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POLL: What type of RPGs appeal to you?


What kind of RPGs do you post in?  

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  1. 1. What kind of RPGs do you post in?

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[color=Navy]Haha, that's easy.

I love [b]Fantasy[/b] RPs, the reason why is just because it's a time that you can leave the real world for a while and pretend, which is what I also do when reading Fantasy books, which is the only genre I ever read.

Another type I don't mind is [b]Romance[/b], though the ones that are posted never really get up and running.

Anyways, hope that helped for your market research.
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I have pretty much same reasons as Sakura about why I like [B]fantasy[/B] games the best.

The reasons I'm not so keen on for example [B]action[/B] and [B]sci-fi [/B] rpgs is that I know so very little about guns and technology etc. In fantasy everything is made possible - one can move between dimensions and time, cast fireballs and wield a three-foot sword without having to explain it with anything other than "it's magic".

[B]Romance[/B] doesn't appeal to me as such, mainly because they seem so fake and pretentious ("Oh, I fell for him at first glance!!!") I don't think there has been that many games about romantic relationships at these boards anyway, or maybe I just haven't look hard enough.

However, what I do like is plotting, and I'd love to participate in a game that would occur for example in a Renaissance-style court with cunning lords and treacherous ladies. IMO, plot-twists are the salt of roleplaying games.

[B]Real life[/B], as fantastic it may be, doesn't do much for me either. I'm just not a very realistic person, although I have a scientific world-view. To me, magic happens inside peoples minds, and it should be spread wide and far, wether it be by writing about it or playing it out in a game.

[B]Anime[/B]... hmm, tricky. I adore anime style, but again the problem is my little knowledge about the issue. I've only seen a few movies, watched a few shows and played a few games. Not tons of them, like so many of you.

Well, this is an interesting little thread you created Reiku, but why didn't you post your own opinion? It seems to me that in many forums people who start polls often forget to speak their own mind.
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Well, my simple favourit is Fantasy, simply because well... Basically what has been said before lol.

I love action RPGs because they are rather simple and rely more on shallow fighting and not so much deep plots. Don't get me wrong, I love a good plotline, but fact is I find making one tedious and somtimes annoying. I just love writing about stories where you pick up your AK and blow away forty guys for no apparnt reason. :cool:

I also love Sci Fi because you get alot of freedom. You can just say "Well, I flew up to the balcony using my hyper-tronic super-licious hover boots, and then blasted the three super-evil-space-kaggigers with my BFG. Life is good" I also know alot abut sci fi tech, and enjoy inventing new ones :)

Romance and other such deep and rather corny genres just bug me. I think they're tedious and tacky, and boring, frankly. Anything without some head-explosions just don't appeal to me. I also don't like real life because... Because that's what you RP to escape from. Coz real life sucks.
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I chose action because I've only joined one RPG so far, and it's [i]gotta[/i] fall under "action", being that it's about pirates.

I will definitely do some sci-fi in the future, though-- no question about that.

I may be enticed into a real-life one, as well-- if I find one that speaks to me...

Why, huh?

Action-- because it's action. I love adventure and action--what more can I say?

Sci-fi-- um... I'm nerdy enough to have a Star Wars reference as my custom title... 'nuff said...:animesmil

Real life-- because I study the world and I think I have a pretty unique perspective on it -- it would be fun to play around with the randomness of real-life circumstances.
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I'm particularly fond of [b]comedy[/b], just because I'm... well... I'm me :P Though comedy RPGs tend to get a little disoriented, if you get the right people and it's set up correctly, it can go places. I'm still on a mission to make an actual comedy RPG that gets somewhere. XD

I also like [b]Fantasy[/b] because it opens to so many possibilities. But I'm rather picky here too. I don't just join any ole fantasy RPG. I make sure it has somewhere it can go and have a focused plot. Not to mention the fact that most fantasy RPGs I see are cliche. We need to get our original minds pumpin'.
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[color=#B0251E]When I think "fantasy", I don't really think of the traditional medieval setting. If that's what you mean by fantasy, then I would say I rarely join that type of RPG. They tend to be very cliche.

I'm more interested in "fantasy" as in, something completely wild and otherworldly -- whether it's a crazy Beatles time travel adventure or Wonka gone wrong. (I wish I was interested in The Beatles; that Beatlemania RPG looks so interesting).

Most of all, I'm interested in concepts that feel fresh and interesting. I tend to like RPGs that are set in the future or in sci-fi settings, [i]but[/i] with some exceptions, I don't tend to be interested in the regular sci-fi stuff.

So yeah. If you can do something original and unique, you've got my attention (regardless of genre).

I'd still like to see a completely untraditional romance RPG (Kill Adam has pretty strong romance, at least, moreso than any other RPG I ever made -- and it's pretty untraditional, lol). So romance and stuff isn't [i]bad[/i], it's just that I never like the way people apply it.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Personally? I like scifi, in that with scifi you can do things like create a government department that monitors the flow of time, or a starship that can travel to distant worlds, and you don't have to rely on the old, "Well....it's magic!" response to why you can do that. It's more believable, and you don't have to put [I]that[/I] much thought into it.

Another favorite is fantasy-with-a-twist. Does your RP have elves? Give them machine guns. Make them gangsters. Give your dragons inferiority complexes...anything is better than "Villian 'X' is trying to take over the world! A motley crew of heroes must stop him". While this is entertining in it's own way, it does not really make me want to join.

I also like historical/realistic. Not necessarily "normal" realistic - playing a teenager in high school, or who has just graduated, has very little interest to me, due to the fact that I really [i]did[/i] just graduate. However, if it's historical, it gives me a chance to do something I never would get to/want to/have to do in real life.[/COLOR]
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Hmmm I like basically any RPG that catches my eye or tickles a fansy. It's usually one that's pretty original or just plan out there in terms of the norm Rpgs I see.

However, I feel that once in a while I like to join a cliche Rpg just to reminice about the times when they weren't so....predictable...Plus I like to see if I can spice them up a bit. ;)

My favorite would have to be hmmm well a mix between fantasy and Sci-Fi...so like Ozymandius said...have some elves...but give them machine guns...or better yet...plasma rifles.
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[size=1]I voted for all of them. I doubt that's very helpful, but I guess it just goes to show how easy I am. Er, easy to please.

[b]Fantasy[/b] has always been one of my favorites just because of the wide variety of ideas that go with it, as James pointed out. Fantasy doesn't necessarily have to have magic or faeries or dragons in order to work, but generally my favorite ones are the kind that explore different ideas about magic and spirituality... those are fun.

I'm also very fond of [b]sci-fi[/b] although I feel like there aren't a whole lot of those kind here. Or at least, not in the way that I'm thinking of. But I get a huge kick out of imagining the kinds of things that we can do and create with technology, both the good and the bad. Most of the sci-fi I've seen around here have always been based off of a pre-existing story, which is a nice start, but I'd love to see somebody come up with something original and awesome.

Along the same lines, I don't think that [b]real life[/b] gets a lot of attention. I guess that also depends on what you define "real life" as. Usually it's combined with fantasy or has unrealistic aspects to go with it, but there have been a few historical fictions things done that were pretty awesome. You definitely don't see a lot of RPGs tackling every day issues and that's also a little disappointing because I think people write most strongly when they write with experience. ^_~[/size]
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