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OOC: Alright guys, everybody who joined the "subhuman" post (before and including Drizzt Do'urden) is officially in this adventure thread! K guys, lets's get it on!
Many years from now...

In the year 2076, there will be a war on a distant planet called Spaccui. The war will rage for ten long years, and then stop abruptly. Nobody will know why it will stop. Those who dare to find the reason for such a sudden stop will be in for the adventure of their lives...

Sardik lay beneath a tree, just outside the city of Balkazza. He was alone, he hoped. It was during that time when his fate was changed forever...

"Wow. The moon's bright tonight...", he whispered to himself. He looked around the expanse of fields around him. This land was fertile, having recieved years of mineral rain during the war. Sardik stood up.

"It's late, I think I should try to get my job done by at least ten. Man, aristocrats... usurping their power to destroy the enemy... If I wasn't being paid so well for this job..." He walked down towards Balkazza, reaching the city gates within five minutes or so.

"Damn" he thought. "Guards, this early? I guess they must have been expecting me..." Sardik smiled as the guards approached him.

"State your business, boy, or I shall be forced to take action" stated the larger of the two guards. He raised his sword to Sardik's neck. "Stop walking, dammit!"

Sardik pulled a kunai out of his belt.


The kunai was now lodged deep into the skull of this larger guard. "I'm here to make money. Please do not take this the wrong way." Sardik noticed the other guard running in his gawdy armor towards the gate.

The guard noticed a sharp pain in his neck, as he realised that Sardik had caught up with him. "What's the hurry, chum? Calling for your buddies on the gate? Won't you be kind and tell them to open it for me?" The pain got sharper, as the kunai's blade was held closer to the guard's neck.

The guard took a deep breath. He decided to take his chances.

"ASSASSIN! ASSASSIN! WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE-" There was a (quite literally) dead silence.

Sardik examined the two corpses left lying on the ground.

"Bah. Rude." he said, and then jumped over the gate.
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Jiae whistled as she walked down the street, staff in hand. She was humming off-key, which annoyed most people. SHe found a pretty shady spot, and leaned on a tree for a bit, surveying her surroundings. She laughed silently to herself as some guy - apparently a Waska, like her - killed two guards.

She called, "Cat-boy!" THen she ran over, quick and agile. SHe glanced at the bodies, then launched herself over the gate after him. He spun around after hearing her, and her quick wits saw the konai fly at her. THe staff came up, and the blade thunked solidly into the wood.

Jiae smirked. She dislodged the konai, and threw back deftly. "Chill. I'm Jiae. You don't see many Waska's around here. I saw the way you took out those guards." Her eyes fluttered at him slightly. Her body moved in the subtle ways that always seemed to find meaning to a males body, even though their eyes could never see the movements.

The moon was indeed bright, because she could see his suspicion. His whole body radiated it, and the way his eyes moved - he doubted her.
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Sardik looked the girl over. Seemed innocent, but there was something almost?eerie about how easily she dodged his kunai. He may have not intended to kill her, but nobody but a professional could block one of his crippling blows.

?What do you want from me, girl?? he asked, knowing full well that she was going to make up some lame excuse about her innocence.

?Well, I was just passing by and-? Sardik caught a poisoned dart aimed directly at his chest in his hand.

?Just passing by, huh?? Sardik feigned analysis of the dart. He threw it into the ground. ?Nice try, kid, but you?re gonna need more than THAT to kill me.?

He saw the look of innocence fade from the girl?s face. The face was one of a person who had not anticipated an expert to cross her path. ?Easy target?? He thought. ?Too easy. She wasn?t sent after me.?

?Tell me! What brings you here, girl? I am not your target, nor am I obstructing your way. Tell me your target,? Sardik smiled, ?And I?ll help you?probably.?

The girl was either insulted or extremely embarrassed. The night concealed much of her face, so Sardik was not able to tell.

?Well? Speak up!? Sardik spoke readily and carefully. He was guarded. He knew there was something very wrong here?a bad vibe emitted from this girl? no wait... from BEHIND this girl! He saw a sharp gleam...

"DOWN!" He yelled.
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Gothkir heard the guard's cry from his perch in the trees. The scent of blood, rich and warm, met his nostrils, tantilizing his instincts. He looked across the feilds toward the scream, and jumped off the tree. He fell through the air and landed on his feet in one fluid, graceful motion.

He followed the blood scent to a clearing. It was lit by the unnaturally bright moon (pity, he thought to himself), and three trees stood at the center. The corpses of the two guards lay on the ground twenty feet apart. One had a kunai knife enloged in his skull. A pool of sticky, fresh blood gathered around the other's head. Upon further inspection, he found that the man's throat had been slit.

Gothkir lowered his head and took a refreshing drink from the man's throat.

[I]Finally. I haven't tasted human blood in so long...[/I]


Gothkir cautiously crept through the town gates. The moon spilled over the street, and he had to be careful to stay in the shadows.


His heightened night-vision peirced through the darkness and fell across two figures. Waskas.



Flooding back like a storm...


Damn them. He extracted his flail kama from his trenchcoat and swung it in a rhythmic circle. He let it fly.


The male Waska ducked as the curved blade's chain created a sort of sadistic melody in the night air.

The female did not.
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[I]She's not going to make it![/I] thought Sardik.

The chain made a sound that was almost pleasant as it soared thorugh the air.

[I]There's only one way to save her...[/I]

He ran over, instantaneously grabbing the chain, knowing full well that it would hurt as much as it did. One thing he did not plan on, however, is the chain severely injuring his left hand. The kama's blade stopped, though. He looked at that girl again. She was more suprised than injured. The blade had licked her right arm,t though. Blood trickled slowly down her armand onto the pavement.

He looked at the newcomer with suprise. Apparently he was transfigured with the blood he had just shed. The suprise and horror on the vampire's face was almost unnerving... [I]Could he be bluffing?[/I] thought Sardik.

"Please! I do not wish to fight!" yelled sardik to the night fiend. "I need to help her!"
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Austris was calmly sitting in the wake of one of the city's bigger trees when the assassins arrived. He loved the night, he loved the way his white robe broke through it. It would take more than some black sky to get to him, he thought. He started humming his favourite tune to himself, as there was no-one around. Everyone was asleep. He felt like he was the greatest living creature alive. He could take on the entire world if he so wished. He climbed nibly to the top of the tree and stared down at the houses below. He let out a long laugh, piercing the night's silence. He was the greatest, nobody could oppose him.

"Hey, Aussie!"

Austris slipped from his branch and fell to the ground. His back hurt, but his dignity was in tatters! He looked up into the face of one of the city guards, looking down on him with hidden amusment.

"You'd better get back to your home, I think some assassins are trying to get in."

Austris got up off the floor and dusted himself down before the reality sunk in.

"Wow! Really?"

"Yeah. Two of the guards have been found dead outside the gates and, surprisingly, drained of blood."

Austris grinned. This was the opportunity he'd been waiting for. Now he would prove to those at school who doubted his power just how strong he could be!

Before the guard could shout "Isn't your house the other way?", Austris had run down the street, craving a battle.
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Gothkir looked down at the wimpering Waska girl. Her arm was bleeding profusely, and she was crying.

"Okay, look. I'll help. But first, I'd turn around if I were you."

Suddenly a ball of lighting was being hurled in their direction.

"S**t! Get down!" The Waska hit the ground. Gothkir held his hand up, a sphere of dark energy growing around his hand. The ball of lightning collided with the darkness growing around Gothkir's palm.

"Damnit! I can't hold it off much longer! Find the caster!"

The Waska got to his feet and took of in the direction from which the energy had come from. A Lyc with a sadistically euphoric grin appeared in his vision.
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Sardik ducked as the vampire instructed, taking the girl down with him. The collision of the magics was incredible. He heard swearing and was told, "Find the caster!".

He stood up quickly and surveyed his surroundings for a moment. He then rushed in the direction of the overjoyed Lyc who had thrown the ball. The Lyc, he found, was his target. The girl stood up behind him and said, weakly,"Found him..." and then collapsed.

He kept running at the poor unsuspecting Lyc.

[I]Sorry, kid, but this is MY hit[/I], he thought to himself as he prepared to launch an aerial assault on his target...
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OOC: DAMN! You guys, she is NOT that weak! I really don't want to drop out, but you guys are god modding! And that is not freakin fair!

IC: Jiae bit her lip in pain. SHe levered herself up with her staff, and dissappeared in the shadows. She polaced ahand on the bleeding wound, and concentrated on healing it with her magic.
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OOC: Sorry... You're right. We shouldn't do that. 0ber0n and I just kinda got carried away this morning. We'll try not to let it happen again.

IC: The ball of electric energy abruptly flickered out of existence. Gothkir leaned over with his hands on his knees.

The Waska girl...

He turned around. She was nowhere to be found.

"What the---"

He felt a sharp blow to the back of his head, and the world faded into darkness.

When he came to, the hazy figure of a Waska was standing above him.
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OOC: Sorry about my outburst. I just felt.... mad. ^^

IC: Jiae smirked down at the form of Gothikr. He was just starting to come to. He blinked at her groggily. "Well, well, well. This kitty has claws, remember that." She looked over at Sardik, who was nursing a wound on his shoulder. He glared daggers at the Waska girl.

She sat on the ground, survying her arm wound. It had healed over nicley, but it still hurt like hell. "THat was one hell of a scratch you gave me." The guy blinked at her again, trying to sit up. "I wouldnt do that if I were you." He fell back, wincing. "I hit you on the head with my staff - moving would not be the best idea."
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"Damnit, where'd he go THIS time?!" Riho mumbled to himself. He questioned where his fellow officer, Gothkir, had gone to. Running through the forest and into the moonlight, he passed by the desceased guards, and into the town gates. He slowed his pace to a moderate pace, cautiously peering around.
[I]Ah, there he--WHO ARE THEY?![/I]
A ball of lighting shot through the air as Riho closed the distance between him and the other figures, who he made out to be a male and female Waska, and Gothkir.
"*****!" Riho yelled, fearing the orb had killed his fellow man.
He sprinted towards them, adrenaline pumping through his veins.
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"What is this, a circus?" Yelled Sardik. He watched as the large blundering figure ran onto the scene. His wound was still bleeding profusely.

"Damn, that's what I get for not paying attention in med class..." said Sardik to himself.

Sardik was suddenly shot to attention when he heard an elated laugh from his feet. The Lyc was looking up at him. The Lyc had just launched a firey ball at Sardik when, suddenly, there was no Sardik to be torched.

"And that's what I get for not taking Mind over Matter 101" Sardik groaned. He cursed. "What was with that crowd, anyway?" He peered out from the alley he had hidden in. There was a Rakka, a vampire, a Lyc, and a Waska. All of which, as far as he could tell, were his enemies.

"Hmm... well it's obvious I'm not going to get anywhere by assassinating the Lyc. He'd kill me without thinking. I'm not going to get out that gate... Ok... let's try diplomacy..."

He walked out of the alley. He dropped his kunai, and yelled "I am unarmed! I wish to speak with all of you." Everyone was now very aware of his position, and he now felt extremely stupid.
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Riho wondered why no more guards had come since the first two had been assassinated. He uneasily peered at the rooftops, scanning for any sign of movement.
Just as he was looking away, he heard the Waska say, "I am unarmed! I wish to speak to all of you!" Riho started to respond to the Waska, "What is it-" he caught a glimpse of silver, and caught a crossbow bolt in his side.
"ON THE ROOFTOP!" Riho said to the others.
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Austris was furious. Here he was attempting to regain his pride from his schoolmates and here was some Waska attempting to settle matters peacefully. Honestly! He was flung from his thoughts by a yell from the assembled group.


Austris reacted immediately. If he couldn't gain his friend's admiration, he might as well gain that of a bunch of total strangers. He grasped at the powers stored within him, and unleashed a bolt of pure white light into his palm. The figure on the rooftop clutched at his eyes in pain. His other hand came up, similarly holding a ball of energy, and forced it at the figure on the rooftop. The ball flew in a blazing fire towards the enemy, obliterating the roof where he once stood. Yet he had somehow managed to avoid the blast, and was making his way across the rooftops.

"What are you waiting for?" he cried at the other whilst regaining energy, "Get him!"
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Jiae launched herself to the side as another cross bow bolt thudded into the turf where she had been standing. She dodged the projectiles with amazing speed, and glanced up at the roof-top. SHe cursed in sveen different languages, and the string of profanity she let out would have made a sailor wince.

The Waska girl grabbed Riho, who cursed when she bumped him, and rolled to the ground, in the shadows. SHe hissed in his ear, very cat-like, "Stay down. I'll be right back to deal with that cross bolt." SHe darted out, and looked at the other Waska. "That could have been the stupidest thing you have ever said!" SHe darted over, and cursed. He couldn't fight well with a shoulder wound.

Jiae hissed in pain as a bolt whirred past, hitting her arm, re-opening the earlier wound. She let out another string of curses. "We need to get up there, and show those mother f-ers who's boss."
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]From another rooftop, hidden in the shadows, a cutely tiny Waska female watched the scene with a smirk on her face. "Wow. I mean... wow. A Lyc just got Jatuk. A Waska is trying to make peace. And a Rakka caught sight of Jatuk within a moment of the crossbow bolt being fired. Most impressive." She watched her companion move as swiftly across the rooftops as he could, and beckoned to him, trying to hide herself from the Lyc. "Jatuk! Here!" She snapped her fingers and began to run, getting away from all the trouble. "That was stupid, you big goof."

The pair disappeared into a small alleyway, heading back to the poorer quarter of the city. The young female kept snapping at the male. "You could have gotten yourself killed! What were you thinking?"
"I'm sorry, Chibi! I'm sorry!"
"We need to keep an eye on those Waska, the Lyc and others that were there. I have a feeling this may be the start of something big."

OOC: let me know if i need to change anything. i apologize for the late post... college stuff :rolleyes:[/FONT]
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Now Austris had gotten results from his attack, he was systematically destroying every possible hiding place for what he could only assume was a Waska, based on it's incredible speed. Another bolt of white lightning fired from his outstretched hand, slamming into a shadowy gazebo outside a house, shattering it instantly. One of his teachers, who had been awoken on discovering that he had no roof called down into the haze.

"Austris, what have I told you about using other people's property for target practice."

"Sorry, Mr. Kengriff"

The teacher retracted his head, and Austris calmed down. He turned to see the Kippor looking at him with critically. If there was one thing that set Austris off, it was being publically humiliated.

"And what are you looking at?"
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"That may have been the stupidest thing you have ever said!" said the girl Waska.

"What? Like I was anticipating this?" Sardik shot back.

The girl stopped to help, but her wound was reopened. She ran off.

She kept running. "Hey! You could have helped me, you know!", cried Sardik.

"Let's show those motherf--kers who's boss!" The girl said.

"Fine. Lets!" Sardik replied.

He jumped up onto the rooftops. Bolts were coming at him like some sort of silver rain.

He smiled. The bolts passed through his body. His body was no longer there, and an unfortunate crossbowman caught a kunai in the forehead. Bolts were still coming at him and everyone like a mad swarm.

He looked over at the other Waska. She seemed to be doing fine with that staff of hers. He then noticed, altogether too late, that a bolt had hit his right arm.

"AGH!" He cried out in pain, and disappeared before more bolts could come. In the alley again, he waited and prayed that he still had that potion.

He searched through his pouch, and found a bubbling liquid in a vial marked "Heal".

He drank the nasty stuff. He nearly spit it out. It was working though. He pulled the bolt out of his arm, and saw the hole begin to close. It still hurt, but it wouldn't be damaged as much anymore. The only problem was...that was his last potion.

He shrugged off the pain, and pulled out two kunai. He jumped to the roof, and let them fly, in no particular direction. One hit a swordsman in the leg, the other went flying into a post next to a crossbowman.

Bolts came flying in his direction. He ducked under them. [i]Routine[/i], he thought. More kunai came flying at crossbowmen.

"Time to end this!" Sardik yelled. He took four kunai in each hand. He came running at the crossbowmen. They were all focused on the waska girl and the rakka. He stabbed two of them, pulled his kunai out of their necks, and turned around to slash one who was unlucky enough to be behind him. He heard a crossbowman turn around, and then a sharp thud.

The girl had hit the crossbowman with some sort of chakra blow. It was easy to tell, considering half of the man's body was gone. "Thanks." said Sardik.

The battle raged on.
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Lucifer had been watching from the shadows. The Waskas were in battle with some guards and seemed to be doing fine. "Sardik you dont change" He said under his breath. Sardik turned to look at the female waska who had used some sort of blow.

With his back turned a fallen crossbowman fired one last shot. "Thats my cue" Lucifer thought stepping out of the shadows charging a small dark energy ball and shooting it.The ball flew threw the air hitting the arrow about 5 feet from Sardiks back. Sardik turned to look at him.

"Have you been watching the whole time Lucifer" He growled.

Lucifer shrugged and walked to where sardik was standing.

"I helped when you needed it" Lucifer laughed "We might want to save the talk till were out of here"

OOC: I thought our characters could know eachother 0ber0n since were both vagrants
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OOC: Oo! That's a good idea!

IC: A ball of fire exploded behind Sardik. A guard fell to the roof in an ashy manner. He looked farther on... THERE he is. Sardik spotted Lucifer and growled "Have you been watching this entire time, Lucifer?"
"I helped when you needed it" Lucifer laughed "We might want to save the talk till were out of here"
"Good point, good point..." Sardik let fly a kunai at a guard. It missed. "Get my back, Lucifer."

The rooftop battle kept going for another ten minutes or so, then the guards stopped coming. Sardik had been shot at least four times in the arm during the battle, and was bleeding badly, but he was going to survive. He looked over at Lucifer. [I]Barely a scratch on him![/I] Sardik observed. He then remembered that Lucifer knew some healing spells, and also carried a lot of potions.

"We did good, you guys. We did good." Sardik smiled. He looked around, and he seemed to be the only one who was very hurt. The waska girl had a few cuts and bruises, The Rakka had two more bolts stuck in him, but he apparently didn't notice. The Lyc...where was the Lyc? Sardik looked around, and saw that the small Lyc had vanished.

"I'm going to the pub. I need some time to think, drink, and sleep." said Sardik. Lucifer was obviously not paying attention, stuck in the magic faze. [I]Figures[/i], thought Sardik. [I]He always overuses his magic...[/I]

Sardik walked up to the pub, which was only about two blocks away. He opened the door, and realised that everone was staring. He didn't care anymore. He wanted to get as drunk as possible as quickly as possible. He counted up the credits he had picked up off of many of the guards. [I]Wow, guards shouldn't have that kind of money...[/I] he thought, counting up 7,000 credits. He stood there thinking for awhile. [I]In fact, no guard gets paid that well... I would know...[/I] It hit him. [I]Those weren't government guards! So. The rumors are true...[/I]

He remembered being told a couple weeks ago that there was some sort of "Shadow Government" or something. Something about a prime minister, and...

He sat down at the counter. He noticed that there was a girl sitting next to him. She didn't look old enough to drink (the legal drinking age is 17), but she was definetely very drunk. "Hey. What's new with you?" said Sardik, poking at the girl's arm.

She woke up and looked at him funny. "Are you old enough to be here?" asked Sardik. He was swiftly dropped by a punch that hit him square in the face.
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Somewhere far away, Ta'a Chuun stood facing sihlouettes in chairs. Someday, he thought, I'll be in one of those chairs.

"Ta'a Chuun," remarked a chair. "We trust you have been keeping... well?" Chuun idly wondered if the chairs could even go one sentence without a dramatic pause. "Actually, I-" A chair cut him off. "It has just reached us that there is some sort of... disturbance in Balkazzar. Normally, we wouldn't bother you with such a... trivial matter, but several guards are dead, and it appears... professional. As our most... junior member, we trust you can... handle this... unfortunate scenario."

"Gentlemen, I assure you, the mere fact that you have assigned this task to me implies that it is... no longer of consequence." D*mn, Chuun thought, I'm doing it too.

"We await your... success."
Ta'a Chuun slumped againt the corridor wall. They'll have my *ss for this if I screw it up, he thought. The potential for power in the shadow government was amazing, but if you failed once, you were never heard from again. I'll be in one of those chairs someday, he thought, providing this job doesn't kill me first. He sighed heavily as he began the portal weave.
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OOC: Sorry I'm late getting started I had a big test and I had to prioritize.

Jace wandered the empty streets, "Something has taken place tonight, a battle of somesorts" he thought to himself. As he rounded a corner the horrifying picture he saw in front of him nearly brought him too his knees. 30 Kiros city guards sprawed out lying battered....all obviously dead. "What kind've monster could have done this?" Jace wondered. Slowly drawing his blades he sat and listened, listened for any breathing any heartbeat that could lead him to a survivor, or better yet the fiend who caused this chaos.

Creeping from shadow to shadow praying he wouldn't be seen Jace wandered into an open courtyard, when suddenly two forms emerged from the darkness ahead of him. "We finally found you reject," One form said, "Yeah and now we're gonna finish what we started", the other finished. Jace almost feel back in surprise, it was rongo and tongo, the twins of death. The three grew up together, Jace always besting the two and that was just the begining. 2 years ago Jace had fled his home town in search of something better, and apparently the elders used rongo and tongo's hatred for Jace as a catalyst to convince the two to do their dirty work for them.

Hearing wepons draw Jace decided the best way to fend these two off were to get them before they were ready. Jace lept an Rongo, the larger of the two and the slowest. Using his sabre as an offensive weapon he kept his dagger back to protect himself from any attack from tongo. Sure enough Tongo struck quickly the sound of steel on steel filled the night sky, a bolt of lightinging came down from the sky and struck the ground, almost setting the scene perfectally.

Weapons rang for what seemed like hours, neither the brothers, nor Jace gave any ground. Jace managed to get an opening on tongo, and wounded the young Homak. "This is probably going to be my only chance" Jace thought to himself, risking a quick recovery from Tongo Jace focused everything he had on Rongo, but as soon as he turned toward the huge Homak he was hit squarely on the jaw with a devestating punch laying Jace out completly. As Tongo recovered Jace came to the realization that he was threw....

The two Homak brothers charged in unison, but...Jace noticed not totally.. Tongo was a step ahead of Rongo "You're mine" tongo cried as he lashed out with his longsword Jace used his momentum to quickly turn Tongo's blade away with his dagger, and plunged his sabre deap into his side straight threw his heart. Withdrawing his blade quickly Jace turjned his body towards Rongo who was apparentally a little quicker than he thought. Battleaxe already in motion Jace's only hope was to parry the attack. "You fool" Rongo cried, "your puny blade cannot withstand mine, I'LL CHOP YOU IN HALF" .....CLANG.... their weapons rang, Jace's blade held and the two were in a deadlock...."You can't last forever run" Rongo sneared "You are the fool" Jace cried back, though rongo was more than twice his size Jace threw him aside like he was a flea.

Before Rongo could even react Jace plunged his dagger into the giant Homak's abdoen....."You...you are not Homak" He choked "You're a demon..." Those words were the last he ever spoke.......
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Sardik was dreaming. Apparently, being knocked out was one of the best experiences he had ever had. He hadn't slept in awhile...

[I]Sardik Mes, is it?[/I]
[I]I have a special assignment for you, son. One that many sane men would never even consider...[/I]
[I]I shall do thy will with honor, sir.[/I]
[I]You must destroy him. The Homak who started this mess... He must be killed![/I]
[I]Don't talk so much, sire. You're bleeding.[/I]
[I]No. This must be said. The name of the dark lord... His name... His...Name...[/I]
[I]Sire? Sire!? General Townsend! Come on, man! Wake up![/I]

"Huh?" Sardik woke from the dream.

"Hey, Waska." said a voice. It was dark, and he was in a bed. Somewhere... Where was that memory from? Sardik remained unfazed.

"Hmmm...must be a hangover." Sardik said.

"Nah. I didn't see you drink, waska."

"Wh-Who are you?" Sardik questioned. He then remembered that young girl in the bar... and the fist that sent him into his memories... "Are you...are you that girl in the bar?"

"Depends. Which bar?"

"Who are you?"

"I am..."

And then Sardik's world went black again.
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"Hahahaha!" Austris let his laugh ring across the dawn skies. "There is nobody who will take this city whilst I am here!"

He stared smugly at the corpses of those he had already prevented from destroying his kingdom. Those Waskas would be around here somewhere, and once they were defeated, the world will be safe! Thanks to him, Austris Luvernicus! The greatest warrior in the world!

"Hahahaha!" he laughed again. All shall here of his victory.

"Hey, keep your voice down."

Austris turned in surprise to see one of his friends from school, a Kiro named Lo'Withe.

"Hey, Lo." Austris said before showing him his nights rewards. "These guys tried to get into the city, but I stopped 'em!"

Lo looked rushed, and spoke as if he was too. "Yeah, whatever. Listen, do you know what time it is? School starts in a couple of hours."

"Really?" said Austris, looking puzzled, "The morning's so dark."

"I know, but the clocks can't be wrong."

Austris looked up at one of the city's many clock towers. It was indeed a mere two hours to school.

"D*mn! I'd better get breakfast."

"There's no time. C'mon, we've got to go now."

"But it's two whole hours!" complained Austris as he followed his friend up the hill.
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