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[SIZE=1]Meh... this is like my... millionth RPG, but who gives a damn? I think this will get somewhere... The rating is PG 13, lot's of eyes falling out and hearts coming out of people's chest... Well you decide... [/SIZE]

[CENTER][FONT=chiller][SIZE=7]Immortal Wars: Earth's Battle[/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

[SIZE=1]Before the Earth came to form, before the Universe was ready to have life in it, there were 6 God's. 3 Goddess', and 3 God's. They went by many names, and had many dreams. One God, who called himself "Hanzou" was evil. He was the God of Darkness, Shadow, Loneliness, everything dark. His dream was to take over, defeat the other God's. However, one of the God's found out his plan, and tried to stop Hanzou. The God of War, who called himself "Zeberi" was defeated by Hanzou, and Hanzou took his soul for his own. Hanzou claimed he was higher than the God's and the others, had said he was more powerful, the first of a new kind, and since then, he forgot his name, he forgot his power, he forgot everything.

The 5 God's and Goddess' all went away, claiming different parts of the Universe. The God once known as Hanzou, did not. He went to Earth, as a human. There, he got his knew name, "En-Sabah-Nur", meaning "The First One". It was then, he started his rain of terror. He did not start with Earth, he started with the very end of the Universe, annihilating the Goddess on that side. This left one God, and two Godess'. Nur could not be stopped. However, the three remaining God's combine their powers, and locked Nur away in the most dangerous part of the Universe. It was said, Nur lost his soul...

However, the eye of the three God's did not see En-Sabah-Nur break from his prison, and live on Earth. A forth God was used to replace the old Goddess that was killed by Nur, but the God of War that soul lingers inside Nur could not be replaced. Nur knew of this, and he gave the God's his own names, calling them what he pleased:

The God of Sky, and Thunder: Sethos (Quad)

The God of Fire, and the Sun: Tarik (Lynx)

The Goddess of Earth, and Nature: Umi (Kittychanan)

The Goddess of Water, and Ice: Saira (Arika)

Nur decided it was time he completed his dream, and after thousnads of years, he collected souls of dead people, and made his own army of elite Warriors. The other God's now knew that Nur was alive, and had to act fast. Nur's forces were taking over, hidding sometimes, but attacking at will. But it seemed impossible, until Nur's secret was found:10 Objects had been scattered around the World that powered Nur's army. The God's had no choice. They gave their powers to the next Warrior races, to childern who could become great Warriors. Every day, Nur grew stronger.

Now, in 2004, Nur is ready to strike with full force. The four God's set out to gather the warriors they gave their powers too, to lead them to victory. Nur wasn't to be taken lightly, and now the Wars begin...[/SIZE]

[CENTER]----- Information -----

[SIZE=1]You may be one of the Four God's (En-Sabah-Nur is mine), but you MUST CONTACT ME first, through AIM or PM.
You may be a follower of Nur.
You can have any of the God's elements. You can be a boy with the power of the Goddess, or the other way round.
The name's of the God's are the name's Nur calls them. The God's can have different names, you can choose their real name.
Here's some information on the God's and their powers:

[B]God of Sky and Thunder:[/B]
Can control the weather, can shoot lightning out of his hands, or send a pulse of light energy at someone, or something. He is the funniest of the God's, capable of teleportation also. He will normally appear in front of people, and though he may seem to have abandoned the group, he never has. He's always following, and unlike the other God's he's normally not with the group, but is most of the time. He hasn't known the others God's as long.
[B]God of Fire and Sun:[/B]
Toughest and roughest. He is deadly serious, and always tries to back up his friends. He was Nur's best friend, when he was Hanzou. He can also teleport in a flash of fire, able to control fire and rise the temperature. He has more strength than speed, but is a deadly God to mess with.
[B]Goddess of Earth and Nature:[/B]
The most caring of the God's, she is peaceful and calm at most times. She knew Nur better than anyone else, better than the Fire God. The other God's believe she once had a relationship with Nur, but she denies it. However, she still believe Nur can change, she still believe Hanzou is in there. Her powers are controlling the Earth, and talking to Animals, plants and other creatures, and also healing small wounds.
[B]The Goddess of Water and Ice:[/B]
The one who hated Nur from the start. She was said to be jealous of Nur's powers, always trying to make him feel bad. She would always annoy Nur, making them enemies from the start. She is bitter, snappy and serious, though has a nice side. Her powers are controlling water, creating it, freezing things and making herself as flexiable as Water.

The Powers of the Warriors are the same as the God's. I'll play Nur, all his information will be given in my sign-up. Oh, yes, the Sign-Up:[/CENTER]

[U]God's (PM or AIM me first!)[/U]:

[B]Name:[/B] (This is the name above that Nur calls you, and any other names, however, you will only be called this by Nur)
[B]Real Name:[/B] (The name of which the Warriors will call you)
[B]Gender:[/B] (Please follow all the above)
[B]Elements:[/B] (Again, above)
[B]Powers:[/B] (Above, again)
[B]Personality:[/B] (Don't just paste the above, add too it!)
[B]Description:[/B] (Try too keep to your Element, powers and God)
[B]Weapons:[/B] (One, keep it to your element)
[B]Biography:[/B] (Use some information above, the God's have had adventures on earth, too, you know ^_^)

[U]En-Sabah-Nur's Followers/Warriors:[/U]

[B]Age:[/B] (Normal Warriors aren't immortal, higher ranks are)
[B]Rank:[/B] (Second in command, General, .ect)
[B]Gender:[/B] (Duh)
[B]Techniques:[/B] (Not really powers, just things you can do and no one else can't)
[B]Weapons:[/B] (No more than three)
[B]Description:[/B] (Make it evil!)
[B]Bio:[/B] (How Nur found you)


[B]Age:[/B] (You're not immortal)
[B]Element:[/B] (The above only)
[B]Gender:[/B] (Information above)
[B]Nationality:[/B] (Easy)
[B]Powers:[/B] (The same as you God, however you have one special technique, you are good fighters too)
[B]Weapons:[/B] (An element one and a normal one)
[B]Description:[/B] (Duh)
[B]Bio:[/B] (How the God/Goddess found you, and your life before you knew about Nur).

[B]Name:[/B] En-Sabah-Nur

[B]Real Name:[/B] Hanzou (however, no one calls him this, only the God's know of his real name. Anyone who says it will either make Nur so mad he'll try to rip their heart out, seriously, or if it was his friend/very, very close friend, he would have a breakdown, maybe)

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Elements:[/B] Darkness, Shadow, War and Death

[B]Powers:[/B] Nur powers are mixed. Having the soul of the God of War, he is a very good fighter and a had never shown mercy. His War powers allow Nur to summon the souls of the greatest Warriors, this, however zaps a large amount of his energy. Nur has telekinesis powers, allowing him to speak telepathically. His Death power, is a strange one. Nur can combine his telekinesis powers with his Death powers, and make his foe think they're going to die, play horrible, torturing tricks on them. Though this makes Nur easy to attack from behind. His Dark powers let him turn the hearts of Warriors evil. If a Warrior feels hate for one of the God's, feeling jealous, or anything near that sort of evil, Nur will try to turn their heart evil. Shadow powers allow him to blend into the shadows, and walk through walls (not all objects, just walls). He can also send a shockwave of dark energy at people.

[B]Personality:[/B] En-Sabah-Nur is indeed strange. His emotions are kept behind dark walls, and all Nur thinks about is evil. Sometimes the God's can make him think, but not for long. If he is thinking a little good for once, he won't attack The god of Fire and Earth, but he will try to claw the other two's eyes out. Nur cannot be reached by anyone, but his real name is a dangerous thing. His real name being said puts Nur into a state of madness. He is either extremely dangerous and able to attack for hours without getting tired, or he will breakdown. Though normally he will attack without tiring. He keeps secrets, and likes to betray people. Nur wants nothing more than to kill the God's, murder them, like they wanted to do to him. He knows no one at all knows why he turned evil, so he keeps his emotions hidden.

[B]Description:[/B] Nur's appearance stayed the same as he looked in the time of the Pharaoh's of Egypt. Well basically he clothes are thousands of years old. His skin is light blue, with dark blue markings on his (hieroglyphs). He is covered with a black cloak, under that is a red robe-like shirt which is tattered and battered. Under that shirt, is chain mail and armour. Nur has a large sword on his belt (which is his only weapon). His hair is jet-black, and his very long, only tied up right at the bottom. His eyes are filled with no emotion what-so-ever, just plain, light, shinning blue. Though En-Sabah-Nur does not seem to be a strong warrior, he is. All you can see of his face is his eyes; the rest of his face is covered in a golden mask (taking the shape of an Egyptian dog). His pants are black, baggy, and he wears only sandles on his feet.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Runihura, meaning destroyer. It is a long sword with a dark blade and a black handle. The sword can send a shockwave of energy, like Nur, only more powerful. The sword has said to have taken the lives of thousands, nearing millions. Nur loves his swords, and swears it will be the weapon that will kill the God's and their Warriors.

[B]Biography:[/B] Hanzou... he had a good reason for going evil. The rumor of him having some sort of "relationship" with the Goddess of Nature was indeed true, but even Nur would not admit it. He went to explore the Universe for several years, seeing what had been made. In the far, far reaches, a race had already been advancing. Hanzou went to see, and the Elder granted Hanzou one thing... to free him of evil. Hanzou wanted it more than anything, to seal his trust with the Earth Goddess and everyone else. Hanzou promised them a place in the God's history, and the Elder did it. But instead, Hanzou was tortured. His memories blurred, his mind twisted, his heart turning evil. The race that had evolved so race was the race of Hanzou... pure evil. Hanzou didn't know. He became powerful, but torment... all through his mind. Hanzou annihilated all the people and the planet, and went back to the God's. He was so confused, so angry, so painful... he began to think the God's were evil. He wanted to kill them, but he loved the Earth Goddess... the Fire God was his friend... but the Water God hated him... he was so confused. Zeberi, the God of War caught Hanzou mumbling in his sleep. Zeberi believed Hanzou meant to murder everyone, but Hanzou didn't know what he was thinking. Killing Zeberi was the sign... Hanzou... was evil...

Hanzou pushed everyone away, and forgot his name, his powers, his soul was lost... when the God's spilt, he was so lost... that the Evil too over what was left of his heart. Hanzou went to Earth, and lived in the first age of Egypt. People called him En-Sabah-Nur, the First One. He got used to this name, and left Hanzou behind... he was nothing more than the First One, the first race of the new God's... He found a family there, and lived for years, not being evil, or killing. His own son, which he named Zeberi (not remembering the War God's name, but still knowing it had something to do with him). His son, Zeberi ran away, however, knowing his father was evil. Nur killed his wife, and went after his son. When Nur knew he was a Grandfather, he was more angry then ever. He found his son, yet his grandson escaped. It was said to be the greatest battle every, a half god and a God fighting. After that, Zeberi's soul was added to Nur's collection. Then, the terror came. Nur covered his face forever, and never found his Grandson. He then, set out for the end of the Universe.

He killed the Goddess of Thunder at the end of Universe, and started a war on the other God's. He was winning, and he loved it. A few seconds before Nur was losing, and was being cast into another Universe, his heart began to open once more. The Goddess of Earth tried to stop the other God's, but it was too late. They all felt sorry for Nur now, even the Water Goddess. Nur felt betrayed. The moment his heart opened, was the moment he was cast away. Some people one Earth claimed to hear the screams of Nur from the other Universe, and as time pasted, Nur became so evil, there was no hope. He was tortured, betrayed, and broken. He was more than a God. Nur broke out, wanting to kill humans and God's. Nur used the souls of everyone he killed to make an Amry, also collecting people he had met before. He sent 10 Objects around the Earth, and when hearing about the God's and their warriors, he wasn't afraid, happy... that he could kill them too. It just hoped one of them wasn't his lost, lost great, great (so on) grandson... for the God's knew it was one of his weaknesses...[/SIZE]

(If anyone wants to be his son, just ask me, and I'll give you some information ^_^)
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[size=1][color=orange][b]Name[/b]: Sethos "Seth" (I hate the name Seth X_X)

[b]Real Name[/b]: Jetaro "Jet"

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Elements[/b]: Sky and Thunder

[b]Powers[/b]: Can control the weather, can shoot lightning out of his hands, or send a pulse of light energy at someone, or something. Capable of teleportation also.

[b]Personality[/b]: Being the young one of the group, Jet is the funnier one who is full of alot of energy. He will normally appear in front of people, and though he may seem to have abandoned the group, he never has. He always comes back with a surprise. He's always following, and unlike the other God's he's normally not with the group, but is most of the time. He hasn't known the others God's as long. Jet likes to talk and it's usually hard to shut him up, but he does like his alone time. He doesn't take things seriously, unless it mainly has to do with Nur, but even then it doesn't effect him that much because he never really knew Nur. There are also times when Jet lets his emotions run a bit wild, when he is in a lousy, sad, or depressed mood; it will rain. When he is angry it will storm.

[b]Description[/b]: Jet stands at about 6'4'' and weighs only about 180 lbs. He has jet black hair that is spiked that has gold streeks runing threw it. Jet thinks that long hair can be used as a weakness if an enemy grabs it. He wears a black tunic over a long sleeved gold shirt that ties down the middle. Wedged under the tunic is a small midnight blue shield that covers over his heart. Under neath his shirt is a thin layer of leather armor that wraps around his entire torso, it can't always protect him from being stabed, but is very strong against magical attacks. Jet also has a black sash that tie from the back of his right should and loops under to the front of his left. A Golden hooded cloak is tied around his neck. He has black leather gauntlets with gold outer plate. He wears thin black pants with more leather armor sraped around his legs, over the leather he wears another thin pair of black pants and Black boots that have pieces of metal attached to them.

[b]Weapon[/b]: A long, black glaive with a small lighting bolt sticking out of the bottom. The blade is also shaped like a lighting bolt, making it sharper. The pole base is strong metal that cannot be broken. The blade is called [i]Cayuor[/i], meaning "Strike" in an old language from a planet on the edge of the universe. From what Jet tells people, [i]Cayuor[/i] has a mind of it's own and will zap just about anyone who touches it except Jet.

[b]Biography[/b]: Jet wasn't there when Hanzou turned evil. He wasn't there when the War God was sucked into Nur's evil. He wasn't there when the Thunder Goddess was destroyed. And he wasn't there when Nur was locked away in the darkest area of the universe. Jet enter the big picture right after that. He was created to be the replacement for the Thunder Goddess and was formed from her own surviving power that lingered near the edge of the universe that she controled.

Jet was welcomed to the other 3 gods with opened arms, even though they would give him suspisious looks. They did not want to be betrayed again. Jet would have to earn there complete trust some how. At one point, an evil creature was destroying different parts of the universe and the gods set out to lock it away. Before the evil creature could life a claw to kill any of them, Jet disappeared in a poof of smoke, looking like he had abandoned the other gods. Though, he soon returned with an army of warriors from a near by planet who attacked the beast from the rear, destracting the creature while the gods imprisoned him into a dark realm.

After that, the Goddess' and The God of Fire (well, at least partly from him) trusted him. Though, Aquaria never seemed to like him all that much, she never laughed at him and usually ignored him too. Jet was told of all the evil things that Nur had done and how he had betrayed them all. This is what the Water Goddess and Fire God would tell her, but the Goddess of Nature would tell Jet that she believed that the real Hanzou was somewhere inside Nur, imprissoned in his black heart.
Now that Nur has escaped and is preparing to destroy them and everything else he can touch, Jet is ready to fight, but isn't completely sure if they are fighting a good guy or a bad guy.

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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Umi

Real Name: Freya

Gender: Female

Elements: Earth and Nature

Powers: Her powers are controlling the Earth, and talking to Animals, plants and other creatures, and also healing small wounds.

Personality: Kind and gentle that is how many describe her. Freya is considered the most caring of the God's, she is peaceful and calm at most times. When someone or something she cares for is in danger she will to all she cans to defend it. She still believe Nur can change, she still believe Hanzou is in there. In the depth of her heart she still loves Hanzou.

Description: [URL=http://www.muvgallery.com/displayimage.php?pid=455&fullsize=1]Freya[/URL]

Weapons: Bow and arrow; Her bow is made out of redwood and has a loin?s whisker for the wire. The arrows are made out of wood and have eagles feather at the end. The arrowheads are made of obsidian.

Biography: Freya was saddened when Hanzou left because of the rumors. The rumor of her having a relationship with the god of Darkness was true. She would never admit it though. When Hanzou she heard that Hanzou had killed Zeberi she was devastated. That means he was evil. She left and went onto a small planet that was like a jungle. She spent many years there. Umi decided one day to go visit the Earth.

She landed in Scandinavia and they soon fell in love with the people there . She lived in her human form and spent time around them. She enjoyed their company and time. She found out that Hanzou was on Earth as well. He had taken another name En-Sabah-Nur. Freya also found out had a son and a wife. This infuriated her and she punished the human by making their crops grow bad for one year. She than left the planet and headed to another section of the universe. After this she was upset by what she had done and was ashamed. She stayed hidden on a planet called Hent, which was a jungle cover planet filled with animals. From her planet she heard about what was going on with Nur.

With the death of the Thunder Goddess Freya met with the remaining gods and set up plans to go war with Nur. She was having a hard time going to fight him though. She didn?t want to hurt him. She wanted him to go back to his old self she knew it was still in him. As they were casting Nur into another Universe she could see his heart opening again. She knew she had gotten him back. Umi tried to make the other Gods stop but she was too late. Afterwards she spent her life watching the humans as they evolved and changed. She spent most of the times in deep forests or with the other Gods. When she found out that he was back again her hopes that he was well once more. When she found out that he was even more evil she didn?t give up hope. She sets out with the other Gods to fight him and search for the ten objects to defeat him.

I hope this is okay. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]A well laid our RPG Vicky, this shall be a pleasure to do.

[B]Name:[/B] Tarik

[B]Real Name:[/B] Apollo

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Elements:[/B] God of Fire and the Sun as well as the new God of War

[B]Powers:[/B] He can also teleport in a flash of fire, able to control fire and rise the temperature. He has more strength than speed, but is a deadly God to mess with.

[B]Personality:[/B] Apollo was once the embodiment of his element, quick to anger and as deadly as the ranging inferno, however that was long ago when he was young and his personality is very different now. Ever since Hanzao's betrayal he's personality has become more stoic and protective of his remaining family, his anger is evident though no less lethal as it was in his youth. Those who have known him for as long as the other Gods know that Hanzoa left a deep impact upon Apollo's nature.

[B]Description:[/B] Apollo was worshipped by the Greeks as their Olympian God of fire replacing the Titan Helios, as such his appearance to his warriors has changed very little. He stands about 7 feet in height and weighs almost 450lbs forming a gigantic, perfectly sculpted body worthy of a God and showing clearly his divine strength. His hair a mass of shoulder length dark red almost crimson waves, his beard neat and of the same color and his eyes are a dark piercing blue that burn with the powers and heat of the Sun. His clothing remains the same as it always has, in the form of tanned colored leather armor in a style typical of ancient Greece, bracers and shin armor over his forearms and legs as well as a Greek styled helmet with vermilion bristles, Helios is kept strapped to his back.

[B]Weapons:[/B] [I]Helios[/I], the enflamed spear of Apollo, wherever this weapon is seen the God himself in not far away. This is the symbol of the Fire God as well as representing his new role as the God of War, those of an evil heart face the wrath of the God in the form of this flaming spear. The spear is approximately 9'6" in length with an adamantine head formed into a perfect diamond, the haft is wooden engraved with gold in the language of the Gods themselves, the wood has been enchanted to make it stronger than mountains and swifter than the winds. This spear reflects Apollo aim as he can stand upon the top of a mountain and hit anything within his field of view.

[B]Biography:[/B] Bah I can’t think of anything to write so I'll come back to this.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Good good, everyone ^_^ I hope you can all be finished up soon, heh.

Also, be warned... the idea I have for the first post basically re-tells what happened to Nur in a very bad nightmare-dream way. I find it pretty distubing as I get to the end of my idea... so be warned, many of Nur's kills will be brutal, so scrap the whole PG 13 thing, this will get messy. Hopefully, not too messy.[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Saira

[B]Real Name:[/B] Aquaria

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Elements:[/B] Water and Ice

[B]Powers:[/B] Her powers are controlling water, creating it, freezing things and making herself as flexible as Water.

[B]Personality:[/B] Bitter, serious, snappy, and moody, Saira is the one who hated Nur from the start. Her jealousy of Nur's powers were great, yet awestricken. She always tried to make him feel bad and tried to reap him of his powers. Saira has a temper just as violent as the raging waters she ruled, perhaps more violent. Her moods are associated with the waters she rules. Whatever she feels, that is what the waters do. Although, Saira is a confused, strange, jealous-ridden, emotional Goddess who thinks she is the world's greatest, she is more than that. Saira is filled with secrets that no one knows of and will never know.

[B]Description:[/B] 1st Attachment- This is what she looks like when the Warriors see her. She looks a bit older the rapier in her hand is not the weapon she uses.
2nd Attachment- The lightning-ish aura circles her and is misty and whitish blue. Her skin is not blue, but more of a pale, silvery moon lightish color. Her hair is a deep blue with shimmering light blue streaks. Her eyes are a silvery blue.

[B]Weapons:[/B] [url=http://creativeuncut.com/media/sc2-ivy.jpg]Viper Blade[/url] It is what Ivy is holding. This blade can excrete venom and poison its victims. It can also create spikes and pierce the skin of its victim.

[B]Biography:[/B] Death had taken its toll when Nur set foot on Earth and had gone on a killing rampage. Death had taken its toll when Nur had destroyed the Goddess of Sky adn Thunder. It was he who had upset the balanced world that the humans had lived on and the Gods had protected. It was he who had truly opened a door leading to Saira's frozen heart. Before he had turned dark and torn, Saira was jealous of his powers. She wished she was as great as him, as powerful, and worthy of being praised. Yet, she was awestruck by the great abilities and distant time he had to himself. She was also awestruck by the fact that he could allow only one to enter his heart, Umi. According to Nur, Saira despised Nur, she hated him. She was cold and argumentative, bitter and snappy, serious and quick to anger, yet within her icy heart, a child lived in her. A child, wanting to be free.

Many years ago, Saira had visited the Earth and set out to seek what made these humans happy. She wondered what the key was to having a hopeful, vibrant life. Everywhere and anywhere she went, nothing but despair and discord lingered. Not one being was living a fulfilled life of luxury and joy, except one. A young child walked from street to street, lifting the spirits of those who were down, giving new hope to those who thought life was nothing. This child was filled with exuberant laughter, smiling joys, wondrous songs, and a warm heart that could make sadness wash away. This child was the key to having a hopeful, vibrant life. It wasn't love, it was the kindness, generosity, and faith that this child carried. Saira knew right then and there that this was the key that was missing within her. She had always felt that a piece of her was missing and she had found it at last. Saira watched this child and knew that this was the next Goddess of Water and Ice. She chose this child to be who she wasn't, she chose this child to be the next greatest, a friend to all, an enemy to none.

After visiting Earth, Saira returned to her place. She only looked to the others gods and wondered what they had thought of her. She had wondered what Nur thought of her, what Umi, or Tarik. She had always thought what Sethos thought. She had been cruel and rude to him from the start. She never liked the fact that he was replacing the origianl goddess of Sky and Thunder. The first was the grandest, the best. She was the true friend of Saira's, each enjoying a time with each other. But, although she does not like the idea of replacing a god, she must accept the fact that Sethos would stay. She would also have to open the frozen doors to her mind, soul, body, and heart. Nur had begun to open her heart, yet he was cast away. Would he still be able to melt all the ice away or will he fail and cause her to become colder and more distant? Will Saira and the other gods be able to find the 10 items and free Nur of his evilness or will he conquer all and have his world filled with souls and nothing more? Who knows this fate? Not even the gods know.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Good, good everyone. Now I just need the sign-up's to be finished, and we need atleast one Warrior for the God's. I'm aiming for one of each Element, so that's... four more people... Tell your friends about this RPG, though I may start this with only the people I have now and we just make up the chosen ones...[/SIZE][/B]
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[COLOR=indigo][SIZE=1] Sounds very interesting, vicky.

[B]Name:[/B] Seiko "Sei" Enoki
[B]Age:[/B] 24
[B]Element:[/B] Fire and Sun
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Nationality:[/B] Japanese
[B]Powers:[/B] She can teleport in a flash of fire, control fire and rise the temperature. Unlike her God, Apollo, Sei is quite skinny, giving her much more speed then him. Her special power is that she can create her own, powerful shield of fire that can withstand even water at its fullest potential.
[B]Weapons:[/B] [i]Kasei[/i], the sword in her picture below. Kasei is a Japanese term for "Force of the Flames" which is a perfect description of the long sword. Sei, being trained so well in the art of swordplay, only makes this sword more lethal. Kasei, at Sei's will, can instantly be set on a ruthless fire. Sei also has a bow and a quiver of arrow that, much like Apollo's Helios, always seems to find their targets.
[B]Description:[/B] [URL=http://www.muvgallery.com/albums/mkrayhearth/manga/mkray024.jpg]Seiko Enoki[/URL]
[B]Biography:[/B] Sei started learning the ancient arts of Kendo at an early age with a fierce loyalty to it. Now, because of her tireless training, she is very skilled with any kind of blade. Besides being good at swordplay, Sei was proclaimed somewhat of a genius, and has just finished college. Dreaming of starting her own Kendo class, she joined a simple dojo to make sure she wasn't rusty, and to win a couple tournaments to earn her money. This is where she was found by her God, Apollo, who told her of the evil En-Sabah-Nur, and of her destiny. A bit disbelieving at first, Sei finally gave in to the fact after Apollo showed and taught her the powers of Fire and Sun. Apollo gave her Kasei and the armor and clothing she wears today.

I hope this is all ok, vicky. Tell me if you want me to change anything.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Age: 24

Element:Thunder and Lightning


Nationality: Japan

Powers: Horran-Nou-Daun: Imbues the weapon with the power to cut through anything and heals user through holy lighning. Can start Thunderstorms and teleport to anywhere he has been before. Foraging skills have also been highened.

Weapons: Masumune: A great blade forged by the god of Thunder and Lightning. Honed to lethal sharpness, and as long as the longes tree branch, it is perfect for Sephiroth. After he met Sethos, he found this blade at his dwelling. A small note was by it, reading only, [I]Use the Thunder well, or be consumed by it.[/I]

[i] Dokuni:[/I]A blade made by Sephiroth in his early mersanary days. Not much is known about how he made it, but everyone in Hell knows enough about it to fear it.


Biography: Sephiroth was an orphan from the start. He was put in a foster home and later moved to an abusive home of achoholics. In anger at the beating he took, he lashed out at his "family" and put them in the hospital. A wandering Sensi found him and took him in out of the rain. He quelled the young man's anger and tought him the way of the Samuri, or "Warrior". He still harbored his raging anger for his fake family, though. One day soon after he had started out on his own, Sethos found him in a tounament that he had just won. He showed the error of his ways, and then revaled his fake family, the whole family, had been recuited into En-Sabur-Nu's army. He trusted this entity and allgned with Sethos and the other gods to end the evil powers' grip on the dead.
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Sephiroth, you shouldn't double post, heh. Anyway, so far so good. I will start this RPG, though, Sephiroth you need to have a description or a picture. Cloud you need to get your sign-up up. No one can post until they finish there sign-up, so it's only Cloud and Sephiroth (Lynx is oaky because most of his character's Bio is invovled with the story line, though if you could get it finish ASAP I'll be happy ^_^).

Sign-up's remain open until friday, so there is the Water and Nature Warrior, plus places open for Nur's Army. I'll get this up ASAP, and thank you all for joining![/SIZE][/B]
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[SIZE=1][B]Yes, however next time PMing me would be better to ask if it was okay, heh, but yes you can post now.

For all the people posting, you can either already be with your Warrior, or you're not. For the two God's who don't have one, you can make up some excuse that they went away on an important job, or something along those lines and they'll be joining us soon. After noticing this, I've decided to leave the Sign-Up's open for Warriors until Tomorrow night only, but the evil sign-up's will stay open until friday.[/SIZE][/B]
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Age:6, 000, 000 or so it's thought
Rank:second in command
Techniques:he can use two weapons at once and regenerate moderate wounds(so he can't regen limbs).he also knows the art of bushido
Weapons: Duel long swords and a khopesh.
Description:He appears as a strong, dark-skinned human.[IMG]http://www.squarecn.com/ff/news/200301/mel1/job/job13.jpg[/IMG] (that's a guy so he has big metal boots not those girly shoes.)

He trained for years on his own with starngers and then went back to his grand-father, of course his grand-father didn't know he did.It was during a battle that Re-Horakhty joined his grand-father.After he proved himself worthy, his grand-father welcomed him as one of his best warriors.Eventually he became his grand-father's second in command after all the higher ranking people, above him, mysteriously were murdered.
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[SIZE=1][B]Heh, one problem:

Nur's first son was killed, only his grand son escaped, though I refered to anyone related to Nur and having his blood as "son", because Nur see's all who carried his blood as his own son. So you'll have to change that, sorry, heh.[/SIZE][/B]
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