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RPG ~Still Can Dream~

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[COLOR=Navy][I][B]Still can Dream[/B][/I]

[U]Notes:[/U] If you plan on dropping out at anytime in the RP please inform me of such. I will only be accepting a select number of people, in fears of flooding the RP.

[U]Genre:[/U] Medieval / Fantasy

[U]Story:[/U] In the realm of Gaia, all things are possible. This includes the very ending of the earth, as we know it, when the presence of demons becomes far more obvious day by day. Several countries fall victim to the vicious attacks of a large monster, and the castle city of Ten Towers is left crippled and defenseless to rivalries, and revolutions.

It's been fourty-nine years since then and the prophecized reign of blood shed should soon come to a close, but after ten revolutions and several more assasinations of world leaders born from these rebelious flames, no sight of an end has been shown. But that would explain the arrival of a second moon that hangs within the lovely velvet night sky, would it?

The silvery surface a perfect sphere as veins of blue running across its surface in bizarre patterns. Astronomers endlessly studying the new celestial body in search for answers.

But in the towers of wizadry, it is whispered about a key being brought unto the world that would bring peace to these times of torment. The legendary dragon, Yuka, speaks about the arrival of a Winged Sovereign who would cleanse the world with Waters of Sorrow. But whatever it means is left a riddle to those who watch her closely within the highest of the three towers within the northern mountains.

However...this story begins in the quiet town of Glen Haven, a farming community (and home to one of the most prestigious shrines to the gods). It's filled with flowers and vegetables at the beginning of what would be the most memorable Harvest festival of all...
[B]1.[/B] [I]No one is all powerful, and no one can be the most powerful of all characters.[/I]
[B]2.[/B] [I]Just because the members work together doesn't mean they like one another. Add some taste to the RP by making the characters hold grudges, and the like.[/I]
[B]3.[/B] [I]No one liners. Must be descriptive to a modest degree.[/I]
[B]4.[/B] [I]If I see it necessary to boot you from the RP I will.[/I]
[B]5.[/B] [I]All Characters are Human, and can die. Ressurection capabilities are beyond all might. If some char gets killed, they get killed.[/I]
[B]6.[/B] [I]No power players...[/I]
[B]7.[/B] [I]No slug fests, beating up of several people/demons, and the like. This is plot driven, not fist driven.[/I]
A young girl walked through the cold stone halls. Her shoes made scraping noises as she slightly dragged her feet. In her left hand, she carried her wooden lyre. She was in the temple and was walking towards the altar room where the High Priests usually were. Her moussy brown hair flew behind her, she always kept it untied whenever she was in the temple, her dark brown eyes kept looking straight ahead. There was a light at the end of the corridor and she walked through the arch.

"Good morning." she said, curtsying in her snow white robes.

"Ah, Good morning, Terra." the Arch Priest said.

"I'm not late am I?" she asked simply.

"No, no. It's fine, go ahead." he answered.

Terra nodded and walked to the altar. Behind the altar was a stone fountain which wasn't flowing and looked like it hadn't been used in years. Terra plucked a few strings on her lyre to check that it was in tune and started to play a soft melody, it was calm and flowing like water. Terra closed her eyes and opened her mouth and started to sing with the music. The priests in the room watched her as they did every morning when she did this. The fountain brightened and it became clean, and then the fountain spurted water. Terra continued until the end of her song, then she opened her eyes. The fountain was full and the cycle started. The water was sucked from the bottom and back out the top.

"Thank you for doing this every morning, Terra. I know it must be tiring for you, having to do so much in a day." the Arch Priest said.

"It's no problem. If it's alright with everyone, I'll take my leave, I must visit Yuka, she has called me." Terra said curtsying again and leaving the room with her lyre tucked under her arm.

As Terra walked through the dark hall again, she stifled a yawn, it was 5 o'clock in the morning, and she had to do this every day, but usually she'd stay longer and do chores.

Terra walked back to her home, well, it wasn't really her home, it was Charity's. Her own parents had died in a fire when she was young and Charity's family and welcomed her in. Terra calls them as her own family after all the years and her and Charity were bestfriends, even though they were half sisters. She entered the house and walked upstairs and into her room, which was next to Charity's. She tried to be quiet as she changed into her usual clothes and placed her ocarina in her pocket. She grabbed her staff which was secretly her twin blades, stashed her dagger into her belt and strapped her blade to her back, safely in its sheath. She walked out of her room and headed for the stairs quietly. A door opened and a girl, the same age as her looked at her with her forest green eyes.

"Where are you going? Aren't you usually at the temple?" she asked.

"Yeah, I have to go see Yuka, she called me. Just go back to sleep, Charity. I'll be back soon." Terra said, then she headed downstairs and out the door.

Terra looked out into the dawn light. She started to walk towards the hill in the quiet town. The hill had an old remain of a castle, it was where she always summoned dragons whenever she was in town.

She climbed the hill and stood at the peak. A cool breeze blew her hair and Terra quickly tied it back into her usual ponytail. She moistened her lips and lifted the ocarina to meet them. Terra blew into it, a haunting tune called forth and she saw a figure in the sky approaching her. Terra stopped as the dragon landed.

"Good morning, Sideria." Terra said.

["Good morning, Terra. To Yuka?"] the female dragon asked.

"You read my mind." Terra said smiling.

Sideria and Terra had been friends for a long time and all of the dragons communicated to Terra by thought-speak.

Terra climbed onto her back and they took off, Sideria knew where Yuka stayed, no other dragon that Terra took care of did because she only took Sideria, her most trusted dragon friend, besides Yuka.

Terra loved the feel of the wind in her hair as they flew through the dim skies. Terra saw the cave where Yuka stayed in. It was covered by mountains and forests and was near the highest tower of the three towers of wizardry. Terra felt Sideria heading for the ground and dismounted when they touched down.

"Thank you. You can fly around, I'll call you when I need you." Terra said stroking the purple dragon. Sideria nodded and took off again.

Terra looked at the large cave and entered the mouth.
[B]OOC:[/B] No one can talk to Terra now, and no one's followed her. See attachment for a pic of Sideria. It was Quad's character in my other RP, Dragon Wing Festival. Hope you don't mind, Quad. ^_^[/COLOR]

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Leon stood near the edge of a steep hill that overlooked a town. It had been five days since he lefted the last town he went to, and had been traveling to find another. He sat down on the soft grass, and looked at the town. It looked nice from the distance.

"It seems peaceful,? he said to himself. He took out a small map and looked at the last town's name and followed his finger to the next picture of a town. "Glen Haven. Okay, I'm going to rest a while then go." he told himself as he laid down and closed his eyes.

[I]Grumble. [/i]

Leon sat straight up, and opened his eyes. There was a long silence, and then Leon touched his stomach. [I]Grumble [/i]. "Oh... it's me. I guess I haven't eaten in a while." he said half joking to himself. Though, he kind of felt stupid. He guess he needed to go into the town, so he started to walk to Glen Haven. He enjoyed the fresh air and the healthy grass as he walked to the entrance.

When he entered Glen Haven he felt a peace at mind. It was early, and not a lot of people were on the streets. Leon decide he needed to find an inn, because he started to feel like a creep walking along the road at this time of day.

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It was in a small clearing a few miles out of Glen Haven that Gunter Vontig, the famous hunter, finally caught up with the cloaked figure.
"I've got you now, Aleks," he said, in a clear, commanding tone.
The cloaked figure turned to face Gunter. Twin red eyes blazed out of the darkness of the hood.
"There's nothing you can throw at me now that I don't have a defense against, Aleks! For all of my life I have been cultivating a fighting style so unique that it will destroy any melee attack! And now, Aleks, you shall see this technique, in all of its perfection!"
As he was speaking, he was donning various weapons. A spiked gauntlet was equipped on both hands, the left one with a wickedly curved blade affixed, and then he drew a flamberge from a sheath on his back.
"Prepare yourself, Aleks, for your DOOM!" He flourished the sword, catching the light.
There was what sounded like a heavy sigh that came from the recesses of the hood. The figure drew a crossbow, and promptly shot Gunter in the stomach.


A bit later, and a bit further down the road, the figure, Aleks, trudged on. Aleks was thinking: [I]Ye gods, they get less intelligent every time. That one was a flourisher. Self-inflated bottomfeeders flourish. Your average person who knows what they're doing, now that person doesn't flourish.[/I] Aleks sighed, heavily. [I]Dumber every time...[/I]
Aleks looked up from the road, and saw the peaceful town of Glen Haven neslted between the mountains and the forest. [I]Perhaps I'll rest there for a while...[/I] Aleks sighed again. [I]Perhaps I'll find refuge from the flourishers...[/I]

OOC: By the way, what are the things like currency, or systems of measurement? Just asking so we know.

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After a long and tireless journey Jin had finnaly made it Glenhaven. He almost colasped when he got through the gates of the city.

" praise you god for I have made it into the city"

He noticed that everyone was looking at him in an odd way. Why? Was it because of the foreign apperance he had about him? Was it because he carried a curved sword while everyone else had a long straight sword? Jin didint care all he knew was that he needed water. Walking down the street amlessley he bumbed into a girl with long green hair.

"Hey watch where your going mister... What kind of sword is that?"

"It was handed down.."

"I dont care how you got it, just what it is!"

"Well its called a Katana"

"A katnania, well ive never heard of one of those, you seem like a good guy. Do you know where to get water at around here? Or do they have that where your from?"

"Actually im looking for the same thing right now, will you help me? miss um.."

" Im not telling you my name just yet ok? But sure i would love to go with you."

So the two set off in search of water.

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OOC: Dear god! Has this thread suddenly become Okn├╝berfest or something? For god's sake, people, if you haven't signed up for this adventure in the recruitment forum, then DON'T POST IN IT!!! Please!!! We don't want it to get closed!!!

IC: Aleks stood out somewhat, seeing as how it was harvest time, early fall, and therefore not very seasonal for the attire Aleks was wearing. Many a strange glance and muttered remark was directed at Aleks, who was, for the most part, ignoring it. Until, that is, a very tall, burly man stepped out of his circle of friends and blocked Aleks from passing. He smirked.
"A bit early for winter, eh, buddy?"
Aleks sighed deeply, regretting that it had become nearly habitual. In Aleks' experience, whenever someone calls you "buddy" their intents are never positive.
"What's the matter, pal? Wyrm got your tongue? 'Course, if you're just too afraid to say nothin', that's understandable." This elicited a chorus of guffaws and leers from the jerk's friends.
If eyes that were pure red and glowing could roll, they would have.
"Come on, man-" He cut off with a gurgling sound. Aleks' hand was a blur of movement as it connected with the man's throat. He fell to the ground, choking and gasping.
The group of friends looked shocked for a second, then pulled various homemade weapons from their assorted pockets.
"He'll live," Aleks' voice rasped, "Unfortunately."
The mob started to surround Aleks, who quickly shot down a side alley.
Aleks pounded down the alley. [I]I don't think I'll ever find a town free of jackasses. The flourishers of life.[/I] Aleks stopped and listened for any sounds of pursuit. Hearing none, Aleks exited the alley onto another street. [I]Right now, I have to find an inn...[/I]

OOC(again): It's too bad no one is an innkeeper, because then they could start with my character entering the inn. Oh well. And also, if you're looking for a mindset of my character, read JTHM. You could probably find it in your local Hot Topic (or from any gothic friends you might have).

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[size=1][color=darkgreen]Kel blinked as she watched the strange man dart into the alley away from the growing mob of angry friends. She cocked her head and blinked once again as the man vanished in the shadows of the buildings. Most people in Glen Haven wern't so rude, but there was the occasional group who had been blown in from some town they had been kicked out of.

"Better make sure this guy doesn't cause too much attention..." Kel said to herself as she let her self fall from the tree branch she had been purched in. She landed in a slouched over position, her knees nearly touching the ground. She looked up in the direction where the man had escaped, she saw the large spire coming from the church. Kel smiled slightly and ran off towards the church.

She waved good morning to many of the people who were out working and bought a stick of bread from the baker, throwing the money to him as she continued to head towards the church. She ran out onto the dirt street in front of the church, to her right, a distance away was the man, walking down the street. Kel smiled and jumped into a tree, making sure that she was covered by the leaves and branches.

She waited silently until the man was almost right under her. Kel jumped from the branch landing rght in front of the man.

"Hi-!" Kel started but was cut off when a fist came plumeting towards her, she half jumped half stumbled back and held up her hands, showing that she wasn't armed (except for a stick of bread) and didn't wantto fight. "Easy, I'm not like those other guys!" Kel quickly spilled out the words.

The man lowered his arms, but his fists still remained clenched. Kel smiled, hoping to in lighten the moment, but the man had stone cold face.

"You looked sort of lost, so I thought I would help out a bit. Not all people are like those guys back there, most people in Glen haven will help anyone." Kel said still with a smile. The mans face stayed the same, but his fists did loosen.

"An Inn?" He asked showing no expression on his face. His eyes were cold and peircing, a quick shudder went through Kel's neck, but she hid it.

"Yes, sir. Just follow me, I know this town like the palm of my hand." Kel turned on her heal and started to walk down the street. She was rewarded with the soft sound of foot steps behind her. She snapped the stick of bread in half and stuck a peice over her should, "You look hungry." [/size][/color]

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Roy walked around the town of Glen Haven on his routes. Ever since being hired, he had been extremely bored. Nothing was coming today, so he decided to help out some of the farmers. Seeing a single man working his crops, he walked over to him and asked,

"You need any help with that, sir?"

"Sure, put those decroped plants in the bucket over there." He replied with a relived face, pointing to a barrel of dead plants and other wastes of the field. Setting to work, the remander of the field was finished. Wiping his brow, he was about to leave, when the man stopped him.

"You should take this, thanks for your help young man." He said, holding out some currency. Pushing the man's hand back together to where his fist was clenched, Roy replied to the man,

"No need. The name's Roy. I'll help you when ever you need it."

"Take it, don't ruin my honor. Thanks, Roy." He stuffed the coins in Roy's pocket and sealed it before Roy could do anything. Roy shook the man's hand and left for the inn.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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[i][font=Century Gothic][size=3]Gaaarrrronnnnnnnnn.............[/size][/font][/i]

[i][font=Century Gothic][size=3]Ggaaaaaarrrrrrrroonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..........[/size][/font][/i]

[center][i][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]~~~[/size][/font][/i][/center]

[left][i][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]Varskin woke up abruptly, his pale yellow eyes were still crusty. He had this same dream again. It's been happening for over a week now. This was torture, and yet in a strange way, very interesting to him. For every time he woke up, his heart was beating rapidly. Like something was awakening inside him, but gets trapped again when he would arise. His dream always happened like this.[/size][/font][/i][/left]
[left][i][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3][/size][/font][/i] [/left]
[left][i][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3][/size][/font][/i] [/left]
[left] [/left]

[left][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]Varskin was a young boy, but he wasn't at his home by the tree. He was in a darker village. It was cold and reeked of blood and sweat. He looked down at his clothes and saw furs of a panther stylized into a warlike outfit. Suddenly, he heard a faint sound of someone's voice. He looked around, but realized he was the only one there. The faint sound came back. It grew louder and louder untill it was in his face. "Garon" "Garon" [size=4]"GARON" "GARRRRRONNNN" [/size][size=3]He looked up to see someone standing right in front of him. It was him but older! Long grey flowing hair, enlarged teeth hanging down to his chin, and as muscular as a bull elephant. He was wielding a large stone ax. As he lifted it into the air, Varskin looked into his future's eyes.[/size][/size][/font][/left]

[left][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]Anger. Those eyes told the entire story. It was pure anger. When the ax came down, the dream was already finished...[/size][/font][/left]

[left][i][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]This dream was trying to show him something, but he could not understand it. Perhaps it was because of what he was...[/size][/font][/i][/left]

[left][i][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]But he dismissed it and got ready for the new day at hand...[/size][/font][/i][/left]

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[B]OOC:[/B] Measurements are current metric system...centimeters, meters, kilometres etc. And currency is jin, like dollars.

[U][B]SadAngel and Sephy 07:[/B][/U] Would you please delete your posts from my RP. You haven't signed up in my recruitment thread and sign ups have closed. Thankyou.

[COLOR=Navy]Terra walked through the cave, as she progressed further in, the temperature got warmer. She kicked a rock with her foot and it rolled away, making grounding noises. Terra could feel Yuka's presence, it was large and powerful.

"I'm coming." she whispered quietly.

The path to the central chamber was long and winding, getting ever warmer as she got closer. Finally she was in the main area. It was hot. There was a large moat of lava and in the middle lay a large teal dragon.

Terra made her way to a section with small rocks set into the lava. She used the rocks as stepping stones and jumped to Yuka. She hugged the large dragon, only spreading her arms out on the large body of the dragon.

["Terra, I'm glad you have come...."] Yuka sighed mentally.
"Are you alright Yuka? Is something wrong?" Terra asked.
["No, no. I just want your company in these fading years..."] she said mystically.
"Don't say that Yuka. You're as fit as ever!" Terra said smiling.
["I wish...I've called you to spend some time with a dying dragon....I do hope you're not needed Terra..."] Yuka sighed.
"No, I'll stay as long as you want me to." Terra said, holding one of her claws.

Yuka took a shuddering breath.

["I must tell you something Terra."] the old dragon said.

Terra sat down cross-legged, holding the dragon's claw and listening intently. Suddenly the cave shook from a blast on the outside.

"Stay here Yuka!" Terra said, jumping up and hopping over the lava moat and running to the entrance.

As she ran she pulled out her ocarina, she played some urgent notes. She called for Sideria quickly. As Terra reached the exit, Sideria was landing. Terra jumped on and twirled her staff, pulling it in half to reveal her twin blades. Sideria took off to the skies. They saw a black shadow. They couldn't tell what it was but they sensed evil.

"Who are you?!" Terra yelled.

The figure just laughed evilly and disappeared. Terra was panting slightly from the sprint and playing the ocarina.

"Thanks Sideria. Stay here, I'll be out in a while. I need to tell Yuka that I need to go talk to the Priests in town about this new evil." Terra said, dismounting and putting her blades together back to its staff form.

Terra ran back into the cave where she knew a worried dragon was waiting. Terra entered the central chamber and told Yuka what had happened, then apologised because she had to leave and talk to the Priests and the elders.

["It's fine Terra, go do what you must do. We'll talk another time...hopefully."]
"Don't say that! You'll be fine and we'll talk again, longer next time." Terra said strongly.
["Yes, yes. Off you go now."] Yuka said waving a claw.

Terra smiled and dashed out of the cave again, jumping onto Sideria's back.

"Come on Sid, back to Glen Haven. Straight to the temple." Terra said pointing in the general direction of the town.

Sideria nodded and flapped her strong wings, lifting in to the air and shooting off towards the farming town.[/COLOR]

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[B][SIZE=1]Gavin entered the inn. As he was accustomed too, he thought he would find a run down little room with dirty tables and a greasy, fat, old fart for a innkeeper that would be very rude. In fact, though, it was quite the contrary. The common/dining room was very clean looking, he figured it was because of the barmaids that were currently scrubbing away at the tables. He was greeted by a friendly face, which he quickly surmised as the innkeeper. Gavin studied the man over, seeing that he was in fact a "larger" man, but was neither greasy nor old, perhaps middle-aged.

"Welcome to the Tea Kettle Inn, Sir Knight, what will be your pleasure?" the innkeeper asked.

Gavin smiled at the hospitality, it was something he had not received at many of the other roadhouses and inns he had visited. "I'll take whatever is hot and ready, with a mug of ale. I will also be needing a room for the night... perhaps several nights." Gavin said, remembering how his horse had lost a shoe, and needed to get re-shod.

"Certainly Sir, would you like to get your room after you have had your meal, or before?" The innkeeper asked politely.

Gavin thought this over for a moment, then felt his stomach clench in hunger. "I'll wait until after I've eaten, thank you Master....?"

The innkeeper smiled as he finished for Gavin, "Otik Waylan." Otik took Gavin's extended hand in a warm, friendly shake. Otik then lead Gavin over to a table, comfortably put next to a window, so that the guest could gaze outside as he waited.

A few moments later one of the barmaids arrived with Gavin's meal and ale. He studied the attractive burnette, watching how she moved. She had the grace of a feline, he noted. He also noted her voluptuous body, that her barmaid uniform did little to constrain. He sighed inwardly as she walked away. The temptation of the flesh was always after him it seemed. His heart would remain true to his queen, no matter what. The queen that had, against her wishes, exiled him to see the world.[/SIZE][/B]

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The freshly churned earth crunched rythmically under Arthas Lothar's boots as he strolled across the clearing, eyes not focused on the beautiful flowers that adorned the ground, nor the hearty trees that surrounded him, but the curled up figure that lay a number of metres directly in front of him.

The Paladin has spent several days hiking through the wilderness, and this was the first sign of humanity he had seen since he had passed a wandering caraven at the beginning of this particular part of his journey. It was not, however, the sign he would've particually liked to of stumbled across.

Coming to a stop over the motionless man, Arthas' eyes scanned the edge of the clearing, his right hand gripping his sword. Several seconds passed before he knelt down and gently rolled the man onto his back, one hand still holding onto the hilt of the gleaming blade.

"Can you hear me, Hunter?" The Holy Knight asked, as it was clearly what the man was. His weapons and choice of clothing left that obvious. "What attacked you?"

Gunter Vontig stared up at Arthas with dimmed eyes, a light gurgling the only sound issuing from his mouth.

"Relax," Arthas spoke calmly, while slowly resting a hand upon the source of Gunter's condition, his stomach. "Remain perfectly still, and I shall heal you."

But even as Arthas' hand began to glow, Gunter Vontig stirred, before leaning forward, and grabbing Lothar by the shoulders.

"Please, Hunter, relax! This injury is serious, and if I do not heal it now, you will die!"

But Gunter didn't follow the Paladin's wishes, and instead opened his mouth again, this time a single word becoming discernable:


Arthas paused, before pushing Gunter back onto his back, and focusing his energies into healing the Hunter's wound. But even now, he realised there would be no helping him now. Vontig had been hanging onto his life by a thread even when Arthas arrived, and now....

A minute later, Gunter Vontig's chest stopped moving, and Arthas Lothar slowly rose to his feet, eyes closed.

He had recognised that name. Though having never met the 'mysterious' Aleks, he was perfectly aware of man's (though was he one?) history. And of the bounty placed on Aleks, and the reasons behind it.

Sighing, Arthas once again scanned the edge of the clearing. His work was against evil, that of demons. But clearly, this Aleks was becoming a threat to all those who had the unfortunate luck of crossing paths. One way or another, he would have to be stopped.

"I am sorry, friend. I will ensure you get a burial. And that you are avenged."

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OOC: Just so everyone knows, rarely is Aleks' face distinguishable at all.

IC: Aleks and the girl walked along in silence, until they reached the town inn. Aleks glanced up at the wooden sign, creaking in the breeze. "The Tea Kettle Inn," it read, in an ornate, flowing script emerging from the carved kettle like steam. When they entered the inn, Aleks looked around, scanning the patrons. There were what looked like a few regular patrons, sitting at various tables, but the person that really caught Aleks' eye was the paladin sitting at the bar. He had a greatsword of an interesting design on his back and a short sword at his hip, but he seemed the type that would only fight if provoked.

"Hey Otik! Two bowls of stew and two mugs of ale!" shouted the girl, as they sat at a table.
"Sure thing miss Kel! Comin right up!" said the jolly-looking man behind the counter.
"By the way, my name's Keladry! What's yours?" asked the girl.
Aleks sighed a mournful sigh. "I would not trouble you with my name, as there are many people that would like to know such information. I'm afraid that you've shown kindness to the wrong person, miss Keladry. I'd hate for anything to happen to you."
Keladry looked interested. "What do you mean?"
"I am hunted by those that would do anything for the prize on my head, miss Keladry, including torture people that merely display some common courtesy to me. I am terribly sorry."
Keladry sat back in her chair. "Well, these hunters you speak of will find me no easy prey."
"I only hope, for your sake, miss Keladry, that you are right." Aleks stood up. "I thank you for your kindness, but... If anyone sees us talking... I must go." Aleks strode quickly out the door.
The innkeep looked up from the mug he was cleaning. "I'll just make it one stew and ale then, shall I miss Kel?"
Keladry stood up as well. "I'm going to follow him. I want to know his story." She left the Tea Kettle.

Aleks strode down the street, deep in thought. [I]It's been so long wandering. Perhaps I should settle down. This certainly would be the town to do it. Perhaps I could learn to like these people, and perhaps they would accept me for what I am...[/I] Aleks sighed. [I]And perhaps I'll sprout wings and fly to the new moon...[/I]

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OOC: I have been talking with Ohkami via PMs, and she has agreed to let me be the main bad guy.


The figure watched as Terra and Sideria left. He dropped the illusion that he had used to 'dissapear'. He had been creating the illusion that there was nothing in his location as he retreated far enough to be out of range of Sideria's acute smell and hearing. [i]Damn,[/i] he thought. [i]Wrong area. I still have no idea which cave to enter, and I cannot feel the dragon's location. Yuka hides herself well. At least I seem to have been quick enough to interrupt the two of them before Yuka was able to reveal it to her. She wasn't acting like one who had been told what Yuka would have said. So I still have more time. When she returns, I will be waiting. She'll lead me straigth to Yuka, and she won't even know that I'm here.[/i]

Seuneu, as usual, entered the town of Glen Haven very early in the morning. This time, he ran into the innkeeper Vaxla, who was up early. She was standing outside of her inn, getting some fresh air. "Hey, Seuneu," she said. "Still haven't grown bored here yet?"

"It's starting to happen," Seuneu replied, "but that doesn't matter. I'm afraid that I won't be here much longer, no matter what I want."

"Why not?"

"There are no arbitrary spirits," Seuneu explained. "Every one of us has a purpose, and I sense that mine will soon reveal itself. When that happens, I will have no choice. I must do what I must do, no matter what I actually want. My desires are irrelevent, Vaxla. So are everyone else's."

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=MediumTurquoise]The young farmhand ran out of the barn and across the field. He raced along the dirt track, down to the gate, and hopped over.
Inti Quena had just been sentenced to three months of pain and torture. He was to---
"Inti! What did we tell you?! Three months of double chores!" screeched the young boy's mother.
Okay, so he didn't have to suffer pain and torture, but he still had to suffer.
He ran down the road and into town. Glen Haven was known as a peaceful place, so Inti's family lived on the outskirts, where no one could here the screeching parents and shouting kids.

Inti had continued to run until he reached a small hill, near the temple, and had stopped exhausted. He now sat on a small chair shaped like a tree stump playing his magical wooden flute.
He didn't really know how to play it, he just blew into it and pressed his fingers over the keys so sound came out. Eventually, after a minute or two of jumbled notes, the sounds would run together and form a soothing or upbeat melody. Right now, Inti had reached the point where the notes melded into one song. It was the upbeat one. {think of Saria's Song, from Zelda: Ocarina of Time}
Just then, a dark figure passed by. He (or was it just a very masculine she?) was hooded, so most features were cloaked and practically invisible. The strange person was as dark as night, darker even, hidden in a shadow that almost enveloped him completely. The only discernable facial features were the person's eyes. They were a bright, blood red, and seemed to glow from under the hood.
"Hoy!" Inti called over to the person, who had glanced over at the young boy who had stopped playing his music.
The man just stood there and looked up at Inti, then turned and walked on.
"Wait up you!" the kid yelled, running down the hill. "What brings such a dark thing like you to Glen Haven?"
A hand shot out at Inti and grasped him by the neck. The grip was strong, but nothing meant to kill. Just to signal that discussion was not wanted.
The stranger let go and walked on.
Inti sat where he had been dropped.
[i]He's almost got as strong a grip as Danny. I'm glad my big bro tried to choke me so much, or that could have stopped me from breathing...[/i]
He got up and walked quickly up alongside the strange person.
"Sorry about that. I'm only 10 y'know. People sometimes tell me that I'm an annoying kid, but I don't mean no harm. I got told off for talking rude-like once before, by my mother. You don't want to get her angry, she'll give you chores for months...." Inti kept talking innocently, asking those questions little kids ask like, "Do [b]you[/b] live on a farm? 'Cause [b]I[/b] do." and "How many brothers have [b]you[/b] got? [b]I[/b] have five."
The poor stranger looked like he wanted to get rid of Inti ASAP. He just wouldn't shut up.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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OOC: Just found out this started. ^^; Just wanted to remind people, Isabelle has a French accent. And if you can't remember the name of the bakery, you can just call it the bakery. oO;;
Isabelle sighed heavily, leaning a flour-covered hand upon the empty counter. Her homemade candies, breads and cakes had lost their sweet aromas and were beginning to grow stale. Not a single customer had so much as peeked inside for the past few days.

"When Papa was here, [I]La Boulangerie DeFerias[/I] was one of the most prosperous businesses in town," she muttered to herself. "Am I doing something wrong, Papa? Am I wasting my time, trying to be like you?"

Isabelle glanced at the Help Wanted sign in the window and felt hopelessness wash over her. It was growing dark, so she decided to lock the doors and retreat to her room upstairs. It was too early for bed, so she knitted, occasionally glancing out the window into a night like any other. Many people were probably getting drunk or dancing until their feet were sore, while she remained away in her haven of loneliness.

[I]I can barely stay alive if I continue this business... I spend more money on flour than I make in a week. Maybe someday I'll find my true calling...[/I]

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OOC: Everyone is looking for an inn >.>;;;

As Leon walked on the dirt roads of the town, looking for an inn, he looked at goods at the open market. He was quit hungry, and he just wanted something to snack on. As he walked on, something green catcher his eye. As he looked over his back, he saw a girl selling light green apples. He slowly backtracked to the stand.

"How much are they?" he asked the girl eagerly but with respect. She was young, and had brown hair and light blue eyes.

"Two jins." she said happily. Leon put his hand into his leather pouch and pulled out two coins. He handed them to her, and picked up an apple.

"Thank you." he said with a smile, and walked off. He start to eat his apple, and it crunched in his mouth as he walked. As he walked by people selling hand made goods and fresh food, he spotted a sign that "The Tea Kettle Inn". He walked to the door, and as he entered a small [i]cling[/i] went off by a small bell.

"Can I have a room?" Leon asked a plump, middle-age man.
"Sure, here's a key." he said joyfully. Leon lefted six Jins on the desk, and walked off to his room after a thank you. As he put the key in the keyhole, he had a bad feeling. He started to remember his parents, how each of them died. His soul sunk down, when he remembered what he truly was wandering for. A warm tear rolled down his cheek, and he opened the door, closing it behind him.

Leon started to take off his armor, and removed his sword and placed them in the corner of the room. He walked to the bed, his leather boots making a low thunk sound on the oak floor. He then sat on the bed, which was solf and comfortable. He starred at the oak floor, thinking if it would be best if he stayed here. Maybe find a job. Just so he could forget.

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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman][center]OOC: What she said!

IC: Charity watched her friend leave, and instead of going back to bed, she dressed. Quietly she left the house, and closed the door behind her. She made her way down the street in silence, smiling at the few passerby.

Stopping in front of the inn, she gazed up at it. [I]Oh, why not.[/I] She went in, and went to an unoccupied table. A serving wench came up not long after, and Charity said softly, ?A mushroom and potato flan, please, and some cider.? The serving wench, Marissa, smiled, then disappeared into the crowd.

Charity gazed about the common room, and saw the innkeeper conversing with someone. He soon disappeared upstairs, where she knew the rooms to be. Soon Marissa arrived with her food, and disappeared into the crowd again.

The girls eyes spotted a friend. ?Kel!? She called. The girl turned, and grinned heartily, waving.[/color][/font][/size][/center]

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[I]This kid is testing my nerves,[/I] thought Aleks. [I]I'm not sure how much of this I can take...[/I] "What's your name, mister? Where do you come from?" Aleks' eye twitched from the strain. "What do you do, mister?" Aleks had had enough. Whirling around, Aleks unsheathed a wickedly sharp dagger. "I kill small children such as you!" Aleks roared. The child Inti made a small eeping noise and ran off. Aleks took a deep breath and heaved a sigh of relief. [I]That takes care of THAT annoyance.[/I] Aleks looked around. The street was deserted. [I]I wonder if there are any other inns in this town?[/I]

Otik Waylan, the innkeep, looked up from the perpetually dirty glass he was cleaning as the door opened. "Thought you didn't want to trouble us wit' yer presence?" The query was directed at the shadowy figure in the doorway.
"A room is all I ask," said Aleks.
"Room for the night is six jin, four jin each additional night."
Coins tinkled on the table. Otik set down a key. "Third on your left, good... er, sir."
Aleks hurried up the stairs. Unlocking the correct room, Aleks lay down on the bed and drifted into a fitful sleep.

It was a dream that was recurring more and more now.
[SIZE=3][B][Aleks...][/B][/SIZE] A powerful voice...
Aleks was standing in the middle of a battlefield. Armies on all sides rushed together in a suicidal frenzy.
"Who's there?"
[SIZE=3][B][Aleks...][/B][/SIZE] One tinged with... an intense sorrow...
The armies were converging at an alarming rate, with Aleks at the center
"Show yourself!"
[SIZE=3][B][Aleks...][/B][/SIZE] A voice that had endured countless suffering for endless years...
They met with a cataclismic clash, everywhere but a small pocket surrounding Aleks.
"What do you want?"
[SIZE=3][B][Aleks... Why?][/B][/SIZE] A sense of great remorse for... something...
The fighting was intense all around Aleks, and even as he watched, those that had fallen rose again to fight.
"Who are you? Why must you plague my dreams?"
[SIZE=3][B][Why have you become what you are now? What is the reason for all of this death you cause?][/B][/SIZE] Remorse... for what Aleks had become!
It seemed the bloodshed surrounding Aleks would never stop.
[SIZE=3][B][Aleks... Goodbye...][/B][/SIZE]
Aleks looked up just in time to see a great dragon. It cast Aleks a fleeting glance filled with such sorrow as Aleks had never known. It then flew off with a mournful roar.
"No! Don't leave me! Please!"

Aleks awoke with a start. [I]Something is amiss...[/I]

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[SIZE=1][B]"That'll be eight jin, Sir," Otik said. "Any additional night will be four jin. As you have probably figured by now, each meal is two jin, and up; ale included."

Gavin fished out the coins and handed them over. "I'll be sure to let you know by noon if I will be staying another night. Is that satisfactory?"

Otik smiled and quickly answered in the affirmative. Gavin smiled as he took up what little of his belongings he had and found himself a cozy little room. It wasn't much, a bed and a table with two chairs. It had a window, so it was very good.

He decided that it was too early to sleep, considering there was still quite a bit of sunlight out, so he went for a walk around the town. He saw a nice bakery that had some delicious looking items. Unfortunately, but perhaps, fortunately, for him it was closed. He decided that he wouldn't really need anything like that, it wouldn't do well for his health. Then he thought of all the ale he drinks.

"Damnation... it wouldn't really matter." Gavin sighed. He was tired, and the sun was starting to set. He returned to the inn, and retired to his room. Where he eventually had a peaceful night's sleep.[/B][/SIZE]

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Arthas Lothar sighed as he stared at Glen Haven from a distance. He had expected to of reached the town ages ago, but had been interrupted by a woman requesting help.

Well, of course he had jumped to her aid. He was a Paladin, after all, it was what he did. Except that the task presented to him was something better suited to a man who had time on his hands, not someone who was constantly on the search for evil.

Arthas shook his head slowly. No, he had done the right thing; the woman's little girl was missing in the woods, and he had helped look. The least the woman could've done before hand was actually make sure that the girl wasn't simply hiding at home first before sending him out.

Continuing his slow walk down the road, Arthas's thoughts drifted back to earlier in the day. By now Aleks' trail was surely cold. And it would seem unlikely such a person as wanted as Aleks would go into an inhabited area like Glen Haven... But still, perhaps someone there may've seen somthing. Anything. He would not waste time on querying every single person in the town, but maybe, just maybe, he could stumble upon something that would lead him to Aleks, and there would be one less danger for the people of Gaia to worry about...

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[COLOR=#ffffff][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]

[color=#300EC4]OOC: [/color] Starting to make a habit of being late aren?t I?
Anyways, this post starts just before Ohkami?s first, in the predawn hours, and finishes at noon the same day. Which, as far as I can tell, is not up to date with the thread?s chronology; I will add another post tomorrow to bring it up to speed. I?ve also made some changes to my characters; you can see them in the recruitment thread.

My apologies for my lateness and the above rambling. Please let me know if the colors of my posts are too hard to read, I?m not really good at judging that myself?


Having washed and dressed, Athen sat on the end of his bed. A weak flame swirled through the air, bathing the small room with its flickering warmth. The mailman had grown accustomed to his magick?s light, the luminance he had once found eerie. Tightening the buckles on his boots Athen jumped to his feet, clawing the air with his hands one last time before heading down stairs, the gentle sphere bobbing loosely after him.

The mailman tiptoed down the stairs and made his way into the inn?s kitchen. As usual he found his breakfast piled neatly on the bench in the center of the musky room. Unlike most of the establishment?s patrons, Athen was not required to pay for it?s services and got on well enough with the inn?s owner to organize a simple meal at this ridiculous hour.

Refreshed, fed and generally content Athen Faremont locked the front door behind him, his sphere the only source of light in the small village. Pausing to look at the creaking wooden sign he couldn?t help but smirk, he was surprised he still found the owner?s play on words humorous after so many visits. He was smiling broadly by the time he reached the road leading to Glen Haven, the Don?t Go Inn disappearing over the horizon.


It took two and a half hours to jog from the Don?t Go Inn to The Tea Kettle, a journey Athen made at least once a day, often wondering why the service didn?t employ dragons or even horses.

Crowned in its glory the eastern horizon disappeared behind the mailman?s back as he returned to Glen Haven. The post office was nestled in a corner of the Town Square, between the clock tower and Mr. Vicecourt?s shop, it could be reached from anywhere in the city in a few minutes.

A small fire was on the hearth inside, the postmaster dozing in a nearby chair. He had arrived several hours before Athen, as he always did. Careful not to wake his employer the young mailman made his way to the inbox to collect yester evening?s mail, there wasn?t anything to return this time; something unusual.

Ten minutes later he was back outside, heading to the first of many mailboxes dotted around the city, knowing the weight of his carrier bag would increase with each one. Three collections later the sun was starting to climb and Athen decided to begin his deliveries; it was easier to reach some people earlier rather than later.

[color=#300EC4]A Bright New Day[/color]

The sky was clear, the morning air fresh, and Athen was well into his deliveries when he came to the temple. Terra, a well-known resident, had been sent a letter this morning. It was from another province, the envelope was made from an exotic grass paper and covered in a gold print, many of whose characters Athen was unable to read. Somebody had deposited it in a mailbox in the eastern quarter of the town, probably another mailman to lazy to try and find the post office.

?Excuse me.? Athen found an elderly priest in one of the building?s numerous halls, this one seemed grander than the rest though and had a small fountain off to one side. ?I?m looking for somebody by the name of Terra, she is usually here at this time.?

?I?m sorry but you?ve just missed her, she had business to attend.? The sage replied politely. ?Is it urgent?? The elderly man?s demeanor eased Athen?s hesitations: ?No. But do you know where I might find her?? The old man paused in thought. ?I?m afraid not, she didn?t really say where she was going.?

?Thank you, and should you see her first please tell her she has a letter waiting at the post office.? With that he bid the temple farewell and continued his deliveries. The next was to Otik, owner of The Tea Kettle, a man Athen got along with quite well.

The air was fresh as he headed back into the heart of Glen Haven, fresh enough to slacken the mailman?s usually brisk pace. By now the merchants had set up their stalls and a small crowd was growing in the streets, as the town?s visitors did each day the festival drew closer. Exchanging a pair of jin for a luscious apple Athen took his time, something else he didn?t usually do.

A soft jingle and he was inside the building?s dank but cozy confines. The slowest part of the day for fresh business the inn?s staff was busy tending to the needs of their various tenants. Finding a stool at the bar Athen waited for Otik to appear before ordering his usual mug of warm milk.

?We?ll be damned ter day yer don? come in ?ere and order yer milk.? The burly tender poured Athen his milk while he spoke, leaning on the bench before continuing. ?Anyting ?appening out in ter world??

?Not really. Everyone?s pretty quiet, else they?re heading this way for the festival.? The mailman paused, turning his attention to the cooling mug in front of him. ?Got a letter for you actually.?

Withdrawing the letter a little too pretentiously Athen wavered it in front of his friend?s face. ?But first you got help me find this guy.? Otik raised an eyebrow at the mailman?s remark; it was unusual for him to withhold mail from any patron of the service.

?Well, well. Someone finally go? ter beat?? Otik smirked, leaning across the bar at escape his tenant?s prying ears. ?Who yer ?ter??

?Name on the package is Aleks. Haven?t been able find him though, best I got was he?s in the area.? Athen shifted the letter over and over in his hands. It was simple, as far as letters go, plain parchment envelope sealed with wax and an insignia. The signature itself wasn?t unusual but it was one that no one in the postal service was familiar with. A pair of dragons tangled around each other, fighting, with a broad sword stamped on top of them. Besides this the name Aleks was all that adorned the container, its paper had begun to yellow with age, this letter had been in circulation for a long time. ?I couldn?t return it to the sender if I wanted to. Nobody knows who it is. So I figure I had better deliver it.?

?I?m sorry mat? but I don? know ?ho this Alek guy is. Be sure ter keep an eye out for ?im though.? Athen smiled and downed the last of his milk before saying: ?Looks like I?m going to have to find myself a new ?trafficker? of information.?


It was a warm day in Glen Haven, the number of stalls growing with the day, especially around the Town Square. Athen knew there would be many times the amount there were now once the festival began. Everybody was looking forward to it, but that wasn?t anything unusual.

?Morning Mr. Vicecourt.? The mailman greeted The Curiosity Shop?s owner as he entered. He always enjoyed delivering the weirdly shaped, and often heavy, packages to the store. It was surprising some of the things Vicecourt had delivered by mail, and there was always something new lining the walls or heavy oaken shelves.

Today?s package came as a rather large pyramid. It wasn?t particularly heavy but it wouldn?t fit in the carrier bag, the postbox too apparently as it was taken straight to the office, and Athen had had to carry the awkward thing between the two; thankful it wasn?t far. It wasn?t really the shape of the parcel that made it difficult to carry. But rather it behavior: it wriggled and squirmed whenever it was moved, even screamed as it was brought between the two buildings.

?I believe its noon sir.? The lean man said with a smirk. ?Is that for me?? He nodded towards the package.

?Sure is.? Athen tore his eyes away from the walls. ?It screamed on the way over, I hope I didn?t do something to it.? He eased it onto the counter, surprised to hear it purring.

?No, no. I think it should be quite all right; it?s just not too fond of sunlight. That?s all.? Talon couldn?t help but chuckle as he answered. It was hard to believe the mailman was only a year younger than him. ?Are you looking for anything else today then sir??

Athen paused at the shopkeeper?s cocked eyebrow. ?Actually, I could use some more spell components.? He?d forgotten just how often he came in here, just how many mages came in here to replenish their magical supplies. ?It must be good, not having very much competition I mean.? He watched Talon come around the counter and cross to a nearby shelf as he spoke.

?Yes, but it?s a rather particular clientele if you know what I mean.? He snatched up a small pouch, answering the regular off handedly as he went. ?Still practicing those elemental spells?? He continued the conversation as he brought the pouch back to the counter.

?Yeah, my fire sphere has come a long way. It?s good not having to rely on lanterns all the time. Saves me a fortune in oil too.? He laughed and fumbled for his money pouch, remembering just how little he knew of the keep?s talents.

?That?ll be sixteen jin.? Talon dropped the small bag to the counter, before carrying the still squirming package into the storeroom. As usual it took the mailman sometime to count out the money, he didn?t seem too fond of having to deal with numbers. A trait the shopkeeper found most amusing, especially in a mailman.


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Kayin woke up after a clock in his home struck 8. [I]It's eight already. Guess I better get up and get something to eat.[/I] Kayin thought upon waking up. Kayin yawned and stretched and walked into his kitchen with his sleeping shorts and socks on. [I]Crap I forgot I needed to go to the store...I'll just go to a tavern.[/I] Kayin thought after noticing he was low on food.

Kayin changed into his pants and put on a shirt. He then studied his Shadow Sword and sheathed it, putting on his back, tied over his torso. He put his Ryu blade sheath under his belt and put on his jacket. Kayin headed outside in the direction of the tavern. Kayin looked around and made sure he had enough money for breakfast. He found enough for ham and eggs and walked toward the tavern.

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[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry if I've been lacking in posts lately, haven't really been going on much past 2 days. Sked, how do you do that picture thingy? You so need to teach me. No one except Takuya post about me/seeing me going to check on Yuka in the morning.
[COLOR=Navy]Sideria landed outside the temple. Terra got off quickly and thanked her forflying at extra fast speeds. She told Sideria to take a break, if she needed transport she'd probably call Dryoga.

Terra speed walked into the temple, making her way through the long halls. She checked the time, it was quite late. Soon she saw the doorway which was the entrance to the altar room. She entered.

The priests turned to look at who had come and frowned seeing that she wasn't in her robes. The High Priest whose name is Fadea [Fa(as in Far)-day-ah] walked towards her in his own robes.

"Why are you not in your robes, Terra?" he asked.

"I've just come straight from Yuka. Her cave was attacked by a dark shadow. Sideria and I saw it, we don't know who or what it is but we could feel evil coming off it." she replied.

"Sideria, as in your dragon?" a priest said mockingly, walking over.

"Yes, Sideria is my oldest friend here. I've had her since I was young and we know each other. Trust me, it was evil. And it knows Yuka's exact location." Terra stressed.

"The exact location? We need to check on her. But how? I'm not at liberty to leave and check her all the time." Fadea said.

"I'll check in on her." Terra said.

"Fine, but be careful." Fadea.

"Yes, yes. I'll visit everyday after doing the fountain in the morning." Terra said, running out of the room, then out of the temple.

Terra played a different tune on her ocarina and another dragon came flying in. It was a light blue and looked more wild then Sideria.

"Hi Dryoga. How are you?" Terra asked smiling.

["I'm fine, where are we headed?"] he asked, crouching so Terra could get on, because he was bigger than Sideria, even though he's younger.

"Town Square." Terra said, climbing on.

Dryoga flapped his large wings and they went flying to the main area that people bought stuff or sold stuff. It didn't take very long and Terra thanked the dragon. She walked into the inn and looked around. Kel, Charity and herself sometimes went there to talk and stuff. She spotted the two girls sitting at a table talking.

"Hey guys. Sorry I'm late." Terra panted, from all the running around she'd been doing. She lay her staff across her lap and ordered something to drink.

"What've you been doing?" Kel asked.

"I was at Yuka's, then we were attacked by some new evil, then I went to temple and told them, now I have to go there every morning to check on Yuka. I'm gonna be so tired, but I want to know what Yuka was about to tell me before we were attacked." Terra told them, taking a sip of her drink that arrived.

"What time'll you be back everyday?" Charity asked.

"Probably around 10 or 11."

They finished their food and drink and got up to leave the inn. They paid first and exited into the warm sunlight.

"Where to?" Terra asked, pushing her hands into her jacket pockets. She felt like getting out for the rest of the day, because most of her day had been inside. The temple and the cave had been quite stuffy.[/COLOR]

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Kayin had reached the tavern and saw a large blue dragon outside. [I]A dragon here?[/I] Kayin thought looking at the dragon.

["I'm simply waiting for a friend."] Dryoga said to Kayin.

"You heard my thought?" Kayin asked in curiousity.

["You must not know much about dragons, do you?"] Dryoga replied.

"Not really...Except for that one...Sorry to disturb you." Kayin apologized. His stomach growled loudly, "I almost forgot why I was here. See you, dragon." Kayin entered the tavern and took a seat at the bar. "I'll have the ham and eggs." He sat and waited for his food to come and studied his surroundings. He noticed a few others at the other end of the bar. He looked behind them and saw three girls talking. [I]I wonder which of these people here are the dragon's friend he's waiting on...[/I]Kayin thought to himself.

Kayin's food had been ready while he'd been thinking about it. Kayin turned back around to the counter. "Crap...Oh well." Kayin casted a spell and his food heated back up instantly and he began eating. [I]Crap...Hot...but it's still good food...[/I] he thought after burning his tongue. Kayin watched as two of the men at the bar left and he watched the dragon still in wait. [I]Must be one of the three girls behind me that he's waiting for...but which one...?[/I] Kayin asked himself.

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