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Sign Up Essence: The Haru's last defense


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[B]This is my first RPG, so I hope you like it.[/B]

[B][COLOR=Red][I]It is the year 1619, which has now become known as the year of the demon. A war had been raging between The Angels, a leauge of holy knights who serve as protectors and keepers of the peace, and The Demons, a vile demonic race dedicated to eraticating the Haru (the last surviving human race). The Demons were superior in strength to The Angels, and The Angels suffered many loses from their endless encounters. The Angels's forces crippled, and The Demons took advantage of their advesaries weakened state. The Demons overpowered the Angels and attempted to annihalate them. After the assault only a small band of Angels survived, and they went into hiding. With their enemies out of the way, The Demons slowly took a rise into power. They conquered lands, transformed Haru into Demons, and destroyed any who were rebellious. To ensure that there would be complete control, 8 Demon Gods were sent to rule over different regions. They were: Tonfu of Flame, Xioyu of Water, Ziaro of Sky, Shiva of Ice, Tantaro of Earth, Zambia of Wind, Nutaroo of Darkness, and Lucifer of Light. These Demon God's strength was uncomparable, and so none opposed them. The Angels realized that if the Demon Gods were to be defeated, they must give the essence of the elements (their pure form) to 8 individual Haru. The elements took the form of animals, and went in search of suitable Haru. The Angels set out to help and guide the chosen Haru shortly afterwards.
You can choose to be 1 of the 8 chosen Haru, an Angel, or even a demon if you'd like.
Here's the sign-up format
Age: ( Haru and Angels shouldn't be to old, Demons have fun)
Race: (Demon, Angel, Haru)
Essence: (If you're one of the chosen Haru)
Bio: (As long as you want)
Occupation: (Fighter, samurai, etc.)
Description: (physical and mental)
Weapon: (whatever)
[CENTER] :D :D :D :D :D :D [/CENTER]
Here's mine:
Name:Anorith Tayo
Race:1/4 Demon & Angel,1/2 Haru
Essence: Sky
Bio:Anorith is a carefree teenager with a strong sense of justice. His parents died when he was young, so he lives with his brother, Seth. Anorith likes to fish, spar, and practice martial arts. He's a skilled swordsman, and is good with about every weapon. He is very aware to the Demon's corruption, but cannot hate them since he himself has Demon blood flowing through him.
Occupation: Town Protector
Description:[URL=http://digilander.libero.it/goku04online/king%20of%20bandit%20jing%20gallery.htm]Kinda like this[/URL] Only difference is he's 5'9 in height, he wears: (still has trench coat) ripped shorts, and gloves cut off at the knuckles. He also wears a bandanna, and shades on his head. He has black spiked hair, that turns silver when he acquires the essence of sky.
Weapons:A bow & arrows and two ancient daggers, but he usually fights bare-handed. Can channel a little bit of energy right now, and has shurikens, too.

Alright, well have fun!![/I][/COLOR][/B]
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Name:Mai Yong ( first name pronouced liek "my")
Age: 14
Race: 25% Demon,25% Angel.50%Haru.
Essence: Water
Bio: Mai's parents comign from each side of teh Angels and Demons were able to wed becuase they both had Haru blood.Mai grew up away from teh world and never knowing about Demons and Angels,this was difficult for her parents.One day Mai evntually said "All my friends have grandparents..where are mine?".This is when Mai was told teh truth,Mai was proud though and set off to become a fighter for her city.When she was protecting a city she came across Anorith,she kinda developed a small crush on him.
Description:Mai may look fragile.Her pink hair and small cute shoes fool everyone,but when she punches...well not everyone gets up with a black eye and walks away.Mai thinks shes the best at everything,this is what might be her downfall.
Weapon: Two sais.Sai:a three bladed knife.

OOC:Hope its ok..
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Name: Zauriel
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Angel
Essence: N/A
Bio: Zauriel was once tainted by the demons, but devoured his own wings to overcome it. A powerful fighter, he tends to bite off more then he can chew (pun intended) He tends to be a bit overzealous in his cause, but that can be overlooked since his motives are true. He now wanders around, searching for the Chosen Haru in order to help their crusade. He uses a magic orb that glows brightly whenever a chosen Haru is nearby. Quick to anger, he tends to push others to their extremes, which is sometimes not necessarily a bad thing.
Occupation: Wanderer
Description: See picture
Weapon: Divine longsword

((Is this up to scratch? This sounds interesting))
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name:Lilka "Lil" Makani

Age: 22

Gender: female

Race: Haru

Essence: Wind

Bio: At the age of three both her parents were killed by a demon. She watched while her parents were slaughtered. After a week of living on a her own a wealthy man found her and took her in as a worker. At the house she began doing small chours as in like cleaning out the fireplace or feeding the animals. One of the older woman, by the name of Shima, soon took Lilka under her wing and soon became her adopted mother. Shima taught Lilka how to sew, cook and clean. As she grew older she was given more jobs to do. She is happy with her life but hates demons with all of her heart. At the age of 20 Shima passed away, this left Lilka heartborken because again she lost one she loved. With her adopted mother gone she wa put in charge of the kitchens to replace her.

Occupation: Maid

Description: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/34-8.htm]Physical
[/URL] Lilka is very soft spoken and well manner. She hardly ever speaks unless to give a reply or a suggestion. She is ver warm hearted and will welcome anyone with opened arm. She obeys orders fast and perfectly. She likes everything done to perfect and if it isn't she won't stop until it satisfies her.

Weapon: a wooden bow staff

I hope this okay, let me know if anything needs to be changed[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Here goes my sign up[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Name: Fayt Lunier[/color][/font][color=#ff0000]
[color=darkred][font=Century Gothic]Age: 19[/font]
[font=Century Gothic]Gender: Male[/font]
[font=Century Gothic]Race: 1/2 Haru 1/2 Demon[/font]
[font=Century Gothic]Essence: Darkness[/font][/color][/color]
[color=#ff0000][font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][/color][/font][/color]
[color=#ff0000][color=darkred][font=Century Gothic]Bio: He was born to a himan mother who was reped by a demon. Growing up he was picked on because of his blood and he eventually began to hate it himself. He soon found that he had inheretic some special gifts or a curse in his eyes from his demon blood. He was faster, stronger and more agile like that of a demon. He tried to hide the curse of his power but people found out no matter what he did. At 17 he left it all and became a mercenary.[/font]
[font=Century Gothic][/font]
[font=Century Gothic]Occupation: Mercenary[/font]
[font=Century Gothic][/font]
[font=Century Gothic]Description: Physical see attachment[/font][/color][/color]
[font=Century Gothic][color=#8b0000]Fayt is very quiet but has somewhat of a sharp tounge and distant though he is a hot head and is annoyed very easily. He longs to be excepted by people for the person he is. He is generally cold hearted, ruthless and merciless though he does have a soft spot for girl which makes him really calm and quiet still distant though.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=#8b0000][/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=#8b0000]Weapon: A short sword, a dagger, his body and energy attacks.[/color][/font]
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Name: Siera

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Angel

Essence: n/a

Biography: Once the defender of a grand temple, Siera was struck down and badly injured when demons assaulted the temple, leaving not a single pillar or wall intact. Siera was nursed back to health by a small group of Haru. Realising that the chosen Haru are the key to their survival, she has taken up arms, ready to give anything to defend them. Even her own life...

Occupation: Temple Guardian

Appearance: Approx 5'8" in height, her angelic wings are pure white. Her hair, flowing down to her shoulders, is silvery-bronze in colour. Her eyes, simple yet elegant; hazel. She wears a flowing, dim white dress and robes. Her right arm is bare from the shoulder down, displaying the full length of her scar.
(I'm assuming that angels in this do have wings. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Personality: Calm and collected in both victory and defeat, Siera's keeps a cool head in battle. Sharing a strong spiritual bond with the Haru Elements, she is determined to protect them at any cost.

Weapon: Yari - 5'8" Japanese pole weapon, two-piece shaft with spear-like blade. As shown below.
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[color=blue][size=3][font=Informal Roman]Name:Sareen Metagoma
Essence: Ice
Bio:She was taken away by an angel at a young age and was given the essesnce of ice. She grew up living with the angel and soon she fell in love with him. In the battle against the deamons the angel was killed and Sareen swore that from this day on she would find out who killed Hetsue (the angel) and take revenge. She now lives in a trashy house all alone. She begain to work as a waiteress shortly after Hetsue died

Occupation: waiteress

Description: She has long silver hair that she keeps in a pony tail and has blue eyes. She is very fair and slinder. She stands at about 5'4, when she does not have her work uniaform on she wears cut off jean shorts and a tight white shirt with black suspenders and combat boots.

Personality: She is very tough and independent she tries not to show any enmotions of love or happiness. All that was taken from her when Hetsue was killed. She dislikes being pushed around and never gives up even if the odds are anginst her.

Weapon:She knows tie chi and uses two short samari swords[/color][/size][/font]
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[color=green][b]yotska[/b] and [b]sunofexiles[/b], short, one-line posts do not belong in the Recruitment forum. Posts 9-16 should not be in this thread.

Please, if you have a discussion that could be settled by PM, do it through PMs. I know you were discussing the start date of the RPG, but this could easily have been resolved through PM as it was only the two of you talking. You may also wish to re-read the stickies at the top of the forum for a clarification of the expectations in the Adventure Arena.

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[COLOR=Sienna][I]I guess I'll make another character.

Name: Tala Surahaza

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Angel

Essence: n/a

Biography: A descendant of the great Angel King. She led her people in a fierce battle against the demons, but they were utterly defeated. After her defeat she wndered aimlesslly, but soon decided what her path would be, to protect the Haru who control the essence of elements. She runs into Anorith during her travels, and chooses to journey with him.

Occupation: Royal Angel

Description: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/4-7.htm]Click here.[/URL] Tala has a very strong will, and doesn't allow herself to be pushed around. Seldomly admits defeat, which may be her weakness. Although she enters battle with only the thought of victory she does not enter any situatuion that might threaten the lives of those alongside her.

Weapon: A ancient Angel balde,the Phoriu, and spirt energy.[/I][/COLOR]

EDIT:We still need a Haru of Ice,Light,Earth. My bud Midnytsun is signing up as flame, so I believe.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Sorry it took me so long.I'm signing up as flame.

Name: Ka
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: 50% Angel and 50% Haru
Essence: Fire
Bio: Ka's father was an Angel and his mother was a Haru. When he was about ten, his father fell during a battle. His mother took him into hiding, but later fell victim to the Demons' attacks. Left to fend for himself, he soon joined a band of mercenaries. On one of his assignments he meets Anorith, and decides to travel with him.
Occupation: Mercenary
Description:[URL=http://www.icecavern.net/~qirien/final_fantasy/ffviii/zell.jpg]Click Here[/URL] He kinda looks like Zell, from Final Fantasy 8, and wears a red shirt, a black, sleevless jacket that comes down to his mid-thigh, torn jeans, and dark sunglasses. He has a strong will and a sense for justice. He will stand loyal to all who oppose the Demons, but wouldn't do anything too rash.
Wepons: Steel claws, throwing needles, and flame abilities.[/COLOR]
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Name: Reis
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: 50% Demon and 50% Haru
Essence: Light
Bio: Reis is a loner, who will trust no one no matter how long he knows them. He hates the demons cuz his mother was r**** by one. He hates being half demon and swears that he will kill all the demons wheither he has help or not.
Occupation: Demon Killer
Description: Reis wears a black shirt and a black trenchcoat. He has short black hair and grey eyes. He wears black metal shoulder guards with spikes on top of them and they change to white once he aquires the essence of light. He wears black jeans and black shoes.
Weapons: Twin blades(samurai likeness), two guns, and he can momentarily blind people after he aquires the essence of light.
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Guest jro13
Age: (111004543)
Race: (Demon)
Bio: He is a demon samurai who spent most of his life trapped in a sword of his father until he escaped an killed his father
Occupation: ( samurai, )
Description: (edit later)
Weapon: a rock sword
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Guest J.B.Maxwell
[SIZE=4][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Name: Sito Shinomouri
Age: 17
Gender: Make
Race: Half Haru, Half Demon
Essence: Ice
Bio: He wanders around the world, his heart racked with pain. His family was killed by an unknown orginization. He searches for those who killed his family, and wil not stop untill he finds them.
Occupation: None(wanderer)
Description: [URL=http://www.exploding-planet.com/resources/images/samus/image9-Gourry_Doesnt_Want_to_Eat_Fish_Guts.jpg]Clickety[/URL] Doesn't trust anyone, unless they have common goals as him. He's quick to anger, and loves to fight.
Weapons: A battle axe, and a mace. Extremely strong.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I would like to become a member. So, here goes.

Name: Saphera Tali
Race: 1/2 angel, 1/2 haru
Bio: Saphera is an active girl who loves adventure and music. She is a middle class citizen who lives with her parents. She is a deadly archer and swordsman, who posesses unnatural heal abilities. She is also inpervious to the cold so she has no problem keeping warm.

Occupation: adventurer, philosopher, weapons/metal specialist, chemist, alchemist
Description: Saphera is about 5'4" and has ice blue eyes. She has long, silver with blue streaks , which she acquires when she recieves the esssence of ice. She wears a pair of extremely short, blue jean shorts and an metallic silver tank top. The entire middle section all around the shirt has been replaced with a complex pattern of silken threads, which have been woven together to resemble ice crystals that look as if they have been painted on her skin. Saphera also wears dangle earrings which have ice crystals shaped like arrows on the ends, a very complex necklace which has little arrows adorning it all the was around, and she wears shoes similar to combat boots, except hers cut off at the ancle.
Weapon: she wields a sacred bow, with ancient, magical runes, which possess holy powers, carved into the wood along with ice tipped arrows that are even sharper that obsidian. She also wields a sacred bladed sword which possess mystical powers and two daggers: one made out of ice that can only be used when her ice essence is activated, and a normal dagger. She also possess the ability to create weapons or useful items out of ice. That task is extremely hard at first, but becomes easier with practice. She can channel a little energy for battles but can channel much healing energy and is inhumanly fast and swift. She can create or destroy objects using alchemy and its basic principles: In order to obtain, something of equal value must be lost, and, human transmutations( such as creating life, bringing back the dead, and changing or altering a body) is extremely forbidden, resulting in the loss of bodies, body parts, and souls. This skill comes in handy when traveling, for she can create food, water, and shelter from the elements surrounding her.
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