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Baron Samedi

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[SIZE=1]"OMG, mY l1f3 suxx sooo000ooo badd rite now mY Gf dUMpedD ,me i thINk alL GiLrs are EVIL!1!!"

Just kidding.

How close are you relationships with everybody else? How well do you get on with your parent(s)? Your friends? Your siblings? Your teachers?

I think you can tell a lot about a person by who they relate to in their life, and who they value the most, and respond the best to. Include anyone that you can think of, coaches, strangers, girlfriends/boyfriends, principals... the list is endless. Well, almost.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]I'm much closer to my Mum than my Dad. Me and my Mum can talk about anything, and it's, in general, a very good relationship. With Dad though, everything is strained and we rarely [i]talk[/i]. It's kinda sad really. _^_

With my siblings I'm better with my step sister than brother, but that's still not great. I can't handle children, lol. They're nice kids... usually... but eh. I just can't cement any real bonds with them. It's likely cause of their age but meh. lol Or it could be because I'm very much like my mother's family - a family which hates physical contact and emotional displays - and they're like Dad's (the opposite).

How my parents ever got together is amazing. o.O;;

That said, people I really trust get to see a more affectionate side of me, that likes the warmer side of things but eh... none of those people are family, lol. [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I honestly don't have any real friends but my best friend Anthony, I've known him my whole life (we're cousins) I am also homeschooled which is a BIG factor in my social life. But as far as famliy goes we are all very close, my father tends to keep his emotions bottled up at times (I've never seen the man angry, not once!), but thats really it. I don't make friends easy either, I used to go to church but all the kids there were stupid and preppy, my mom finally left the church my dad still goes though. I am so thankful for Anthony I can honestly tell him anything, thats what best friends are truely for I guess. :animesmil
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I'm very close with my sister. She has to be one of the closest people to me, though she's out of the house and living on her own (her being 21 and me being 17). But whenever she visits, we're constantly together and doing things. I have a great time with her.

I'm also pretty close to my friend John who is a senior (I'm a Junior). We understand each other so well we don't have to explain anything and the other knows what the one means. The madness!

I'm close to everyone, I guess. I'm a very attachable person XD
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I actually get along really good with my family. Its my friends that I have problems with. As a matter of fact those stupid jackasses are not my friends anymore. Its been years since I haven't seen. They don't even try to look for me anymore. I'm always the one that has to look for them. I had female friend who always ignores me. She only talks to me whenever she feels like it. I try to say hi to her but she just keeps walking alone like nothing happened only to embarrass me in front of my cousins. All that I can say its that she's crazy.
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I love my family. I am very lucky to have a family that does love each other. Just tonight my parent's picked me up from my house and took me out to dinner since my husband is on a business trip. They didn't want me to eat dinner by myself. They were worried that I was lonely. I absolutely love my parents.

My older brother and I are close as well. He stops by and I feed him a decent meal every now and then. He is a bachelor living on his own so he rarely gets a well balanced home cooked meal. We are only 2 years apart in age and when we were younger we would fight. But as adults we are very close. He even checks up on me to make sure I am ok.

As for friends, I am blessed in that department too. Online or off I have a wonderful group of friends who care and support me. I love going out with friends and meeting the friends I have made online. I am always willing to give a helping hand to any of my friends since they do the same for me.

Now my very best friend in the world is my husband. We do tons of stuff together. Vacationing, playing games on the PS2 or just sitting around. No matter what we are doing as long as we are together it is fine. I am very lucky to have such a great guy in my life. My family love him too...I am really lucky they all get along.

The relationship I share with my friends and family means more to me than anything else in this world. They have given me such support and love that I will eternally be grateful.
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[quote name='Baron Samedi][SIZE=1']"OMG, mY l1f3 suxx sooo000ooo badd rite now mY Gf dUMpedD ,me i thINk alL GiLrs are EVIL!1!!"[/SIZE][/quote]
[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]"OMFGZ!!!11 U r iz t3h Lo5er!!1!! GuYZ r dum!!"

I'm kidding too.

Anyway, unfortunately I haven't been the most fantastic friend and so now all I have left is associates.. everywhere. Just to make it clear, I'm not a backstabbing "EVIL GiLr" that treats my friends badly. I just don't make the effort to keep up the relationships. Online friends are somewhat the same, I talk to them but I don't really talk about anything with meaning anymore. There just isn't that closeness I use to feel when I really found them enjoyable company.

At the moment, I'm quite close to my mum, y'know we go out together and hang out in general but we're not so close that I'd tell her my problems. My older brother is a poopie person therefore I've been treating him poopily as of late, I guess the mutual "let's not talk unless necessary" beats arguing everyday like we use to..lol.

And lastly, most of my teachers know me however I do have one teacher I run into occassionally who has the habit of asking if I'm alright. It's nice to let on one or two things to her since it's a less biased point of view.

Hmm.. from the looks of things I haven't been very sociable as of late.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]My family has frequently been likened to the Brady Bunch and I find that a little disturbing. I prefer the Cosbys myself.

With that said, though, we all get along really, really well. I love my brother (15) and sister (18) to death and we all talk regularly (Jen actually goes to the same school I do so I see her all the time). When we're all at home together we have a great time just hanging out, playing cards or darts or video games, going to movies, going bowling... the list goes on. The same goes for my parents, actually... my dad still plays video games from time to time, heh. ^_^;

I can't say that I have a better relationship with either one of the siblings because one is male and one is female and that, among other things, makes a difference. Me and Jen are very close in age and we get along amazingly well. Most people comment on how weird that is. It's not like we don't fight, but now that we don't live with each other it makes a huge difference, heh (which I guess can also be said for the whole family). We're both nerds, although she's a math and science nerd, but we like writing and reading and movies and sports and we have a lot of the same tastes in just about anything but guys, so it works out really well. lol

My brother is the kind of kid that can pretty much do anything, but he's very into journalism and theatre like I was in high school. I feel like Matt and I are a little more outgoing and easy going and we both enjoy a very quirky sense of humor (read: we're also very dorky and goofy and we love to show it off). And despite the fact that I'm like four and a half years older than he is, he's taller then I am and sometimes that results in me being tossed around like a potato sack. But I am still the older sister and I make sure he remembers that. ^_~

I've always gotten along pretty well with my parents but I think college makes a huge difference in that relationship especially. Thinking about how much more mature I am now then when I was a senior in high school is ridiculous, and I think that helps a lot because I feel like I understand them a little more. I think that I have more in common with my dad, though. He was also an English major, and he's very into Shakespeare and literature and music. I can talk with him for hours about anything, and I probably tell my dad the most stuff out of anybody in the family (beside my dog, but she's gone now T.T). We've also come to regard religion and spirituality in the same light, which is both amazing (because let's just say our views aren't exactly orthodox) and not surprising (because he is, after all, my dad).

My mom, though. As much as I love and respect her, we've had our struggles over the years, and I kind of feel like there are still a lot of issues there to be resolved, but that's another story entirely. In high school we argued all the time because I was a punk and I sucked. At the same time, though, I'm the oldest kid in the family and I was the only one who would stand up to both of my parents (and some aspects I still am) and I think that also kind of strained our relationship because I had to say things I didn't want to say. I think she understands that now, but it really sucked then. I also procrastinate a lot, but I was much worse back then and my mother is the opposite of that, and that is not a good mix. There are other, more personal problems now that I have to sort out on my own before I can even think about talking to her. But with all of that said, we do get along really well, heh. She's very intelligent and I get a lot of my liberal tendencies from both her and my dad. She's as into books and movies as the rest of us and, of course, has a very goofy streak. Above everything though, my mom gave up her career for me and became a stay-at-home mom, and she has been active in every phase of my life since then, from girl scouts to the PTA to thespians and everything in between, and I admire her so much for that.

So, yeah. My family gets along smashingly well. We're not picture perfect at all, and there are definite problems, but we can handle those because we both like and love each other and that's what family is all about anyway. They're the most important people in my life. ^_^

Edit: Alan, I'm still trying to get over your name/gender changing abilities... o_O;[/size]
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I get along with my family pretty well. We're all pretty different from each other, but I think that makes our relationships with each other more interesting. I don't think that I can imagine us all liking the same things, hanging out together all the time, and whatnot. That would be too weird for words lol.

When I was about my brother and sister's age, I was an absolute prick. I was mean, surly, and I barely had anything to do with my siblings at all. My brother's going through that stage right now, though I don't think that he's nearly as bad as I was lol. Any time that he annoys me, I just remember how much of a jerk I was. He's a good kid, overall. He has a really, really bizarre sense of humor...it's like a really cheesy version of my humor, haha. My sister doesn't think he's very funny at all, but he's cracked me up a couple of times. He can be pretty funny when he tries. He's also a good video game buddy, and we have a lot of fun shouting random things during Smash Bros. matches.

I like my sister a lot. I don't think I was a very good big brother to her at all for a long time, but hopefully I'm doing better now. It's honestly sort of amazing how well and how gracefully she's handled a lot of the situations that just frustrated me to no end when I was her age. She's a really hard working girl, she's a genuinely nice person, and she puts up with all of the dorky comments my brother and I make all of the time. Plus, she's fun to talk with, and she is seemingly involved with at least a million amusing things at school every day, so she has a ton of great anecdotes. I wish my life were as exciting as her's is. :(

My parents are cool. My dad and I look a lot alike (I look [i]exactly[/i] like he did when he was my age), and he's gotten me into a lot of the stuff that I like. Our personalities clash on occasion, though. He's a hard working, conservative, traditional kind of guy, and I'm, well, not that lol. Despite our differences in personality, though, we've always gotten along well, and he's never made me feel like I have to follow in his footsteps, or something - he's more about letting me grow up on my own and letting me become my own man. I respect him for letting me make my own decisions, and I respect him for being a really hard working guy.

My mom is where I get most of my personality from, though she's a lot more talkative than I am. We both have a very strange sense of humor, though I'm pretty certain her's came about because she grew up in a really weird family lol. Some of the stories she tells from her youth are just hilarious. I'm laughing right now just thinking about them, haha. Plus, she's always been very honest with me and everyone else - I'm always confident that when I'm talking with my mom, I'm not getting any ******** from her. Also, she's been through so much crap in her life, and the fact that none of it has made her bitter at all makes me respect the hell out of her. She's gone through tons of physical and emotional stress, but she doesn't let it get to her. I think that's a big reason why I try to keep a cool head about any bad situations I'm in, because my mom has been through far worse than I have, and she's made it through just fine. So, I suppose the most important gift I've gotten from my mom is the gift of perspective.

Lastly, we all like each other so much that we make fun of each other constantly. I always say that everyone on here and on myOtaku sucks at making fun of me, and it's true. I've been burned about a hundred times worse by family members lol. Maybe it's because we all know each other so well. What's best about it is that it rarely gets personal (because we all know where to draw the line), and nothing bad comes from it. It's just a bunch of family members being blatant jerks to each other - what's not to love about that? :D
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[size=1][b]Heh...this may be difficult...[/b][/size]

[b] Many of my friends are dead now, and the remaining ones have drifted apart...a[/b][b]ll except the two close friends that I have left... who, by some twisted fate, have both fallen in love with me.:animeangr I have no idea[i] why[/i], as I'm really not that great...and t[/b][b]his complicates both friendships, no matter what I do to keep things the way they were...[/b]

[b]I love my friends dearly, and I will always be there for them... but I find it hard to keep them too close to my heart, as I've had to say goodbye forever to too many of my friends already. When it seems like everyone that gets close to you ends up dead, you develop the tendency to distance yourself a little...[/b]

[b]And, as far as my family goes, I love them all beyond what words can express. A lot of my artwork is done in tribute to them, and three of my tattoos (so far) are tributes to family... the "mom" and "dad" kanji- (okasan and otosan?) on the backs of my upper arms, and the sleeve that I'm currently working on in tribute to my brother. So far, I've only got the Jolly Roger on the back of my hand done for that one, but I've been drawing the rest of it up for the last couple of months, and will have one of my friends ink most of it on for me...probably the one who did the Jolly Roger, though both of my friends are extremely talented tattoo artists...and finish the rest of it myself (shouldn't be too difficult, as it's not on my dominant side...:D ).[/b]

[b]My brother has been my best friend and fellow pirate-ninja for my entire life. He and I grew up like twins- the same grade and everything- and we raised eachother when my parents were too ****ed up to do it themselves. [/b]

[b]He is my strength when I have none... and my beacon in the darkness when I've lost my way. [/b]

[b]He and I would not have survived our childhood if we hadn't had eachother... which is why my tribute to him will be an entire sleeve, compared to a simple kanji for each of my parents.[/b]

[b]I love my family, but it's been a healing process to let them back into my life... I'd still lay my life down for any of them, though- regardless of past hurts and traumas...[/b]
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I'm pretty close to my family, but things have been pretty annoying lately. They are constantly wanting family time every night of the week and if we skip a night we have to do something extra because accordding to them: "We haven't had a night like this in a long time". They want to do these things because I will be leaving for college soon. But they still have another year I mean I'm still a junior! It makes me so..I don't know ...nutty. :animestun And my brother has been getting a lot of things like a new go-cart, a new flat screen TV, a scooter, and some unidentified vehicle that sits in the front yard. :animesigh But maybe there is a reason and I'm going to be the last to know. I know I should charish these things, but c'mon I need I little space to breath! But me and my boyfriend are pretty close but since he lives like 2 hours away it's hard to see eachother a lot. I sure if it was meant to be, things will work out. :love: :D
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