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Kill Game [M-VLS]

Guest Sean

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[b]And you know what that bastard did? The ****** shot him, right in front of my god damn eyes.[/b]

[I]Woah, what a story?[/I]

[b]Yeah it is, isn?t it. There, he left me with no family, and I was stuck to bring myself up.[/b]


[b]You bet my *** that it was?I was only 10 at the time[/b]


?NO! Please don?t? my mother screamed, she ran up to the man, hitting his back softly, effecting him none, she began to cry. The panting of a dog vibrated around the room, finally a gun shot ended it, I screamed out, but there was so much commotion going on that no-one heard. I sighed from relief.

?Kill him?now? said a deep voice, a tear drop fell from my eye, hitting the wooden floor with a thud, swinging noises could be heard, and more grunting, they must be after my father. But I can?t stop it, I can?t do anything to stop them.

Finally the swishing noises finished, and a loud thud, the bed bounced slightly, and I hid behind the wardrobe, keeping me away from the violence. And I can see his face, looking over at me now, but I can?t go out, my mother told me to stay here until everything was quiet. Blood was dripping down his face, eyes crying out for help, but sill telling me to stop and stay.

I can?t bear it much longer, the pain, the hurt, what am I to do, apart from turn around and sob to myself, hidden from the chaos, only slight gaps. Sitting on my own, behind the barrier of wood and metal, protected in one way, but hurting in every other.

The sound of a gun, it?s being loaded, and cocked, it?s so loud. But not, it?s quiet, apart from sobbing noises, I can?t go out yet, I just can?t, it?ll be over soon?

--End Flashback--


[b]Damn right, grown up on my own ever since?well not entirely true[/b]

[I]Not entirely?[/I]

[b]Yeah, Vince came into my life?great guy, shame I was made to kill him[/b]

[I]Had to kill him?[/I]

[b]He was my last target before I got out[/b]

[I]Got out of what?[/I]

[b]Let me tell you then, give me a chance, christ[/b]


?Now, this guy has taken our stocks, he?s our target, and he leads the Tokyo Underworld, do you think you can take him??
The answer was obvious, if anyone of them showed the slightest hint of fear, or worry then they were exiled from the group, soon killed by a fellow member later.

?Now, you and Vince have history, can you take him??

--End Flashback--

[b]I laughed and gave a nod, my mind was straining to shout out and confess to the group of what I had done, what I was planning to do, but I couldn?t, so I stayed quiet. Then killed Vince?s sorry ***, a job?s a job, and when I got paid I was on the last flight that night from Tokyo to Melbourne.[/b]

[I]So, they came after you?[/I]

[b]Yeah, the bastard came after me, and I was ready, with my ?own? little group, they all had there personal piffs with his little ?Assassination Squad? the bastard got more than he bargained for[/b]

[I]Please tell[/I][/CENTER] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Kill Game is a role-play based off the film Kill Bill, based in the not so distant future, where our weapons now are weapons then. And it will show the story of a group of assassins who hate one man, and there want to kill him, and his group of professional killers.

The man (who?s name has to be decided) ordered his group to kill a good friend of one of the killers, she did just that, and ran from the man, growing a burning hate for him, and deciding something should be done about him. Thus she created her own group, whom she named the ?Black Vipers? armed to the teeth with Japanese steel.

This RP will contain the Black Vipers who plan on the assasination of the man, and his group, named ?Nanashi X?. It?ll be down to the players to who prevails in this battle, I?m not going to push into a definite ending. The man and Nanashi X can win, or the Black Vipers, it?s your call. Choose your role, and play it well.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]And for the sign-up. What can I say, this will be a normal sign-up, but I have to beg you for it too be extremely detailed, I don?t know how many sign-ups I?ll get, but I want to be able to know your character, know the way the feel in situations. And most of all I want to pick it, if it?s detailed, I will want to pick it, simple as that. But I?ll get on with putting up the sign-up sheet.

Name: You can keep your name private, and reveal it later on, if you wish.

AKA: Your ?nickname?, what you?re name is when working.

Age: 21+

Gender: Whoo! Anything you want, Male/Female/ It? Whatever.

Appearance: A drawing/photo/.etc


Biography: Your characters life up to meeting the girl, or your life working with the man

Weapon: Anything will do, as long as it?s a melee weapon.

Alliance: Who you team with - Black Vipers/Nanashi X[/SIZE]
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hi again
Name: Namiko (Last name unknown)

AKA: Flowergirl

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: *see attachment* Namiko wears that school uniform most of the time to look like a helpless little girl.

Personality: Namiko is a very down to earth girl. But when you get on her bad side you better wish your sorry *** was never born. She will literally take your hear out and feed it to her plants. But, you can say she is a very nice person?after she has killed you.

Namiko is very girly-girl hence her call sign, Flowergirl. She likes stuffed animals and flowers. When Namiko walks into the Hello Kitty store she threatens to kill the clerk behind the counter if she doesn?t find out where the latest stock of Hello Kitty erasers are located. (lol, sounds like someone I know)

Biography: Namiko went to school for most of her life due to strict Japanese parents. When she graduated from school she went off to train in martial arts at the Martial Arts Institution of Tokyo, Japan. She studied for 4 years and went to more than 90 tournaments winning gold every time. Namiko became one of the best martial arts fighters in the world.

It all came down to one tournament, in Kyoto, Japan as she recalls. The fight went on for 20 minutes right on the dot. The twentieth minute pierced the clock and the opponent dropped to the floor. People started to cheer but the opponent did not get up.

The paramedics rushed over and claimed the opponent dead. People started booing Namiko and she rushed out of the building. But somebody was waiting for her. A feminine figure stood there and they exchanged a few words.

?I like the way you fight. Please work for me? pay is handsome?? Namiko stood there and decided to go along with this mysterious woman who hid in the shadows. Who was the woman? Who knows at least Namiko would get paid for her fighting ability.

She began to train with a stell ball and chain. Shown in picture.
Weapon: Ball and Chain
Alliance: Black Vipers
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]This looks really good, Treno. I must have a go!

[B]Name:[/B] Undisclosed as of yet

[B]AKA:[/B] Sidewinder

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] attached

[B]Personality:[/B] Sidewinder has an incurable terminal disease of the blood, so he takes insane risks when fighting or following a target, and enjoys them a lot. He sees his situation like this: he is dying, so he might as well try new things. Unlike most other people, however, these "new things" include jumping between buildings just to see if he can make it. He is a daredevil, and will take any job as long as it involves high risks to his life. Strangely, though, he always seems to come out of these missions alive, which angers him greatly. He becomes serious when he goes into his past, though.

[B]Biography:[/B] The man known only as Sidewinder has a painful history. His father was an abusive alcoholic drug dealer. He used to stand on street corners and then get young, innocent women to take cocaine. Eventually, once they became addicted to the substance, he would take them back to his apartment, rape them, and kill them. One woman became addicted to cocaine and was taken back to his flat, where she was raped. However, she was a pretty one, and so he didn't want to let this one go. After he raped her, he took her prisoner in his flat, not letting her out and systematically coming home drunk to abuse her. She eventually became pregnant, and somehow the baby survived the routine abuse and was born nine months later.

Sidewinder's father then took to beating this child as well as abusing his mother. Eventually Sidewinder's mother died from a massive overdose of coke. His father didn't care, though, and he carried on his filthy business. The child grew older, learning to expect the punishment from his father, and he saw many more women come into the house and be raped by his father. He grew older still, and when his father was out, he practiced fighting, until one day, his father came home from the bar, completely drunk, and was about to hit the boy again, when the now 15-year-old fought back, beating his father to death.

As he stood there, his father's blood dripping from his fists, he became aware that he could not stay there any more. He ran, taking to the streets. He slept in doorways for a year, until he slept in the doorway of a martial arts dojo. The man who owned the dojo came out, furious at the child for defacing his dojo. He took a swing at the child, who dodged the blow. The man was impressed, and took him into the dojo. He stayed there for many years, becoming an extremely proficient fighter. He studied in ninjitsu, a martial art based mainly on stealth and assassinations with a sword. He became a black belt within a few years and then went on to study various other martial arts, such as wushu. He soon became a black belt in many different martial arts, and combined them all to create his own new fighting style.

A few years ago, at a routine medical check-up, the doctors found that Sidwinder had a disease of the blood, which would kill him within the next ten years, definitely. Sidewinder took this news surprisingly well, and vowed to live his life to the fullest from now on. He also began to take insane risks, endangering his life at every opportunity, just to keep his skills sharp.

One day, not too long ago, a girl walked into the dojo and challenged Sidewinder. He accepted, and they fought for hours without stopping. She was almost as skilled as Sidewinder was. After they fought, the girl offered Sidewinder a position in her new assassination squad, the Black Vipers. He saw no reason not to accept, and so he did. A little after she made this offer, another group of assassins destroyed his mentor's dojo and killed his mentor. He managed to kill one of them before they got away, and has now sworn revenge on the others.

[B]Weapon:[/B] A katana (picture attached)

[B]Alliance:[/B] Black Viper

(Phew! I hope that's detailed enough for you, Treno!)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[left][font=Verdana][size=2][color=black][b]OOC: Nice, Treno. I've been waiting for this since you told me about it. Hope that the sign up's ok. [/b][/color][/size][/font]

[color=navy][font=Verdana][size=2][b]Name: [/b]Lai Rumiko[/size][/font][/color]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]AKA: [/b]Sakura

[b]Age: [/b]22[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Gender: [/b]Female

[b]Appearance: [/b][color=navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"][color=#0000ff]Here[/color][/url], keep her goggles but replace her clothes with a [/color][color=#000080]forest green button up shirt with pink cherry blossoms embroidered on the bottom right side of the shirt, and creamish white cargos [that's her usual get up, but usually wears black clothes when doing assignments].[/color] [color=navy]She also wears [/color][url="http://img169.exs.cx/img169/8239/rensq0241p028uv.jpg"][color=black]this[/color][/url][color=navy] pendant and [/color][url="http://img169.exs.cx/img169/5079/rensq0247p0101026ez.jpg"][color=black]this[/color][/url][color=navy] ring.[/color]

[b]Personality: [/b]Lai prefers to be alone than with other people, unless she's very close to them, which is very rare. She enjoys being the loner and is usually found in the place where the coolest breeze and the best view can be found.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2]She's short tempered and can quickly blow her fuse when aggitated by people.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2]Lai enjoys sitting outside and taking in the simple pleasures of nature, and doing gymnastics and acrobatics, and practising the many forms of Martial Arts. [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]To calm herself after getting worked up, she usually does Tai-chi to meditate.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2]Lai chose 'Sakura' as her nickname, because people always underestimate flowers, and that's what she likes, so she can prove them wrong. She's the Deadly Flower and if you anger her, you'd better beware.

[b]Biography: [/b]Lai had never had much support from her parents when she was younger, they were both always too wrapped up in their work to care for her. Her father worked as a big shot Lawyer, and her mother was a top class horse breeder who bred the horses for races. Lai felt like no one loved her, and she was pretty much correct in saying so because she didn't have any friends at school either.

Everyone at school had been afraid of her because her parents were infamous for being mean and Lai wasn't a walk in the park either. In class, there was always at least one seat/desk empty all around her, and she liked it that way, she didn't have to associate with others.
Her father had even convinced the school to let Lai not do oral presentations so she really didn't have to communicate with anyone. Her father had argued so fervently that they finally gave in, not able to counter one of the best lawyers around.

Her parents had told her that she could do anything she wanted as long as she didn't interrupt them so she chose to take up Martial Arts classes, weapons classes, and acrobatics and gymnastics. These extra curricular activities, along with her actual school work kept her busy enough and her parents were satisfied. When Lai asked for her parents to buy her a proper weapon for weapons class they let her so it wouldn't annoy them, and that was when Lai acquired her katana, instantly desiring the blade when she saw it.
Lai went deeper into her classes now, spending all of her time possible outdoors so she could do work, practise, sleep, gaze and think.

When Lai was 18, she had gained a black belt in all of her martial arts classes and was doing well in her weapon and gymnastic/acrobatic classes. Lai only talked to her fighting class teachers, but didn't enjoy conversing with her artistic teachers. She was especially close with her Tai-chi teacher, and weapons teacher, because she had spent the most time with them, Tai-chi for learning how to control her temper better and weapons because she was so determined.

One day when she was going to train at her tae-kwon-do dojo, she saw the door widely open with chips and marks in it. Lai narrowed her eyes and entered cautiously, shocked at the sight before her. Her tae-kwon-do master was lying face down on the floor in a pool of blood. There were letters scratched deeply into the wooden floorboards next to his body, [b]'NX' [/b]Lai didn't know what they stood for, or why whoever killed her master, but she knew she wanted revenge. He had been like a father to her as were all of her martial arts masters, a real father, not like her so called parents who she hardly ever saw.
She heard footsteps and turned to see a female entering the dojo. She told her that the murder was done by an assassin group and confessed that she'd been watching her for quite a while. Offering her a place in her own group, the Black Vipers. Lai first wanted to see what her strength was like and they fought, the battle lasting several hours. They were very close in skill level and Lai smiled, which was rare, and accepted the position gladly. She would find the group, and seek revenge.

[b]Weapon: [/b][url="http://img124.exs.cx/img124/6479/samurai3000ninja7bj.jpg"]This[/url] katana and bunches of 'Scorpions' and 'Piranhas' from [url="http://img89.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img89&image=starsthrowingstarsvseries6vn.jpg"]this[/url] pic.

[b]Alliance: [/b]Black Vipers

[color=black][b]Edit: [/b]Removed table coding and added some shuriken to her weapons.[/color]
[/size][/font][/color] [/left]
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[B]Name-[/B] Unknown
[B]AKA-[/B] Yamato
[B]Age-[/B] 28
[B]Gender-[/B] Female

[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://inferno.slug.org/jpeg/inu-yasha/sango-4.jpg]Yamato with mask[/URL] ; [URL=http://inferno.slug.org/jpeg/inu-yasha/sango-portrait-big.jpg]Yamato[/URL] ; [URL=http://www.inuyashajourney.com/images/Sango6.jpg]Full Yamato[/URL]
Yamato wears kimonos when there is no work to be done and has a day to relax. She also wears elegant clothing on days that are festive or business required. It is unsure as to what she exactly wears, but whatever feels comfortable to her is what she wears.

[B]Weapon-[/B] Yamato is an female ninja known as a kunoichi who possesses several weapons that the kunoichi would use, such as:
[URL=http://www1.kamakuranet.ne.jp/sankaido/parts/photo/tessen%20original.jpg]Tessen[/URL]- A Japanese iron fan used as a small club when closed and opened it could deflect projected missiles, the iron fan often had sharpened points.
[URL=http://www.warriorquest.com/nekote.jpg]Nekote[/URL]- Iron fingernails that are attached to a pair of gloves. It?s hooks could be used to slash at an enemy. It is often worn around the ends of the finger, yet in this case it is attached to a glove.
[URL=http://urawa.cool.ne.jp/hitter/kunai.JPG]Kunai[/URL]- A weapon used primarily as a utility knife. It is often tied to the end of a rope to help climb trees and walls, and throw while tied to a small cord of knot. It?s main purpose was for probing, digging, and chiseling.
[URL=]Wakizashi[/URL]- It is smaller than a katana and easy to maneuver in small areas. It is an ideal weapon that assassins use when stealth is needed.

[B]Personality-[/B] A void was placed in Yamato?s heart since an eventful day. She rarely shows it through her actions, yet in her eyes is the pain deep inside. It drained her of her emotions and replaced it with only a cold demeanor and a cynical taste. She seems dark and almost as if she is a demon herself, yet there are times when she takes the time to go along with Ronin and live life to the fullest. Somehow, this time away from the jobs and ?the man? gives her a time to reflect on her life, trying to bring back the better half of herself.

In the back of Yamato?s mind, there is something that keeps her from becoming the person she always thought to be. Something holds her down as she wanders aimlessly on the Earth, searching for her lost soul, knowing she would not be able to find it until that moment comes. She fears for the worst and hides it from the others so that they cannot see the pain and torment she puts herself through. In a way, Yamato wants to show that she is strong enough to be with the Nanashi X, to show that she is not weak and useless as others would seek her to be. She sees the Nanashi X as her family and wishes to stay strong, knowing that they might see through her disguise, the act that she puts on only to please them. She loves them and holds them dear to her heart, protecting them from harm when it may come. Yet, only if there was that moment that could bring her out of her dead shell, then perhaps the Nanashi X would see what she truly is made of.

[B]Biography-[/B] For quite some time there has not been much to my life. I have lived with ?him? as long as I could remember and underneath him I have worked to become a skilled kunoichi, taking care of loose ends and weak links that may damage his good name. I do not exactly when I have joined Nanashi X, but they have come to be my family, ?the man? being our father and leader, while we are his children. I have worked with him since the beginning and never betrayed his word nor have I disobeyed him, knowing his ways are ruthless. As of yet, I have not upset him. He treats me like a daughter, a fragile rose that has begun to bloom but not fully grown into the beauty that it may be. I adore him for he is the only figure in my life that has taken the time out of their life to care for me.

Having forgotten my past, I knew nothing in this world. ?He? taught me all that I needed to know from business to the simple things in life. I have great knowledge stored in my mind and am grateful to know that I have someone to teach me these things. But the strange thing is, I have everything I ever wanted, only I am not satisfied with what I have and by not being satisfied, I have cowered myself into a corner, hiding in the depths of my shell, never wanting to emerge, fearing that they would all ridicule me for who I am. I believe that they say this feeling is called depression or perhaps it is anxiety, but I believe it is just a state of my mind in which it is not yet mentally grown to comprehend such agonies and otherwise. But because of this feeling, I have fought the demons in me, tears falling from my eyes as I let the blood seep out of my body, cutting and carving the flesh, even torturing my body with sleeping pills and painkillers, allowing myself to not feel the pain. And it always comes back, that lingering ache that I try hard to forget. It was soon that I came to the decision that ?the man? and the others could never find this out or I shall be doomed to an eternal life of shame.

Other than this, I have been deemed as the queen of darkness, reaping people?s souls and taking their life for which I believe is not worthy to live upon this ungodly earth further more. The way of the kunoichi is my life, the Nanashi X is my family, and ?the man? is my father, should these things be taken from me, Hell shall come forth and an apocalypse shall begin the moment my blade goes through the heart of the demon who has taken what is mine.

[B]Alliance-[/B] Nanashi X
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Name: Unknown

AKA: Ronin

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Appearance: [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=8&pos=6][COLOR=White]Ronin[/COLOR][/URL]

Personality: Ronin is not your typical assassin. He's not cold, distant, or shadowy. He's flashy, self-important, and not just a little flamboyant. His bloodlust is often fueled by alcohol and money, not cold-hearted murderous desire. He doesn't care who he kills, just as long as he gets a fat paycheck. He has no moral code, no secret honor, nothing. Just greed, arrogance, and a hunger for fine wine.

While he comes off as a horrible person, Ronin does have some redeeming qualities, the most important being that he almost never kills anyone he wasn't payed to. Most assassins kill anyone who stands in their way. Ronin always tries the peaceful route first, often involving bribes and lots of liquor. The only time he kills other than getting paid to is when he faces a "worthy" opponent.

Biography: Ronin's past is shrouded in mystery. He's severed all ties to his family, any friends he may have had, and all others in his life. He lives his life completely alone in the world, and he likes it that way. No one knows what pushed him to such distance, but it must've been horrible. And what little is known about Ronin, is horrible.

Ronin's forearms bare prominent scares, a sign of his troubled past. At some point during his life, Ronin has seriously attempted suicide. No on is sure what made him do it, why he nearly tried to take his life by slicing open his forearms 13 times. It may be having all ties severed from his family. Or it may be why all his ties are severed.

Obviously, he has studied swordsmanship at some point in his life, probably for many years. He's extremely skilled in kendo, and seems to use elements of Ninjitsu and Tae Kwon Do, not to mention Drunken Monkey Kung-Fu. His martial arts background is extensive, making him a powerful warrior in combat. No one's sure how he met The Man, or came to work for him. His motives are mysterious at best, money his only clear compass in life.

Weapon: [URL=http://www.karatedepot.com/wp-sw-04.html][COLOR=White]This katana[/COLOR][/URL]. Specifically, the Crimson Daito.

Alliance: Nanashi X[/COLOR][/SIZE][/RIGHT]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Gray][B]Name:[/B] Quincy Nesbitt

[B]AKA:[/B] Silence

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=14&pos=33]Quincy[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Quincy is the one who likes to stay in the background, listen rather than speak and collect all the information he needs. People often wonder how he knows so much; it isn't because he's a genius, merely because he knows when and how closely to listen to things. He has a natural ability to pick up on important facts and dates and he is able to lock them all away until they are needed. Of course, his work personality is merely a facade and if it's needed, Quincy can change himself into a happy-go-lucky party animal, of course, he'll hate it, but he's also a brilliant actor.

Armed with true dry British wit and the keen sense of mind the Japanese are blessed with, Quincy is a sarcastic and cold person to be around. Don't insult him; he'll come back with something worse that will no doubt sting far deeper than any childish tease.

[B]Biography:[/B] Quincy was born in Hertfordshire, England, to a rich English businessman and a brilliant Japanese psychologist. Needless to say he had an excellent childhood with the best education available and practically anything a young boy needed in life. But that doesn't mean he was happy.

Quincy's parents could never understand why he liked to be alone in his room, ignoring all his videogames and reading instead. It worried them that he had no close friends to speak of and never even remembered when his own birthday was. (In fact, since he left home he has actually forgotten his exact date of birth.) Even though Quincy was distant and cold towards everyone but his parents, he seemed content despite the fact he hardly ever spoke.

He dreamed of following in his mother's footsteps and it looked like he was well on his way to becoming a brilliant psychologist having been told at the age of 15 that he could read people like a book and was able to easily analyse, dissect and solve peoples emotional problems. He always shrugged the compliments off and went on like it was just a normal thing for teenagers to be doing.

Quincy left home at the age of twenty, that's when he came into contact with his first assassin. A fight ensued and Quincy, lucky enough to have been trained in the art of swordsmanship from a very early age, was able to hold his own against the man intent on taking his head as a prize. When Quincy demanded the reason for his death warrant, his answer came with a smile and the single utterance of the word [I]'Test'[/I]. Quincy knew he had been traced and ultimately chosen to help with a much larger underground group, who and why he did not know.

A few months later he was contacted yet again and met up with 'the man'. Someone he has grown to respect and see as a father figure. He was taken in, told all the necessary information and was introduced to the rest of his new family. Quincy decided that it was not a place to socialise and immediately took a great dislike to Ronin, finding him to be crude and an annoyance, not focussed on his duty and work. Ronin tells him to [I]'Loosen up'[/I], Quincy tells him to go and screw himself. Yamato and Quincy get on relatively well, neither of them speaking to each other much and keeping out of each others way.

Generally, Quincy takes some kind of perverted pleasure in his job, not that he would admit it.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Sword in the picture, though he can pretty much use anything that comes to hand if he needs to. Quincy is also trained in the art of Kendo and has taken classes with Ronin, though the two aren't exactly on friendly terms. Quincy can also hold his own in a fight of martial arts, though he has never been properly trained and picked most of his moves up from watching others practice.

[B]Alliance:[/B] Nanashi X[/COLOR]

[B]Hope me pulling in other characters is okay, I figure a group of assassins would be forced to know each other pretty well whether they like it or not. Just PM me if I need changes.

[U]Note:[/U] Steff, I think you should know, the person you chose for appearance is a guy. ^_^; (Used to be a girl, mind you, [I]used to[/I] being the opperative words) [/B][/SIZE]
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AKA: Lin


Gender: female

Appearance: [URL=http://www.advancedanime.com/displayimage.php?pid=53181][COLOR=black]Lin[/COLOR][/URL]
Personality: Perhaps devilish? Insane? Psychotic as many call her...Lin is well aware of her mental state and embraces it as a advantage. She enjoys her job and does it well, she feels no regret or remorse for those she kill. Lin thinks of them as simply a part of the life style that was chosen for her. Her thought pattern some times scattered and confused when dealing with certain emotions but extremely clear when it comes to her job. It?s almost like two different people when she fights. A scared girl plagued with insanity and the uncontrollable anger or the strict, cleaver assassin that has little remorse and won?t hesitate when it comes to reaching her goal and getting what she wants. Either way you don?t want to be in the way. Lin promised her self she?d never leave a witness.

She sat there just shaking when she first found out..., When She was first diagnosed. ?Mentally unstable? No, your lying my child is fine? Not my child. . .? Her own mother denied her, denied her state refused to get her help. She even discarded the information when she was told. Lin laughed it off like it was nothing and continued on with her busy meaningless life.

Always afraid that whatever she did would reflect on her mother her family...and God forbid her friends find out. It started off small little thoughts of insanity now and then that made her chuckle at the thought. It continued, the thoughts coming more frequently, the imagery in her head more graphic each time. Lin laughs now recalling her ?childhood? yet the things she?s done seem nothing like what a mere child would think up on their own. At fifteen she saw blood shed for the first time.
She saw a man get killed swiftly and quickly almost without flaws except they left a witness. Lin saw the man fall, his black hair covered in the sticky red liquid that ran threw the cracks off the pavement. She saw the man that took his life walked off as if it was nothing, and was in awe. This was when Lin accepted the fact that she was truly with no doubt insane. In two years time she had already memorized thousands of torture devices from the different centuries, and some different weapons.

She would spend hours each day either looking up new weapons or reading about them in the library. Lin?s Mother started to worry when she discovered how much research the girl of 17 was putting into weapons. She cleverly covered it up with the excuse that she was learning about the weapons and tortured devices of the different time periods. She added that she wanted to be a Social Studies teacher. ?Oh how cleaver you were Lin . . . to think you a teacher.?She thought years afterwards.

As the years went by Lin went on to pick up on kick boxing leading a seemingly normal life in an abnormal twisted world as she saw it. Yet that was only the half of it, during her free time she would practice her fighting, She also seemed to develop a small taste for blood. She would push others she trained with to fight with her for hours until she could draw even the small amount of blood. She loved it being in control of herself, being able to inflict pain on others. Lin for some odd reason seemed to get a rush from it.

Soon after she started to drift farther and farther away from her family. It wasn?t long before she was drawn into the life of an assassin. She practiced her assassination skills until she could actually get paid for her work. She was moving up in ranking, People were paying her large sums of money just for a simple kill.
Finally at the age of 19 she discarded her name and took the name of Lin.

The real Lin was dead, he was one of the first people she had killed. Til this day he still was the one that was the hardest to kill she loathed him. Yet, he was the only kill she actually respected after the fight, So she honored him in a twisted way by taking his name.

Lin had only just barely turned twenty-four when she had the biggest crisis of her life, She had Left a witness. Lin had never left a witness until that day but when she saw a blurred figure on the news tell all he knew about the murder. She knew she had made a vital flaw. She could understand if it was still when she was young just starting out, when she just barely caught witnesses But she was twenty-four. She?d been in the business for more than seven years at that point she shouldn?t have made that mistake.

Luckily her employer didn?t say anything about the report on the News. Faced with the fact that she made such a mindless mistake, Lin Quit. It wasn?t easily to do it but she avoided new jobs and fights, she still trained in kick boxing but besides that she tried her best to remain away from blood.For two years she kept away from blood, yet her mind was always on it. She always smiled at people when they said hello, but she was never really happy satisfied with falling back into the order of a life without killing.

It was like an Addiction to blood if any such thing was possible. Lin was miserable for a long time going threw all types of strange emotions before she started taking jobs again. Her first job once back in business was swift and quick with no witnesses, Just how Lin liked it. Not to long after her second job, Lin was contacted by a woman with an offer to join her group of assassins. The twenty-six year old figured she had absolutely nothing to lose and joined without questions.

Weapon: Black Cobra Sword Cane and a set of daggers
Alliance: Black Vipers [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Fern Cordella




[URL=http://animamalus.250free.com/kate_hawk.jpg]Fern "Mahamari" Cordella[/URL]

Fern is quite adept to being alone and doing things by herself, although she secretly craves interaction and attention. She rarely comes off as clingy, because it is not proper, yet will constantly try to interact socialy as much as she can. While being prim and proper all the time, Fern usually comes off as a gentle old english woman that's a result of her traditional upbringing. Although she is a bit naive, Fern has a sharp and acurate thought process that would dizzy others within moments. She is a child of logic and science, always looking for reasons and always thinking about something, allowing times of absent-mindedness.

Fern may be a bit far off in the sensible mind area, but that doesn't mean she's stupid. When the occasion is called for, she will buckle down her attentions and become frighteningly intense. Most other times however, she is a pleasant woman that is void of malicious intentions who is loyal to a deadly fault.

Fern was born to Duke Ashton Cordella and his young wife Cynthia in a secluded english villa nestled in the eastern India Jungle. How her family came to live there is a story in itself.

Ashton Cordella fell in love with and courted with Miss Cynthia Tudor years before in North York. While the two families disscouraged the courtship with each breath and barbed tongue, the two ignored their scathing families and planned a getaway. Ashton whisked his bride with child away to India into an old-fashioned villa that was inherited by a favorite uncle of his years before. There, young Fern was born and raised by her loving parents and the servants that attended to them.

While the villa was rather secluded, it offered little contact to the outside world, thus, it was all that Fern knew as a child. It didn't bother her in the least, she did become a bit lonely at times, but her thirst for learning from others was a something that could rarely be satiated. Durring the day, when her lessons weren't in session, Fern would wander about the estate, listening to stories from the servants and building quite an imagination. Thus she created quite and imagination in her young years.

When she grew a bit older, Fern decided that pretend was a bit old fashioned for her and that exploring the jungle around the villa would suit her just fine. This did not settle well with her father Ashton however, and he insisted that she learn how to defend herself were she to wander around in the wild. At the age of ten, Fern began to train in the art of the english sword by her father. She was a fast learner and took to her training rather seriously as she excelled in her skills. By the age of fifteen she could best her father and any of the servants in a dueling match, thus earning her the right to explore the jungles by herself with her own handmade English sword.

The wildlife about the villa was sparse, and wasn't something Fern cared to investigate, it was just a nice change of scenery for her and allowed her to expand her horizons. She remained a relatively innocent and happy young girl untill she returned to the villa one evening to screams and gunfire. A tiger had snuck into the estate and was killing servants by the dozen, only seeking food due to lack of prey. Once faced with the beast, she could hear her mother scream in horror as it lept in attack. Without any thought Fern did what first came to mind, she drew her weapon and struck the killer down. At that instant, Fern felt an indescribable rush through her blood, that the kill was something she would soon come to crave.

Soon after the defeat of the tiger, the servants of the household gave Fern the nickname "Mahamari", killer in their native tongue. She liked the name, and thought it suited her well.

When Fern had reached the age of Twenty-three, she decided that it was time to leave India, and find a way to use her skills effectively. For a short while she took up work as an assasin in America, but was soon shucked away as her boss was conered and killed by an opposing clan. It was then when she was Twenty-seven that she heard of a man who rulled a clan by the name Nanashi-X. The man appealed to her as she decided to seek him out and offer her loyalties. What she found was unexpected. The man turned out to be quite kind and caring unlike previous bosses, and somehow reminded her of her father back in India. She created a bond with him, and promised to remain loyal until she died to protect him.

"Excalibur Ghost" a two sided English style sword made with Japanese Metal.

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Name: Unknown

AKA: Sidearm

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: See attachment.

Personality: Sidearm is a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He loves nothing more than to jabber with someone over nothing. He has been known to talk off the ear of even the most talkative of people. He loves to be around people, not caring if they hate or love him.

Another, different side to Sidearm also presents itself on occasion. He doesn?t have a split personality, but instead, he just keeps all his anger bottled up, until such time as it can be used effectively. Such as in battle, or in times of need.

Sidearm all around just loves to be around people, but even more so, he loves his job. From masquerading as a prostitute to a rich man, only to kill him slowly with a knife, all the while, watching his eyes bulge from the sockets. Sidearm sometimes takes to much pleasure from killing, although most people wouldn?t know it.

All and all, Sidearm seems pretty two dimensional, although deep down, he harbors feelings for Silence. He can?t figure out why, but something about the way he talks, and the way he can change from one person to the next so quickly, enthralls Sidearm. He doesn?t think Silence harbors the same feelings, so he keeps those at the back of his mind.

Biography: Sidearm grew up in the Bronx, New York. His parents died when he was three, so his big brother and him moved in with a friend. They lived peacefully enough, watching each other?s back, and having fun. When his brother, who was four years older than he, joined a gang with a group of his friends, Sidearm became constantly worried.

Everywhere he went; he only traveled in daylight, and always carried a switchblade on his person, for fear of being beat up. One day, a kid in class came up to him and slammed him into a wall. ?I heard what your brother did to my brother, and I won?t let something like that just not be avenged.?

So started one of Sidearm?s bloodiest battles ever fought. From the start, Sidearm knew that this wasn?t going to be a fair fight, as the the entire group behind him began to circle around him. First, a punk about his height stepped up, throwing his fists up. Sidearm just watched as he ran at him. Sidearm just stepped to the side, and stuck his foot out, tripping the kid up. He fell face forward, and got his first taste of asphalt.

The next idiot to step up looked like he was at least two years older than Sidearm. He didn?t run at Sidearm, but instead, started in slowly, while circling. Sidearm didn?t move around, but instead followed him with his body. When he did attack, Sidearm ducked, and tried to sweep him off his feet, but he was too smart for that. He just stepped back, and grabbed Sidearm?s leg as it swept by. He picked Sidearm up, and held him, laughing.

As Sidearm tried to get a swinging rhythm down, he felt something in his pocket start to fall. He shot his hand out and caught it, and flicked a safety, allowing a blade to swish out. The idiot never saw the blade that pierced his arm.

To this day, Sidearm swears he the tip pierced the entire arm, but he wasn?t certain, because it came out when the boy dropped him. He screamed in pain as it ripped through the flesh, and caused a gapping wound. The muscle was torn to shreds, and the bone gleamed outward.

Every single one of those boys took a step back as the boy held his arm with one arm. Sidearm then turned and ran for the large fence that separated the street and the playground. He was about to start climbing, when a pair of hands grabbed him from behind and tried to pry him off the fence. Sidearm held on for dear life, knowing that if he didn?t hold on, he was a dead man.

The pair of arms ripped him off the fence, and threw him onto the ground. Sidearm tried to land on his feet, but he instead landed on his back. A large form sat on him, and Sidearm began to lose breath. As things began to blackout, Sidearm felt the weight suddenly leave. He shook his head and returned to reality, and quickly stood up.

He ran over to his blade and picked it up, wiping the blood off on his shirt. He looked around, and saw the mass that had been sitting on him squirming around in pain. He turned to see, and there was his brother. He smiled at Sidearm and waved, and started walking towards him. Sidearm ran over to him, and as he went to hug him, he felt the knife pierce through his stomach.

Behind Sidearm?s brother stood the bastard that had challenged Sidearm in the first place. He twisted it, and laughed as Sidearm?s brother fell to the ground, dead. Sidearm threw his blade without thinking, and smirked as the splat of the knife hitting its target resounded.

Sidearm then realized what he had done, and fled. He ran back to his friend?s house where he spilled the story. There, he found out that his brother had killed that boy?s brother over Sidearm. Sidearm ran to the room he and his brother shared, and stayed there for three days. He cried, and mourned, and realized what he had to do. He had to kill. Killing from that day forth became his primary goal.

He trained in the streets of the Bronx. Everyone feared his gang after about a month, and no one challenged them. By the time he was 18, Sidearm was one of the more feared names in all of New York. Any and Everywhere he went, people would bend over backwards to please him. It was in a party that Sidearm got his first taste in the life of an assassin.

There in attendance was Sidearm, his friend, and a girl named Trish. They had decided to join in on the party, after they heard that was being held by one of the known members of the New York mafia and Sidearm wanted a look at what he would be up against.

Unfortunately, he didn?t expect the member to be ready. After entering, he was immediately sprayed with gunfire, which he dodged behind a pillar. His friends were not so lucky, and both lay on the floor, with bullets all over their legs. Sidearm whipped out a 9mm, but was disabled by guards and dragged into the basement with his friends.

There, he was forced to watch as lethal injection and knife stabbing killed them. He cried as their screams reached he ears, and he screamed as they died. As he awaited his inevitable death, his salvation came in the form of the man.

Apparently, the don and the man were great friends, and after the man had heard about Sidearm?s death grip on the Bronx, he wanted to meet the man behind the name. Sadly, he was met only with a boy just out of puberty. He didn?t let that discourage him, and struck Sidearm a deal. If he came to work the man, then the don would forget his problem with Sidearm.

Sidearm was in no position to decline, so he signed on, training only a bit with his baseball bat. Although it was his preferred melee weapon, Sidearm always has his 9mm Eagle in pocket on his shoulder in case of something going wrong.

Weapon: A Metal Baseball bat, specially formatted to not dent when colliding with solid objects. Also has a compartment for knifes in the handle.

His 9mm Eagle which he carries on his shoulder, just in case.

Alliance: Nanashi X
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B] Unknown. Well, the Man probably knows it...

[B]AKA: [/B] (The) Adonis

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Gender:[/B] Eheh... it? Some people think girl, some guy. Usually he'll go by the term 'he', but enjoys confusing people. Whether or not 'he' really is a he in the... biological defintion... No one knows. Or if they do, they aren't telling. Why? Probably because they are either sworn not to... or can't.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?pid=468&fullsize=1]Adonis.[/URL] He like to wear rather outrageous outfits like the one in the picture, but you'll usually see him in a tastefull suit of some interesting color or another. He loves silk.

[B]Personality: [/B] Adonis could much be compared to silk in existance. Exceedingly charismatic, he is a social genius, playing people as an expert would play at chess. However, in general he is far from malicious in action and usually intent; surprisingly not the con-man he could very easily and sucessfully be. Excellent with words, he is very good at talking, whether he wants to say anything or not depends on the situation, but he comes off as very sincere, even if what he says is not.

Always the optimist, he has a cool playfulness about him, though strangely manages to keep people at a distance. Stressful situations seem to leave him unfazed and always laid-back. So laid back that it often gets on peoples nerves, or perhaps just makes them a little nervous.

He's a ladies' man. And a man's man. He loves making friends and hates making enemies, though in this buisness, that is usually far from what actually happens. Still, he is known for his respect towards all others, some more than others, and his submissive dignity. Despite his youth, those with close dealings beg to differ that his years contrast sharply with his age. Perhaps Enigma would have been a better alias. But the one thing Adnois adores above almost anything else is beauty in all its forms, including the beauty of the kill.

[B]Biography:[/B] Life was not always lived for beauty for Adonis, though hardly anyone knows his true story before he met "him".

His father left his mother at a young age, and his mother quickly fell into debt, and also into drug use. She couldn't hold a job as her addictions got worse; to alcohol, to narcotics, to just escaping her life and reality.

No one would hire a 9 year old boy (or was it a girl?) trying to get some money to feed himself and his junkie mother. But there were enough people that would pay for his... services. His mother was the one to get his first 'customer'. It was some rich guy over the age of 50 who just happened to like children.

"Go on with the nice man." Were his mother's slurred words, laced with false comfort. "He'll take good care of you, my baby, my baby. He'll take good care of you."

Good care.

At least the man had cleaned him up afterwards. Most after that didn't even bother.

At the age of 10, there was a 'client' who refused to pay until he fullfilled some 'special orders'. There had been a lot of men, and women, who had pretty sick tastes, but Adonis had never been told to do what this man told him. He said no. The man beat him. It wasn't uncommon, but it still hurt. He still said no. That's when the man took out a gun and pointed it right between Adonis' eyes. He said no.

The man shot once into the wall. Adonis screamed no. His mother ran in, and he watched the blood suddenly blossom from her cheek that wasn't there any more like a rose blooming in fast-motion. The rest of her seemed to move in slow motion as her body bounced against the floor, staining the dingy carpet crimson. And the smell.

The man turned back to him, his thick gold chain swinging, gun pointed at the feminine boy.

Adonis lept at him, grabbing the chain around his neck and twisting around, curling the chain over on itself. The thick, expensive gold plated links refused to break, and the child hung on long after the man had ceased to breathe. He didn't notice the bullet hole in his leg, and didn't feel himself bleeding out onto the corpse, his blood mixing with the crimson and gray already spattered over the floor.

It wasn't until later that he learned that someone had called the cops, and they had called the paramedics. The man and woman were dead on site, but they managed to revive the child and keep him stable once in the hospital.

Adonis doesn't know why, or how "he" found out about the little child who strangled a mob boss who killed his mother and raped him, but by the end of the month, Adonis was in "his" care, and has been ever since. He grew up well, despite the predictions that he might have sustained too large of a psychologial shock. He was taught in the best schools from then on, trained by the best teachers. His old life was almost nothing more than a nightmare.

He never worked much as a true mercenary for "him", but was uncannily sucessful in human relations, buisness deals, transactions; anything that happened in the social world was his playground. He won clients, job offers, employees, and financial backers. Negotiations, treaties, and meetings were settled with his words, and information gathered in his interrogations (which were either very plesant... or very unpleasant).

The underworld part of the buiness doesn't appeal to him quite as much, which is why he never took many target 'jobs'. However, he is in no way a passifist. His interrogations show as much, as did the few missions he undertook.

He always had a strong liking for Yamato, in almost a brotherly fashion. He is closest to her. Though younger than her, he acted almost like a big brother, including a bit of sibling rivalry when he first entered into the "family". Both older now, he still sees her as his own sister, and tries to look out for her, or at least watch her. Her emptiness makes him sad, and he hopes that someone someday might fill it.

Adonis love chatting with Sidearm. Of course, he likes talking with anyone, and most like to talk to him, some in smaller doses than others. The only person that he shows an outward dislike for is Ronin, though he would never say he didn't consider the man a friend, despite what the other might agree on.

Another person that Adonis was particularly close to, was "her". He always got along with both "her" and Vince. He was quite disheartened when he found out about "her" last job, as it turned out to be. He doesn't really want to fight her, but knew that he would not be able to leave "him", who has done so much for him, been so kind. He hopes to take a neutral standpoint when the inevitable happens... but he also knows that here, it is inevitably impossible for 'neutral' to exist.

[B]Weapon: [/B] Adonis is very good with his hands. This is true in many ways. And ironically enough, it attributes to his personal style of combat. Socially his body is hs most powerful weapon. Physcially, while he is fair with just using fists and feet (and legs, and arms, and... other things) and is trained in ju-jitsu, his favored and most proficient style is that of the kusaribuki, or chain weapons.

Adonis owns various chains that he uses, and can make a weapon out of more mundane things as well, but his weapon of choice is the kusari gama, which is basically a sickle connected to a weighted chain. ((I can find pics of this stuff if needed.)) A stylized wakazashi also often adorns his hip for more close combat.

Adonis isn't a huge fan of guns, but he also sometimes carries an HK USP .45 Tactical pistol that also has a silencer, just in case. He doesn't use it or even carry it often, unless he expects to be using it. His ablities of eye-hand corrdination and accuracy also make him an excellent shot. A few of his jobs have consisted of sniping, but unless the person he is fighting against insists on using firearms, he won't usually draw his.

[B]Alliance: [/B] Nanashi X[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]I've used a snippet of character to use as my 'bio' in this sign-up. I shall announce all who have gotten into Kill Game in an Underground thread. Also they will be announced in the Square thread, and at the end of this post. All who have got into the RP will also be notified by PM. Jamie (Saishi) is my very brilliant and talented artist which is helping me with alot of different things. So Credits for her when my appearance appears, and look at the beginning of every chapter for something special.

[b]I ALSO ASK EVERYONE TO TAKE CODING OFF THEIR POSTS.[/b] It has litteraly screwed this page up majorly, and I don't know who it is that has done it, but please could everyone take the coding off.[/SIZE]

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name[/B]: Lei
AKA[/B]: BlueJay
Age[/B]: 25

[B]Gender[/B]: Female
Appearance[/B]: *is being worked on by Jamie*

[B]Snippet[/B]: A crumple of paper his heard throughout the small room, and a man in a dark navy suit looks at a 23 year old woman sitting in front of him. Her smile was enough to scare the man out of his wits, the pure essence of death and fighting eradiated from the mass of female sitting in front of the man.

?I?ve heard of your old career Dijinku, and I know of your particular hate for one man on this planet. Now, if you do not know what I want from you then you deserve to die. But, if you have guessed why I am here then I?ll let you live, with a little bonus thrown in.? said the woman, keeping her cool for the whole of her speech. The man sitting in front of her, Dijinku, was squirming in his seat.

?I?I?don?t know what you?re talking about, BlueJay.? Dijinku spluttered out in flawless Japanese. The man was now slowly backing out of his desk. BlueJay shook her head and laughed sending a cold sweat over Dijinku, she slowly went to her side and a flash of metal blinded Dijinku. She pulled out a cigarette and a packet, throwing them to the man who grabbed them longingly.

?Now, why am I here?? BlueJay asked the man who had just inhaled one of the cigarettes, he flicked the butt of the cigarette and the ash crumbled down to the ash tray. The man gave no answer and BlueJay shook her head, ?Well I?ll tell you why I?m here.?

?Now, this guy has taken our stocks, he?s our target, and he leads the Tokyo Underworld, do you think you can take him??
The answer was obvious, if anyone of them showed the slightest hint of fear, or worry then they were exiled from the group, soon killed by a fellow member later.

?Now, you and Vince have history, can you take him??
[U][b]End Flashback[/b][/U]

?You heard about the Vince kill didn?t you?? asked the woman, looking mad, but not a drop of insanity showed in her eyes. She wasn?t mad, or insane, she was determined. The man nodded slowly and the woman smirked slightly.

?Well, you might just be joining him.? she said, winking at the figure who was now scared half to death.

[B]Weapon[/B]: Two [url=http://www.completemartialarts.com/information/weapons/images/shuriken.gif][b]Shuriken?s[/b][/url] attached to two holsters on her back. And a Royal Blue [url=http://www.karatedepot.com/catalog/images/items/wp-sw-04.jpg][b]Shoto[/b][/url].

[B]Alliance[/B]: Black Vipers[/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][B]Who Is In?[/B]:
Sakura - Lai Rumiko/Sakura - Black Viper
Neuvoxetere - ???/Yamato - Nanashi
Unborn Lord Xion - ???/Ronin - Nanashi
Gabriel - Quincy Nesbitt/Silence - Nanashi
JJRiddler - ???/Sidearm - Nanashi
Treno - Lei/Blue Jay - Black Viper[/SIZE]
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