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Demons once ruled the world. They had floating citadels, entire armies of damned souls. Then the humans resisted. They fought back, toppling the dark palaces of their former masters. The demons were driven to the Underworld. They now exist only as fairy tales. This is not true. Demons begin to swarm the streets. They begin to hunt and feed as they did many centuries ago. But now they have to worry about being hunted. A group of vigilantes, Hunters, as they are known, stalk the streets to preserve the natural balance of life and death. They excel at killing, and have only one purpose...to slay demons. Wielding the powers of mystical talismans, they defend mortals from a fate worse then death.

Alright. Heres the basic premise of this RPG. You are a Hunter, a human trained since birth to hunt and kill demons that wander the night. Your weapons may include anything from a sword to a gun, so long as its been blessed. You cannot be full demon, but feel free to be half demon. Half demons cannot have blessed weapons, but they do have magic (within reason please. No Insta-Kill). If you want to play a demon, PM me. You can also play an Acolyte, allies to the demons. No blessed weapons, but some magic.

Enemies include minor demons, which can be killed without blessed weapons, demons, which require blessed weapons to kill, and Acolytes, humans that worship demons.

Talismans (the talismans give you a specific power. Yes, two people can have the same talisman)
[B]Shadow Talisman [/B] - Allows the wearer to meld into shadows, concealing them from sight. Can't move in this form
[B]Blood Talisman[/B] - The wearer regenerates minor (Non life threatening) wounds.
[B]Typhoon Talisman[/B] - Incredible Speed
[B]Blade Talisman[/B] - Incredible Strength
[B]Soul Talisman[/B] - Increases the power of any magic the wearer uses.
[B]Breaker Talisman[/B] - Increases defense against demonic magic.
[B]Wolf Talisman[/B] - Allows wearer to transform into werewolf for increased strength.
[B]Mist Talisman[/B] Allows the wearer to take a mist form for stealth.

I need:
Age: (Half-demons have extended lives)
Bio: (history on how and why your character became a hunter or acolyte)
Weapon: (If your human, its been blessed, unless your an acolyte)
Magic: (If any)
Name: Night

Age: 32

Race: Human

Bio: The lead hunter, all the other hunters get their missions from him. He rarely goes on a mission himself, but when a demon is too strong, he takes care of it. A master swordsmen, he uses the power of the Shadow Talisman. He started the Hunters when his parents were killed by demons. Though just a human, he is a skilled Hunter, and has handpicked the others in the group. He thinks of the others as his extended family, and will do anything to help them.

Weapon: Bastard Sword

Appearance: See pic

Talisman: Shadow Talisman
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Dianne Desdemona

Age: 27

Race: Human

Bio: Her mother and father were split up when she was born. She never knew who her father was. at the age of 12 her mother died of a rare cancer. She began living onthe streets. She refers to go to any foster home. On the streets sh began to pick up skills and steath. One day while stealing she was caught and thrown in jail. After they found out how skilled she was they hired her as an assassian. One on her jobs she met Night. He ask her to come fight the demons with him. She agreed to do so. She is a very good a tatics and quick thinking.

Weapon: Crossbow and small hidden dagger


Talisman: Mist Talisman [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Name: Reis
Age: 28
Race: Human
Bio: Reis' family was murdered mercilessly by demons, ever since then he has trained himself to have the ultimate stealth. He has joined the hunters proving time and time again that you didn't have to be born within their ranks to become a great demon killer.
Weapon: Eclipse Blade
Appearance: Reis wears a black shirt with a silver X on the front. He wears a silver trenchcoat over it and also wears black jeans and black shoes.
Talisman: Shadow Talisman
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Age: 27
Bio: When gene was around the age of 9 her family was taken by a group of lesser demons who killed them but luckly Gene got away.She spent most of her life searching for the foul demons who killed her family.After one fight with a higher level demon Night had been passing trought seeing at how strong she was and how she showed no murcy to any demons he asked her to join them.After joining them she became an master at ti chi and jet condoe.
Weapon:Gene uses her strength and skill to fight, also her claws when she transforms.
Appearance:[URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/10-10.htm]click me[/URL]
Talisman:Wolf talisman
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Name: Maura Trepas
Age: 16
Race: Half-demon
Bio: Her mother was a legondary hunter who was raped by a demon when her house was attacked by demons. She gave birth to the demons child and kept it secert from the hunters and her family that Maura was a demon. Maura didn't know herself that she was a demon intill her mother died and told her. Her mother was killed by the demon that had caused her to have Maura. He stole Maura away and trained her to kill humans and thought her demon magic. Once Maura learned all that he could teach her she killed him. She then ran from the demon hordes and joined the Hunters. They don't fully trust her becaues of her demon side but she has proved herself as a powerful ally. She has a great knowledge of demons and where they hide when not in the underworld. Maura is hunted by many demons because of her crime she comited against one of there most powerful demon leaders. If Maura uses to much magic she passes out. When she does pass out her ice demon dog, Suno-Ranpu(Ranpu for short), protects her body intill she awakens. Ranpu shows no mercy for his prey but attacks depending on Maura's feelings.
Weapon: Long spear and two daggers
Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg10/maggirl.jpg]here[/URL] add black leather pants.
Talisman: Soul Talisman
Magic: Blood Rebirth- reopens any wounds that an enemy may have.
Heavens Gift-Heals self and allies.
Banshing Shadows-Creates a light in darkness
Shining Aura-Increases strengh temperaly, though it tries user out quicker than usal.
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Name: Akuma Nakaba
Age: 17
Race: Half-Demon
Bio: His father was a demon with a strange interest in humans. He took the form of a human and married a human. The woman, not knowing that her husband was a demon gave birth to a child. They named the child Akuma. While Akuma was still a child, his father murdered his mother. Akuma did not know about it and does not remember seeing it happen. His father trained Akuma in the demon ways for years. But one day, a group of demns came and killed Akuma's father. Before his father died, he told Akuma that he murdered his mother because it was too risky to have a human as a wife. Akuma's love for his father turned to hatred, and he vowed to kill all demons even though he was a half-demon. He joined the ranks of the hunters, but was not liked by any of them.
Weapon: Demon Katana
Appearence: Wears a black ninja suit, with a cloth covering all of his face but his eyes, which are blood-red.
Talisman: Typhoon Talisman
Magic: Its not really magic, but since he is a half dmon, he can sense the evil force that flows from the demons and the acolytes.
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Name: Ziarre Halo
Age: 17
Race: Half Demon
Bio: Ziarre's mother was a demon who had a secret passion for human men. She wanted to have a child that had the best of both world. Unfortunately for the human men she slept with, the desire for blood was too much for her and devoured them after they had done what she wanted. After Ziarre was born, her mother abandoned her and left her for dead. A good samaritan picked Ziarre up off the street and took her to his home. Ziarre grew up with this man who was very strange. His job was peculiar. He was called away at strange hours, left for days on end and came home with no reason for Ziarre when she asked where he had been or why did he go. However, whatever his job was, he taught Ziarre the skills of his trade - how to be stealthy, etc. The day he never retturned hhome was the day Ziarre met Night. Niight had come to tell her that the ma she grew up with was dead. From that day on, Ziarre had become a Hunter. She now knew what the man's job was.

Another thing, Ziarre didn't realise she was half-demon until a DNA test confirmed she was.
Weapon: Lightning Whip
Appearance: Long black hair in a plait, bright yellow eyes, tanned skin, dark red lips, tall, lean with a little muscle. Wears a black leather tank top and black leather pants with a body-length leather trenchcoat. Hides her whip underneath coat.
Talisman: Soul Talisman
Magic: Manipulation of air and lightning
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Name: Sol Badguy

Age: 24

Race: Half-Demon

Bio: Sol is a renegade. He was the child of a weathy weapons mechant and a poor tailor. When he found out his family was an acolyte family, he slaughtered them all for supporting the lowly demons. In his rage, he distroyed the mansion they lived in, only salvaging the firey blade, Omnislayer. A demonic weapon, he brought it to the bishop of the large town he lived in. The bishop blessed the blade, but soon was killed by an assassin for the demons. His town was killed, one by one. He trusts Akuma and Maura, because after he had killed his parents, he learned that his mother was a demon. The blessing on Omnislayer faded, and now it is just a strong blade in which he channels his fire magic.

Weapon: Sawblade

Appearance:[URL=http://www.elanblade.com/guidemap/gallery/sol.jpg]Here clicky clicky clicky!![/URL]

Fire wave: Sol slamms his blade into the ground and causes a small wave of fire to seek the enemy

Flames of Rightousness: Covers the Sawblade in fire to cut through much more things and heals health from each hit.

Ice storm: This is the biggest drain on his high magic bar. It summons a fury of 5 ft long icecicles to stab the enemy.

Talisman: Wolf talisman
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[color=silver]Name: Nashyl

Age: 23

Race: Human

Bio: Abandoned as a child and forced to live on the street, he started praying for help, and in his desperation accepted help from a demon. This demon corrupted him and showed him the powers that he could attain if he worshipped demons. His lust for power was all consuming after the first glimpse of power this power.

Weapon: 9mm pistol (unblessed) and a ritual knife (used only for his spells)

Appearance: [url=http://www.game-loader.de/psycko-manga/grafix/gallery/guy2/Toshi17j.jpg]Click here[/url] add a black trench coat and a pentagram necklace

Magic: Blood Fire Ritual- (requires blood from his own body) allows him to draw symbols, in blood, that if stepped on ignite.
Dark Blood Illusions- allows him to create illusions drawn in his own blood. (Only one at a time)[/color]
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Well! I had almost given up hope that anyone else was interested! Still very good characters. I'll start the RP tomorrow and PM everyone. Sign ups will stay open for three more days. ShadO MagE, since you appear to be the only evil person, I'll allow you to have minions, either human or demon. Very nice folks!
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