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Ok this is a sonic RPG and it is after all the sonic games.

[center][b][u]The Story[/u][/b][/center]
[left]Dr. Eggman had finally captured Sonic and his friends, imprisoning them in hibernation chambers with the help of his elite robots. With Sonic and others out of the way, Eggman sent his robot minions to capture the Chaos Emeralds for good, so that he could conquer the world. When he had all 7 though things went terribly wrong, they all shattered under the extensive experimenting that Eggman had exposed them to creating a huge explosion.[/left]

[left]The first thing that happened was a huge wave of heat struck the area for miles around followed by radiation. When Sonic and his friends awoke from their sleep they found that they had been mutated into stronger beings. Now that they have awaken they are searching for the 7 robots that hold the key to restoring their world back to the way it was.[/left]

[center][b][u]Sign-up Sheet[/u][/b][/center]

[left]Name: (You can make up a character or be an old character, if you're an old character than you have to put an X after your name, for ex. Shadow X)[/left]

[left]Appearance: (They look different now cause of their mutations)[/left]

[left]Type: (Speed, Power, or Air)[/left]


[left]Special Attacks(max. 3): (for ex. Shadow has Chaos Control[/left]



[center][b][u]My Sign-up Sheet[/u][/b][/center]

[left]Name: Phoenix[/left]
[left]Appearance: Has the same build of an E-series robot except now has wings that are always on fire.[/left]
[left]Type: Air[/left]
[left]Race: Robot[/left]
[left]Special Attacks(max. 3): Flame Storm, Phoenix Slam, Heat Twist[/left]
[left]Side: Good[/left]
[left]Bio: When the heat wave struck his body was fused together from all the other discarded robots, but due to the radiation afterwards his wings came ablaze with fire.[/left]

[left][color=red]If you want to be one of the 7 elite robots with the chaos emeralds please PM me first with the sign up sheet for it. You can name them anything you want.[/color][/left]
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Name: Shadow X
Appearance: Much like his silver Super Shadow look when he takes control of the chaos emeralds. The only difference is that instead of being silver he is a platinum colour and his spikes can slice through anything.
Type: Speed
Race: Hedgehog
Special Attacks(max. 3): Chaos control, Hyper spin, smash spin (jump attack)
Bio: When Shadow was hit by the heat wave, his body fused with the radiation released by the chaos emeralds. In thus doing so he became a stronger, mutated form of Super Shadow. Due to the fact that the chaos emeralds are missing Shadow X's chaos control is almost useless except if he gets his hands on an emerald.
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There are a couple of character's I definetly need [b]Sonic X(no relation to the TV show), Tails X, and Knuckles X[/b]. I think that if Espio X is in it it would be awesome. I already had a plan for him, black skin, silver horn and silver spikes that are twice as long as his old ones on his back.
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Name: Swift

Appearance: . Mainly a white fur coat with black marks on. Her ears are also black. She has blue eyes.She wears a red scarf and boots too.

Type: Air


Special Attacks(max. 3): Wing flap, Bunny blow,Swoop attack


Bio:Swift was abandoned when she was a young bunny. But she was found by a family of foxes and they raised her like their own child.
When she found out there was trouble she decided to go off and help. Along the way she was hit by a ray of radiation. This gave her wings.

Is this ok?
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Name: Raf

Appearance: He is a black hedgehog. He wears a black suit and has blue lensed sun glasses. He wears a black trenchcoat over his black suit and has gray baggy black pants with buckles black boots. He carries three pistols and a sword.

Type: Speed

Race: Black Hedgehog

Special Attacks: Maekazae(Enhanced Chaos Control Attack using Master Emerald)
Death Spin(Same as Spin Dash)
Seku(Homing energy attack done by using Chaos Emeralds)
Side: Good but not on Sonic's side

Bio: Raf is the defender of the peoples of the Forbidden Zone of Robotropolis. When he found out that the Chaos Emeralds had been shattered he took off to restore them. He knew of the Freedom Fighters having fought them before because he felt they were a threat to his people in the Forbidden Zone so he knew they would be also looking to restore the emeralds. He has a tie with Sonic's Uncle Chuck however for he is the one who built Rafs motor bike even though he does not like the fact that he is related to Sonic.

Having met Knuckles also before in a time of peril the two are also friends. Knuckles allowed Raf to use the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds to become super and fight Robotnick off from the Forbidden Zone.

Raf also has a team of fighters he calls the Forbidden Zone Rebellion. They are Axis, Mouse, Ora, and Soraira.

--that is all--
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Seiryuu

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment- This only pale, smoky gray color, black outline, and the wings are black here and there with gray. She is mostly gray with black.

[B]Type:[/B] Speed and Air?

[B]Race:[/B] Robot

[B]Special Attacks:[/B]
[u]Dragonic Whisper:[/U] She uses the warp rings to be stealthy and quick. With the warp rings, she would be able to extend her claws and sharp, dragon-like wings and strike her enemy.

[u]Clash of the Elements:[/U] Seiryuu rises into the air and releases a powerful blast towards the ground below, which creates 7 different rifts that produce 7 different, random elements.

[U]The Gods' 12 Wraths:[/U] 12 strange and unreal events begin to happen, each one stronger than the previous. This can only be used when Seiryuu is both in tune with her body and mind. This also takes a lot of her, which means she may not be able to fight after this.

[B]Side:[/B] Good?

[B]Bio:[/B] Once a happy-go-lucky komodo dragon robot walked the earth of her once, beautiful home. Grand mountains of power, deep oceans of serenity, lucious green hills of peace were all once somewhere out there. This was all before the heat wave, when it had destroyed everything in its path. Seiryuu was near a junk yard, picking out various things to create something with, as she did this, a great paralyzing wave had first overthrown her and she landed in a pile of junk, where Seiryuu picked out armor to protect herself. As she did this, another wave had hit her, this time greater, stronger, hotter. It began to melt away her scales and the armor that protected her. She was nothing more than a burning lizard at that time, until a scientist had one day came along and had seen Seiryuu in pain. He managed to remove many parts of the ruined armor, yet some parts had burned onto her pale skin. He then began to work on the parts that were embedded in her and created Seiryuu the Robot. Seiryuu the Robot is basically Seiryuu with flexible armor, powerful attacks, and modified warp rings that wrap around her wrists and ankles. Seiryuu uses the elements of ice, water, darkness, and moon.

[B]Other:[/B] Seiryuu is able to find a person just by saying their name over and over in her mind or having a visual picture in her mind. But, the bad things is when she does, she can feel their emotions, whatever they may be, and they become tenfold on her.

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Appearance: Cutsie has blue eyes,they get big and round when she does her innocent look to fool people.She has catish ears and shrp claws taht extend when shes fighting.Also shes more cuter than before after the mutation.

Type: Speed


Special Attacks(max. 3): Nika Nika com:This is when Cutise holds out on of her legs starts spinning and teh faster she goes her foot catches on fire.She then spins toward her oppnet giving them a burnign kick.Aww poor thing!:Cutise uses this half way into teh fight,shes puts on a cast and says "I bwoke my awm.."when teh oppenet gets near she smashes them with a boot.


Bio:Cutise was always teh cutest one of teh group.She got in alot of fights though,but her little vute face won her many fights due to sympathy.This is where she got her nickname "Cutsie" she is always victorius in fights,but she hasn't been in any recently.When she was muated into something 'vuter' she decided to prance around in joy.But her cuteness was qoute on qoute "Too good for me".So Cutsie pranced off to defeat the 7 robots.

OOC:Lol.Sorry i found it funny for some reason..um PM me with any problems.
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Name: Ronic
Appearance: Sonic's younger brother as fast as sonic but hyper,smartass and hair as sonic too only its red
Type: Speed
Race: Hedgehog
Special Attacks: Bash,Spin,Zero Shift(Goes EXTREMELY FAST)
Bio:When he hears that his brother is captured he's gonna try and rescue him when he is on the way he hears that the Chaos Emeralds have shattered he is gonna look for em first so he is stronger to make a better chance...
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Guest Durian
Name: Fierce

One of the weirdest characters for in a Sonic universe,
for Fierce is a wolf. mainly in a purple fur and a white jaw and stripes in his fur down his back. with a sheath and belt (having places that can hold tools)
diagonally over his torso,black boots of a combat type,
and metal gauntlets + wristbands with a clock and other funcs built in.



Special Attacks(max. 3):
Moonlight Punisher: this is an attack where Fierce rushes at the enemy with his vibroblade in two hands below his torso,
he gets ready to deliever a stunning blow upwards,
sending his enemy high up, then Fierce jumps up,
and does a heavy blow with his vibrobladefrom behind his head,
sending the enemy down( as he strikes the enemy,
the spheric energy that comes off seems like a moon, that's why it has this name) not often used,
this move is usually for finishing enemies of,
as most people didn't recover from slamming into the ground,
badly wounded due to the crash into the ground and Fierce's blade.

Moonlight Serenade:
this is a passive enhancement of his blade,
as soon as he unsheaths his vibroblade Serenade,
it will softly begin to emit a lightish blue glow,
showing that the moonlight emeralds empower the blade with an energy current.
This is what makes the blade so powerful and deadly.
The sharp edge combined with the energy current give it the power to negate light to medium armor,
and severly damage heavy armor, which should proof useful against the elite robots

Half Circle Moon:
This is where the crystals are actively used, or at least for a bit longer time,
as opposed to twice as in the moonlight punisher.
As the emeralds activate, the vibroblade will shine out a clear blue light,
and Fierce will handle his blade with one hand, making half circle slashes, first horizontally,
then veritcally and at last diagonally.
called half circle moon for the fact that it's trail leaves the mark of a half circle for every slash.
this is an attack that either cuts the enemy in two or severly damages the enemy,
provided the enemy didn't dodge the first blow, for it's unlikely to be able to escape consequent slashes.


Being a wolf means being lonely, especially when being tails' apprentice,
being friends with a fox is against his nature, but he manages.
Being Tails' apprentice, he has a talent for elektronics and mechanics.
Always having his toolkit with him in the belt of his sheath,
ready fix and make anything u ask of him, for a price...

After 2 years of apprenticeship, Fierce found design schematics for
a sword, that was empowered by emeralds and yet had such a sharp edge for a normal sword that
the sword would sing when swung that is was deemed a vibroblade,
after finishing the unpowered vibroblade,he named it Serenade due to it's link to moonlight.

Telling about the schematics then next Morning, and his intentions of realizing it,
Tails raised an eyebrow but was not completely surprised, as Fierce always had been
and still was a lil rowdy, while not actively looking for fights, he is the last to avoid it.

Set out on a quest to go the Mystic Moonlight Mountain,
he went to find the legendary Moonlight Emeralds,
to finally empower his vibroblade with great might.

As completed his quest, he began the journey homewards,
practicing his swordmastery where ever he went..
when he returned he learned of the tragic events,
he set out to seek control of the chaos emeralds,
and finally to return to his master, tails

bit long but i hope u like it.. i like character designing :P will draw up some pics soon..
btw, maybe some people should play with 2 chars, to fill up the spots? like i could play with Tails X
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Guest tengumanX
Name: Metal Sonic X

Appearance: he looks like how he does on Sonic Heroes only he is a darker shade of blue. his stipes on his quils are red and the pads on his sholders, arms, and legs are black.

Type: speed

Race: robotic hedgehog

Special attacks: Metal Flash, Black Sheild, and Buzzsaw Spin

Side: neutral

Bio: the mutation has givin Metal a turn for the worst. his newest goal is to destroy his creator, Eggman and steal the emeralds in the process. mabey the emeralds can restore him to normal...
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