just made them on his own or at the very most was lucky enough to find stray ones laying about, but there were some who believed him. Mido, a bully among the Kokiri, gave him the most trouble about his findings and was constantly nagging on him how he should not be so lame as to spend so much time trying to make the trinkets and lie to his fellow people. Mago did not heed to Mido's critisism. He continued visiting the Lost Woods every so often.

It seemed the more time Mago spent in the Lost Woods, the more he came to be more like a Skull Kid. Since life in the Lost Woods was a bit more rough, his skin became tougher and more rigid. His clothes frayed, probably from getting caught on branches and thorns. Perhaps the most frightening incident happened when one day he returned from the Woods with a mask. It was not just any mask, however, but nearly an exact replica of the Mask of Majora (aside from color variations). The Kokiri children confronted him, making him swear on his very name that, if he had met a Skull Kid, it was one pure and friendly in nature; not like that of the possessed Majora, who they feared might have somehow came back. Mago pleaded the truth, that it was a mere coincedence the mask mirrored that of Majora. With great hesitation, the Kokiri believed him, but made sure to keep a watchful eye on him. Over time nothing happened, and the Kokiri relaxed.

Throughout his immense time spent in the Lost Woods with a supposed Skull Kid, Mago gradually became a very spiritual young fellow. It had started nearly the first time he set foot in the Woods, he felt infinite. He believed himself to be well in tune with nature, and claimed to have the ability to communicate with it via a flute which he himself had carved "from the biggest tree in the deepest part of the Woods" (his own words). The Kokiri believed he had made it on his own, it was not totally uncommon, but they figured he had exaggerated a little. Mago had become quite a storyteller. Whether his stories were fact, fiction, or a healthy mix of both, none of the Kokiri knew, but they enjoyed them none-the-less.

[color=#808080][b]Perhaps what gave his stories a more magnificent flair than usual was his ability to create outstanding visuals with a mere gesticulation. Mago's spirituality had allowed him to become a well-practiced "shaman" of sorts right under the noses of all the other Kokiri. He could create images of dancing light in the figure of the things he had seen. He could build a fire and then depict stories in the smoke. These were the basic kinds of abilities he allowed the other Kokiri to see.

Mago developed personal offensive and defensive spells as well. He never thought he would have to use them, but he had them anyway and they were few in number. With this power he had manifested, he made one solemn oath: "If it scathes none, let it be to your pleasure." All of his spells were made to be passive-agressive, if even that. As a child of nature, he would harm nothing of it.[/b][/color]

From his beginning status in the Kokiri society as the "weirdo," Mago Gale-Gale had become quite popular.

When the monsters began to take over Kokiri Village, Mago fled to the Lost Woods with the rest of his kind. He had a decent advantage over the rest and acted on part as a bit of a diplomat between the Kokiri and the Skull Kids, pleading their case and tying their alliance. He let the Skull Kids take charge from there, as they still knew the Woods far better than anyone. Mago stayed back with the rest of the Kokiri and continues to play his part in the struggle to survive.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Thank you, Photoshop and your color-changing abilities, lol. I think it is fitting, given his persona. Below the mask his face looks like that of any other Kokiri; bright, childlike. His skin shows a little bit of wear from roughing it in the Woods so often, but his bright violet eyes are enough to distract anyone from them.


[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] [u]Mask and Flute of Gale-Gale[/u] - Mago created the Mask and Flute for the sole purpose of a cooperative weapon. The Mask plays a huge part in a lot of Mago's magic-work. When he wears it, his power is increased significantly. With aid of an array of tunes, Mago can "hypnotize" a friend or foe. The effects of the hypnosis depends on the tune. If it is a slow, dreary melody, the opponent may become increasingly fatigued until they at last fall asleep. If the melody is more joyful, the victim may become oblivious to everything else and just enjoy him/her/itself. At his [i]very[/i] best, Mago can convert a willing enemy. This of course requires a massive amount of focus.

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] A solitary four-winged boomerang, relatively large in size [color=#808080](see image of Mago)[/color]. It has a solitary hole in the center so he can twirl it on his fingers or simply hold it differently. At his best, Mago can make these it cut through wood no more than 2 inches thick.

[b]Items:[/b] Bag of Deku Nuts [color=#808080](max. 10)[/color], a Bottle of Water, his Flute.

[b]Spells:[/b] All spell-powers are magnified three-fold when wearing the Mask of Gale-Gale.

» [b][u]Spirits of Kin[/u][/b] - Usually initiated by a dance, Mago creates "hallucinations" of past Kokiri, Skull Children, and Deku. None of the Spirits have the ability to physically harm any opponent, but they act as either a distraction or an intimidation factor.
» [b][u]Morningstar[/u][/b] - Mago basically becomes a Kokiri-sized Deku Nut. At will he can burst into an excruciatingly bright light affecting only those with an unclean heart. He can also infuse this spell into his boomerang and affect opponents who stand at a distance. When wearing the Mask, the effects of this spell are strong enough to knock out many opponents for a good amount of time.

----------[b]FAIRY INFORMATION[/b]----------

[b]Fairy's Name:[/b] Espri [color=#808080]([i]es[/i]-pree)[/color].
[b]Fairy's Gender:[/b] Female.
[b]Fairy's Color:[/b] Magenta.[/size]
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OOC: Zidargh this looks real fun! Good job on the sign up! :D (Not kissing up ;) )

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Name: Glik Freeswim

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Zora

Class: Sage

Background / Biography: Glik was always one of the more troublesome Zora. He hated the fact that thier race in general kept to themselves in Zora's Domain. He wanted to go exploring and roam through the places he heard about from his dad. Kokori Forest, and the Castle. He even was interested in Death Mountain. But then about a year ago tragedy struck. His father was going Lake Hyalia on a pleasure trip and he found himself face-to-face with an Ortovac. The beast brutally murdered his father with the rocks it shot out of it's mouth.

Glik was devestated. He had never eally gotten close to any other Zora besides his father. He then decided to go out and explore the River that connected Zora's Domain to Hyrule Field. But in order to pass the guards he had to have permision from King Zora. He went to his throne room and began to look up at the King. He had a look of sympathy on his face and Glik knew this wasn't going to be hard. The King felt much sympathy for Glik and gave him permission to leave and explore to his heart's content. He joyfully run back to the guards with the small medal that the King had given him.

As he explored the river he began to become even more anxious to see the world around him. He knew that somewhere there was a passage to the Lost Woods and it was a water way passage. He also knew of the Lake passage. He decided to visit the forest for it was farther away. He swam down to the end of the passage and he heard the noise of the forest. It almost overwhelmed him to see such a sight. He baegan to explore and it did overwhelm him. All the green he saw was like seeing for the frist time. The birds and the butterflies and monkeys. Everything was so differnent. He even met a Skull Kid on one occasion. They sat and talked and each exchanged a remberance. Glik taught him the art of Zora gliding, and the Skull Kid showed Glik the art of creating waterproof paint.

AFter that exchange Glik decided to change his look. He was different and proud. Why not show it? He made a bright red line tracing a major vein first. It worked and he then painted a triangle of blue upon his forhead. He had heard that this was a very spiritul shape and it made him make another change. He decided to learn about the water. He went to as many Zora scholors as he could learning all they knew. He knew that water was more than a home. He began to "mediate" of sorts. He would sit quietly in the area right above the temple and concetrate on becoming water. * He one day discovered that if he thought about it enough he could call the water towards him. As he continued he could use the water to strike items, and at about a week before Ganodorf showed up, he could call the water from anywhere. He even ventured into the field near the Ranch and call a stream of water that could actually damage the wall. He then began to worry that he was draining the lake but it went back to lake as soon as he was done with it.

About two to three hours before Ganandorf's arrival, Glik was hanging around the Lost Woods and his Skull Kid friend appeared. He told him of what had happned at the castle. A Gerudo was befriedning the king. He told him that it wasn't good for Glik to out without physical protection, so he gave him a bow and quickly disapeared. Glik confused with his friend's words set back for the pool. As he jumped in he realized that the bow was wooden and it might become frail so he quickly concentrated on a stream of water and it encompossed the bow and arrows making them water proof and a new type of weapon. When he returned Ganadorf was there. Glik snuck into the throne room and listened to his boasting. He told King Zora of riches and the power he would hold. And he rambled on about material objects that Glik had never heard of. He then heard the words that made Glik see he was good. If the King sided with him. Hoping that he would Glik left the throne room and went to the small pool of water with the fish. He sat playing with them and he then heard the two "freinds roar with laughter". He smiled to himself and then left to work on his bow and arrows.

Appearance: see attachment

Primary Weapon:
[I]Water Spout[/I]
A giant plume of water is summoned and can slam the opponent with the force of six goron's body slams.

Secondary Weapon: Bow and Arrows

Items: Small Medal, Arrow Queve, Empty Bottle

[I]Water Rush[/I]
A flowing river is formed underneath an opponent a momentarily traps them.

[I]Water's Blessing[/I]
Glik blesses his arrows to form Water Arrows which when the strike an oppenent they engulf them with a thin coat of water that drowns them, it also can trap an enemy. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Sara Vella(Not good with names either)

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Hylian

[B]Class:[/B] Knight

[B]Background / Biography:[/B] Sara's thirst to become a knight began when she was young, as her father was a knight, and her brother was a squire, about to become a knight. Sara's father would often tell her tales of adventures he had as a knight, protecting the Castle, fighting enemies and other such things. Sara loved to listen to his tales, and one day she decided that when she was old enough, she'd train to be a knight. Her father promised that when she started training, he'd help her all the way. Sara was excited and her father helped her practise with a wooden practise sword. Her father taught her the basics and then to special moves and secrets. Sara learned fast and she soon moved on to a weighted sword. Her father taught her the same things and she still managed, so he decided to finally let her use a proper sword at the age of 14. At first she had trouble adjusting to the weight and the metal but she managed and soon they were sword fighting each other. Sara would do exercise everyday and would wear a weighted harness until bedtime. Her father had told her that when she was training they people gave the trainees weighted harnesses. Finally when she reached 15, she was able to train to be a knight. Her father was proud, as was her brother and mother. Sara went in, promising to come out a knight.

Training to be a knight was hard. Most of the other trainees were male and they liked to pick on her because she was the only female and they thought she was weak. Being called weak made her work harder. One day when she was eating breakfast in the mess hall. The training master called her out of the hall to a smaller room. He got her to sit and told her that her father was dead as of yesterday. Sara was upset and asked if it was a natural death because he was quite old. The training master shook his head, he told her that he had died in a battle. He was fighting a monster and others snuck up on him and surrounded him, they found his body and it was torn and scratched. Sara cried for a while but then stopped and was more determined than ever, she'd make her father proud.

The years passed and at the end she finally earned her shield. She was happy and returned to her family. Her mother was proud of her as was her brother. Sara and her brother would often go on patrols together to check for monsters before parting their seperate ways to do their own knightly duties. When Gannondorf attacked the Hylian Castle and the town they were sent into action but to no prevail. Many lives were lost at the hands of the male Gerudo and the Knights and Guards are trying to protect the Guards District that hasn't yet been penetrated.

[B]Appearance:[/B] She looks like [URL=http://astriaweb.free.fr/cos/paris02/hume/modele0.jpg]THIS[/URL] without her armour(I know it's a Final Fantasy pic) and her armour is kinda like [URL=http://www.rosebride.com/fakewings/knight_sketch.jpg]THIS[/URL] except take away the mail skirt and have normal male leg armour, with a Helm that matches her armour. (I was searching for some pics and these were the best I could come up with.)

[B]Primary Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://www.jodysamson.com/images/swords/knightly1a.jpg]Knightly Sword[/URL] in a sheath across her back.

[B]Secondary Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://www.kultofathena.com/images/horus_sil_l.jpg]Talon Dagger[/URL] that she keeps tucked in her belt.

[B]Items:[/B] Sharpening Kit, A bottled Faerie

[B]Spells:[/B] Water Blast: It's like a Fireball made out of water that can surround an enemy but not powerful enough to drown them. Maybe make them unconscious.[/COLOR]
[B]OOC:[/B] Anything else I need to change? Just PM me.^_^
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Right, thankyou all for the sign-ups so far. Ohkami, you need to change a bit of your sign-up. Nobody has the need to go to Lake Hylia yet and no one knows that they need to retreat to it yet. When the RPG starts, I will hint towards when everyone should be beginning to retreat, so if you could just edit that out, that would be great. ^_^

Anyway, I have had my sign-up deleted somehow, [i]twice[/i] so I am exhausted and will post it tomorrow after re-writing it. Anyway, I've made a list of the sign-up spots available. After all of these spots are filled, the best two out of the three will be selected to go through to my evaluation phase where I will research their posts to see if they are capable for this RPG. Remember, this doesn't mean you're in yet, this is just to show how many more spots for specific races are available. For the Gorons, there will be four spots and the best three will be selected.
1. Shinmaru's Sign-up
2. Ohkami's Sign-up
3. [Closed. Ohkami and Shin are through. Well done.]

1. [Closed: Des and Piro are through. Well done.]
2. Piromunkie's Sign-up
3. Desbreko's Sign-up

1. JJRiddler's Sign-up
2. Domon's Sign-up
3. [Closed, JJ and Domon are through]

1. My sign-up
2. Shanghai's Sign-up
3. inti's Sign-up.
[Closed, us three are through.]

1. K.K.C's Sign-up
2. [Empty!]
3. [Empty!]
4. [Empty!]


If you want me to reserve a spot, tell me and I will for 2 days before the spot will be freed again. I need these spots filled before the RPG can start. And remember, only sign-up if you're interested, will definitely be committed, and want to have fun. ^_^ Tell me if you know of anyone who is signing-up so I can get a heads up. Thankyou all.
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[color=indigo]Yeesh. . . . I start work on a Kokiri Rogue character, and when I come back the next day there are already two sign-ups for Kokiri Rogues. I was hoping someone else would play a Kokiri Sage or Alchemist.

Anyway, since I'll be playing a Kokiri and will thus have a fairy companion, I've also included a bit of information about my fairy down at the bottom of the sign-up form. And it has nothing to do with the Fairy spell that my character can use, by the way; he turns into a seperate fairy when he uses the spell.

[b]Name:[/b] Leif Terrance

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Race:[/b] Kokiri

[b]Class:[/b] Rogue

[b]Background:[/b] Like all Kokiri, Leif Terrance was born in the Kokiri Forest, spending his life in the village and surrounding woods. To keep himself occupied as a child, he would pull the occasional prank on his elders, giving him a reputation as the "naughty child" of the village. And his fairy partner, Kailyn, was no help at all when it came to keeping him in line. In fact, she seemed to have a mischievous side of her own, and she frequently partook in Leif's endeavors.

His most ambitious practical joke was pulled on none other than the Great Deku Tree himself, when Leif was just ten years of age. Sneaking away in the night, he and Kailyn carefully crept into the grove where the great guardian of the forest slept, climbed softly up through the boughs of the three, and tied a bright blue ribbon around the highest branch that he could safely reach before creeping back down to his treehouse. Needless to say, Mido (the leader of the Kokiri) was furious, but the Deku Tree actually found the whole thing quite humorous and congratulated young Leif on his stealthiness. It is said that the ribbon remained for twelve years, until the day that Ganondorf placed his curse on the forest guardian, and the fell wind accompanying the evil wizard slipped the faded knot from around its branch.

To escape an everreactive punishment from Mido, Leif hid in the Lost Woods for the rest of the day. He had never explored much of the Lost Woods before, not being allowed to go into the woods unaccompanied as a young child, but now that he was ten he figured he was old enough to explore by himself. He wandered for hours, losing himself in the wild, unexplored woods all around. It was so much better than the small village he had previously been confined to; being able to find something new around each corner, without someone constantly telling him not to do this, or to be careful with that. Here, he was free.

By the time he made his way back to the village, night had already fallen, and people were getting worried about him. Upon returning he was given a strict lecture, first about his joke with the Deku Tree, and then about the dangers the Lost Woods -- about going astray and never finding the way back. Leif had heard it all before, however, and he payed little attention, simply nodding at the appropriate moments. The next day, he made plans to sneak away to the Lost Woods again as soon as the opportunity arose.

And sneak away Leif did, and he continued making secret journeys into the depths of the forest for some time, though he was careful not to stay away for too long at a time. Eventually Mido and the others did find out about his, but they also found that he was always cautious while journeying through the woods and careful to keep track of the path he had taken, and it was decided that Leif was responsible enough to be allowed into the woods by himself. Besides, he had always returned unharmed so far, and it kept him out of trouble in the village.

So Leif continued his expeditions to the Lost Woods, taking a day here and there to go exploring whenever he got restless. For six years he made his periodic journeys, growing into a strong, capable Kokiri. But even so, he was ill equiped for the day when he stumbled upon an open grove in the woods with a tall, stone wall blocking his progress forward. A strong gate of wooden posts was set in a gap in the wall, and it appeared that the posts were driven deep into the ground. Leif walked up to the gate and began to examine the posts . . . and then it happened.

A shrill howl rent the air behind Leif, and the hair stood stiff on the back of his neck. He had heard that, very rarely, Wolfos had been spotted in the Lost Woods, but he had never heard or seen one before. Now, as he turned around, he was face to face with one of the growling beasts, and he had nowhere to run. The gate was behind him, and walls were on either side; the only way out of the grove was through the Wolfos.

Leif, terrified and not knowing what else to do, froze. Slowly the Wolfos circled, drawing ever closer to the unarmed Kokiri boy, anticipating the taste of fresh meat. Suddenly it leapt, and Leif barely managed to dodge the Wolfos' fangs sinking into his throat. Fighting tooth and nail, Leif struggled to detach himself from the claws and teeth of the monster, and finally managed to make a break for the grove's exit. He had recieved a number of cuts of scratches during the encounter, though overall he was incredibly lucky to escape with as little harm as he did.

Sprinting through the woods as fast as he could go, his heart pounding in his chest and not caring where he was going as long as the pursuing howls weren't able to overtake him. Seeing a cave entrance looming ahead of him through the trees, he dashed inside, too busy concentrating on running to realize that he had never seen a cave in the forest before. And in fact, this was not even really a cave. It was more a tunnel, its walls, ceiling, and floor cut smoothly through the rock. And something felt . . . different . . . as he ran through it.

When Leif emerged from the tunnel, he couldn't believe his eyes. A large, brightly lit cavern was before him; this was Goron City, and the "cave" he had run into to hide was actually a magical warp between Goron City and the Lost Woods. Stumbling out into the cavern, he had only a moment to gaze about in wonder before collapsing from exhaustion.

That night, when Leif didn't return from the Lost Woods, the other Kokiri became concerned. Days stretched to weeks, and weeks into months, until the Kokiri lost all hope that he would ever return. Meanwhile, Leif was living in Goron City, knowing full well that he had unknowingly broken the strict rule of never leaving the forest. Even once he had recovered from his injuries, he couldn't bring himself to return to the Kokiri Forest and face the Deku Tree.

So Leif remained in Goron City, entertaining his new friends with stories about his journeys through the Lost Woods. And when he told them of how he came to find the magical warp, the leader of the Gorons, Darunia, insisted that a small sword, suitable for the size of a Kokiri, be forged for Leif in order that he could protect himself whenever he chose to return to the Lost Woods. For months Leif trained with his new weapon as his scars healed, until he was confident enough with the blade to go back into the forest. And also as a parting gift, he was given a small Bomb Bag and a bottle of Red Potion in case of emergency.

For a while, Leif stayed in the Lost Woods, erecting a small shelter with branches cut by his sword -- still not daring to return to the Kokiri village. By now two years had passed since his encounter with the Wolfos, and he decided that he was going to return to that grove and slay the beast that had given him his scars. Upon doing so, Leif was surprised to see the wooden gate blocking the path through the wall open, and his curiousity led him through it.

Cautiously trodding through the maze-like passages formed by the stone walls, he finally came to a long stairway. At the top was a square courtyard with a couple trees growing inside, and the branches of others hanging down from outside. And in the middle of it was a large wooden chest. Apprehensively, Leif stepped up to it -- it was almost as tall as he was -- and opened it. Reaching down as far as he could, he felt around inside . . . and pulled out a Hookshot! Intrigued with his new weapon and tool, Leif spent yet more months experimenting with it until he could use it and his sword sword quite effectively at the same time.

And then, finally, he felt he was ready to return to Kokiri Forest and face the Great Deku Tree. Making his way through the woods towards the huge clearing, he came to the old forest guardian before meeting with any of the other Kokiri, and explained all that had happened. It had been seven years since he had stood before the great tree to await judgement. And in fact, that same blue ribbon still fluttered in the breeze, high up on one of the Deku Tree's branches.

Much to his relief, the Deku Tree was overjoyed to see Leif again, and did not scold him for going through the warp, though he did make Leif swear not to tell any of the other Kokiri about it. Likewise, the rest of the Kokiri were joyful of his return -- though of course, Mido was a bit irritated -- and were even more anxious to hear his tales than the Gorons were. And Leif kept his word, bending the truth and leaving the magical warp out of his story.

Once again Leif lived peacefully in the Kokiri Forest village, picking up right where he had left off on that day two years ago when he had first gone missing. Less often now he practiced with his sword and Hookshot, though he made sure not to totally neglect his training. . . . And he was glad he did, for when Ganon's monsters attacked, Leif was the only Kokiri at all experienced in real combat, and until the help of the Skull Kids could be enlisted Leif was the only line of defense between the Kokiri and the pursuing monsters.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Leif is a Kokiri, and therefore still resembles a child of of about ten or twelve, but within is a maturity and will to equal that of any grown Hylian. He has somewhat sharp features for a Kokiri, and his face is also slightly marred by a collection of small, scattered scars; the result of a desperate struggle with a Wolfos. His two green, deep set eyes sparkle with determination and a hint of mischief from behind shaggy locks of curly, greenish brown hair and the shadow of a hooded cloak.

His cloak is a deep forest green to match the surroundings of the Kokiri Forest and Lost Woods, its edges frayed from constant use, and it covers the standard green Kokiri Tunic and Kokiri Boots. Except for wearing a cloak instead of a hat -- though the cloak's hood is pointier than most -- Leif's appearance is not too unlike most other Children of the Forest.

Looping over Leif's right shoulder, underneath the cloak, is a sword belt with attached sheath, the hilt of the short sword sticking up beside the hood for easy access. At the other end of the belt, on his left hip, is a holster for Leif's Hookshot and on his right hip, attached to the tunic belt, are a few pouches used to store his various other items and Rupees.

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] Short Sword and Hookshot

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] N/A

- Deku Nut Satchel (Holds 10)
- Bomb Bag (Holds 10)
- Bottle (Empty)

- Stealth (Enhances the user's ability to move silently for a limited amount of time).
- Fairy (Transforms the user into a fairy for a limited amount of time).

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

[b]Fairy's Name:[/b] Kailyn

[b]Fairy's Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Fairy's Color:[/b] Light Blue[/color]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]let's toss a Gerudo into the mix.

Name: Alimia (Mia)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Gerudo

Class: Rogue

Background / Biography: When the Gerudo tribe's leader, Nabooru, was taken over by the witches Twinrova, Mia was a lowly guard of the desert surrounding their camp. With the threat to her people gone, life went back to its usual pattern of steal from some dumb villager caught on the roads, torture the bridge-builders just because she can, and fight off intruders.

Life gets boring in the desert, and Mia wanted adventure. She began training in the use of swords rather than the pikes that are carried as a norm by the Gerudo women, and in time became one of the best in the tribe. She guarded the prisoners taken by the tribe, having heard the tales of the boy who bested four Gerudo warrior-guards with a sword and hookshot.

Mia had never believed in dreams, but as time went on, she continued to dream of a darkness overcoming the Gerudo tribe, and of a pair of tiny lights pushing through the darkness and finally overcoming it. An undeniable link with Lake Hylia came through, and finally Mia and a good friend of hers decided to get to Lake Hylia to find the truth behind these dreams.

Appearance: (it's hard to find Gerudo pics...) Mia stands about 5'8" tall, with dark-tan skin and bright red hair that reaches nearly to her waist, even when in a ponytail. Her face is extremely beautiful, as most Gerudo women tend to be, but with a slightly sorrowful cast. She has the yellow eyes one comes to expect from most of her tribe, and tends to wear long, flowing pants, dainty slippers, and barely-there tops in colors that set off the tone of her skin, hair and eyes (Blue with blue lipstick, red with scarlet, green with white).

Primary Weapon: A pair of matched curved swords. (Think the Gerudo guards you face freeing the carpenters)

Secondary Weapon: Deku Slingshot

Items: Bottle (contains Red Potion)
Deku Seed Bag (Contains 30 Deku Seeds)

Spells: (Mia's names for them) [i]Move It![/i]: Increases Agility for a short time.
[i]Stealth Sneak[/i]: Allows user to move nearly invisibly for a short time.
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I'm sorry Balinese I cannot accept your sign-up. You obviously haven't been following the thread. I specifically stated that [b]no one[/b] knows about Lake Hylia's importance yet, and therefore do not feel the need to go there. You don't seem to understand the RPG. And why the bloody hell would you have a Deku Slingshot? You didn't even talk about how you found it, and considering the term 'Deku' refers to woodland, while a Hookshot is made out of metal, it doesn't make sense. With the quality of member's skills planning to/have already signed up, I can tell this is going to turn into something big. I don't mean to sound insulting but I just get annoyed when things are not read. Thankyou anyway.

Well done everyone else so far. Oh by the way, Desbreko pointed out something. There are alot of Rogues all of a sudden, I will only allow one or two more rogue characters to sign-up as I feel there needs to be different character classes. A few sages would be nice and if you're daring and willing to experiment, as would some alchemists and merchants. My character is going to be a Knight. Bear in mind you can always change your classes if you want to and more classes will become available and the RPG progresses. If people just want to be Knights, Rogues or Sages, that'll be alright I guess.
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[quote name='Zidargh']There are alot of Rogues all of a sudden, I will only allow one or two more rogue characters to sign-up as I feel there needs to be different character classes.[/quote][size=1]I changed my character to a Sage. I agreed with this problem and figured my character could easily fit that slot. I edited my sign-up. A little more detail is in my bio, two paragraphs in bold grey so you can find it easier. Of course there is a primary spell now and a [i]slight[/i] change to the secondary weapon. Both secondary spells changed as well.

Let me know if anything could be improved, lol. I kind of just made the spells up on the spot, so they might be a little iffy. o_O Basically he has become more of a support character rather than a direct offensive ... the ideal role of a magic user in any RPG, lol.[/size]
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[color=darkorange]Ok, here is my new Goron sign-up for you Zidargh.
[b]Name[/b]: Taggard Sand-Ridge

[b]Age[/b]: 17

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Race[/b]: Goron

[b]Class[/b]: Rogue

[b]Background / Biography[/b]: Born in Goron City, located near the base of Death Mountain, Taggard has always been a big dreamer, wanting to leave the mountain and venture out on his own, but sense he was much too young Taggard did what he thought was the next best thing. Knowing the strength and power of Darunia, the chief of the Gorons, Taggard began to follow the chief around, watching almost everything he did wanting to catch any tips on how to become a strong Goron that could fight. Though, after a while, Darunia began to notice the young Goron always following him here and there, so he would tell him frequently to go and do chores or play, anything that would stop Taggard from chasing him.

Still determined to learn from the chief Goron, Taggard continued to follow him, but would often roll into ball, making it look like he was sleeping or just doing nothing (which was sometimes what Gorons would do). Of course, Darunia noticed this as well and finally just asked Taggard why he was constantly following him. Taggard answered by saying how he wanted to be a strong Goron fighter like him. Darunia laughed at this and said that Taggard would have to do this on his own. Though, Taggard was more stubborn than most Gorons, he stopped following Darunia (most of the time), but would come up to him at least 50 times a day, asking the chief if he would teach him, the answer was always no.

Taggard was on the edge of giving up, but decided he would try one last time. To his surprise, Darunia said yes! He would teach him how to be a fighting Goron. Taggard was thrilled that he would finally become something that could get him out and beyond Death Mountain. Of course, his training with the chief was harder than he thought it would turn out to be, Darunia had him up before dawn, rolling down the mountain side while having to dodge rocks that Darunia would throw at him. At first, Darunia had seemed to be teaching Taggard because he thought he would quit after the boot camp he put him through, but after seeing the young Goron?s stubbornness, he started to enjoy teaching him. He soon moved on to practicing with weapons and bombs, getting to use Darunia?s hammer a few times.

One day, while climbing up Death Mountain after Darunia had awakened him with an unpleasant blast from a bomb, Taggard spotted something very odd to see on the mountain. Growing from the top of a ledge was a thick stump of a tree. Taggard climbed his way up to the ledge and examined the odd growth that mountain had produced. It seemed freshly cut, as if the trunk of the tree had just been cut, but Taggard had never seen a tree on the mountain before. He decided he wanted to make something out of the wood, so Taggard rolled back to Goron City, grabbed a knife, and went back to the stump. It took him a while to think of something to make it into, but he finally got the idea of drums. He had once seen a guard from Hyrule who had a small drum with him and a pair of drum sticks. So, Taggard worked all day, carving from the stump two fine looking drum sticks. Happy with his work, Taggard went back home where he was later punished for spending the whole day on his bum making two sticks. But, he though they came in handy, fore he learned very nice beats, he could even summon spells with some.

Years went by and Taggard had become a fairly skilled fighting Goron. He had not only been taught with weapons, but also with certain spells that he had been taught by visitors to the mountain. When Taggard turned 15, Darunia gave him a pair of special made hammers. Though the hammers couldn?t quake the earth like Darunia?s, they could be thrown and on the back side were sharp, pointed carved stones that you could stab with. Taggard was then ?graduated? as Darunia?s trainee and he was allowed to leave and come to Death Mountain as much as he wished. But, Taggard never did leave. Over the years he had grown to love the mountain range and had decided the world was too big for him to see, at least for now.

When Death Mountain started to quake and tremble, Darunia ordered Taggard and two other Gorons to see what was causing the mountain to shake. Before Taggard knew it, he was about to fight two gruesome looking witches?

[b]Appearance[/b]: Taggard is smaller than average Goron and doesn?t weigh as much either, only standing at around four and half feet. Though, he has a very strong build from working with Darunia (He can?t lift giant boulders and his muscles aren?t popping out all freakishly). Another thing that separated Taggard from normal Goron was his hair. Instead of keeping it very short like most, he lets his grow out. It pops out of his head at odd angles as if he had cut it when it was pitch black. He has tan, mud looking skin and yellowish brown eyes. He wears a very thick belt around his waist where he keeps his Goron Hammers and drumsticks.

[b]Secondary Weapons[/b]: A pair of specially made Goron hammers. Each one is about one foot and six inches long with the hammer part being about 3 inches long/thick. Sticking from the back of the hammer part is a jagged, pointed rock made from stone.

[b]Items[/b]: A pair of oak drumsticks, and a Bomb Bag (20 bombs in all)

[b]Spells[/b]: (Uses drumsticks or a chant to summon the spells.)

~Fire?s Wall~ Summoned with a phrase from an old Goron saying. With this spell, Taggard is able to make a wall of fire that can protect him and others who are behind it, but enemies are not able to get through the flames, burned when they touch it. The size of the wall depends how long it can last, small ones can last for five minutes while large ones can last from one to two minutes.

~Rolling Ridge~ Summoned by a beat from Taggard?s drumsticks. This spell increases Taggard?s rolling abilities, it not only makes him faster, but he is able to shoot himself at an enemy as if he were a cannonball. The spell wears off after about five or so minutes.[/color]
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Right, well done with your Goron sign-up, it was very good.

I'm fearing we're not going to get everyone we need. I just need some publicity for this RPG. Hmm, we'll have to see. Here is my sign-up

By the way I'm getting rid of Gerudo's from this RPG. Just so the list will be smaller. : -


[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Teepo Yggdrasill

[b]Age:[/b] About 266 ages. (This is the equivalent of a 19 year old Hylian as the Deku age 14 ages within the span of one Hylian year).

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Race:[/b] Deku

[b]Class:[/b] Knight

[b]Background:[/b] Born into the Yggrasill tribe of the Deku (Located in the Hylian woodland, next to all of the other tribes), Teepo was bound to make a name for himself. Carrying around the name of the Yggdrasill was a very hard but meaningful task, as the males of the Yggdrasill family were known for their skill in diplomacy and warfare.

At the age of four Hylian years old, his father placed Teepo into the combat and teaching academy of all of the Deku tribes. All of the Deku, whether they be female or male have to be placed into either the combat or teaching sections of the academy at Teepo?s age.

After being tested in which part Teepo excelled in, the elders made the decision of putting him into combat, and he certainly did excel. After about five years, the elders, due to the fast rate of which he progressed, noticed Teepo?s progression throughout the course. They began to monitor his skills and compare them to his ancestors. What made him out of the ordinary is that Teepo had already passed the tests his ancestors did in five years, rather than twelve.

Being born into the Yggdrasill name means to receive a lot of disciplinary training, and so Teepo grew into a very loyal and disciplined being. However, there was something that could still penetrate the boundaries that were made, and this was Teepo?s curiosity of nature.

Whether it be the wildlife or the surroundings, nature just fascinated the young Deku. Between sessions and classes, Teepo would be seen playing with the animals that inhabited the woodland, or simply sitting around staring at the trees. His father, even though he had to be very hard at times, cared a lot for Teepo and would tell him stories of the outside world and what lurked within the woods. This only increased Teepo?s curiosity.

At the age of 13 years old, on one silent night, Teepo stayed awake until the moon was at it?s highest, and then opened the Yggdrasill family home?s front door to sneak outside. Slowly closing the door, Teepo looked around to see the odd light in the window of one of the tribe?s homes. With what appeared to be a clear coast, Teepo ran outside the gate and headed off into the outside woodland. Before he could step outside of the tribes? influences on the woodland, Teepo was approached by another Deku of the same age.

Her name was Lunar, and was Teepo?s closest friend. She was always fond of Teepo, whether it be because of his appearance or personality, and so she generally followed Teepo everywhere. After being asked where he was off to, Teepo answered, placing his trust into Lunar that she would not say a word to anyone else, and then stepped into the surrounding woodland.

Everything was very different to the tribe?s villages. Everything was so primitive. The trees were huge, and it was a lot darker inside the woodland. But regardless, Teepo continued, mesmerised by the sights.

After a few hours had passed, Teepo began to grow tired from all the exploring and then sat on a little log that matched his size. Closing his eyes, Teepo relaxed. Just as he was about to doze off, a sudden sound of rustling could be heard. Immediately he sat up in fright, looking around to see the source of the sound. Nothing could be seen, nothing except for the looming, dark silhouette of a figure just ahead of him.

The figure began to approach, but as it got nearer, a stray moon-beam that protruded the canopy-like trees overhead illuminated the figure. It turned out to just be Lunar. Angered but glad for her safety, Teepo asked what she was doing in this place and found out that she was worried about him.

Lunar then sat down next to the Deku boy and after calming down, they both began to converse about life and whatever else young teenagers did. However, it would not be long before the harmony would be disturbed.

Just as they were about to head back home, a Lizalfos jumped down from the canopy and lunged at Lunar. In pure reaction, Teepo stepped in the way to intercept the monster and protect the Lizalfos. Upon impact, Teepo was knocked over and looked over to see the now very angry Lizalfos approaching him. The monster looked similar to a Salamander, but it stood at about six foot tall, wearing torn rags and wielded a long bladed weapon.

As it raised the weapon to attack the young Deku, a rock hit it on the head. A good shot from Lunar, but a fatal mistake. Wincing from the pain, the Lizalfos turned to see the girl picking up another rock to throw at it. It then charged straight towards her, weapon forwards to attack the girl this time. After receiving another on the side of the head from another rock, the monster charged on and finally pushed it?s blade straight into the girls torso.

Screaming in rage at the sight of his closest friend being killed, Teepo stood up and charged at the Lizalfos. Suddenly, he froze as the beast stood to its full height, towering over the boy. It was now the time to run, and he did so. Running as fast as he could, Teepo passed tree after tree but there was nowhere to hide, and what with the monster catching up with him, he needed to act fast.

Teepo continued running until a he noticed a strange, leaf-green hat hanging from the branch. Just as he passed under it, he jumped and grabbed for the hat with success. The Lizalfos noticed the Deku, but two steps too late. The monster had ran straight off of what seemed a cliff-side and fell to its death.

Letting go, Teepo landed onto the ground and caught the hat that saved his life. He then placed it on and ran as fast he could, back home whilst crying his heart out at the same time.

Six years after the traumatic experience, telling the family of his friend and the tribes of what he did, Teepo has now grown into a very deep person, swearing his loyalty to the tribes and that he would protect everyone no matter what.

There is only one thing that Teepo wishes, and that is to turn back time and never let Lunar follow him.

What Teepo doesn?t know is that on this fateful day, he will hear the instruments of calling and charge to the Kokiri?s and Skull Kid?s aid alongside his fellow Deku warriors.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www.zfans.de/dates/z6dekulink.jpg [/img] I am aware this is Deku Link from Majora?s Mask but it is fitting. Teepo stands at about 4?8? tall which is quite tall for a Deku, and does not wear those gauntlets. He does however wear a torn, green tunic with the sleeves cut off.

[b]Primary Weapon:[/b] Teepo wields one medium length sword that was imported from Hyrule Castle. The blade is of a very thin steel and can cut many materials with ease.

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] Being a Deku, Teepo has the ability to fire Deku Nuts from his mouth at the power of a bullet. However, the Deku Nuts are limited for Teepo as he is a male knight and only females can keep reproducing Deku Nuts.

[b]Items:[/b] A bag of 20 Deku Nuts that attach to a leather strap across Teepo?s shoulder (Teepo needs to place a Deku Nut inside his mouth to be fired) and an empty bottle.

[b]Spells:[/b] [b][u]Hover:[/u][/b] Underneath Teepo?s hat is a little flower that can expand once the hat is removed and the spell is cast. This spell rotates the stem and the petals at a fast rate, lifting Teepo off of the ground. This spell lasts about five minutes if Teepo is at full health and stamina. [/size]
[b]I will allow 2 more days until this RPG begins so if you want to join, hurry up. I must say, there's not been any problems with anyone's sign-ups so far. I just want two more people, one to join the Gorons and the other, the Zora. If you want to join me with the Deku, that's cool too.[/b]
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]Name: Nen Zhi

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Zora

Class: Knight

Background: Nen, like all Zoras, was born in the Zora's domain which means in seclusion. As the years progressed, Nen seemed to feel like he was on the outside looking in at the rest of his people.

When he was sixteen, Nen decided to leave the domain and explore the rest of the world, first on his stop was Lake Hylia. Taking the warp tunnel near the waterfall at the entrance of the domain, Nen soon found himself in the large mass of Lake Hylia. There he saw amazing and scary things. He was amazed that the world was so huge compared to his small home of the domain and yet it felt so familiar. He was scared by the fact that so many Octorocks roamed the lake unchecked and came close to getting attacked by one, until he decided to get out of the water and explore.

Leaving the Lake behind, Nen headed into the Hyrule field and was overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all, he couldn't believe how enormous the place was. After feeling somewhat confused Nen spotted a large castle in the distance and knew he had two choices, either he return home and probably get the lecture of his life, or go to the castle and see if he can find something to appease his father.. Nen went with the second choice and ran for it to the castle.

As he arrived at the castle, Nen was in sheer awe. It must have been noticable, but Nen didn't care all he could think about was how unfair his parents had been for not showing him the world outside of the domain. As he'd entered the square of the village Nen decided maybe a weapon would be a good present for his father. Heading over to the local blacksmith Nen was shocked to see so many swords, daggers, axes, dirks, lances, and then he was caught by the rapiers. He knew his father loved fencing and Nen decided that if he got his father a rapier from a Hylian store he would be very pleased.

Upon paying for the rapier, Nen rushed back out of the castle and towards the gate to Lake Hylia, but as he closed in on the gate the sun finally set and a wolf could be heard howling in the distance. Unforunately the Stall children appeared and started to swarm him, not even realizing it, Nen took out the rapier and went wild on the demonic looking children as he was finally able to gain acess to the lake.

Arriving home late and with some scratches and brusies, Nen recieved a rather long and angered lecture from his parents. But when Nen showed the rapier to his father the lecture stopped midway and his father just got a glazed over look on his face.

After that Nen made trips back and forth to the lake until he was twenty which was when he was made a knight of King Zora. His father having died the previous year, Nen recieved both of his father's rapiers, one Nen keeps hung above his bed and the second he uses as his own weapon.

Appearance: [IMG]http://server6.uploadit.org/files/BurningGundam-Zora2.jpg[/IMG] The markings signify that he is a Knight of the Zora King

Primary Weapon: [url=http://www.pubear.com/images/rapier5.jpg]Rapier[/url]

Secondary Weapon: Dagger

Items: A bottle of Red Potion and a bag of Deku Nuts

Spell: Nen can cast a weak lightning bolt.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

I hope this is acceptable ^__^;;
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I hope what I have done is acceptable.

[b]Name[/b]: Kasai Mokuzai (Fire Wood)

[b]Age[/b]: Around 275

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Race[/b]: Deku

[b]Class[/b]: Knight

[b]Background / Biography[/b]: A Deku boy born into one of the greatest tribes within the woodlands of Hylian. Kasai was always blessed with the praise of everyone in the tribe ever since he was a little scrub. His family and the elders of the tribe put Kasai into the Combat and Teaching Academy of all the Deku tribes. All of the Deku have to be placed into either the combat or teaching sections of the academy at four
Hylian years.

But since the tribe had many elite warriors, they sent this boy to that scroll earlier, one year earlier. When after taking a small test, to decide which side of the academy the boy would go to, they weren?t surprised to see this boy excelled in combat. He was both a very smart tactician, with the mix of swordsmen. After around three to five years, the elders would notice how much he excelled, becoming a better combatant ever seen in their tribe.

So, they advanced his training, to give him something harder to do. But what they threw at the Deku was always repelled back at them, for his skill grew with both training and knowledge. He progressed so quickly, that the villagers even thought that the boy was some sort of reincarnation of an evil demon, who lived within him. But these thoughts put onto him were dismissed, once the elders simply told them that his progression had stopped and was going at a normal pace.

And so it did, for the Deku was pulled away from the Academy and stayed at home, where he would learn a form of fighting with a blade, something the Mokuzai was known for. So, as the years passed by and Kasai becoming better with the wooden stick his father gave to him so he would be able to train with, his father would tell him about the blade passed down from generation to generation. It was a blade that was made by one of Kasai?s ancestors, who requested it to be built by a mighty Goron blacksmith.

Although Kasai?s Ancestor had to get the material needed to create the weapon, he did, and then, passed it along to his Deku scrub. And it went on, and on, and on, until it became a tradition among the family. But the problem was, the blade that Kasai?s Ancestor had, was lost a long time ago, so now it was an accustom for the father to give their blade to the child, and that was exactly what Kasai?s father was going to do. It would be done in a great celebration, that night, when Kasai would be able to graduate from learning the family?s weapon style.

The celebration came, and went by smoothly, and after this, many years had passed. Kasai grew to become a very loyal and calm Deku, knowing there were people out there that probably had the power to take him down. So he went on to attent to his skills to become even better with his swordplay, but despite all of this, he would hear about another Deku who was progressing almost as well as he did. Kasai caught the last name of the Deku, it being Yggdrasill . . .

[b]Appearance[/b]: A small Deku with a semi-slim face, the hair upon his head being an ice blue color. Strapped onto his forehead is a white headband with the family symbol of the Mokuzai implemented in the middle. The deku boy stands a short 4?6? and wears a dark blue fairly large sleeved jacket. The sleeves on these jackets are well rounded, and on his hands wear a pair of lighter colored red gauntlets. Upon the jacket Kasai wears, are many white designs, and for footwear, only red boots.

On his head, he wears a simple straw hat, and over the jacket, is a short cloak that is connected with a vine chain.

[b]Primary Weapon[/b]: Kasai wields a normal sized steel Wakizashi (since a normal sized katana would be to heavy. So basically, this weapon substitutes for a real Katana! ^_^); his father gave it to him once he graduated from learning the family?s sword style.

[b]Secondary Weapon[/b]: Like most Deku, Kasai has the ability to fire Deku Nuts from his mouth at the power of a bullet. But, instead of using normal Deku Nuts, he uses a projectile weapon called Kozukas.

[b]Items[/b]: Along the sidings of his cloak, are around 15 Kozukas, and he also carries a bottle full of water.

[b][u] Kasai Mokuzai[/b][/u]: Like his name?s meaning Fire Wood, Kasai is able to summon up a flame that revolves around his blade. With this, his attacks have a burning effect. [/color] [/size]
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Name: Serin Var
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Zora
Class: Knight
Bio: Manly wants to battle by water and uses his sharp fins for weapons he uses some Hylian weapons such as swords and arrows. He can swim fast, about 60 mph. He has a wife to protect and loves battle.
Appearance: He is 6' 7''. He wears nothing and has some muscle. He has a scar on his right leg and a cut on his face.
Primary weapon: Knights sword
Secondary weapon: bow and arrow
Items: Arrows, Knight sword, and blue potion
Spells: none
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Wow. Inti, that was excellent! I really can picture your character well. Because I can't decide who is better, all three of us Deku are through. All we need now is one or two more Gorons. (Hopefully, Warlock will sign-up as one.)

[b]I've changed my mind. I will leave the sign-ups open for Warlock but too much waiting has gone on. The RPG now begins. Here's the list of people who are through: -[/b]

[center][u]The Cast:[/u]


Congratulations everyone. I will now write the beginning post.
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[size=1]Name: Timbre Knuckleback

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Goron

Class: Merchant

Background / Biography: Timbre Knuckleback had always been, for as long as he could remember, interested in shaping and forming objects from metal. It was his friend, from the small village at the foot of Death Mountain, who had first showed him the old rusty sword which had been dug up from the ground when some of the children from the village had been playing around and digging holes for no reason.
Timbre was fascinated with the way the old sword was shaped, the way it came to a sharp point at one end, and could be held safely at the other.
When he asked his father about it, the old Goron told his curious son to stay away from sharp, pointy weapons, and to stick to much 'safer' ones, like hammers, rocks and bombs. Timbre didn't see the logic in playing around with bombs, they were more dangerous than swords...
Then, one afternoon, when he had been pretending to fight an invisible monster with the old rusty blade, he dropped it. It bounced back off the ground and pierced the young Goron in the belly, where his skin was softest, not as thick as his back. He realised why his father had told him to stay away from the pointy weapon, and vowed never to touch one again.
This vow lasted about a week, before he started to make his own metal objects, and he made a sharp spiky...thing. It was just a badly moulded chunk of metal, but it was as dangerous as any old sword, if you threw it at somone hard enough, there would be a deep hole where it landed (unless it was thrown at a Goron's back, there would be no way it would pierce that skin).
The day after he had made the spiky metal blob, Timbre threw it around like a ball, throwing it up as high as he could, then catching it.
It eventually made his hands all soft, like Hylian skin, and he decided to leave the thing for a while. He left it behind a rock, then eventually forgot about it.

10 years later, Timbre had honed his metal-working skills, and thought about starting up a travelling store, one that he could carry on his back like the funny person did when he went to the town at the foot of Death Mountain. He was 17 now, so he could do as he wished. He started by going down to the village at the foot of the mountain and selling odd metal trinkets, then he wanted to travel further out, to the castle even.
The Gorons on the mountain were shocked that one would so willingly leave home, leave the safety of the mountain, just to sell some dodgy metal things that he'd made.
Timbre postponed his travels for two years, just to keep the other Gorons happy.
But, during the two years, Timbre had been secretly making a huge hammer that he could use to defend himself with on his travels, if he ever got the chance to leave home.

As he was about to leave, the Goron leader, Darunia, stopped him and told him to go with another two Gorons, one named Taggard, another Darunia didn't bother naming. He told them to go and check out why Death Mountain had been quaking for the last few days. Something was obviously going to happen here, but none of them could see it. Not Timbre, not Taggard, not even the famous Darunia!

Appearance: [URL=http://www.ganonstower.com/zelda9art/goron.gif]This is what Timbre looks like[/URL], as a basic outline. Imagine him without the Zelda-style-hawiian shirt, and he's less pudgy and more muscle-bound (from working all day with the Blacksmiths). His hat comes down over his eyes, but he cut two holes in it so he can see what's going on. He is about 5'7" tall, and his pack is almost double his size.

Primary Weapon: He wields a large Goron warhammer, about 3/4 of his height. The head of the hammer is a large brick of metal, nothing special. It is about 36 inches long and 16 inches wide, leaving a large imprint on whomever might get in its way.

Secondary Weapon: Timbre can roll into a tight ball, as all Gorons can, and roll at high speeds at his enemies. He will only do this, though, if he hasn't got his precious pack on (too many valuable items!).

~ Bomb Bag, contains 20 bombs
~ Empty Glass Bottle

Spells: --- None ---

Sorry it's taken me so long to put this up![/size]
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